The Ferraro Family Ch. 03


It was broad daylight outside, but from the look of things inside Jessica Ferraro’s bedroom, it might as well have been the middle of the night.

With the door shut, the lights switched off and the heavy black-out curtains draped over the windows blocking any hint of sunlight, the room was shrouded in near complete darkness. Since her job – which she hated with a passion, by the way – demanded that she work overnight, all of this was a vital necessity for someone who had to spend much of the day asleep. A nice fan was also sometimes needed – it would provide a cool breeze and it’s low drone would drown out any inadvertent noises her daughters might make – but she was doing without it today.

As was her normal custom, she had gone to bed this morning wearing only her birthday suit. It was also normal for her to eventually kick the sheets off in her sleep and she had already done just that today, leaving her fully exposed. This had never been any kind of problem before, but this day was going to be different.

In absolute silence, the door cracked open and a head was poked in, looking about cautiously to make sure that all was as it should be. Satisfied, the figure of a young woman darted swiftly into the room, easing the door shut again without a sound. Making not a single noise that would betray it’s presence, the figure padded it’s way over to the side of the bed to gaze down at the snoring woman in the bed with a pleased leer.

Slipping off the bathrobe that was all she was wearing, the figure wasted no more time in climbing up onto the bed.

Jessica was a heavy sleeper and, while the rocking mattress did wake her up, she was quite slow to rouse herself. Certainly, she was not alert enough to defend herself when the other woman straddled her quickly, catching hold of her wrists and pinning them down to either side of her head.

“Huh? Wass goin’ on? Hoo dat?”

Leaning down, the mysterious young lady started kissing her way along Jessica’s jaw and nibbling at her neck. She instinctively lifted her chin with a pleased sigh, turning her head to allow easier access, still not sufficiently awake to recognize that she was being molested in her own bed by some unknown stranger.

In the meantime, breasts were rubbing against her’s and Jessica could not resist arching her back up and off the bed, trying to get some more of that. Her long legs spreading open, the intimate junction between them stirring to life, she let out a long whine of pleasure over how this person was manipulating her.

It had been far too long since anyone . . .

Her eyes coming open at long last, blinking the sleep away, the middle aged woman suddenly found herself lost in a sea of near total darkness with someone sitting on her and holding her down, teasing her face and neck with tender and romantic little kisses.

It was only then that Jessica recognized just how wrong all of this was and started to react accordingly, trying to pull herself free of this person’s grip, twisting her body in the hopes of throwing her off. Her assailant was unmoved though, only responding by holding on to her wrists even more tightly, pushing her hips down so that their cunts bumped hard against each other.

Jessica let out a heartfelt cry as she felt that wet pussy grind against her own, a wild surge of energy ricocheting through her and her traitorous body automatically pushing her hips up in search of more.

She may have been successfully distracted from her escape attempt, but that didn’t keep her from knowing that this wasn’t supposed to be happening. “What’s going on here?” Jessica demanded breathlessly. “Who is that?”

There would be no further questions as her mouth was quickly covered with a firm kiss, sending a jolt through the middle-aged woman.

It was more than a little astonishing to Jessica that this should feel so good to her considering that she had been woken out of a sound sleep by someone who was assaulting her in her own bed, but she was able to make some sort of sense out of it now that she was much more awake.

For one thing, she figured that it was quite unlikely some strange woman would have broken in here just to have her way with her, so this just about had to be one of her two daughters. For another thing, Jessica Ferraro was a powder keg, ready to blow at the slightest provocation. It had been far too long since her pussy had seen any action beyond her own busy fingers and that had never, ever been enough to satisfy her libido. This was happening just at a time when she needed to get laid something awful.

Under the circumstances, she found herself more than ready to lie back and let this happen, focusing her full attention on enjoying the ride. Oh, she was certainly not blind to the fact that incest was kind of kinky and perverse, but also knew that there wasn’t any risk of either of them giving birth to a child with webbed toes or a third nostril.

She would just deal with the consequences later.

Jessica was distracted from her ruminations when a second güvenilir bahis kiss landed on her lips.

