The Fear of Too Much


I lay in the warm water feeling weightless, lifeless, and surrounded. Sinking down I submerged myself in the suds. Eyes closed. I could hear my heartbeat reverberating off of the porcelain. The speed of my thoughts was dizzying. Letting the water taking me away momentarily. Sitting up I wiped the excess water from my face and wrung out my hair as I sat there. Pulling my knees to my chest. I was nervous. Almost scared. I was never scared of her, just how I felt at times was a little overwhelming. Slowly I stood up in the water and let it drain. Pulling a towel around me. As I dried off I picked out my clothes for the evening.

I was going to be meeting her for dinner, which would be the first time we have actually been face to face. It had been a year since she took me as hers. Sitting on the bed I slid my nude stockings up my legs and snapped the black garters in place. I pulled my black dress over my head and pulled at the hem so it fell just above my knees. I combed my fingers through my hair, then walked by the door and stood in front of the fully length mirror. Making final adjustments. I smiled as I put on my lip gloss. Not one for make up, I forgo wasting time on putting any on. Quickly I pull my hair up away from my neck.

After gathering my purse I start to the elevator, the butterflies in my stomach during an aerial show. Flapping their albatross wings like crazy. With shaky hands I press the down button and wait as patiently as I possibly can. Once I have made it to the lobby I put on my sunglasses and start out the front door.

The air was hotter and heavier than anything I had ever felt. It was beautiful here though. Luckily I didn’t have to walk far from the hotel, the restaurant was just down the block. As I walked there were a few glances from the passersby. Non-conventional beauty at its best. I tucked the loose locks of my purple hair behind my ear. As I neared the restaurant my heart rate picked up and I was finding it difficult to breathe. Yeah, she was already here. I could feel her pulling me to her.

The snobby hostess greeted me with a sneer and led me back to our table. It was a cute little restaurant. The tables covered in plain white cloths with bright yellow flowers in the middle. The lighting was low and semi-romantic. I caught the sight of her at the table. She was looking over the menu, tracing her fingers around the rim of her wine glass. The hostess pulled out my chair and I sat down next to her. I could feel her heat radiating to me and I hadn’t kilis escort even touched her yet. Placing the menu down on the table she smiled at me as she leaned in. She kissed my cheek.

“My gorgeous girl,” she purred as her hand rested on my thigh. “It’s so lovely to see you.”

I leaned in and kissed her cheek. Breathing in the scent of her perfume that I had dreamt about so many nights before now. It was sweet, sexy, and heavenly. “Mistress, it’s great to be here.” Jesus, I was stumbling over simple sentences, this is going to prove problematic if I can’t even hold a conversation.

Her smile lit up the room as she sipped from her wine glass. She is so beautiful. Her words rolled off her lips like honey, dripping, melting me. I tried with all my might to pay attention to what she was saying, but the way her lips moved when she spoke was very distracting, so sexy. I tucked my hair behind my ear and picked at my food. Pushing it around my plate with my fork. Starving but really not able to eat at the moment. I was way too excited right now. She slid her hand up my thigh and squeezed it firmly.

“You really should eat my darling,” she said as her purr got longer and sweeter. “I would hate for you to be too tired for later on.”

And there is was, that ache in my deepest core. That need to be consumed, to be taken, to push her chair out from under the table and have her right there in front of the entire restaurant. Her thumb circled against my thigh as I started eating. The food was lovely. Once finished I wiped my mouth with my napkin and placed it across my plate.

We sat for a little while after dinner and chatted. I turned in my seat so I could look in her face while she spoke, which made it much easier to focus. We shared funny stories and her laughter put me at ease. We gathered the check and paid. As she stood I took in how stunning she was. She was dressed in a royal purple button up shirt, and a skirt that fell mid-calf.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we walked out that the sun had started to sink behind the horizon, making it feel less like an oven. We walked together, looking out over the water. I took her hand in mine as we strolled. Rubbing my thumb over her knuckles, squeezing it softly. This felt so right. Being at her side, her hand in mine, walking together. No real hurry. We stopped and watched the sun fall fully behind the blue of the water, turning it almost a black color. I turned to her and watched kırıkkale escort her. As she turned towards me I found my opportunity and kissed her softly on her half parted lips. Pulling her against me. I needed to feel her. Make sure that what I was feeling was real. The ache pulsed through my insides and my breath caught in my chest. Yes, this is the real I was looking for. Her eyes caught mine as I pulled away. The fire in her soul had been ignited and was burning so brightly. Our bodies pressed tight, I leaned in and kissed her again. Softly I traced my tongue on her lower lip and our tongues met. Warm, wet, curling around each other. A low groan escaped my lips as we pulled back.

