The English Teacher Ch. 4


My affair with Mrs. Regina Jennings lasted almost my entire senior year of high school.  I won’t go into detail about every time we had sex, that would take too long because we had a lot of sex that became not just limited to Tuesday and Thursday tutoring sessions.  However, there are a few things I would like to tell about Mrs. Jennings and our relationship.We could not keep our hands off one another and constantly wanted to fuck each other.  We were both obsessed with each other and the sex.  It was not romantic, although we did make love many times and there was passion and intimacy when we had sex that we both enjoyed and found satisfying.  However what we enjoyed more was when I would fuck her rough, embarrass and humiliate her both verbally and physically.  Mrs. Jennings got off on being treated in such a way and I was more than happy to give it to her.  Most of the time we fucked it was like we were shooting a porn scene. Yes, she would still whine and protest and tell me I was crude, vulgar, could be cruel to her, made her do disgusting things sexually, and would tell me she was offended when I made vulgar comments about the difference in our race; but she enjoyed that type of sex a great deal.  It turned her on and got her off sexually. I discovered Mrs. Jennings was a submissive and subservient woman to men in her life.  I would not say she was a submissive such as what people involved in the BDSM lifestyle would refer to as a sub-female.  When I was seventeen I had no idea what the BDSM lifestyle was and Mrs. Jennings surely did not.  Yes, I had experience in bondage, being a dominant lover, using sex toys on a woman, and even spanking a woman thanks to Diane.  However the BDSM lifestyle I knew nothing about.  In the early and mid-eighties, we did not have access to all the technology we have today.  No internet, there were not any Adult Stores remotely close to me, sex toys were ordered from the back of porn magazines, and fetish clubs were nonexistent as far as I knew.  Hell, I did not even know what a fetish club was.What I meant about her being submissive and subservient was due to her strict religious upbringing and her current religious beliefs.  She believed and held to the Bible about how women should obey their husbands and be obedient and even docile to their husbands.  When I would tease her about having sex with her husband she would tell me it was her wifely duty and she had to even if she did not want to.   I also assumed another reason why she was subservient to her husband and also to me was that I found out through our bedroom talk after sex that her grandparents migrated to the US from Sierra Leone, Africa when they were in their early twenties.  Both her grandparents were raised Muslim but converted to Christianity by a group of evangelist missionaries and migrated to the US.  While no longer Muslim they did practice and raised their children “old fashion” including that women were to be obedient and subservient to men and Mrs. Jennings’s parents did the same with her and her two sisters. Mrs. Jennings was the same with me, maybe it was because we were having sex and maybe she felt since we were fucking she had to be subservient to me as well.  I never asked and I did not care.  As long as she wanted to let me fuck her and allowed me to do some of the things I did to her, I was happy and never thought much about it.  Plus, she got off on how I fucked her and treated her.  I never did anything she did not find pleasurable or a turn-on for her.  Yes, sometimes maybe I went a little too far, but what I did, what we did, aroused her a great deal. Her husband never treated her that way sexually. Yes, she told me there were times she did not want to please him sexually the times he could get a full erection, or the times she used her hands to get him off.  But she did it because it was her duty as his wife to obey him.  He never fucked her like I did or as she told me he never pleased her sexually as I did.  She still would not suck my cock or let me go down on her pussy, however.  Mrs. Regina Jennings did have some fetishes of her own that came to light and with our affair that she discovered about herself. My much older black teacher got turned on by the scent of my body when I did not shower after football practice and was smelling of sweat.  She told me several times after I apologized for not having time to take a shower before she came over that it was fine and she enjoyed the way I smelled.  I discovered how far she went with that fetish one day when she came over and I was in the shower.I had been leaving the door unlocked for her to come into my apartment in case I was in the shower when she came over.  