The Elevator


It came creaking to a grinding halt just between the 3rd and 2nd floor, just before the lights flickered off.

They had waited for the elevator to come to the 3rd floor at the end of the day on Friday. Both of them were tired and ready to go home. She normally wasn’t even in the office, so it was kind of nice to be out and about.

They had chatted about weekend plans while they waited for the old elevator that took forever.. Tried to ignore the fact that they had both somewhat acknowledged a mutual attraction recently that would never obviously be acted upon for several reasons, one of which, not the main one obviously, but one being there would never be opportunity.

It was actually kind of more than just a slight attraction…for her anyway. But she had gotten good at bottling it up and hiding it.

She had even made some joking comment about how there was no issue with temptation as they weren’t likely to be trapped on a deserted island together.

Those words were still hanging in her head as the elevator came to that



Of course they laughed at first. Clearly it was a temporary issue and it would come right back on.

“This elevator is older than both of us put together,” he said.

“Yes, that makes me feel safe in it,” she said.

“Well, I’m sure it will come back on in a few minutes,” he said.

So they waited.

After about ten minutes, she started looking at the paper work on the inside of the wall.

“Well, there’s no contact info on here. There’s inspection information. That’s it,” she said.

“My cell phone has no service anyway, how about you?” he said.

She flipped open her phone. They must have been within some solid wall area. She had no service either.

“Well, the building’s doorman will be checking on us I’m sure. Or the security team,” she said, laughing. The old building had none of that.

He kind of chuckled, but the reality started sinking in. It really wasn’t that funny. It was Friday night during one of the slowest months of the year. In all likelihood, everyone else was gone. And even if they weren’t, there were always stairs to use for the small, three-floor building. Considering the elevator was already extremely slow, no one waiting would assume it was stuck. They’d figure it was taking a while, and take the stairs.

And, again, it was Friday night.

The reality started sinking in for her as well. After about a half hour of the elevator not moving and it getting progressively darker, and warmer in the small space, she sat down on the floor.

He sat down as well, on the opposite wall.

“Well, this sucks,” she said.

“Yep,” he said, staring at the ceiling.

People would obviously start worrying about the two of them being MIA at some point. But not for a couple of hours.

He didn’t want to really look at her. This was kind of a tense situation. They were alone in dark, close quarters. And he was attracted to her. He didn’t want to be, but the fact remained that he was. Their connection had become intense in some ways for the two of them. In some dark hours of the night, he could admit that to himself. He did have a lot of self-control. But this situation, depending on how long it lasted, could test it. It really could.

She sat as far away as possible from him in the small elevator. Which wasn’t that far at all. She did allow herself the luxury of looking at him, however. She subtly tried to look, but looked all the same. She looked at his clothes. She looked at his face. His eyes. His hair. His mouth. Not obviously. But subtly.

He could feel her looking at him.

“So, what should we do now,” she said.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Should we think about something to talk about?” she said.

“I guess,” he said.

“Well you don’t have to be so miserable about it. I’m sure there are worse people to get stuck in an elevator with. Let’s make the best of it,” she said.

“You’re right. That’s a good point,” he said. And it was.

“I mean, I could be a nine-months pregnant claustrophobic nymphomaniac,” she said, with a smile.

“Now there’s a scary thought,” he said.

“Well, I can assure you, I’m not nine-months pregnant or claustrophobic, anyway,” she said.

What was he supposed to say to that? He said nothing. He thought that was safest.

“That was a joke,” she said.

“Funny,” he said.

But it was clear it was not funny.

Sigh. This was slightly awkward, she thought.

And man, it was hot.

It was really getting hot in there. There was no ventilation because of the power outage. Like they really needed this aspect, he thought. He rolled the sleeves of his button down shirt up, but with the t-shirt underneath it was really almost unbearable.

She was struggling too. She was cross-legged on the floor in her long black skirt and knee high black boots. She didn’t wear tights today but the boots were hot. sancaktepe escort She was wearing a sweater that was really hot over a tank top. Taking the sweater off was really out of the question, but she had to take the boots off. In her ankle socks and bare legs, even under her long skirt, it would be much easier.

