The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 10


The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 10Thea lay back in the huge bath with a girl soaping each tit and another doing the same for her fanny. This was their job but that didn’t mean they didn’t enjoy it. Across the bath was Sisa Agranos, her lady in waiting receiving a very similar treatment. A girl was gently pinching her nipples and rubbing them between her fingers. Another girl was playing with Thea’s pussy and she was off in the land of bliss.They had a state banquet for a royal visitor that evening but nobody expects an empress to hurry her bath. Washing the soap off her breasts each girl took the nipples in their mouth, with the one between her legs increasing her attentions. The bathing maids loved their empress both emotionally and sexually and they did their best for her. Their best, always good, was getting superb for Thea had formerly been a courtesan and took the trouble to teach them how to give pleasure and now she was reaping the benefit.The stated purpose of the visit was for the betrothal of the daughter of one of Thea’s most important nobles to the king of the small state of Koshel. As a kingdom Koshel was small but its position to the east made it strategically important placed on important trade routes. During the visit a lot of behind the scenes dickering was going on in regard to trade agreements with the intention of both sides getting an advantage over rival states.Cara Agranos, the intended bride was looking a picture of sweet innocence. Accepting that she was a lot less worldly than her older sister she couldn’t be quite as innocent as she seemed. None the less Gerel of Koshel was clearly very taken with her and was going out of his way to be charming. The two young people had been given a chance for a nearly private conversation with Cara chaperoned by her mother, it had clearly gone well.Thea was amused, as was wearing emeralds from Koshel as was Cara. The latter clearly a gift feom her royal beau. Cara’’s eyes widened realising they were both had similar jewelry, the potential for imperial displeasure not escaping her. Thea decided it would be nice to put her at her ease.“We both look suitably royal, now stop panicking I am not going to get pissy.” Cara giggled at Thea’s informal wording“They were a present from Gerel so it would be rude not to wear them but I don’t want to upset you my lady.”“Well I am not and we both suit green being red heads.” Cara had a red tinge to her light brown hair like her mother and sister, but Thea had a mane of fiery red that was only part of her striking beauty. Big tits didn’t do any harm either particularly as the rest of her was fairly slim though her waist line was expanding with the baby she was carrying.The banquet was a success and as was her habit Thea retired with her companions or in other words lovers afterwards. Marta Muros another of her ladies in waiting came in and came over to her “King Gerel craves a private interview.”“What now, well OK invite him in. Be respectful though he is after all a king even if he is a bit diffident.”“Of course. I bet Sisa, is half wishing it was her, not her sister.”“Not a chance, nice or not I bet his court is nothing like this, with our tart of an empress in charge.” Said Sisa from across the room.In he came having removed the heavy outer gown and looking very much like any other young nobleman. Thea was reclining with Sheba the cheetah at her feet and one of her blue-eyed cats on her lap. Gerel went up in her estimation when seeing the great spotted cat lying at her feet asked if he could fuss her. Since despite her size Sheba like fusses as much as a domestic cat she did. Petra of course demanded that she should be fussed as well and soon both a****ls were purring loudly.“My lady Thea I have a problem that I cannot approach any of my own people with. I know your background and reputation for generosity so wonder if you would be willing to help.”Thea raised an eyebrow her background referred to the fact that she had been hidden in a brothel when her mother was assassinated and had grown up as a successful courtesan. Was this what he was referring too?“I am curious, but hope I can help.”“My father was a prude and insisted that I behave myself as a prince, not visiting some of the places of entertainment in the city. I carried out my father’s instruction but now faced with marriage, fear that I may be a disappointment to Cara. I can’t thank you enough for finding her for me she is perfect. Clever, pretty and quiet. I am a bit shy and don’t know what I would have done to handle a more extrovert bride. Cara is exactly who I would have chosen if I wasn’t marrying for my country.”“I think she feels the same and I am glad for her because whilst she will do what her father and I tell her I want her to be happy as well. Ok what exactly do you want me to do for you.”“Eh could you explain to me how I make a girl happy in bed. I know from talking to lord Marcos that you two are happy in that way.”“Oh my dear boy, if you only knew. Yes, I will help and if you allow me, I will do the same for Cara. You should be virgins on your wedding night but there is so much that can be done short of that. You will both have a much better time fi you know a bit beforehand.”“That is what I thought and it’s only fair Cara gets some help too. Our Arch Episcopos is a more worldly man than my father and he did warn me that this could be a problem and to be caring and kind.”