Subject: The DVD Tales -6 (Adult-Youth) This is a `real’ story and that means there are no men with cocks the size of an elephant’s trunk and balls as big as eggs! That is fantasy. This is `real’ in the sense that this sort of thing does happen and although a work of fiction, it is `real’ enough to be enjoyed — real people, real sexual organs and real situations. I have been swamped with messages, ideas for scenes, comments and photos of people they would like to see in the forthcoming chapters. It seems there are a lot of guys who have friends, people they like or lust after and want to see them described and name checked in the chapters. Good idea — so let me know who you want me to describe for you. Not interested in celebrities and I will only use first names but with descriptions so they “come alive” for you! They will go well in the orgy scenes to follow! If you want to mail me (and please do) then check the end of this chapter for further information. By the way — although based on some real characters, it is an extension of my imagination. Remember that as you hopefully jack hard to it! Essex (2008) THE DAVD TALES — 6 Mark felt the widest and thickest cock he had ever felt slide into his mouth as the strong hand on his head pushed his mouth onto the hard shaft. Mark was scared and tried to look up into Tony’s eyes as he felt the shaft slide into his mouth. The edges of his mouth felt a sharp pain as he tried to open wider to allow the thick meat entry. Tony’s grip on his head was powerful and Mark sat up a little and tipped his head to get the cock easily into his mouth. As he did so, Tony pressed his cock down with one hand to allow the boy easier access to it. “Look at me bitch!” he said in a deep voice when the boy tried to look down at the cock. Tony tapped the back of his head as a warning and then he heard the white man to his left say something about collar and suddenly he heard him moving around and closer to him. He knew what was coming as the man then pressed a wide leather collar around his throat. He felt the man tighten it and it felt uncomfortable, but not too tight and the look seemed to please both men. Tony said something like “good bitch” and as he sat down the white guy was saying it looked hot. “Mouth!” said Tony and Mark opened his mouth and looked up at his Master with his tongue pushed out. He was already getting used to the black man’s sharp, one word commands and was determined to please him, even if he did feel nervous. Tony tapped his cock three times on the boy’s hanging tongue and then put his hand back on his neck and pressed his head forward. As he began to suck he heard the white guy moaning and realised he was probably jacking to the sight of him blowing his black Master. When the hand left his neck and allowed him to work at his own pace, it seemed to please Tony and as Mark kept looking up, his neck aching in the collar, he saw the man tweaking his nipples. Tony was enjoying the boy’s mouth and was nodding at his friend who was now sitting slumped in the chair next to them and jacking his cock. Mark felt so horny and reached down to jack his cock, but a sharp barking “no!” from Tony made him stop and then the man said, “later bitch!” and tapped his head again. Mark was using all his short experience and was now holding the thick shaft in two hands and twisting his mouth the please the man he was now becoming more used to regarding as his Master. Mark was sitting back on his heels and slobbering all over the cock. He couldn’t get the whole length into his mouth but Tony seemed not to care about that and was watching the boy trying to lick the root with his tongue as he pressed up and down with sınırsız escort his mouth. At one stage he felt the warm metal of the cockring with the tip of his tongue and was pleased that he managed to even reach just over halfway down the shaft. He was horny and wanted to cum. Mark reached up and tugged the man’s balls in his hand and they felt so hot and big, but that experience was suddenly interrupted as Tony pulled his cock out and reached down and grabbed the collar. There was a small and thick leather grip on the back, a bit like a handle and Mark was unaware of it until Tony grabbed it. The next thing he felt was the man tugging him like a dog towards the bed. He was almost choked when using the collar, Tony lifted him onto the bed and suddenly he felt a hard sting to his asscheeks as Tony slapped the left one. “Doggy bitch, need to ride!” Tony crawled onto the bed and knelt behind Mark who was amazed at how quickly things were moving. Tony was literally ordering him like a dog and then he felt the man powerfully grip the collar and yank his head back hard. Mark’s eyes widened and then he felt Tony’s hot breath on the side of his face. “I said doggy bitch and I meant spread the legs for your master! Do as you’re told boy and do it now!” Mark opened his legs and mumbled an apology and the next thing he felt