“I’ve got to take my boots off. It is so hot in here,” she said.

“It is really hot. You might as well get more comfortable. This is going to be a while longer, I have a feeling,” he said.

He watched her unzip each long boot, one at a time. For some reason, watching her unzip them and slide them off was turning him on. Something about her unzipping anything and taking it off. He blocked that feeling out immediately.

She wore white ankle socks underneath and he caught a glimpse of bare skin as she pulled them off and pulled her skirt back over her legs and pulled them under her.

“Sorry, they were just hot,” she said.

“I don’t mind at all,” he said. And he did not. At all.

“You should take that shirt off – you have a t-shirt underneath. You have to be dying,” she said. But blushed after she said it. He thought that was cute.

“I might. I’m ok for now,” he said.

But he really wasn’t. It was so hot in the elevator. It might have also been the two of them being so close to one another, alone, in the dark, that made it worse. But they were both about to sweat.

“Actually, I think I need to lose the shirt,” he said.

Now she was sweating but the heat was coming from the inside.

She watched his fingers unbutton one at a time until he pulled the shirt off and was left with a white t-shirt.

She’d thought about taking that shirt off him earlier in the day.

Now she just stared at the ceiling.

Still the elevator didn’t move. It was so quiet. They weren’t really saying anything to each other.

“So, do you want to tell me your life story?” she asked, beginning to sweat a little more.

“You can take it off if you want. I won’t look,” he said.

“What?” she said.

“Your sweater. I know you must be really hot in it. You have something under it, right?” he said

“I do. It is only a tank top though,” she said, blushing.

“Well, let’s be realistic. You can’t wear that with it being this hot in here,” he said.

She was really blushing now.

“Well, ok, I am really hot,” she said.

He looked at the doors while she pulled off the sweater, revealing a white cotton tank top over a black bra.

She was so regretting the black bra choice now but she had no way of knowing that what she wore under would ever be seen. And it was such a relief to have the sweater off.

He didn’t look at her. It…it wasn’t easy. But he stared at the doors as long as he could.

“It’s ok. You can’t not look at me forever. My arms are crossed. And to be honest, what difference does it make anyway. We’re friends,” she said.

He looked at her then.

“Well, yes, we’re friends,” he said. He could see the bra straps under her tank top. He was starting to worry.

“But…,” she said.

“But…come on. I’m only human,” he said.

“So…I should keep my arms crossed then,” she said. She started to feel warmer. Warmer still.

Things started to stir in her. She liked that for once, he couldn’t walk away. Get away. He’d have to face her. And if he felt nothing, that’s fine. But if he felt something, he couldn’t hide it.

“Yes. Please keep them crossed,” he said.

“Or….” she said.

The tank top was really thin cotton.

“Or, you’ll look?” she said. It was getting warmer, and warmer. The tension in the air was starting to rise.

“Yes, I’ll look,” he said.

He put his head back on the wall and looked at the ceiling, elbows on his knees. This was getting dangerous. But it felt good. He couldn’t deny that.

“What if I want you to look,” she said.

He tapped the back of his head against the wall. Trying to knock some sense into both of them. But they’d been the elevator over an hour. Maybe two. It was dark except for the low emergency lights. It was hot. Their clothes were being peeled off the longer they were in there.

There was only so much a person could take.

He looked right at her now.

And she uncrossed her arms. He could see her black bra right through her tank top.

“See? Was that so bad,” she said. She was really hot now. Definitely. Sweat broke out over her skin. She had to pull her skirt up, over her knees. He looked at her legs. And looked at the ceiling again.

“Did you ever think that maybe this was fate,” she said.

“Come on,” he said.

“Seriously. Why else would we get stuck in here. We are never, ever alone anywhere. This is the most alone we have ever been. And for the longest time. No one will ever know what happened in here. I know that sounds bad, but think about ümraniye escort it,” she said.

As much as he wanted to disagree, it kind of made sense in some warped way. But that warped way could have been attributed to oncoming heat stroke. He stood his ground. Staring at the ceiling.

