The Dream


Kyle was back home in Orlando and working at his home store on International Drive. His schedule was all over the map as he working a close one day and an opening the next with some mids thrown in for good measure. His sleep cycle was in chaos and while today was an opening and the sun was just about to set all Kyle could think of was getting some sleep. The apartment complex that he lived in was called Summer Breeze and it was a series of buildings seventeen in all that were built around the common areas of the complex. So the basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool were surrounded by the apartment buildings themselves. The main building at the front that opened onto the lake held not only the management offices but the television and computer room as well as the gym and laundry room. His building was number seven and was at the edge of a good sized lawn where the guys played either football or soccer. Each building held twenty four apartments set in groups of four around a tower that had two flights of stairs that led to the second floor. Kyle climbed out of his silver sports car and began the walk around the side of one of the buildings to the inner set of apartment that faced the playing field. As he rounded the side of the building where his apartment was located he noticed movement in the apartment below his own. Several cardboard boxes could be seen through the open shades of the living-room windows and a rather attractive woman walking among the maze that she had created in her new place. A smile spread across his lips as he saw her head towards the front door through one of the windows. The path that he was on would take him pass her door as he headed to his bachelor pad above her.

“Hi.” He said as she made her way across her porch so that she could step on to the sidewalk that wrapped its way around the side of the building towards the parking lot.

“Hi.” She said back. “I finished moving in this morning.”

“Oh cool, I live above you. My name is Kyle.” He said sticking his hand towards her.

“My name is Alaghon.” She replied shaking his hand lightly.

Her name rolled off her tongue but Kyle did not try to say it. He was trying to decide what race she was not that it matter to him since he was an equal opportunity dater. Her skin was dark but her eyes were green and had a slight slant to them. They could be contacts but Kyle did not think so since he could not see any tell-tale ring around her pupils. She could have been Latina but there was no trace of an accent and her skin may have been tanned but he would have to see her naked to find any tan lines.

“That is a beautiful name where is it from? Say it again.” He said still holding her hand and smiling down at her.

“Alaghon. Sorry I can’t stay and talk, I’m late for work.” She said as she started to walk away from him.”

“Where do you work Alaghon?” Kyle asked thinking that she was in the food industry as well using her name so that he could remember it.

“I just started at the Platinum Nipple, tonight is my first night and I am so nervous. Maybe you can come and give me some support if you have no other plans.” She said still walking towards the parking lot.

“Platinum Nipple? I am not familiar with that.” Kyle said his booted foot resting lightly on the bottom step of the wooden stairs leading up to the second floor.

“It’s a strip club on O. B. T.” She said just before she rounded the corner of the building.

O. B. T. stood for Orange Blossom Trail and it was where most of the strip clubs in town where located. All of the gentlemen’s club in town had been around for at least ten years and were own by the same company. Kyle had been to a couple of them over the years but he did not remember one called the Platinum Nipple. He put it out of his mind as he entered his apartment and removed his chef jacket and threw it across the room onto the leather sofa. Passing under the flat screen mounted on the wall Kyle flicked the on button and the wide screen flashed to life. It was on E. S. P. N. and the show Sportscenter was on but Kyle did not see it as he had entered the bathroom where he quickly stepped into the tub for a shower.

When he had finished he reentered the living room and settled down on the sofa to catch up on the day’s sports news.

“Alaghon; Alaghon; Alaghon.” He repeated several times under his breath.

Soon he was asleep and started to dream about his new neighbor with the strange name.

The parking lot of the Platinum Nipple was packed with cars of all kinds and the three valets were busy giving tickets to arriving customers and taking their cars to the ones that were leaving. Kyle pulled up in front of the double glass doors with mirror tint in his silver mustang convertible and climbed out. He left the engine running and took the small yellow ticket from the young blonde woman who immediately jumped into the car and roared away leaving a small pile of rubber on the asphalt and a faint smell of burnt tires. She was wearing a rather tight white t-shirt that hugged her ample sized mobil porno breasts and were squeezing her harden nipples. As the woman stepped pass him Kyle glanced at her black daisy dukes that were riding up her ass crack and his cock got hard instantly as the car pulled away rapidly.

