The Countess Ch. 16


“Darling, Darling wake up.” Sara said in a pleading tone.

We were in bed, and I was in my favorite position spooning my wife. My hard cock nestled between her fabulous round muscular cheeks. I was roused from sleep with her attempt wake me. I really wanted her to rotate so I could put my cock in her beautiful pussy. Something in the tone she was using meant that she didn’t want sex. She finally turned facing me, her hand grasping my cock keeping me at bay.

“Soon Paul Soon.”

She brought her mouth close to mine and we kissed. I kissed her again and my hands massaged her breasts.

“Paul,” there was a pause “Do you have one hundred thousand dollars that you are not using?”

This was a strange question to be asking me at 5:00am when all I wanted to do was play with my wife. I brought her lips to mine and we kissed again. This time she sucked my tongue into her mouth and would not let it go. I felt her direct my cock into her cunt and I gained the top position. She gave me my tongue back and said that we needed to talk. I couldn’t think of a better place to talk than lying on top of my wife with my cock firmly ensconced in her lovely pussy.

“Sara what do you want, you have never asked me for any money before?”

“Make love now we will talk money later,” she said and started to move her hips causing me to start moving my cock in and out or her cunt. Sara was like that she would start a conversation and then drop it. Our lips met in a kiss and all thoughts of money vanished. With one jerk I felt my cock release and we rested. I was wondering when Mrs. Kelly or William would be up knocking on the door, telling us that breakfast was ready.

Sara went down on my cock with her mouth and I was soon hard enough to fuck her again. She came back up and we kissed as I speared her. This time Sara was on top and she had me right where she wanted me.

“Sara the magic knock will be coming soon,” I said as she started to jog up and down my cock.

“Paul, William is away for the weekend, and we gave Mrs. Kelly the day off so no knock magic or otherwise this morning,” said Sara as she continued to jog up and down on my cock.

Sara was having too much fun working my tool over, but I finally went off and she collapsed on top of me. Our mouths met in a kiss and we drifted off to a short nap. I felt Sara kiss me several times when I revived. Her hand was on my cock which also got my attention. I looked at the clock on my bed table and was amazed that it was 8:00. Still I wanted to make love to Sara if she would have me. Sara threaded the needle and we were again making love. I went off and we both relaxed. Sara untangled herself from me and stood at the side of the bed. She was completely naked, her breasts standing proud of her chest and her finely coifed black pussy had my cock showing signs of life again.

“Paul get dressed and take me to breakfast and I will tell you my idea.”

We were in the tower suite as the master bedroom wing was finally under construction. I also thanked my lucky stars that “Build It Productions” found another project to feature for their TV Show. Sara didn’t seem to care either way but that was one complication that we didn’t have to deal with. I remembered that we had our weekly meeting with the contractor and Architect this morning at 11:00.

Sara moved to the suite’s bathroom and I went down to my office and dressed there. I went down and pulled my car out of the garage and went around and waited for Sara to come down. She arrived and took the front passenger seat. I closed the door and moved to the driving position. Sara leaned over and kissed me as I got in.

“Darling you are being very nice this morning,” said Sara.

“It’s Saturday and I am taking my wife out what could be better,” I replied.

I pulled into a non-descript strip center and parked in front of a hole in the wall breakfast place. I happened to frequent the “Morning Rise” when Sara was away and before we had Mrs. Kelly cooking for us. The restaurant had twelve tables and a long counter. A man stood at the cooktop behind the counter. His motions were like a ballet as he took and delivered orders. There was carpet on the floor which seemed strange, but it was kept clean. Sara and I took a table next to the wall and waited for a waitress to give us menus and silverware. This was a place with regulars that filled the counter and tables.

Sara fished out a set of sheets from her purse/tote bag and handed them to me. I looked over the pages and read some things and scanned others. We were interrupted when the waitress stopped by and dropped two glasses of ice water placemat menus and flatware on the table. “I’ll come back later,” she said and hurried off.

“Do you think this place has any Champagne?” asked Sara.

I gave her the “Are you kidding,” look at the question.

“You have written a business plan for a VC fund, and you want me to invest?”