was Tony’s thick and wet head at the entrance to his hole. He tensed and then realised it was the end of a tube of something and then he heard a squeezing sound and felt the cool lube slide into his ass. But that was replaced by something a little bigger and without warning his assring opened as Tony’s thick cockhead spread the ring and slid a couple of inches in. “Oh, oooh, please Tony,” that resulted in a tug on the collar and he choked a little and said, “Master please, it hurts.” The man said nothing and continued sliding into his ass and Mark pushed out like Max had taught him and as he let out a deep breath his anal invader slid along and felt like he was stuck on the end of thick pole. He was expecting Tony to say something when he was ready to fuck, but the only thing that alerted him to the task he was about to handle when was he felt the cockring nudge the inside of his asscheeks. He had taken the whole black cock and was feeling full and wondering when the man would start when he heard the white man say, “Ride his ass good Tony. Let’s make sure we get all this covered.” That seemed an odd phrase he thought, but Mark was then shocked into reality when he felt Tony’s thick hands on his hips, squeezing and slightly hurting him, then the cock started a long slide backwards out of his ass. Despite the feeling of being slightly uncomfortable, there was no pain as Mark had expected but he suddenly panicked when he wondered if the man was rubbered up. He tried reaching back to feel the shaft, but the man simply twisted his grip on the collar and then spanked the boy’s ass again. Mark moaned and Tony said, “Just ride boy. Don’t make it hard. Just be a bitch.” He seemed more chilled out and then it started. For the next 10 minutes it was a hard ride for the boy. Tony’s cock started with a longdicking run that was intended to make it easier for the latter part of the ride. He wanted to show the boy what was expected and what he would get as he pulled the cock almost all the way out of his ass and then slammed it hard back in. Mark was moaning and his cock leaking onto the sheets. Tony was still holding onto his collar and then saying in a loud voice, “Up! Up!” and the boy realised he wanted him to raise his ass even higher. It was hard as the black master banged him, but Mark pushed back and supporting şırnak escort himself with his arms he raised his ass. That seemed to please Tony who moaned and then doubled his efforts at fucking the boy’s ass. They were rocking on the bed and then Tony was leaning over his back and he could feel not only the thick cock spearing into his open hole, but the man’s breath on his head and the sweat flicking onto him. His arms ached and he was aching from trying to support the muscled black man over him. The cock was now pounding into his ass so hard that it felt like it was burning hot and Mark’s balls were tight in his bag while his semi-erect cock was flopping around and occasionally flicking precum onto this thighs. He didn’t know how long had elapsed since they started and those thoughts went when Tony pressed the boy’s neck and said “Down!” Mark let his arms bend and his face was pressed sideways into the sheets and Tony adjusted his stance without slowing his pace. Mark’s ass was aching and he peered under he arm to look backwards at the black man and all he saw was the man’s powerful legs and thighs moving at an even and hard pace. Then without warning Tony let out a loud groan with two hard and short punches of hips he shouted “cumming!” Tony pressed his hips hard against the boy’s ass and Mark felt the cock flex and then a hard blast of cum that seemed to spray and slide into his ass. He realised he was being fucked raw but had little time to think about that as the man continued pumping for another four shots that started to ooze out of his ass and down his smooth teen balls. He wanted to cum and join the man in his ecstasy but no sooner had he felt the man cum then he was pulling his cock out of Mark’s sore ass. As the black cock popped out of his hole, Mark saw the camera in the white man’s hand and froze. Mark sat on the bed and felt the man’s cum sliding out of his hole onto the sheets. Tony was standing with a towel at the end of the bed wiping his chest and face of sweat. “Good fuck boy. You took your man’s meat good. Like it?” Mark looked at Tony and nodded, not wanting to anger him. The man’s cock was still semi-hard and Mark’s was now a little softer. The door opened as he nodded and in walked Jackson. “Good ride man?” “Fine ass mate. Kid’s got style and we got it on camera! The three men laughed and Mark felt vulnerable and a little ashamed. He looked at Jackson and said, “You didn’t tell me I would get fucked.” “So? You wanted cock boy and old Tony has the best in the business!” He high-fived Tony and grinned at Mark. “So Tony, he good enough for the stable?” Mark looked puzzled. “Yeh man. He’ll do. Need to sort something out for