“Then he is a wise man. Let’s give you some lessons Marta will you help Lord Gerel undress.”The evening descended into farce as he really didn’t have a clue and canlı bahis şirketleri fumbled around trying to give Marta turned on by sucking her pussy but with a very limited idea how to do so to best effect.. At the same time Marcos demonstrated his much greater skills on Thea. A few helpful instructions from Thea and the fumbling got less and Marta started to enjoy herself though suppressing giggles. “Gently nibble the pussy lips. Very gently at first then find out what she likes. Marta likes it quite rough on occasion but every girl is different. Now she is getting wet that’s a good sign plenty of lubrication is needed if you are both going to be comfortable.”Marta started to breath more heavily as his ministrations took effect and she started to get excited. Gerel smiled and of his own accord got more firm with his nibbling managing to bring her to a climax.“Now we will trying fingering and possibly fisting if you like it.” Marcos demonstrated on Thea and Gerel copied on Marta. Marcos was quite careful as he did not want to injure the baby by being too enthusiastic. Gerel on the other hand being encouraged by Marta who really liked being fisted manged to get his entire hand inside her and caused a bigger climax than before.The next day Thea had a chat with Selena Agranos with regard to the strange request from Gerel in respect to his bride to be.“Basically, Gerel has cottoned on that whilst both he and his bride need to be virgins on their wedding night having retained until now for both of them to be totally inexperienced is a bad idea. I have been asked to provide some instruction for both of them short of them being fully deflowered.”Selena chuckled at this. “Don’t I know how bad an idea that would be but as a mother the extent of my involvement will be to explain what is going on to Thurin. The rest is up to you, my dear empress though I would like to be told the story. Cara is not like her sister, much quieter and more malleable. Oh divine, malleable with you in charge, this should be fun.” Selena collapsed in giggles and was on the point of hysterics. Rather than the normal solution of slapping a hysteric Thea grabbed her tits and squeezed. The result was a squeak and reciprocation, they both started giggling whilst trying to kiss at the same time. Somehow, they managed to get out the tops of their dresses for some serious breast massage. As time went on the giggles subsided and the kisses lengthened. The rest of their clothing was dispensed with and Selena gently pushed her empress back on the couch and climbed on top. The sixty-nine brought them both to their first climax. Using the double dildo resulted in them cumin a second time. For the third Thea introduced Selena to the strap on.“Oh this is nice, you poking me with that thing whilst your tits wobble against my back. Oh divine, I am glad we are now friends.” gasped Selena as she the third orgasm hit.Since Koshelians were also followers of the one true faith it was decided that Patriarch Xanos would travel to Callista capital of Koshel for the wedding accompanying the bride’s family. Thea would also be their but would go by a far more circuitous route as she would go on a progress of the empire first to allow more of her people and nobles see and meet her.The formal betrothal ceremony took place on the grand balcony of the palace where the maximum number of spectators could be accommodated. Bride and bridegroom to be were very taken with each other but Gerel had to return home to oversee that everything was in order for the big day.Before he went however, he had a few more lessons on lovemaking. Valeria took charge of this aspect using Lea rather than Marta. After all Marta was a noble and if he fell for her that might put a spanner in the wedding works. Lea was also far more innocent if enthusiastic to learn and learn she did.“No, a bit higher, if feels like a little button yes from Lea reaction that is exactly the right spot, keep playing with it.”“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Lea’s body writhed in ecstasy as she went over the top in spectacular fashion.”“I can get Cara react similarly if I do that?”“Well every woman is different but if she reacts normally yes” Valeria liked this young man who clearly thought giving his wife- to-be such pleasure was an achievement well worth studying for. Though, that having been said practicing on Lea was not bad. The girl was not the beauty that Thea was but young healthy and well formed.“Then our wedding night should be a success for her?”“As it will be for you, I will make sure of that. It will take Lea a while to recover, that was a big one.” The girl was bright red in the face and breathing heavily. Valeria took over and gave Gerel a blow job. Valeria was proud of her fellatio skills and was rewarded with a face full of cum.“Now whilst we will give Cara a lesson in doing that you have to remember that I have been practicing for years so it won’t be quite that good.”King Gerel went home a considerably more confident person that had arrived. Knowing that no rumours about his sexual incompetence would circulate like they had for his father. There was a good reason why he was an only c***d.Cara too was put in the hands of Valeria but she had plenty of advice from both her mother and sister who took an unholy glee in providing it.“Size doesn’t matter as much as men think but by all accounts, Gerel has all the equipment and thanks to Lady Valeria knows how to use it. Where you are lucky my girl is that he is interested in you enjoying things too. There is nothing worse than a man who cums then canlı kaçak iddaa rolls over and goes to sleep.”