The Dirty Twin


My playful identical twin sister Tammy was up to it again. We had just turned 18 the other week, and she told me she was going to shake this up a bit for me. Though we are identical, she had always been the tomboy, and me more the nerdy girl with glasses.

When she needed help with a test or a quiz, she was at my bed asking me to help her. Boys were always an easy thing for Tammy with her long black hair, blue eyes, small waste with and an ample backside. We looked exactly the same, but the difference between she and I was that she was a risk taker who would push the envelop, while I was quiet and more interested in studies.

I was sitting at my desk and Tammy walks and says “Jenny, we need to change things up a bit, you are hurting my rep at school. The other girls are starting to joke we are the Lame Sisters cause you stay inside all day and study,”

Tammy saw me there looking dumb struck not knowing what to say.

“Come on, just do what I say, and I will take care of you. First put down the books and get some of my clothes.”

After about half an hour of doing what Tammy had told me I stood their looking just like Tammy but with glasses. She had made me put my long black hair down straight, made me put on a red tight- fitting top that showed a bit of stomach and had made me put on a small tight mini skirt. Last, we stood in black boots looking at ourselves in the mirror.

“Hmmm, you look pretty good sis.” Tammy said slyly as she walked around me slowly.

I stood there for the first time feeling way out of my comfort zone, looking at myself dressed like a slut.

“I just have to check one more thing.” said Tammy as she walked up and quickly lifted up my mini skirt exposing my soft pink panties.

“Ok, pink works” exclaimed Tammy.

Tammy pulled down my mini skirt and softly smoothed it back out in the front and back gently.

“Now sis, you look good enough to hang with me.”

We drove in the car for a bit, we drove through our normal neighborhood and into the city a bit. I could tell we were entering a part of the city that was a little tougher than what I was used to. We pulled up to the back of some building in corner of the city. The building was brick and did not show much except for a door that looked like it fed into the bottom portion of the place.

We opened the door and a small sound was emitted telling someone that we had just come in. I had no idea where we were or what we were doing as we stood in a small dark room with a few black lights in the ceiling. A big guy came out that looked like a bouncer of some kind. He looked at us and looked at Tammy. Tammy went over to him and had a private discussion with him; they seemed to know each other. Tammy point back to me a few times and the big guy gave me a strong look up and down a few times and smiled. He then proceeded to hand Tammy a small wad of cash and Tammy came back to me smiling.

“All set sis.” said Tammy as she took me by the hand and led me to a room.

She could tell from my eyes and my body, I was a fish out of water and had no idea what was taking place. I was dressed like a slutty girl, in a seedy part of town, but I stuck to Tammy for guidance.

We came into a small dark room with no windows, no anything other than the door we came in and a few chairs and stools. Black lights in the ceiling made it hard to see anything. Curiously, there were a few small holes in the sides of the room.

“Ok, sis, now sit over here with me, near the wall, don’t freak out, just trust me.” said Tammy with a soothing voice.

Telling me not to freak out, was really making me freak out, but I obeyed and sat next to her, she in one chair, me in another, both next to the wall, with the hole between us, doing exactly what Tammy had been telling me to do, still not sure why I was doing all this other than that she had always been the leader of us two.

In the low light, slowly something long and fleshy started to appear from the hole. escort forumları It pushed its way through the hole and poked about 5 inches into our room.

That’s when it finally dawned on me what was happening. “OMG! Tammy NO! I know what this place is! NO Tammy NO!” I whispered in a hush voice, as if the penis stick through the wall could hear us. “Tammy No! I can’t do this!”

“Sis, just relax, just sit back, it’s ok.” softly cooed Tammy as she slowly started to stroke the dick.

I sat there with my mouth open in absolute amazement. I was amazed where I was, how I had let Tammy convince me to come and actually amazed by what I saw in Tammy’s hand. From what I had seen only on the internet, it was an average size dick, with an average head. Tammy was slowly stroking the length with her fingertips up and down teasing it, and maybe even me.

“Tammy this is wrong” I said imposing my hushed voice.

She took her hand and started pumping it with a bit stronger motion. The dick responded to this by getting harder and harder and pooling a few drops of liquid at the end.

“Tammy stop!” I pleaded again in a hushed whisper. “This is wrong…” But I had to admit I was interested in what was happening in Tammy’s hand and she knew it.

“You want me to stop?” Said Tammy coyly while still pumping the cock. The cock responded by producing even more liquid to the point where it started dripping.

“Tammy please….” I whispered again, but this time in a fading manor.

