The Day i met Amy the cum Queen………….

The Day i met Amy the cum Queen………….back in 2007 i was lucky enough to meet Amy, a super hot babe of 26, with big red lips & a thick mass of long blonde curly hair she was a small girl, just five feet tall, & very slim with large tits for her size, with big long nipples that stood up proud & perky….. Amy was the perfect girl friend, a total babe & a total slut! with a fetish for dressing up & role play & old men ! i first meet her in a sex shop in the next town to where i lived. i was in the shop one after noon looking at porn mags, there where about a dozen men in the shop from 40 ish up to 60 + when the door opens & in walks Amy, she was wearing a long coat, she closed the door turned the closed sign over & put the lock on……..& then removed her coat, to reveal that she was all dressed up like a school girl, over the knee white socks, a micro plaid red skirt just covering her white cotton panties ……….she looked awesome, a slut goddess! every one looked round to see who had come in, their jaws dropped when they saw her, she saw their reactions & a big smirk appeared on her beautiful face……… she smiled as she walked past me & up to a rack of vibrators & dildos, i watched her at the rack, the plaid skirt was just resting on her peachy bubble butt bum, it felt like a dream !……….. she run her hand lightly over them untill she got to one that looked like a cock…… she picked it up checked it worked & went over to a leather arm chair & sat down, she looked around the room with that slutty smirk & hitched first one leg then the other over the arms of the chair…..she lay back & pushed her ass forward so it was just over the edge, by now every one had come over to get a better look, Amy took a bottle of lube & poured some inside her panties, switched the vibrator on & gently rub her plump pussy lips through her panties i looked around & all the guys where rubbing their cock, Amy closed her eyes & moaned she then pulled them to one side & slowly started to push the vibrator up her tight but güngören escort wet pussy…………… slowly it disappeared up her pussy a good 8 ins, she then pulled her panties back in to place, & over the end of the vibrator making sure it could not pop out, Amy looked around the room every one had now dropped their trousers & had cocks in hand ! Amy giggled & said she wanted her daddys to use her body & mouth & cover her in cum….. she looked at me & smiled & reached out & took my hard cock in her hand & pulled me to her, as she slowly wanked me she took another cock in her other hand as the others started to surround her, they all started to run their hands all over her body, a guy pulled her skirt up, two others ripped her blouse open……….then ripped her bra open, her nipples where sticking up likes hard bullets ! i reached down & grabbed one between my finger & thumb & pinched it, Amy groaned & said punish me daddy i’ve been a bad girl……. i said you know what daddy does to bad girls Amy……& i took her head in my other hand & turned it towards my cock, she looked me in the eyes & parted her big thick fuck me lips & pushed her tongue out, i placed my cock on it & turned her head back & forth so she could lick my shaft, one of the other guys had got a vibrator & was just sliding it in to Amy’s ass, she moaned out load & started to suck me real hard & lots of whimpering…..two old guys had ripped holes in her socks & were sucking her toes, others were running their hands & cocks all over her, pinching & pulling her body…… licking & sucking her nipples, i pulled out of her mouth as i did not want to cum yet ! another took my place with a good sized cock, as she sucked it two guys pushed close in & one started to rub his cock all over her cheek as the other rubbed his in her hair & over her forehead, i moved around the her pussy & pulled her panties aside, & pulled the vibro out & slid it up her as, then i pushed my cock in, her pussy was so tight ! it felt awesome ! the guys sucking her toes escort güngören stood up & pulled her legs wide open, & i slow fucked her pulling out to the tip with each slow stroke……after ten minutes my cock was pumping my thick creamy spunk in to Amy’s wet cunt…….. i pulled out to give the others a go, i stood back & watched as a guy in his 50s slide his 7 inch cock in to her dripping pussy, then a guy with a good 10″ cock stepped in behind the first guy, he pushed him forward & pulled the vibro out off Amy’s ass, & poured some lube in her, & slide his cock in about 6″ & started to fuck her ass………. by now most of the guys had mouth fucked Amy & 3 had spunked over her face & it had been nicely spread all over, i just looked at her & feel in love ! some guys where just spunking over her tits, there were long spurts of it hanging off her nipples, i stepped in & rubbed my cock in it & then scooped up as much as i could & offered her it to eat off the end of my cock, Amy eagerly licked it off, then sucked me clean……. the first two guys had spunked in her, & as the next four fucked her, her cunt was making farting noises with each thrust & dripped spunk out all over the leather seat, most of them were 7″ + & two were 10″ + & one near 12″ ! when the forth pulled out after cumming in Amy i knelt in front of her, & run my thumb up & down her slit, i slide one, then two, three, then four fingers in to her spunk filled cunt…….. i pushed them right in & bent my thumb over & rubbed it hard against her clit,& twisted my fingers around as i did so, i managed to twist my four fingers all the way round, her cunt was quit big now, so i stepped back & the two guys with 10″+cocks picked Amy up & one held her from behind with his arms under her knees then up behind her neck……… he then lowered her gaping cunt on to his big cock……. & she took it in one go all 10″ ! then the other stepped forward & put his hand over her mouth & forced his cock in along side the first guy….. who was just holding Amy güngören escort bayan still, & deeply impaled on his cock, the second guy was doing the fucking, good long strokes, slow at first then faster & faster……after a few minutes Amy was screaming & moaning, fuck me daddys make me your spunk slut! the guys soon shot their loads up Amy’s gaping cunt…… i asked them to hold her up by the legs & i stepped in behind her & the guys d****d a thigh over each of my shoulders so that her pussy was right in front of my face…….. as i had been watching her pussy filling up with spunk i got really turned on, & wanted to eat her spunk filled cunt…….i bent my head & took a big sniff…….. the smell of all that mixed up spunk & pussy cum was intoxicating ! & i started to lick it…….. the guys lined up to fuck Amy’s face, i got so turned on my cock was straining to cum again ! i buried my face in her cunt & started to lick & suck her dry…….all the time the guys took it in turns to face fuck poor Amy’s mouth…….. then when finished each joined the rest, to pinch & grope her spunk stained body, taking it in turns to finger her ass……after a time every one had cum at lest twice some were in or over Amy, except me ! i got the guys to put Amy down in the chair, i then pulled each leg up & put them each side of the chair back, & took Amy’s school tie & tied her wrists together behind the chair, i then nelt before her, i run my hands up & down her silky smooth thighs, i lent forward & gently started to lick the heady smelling spunk dripping out of her holes………. hes ass slightly opened in response to my probing tongue,& slowly i teased the sticky goo out of her holes, after a while Amy whispered please daddy fuck my ass i want your spunk to fill me…… i duly obliged & sunk my cock in balls deep & fucked her hard for a few minutes before my cock exploded its creamy load in to Amy, she was gasping & so was i ! we stayed like that for some time, Amy enjoying feeling a hard cock slowly wilting…… & me feeling & tight warm young ass gripping my cock…… when i pulled out i scoped up what i could & she licked my fingers clean, i then carried her to the bath room & rinsed her panties out & used them to clean her up a bit before driving Amy home.

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