the club


the clubAs you enter the brass and glass doors the stress and problems of the daybegin to slip away. Here you can at last let down all your defenses and allowyourself to soak up the special attention that comes with this place. A veryunusual place. A place that was established several years ago for a veryspecial group of women like my Mistress. No one quite remembers how it cameabout. There are those that say that it goes all the way back to the days ofImperial Rome. To the Villa Adrania. Truly many of the settings here couldremind one of those times. And yet it is also a place for today. A placethat the rest of the world is slowly coming around to. A place where themembers – all special powerful women – have the adoration they deserve assuperior beings.As you enter, the atmosphere immediately takes you and for just a momentyou stop and close your eyes and adjust yourself to surroundings. Here youare respected for what you are, a woman that has been able to recognize hernatural superiority and live it.Behind the reception desk is a well built man, sandy hair, tan skin,wearing a business suit and tie. Outside in the “real” world many would thinkthat he was a sports figure rather than a receptionist. My how the roleschange to their natural state in this place. The image of this man isrepeated many times in this special place because all of the workers are male.All are as good looking. All have found their natural state. There is oneexception tho because through the next door the attendants are dressed forwork. An unusual but practical attire. Naked from the waist up, but wearingwhat are almost tuxedo pants and black shoes. Perhaps the proper combinationof practicality – given their work – and propriety given those that they serve.You sit down in the reception area and make Your selections whileenjoying a cup of tea. The selections are noted on the customary form andreturned to the receptionist while you finish your beverage. The preparationsare being made according to your selections – I know because I have beenhonored by your selection to serve you today.As you enter the club I escort you to one of several large rooms. Onceinside, your presence fills the room. I am lucky to serve you this day. Asyou begin to disrobe I carefully take your garments and hang them. As yourclothes disappear, I am overwhelmed by your beauty, your presence, yourconfidence. Free from your clothes, you stretch and then sit on a low stool,legs intertwined, perfectly straight back, head erect, fingers intertwined andin your lap, and eyes closed. Now that everything from the outside world hasbeen stripped away you only have to purge your mind and relax totally.Your selections today called for a preparatory relaxation session. Iapproach. I place my hands BARELY upon your body. The energy jumps the spacebetween your shoulders and my palms. With this energy comes the tension. Mylarge strong hands start on each side of your neck. One finger over eachtemple. Thumbs pointing straight up along your spine. Three fingers underand supporting your chin. I wait for you to adjust to my touch and then Ibegin to pass my hands over your face, one finger along each eyelid then eachside of your nose. Under your lips. Over your shoulders, and then under yourarms. From around you over the top of your breasts then gently under.Across your nipples. Down your sides to your hips. And finally around yourwaist across your soft stomach. Goosebumps begin to form on your skin as theceiling fan blows a gentle and constant breeze across you. I wrap your stillseated body in a soft terry robe and you rise from your stool.I follow as you walk to the first treatment room. Here, in the wall, onwin giriş isan enclosure about 7’long and 3′ feet high. The bottom of the enclosure is atwaist height, has a wooden slat platform. As you crawl in I close the slidingglass door and soften the interior lights. You find that inside a rolledtowel supports your neck as you lie on your back and stretch out on anothertowel over the wooden slats. I turn on the Environment and program a hotsteam according to your selections. The enclosure soon fills with a heavy wetsteam. This steam rises and falls around and over you through the towel onthe wooden platform and over your body. Every pore on your body opens andyour body cleanses. As you breathe deeply, the steam fills you and reaches toevery small passage within your lungs. You feel as though you are floating asthe steam continues to caress you. The sweat forms and pools over you inplaces and runs in rivulets over others. After 14 minutes, a valve turns andfrom above a gentle almost imperceptible cool mist begins to rain down andcool your body. The mist strengthens and turns to a gentle rain as your skintemperature is brought down. As I open the doors, you crawl out, thoroughlyrelaxed and move over to the marble table.As you lie face down on the cold marble, your skin contracts. I place