I could feel myself getting aroused and my panties getting a little moist. Was it from what I was watching, or because this felt just so wrong and seeing my sis do it at the same time. My head was spinning and I started to close and clench my legs with the feeling that was spreading.

Tammy took the dripping cock and brought it to her mouth, tenderly placing it first on her tongue to catch the pooling juices while giving a murmured “mmmm”.

As she started to slowly glide the glistening cock in her mouth up and down, she turned her head and looked over to me with her eyes half closed and a dreamy far off look. Up and down went her head on the cock, and up and down went my eyes on my sister’s head, watching her suckle this cock.

She picked up the pace still looking at me, knowing that it was indeed having an effect on me.

“Tammy…” was the only word I could even whisper now in protest, not really even wanting her to stop.

I was mesmerized by seeing my beautiful sister with her gorgeous raven black hair and soft blue eyes, guiding this cock in and out of her mouth. This stranger’s cock was stretching her full lips. She was pulling her head back till the cock was almost to her lips, then moving her head and mouth up the shaft till it was all the way into her mouth. She emitted a small muffled sound each time the cock reached the back of her throat and with each muffled sound she made I felt myself getting wetter and wetter.

Both she and I knew what was coming next, Tammy picked up the pace sucking and my hand by its own control had moved to my wet pussy. She looked over at me now with eyes open and a determined look on her face. She saw my hand strategically working inside my mini dress under my panties.

“Tammy, please… stop…” I said with a quivering voice as my own hand quickened in the work it was doing.

Tammy picked up the pace, the cock was rock hard, the head looked like it was about to burst and was dripping copious amounts of clear liquid now which she was lapping up hungrily.

“Tammy… if you… don’t stop… I am going to…” I said in a hot whispered voice. I was lost in everything happening; how wrong this was watching my twin sister lovingly suck this stranger’s cock, and yet incredibly aroused how this made me feel.

Tammy was sucking and sucking, then suddenly stopped and jammed the cock as far into her mouth as she could. The cock had exploded deep in gaziantep escort forum her mouth.

“OMG Tammy… I’m coming…” I cried as I came soaking my panties I had on under my mini dress.

Tammy, with the cock still crowded into her mouth, gave a small muffled cry as she struggled to keep pace with the load that was being pumped into her mouth and down her throat. I came hard as I watched my sister greedily swallow all that was given to her. Some cum found its way to the corner of her mouth but she did not stop until this thing had been properly drained of everything.

When it was done the cock popped out of her mouth and retreated to its side of the wall. She used her finger to collect the remaining cum from the corners of her mouth and directed it into her wanting mouth. She smacked her lips and mouth a few times like a person who had just had a savory treat.

Tammy looked at me with a smile and said “So sis, I see you had just as much fun as I did.”

I was sweating and still had my mouth open with what was happening.

Tammy came over to me and lifted up my skirt. “OMG, you are soaked sis.” she said as she saw my now wet panties.

She pushed me back on the chair and lifted my hips and my skirt up. She slowly peeled my back sopping panties, I could feel the colder air hit my pussy as she peeled them off my hips. I gave in to what she was doing, I was still reeling from what had just happened.

“Mmmmmnnn… You smell great sis.” Tammy said in a flirty way as she brought the panties to her nose showing me the huge wet spot.

I was lust drunk still on everything happening, but was slowly coming to my senses. I had never felt this way before nor had never seen something like I had just seen.

“Ok now your turn Jenny.” Cooed Tammy

“Tammy, No, watching was one thing…” I protested.

Tammy took me to the other wall and we sat in the same manor. “Now, you are going to suck the next cock that comes through and do just what I did.” demanded Tammy with a stern voice.

“I can’t do that Tammy, I have never…” But I couldn’t finish my sentence as something even longer and bigger pushed its way through the hole between us. This was much bigger than what Tammy has encountered, this was at least 9 inches and thick and looked like a Latino cock or something based on what I had seen online.

“Just do what did Jenny, it’s easy, and it’s fun.” Said Tammy with a wink. “Just start by stroking it with your fingertips like I did.”

I whispered in protest again “But Tammy, I can’t… I don’t…” as Tammy took my hand and placed it on the cock. Tammy used her hand and guided my fingertips up and down the shaft and onto the balls.

I was getting that feeling again like when I saw Tammy do it. I continued to run my fingers and hands up and down the length of the meat. It responded by getting harder and plumping out even more. I continued for a few minutes, not even realizing Tammy had taken her hand off and I was running solo now.