“Yes, Darling. That is if you have a spare 100K burning a hole in your pocket.”

That was a big ask even for Sara whose Escort Ankara family could drop amounts like that without blinking. I started to wonder what would happen if I declined the offer. I hoped that it would not affect our marriage.

“How disappointed would you be if I declined, Sara.”

“I would pout for about two months and make your life miserable because I know your finances,” she said with a smile.

“So, sex would dry up?”

“Oh yes sir, I think parched like the Sahara, would be a good description,” she said again with a smile.

“Can I think about it?” I asked.

“Take your time but I need an answer in three weeks.”

One of the reasons that our relationship flourished is that we did not discuss money accept as it concerned the house. Now I enjoyed the fact that I was married to one of the richest women in the world, but I would not to ask her for any support. I think that she appreciated that we kept money out of our relationship.

“Paul are you thinking about what we will do when we get home?”

“The thought of taking a swim naked has crossed my mind.”

“Was I included in that thought, Paul?”

“Always,” was my reply.

“Nice to know that you think about me,” said Sara.

“Sara, stop right now. I love you and the sad sack act that you just pulled is out of character,” I said echoing something that she told me a few weeks ago.

The waitress returned and took our orders interrupting our conversation.

“Truce, darling, I love you and please remember that,” said Sara.

There were things that I wanted to say to her, but I was going to wait until we got back in the car. Our meal arrived and we started to eat.

“This is good, but it would be so much better with Champagne, Paul,” said Sara with a smile.

I started to laugh and picked up her free hand and kissed it. I mouthed the words “I love you.”

I remembered the meeting this morning, so thoughts of naked swimming were gone. We finished and I dropped a wad of cash enough to cover the check and tip and we left holding hands which is something that we didn’t do often. I held the car door for Sara and then I took the driving position.

“I was wondering did we have a small fight in there?” I asked as I merged into traffic.

“Well you get a little touchy when we start to discuss money, but I would not say we had a fight,” she said.

She was right. I was nervous about wagering almost a fifth of my assets on her scheme. Now in my three-year relationship with Sara I never saw anything that would give me heartburn. Still it was a big ask on her part.

“So, Paul would a woman focused VC fund work?”

“I guess that we will have to see, are there any others working now?” I asked.

“I’ve heard of a few which is where I got the idea from. Daddy is promising six hundred. But everyone I talk to says that I need at least 2 to 2.5 to make it work.”

I knew that that meant six hundred K, that I think Mr. Solsbery could find in his couch cushions. Raising two to two and a half million was a big ask, but if anyone could do it Sara, could.

I saw that there were several pickup trucks parked on the street indicating that construction was going on as I pulled into our driveway. I stopped just before I parked in the garage and Sara got out and walked into the pool area. There were two people sitting at one of the tables. Ms. Georgina Bell our architect and Mr. Darling the general contractor. Sara arrived first and I finally sat down after I parked the car.

We went over the progress and I asked Ms. Bell if she was satisfied with the work. I depended on her to make sure that the job was being built to specs. Not that I didn’t trust Mr. Darling but there were a lot of times that he was away. There were a few architects, contractor squabbles, but the job was being well run.

“Now the ugly part of the meeting. The Neighborhood Architectural Control Committee has turned down our proposal for the changes to the main entry. They say that our changes are not in keeping with the design of the building or the neighborhood,” reported Ms. Bell.

“The entrance is dull and uninviting and must be changed. Is there someone we can appeal to? Short of going to court?” asked Sara.

Ms. Bell told us that that was a preliminary decision, but we can take our case to the entire board. “With Ms. Solsbery’s reputation I think that the full board will come around to our point of view.”

“So, I have to flex some legal muscles, I think that I can do that now that I have a California law license. I might even bring in Nancy to help,” said Sara.

“Will I get a bill darling?” I asked trying to make a joke.

Sara shook her head and acted like I lost my mind.

“I will get you the date and time when the full board can meet and we can plot strategies for the meeting,” said Ms. Bell.