arolled towel under your head for support. You are now ready for your bodyscrub. I turn on the nearby hose and begin to run the chilling water overyour body, closing your pores after their steam cleansing. I lather the softbody brushes with a fine soap and then work both these brushes over your backin an invigorating scrub. The lather builds on your back as I continue thescrub. I work from the top of your shoulders to your ankles. Over and over.Big circular motion of the hand brushes over your skin as the lather buildsand your skin reddens as the brushes bring your blood closer to the surface.After a while, I once again turn on the hose and let the cold water run overyour body. Your skin tingles from the attention and then I help as you turnonto your back. I carefully adjust the rolled towel under your head as yourbody adjusts to a comfortable position.I put away the brushes and prepare to wash the front of your body with mybare hands. I work the soap to a lather as I anticipate the touching of yourawaiting body. I have to control myself as I cannot show the physicalexcitement that has been building in me. I approach from behind your head,reach down to your sides and pull upward to your underarms as your soft skinruns through my fingers. I kneed and caress. On the next stroke I reach downand work my hands more toward the center, overlapping the last path. Here Ican feel the softness of the edges of your tummy, the ribs under the surfaceof the skin, the sides of your breasts, the front of your shoulders. I onceagain reach down from atop your head. My hands work in the softness of yourbelly and climb your body, across your rib cage to your lovely breasts andacross your nipples. And then another pass from the center of your belly upbetween your breasts to the base of your neck. After this last pass, Icontinue upward by bringing my hands under your arms and pulling them backover your head and stretch them. I gently place them again at your sides andgo back to kneed and massage the soft skin of your belly. The skin slipsthrough my fingers with the lubrication of the lather.I then begin to work on your firm breasts and hardened nipples. Pressingand pulling. One breast in each hand. Working your nipples in my fingers.Your body responds to my touch. My wash begins to awaken and pleasure you. Icontinue to pull on your breasts and work onwin yeni giriş the hard nipples into the palms onmy hands. I work each fingertip into the soft firm flesh of your breasts. Itry to control the tremble in my hands as I continue to work on you. How Iwould like to cover your body with mine and slide up and down on it, feelingits shape, its size, its texture. How I would enjoy running my tongue overyour body, touching every inch. But your selection for today has not calledfor this. As it is, I have almost crossed the line from the body scrub yourequested to the sensual massage you did not. I know that you have selectedthese erotic massages from other attendants but never with me.I begin to wonder if you derive pleasure knowing the torment Iexperience from this close contact that must remain – by your selection fortoday – “proper”. But I must stop all this wondering and move to the foot ofthe marble platform to scrub your legs. I lather my hands again and begin towork on your right foot, taking it in my hands and working on the instep. Ideeply probe the tendons of your ankle with my thumb and forefinger. I thenwork the pads of your foot and between each of the toes. I place your foot onmy chest so your knee is bent and your thigh lifted off the marble. I reachforward and firmly hold your right cheek, my right hand deeply between the twocheeks, my left on the outer hip. As I pull my hands upward, I turn my wriston my right hand so that each fingertip passes the softness between your legs.I am risking my job but cannot control myself. My guess is that this”accidental” touch will go unreported. I finish with both legs and once againbathe your body in the pure cold water as I rinse you down.As you stand, I wrap warm towels around you that soak up the moisture.Now fully relaxed and cleansed, your selection now calls for physicalsatisfaction. I follow you into the “basket” room, named for the many basketchairs hanging from the ceiling on double silk cords. These baskets,imported from Thailand, are quite curious – more on this later. As you enterthis room I provide you with a warmed terry robe. The feel of the materialagainst your refreshed skin is wonderful. As I prepare a drink of blendedtropical juices you settle into a hanging basket. The juices are cool andsatisfying as you sip and replenish your own loss of fluids.The baskets are shaped like a large almond. They are rounded at thebottom and form a point at the top from which they are hung with a double silkcord. Because of this double cord, the basket can be rotated causing thecords to intertwine and thus raising the basket from it’s resting positionjust