With a soft smile on my face, I led her into the hotel. In this moment it seemed like everything was moving in slow motion. The elevator took a small eternity to arrive and take us up to the tenth floor. I fumbled with my room key, trying to unlock the door so I could show her in. I held the door as she entered the room. God, I could watch her walk all day long. The way her hips swayed. She pulled the curtains open. The room was bathed in the bluish glow of the full moon. Her smile grows wider as she turns and starts walking towards me. Almost stalking like a predator stalks prey. Before she reaches me she kicks her heels off.

And like a clap of thunder in the stormy skies the magnets that have been pulling us, crash against each other. She slides her hands up the sides of my neck, and I am frozen in place, I can’t move. Our mouths meet in the pale light. Kissing her deeply, hungrily as she pushes me up against the wall between the bedroom and bathroom. My hands sliding up her sides. Tongues dancing a forbidden dance our moans silenced by the other’s waiting mouth. She pulls back and slides her hands up the back of my neck, tangling her fingers in my hair, pulling my head back.

“Oh, my sweet sweet girl, the things I am going to do to you,” she groans as she releases me. She walks over and pulls the chair in front of the window to the foot of the bed and sits down. “I want you to strip out of your clothes my pet. Come. Stand up on the bed. Dance for me.”

“Yes Mistress,” I say to her as I start walking across the room. Carefully I kick off my shoes and climb up on the bed. Luckily the lack of light, hides my ever increasing blushing.

I reach back and unhook the clasp at the neckline of my dress. Pulling the zipper down. Twisting my hips. She leans kırklareli escort back in her chair and watches. A smile on her face. My dress falls off of my shoulders, sliding down my arms. I look down at the bed shyly as it falls in a puddle of black at my feet. Undoes the front hook of my black lace bra. Holding my arm across my breasts as it slips softly down. Pulling the material away and dropping it on the bed. I turn around and hook my fingers in the waistband of my matching thong, bending at the waist. As I begin pulling them down, she stands.

“Stop. Keep your hands right where they are,” she says sternly.

I remain still. My fingers wrapped in black lace. I can feel her moving behind me. She grabs my hips and turns me to face her. She wraps my wrists in the sides of my panties. Pinning them to my thighs. My panties stuck right below my ass cheeks. I groan as she gives my ass cheeks a firm smack.

“Now be a good girl and turn around facing the chair, and sit on your knees,” she ordered as she walked to her bag that she had placed on the dresser. After digging around she pulls out rope and walks back. “Remember I bind you out of love.”

I nod and sit on my knees on the bed. Trying like crazy to balance on the soft mattress. She walks around me and pushes me further down so my ass cheeks are resting on my calves. With crafty hands she starts wrapping rope around my calves, then around the tops of my thighs. She pushes my knees apart, wider, and even wider still until they are as open as she wants them. When she is done with that she pulls my elbows together behind my back, pushing my breasts up and out. She binds my elbows together.

“So beautiful,” she purrs as she kneels next to me on the bed. Her fingers trailing up my thighs.

My skin tingling as she nears my pussy. I know she can tell that I am turned on and how badly I would love to rub myself all over her tongue. To ride the waves of passion over and over with her. I moans softly as she runs her thumb over my lips. She kisses me hungrily. Biting my lower lip. Sucking it into her mouth. Her eyes on fire with hunger. With her other hand she rubs and kneads my soft ass cheeks. Pinching. Making me whine into her mouth. She smacks my ass hard with her open hand. I try my hardest to not fall forward, she catches me with her other hand pressed tightly against my pussy. She smacks again, digging her claws into my flesh.

She kisses my ear, flicking the earlobe with her tongue. A soft, low growl on her lips. She snakes her hand into my hair, wrapping it around her hand, pulling harder. Licking the bend of my neck. I’m trembling, buzzing with energy, ready to burst at the seams.

“I bet you’re hungry for dessert aren’t you pet,” she questions as she leaves me bound on the bed and leaves the bedroom.

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