Turning towards the doors Kyle began to walk the few feet in their direction when they were opened from the inside by a slender black woman wearing a sleeveless tuxedo shirt and a pair of black lace thong panties. Kyle didn’t look to see what kind of shoes she had on the ends of her long legs as his eyes were glued to the lace panties and the short hairs that poked out from beneath them. Stepping into the well lit foyer Kyle saw another white woman similarly dressed in a tuxedo shirt and lace panties standing behind a counter crowned with a cash requestor and several fliers for other clubs.

“Welcome to Platinum Nipple; have you been here before?” Said the dark haired beauty looking at him from behind the counter.

“No this is my first time here.” Kyle said reaching into his left front pocket for his money clip.

The black woman that had held the door opened for him walked around him a few of his dreadlocks in her hands as she rounded the end of the counter.

“I like your hair; how long have you been growing them?” She asked after Kyle had gotten a good looked at her bare back and rounded globes of her shiny ass cheeks divided by the thin black string.

“About twelve years.” Kyle said simply looking from one woman to the other as they smiled at him.

“Twelve years wow.” The black one said ringing a few strands of her own hair around a couple of her fingers.

“The cover is thirty bucks.” Her partner said when she had a chance.

“Thirty bucks? That’s pretty high isn’t it? I mean this is Orlando and we have the pastes and the girls having to wear thongs and g-strings.” Kyle said peeling the bills off for her and sliding them across the counter.

“Well we do not serve any alcohol just sodas, juices, and bottled water which are on the house so the dancers can be totally nude.” She said matter of factly.

As she was explaining the reasoning for the high cover charge the inner set of mirrored double doors opened and a group of several females exited the club and made their way to the exterior and their cars. Kyle could not help but watch the women as they were leaving the establishment. Some of the ladies were in tight jeans and others were in short skirts but all of them were buttoning their blouses and trying to straighten up their hair as the black doorwoman hurried to get the door for them.

Kyle raised an eyebrow but said nothing as she followed the blonde into the interior of the club. The music hit him before he stepped through the second set of doors and allowed his eyes to adjust to the lower light setting around him. The doorwoman took the arm of a nearby drinkgirl and whispered into her ear for a few seconds before she returned to her duties in the foyer behind him whispering in his ears as she passed.

“Have fun.” She said a huge grin on her face.

Kyle looked over his shoulder as she left the room and smiled as well when he saw her disappearing rear end. Turning around Kyle saw that the drinkgirl was waiting for him and she waved her arm for him to follow her. The short Latina wore a white lace corset that cupped her smallish breasts and black lace thongs that accentuated a fat dimpled ass. She led him to the VIP room on the other side of the space that they were currently in stepping nimbly around tables and chairs that were filled with patrons and dancers in various stages of undress. Kyle glanced around him as he went and saw his new neighbor on the main stage but she did not see him as she had her back to him as another man was sticking some green bills into the garter belt around her left thigh. Nearby a few of the dancers were sitting on laps and grinding in time to the rap music that was blaring from speakers that seemed to be all around him.

Kyle quickly climbed the two steps that led up to the tables and soft leather booth seats behind the nearly naked woman ahead of him. Sitting in a low leather seat that had been pushed under the edge of the stage that the dancers worked on Kyle swung around to face the waiting girl.

“I’ll have a coke thanks.” Kyle said his eyes roaming the full figured body next to him.

As she turned to walk away from him to get his soft drink Kyle thought he saw a cock peeking out from the top of the lace panties but then she was gone and Kyle shrugged it off to a trick of the light and nothing more than a shadow. Finally alone in the club Kyle looked around him. Naked Alaghon was still on the other side of the stage since that was where most of the patrons were seating so he spun his seat around noticing for the first time a dark blue curtain across an open doorway behind him. The walls were covered in mirrors and a disco ball hanging over the middle of the main stage threw dots of coloured lights all over the large room.

“There alman porno you are sir.” Said a voice behind him.