Fifteen minutes of silence went by. The elevator to her had become a sort of cage and she was like an animal. She’d have paced back and forth if she had enough room. The hot air in there was boiling the physical want she had for him over and it was spilling over like lava now. She wondered if he could feel it.

“What are you thinking about,” she asked.

His legs were crossed and he still wouldn’t look at her.

“Nothing,” he said.

“Yes, you are. I can tell. What?” she said.

“Do you really want to know?” he asked.

“What do you think,” she said.

“Ok. I am wondering if you are wearing anything under that skirt. I saw you walking around today and from the way it looks, I don’t think you are,” he said.

He was right.

“Well, I could tell you. Or you can find out for yourself,” she said.

“Stop,” he said.

“Listen, I am no longer on your side here. I’ll give you fair warning. I have exhibited as much will power as I possibly can. But this situation is too much for me. I’ll admit it. I give up. It is all on you now. I am here. If you want me,” she said.

“And I’ll probably start trying to make you want me more. Just to let you know,” she said.

“Please, stop,” he said.

“I can’t. I really can’t. I’m sorry. Unless you do not want me at all. If you tell me that, I’ll stop,” she said.


“This is not fair to me,” he said, and she could tell he was annoyed.

“I’m trying to do the right thing, for both of us, maybe even more so for you, and it is not right for you to lay this all on me, especially given the situation we’re in,” he said.

“I don’t want you to do the right thing. I want you to do the wrong thing,” she whispered. And she really did.

“Preferably several times. Hard,” she said.

He punched the wall of the elevator.

“God! Stop! I am a nice guy. But I am not that nice. You are testing me!” he said.

She didn’t say anything. Just stared at him now.

He looked at her finally. And read what her stare was saying to him.

“Stop looking at me like that,” he said. It was almost a plea at this point.

“You are really asking for it,” he said.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” she said, now moving into a slow crawl over to him in the elevator car. She got right in front of him on her knees, and reached out with one hand, forcing him to look at her.

“I’m not asking for it,” she said softly, hand warm on his face, both of them broken out into a sweat, and she leaned in closer.

“I’m begging for it,” she said, still staring into his eyes.

And that was it. He snapped. He couldn’t take it anymore. He was angry. And hot.

And really turned on.

He pulled her to her feet, roughly, and pushed her against the wall of the elevator, pinning her arms to the wall, and waited about one second before kissing her, hard, so hard. Her tongue was wild on his and her fingers were tight in his hair.

Her hands traveled all over him and pulled his shirt up and off and he did the same with her tank top, pulling her bra straps down roughly and grabbing her breasts hard, still kissing her against the wall. He stopped for a minute..pulling back, holding tight onto her.

“This is what you wanted, right? You don’t want me to be a nice guy,” he said to her.

“No…no I don’t,” she said.

He pulled her leg to him and ran his hand under her skirt, up, higher, higher.

“So….I was right. I knew it. Tease,” he said, grabbing her naked underneath her skirt and pulling her body to his.

She bit her lip with the feeling of his hands on her skin, and her fingers dug into his neck as he kissed her hard again, his hands grabbing her so hard, pulling her to him.

She reached down to open his jeans, all that was in between them now. Her fingers were on the button. Both of them so hot. Ready. And just as she got them open.

The lights came in the elevator. And it started to move.

Reality hit and they rushed to get clothing in order. She pulled her sweater on. The boots weren’t a big deal – easily explained. Same with his button down shirt as long as the t shirt was on. He buttoned his pants back up.

The strong likelihood was there would be no one in the lobby when the door opened but just in case, it had to be considered.

Her heart was racing and if she was honest with herself, she was almost in tears. He couldn’t look at her. He wiped his face with his shirt in his hand. It was still pretty hot. She got her boots on.

The elevator door opened on the lobby floor. And they paused for a second, no one in sight. tuzla escort She was still catching her breath. He looked out in the lobby.