The meeting ended with a tour of the construction so we could see the progress. Mr. Darling’s crew constructed a temporary wall subdividing the great room from the main tower Ankara Escort allowing us to live and work without getting in the construction. Our tour first stopped at the entry way to the Dining room. It was a large opening that would be filled with a French door. Now it was covered with a heavy plastic tarp. Darling held up the tarp and we walked in. The room was ready for paint and finishing touches. Sara and I had to find a table pick carpeting and pick a chandler for the room. There were large paint chips taped to the different walls courtesy of the interior designer. The main color was a deep red with white trim.

Mr. Darling’s crew were working on the master suite today and seemed to be making progress. The main entrance was still a mess and would need to wait for us to get a decision from the board of control. We all went out to the pool deck and agreed to meet next Saturday. We also told Ms. Bell to have one of her associates come over to take measurements of the Main tower as that is the next project. I was still surprised at the amount of construction we were doing to the house that was built in the early sixties. But It was the house that Sara wanted and we both collaborated on the renovations.

The Sun was beyond noon and I went into the kitchen and made some martinis for Sara and me. She was sitting by the pool when I walked out with the cocktails and handed her one of the glasses. She took a sip and put the glass on the table.

“Darling you are so nice, but I don’t think it is up to your normal standards, not enough construction dust,” she said with a laugh.

I can find some and add it if you would like?”

“No Paul this is good. Why do I feel that we are being jerked around about the changes to the entrance?”

“Because we are. We are ruffling the feathers of the old establishment, in the neighborhood and I like it,” I said.

Sara and I finished our cocktails and we both headed up to our offices. I was revising the memoir script and looking at the next episode that I was going to direct. I guessed that Sara was working on her VC fund, or some other legal matter.

I enlisted some help from a writer friend, and I was looking over his notes on my second draft. It had a working title of “Dreaming in the Shower,” but I knew that that would change. All of his suggestions were good, but it would take a lot of work to fully realize them on the page. Bret was after me to work on my next directing assignment. I just finished the episode that Bret asked me to take over and she found other folks to follow it through the edit, coloring, and audio mix. I looked over the headshots of the actors that we cast, for the new episode, and I had photos of them in their costumes. In a week everyone would gather for a read through.

I looked up at the clock and noticed that it was 6:00pm and I decided to take a swim. I put my suit on because I didn’t know if anyone was still here, besides Sara and me. I walked down and slipped in the water and began to swim some laps. I was on my third length of the pool when I saw one of those plastic cocktail glasses sitting by the edge of the water. Sara was dragging a lounge to the edge of the pool. She was dressed in her metallic one-piece swimsuit, that fit her like a glove. I took a sip of the drink and then finished it in two swallows.

“I hope that that was for me?” I asked after she settled into the lounge.

“Of course, Paul. Darling I have a great idea why don’t we go to “La Cave” for dinner tonight? It has been a while since we have had a real date.”

La Cave was the new “In-spot” with a celebrity Chef. I knew we were going but I had conditions. Sara had to wear the red dress she had on at the last gala we attended. I also wanted her to wear the 4-inch red stilettos, and the diamond pendant.

“Something tells me that you have already made reservations.” I said as I made another lap on my back.

“Of course, darling, I can’t depend on you to think of these things,” said Sara.

“Is William going to magically appear to drive us?” I asked when I came back to the side of the pool where Sara was sitting.

“Philip will be here in an hour and a half, I hope you don’t mind,” she replied.

“I will insist that you wear your red dress and the red shoes that goes with it, and the diamond pendant will need to make an appearance. If we get photographed, I want everyone to see you with it on.”

Sara took a long breath and released it “Well if you insist,” she said.

“Yes, Countess I insist, if we are going out, I want you to look as good and sexy as possible.”

“Paul, I know that I am just arm candy to you,” she said laughing.

I slipped out of the pool and pulled Sara out of her lounge and pulled her into the water. We met in an embrace and we kissed. I pulled the straps of her suit down exposing her breasts. Sara started to massage my crotch causing me to get an erection. Sara pulled her suit off and I did the same with mine. Her hand grasped my cock and directed it into her pussy. We never even talked Ankara Escort Bayan about sex in the pool. I realized that if I was going to pleasure my wife we would need to get out of the water.

