The F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray Tales, Control: Heidi’s Story


John was kinky. He had been completely upfront about it when Heidi had started dating him, and Heidi had known full well what she was signing up for, but even so, it got to be a little much every once in a while. She’d almost gotten used to walking in on him jerking off to weird degradation porn, but the thrill in his eyes each time he realized he’d been caught, combined with the hopeful look on his face as though her catching him like this would somehow one day turn her on, had been the cause of more than a few small-scale arguments. He was a model boyfriend in practically every other way, however, respecting her boundaries and never pushing her to do anything she didn’t want to. Even so, she could tell that he clearly thought her hangups were ridiculous, and that he wished she could be a bit more adventurous, both in the bedroom and out in public.And it’s not like Heidi was completely vanilla either. She loved sex as long as it was in the privacy of their own house, and was up for giving John a blowjob every now and again, though she didn’t really enjoy it. Heck, she even got a thrill out of the little bit of PDA she would let him get away with when they were out and about. Before her embarrassment got the best of her and she abruptly shut him down, of course.And it wasn’t even on purpose. Heidi had nothing against his preferences in principle and tried to expand her boundaries with him whenever she felt up to trying, but it always resulted in uncomfortable failure. Once, she had even taken the initiative of ordering some rope, not realizing that John already had more than plenty, and she’d never forget the excitement on his face when she told him she wanted to try letting him tie her up. As soon as she felt the rope around her wrists, however, something twisted up inside her, and instead of having mind-blowing sex, she instead had a panic attack.On the whole, it sucked, because in practically every other way, she felt like she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man. If there were a pill she could take to somehow turn her into John’s perfect girlfriend, she’d down it in a heartbeat. Which was why Heidi had purchased the F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray. She’d seen it on the news, and while she was genuinely appalled at the endless videos of women gleefully flashing their tits or propositioning the reporters for sex, she, nonetheless, immediately recognized that it could fix all of her problems with John.Pulling it out of the box, however, all of the small icons just seemed so confusing. She saw a spiral setting, and spun the dial to point to it. Maybe this would hypnotize her to be kinky or something. In desperation, she aimed the Ray at herself and impulsively pulled the trigger, anxious to feel the Ray’s effects. Instead of feeling some sort of fog or tingling in her head as she had expected to, however, she just froze mindlessly as she was enveloped in a golden glow and a small but significant portion of her personality was rewritten.Heidi came back to her senses a few seconds later, not recognizing that any time had passed or that her behavior had been irreversibly altered. It didn’t work, she thought to herself sadly, almost crushed with disappointment. She had hung all of her hopes on this Ray, but, more than that, she had been really looking forward to having her thoughts altered with no way to resist the changes. Even thinking about the possibility was a turn-on, but now those dreams were shattered.John came into the room a minute later to find Heidi looking despondently down at the Ray on the desk.”John, I got this fetish zapper thing and tried to use it on myself so that I could be sexually adventurous like you, but it didn’t work!” she complained. “And I really wanted to feel it changing me too! I imagined it like a seductive voice in my head, making me want to be all sexy for you as I sat here, helplessly enraptured, unable to stop listening, but… nothing!”After giving Heidi a long, odd look for her incredibly uncharacteristic comment, John walked over and glanced down at the Ray’s packaging, noting the instruction book peeking out of the packing materials. “Did you read the instructions?””…No,” Üsküdar Escort Heidi admitted sheepishly, beginning to feel a bit of a tingle between her legs in the hope that she might yet get to experience having her thoughts irresistibly overwritten.John grabbed the manual, noted the ALL CHANGES ARE PERMANENT AND IRREVERSIBLE on the front cover, and flipped to the symbol key in the back, where he found the spiral on the gun’s current setting.”You shot yourself with this?” he asked, his voice full of genuine concern for his girlfriend, but unable to hide his curiosity all the same.”I tried to, but it didn’t do anything!””Are you sure? Didn’t you say that you wanted to feel the Ray changing you a few seconds ago?””Well, duh. Who wouldn’t?” Heidi was visibly confused at being asked such an obvious question and began to get the feeling that something wasn’t adding up, but had no idea what it could be. “The idea of having my mind played with is super hot. Think about all of the kinky stuff you could make me do, and I’d be completely unable to resist!” she continued, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.John was way ahead of her on that point, and his pants were already beginning to tighten at the prospect.”Dear, you shot yourself with the ‘Control’ setting. You gave yourself a fetish for being controlled against your will.” John’s voice was beginning to shake with barely-contained