One day I walked out Ankara escort of the shower and found her in my room holding the jockstrap I had worn to practice that day to her face and she was inhaling the scent.  I never told her what I saw and watched her for several seconds.  I found it erotic and a turn-on.  I also found it odd she would not suck my cock but wanted to smell my dirty, sweaty cock via my jockstrap.  Another fetish she had was when it came to rough sex or me dominating her.  Mrs. Jennings protested and complained about the certain ways I fucked her and the dirty things I said to her at times, but it got her off and she always submitted to what I was doing to her and allowed me to do them.  She got aroused when she would play-act that I “made” her do such things and act like she did not want to.  It was like a game to her.  She did not want to do sexual things like a whore but it got her off when she was one.  I think she got off on the shame of it all; cheating on her husband, the sin she was committing against her religious beliefs, the humiliation she allowed herself to suffer at times by the way I fucked her and the crude comments I would say to her.       I once asked my married, religious teacher if she felt guilt or shame about cheating on her husband and sinning against God.  She got a little upset that evening and told me she preferred if I never mentioned that again.  Mrs. Jennings did tell me that one day would come when she would ask God to forgive her she all she was doing with me, but at the moment she was enjoying the carnal lust, and often debase pleasure she was experiencing with me.  She told me she had never experienced sexual or physical pleasure in her life that she was experiencing with me and wanted it to continue.  Mrs. Jennings told me that one day the guilt and shame of it all would overwhelm her and she preferred not to think about it.  I never brought it up again because I was worried if I did it would make her feel too guilty and she would end our affair. I had my fantasies about her I would have enjoyed doing and even teased her about them and she would get upset and I would laugh at her.  One was seeing her fuck another young, white boy.  I had been in one threesome with me and my friend Michael when we both fucked Selina and I found it very hot.  The other boy would not be Michael because he was black, but some other friend.  Mrs. Jennings said she would never do that, but honestly, as our affair went on and with some of the things she allowed me to do with her and she got off on; I think she would have.  I never seriously pushed it though because I did not want to take the chance of it ending our sexual relationship.      Another fantasy I told her I masturbated to was how I would like to see her and Mrs. Drew fuck each other and then I would join in.  Sometimes I would go into detail and tell her how I would be making out with the sexy, pretty Cuban History Teacher on the couch while Mrs. Jennings was on her knees sucking my cock.  How I would tell her to go down on Mrs. Drew’s pussy as I fondled the other woman’s tits.  How Mrs. Drew and I would dominate her and make her our sex toy.  I of course knew that was never going to happen.  Fucking one teacher was something I was lucky to do and adding another one was impossible, especially another religious woman.  Mrs. Jennings would get mad and jealous.  She was a very jealous woman when it came to me. She would constantly ask if I was having sex with another girl or would bring up and question me about girls I talked to at school.  I was not jealous of her at all and as I mentioned before I could have cared less if she was getting gang banged by every male student in my class.  Thing was, I never did fuck another girl while Mrs. Jennings and I were having our affair. Her jealousy did come to a point that I thought was going to end our affair, but only made things better and kinkier between us.  Her lust for me and her need and desire for me was more powerful than her jealousy.It was about a little over a month since we started our affair.  We had been fucking every Tuesday and Thursday when she came over to tutor me for the SATs.  There was not a single tutor session that did not end up with us fucking.   It was a Tuesday after a grueling practice.  Our coach was pissed because we had barely beaten a team that we should have crushed by at least four touchdowns.  They were the worst team in our division and we had won by just two points.  We as a team played awful.  Our Monday practice was brutal and on Tuesday our coach did not think we learned our lesson and made the Tuesday practice just a brutal.I took a shower when I got Ankara escort bayan home and since our practice ran late I left the door unlocked for Mrs. Jennings.  