She waited for him to walk out first, knowing he would. And she knew he’d walk out of the elevator and probably be distant from now on. And would never talk about it again. And all these thoughts went through her head in a split second and even in that split second, considering that killed her inside. She just needed to walk away first …to save some face before she cried the whole way home.

She had already begun to accept it when, as she began to move toward the door, he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her backwards and hit 3 on the bank of buttons, and the doors closed again.

“Wait..what..I…” she began, and he pulled her to him, roughly, and kissed her again, pushing into the wall again, running his hands under her skirt again.

“You’re not getting off the hook that easy,” he whispered, pulling away for a minute.

“You may have started this. You have been asking for this for a long time. But I’m done saying no. I’m done with self-control. You’ve pushed me past my limit now. I’m done,” he whispered. The elevator door opened and he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the elevator and to the office door, unlocked it and pulled her inside.

He dropped his bag and pulled hers out of her hand and threw it on the ground and kissed her again.

“Now where were we…” he said.

“I think we were right here,” he whispered, again pushing into the wall, grabbing her, naked, under her skirt, pushing her back hard against the wall, pulling her against him.

She pulled her sweater and tank top off again and pulled his shirt off…and they kissed hard, tongues all over each other, hot, messy, hard kisses, with her hands tight in his hair, hard on his back, moving, kissing the whole time, until they were in his office, and he lifted her onto his desk.

She wrapped her legs around him, still kissing, and he pushed her skirt all the way back as she again found the buttons of his jeans, the only thing left in the way. It was happening so fast, with his mouth now on her neck, her pushing his jeans out of the way, his hands running all over her under her skirt, feeling her body, how wet she was.

“Let me take it off,” she said, pulling at her skirt.

“No, leave it on…I like it this way,” he said.

And pushing it all the way back, jeans gone, he held her hips in the silky black skirt, pushed so far back he could see her, and mouth buried in her neck he thrust himself all the way inside her, so fast, so hard.

He felt her back arch under him, heard her gasp and sigh, her fingers scratching his back.

“Yes…more..,” she said.

“This is what you wanted?” he said.

“Yes..yes ..,” she said, as he went harder, faster, pulling her hips tighter to him. Hearing her sighing and gasping made him just go harder. Things were falling off his desk now but he didn’t care.

Tighter she held onto him as she finally felt this. Felt what she thought about for so long, made all the better by the fact that she thought she had lost it after getting so close. And she was wanton and turned on and didn’t care what she said.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

And he was momentarily shocked but… God, it worked for him.

“Fuck me harder,” she said, whispering his name.

Oh yeah, this was really working for him now. It was right. It worked for exactly where they were right now. Maybe not some other place and time or even person. But right now? Yeah, this was what it was.

He wasn’t going to last much longer, especially if she kept saying that.

“Oh…yeah….fuck me…just like that,” she whispered, seeing the affect it had on him now, as he was trying to hold on…

“Stop,” he said.

She gasped and moaned as he went harder and harder, but still, he was so close.

She knew he was close. She wanted him to. She wanted to see him do it.

And harder, more stuff pushed onto the floor from the desk, more as she lay fully back on the desk now, back arched, ready.

And just as he knew he couldn’t hold back anymore, she lifted herself back up to wrap her arms around him and whispered in his ear, just at the right moment…

“I love the way you fuck me,”‘ and whispered his name again, and his almost rolled back into his head as the timing just made everything he felt so much more intense. Why that felt so good, he didn’t know. But it did. Why think about it.

And he lifted her off the desk and pulled her to the floor to sit with her in his lap, and actually laughed for a few minutes to himself at how ridiculously intense it was.

After resting her head on his shoulder for a while she looked at her watch.

“No one is looking for us yet, huh?” she said. Both their phones were silent.

Feeling her skin against his, so warm…he ran his hand along her arm, and over her back, expertly unhooking the bra that had been simply pushed out of the way before.

He traced a circle around her nipple with his finger, hearing her sharp intake of breath in response.

“Man, how long does it take for an elevator to get fixed…” he whispered.

“I bet the power won’t come back on for at least another hour….or two”

The End.

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