excitement.”That doesn’t make any sense. I’ve always thought being controlled was hot – it just never seemed like it would ever be possible. And it’s not like being mind-controlled is a weird fetish or anything. Anyone in my position would feel this way.””You may be right about that, but I wouldn’t want to be in your position,” John said in a low, oddly intense voice, and Heidi began to tingle at the almost predatory glint in her boyfriend’s eye as he looked down at the literal mind control device sitting in his hands.”Oh god, you’re right,” she moaned as the pieces fell into place and she realized the full extent of what she’d done to herself. “I’ve turned myself into a pervert!” Though these new desires felt perfectly natural to Heidi, her discomfort at the thought of having such unconventional fetishes remained unchanged. Even so, she couldn’t deny the welcome arousal growing within her at the nature of her situation, the fact that she’d unwittingly done it to herself, or her growing need to submit herself to the Ray’s potent effects once more.”So you like the idea of being zapped by this without your knowledge?” John asked quietly.”Oh, absolutely!” Heidi responded automatically, subconsciously arching her back and pressing out her small chest to make herself a more appealing target for the Ray’s seductive beam, not realizing that her behavior was anything out of the norm.”So you would give me permission to zap you with this thing, knowing that it would permanently change who you are and that you’d have no way of knowing what I’d done to you?””Oh god, yes! Though I can’t deny that it would be hotter if I didn’t consent, and you did it to me anyway,” Heidi reluctantly admitted, suddenly terrified of her own words, yet entirely unable to resist her compulsion to give voice to the desires that were now central to her sexuality, practically quaking with lust at the thought of her boyfriend (or anyone else, for that matter) controlling her in mind and body.John agreed that her way was hotter, and his dick began to throb with the implications of what his lovely little girlfriend had unwittingly done to herself. It was a literal dream come true, and despite his better judgment, the temptation to use the device on his helplessly brainwashed lover became harder and harder to ignore. His own natural, inborn desire to control and dominate his sexual partners was no easier for him to resist despite its authenticity, and those feelings began to assert themselves more strongly as his arousal grew, knowing that Heidi was entirely at his mercy.Ultimately, his dick won out, and he decided to test the Ray’s effects with “Flashing”, inspired by the scenes they’d seen on the Üsküdar Escort Bayan news together. He’d been incredibly turned on by the implications of the Ray as soon as he’d heard about it, though he hadn’t said anything because he knew Heidi would find it appalling, and for good reason. Knowing that the unmodified Heidi would be appalled at her behavior made it too tempting to resist, however, and so John swiveled the dial to point to a tiny picture of a shirt being pulled up to reveal a pair of large, supple tits, pointed the Ray at Heidi, and activated it, momentarily surprised by the golden glow that enveloped his petite girlfriend.”What did you do?” Heidi asked once her glow faded, entirely ignorant of the new compulsion floating around inside her subconscious. The not knowing was the sexiest part, though, and the idea that even now she could be doing something sexual and entirely inappropriate with no way to tell made her practically gush with horrified arousal.”Nothing. Just testing the dial-out. Would you mind flashing me your tits real quick?” he replied, trying to keep his voice calm even as the twitching tent in his pants belied his anticipation and extreme sexual excitement.”Oh, no problem,” she responded, disappointed, but her disappointment was tempered by the familiar thrill of giddy happiness that always accompanied showing her body off, and she couldn’t help but smile as her hands automatically lifted her shirt and bra. Her perky little B-cups dropped into the open air, and she enjoyed the look of open desire on John’s face as he ogled her naked chest.”Well, it looks like the Ray does, in fact, work,” John said, grinning devilishly.”What do you mean?””Remember when we were watching the news about the F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray, and you commented on how horrible it was that the women were being compelled to flash their tits at everyone?””I do remember that, but I can’t imagine why I complained about it. Hell, it’s a privilege to show these puppies off! It’s so sexy to know that they’re getting you horndogs all hot and bothered,” she smirked, jiggling her small tits for John to emphasize her point.”You complained about it because the idea legitimately horrified you. What feels to you like a lifelong desire to jiggle your tits in the face of any guy who asks is a really just a compulsion I gave you with the F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray not two minutes ago,” John responded, watching her closely to enjoy her reaction to the revelation as much as possible.”You mean I wouldn’t normally flash you like that?” she asked, eyes wide as her face flushed and her legs squeezed together in arousal at how effortlessly she had been changed without even realizing it.”You probably would, but definitely not that enthusiastically,” he said. “Now, however, you won’t be able to resist displaying yourself to any horny guy who asks,” he continued, clearly turned on himself at the idea. Heidi knew that he was right as she