The Latina had turned with his coke and Kyle reached into his pocket for a dollar to tip her with while he looked to see if he had indeed seen a cock in her thongs. There it was slightly darker that her stomach and her balls were hanging on either side of her skimpy black panties. Kyle’s heart was in his throat as he gently tossed the greenback onto her circular tray hoping that he could leave the room before Alaghon saw him.

“Shit.” Kyle mumbled to himself as he saw his neighbour moving towards him across the top of the stage only high heels and a garter belt in the familiar colours of the club.

Rubbing his hands on his jean covered thighs Kyle felt his dick getting hard despite what his mind was telling him while he watched the dark haired woman dance close towards him. Kyle fought a war with himself that he knew he was going to lose as he tried to keep his eyes focused on the dancing tits and the dark nipples pierced with gold bars getting larger in his vision. Alaghon swatted down in front of him her thighs flayed open to the sides around his head her feet firmly on the floor in her red high heel stilettos.

“Hi Kyle. I knew that you wouldn’t let me face this alone thanks.” Alaghon said a smile appearing on her lips not moving from her position before him.

Kyle dug in his pocket for another dollar and tried to find her garter without looking for it but Alaghon was not helping him insert it. Inhaling deeply Kyle lowered his eyes toward the cock hanging from between her legs and left the bill under the white and black lacy garter but his eyes were fastened on the hard man meat before him. It was slightly thicker than his and about two more inches longer as it pointed skyward. Kyle could see two fat lips under the erect shaft that formed an impossible pussy. Looking closer the black chef saw that her cock was positioned where her clit would have been and perhaps it was a clit….a twelve inch long two inch wide clit complete with one unblinking eye.

“Oh my god.” Escaped Kyle’s lips; his breath suddenly becoming laboured.

“I’ll be down soon my set is almost over.” She said rising slowly to her feet Kyle’s eyes still staring at her large erection.

Several hands started to caress his shoulders as Alaghon twisted and turned her body in time to the fast paced music in front of him. Spinning around in his chair Kyle saw three women in front of him.

“Pamela the doorwoman sent us; she said that this is your first time to the Nipple.” Said one woman who slide her lithe naked body into the empty seat next to him, her gold extensions pulled behind her neck in a ponytail.

Her body was silky smooth and well toned as she had removed all her hair below her neck. Her cock was small but thick and she took Kyle’s hand in hers and placed it around the brown coloured shaft. It felt strange for Kyle to have a cock other than his in his hands but he did not remove his hand from the blood filled organ of the black woman who owned it a silver navel ring catching his eye as it contrasted sharply against the chocolate coloured flesh.

A tall latina started dancing to the Prince tune that began to fill the air her slender body moving between his knees her white gown flowing behind her from her shoulders. She had many tattoos plainly visible on various parts of her body. A multicoloured sun with eight rays was inked around her navel with the ray pointing down to her cock twice as long as the others; a purple and blue butterfly lay on the top of her right hip and a tribal arm band was wrapped around her upper left arm. As she danced in the slightly cool air the spicy woman’s cock grew while Kyle was watching her moving with the slow song. Her slender fingers lightly caressed her equally slender body from her small girlish breasts to the delicate skin forming the roundness of her paunch.

Her cock was long and thin and seemed to call to Kyle but he did not move. He turned to look at the black dick that he found himself playing with and curled his fingers around it as she started to stroke the small black cock with his left hand. He felt two hands moving over his jean covered hips towards the bulging cock that was outlined by the tight blue material that he was wearing.

Looking down Kyle saw two white hands with red nails unbuckling his pants and reach into them to free his straining erection. On his right side saw a woman with the biggest tits he had even seen. They were bigger than his head and the nipples were as small as pinheads in the center of pale pink areolas. Her stomach was flat as she bent over towards him with her legs crossed at the thighs her cock pulling its way through them. She reached into his grey coloured briefs and gripped his cock in both her hands one of them going all the way inside his underwear to cup his balls while the other twisted and squeezed the head of his cock.

The latina in front of him slipped her gown from her alexis texas porno strong shoulders and draped it over his leg. She turned around and swayed her shapely butt in his face before she bent at the waist and slapped a cheek hard with one hand then slapped the other one just as hard. Keeping her hands on her ass she pulled the cheeks apart as she curled her body up towards her shiny cock her hairless balls still hanging loosely on either side of the massive dick. Sticking her tongue out she licked the head of her own dick as she painted the gland of the organ wet.