A tongue requested admission and she willingly opened her mouth for it, hungrily kissing the other woman back. In mere moments, they were making out so passionately and so hungrily that it almost looked as if they were trying to eat each other’s faces. Deep moans came rumbling up from the backs of their throats, clearly expressing just how much they were both enjoying this.

Their twats had stopped moving against each other once they started kissing, but now the mystery woman once again focused some attention on what was going on down below. Jessica groaned into her attacker’s mouth as they rubbed against each other, gently at first but then harder and harder, faster and faster.

Though she struggled to free her hands, hoping to grab this woman by the ass and try to push her down against her even more firmly, Jessica’s wrists were being held too tightly and she wasn’t able to break free. With a determined snarl, she instead shoved her cunt up again and managed to get the same result.

The next few minutes were lost to a fury of bumping and grinding, pushing and shoving, their breasts bouncing against each other. Gasping and grunting, releasing animalistic howls of the purest pleasure, the two women quickly lost all capacity for sensible, rational thought in their pursuit of the massive climax that was already building within them both. Thrusting harder and harder against each other, the friction built quickly into a blazing inferno that neither of them could have controlled even had they wanted to.

The orgasm that finally overtook them was huge, striking each simultaneously.

Jessica sagged back in the aftermath, exhausted and breathing hard as the world seemed to swim drunkenly around her. The woman on top of her seemed to have been worn to a frazzle as well, her grip on the other woman’s wrists releasing at last as she had to brace herself against the bed’s headboard to keep from crashing down on the older woman.

When the woman atop her started to awkwardly climb off her then, perhaps interested in bringing this forbidden interlude to an end, Jessica saw an opportunity. With her hands now free and the young woman no longer sitting on her, all she had to do was reach over to switch on the lamp on her bedside table and she would finally know who it was that had just made love to her! That was easier said than done though as she still had no strength and hardly knew which way was up.

She was not given the chance to even try, though.

Once she had not only dismounted her dazed victim but had also climbed off the bed, the woman immediately grabbed hold of Jessica’s ankles and none too gently hauled her over to the edge of the mattress. Kneeling down on the carpet and spreading those legs wide apart, the woman leaned in and devoured her.

Already overheated, Jessica immediately lost her mind.

* * *

Standing in front of her full length mirror, Jessica Ferraro considered her reflection carefully, even critically.

For a woman who was as far into middle-age as she was, she judged that she was actually holding up pretty well. Especially for someone who didn’t engage in regular exercise or indulge in cosmetic surgeries. Oh, she certainly didn’t have the body she’d had as a young woman, but that didn’t make her any less attractive.

Of course, she had put in some effort to look her very best right now.

Fresh from a scrubbing in the shower, she had dressed in a top that was easily tight enough to reveal the size and shape of her braless breasts, a pair of snugly fitting slacks that she knew did a very good job of showing off her butt and legs, and a pair of pumps that were comfortable enough but had relatively high heels. Further, she had neatly styled her hair in a way that would accentuate the shape of her face, applied her make-up with a very light touch, and put just a dab of her best perfume on her pulse points.

Any observer could be forgiven for thinking that she was dressing to impress the man in her life, but they would have been wrong. She had dumped the man in her life just the night before and come stomping home furiously.

In fact, she was getting ready to face her own two daughters.

Jessica had always considered herself unlucky in love. Given the kind of men she always seemed to end up with, she certainly had a track record that backed up that idea. The string of losers she had kept time with in high school and college, the cheating scum she had been foolish enough to marry, and all the creeps she had been with since had proven to her that she attracted creeps and jerks like a magnet.

She had wondered once or twice in jest if maybe she would have better luck if she tried dating women, but had never really considered actually trying it. Someone this morning had taken the decision away from her.

While she supposed that she should have been in a rage over being sexually assaulted like that by one of her own children, türkçe bahis the truth was that she wasn’t. Whoever had come into her room this morning had given her something she had desperately needed, something she had been sorely missing for many, many years, and all she wanted to do now was show her appreciation.