“How would you know mother by all accounts father is a good lover as well.”“None of your cheek young lady and yes your father is skilled in many ways.” Whilst this could have many meaning the dreamy look on her face told which ones.They had been lent the imperial baths to have a girly session. Included in this were the bath maids three of whom were currently between their legs.“See if Gerel likes the idea of a threesome, then you can have a girl do this. Ooh yes that’s nice. If the empress tires of you I will give you a job anytime” it would be hard to think that a few months earlier Selena had given the impression of being a prude.The plans for the progress were made with some care. Thea and her party would be kept fairly small so as not to be overwhelming. The maximum number of her people should be given the chance to see her. The ordinary people already loved her but many of the lords were sitting on the fence on one hand the tax burden had gone up but this was countered by a buoyant economy. The less important were bound by the traditional loyalty to the crown. In the background was the disgraced general General Callos currently licking his wounds on his estate following his defeat at the hands of the Jumah. Rightly Callos thought that he had been set up to lose following the defection of three regiments that returned to the capital to protect their empress. Their departure at the vital point and the fact the Jumah were very quick to exploit was suspicious.Thus, it was with great but restrained state they set off travelling slowly they lunched at a modest sized town, met all the local dignitaries and were cheered by the towns people. Indeed, all along the route wherever there was habitation people came out and cheered. So many flowers were given that the imperial carriage plus the wagon trains were covered in them. Also acquired was a puppy which Thea could hardly refuse as the small boy who presented said it would be drowned by his father if it didn’t get a home, but no problem Marta liked dogs.Sisa was staying with her family so it was just Marta as lady in waiting plus Thea’s personal maids. The night was planned for them to stay with the Carlern family now a far happier place without the unpleasant dowager. It was a far more vivacious couple that met them. Lady Carlern invited the imperial party to bathe in the new bath house they had constructed.Thea and her women gratefully got into the steaming water and were not surprised when young Lady Calern and her sisters in law offered to assist them. It was impressive that the bath could comfortably house ten horny women. Though for once Thea made it clear, that getting washed was high on the agenda. Not a problem but the idea of erotic washing was well established then if not before. Anna had Thea lay back beside her with them both facing the bath so that she could massage the pregnant empress. One of Lord Calern’s sisters was also pregnant so Mira the midwife did the same for her. This was sort of erotic was as well as very stress relievingFor Marta however there was nothing non-sexual about her plans fisting one Lady Calern whilst being fisted herself by another. They found out that the two sisters in laws spent as much time in bed with each other as their husbands.“So, let’s get this right you are openly having sex with any one of the eight of you who isn’t a sibling.”“Pretty much, Balla there pretty much prefers men but whether her husband or brother in law who got her knocked up is any ones guess and we don’t care.They were interrupted by Lea having a noisy climax at the fingers and tongue of Vella now an enthusiastic muff diver.That night whilst Thea slept with Marcos, there was a lot of bedroom hopping Alexandros spent the night with younger Lord Calern spit roasting his pregnant wife. Anna ended up with the older Lord Calern and his lascivious wife.The progress continued with rather less in the way of sexual adventures. Not all their hosts were quite as adventurous as the Calern’s and Thea did not want to alienate any of the more conservative lords who were not hostile.One night they stayed in the country palace of the local episcopos who proved very much of the viewpoint of the liberal patriarch. How liberal Anna found out later when he invited her to stay the night with him.“Episcopos Thuerin was very discreet in his invitation but was quite clear. I have to say he was quite a good lover for an older gent. I went out of my way not to tire him and he filled me up nicely with cum then cleaned me off with his tongue, the dirty old man. It made me cum myself though. I think that he is on our side as he knows that you will find out.”“Undoubtably these high officials off the church are very politically astute. Remind me to inform the Patriarch that he meets my approval.”They were riding along a country road with fields either side but some forest along the brow of a ridge the road passed up ahead. Alexandros cautious as ever thought it looked suitable for an ambush so had his men close up discreetly. Then there was the sound of a large troop of horseman behind them. This was worrying because the woodlands were in front of them. Alexandros looked for alternatives.As they came closer it became clear that the horseman were dressed for a fight. The guard donned helmets and prepared. “Imperiousness get down in the carriage because our driver is going hell for leather. In the distance is a walled town that hopefully it will provide sanctuary canlı kaçak bahis or they would have attacked there instead. But that wood is a perfect place for an ambush so we are going to make a run for it.Half the guard troop formed up around