The first time I cucked a white male


The first time I cucked a white maleI’m looking for a guy who likes to fuck from the backside. my asshole is perfect for a pounding. Come onand give me a good hard beating. Please help if you can!if you Real Then Contact Me Now :www.miamalkova.websiteSome months ago I started working in a medical facility (I will not give further details on my job), and there was this particular secretary that caught my eye. She was white, in her mid 30s, slim-ish waist, average sized tits, but with wide hips and a thick ass (just how I like them). Brown hair and brown eyes, she had a pretty face, but nothing exceptionnal.I started talking to her, chatting for a bit every time I was in her office, making light hearted jokes, and basically starting to become part of her daily life. Nothing unusual. But then I started getting flirty with her, every time she went to the break room, I’d drink coffee with bursa escort her, got a bit touchy with her, light strokes to her arm, light caresses to her hand sometimes, making innuendos from time to time among other things.I could tell she liked it, a 23 year old, with an athletic body, with a successful career ahead of him, giving her the attention she needs. And that’s when she started feeling guilty. Guilty for flirting with me, while she had a husband at home and whatnot.As you expect, I did not care for that, in fact, it only made me want her more, every time I’d see her from behind, all I could think of was how acquiring her ass and using it as if it was my property. I did not care for her husband, it’s natural selection, if he’s not man enough and strong and satisfying enough for his female, then it only made sense that she’d find someone else. And in this case, that bursa escort bayan stronger male would be me. So I kept on seducing her, which was an easy task, I could tell she was a horny unstatisfied woman, like many women married to white males. So one late evening, I called her to my office. I waited inside, in front of the door, and told her to shut the door. She did. Then I told her to get on her knees, she did not understand at first, so I said it again. She obeyed, and then looked at me in the eyes while on her knees as I said “Go on” And as soon as I said that, she unzipped my pants and put all of my cock in her mouth, she started licking my balls and putting as much of my ball and cock in her mouth as she could. She was starving and finally found something to feed on. It was great, I knew she was a good slut, but had no idea she’d be that good at it, I guess you escort bursa should never estimate what a horny unstatisfied woman is capable of. The sound of her gobbling on it turned me even harder, so I took her by the hair and pulled her so that she swallowed all of my cock, until she starting choking, then I let her go. She didn’t even get time to catch her breath that she was already sucking it again. It was too good. I started feeling my cum ready to go, I couldn’t contain it anymore, so she started milking it with both hands and with her mouth. There was saliva all over my cock and balls, but also all over her face, such a dirty whore she was. So I came, and she did not let ONE single drop of it go to waste, she swallowed it all and sucked me dry. I put my hand around her neck and looked deep into her eyes and told her “This is only the begining””I hope so” she replied as she smiledThen she took a box of tissue off of my desk, cleaned herself and went for the door, that’s when I grabbed her ass, and turned her face into mine with my other hand and kissed her face. Then with a slap on her ass she went away.

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