The only question was which of her girls should she be thanking? It really shouldn’t have been so hard for her to figure out considering that one of her girls was so much more well endowed than was the other, but in the heat of the moment she had not thought to take notice of just how big her assailant’s boobs were. She really didn’t have any clue about whether if it had been Kelly or Lori.

She heaved a deep sigh, certain that she would figure it out somehow.

Jessica was about to turn away from the mirror at last when she happened to catch sight of something in it – a glint of something shiny nestled in the carpet! That certainly wasn’t anything of hers and so it must be something that had been dropped by whichever of her girls had been in here earlier!

Spinning around, she threw herself down onto her knees to collect what could only be a vital clue.

It was an earring! A very familiar one, too!

Jessica smiled to herself delightedly as she cupped the tiny piece of jewelry in the palm of her hand, now certain that she knew who had paid her a visit.

It had been the older girl – Kelly!

* * *

As Jessica emerged from her bedroom at last, it was slowly and somewhat cautiously, her eyes darting in search of her two daughters.

Drifting through the house quietly, she was able to quickly track down the girl she most wanted to see right now. Arriving at the partially open door to the nineteen year old Kelly’s bedroom, she warily peeked inside first to see what was going on in there. Given the nature of her mission this day, it seemed to her that a little bit of caution would go a long way.

Just as she’d hoped, her eldest child was all alone. Lying on her belly atop the bed, an open book in front of her, Kelly was apparently taking care of some homework and did not yet know that she was now being watched.

Dressed in a pair of old and faded cut-off shorts that molded themselves to her butt surprisingly well and a T-shirt that looked like it was straining to contain the young woman’s generously sized bosom, the young woman seemed completely and utterly relaxed at the moment. Jessica found it a bit odd that she could be so calm immediately after jumping her own mother, but supposed that her girl must think she was safe as there was surely no way her mom could figure out who it was that visited her in bed today.

Jessica hoped to take a moment to just look at her daughter for a moment while the girl was unaware that she was being studied, but accidentally bumped against the door and revealed her presence.

Looking up, Kelly gave her mother an open, friendly smile that looked exactly like the ones she’d always given her previously. Jessica was watching for any sign at all and yet could see nothing that might hint at a guilty conscience behind that wide smile or those sparkling eyes. It surprised the older woman more than a little that she could do what she had and then hide it so well, but she decided not to worry about it now.

“Hi, mom!”

Pulling herself together, Jessica put on a smile of her own, her own mask of innocence and normalcy in place. “Hi, sweetheart. Where’s your sister at?”

The answer came immediately. “She’s out with her boyfriend. I think she said they were going to see a movie and get something to eat. Knowing her, she won’t be back for a couple of hours yet”


It made sense that Lori wouldn’t be home. She knew that she had not exactly kept quiet while she was being ravished by Kelly earlier, but her other daughter had certainly never come running to see what was going on. That she wasn’t even home explained everything.

Walking into the room, Jessica sat herself down on the edge of the bed right next to the girl. She watched carefully even now and still saw nothing that suggested that she might be hiding anything. There was no tension in the teen that she could see, her breath hadn’t sped up at all, and her face wasn’t the slightest bit flushed. If Jessica hadn’t known better, she might really have believed that this wasn’t the right girl.

“So, what’s that your reading?”

Rolling over onto her side so that she could face her mother, her head propped up on one elbow, Kelly let out a little groan. “Shakespeare for school. I’m supposed to have this whole play read by tomorrow, but I’m still on act one! It’s just so hard to understand what in the world is going on.”

“I see.” A small smile on her lips, Jessica reached back to lay a hand lightly on her daughter’s thigh. “You should have come to see me,” she added, stroking the teenager’s long, smooth leg. “I’m sure I could have helped you with it.”

Kelly started, glancing down at that wandering hand uncertainly. “Um, mom güvenilir bahis siteleri . . .”


“What are you . . .”

The teen’s voice died as her mother’s other hand then rose to cup her cheek gently, her thumb brushing over the girl’s bottom lip. Jessica just smiled serenely as her daughter gave her a wide-eyed, open mouthed look, knowing that it wasn’t there because she was startled that her own mother might be hitting on her, but because Kelly was shocked that she knew who jumped her earlier.