dropped her shirt to cover her chest, which even now begged to be displayed in all its perky glory once more, and it felt so weird and sexy to think that feeling could be anything out of the ordinary.”I bet you like to show off that slick, tight little cockhole you’ve got there too, don’t you?” John continued without missing a beat. Heidi had never let him talk about her body like this before, so he was a bit trepidatious, but the sight of her eyes widening with excitement at the suggestion was almost more than his throbbing dick could stand, and his hand began to tease toward his crotch as his girlfriend rushed to obey his suggestion and reveal herself to him.”Duh,” Heidi replied grinning, before turning around, pulling down her athletic shorts, and bending over to show off her delightful love canal, which was already glistening from her awareness of how easily she had been manipulated. She spread her slick lips, and stuck a finger in herself, squirming at how naughty it felt for her actions to feel so automatic and natural after having been so thoroughly brainwashed.But then she looked back and was slightly put off to discover that John was stroking himself through Escort Üsküdar his pants as he watched her. His lewd display left a bad taste in her mouth – as much as she loved flashing herself, and knowing that her body was sexually enticing to those around her, she couldn’t help but feel that “look but don’t touch (yourself)” was only proper, and the sight of her boyfriend physically stimulating himself like this made her feel dirty somehow.John saw her look, but noted that it wasn’t enough to stop her from showing herself off and continued his light strokes, incredibly turned on yet careful not to cum, wanting to extend this powerful feeling of knowing that he had done this to her for as long as possible.”Give me a blowjob!” he ordered suddenly, caught up in the moment and catching them both by surprise. As turned on as she was from showing her body off, however, Heidi wasn’t sure if she really wanted to do something so demeaning right now with all of the weird stuff that was going on, even taking into consideration how arousing it all was and how much she was starting to crave sexual release herself.John immediately noticed her reservation and changed his mind, though not necessarily out of kindness. “Actually, nevermind. I have a better idea. How would you feel about being made to submit to me?” he asked suddenly, not giving her a chance to fully pull her shorts back up before he blurted the question out.Her hands froze around mid-thigh, but her tight pussy continued to peek out from between her muscular legs and she continued to enjoy the feeling of his eyes being magnetically pulled to it, even as she recoiled at the notion. Still, John could see the hunger growing in her eyes nonetheless.”The idea of being submissive like that is appalling, but I can’t deny that the idea of being made submissive against my will turns me on,” she said honestly, but then her blush of embarrassment was frozen on her face as John pulled the trigger and she unknowingly succumbed to the effects of the F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray once more.Once her glow faded, Heidi was surprised to see that John was grabbing his keys and wallet as though he planned to go somewhere. “Go get ready to leave, Heidi. We’re going to a movie,” he commanded. “There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. And make sure to wear a low-cut top and a short skirt.” The incredible rush of arousal he got from ordering her around like this was making his desire to live out each and every one of his deepest, darkest fantasies with his mind-controlled girlfriend harder and harder to resist. He knew he should probably take things more slowly, but the temptation was just too great.”Ok,” Heidi breathed meekly, squirming with arousal at being ordered around as her new unconscious compulsion forced her to obey him. She hated the thought of wearing such revealing clothes out in public, but that instinct only turned her on all the more as she put them on anyway.When she was ready, she watched as John shoved the Ray and instructions into a shoulder bag and then quietly followed him out to the car, cringing in embarrassment at showing off so much skin even as her panties soaked up her arousal at following John’s orders.Once in the car, John quickly became aware of, and was highly intrigued by, the odd logical disconnect between Heidi being more than happy to flash herself at random strangers as they drove down the street, yet feeling embarrassed about wearing clothes that revealed her body to a much lesser degree.”It just isn’t proper!” is all she would say when he asked her about it, and her furious blush would deepen further.John shifted slightly in the driver’s seat to ease the pressure in his throbbing dick. He loved knowing that he was responsible for her current contradictory impulses, and her confusion and embarrassment at behavior that she now found comfortable and instinctual only increased his arousal. He continued to command her to expose herself to pedestrians, which she always did immediately and with a complete lack of self-consciousness, though John could tell that her awareness of her inability to even consider resisting her appealing compulsion was making her hornier and hornier. He watched her thighs squeeze together under her short pleated skirt as she excitedly pressed her pert breasts against the car window again and again, and decided to keep her in the dark about the truth of her new, submissive nature. For now.

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