The Day I Fucked Lia Marie Johnson

The Day I Fucked Lia Marie JohnsonI was 18 years old and while listening to the radio this ad came up and said if you’re the lucky caller you’ll be on an episode of Youtube’s Teens React and I knew my crush Lia Marie Johnson is on that show so I have to try to win this contest. I called after alot of other teens called in and lucky enough I won! I was so happy because I knew I was on my way to meet my crush i had to fly out to San Diego to do the episode. My plane finally landed. After that I went to my hotel and got ready to meet my crush I was so nervous. I walked into the building where yhey shoot the episodes and there she was she was even more beautiful in person. She came over and shook my hand and words spilled out of my mouth i said i Love you Lia i have a huge crush on you she blushed and said aww thank you and gave me a hug here huge beautiful breasts were pushing up against me. After the episode was shot güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri we decided to hang out for a while.Later that night I was going to my trailer they had for me but wasn’t paying attention and I accidentally walked into lia’s trailer and she was standing with a towel wrapped around her because she just got of the shower. AH! she screamed “Sorry wrong trailer” I said “wait come back come on in” she told me. So we started talking for a while she was just sitting in her chair with only a towel on and her hair still wet.Then she came over by me and then started rub her fingers on the big bulge in my pants and she just looked at me and leaned ove by my ear and whispered “I Want You”. She then stood up in front of me and let her towel drop the floor. She then got on her knees and started licking on the bulge on my pants. She then asks me “do you want me”? “Yes güvenilir bahis şirketleri so much”. I answered.She then took my zipper and bit on it and pulled it down slowly and then she started to pull my pants and boxers off. She finally looked at my cock “OH MY GOD it’s so big” she said with a big smile on her face . She started slowly licking the tip then slowly started putting it in her mouth and she started to go faster up and down and up and down with her wet mouth and she spit all over it and stroked my cock and then she started to suck on my balls and stroke on my cock.She sat down and started to stroke my cock with her smooth and sexy feet and gave me a footjob and blowjob and a handjob all at the same time It was amazing. Then she took her wet hair and wrapped around my cock and stroked it some more.”I want you to lick and finger me baby” she told me. So I got up and she sat down canlı bahis şirketleri and spread her legs open the best thing about fingering her was that she was a virgin so she was sooo tight. I was licking and fingering her at the same time. She was screaming “OH MY GOD FUCK YES FINGER MY TIGHT LITTLE CLIT BABY FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!” “YES FINGER MY TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE TO BABY JUST LIKE THAT!!!””I want you to fuck me” she said so she layed down legs wide open and I slid my cock inside her she felt so tight and so good “OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO FUCKIN BIG OH MY GOD YES BABY FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT BABY YES RIGHT THERE FUCK YES OH OH HARDER! HARDER! FASTER! FASTER!”She then said “fuck me in my asshole baby” so I flipped her over and pushed my cock into her tight little asshole. “OH MY GOOOOOOOD FUUUUUCK YESSSSS OH YES FUCK OH MY GOD BABY YES FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE YES FUCK THAT ASSHOLE BABY MMMM OH MY GOD FUCK YESS BABY FUCK MY ASSHOLE BABY FUCK YES RIGHT THERE!!!”Then I told her I was about to cum soon so she pulled my dick out of her asshole and put it in between her huge beautiful tits and stroked my cock off with her tits and then I cane all over boobs and her face sthen swallowed my cum and said “mmm tasty.”

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