“So you could not wait for me Kyle.” Said a voice that Kyle knew belonged to Alaghon.

The dark skinned beauty with the green eyes stepped close to the doubled over latina who straighten up as the red heels moved into her vision. The two women kissed deeply with their tongues in each others mouths and Kyle imaged that his neighbour was tasting the latina’s cock in that kiss.

“This your boyfriend Alaghon?” She asked after their lips parted with a pop.

Alaghon did not reply right away but cast her eyes at Kyle who was still sitting with his cock in the hands of another dancer who had completely removed it from his underwear and was starting to lower her mouth towards it. The black woman on his left covered his hand around her prick with one of hers and started to jerk herself off with his hand as she looked at the new girl standing not too far from her.

“I don’t know yet but I’m working on it.” She finally answered as she locked eyes with Kyle.

“You don’t have to work at it just stick your cock up his ass and he’ll love you forever.” Her accent thick on her tongue as saliva flowed down her chin.

Looking down Alaghon took the Latina’s hard dick in her hands to that its owner had to turn to face the seated man watching them.

“Isn’t this a pretty cock Kyle?” She asked him her eyes flickering to his dick that was still being handled by the blonde on his right.

Kyle did not have to look at his penis to know that a drop of pre-cum was glistening the head of his member.

“Ye ye yes it is Alaghon.” Kyle stammered not knowing where to look.

“What about mine is it beautiful also?” She continued beginning to stroke the cock in her hands as Kyle’s hands moved over the woman’s cock seating on his left.

“Stop teasing him Alaghon. Take him in the back room and go balls deep in him.” The dancing latina said as the song ended and she pulled her cock out of Alaghon’s hands and sat on Kyle’s leg.

“So to speak.” She added suddenly remembering that Alaghon did not have balls.

She pulled the inside of her black and white garter belt away from the skin of her thigh as she looked into Kyle’s eyes. The blonde was forced to released her grip on the black cock that was in her hands and sat back to stroke her own fat uncut cock slowly as she spun in her chair to watch the brunette dancer on the stage. Kyle removed a ten dollar bill from his money clip and put it in the garter dragging his fingers along the smooth thigh as he pulled his hand away. Kyle’s neighbour bent over in front of him her breasts hanging below her chest as she put her hand around the throbbing cock before her while the other rested on his shoulder.

“Come into the back room with me.” She said her head close to Kyle’s ear so that she could talk under the loud music.

“Ya lets.” The latina added suddenly jumping up from her seat on Kyle’s leg and almost ran towards the navy blue curtain and the back room beyond not waiting for Kyle to answer.

Alaghon stood next to him and looked quickly at the other woman on Kyle’s left who nodded and stood as well taking Kyle’s hand in hers. Kyle got to his feet slowly trying to put his cock inside his bikini briefs and zip up his jeans before they fell around his ankles. Following his neighbour and the short black chick to the room that the latina had already entered Kyle walked slowly wondering what was going to happen behind the veil like curtain.

The back room was about half the size of the room that they had just left and was filled with endless leather sofas along the walls while several leather love seats were placed across the space between. The walls of the room were covered with mirrors as was the ceiling while the same song was playing on the four speakers placed in the corners of the room. The latina had taken a seat along the black sofa along the left wall about half way into the room. She was sitting with her butt on the edge of the leather cushion and had her long legs and black high heels stretched out before her while her head was resting on the back of the sofa. Her shiny black hair flowed over her shoulders and fell across her small breasts and dark areolas while her cock stood hard and proud between her legs as it pointed straight above her. The race less one jumped down amid her friend’s thin thighs taking the long pretty cock in her full lips looking at Kyle who sat on the sofa next to them. The naked black dancer pulled his jeans and grey underwear down his legs removing them and his white nike sneakers at the same time. Unbuttoning his black shirt with the blue dragon Kyle dropped it on the floor as the latina putted her right hand behind his head and pushed him towards her groin where half her cock was pass Alaghon’s thick red lips.

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