him after he proves things downstairs.” He said it with an exaggerated wink to the two men and Mark was even more confused. “Stable?” Mark’s voice sounded a little weak and hoarse and Jackson looked at him with a slight annoyance. “You work for Tony now Mark.” “What do you mean work?” said the boy as he knelt up on the bed and looked at the two black men. “You work for Tony’s little stable of boys who make films and do private sessions for clients.” Jackson walked towards the bed and stood over the boy. “He makes cash and he sorts you out with some. You could make �500 a month son if you’re smart. Now all you gotta do is the final test downstairs and you’re in.” “But I don’t want …” The white man stepped forward and raised the camera and said, “This says you do and this says the web will just show a horny fucking teenager with a thick black cock in his ass and then what’s everyone going to say then eh boy?” With that, Mark realised, his fate was sealed. Then in the three or four taksim escort minutes it took Tony to dress and mumble quietly to the other two men, Mark thought his position over. It was what he wanted to be involved with older guys, making pornos and now there was money dangling before his eyes. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. He was coming round to the idea when Tony came over and said, “Now here’s �100, but let’s finish what you got to do first.” He handed the five �20 notes to Mark and motioned for him to stand up. Mark reached for his clothes but Tony said, “Won’t need them yet. Job for you downstairs first.” “What job?” asked the boy and stood up. “You jack off for the audience downstairs and then pocket the cash and Jacko will drive you home. Stop off on the way and get some food and you’re in boy. Then tonight in bed, think about what you can do with �500 a month.” Mark dragged his feet as he followed the men downstairs and with Tony behind him he knew he couldn’t back out. When they arrived in the main room the lights were a little brighter and they had removed the coffee table and about 25 people were sitting, laying or kneeling in an arc around the space. Jackson pushed Mark into the space and told him to kneel. As he did he saw Lee laying on the sofa on top of an older man, his legs wide and the man’s hand around his cock and balls and slowly jacking him. Lee grinned and winked at Mark and then Tony said, “Show for us boy. Just jack and cum and make it a good shot.” He then sat down on a chair and they waited for Mark to start. Mark sat back on his haunches and looked around the circle and saw that some of the men were already starting to jack slowly. His own cock was starting to get hard and he was amazed at how horny he felt. He knew he couldn’t last long despite his age. He started slowly and within a few strokes his teen cock was hard and his fist jacking up and over the helmet with a new speed. He was scrunching his abs and that pleased some of the men and he felt very horny. He wanted to cum and ran his hand over his balls as he continued jacking and squeezed then hard as he did so. He was not more than five minutes into the wank when he felt his balls quiver and that tingle start in his cock. “I’m cumming!” was all he said and then leant back on his heels and pulling his cock slightly back as he jacked, he shot a thin shot of jizz up to his neck and moaned and flexed his stomach again, three more weakening shots erupted from the teen cock. There were howls and hoots from the men and Mark suddenly felt lightheaded and then there was applause. On the way back in the Lexus to South London it all came out from Jackson and Lee. They knew what they wanted and Mark was a good target Jackson said. When Mark asked if Max was in on the business, Lee shook his head and said not even Jimmy knew. Mark was near to falling asleep and still clutching the card with Tony’s mobile number on it as the car pulled up just 100 yards from his home. He was tired and his ass ring was sore. Jackson told him to wait for Tony’s call and they said their farewells and left Mark standing on the pavement. He walked slowly to his house and saw that it was still only 9.30. As he looked up he saw a figure step to the side in front of him and a voice said, “Mark!” It was one of the boys from his year at school — Pod. A strange name, a nickname that everyone used but wasn’t sure where it came from. Mark was a little uneasy to meet him as he was still sweaty and is hair in a mess, but Pod stood in front of him and said, “So how was Tony?” Mark looked shocked and that was followed by a sense of panic until he looked down at Pod’s waist and saw the open button on his jeans and the red string looped through three of the belt hooks. To be continued… I am always happy to chat with readers who have ideas, comments, suggestions and experiences to share. Flames I ignore — friends online I chat with happily. [email protected]

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