Sara disengaged herself from me and got out of the water and reclined on the lounge naked. I never turned down an invitation to make love to my wife. I got between her legs and brought my cock to her pussy. My mouth latched on hers and my hand to one of her breasts and I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. It was a wonderful feeling making love outside. We were being so naughty, but I liked it. I felt what I thought was Sara orgasming and I let go. We kissed and I leapt into the pool and Sara followed.

“Darling be a dear and retrieve my swimsuit?” asked Sara.

I went under water and grabbed her suit and mine. I came up between her legs. I gave her pussy a quick lick before I surfaced. Sara grabbed the suit and walked to the steps to get out of the pool I followed her with my eyes and watched the water cascade off of her body. She slung the suit over her shoulder and walked back to the house. That was my cue to get out and wash up and get ready for our night on the town. I was glad that she got in touch with my former driver Philip. That meant that I could drink the cocktails and the wines that would come with dinner.

I grabbed my suit, and I pulled myself out of the water and found my towel and wrapped it around my middle. I took the elevator to the second floor and went into my office and used the bathroom attached to that room. I rinsed the chlorine and pool water off in the shower and dried off. I looked at the clock on the wall and noted that an hour had passed. There was a knock on my door. “Paul how soon will you be finished?” asked Sara through the door.

“Give me twenty minutes and I will be down,” I replied.

“I will make us some martinis,” she said.

I quickly toweled off and found a suit, shirt and tie, and began to get dressed. I looked in my desk drawer and found my Patek Philippe 352 D watch. It was several years old, and I was told holding its value. I remembered the day I splurged on the watch. I was celebrating my first job as a lead editor on a major motion picture. I always feel powerful when I wear that watch. There was a full-length mirror in the room, and I checked my appearance to see if I would pass inspection.

I took the elevator down to the first floor and walked into the arms of The Countess of Reding. She held me at arm’s length looking me over, before she would allow me to kiss her cheek.

“Do you come to this bar often, sir?” she asked.

“Only when I know that a beautiful woman is around,” I replied.

Sara handed me a cocktail this time in a real glass.

“You’re in luck, sir there is a beautiful woman around.”

“I know I have been secretly watching you all afternoon and was dying to meet you. John Paul Rogers have we met before?”

“I don’t think so, but I want to get to know you better,” said Sara as she started to laugh.

I kissed her cheek again so as not to disturb her makeup. Sara broke away and poured two more cocktails. I happily drank mine and watched as Sara dispatched hers. I noticed that Sara was wearing arm length white gloves and a wide brimmed hat.

“Darling do you think that we are drinking too much?” said Sara echoing a comment I made several weeks ago.

I started to talk but Sara put her finger to my mouth, “Don’t talk let’s just go and have fun.”

Philip knocked on the back door and I went to the key holder and pulled my fob off and handed it to him. Sara handed him a small cooler and asked him to set it between the back-Captain’s chairs. Philip left and went to pull my car out. Sara finished her cocktail and I kissed her cheek again.

“I think after tonight that you will be wanting the real thing, darling.”

“I am just storing them up until we get home,” I said.

We walked outside and Philip was holding the rear passenger door open waiting for us. We settled in the rear captain’s chairs. Sara opened the cooler and pulled out a bottle of Champagne. She popped the cork produced two glasses, filled them and handed one to me.

“Pace yourself Paul it will be a long night,” said Sara.

We sipped the Champagne and made eyes at each other and looked out the windows. I reflected that I was being driven, sitting next to my wife and sipping Champagne while the other bastards were dealing with traffic on their own. Sara refilled my glass and asked what I was thinking.

“How lucky I am,” I said as I sipped the wine.

“Paul, have you made a decision whether you will join me on the VC fund?”

“Sara I am leaning yes but it will take some time to get the money together,” I said.

Sara leaned over and kissed me. “No need to get the money just have it available,” she said.

Philip pulled on to a side road that had a allay of trees leading to a building with a stone face. There were several gas torches that illuminated the drop off area. I wondered what the “Green Folks” thought of the open flames. We stopped and the doors were opened we got out, I joined Sara and we walked to the reservation desk. “Lady Sara Jane Solsbery,” I said to the woman manning the desk. I figured that Sara used every trick to get a reservation.

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