When I got out of the shower, I walked into my bedroom and saw Mrs. Jennings sitting on my bed looking at a magazine and other magazines stacked up on the bed next to her.  She had decided to clean my room while I was in the shower.  Another aspect that showed how subservient she was to the men in her life.  She felt it was her place as the woman to clean my room.  She had also found my porn magazine stash.    “Is this what you like?”  She asked in an angry tone and held up the magazine.  “This, these, these types of girls?  These whores like the one I saw you talking to outside last week?” The one she saw me talking to was my neighbor, Nicole.  Nicole was sixteen and lived with her twenty-five-year-old sister.  Their mother had died of cancer at an early age and their father was like my father, he wanted nothing to do with his kids.  Both were very pretty girls and Nicole was extremely sweet and never did fall for my bullshit when I flirted with her, but we got along great and were friends. My mother loved the girls and felt sorry for them and when she had time and not working she would invite them to dinner on occasion or bake them cookies or other treats.The Afternoon Mrs. Jennings was talking about was when I was outside talking to Nicole while she was waiting for a friend to pick her up to take her to work.  Nicole worked part-time at a local restaurant as a hostess and the sleazy owner made his female employees wear revealing uniforms.  She was wearing a very short mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, and a crop top with the restaurant’s name over her small breasts. This was the early eighties and we did not have the internet so porn was not so readily available online to watch.  The VCR was just becoming a household name and they were expensive at the time, and my mother could not afford one so renting a porn video was something one could not easily do.  I relied on porn magazines.  My three magazines were not the tame Playboy or Penthouse, but nasty ones.  High Society and two Club International magazines. The Club magazine was very explicit and had sex scenes of girls using sex toys, girls getting fucked by men (sometimes multiple men), and explicit lesbian images.  It was one of my favorite magazines and the one Mrs. Jennings was holding up to me.  The magazine was opened to a scene of two men double penetrating a very attractive blonde girl.  The image covered both the right and left pages.“These are disgusting!”  She yelled.  “I can’t believe you would look at these filthy pictures!”  Mrs. Jennings put that magazine down and picked up another one, “And…and this one.  These pages are stuck together!  You don’t think I don’t know what that means!  You…you touch and pleasure yourself while looking at these!”I was not angry; I was more amused than mad.  Mrs. Jennings sure was cute when she was angry.  But what amused me more was that when I first saw her looking at the magazine it took a couple of seconds before she noticed I was in the room.  During those couple of seconds, she was looking at the picture of the two men and the blonde girl, Mrs. Jennings was using her left hand to trace over her nipple through her blouse and bra.  I kept silent and let her rant for a little longer and she stood up.“I think I should just leave!  I am not like these girls in these obscene magazines or like the whores you seem to enjoy, like…like that tramp I saw you talking to!”  I wanted to tell her she was cheating on her husband with a seventeen-year-old student so what type of woman did she think she was, but I didn’t.“Nicole is a nice girl.  You don’t even know her so don’t judge her,” I defended my neighbor.“Nice girl?  I saw the way she was dressed.  Nice girls don’t dress that way.”“She was going to work and that is what she has to wear to work.”“Where does she work?  Some street corner,” Mrs. Jennings picked up the magazines off my bed.  “I am leaving.  I can’t do this anymore.  I won’t be like the girls you apparently like.  I won’t be a whore like they are.”She stood in front of my bed for a moment and I knew she wanted me to apologize and try and talk her into staying, but I didn’t.  I was no longer amused and now was angry with her.I chuckled at her hypocrisy, “Fine, leave.  I don’t care.”Mrs. Jennings, carrying my magazines, walked out of my room and I followed her.  “You are taking my magazines?”  I asked once we were back in the living room and she was putting the magazines in her tote bag.“Yes, I am going to put them where they belong, in the trash.”  Mrs. Escort Ankara Jennings picked up her purse.  “I should burn them first.”  Mrs. Jennings left my apartment.I was angry at her for being so jealous.  I hated jealousy in a girl.  I never got jealous of a girl, but maybe that was because I never had any real feelings for a girl.  