The head of the cock now started dripping a long string of that clear liquid like the other one did. I felt the back of my head being guided to the cock.

“No Tammy, no…” I tried to muster as she pulled my head to the tip. Tammy gently opened my mouth with her hand and gently nodded her head. I slowly obeyed and opened my mouth and awaited what came in. Tammy was in control, and I was losing my own protests to the fire I felt burning down below.

For the first time I felt a man’s cock enter my mouth, the clear liquid that had been dripping now found its way to my tongue. It tasted sweet and a little salty. Tammy guided my head up and down the cock, starting first with small amounts of cock in my mouth.

I felt myself getting wetter again below and this only enhanced my lust drunk like state I was in. I was getting lost again in all that was happening.

I felt Tammy stand up and move in behind me. gaziantep escort forumları There were two of us now on the chair in tandem, me in front and she in behind. I was just going with the moment now, my head was gladly bobbing on this cock all on its own. I felt a hand now, not my own, reach to my wetness. I realized it was Tammy’s

“Shhhhh… it’s me, just go with it, I am going to help you.” Tammy whispered hotly in my ear as her hand found my clit and started rubbing. With her other hand she lifted my shirt, exposing my ample tits, and start softly and lovingly caressing my tits and nipples.

My mind started a protest but nothing came out in words, rather my body responded by pushing against the advances of her hand on my clit. “OMG Tammy… stop… if you don’t… I am going to…” I said through clenched teeth as I came and flooded her fingers with stickiness. She reveled this and brought her wet fingers to her own mouth and sucked them clean.

The owner of cock must have sensed a bit of what was happening as the cock start to produce enormous amounts of slippery sweet liquid now. The taste was flooding my mouth and overloading my senses.

“Suck it Jenny…” Tammy softly whispered into my ear with her perfect strategic location behind me on the chair. She had one hand on my clit, one hand freely roaming and caressing my tits, and her mouth whispering words into the backside of my ear. Tammy was in total control and I had given in.

“Suck it Jenny… make it pop in your mouth… I want to watch.” Cooed Tammy into my ear again.

My mind was racing, what was I doing, what was happening? I was sucking on a strangers cock, my sister was rubbing my clit, and I was in a drunk lust haze allowing it all.

Tammy sped up the speed of my suck by pushing my head faster onto the cock. This cock was getting thicker by the second and I knew what was coming next. The head was getting plumper, the cock was as hard as a diamond now.

“Don’t stop Jenny… Let it happen…” said the voice in my ear again.

Tammy’s hand was still firmly rubbing on my clit and it was having its affect. I was so close to a huge release I could feel it coming from my toes up. It was just too much to take, a mind blowing orgasm was on its way, and this cock was about to erupt at the same time.

“He’s about to explode Jenny” whispered Tammy biting my neck and breathing hot fire into my ear.

Tammy jammed my head almost all the way it could go onto this fat cock and held it just as this thing erupted. Hot stream after hot stream of cum forced its way down my throat. I struggled and gave a muffled cry as I myself exploded from Tammy feverish rubbing on my clit. Tammy held my head forward so I could not even pull my mouth away for a breath. This thing was huge and was pumping copious amount of white hot stickiness into my stomach.

“That’s it sis… let it all go down…” Tammy cooed as cum was still flowing from this meat monster.

Slowly Tammy let my head back off, but never totally leaving this cock. She held my head there so I could get a breath of air, all the while this 9 inch cock was still coating my tongue with a thick jacket of cum.

After a minute or so, my orgasm had subsided and the last few drops of cum had been deposited on my waiting tongue. The cock slowly withdrew back into the dark hole, leaving me with a big mouthful of cum.

“Hold it in your mouth, I’ll tell you when to swallow.” Tammy said in total control of me like some puppet master.

The cum sat in my mouth, salty and sweet at the same time. I still couldn’t believe how much had come out of that thing, I was literally full now.

“Now swallow it sis.” Said the voice spurting hot words in my ear.

I did as command and felt this hot sticky load travel from my tongue, down my throat and deposit into my already full stomach.

Tammy sat behind me and put her head on my shoulder softly just holding me.

I felt like I had been through a war, never in a million years would I have done something like this on my own. I felt alive, yet shameful as well for what I just did. I had just sucked a stranger and let him pump his load down my throat, all while letting my sister bring me to an earth shaking orgasm.

“So what happens next?” I said in a soft voice.

“We’ll see sis, we’ll see.”

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