the carriages with the Empress and her retinue. The baggage wagons formed a line abreast to impede the attacking cavalry reaching Thea’s coach. A running fight ensued, though outnumbered the imperial palace guard were far better trained and the fight was near even. Everyone was wearing a mail shirt under their clothes other than Thea. Mail shirts do not fit pregnant women with only a couple of months until term. Marta added to that a helm and mounted her huge horse which turned out to be exactly what he looked like, a trained destrier. The enemy horseman were on light cavalry mounts and several were unhorsed by this huge vicious b**st of a stallion with its equally ferocious mistress wielding a morning star flail with considerable skill. Another attacker made the mistake of trying to jump into the wagon where he was bear hugged to death by Ade. Mail stops stab wounds but not being crushed by a near giant. Several mounts bolted when threatened by Sheba. They did not know that a cheetah was incapable of taking on a horse all they saw were her impressive teeth and a bad attitude coming towards them.Not that Thea sat an impassively let her enemies attack. The men were armoured but the horses were not. Another of her interesting skills was knife throwing at least two horses when down with a knife in the neck.All the time however they were getting closer to the ambush point where the enemy would be reinforced and if they had any sense had secreted archers. As they approached it was possible to see about fifteen men lying on their faces. This was a tactic that was confusing but then the arrows came. However, these were not aimed at the Empress but her attackers who were being picked off by skilled archers. A third party had joined in against the attackers.At this point the attack faltered and with it the Imperial guard surrounded and destroyed those nearest to the Empress. The stragglers went down to the mysterious archers, the attack was over.“A figure appeared at the edge of the wood and before they could react yelled. “Divine save the Empress Thea.” A cheer went up from the woods, it was the mysterious aid, the men lying down were u*********s or dead.They continued to the small wall town escorted by the foresters, for that is who they were. The ambushers had hidden in the woods but been eliminated by the forest men who knew that the empress would be passing by. They had put two and two together and got the right answer. The ambushers themselves been ambushed.The local lord was absent but the mayor was the man who had organised the neutralising of the ambush, he was also the owner of the largest of the three inns to which they retired. It was not fancy but was clean and well maintained and the wine provided distinctly good.Thea asked the whereabouts of the local lord was discovered when he had turned up amongst the dead horseman. Thea wanted answers and thought that the loyal landlord was the place to start.“You have been instrumental in saving my life and those who I hold dear so there is no need to bow to me. What is your name please?”“Calixtus, your imperiousness. My inn is the best we have got to offer you as our lord was a slovenly person and his manor is worse than here.”“A slovenly traitor, hmm. I imagine he did not plan this escapade on his own I wonder who he was working with. Have you seen any high-born strangers by any chance? This wine is remarkably pleasant by the way most unexpected.”“I produce it myself in a vineyard I rent fror the late Lord Morren. I learnt a lot of things when I served in the legions, including how to make good wine and spot a decent place for a vineyard. Also, I think the high-born visitor you are interested in is General Callos who was here just over a week ago. Clearly, he knew what Morren’s home was like as he stayed here. The general was dressed like a merchant but I recognise him from his time under his command.”“Well, well, well. At some stage you may have to give evidence before the Lord Justiciar but I get the impression that will not concern you if you have our support. Still the job can be made easier, you should be rewarded and this area clearly needs sorting out. Calixtus of Sarbi I create you baron and give you the lands of the traitor Morren. Now my lord, I am tired some of my men are wounded and I don’t want to go any further. What is possible to manage to accommodate us tonight?”A flurry of activity saw the men placed with local homes, the other inns provided places for the lesser officials and Thea in Calixtus own bed. With pallets around It for her maids. It turned out that he had a very nice large bed and made it clear that neither he nor his wife would sleep in it that night as his wife would prepare for the morning and he would ensure that the town was secure so Thea’s men could rest.The meal that night was roast pig one of several that were cooked providing food for nobles, troops and townspeople in an impromptu celebration of victory and their august visitor. Thea thoroughly enjoyed having plain wholesome fare for once realising that was something she missed. A few barrels of local wine were broached and a good time was had by all.Well-fed but not quite stuffed she let Marcos do any remaining stuffing required. Alexandros joined them along with Marta and the maids. As has been commented before danger made Thea horny and she was not the only one. They were at it like nobody’s business whilst the men double did her Marta kissed her on the mouth whilst each breast was being sucked by a girl, she couldn’t see who. A good if debauched time was had by all.

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