It was the point of no return now and she took a moment to steady her nerve before taking the plunge. She wanted this more than anything and yet she could not ignore the fact that she was about to cross a very significant line, so her heart was racing as she gazed into the eyes of her eldest child.

Bracing herself, Jessica took the plunge, leaning down to kiss the teen on the lips.

It may have started out as a tender, sweet kiss, but it did n’t stay that way for long and deepened fast, growing more and more passionate.

Had there been any lingering doubts in Jessica’s mind about whether she was doing this with the right daughter, they were now swept aside. If Kelly were innocent, she would surely have shied away from this or even made an escape attempt, but that was not at all what happened. Instead, without so much as a murmur of complaint, she threw an arm around her mother’s neck and aggressively tried to shove her tongue down the older woman’s throat.

Jessica maneuvered herself the rest of the way onto the bed, pushing the other woman over onto her back and then straddling her. Kelly’s arm would become dislodged as they shifted positions, but there was certainly no interruption in the hungry kisses.

Eventually, Jessica reared up over her with a huge smile, indescribably happy with the way this was going. Her daughter’s hands came to rest quite naturally on her hips as they both took a moment to regard each other lovingly, their eyes bright and gleaming. Jessica’s lips took on a mischievous quirk then as she quickly peeled her shirt off and pitched it away, allowing her full breasts to come bouncing free.

“I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you, too, mom.”

Dropping back down, Jessica once more claimed her daughter’s mouth with a lengthy, steamy kiss, tangling her fingers in Kelly’s hair. The teen’s hands, meanwhile, rose from their perch to take possession of her mother’s breasts, griping them firmly.

When the older woman finally broke the kiss, coming up for air as her lips were turning blue, Kelly continued to attack her neck and jaw with her lips, teeth and tongue, never giving her so much as an instant to catch her breath. What may have been even worse though was how she brought one leg up, pushing her thigh good and hard against her mother’s crotch.

The shuddering moan of pure pleasure that ripped itself free of the older woman was music to Kelly’s ears.

Holding on to the other woman, fixing her with a naughty smirk, the teenager next started to bump and rub and grind that thigh against her mother’s most intimate of places, lighting a fire in Jessica that could never have been quenched. Jessica honestly did try to give Kelly just as good as she was getting, but quickly realized that all she could do was hang on tight and ride out the storm.

Pushing and thrusting hard in between the older woman’s legs, Kelly had her writhing and wailing in ecstacy in no time at all, not hesitating at all to send Jessica spiraling off the edge into what could only have been a huge and all consuming orgasm.

Wearily, Jessica collapsed bonelessly on top of her daughter in the aftermath, but there was a dazed smile on her lips.

“You do that very well,” she rasped, chuckling. Jessica was flashing back to how the woman who favored her with their attentions this morning had also quickly rubbed an orgasm out of her. It must be that Kelly really enjoyed a good tribbing.

“Thanks.” The pride in Kelly’s voice was unmistakable.

Pushing herself up and off of the young lady at last, she made sure that Kelly would not move from where she was and then clambered off the bed. Working fast, she unfastened her daughter’s shorts, pulling them and the panties down at the same time with one quick motion. To her tremendous delight, she could now see and smell for herself just how wet and aroused Kelly had become.

Remembering what the teenager had done to her before, Jessica decided not to mess with success and pulled Kelly into the position she wanted her, with her widely spread legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Kneeling down on the carpet between them, she licked her lips in anticipation of her first meal of pussy.

Leaning forward, she eagerly went to work.

Kelly quickly lost her mind.

* * *

A few hours of the most strenuous and yet delicious fun later found both mother and daughter naked and ensconced on the bed in a comfortable cuddle.

Resting contentedly with her head lying atop Kelly’s big breasts, thinking them the most perfect pillows she’d ever known, Jessica was almost purring. She had never felt so happy in all of her life and had made up her mind that the two of them were going to be doing a lot more of this in the future.

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