Yes, I liked the girls I had sex with, I enjoyed their company, and I was friends with them; but I was never in love with any of them.  I may have felt a more emotional attachment to Mrs. Jennings than the other four girls I have had sex with, but I was not in love with her.  While I found her jealousy amusing at first it did start to annoy me and the day she left my apartment with my porn magazines, her jealousy did piss me off. For the next two weeks, Mrs.  Jennings ignored me.  I saw her in the halls at school between classes and in the cafeteria sitting with her husband but she never talked to me or even looked my way.  Well, fuck her, I thought.  It was fun while it lasted but there were plenty of girls I could fuck.  I was even working on a pretty black girl my age that lived in my neighborhood.  I was not making much progress with her, however.  She seemed open to my flirtations but her father watched her like a hawk and was not too happy a white boy was showing interest in his daughter.Mrs. Jennings also changed her looks.  She got her hair cut and styled it differently.  It was cut above her ears and styled into a kinky, semi-afro on top of her head to make it look more natural.  She looked so much sexier that way.  The English teacher also started wearing different clothes.  While they still met the school’s requirement for the girl’s dress code they were not as loose-fitting as the outfits she used to wear.  They were not skin tight but did show off the curves of her butt and breasts more.  I still wanted her badly.To make matters worse I was going through a dry spell when it came to sex.  Selina was dating a boy she told me she was in love with and was not interested in cheating on him.  I guessed she did like the other boy because in the past she never had an issue with cheating on boys she dated.  Rhonda and her sister had moved out of the neighborhood and the black girl, Isis, was enjoying my attention but not giving it up to a white boy.  I was left to jerking off and as much as I tried to stop it, Regina Jennings always entered my masturbation fantasies.  I could apologize to Mrs. Jennings and beg her but I was an arrogant asshole and not going to do that. It was over two weeks since she got mad at my porn magazines and on a Sunday afternoon, I heard from my teacher.  I had just gotten back from jogging and started working out with my weight.  My mother, who was off that day, knocked on my bedroom door.“Patrick, phone call.  It’s Mrs. Jennings,” she told me after I told her she could come into my room.I picked up my phone.  “Yeah,” I said into the mouthpiece.“Yes, ma’am,” My mother corrected me and rolled her eyes at my disrespect.    “Sorry.  Yes, ma’am,” I corrected myself, and my mother left my room. Mrs. Jennings waited until she heard the click when my mother hung the other phone up.  “What…what are you doing?”  She asked in a whisper.“Working out,” I was curt with her. “I don’t have a lot of time to talk, Richard is changing clothes.  We just got back from church.”“OK,” was all I said.  What did I care about what her husband was doing or where they had been.  There was a pause as if she was waiting for me to say something else, but I didn’t.  I was still angry with her.  I didn’t like playing mind games.“Can…can you meet me in about an hour?  I would like to talk.”  She finally said.I sighed, “Yeah I guess, but I am going with my mom to eat at my grandparents tonight so I don’t have a lot of time.”“It…it won’t take long,” she assured me.  “I don’t have much time either.  I am going to the grocery store but can meet you for a moment.  Can you meet me off four seventy-five?  At the rest area?  In about an hour?”“Sure,” I said and she hung up.I-475 is a short eight-mile bypass around our city.  Back then it was rarely used and it had one rest area and one exit off it.  It was so rarely used that was where kids I hung out with who were into the muscle cars would go to race.  Not knowing where Mrs. Jennings lived, I assumed it was close to her house.  It would be a great place to meet and not be seen by someone we knew.  It would take about twenty minutes for me to get there so I did a few more bench presses, did not shower or even bother to change my clothes, and went to meet Mrs. Jennings.I was expecting her to tell me our affair was over.  That made me even angrier at her.  I was not angry because she may have wanted to end our affair; that was something I knew would come eventually once her guilt and religious morals got to her.  I was angry because she would end the affair over her being stupidly jealous and her hypocrisy of it since she was married and still had sex with her husband.

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