five inches off the floor. The opening to the basket is rather small,but once inside this feature affords privacy from any but a direct viewingangle. The inside is lined with comfortable pillows making this chair acomfortable place to rest when sitting with legs folded. The silk cords areattached in a cantilevered fashion so that, when in use, the side opposite theopening is slightly reclined, thus affording a most comfortable seatingarrangement. The most curious feature of these baskets, however, is the thatin the very bottom there is a 6″ round opening surrounded by thin cushions.The positioning of this opening is such that when the occupant is situatedjust right there is access from below the basket to her most private parts.The basket can be used in several ways only limited to the imagination of theattendant who positions himself on his back beneath the basket and the desiresof the occupant comfortably seated inside. The many variations on use can begrouped in the two classifications of oral pleasures onwin güvenilirmi and filling pleasures.In the latter, an attendant will usually position the basket over his groin.He can then utilize his erect shaft to part the folds of exposed delight whilehe rocks the basket forward and back with an appropriate tempo. Should theoccupant desire, a skilful attendant, through muscular control, can alter theangle of his erect shaft enabling full penetration into the very center of theoccupant’s pleasure. Should this be the case great satisfaction can beobtained from continued manipulation of the sway of the basket. A wonderfuldelight may be obtained during penetration by slowly spinning the basket, asthis spinning progresses the cords intertwine and the baskets raises off thefloor. The sensation afforded can best be compared to that of a corkscrew.Oral satisfaction is also accomplished with ease as the attendant can positionhimself and the basket in a way that will afford him complete and yetcomfortable access to the occupant’s pleasure allowing the skilful attendantto serve his Mistress for lengthy periods without the need for rest.Noting my Mistress’ selection of oral satisfaction I carefully positionedmyself below her basket. I must prepare myself mentally for this service asmy Mistress will carefully evaluate my service. I will only earn anothersession with her through exceptional service today. I am fortunate to havethe opportunity to serve my Mistress as she is known for her attainment of thegreatest level of personal strength and knowledge. I am honored to be chosenby her from the many attendants – an honor I am not willing to give up toanother. Mistress, I can not describe what happened from this time forward asI became divorced from the reality of the surroundings. My entire beingbecame centered on the fragrant fruit before me. I deeply inhaled the sweetfragrance. It filled my lungs and my mind. I pressed the now cool hiddenfolds to my nose, my cheeks, my lips. I gently and slowly pressed my lips tomy devotion and kissed to demonstrate my reverence. My hands slowly set thebasket in sway and I covered each fold of this flower with my lips as theywere presented to me. Once I had shown my devotion to each petal of thisflower, I began to explore it by carefully parting the folds of skin with mytongue. After a moment it opened to full blossom before me. Deep in therecesses the delicious fluids began to collect and soon flowed to me. Thisnectar refreshed me, nourished me, captured me. The sweet fruit now open tome evolved from the cool dark recesses I first encountered to the now open,warm, moist, wet, inviting center of devotion to which I am so drawn. Ifurther buried my face in the folds as my tongue reached further into the verycenter. With the sway of the basket my nose found the emerging hardness. Iconcentrated my attentions here, letting it slide from one side of my nose tothe other as the basket swayed. I then surrounded it with my lips as it grewand pulsed. I stroked it with the flat of my tongue and then the tip. Iinstinctively increase the tempo of the sway as I worked to keep up with themotion of my desire. My nose, my lips, my tongue slip along the entireexposure of pleasure. I turned the basket a half circle so that suddenly theparts of this fruit that had only felt the ebb of my attentions were nowreceiving the brunt of my onslaught. The pace quickened as I devoured mydevotion. With a continual rhythmic pace and occasional half circle turns,the fruit of my attention soon swelled and flowed beyond expectation. I soonbegan to notice a constricting of the depth. Then a pulsing. A throbbing.And then a convulsing as the pleasure exploded in an overwhelming climax. Islowed and rested until the basket finally came to rest with my face stillnuzzled in the folds. The trembling continued for what seemed like hoursuntil Mistress and slave fell into an exhausting sleep.

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