The First Time I Saw Her.


The First Time I Saw Her.The first time I saw her I had just taken a seat at the bar of my favorite bistro. She walked in and sat down a couple of seats down from me. She looked tired and just a little sad, attractive, but by no means beautiful. Her short, fire red hair, made my heart skip a couple of beats and her figure wasn’t really slender but certainly not plump. Her jeans were a bit loose, so it was hard to tell what her ass was like and her top fit nicely over two nice, round titties. There was definitely a desire to get to know her better.But, alas, it was an eat and run night with no time to make small talk. So, I started eating, while watching her out of one eye. She ordered a glass of wine and some food. When she picked her wine glass up and put her ruby red lips to it made me think of how nice it would be to press my lips to hers. And that desire to get to know her kept growing.I finished my meal, threw down the last gulp of ale, and I bid the staff a good evening and started to leave. As I slowly walked by her, I got a better look at the features of her face. She had high cheek bones and the tip of her nose turned up just a little. Her lips were full, eyebrows and lashes were trimmed nicely, and gold colored rings hung from pierced ears. As I passed, I said to her; “You have a nice evening.” She responded; “You do the same.” And as I walked out the door the desire was now a warmth spreading over my whole body. Opening the door, I stepped outside and wondered to myself if I would ever see her again.Over the next few weeks, I made it a point to make several visits to that bistro, hoping to see her again. All, to no avail. Then, one evening I was in there a little later than normal, and she walked in. My heart did a little flutter. And, as luck would have it, the only empty seat at the bar was next to me. She walked up and asked if this seat was taken, I told her it wasn’t and invited her to sit down. I was wondering what I could say to get a conversation started when she said:“I’m glad this day is over, I need a glass of wine, nice weather we’ve been having, don’t you think?”“Yes, it is, the bands that are playing over in Whitestone Park are going to have a great day to play tomorrow.” “By the way my name is Bob.”“I’m Sandy!”She ordered a glass of wine and a Salmon salad and as she waited for her meal, they brought me mine. While I was eating, she continued with some small talk. They soon brought out her salad and she started eating and I started talking. I was not trying to be clever; I was just trying to keep her attention. I was wondering how I might get her interested in me enough to go out with me.Then, it dawned on me, the concert at Whitestone Park, would be a perfect place. There would be a lot of people there so she would not have to worry about being alone with me. It would be completely neutral. And who doesn’t like music? So, I made my pitch:“Would you consider going to the concert tomorrow? I have a couple of lawn chairs with umbrellas. We could sit outside in this great weather; I’ll bring a cooler with some water and wine if you like?”She gave me leery, sideways look, before she answered:“I don’t go out with a man that I’ve just met at a bar.”Thinking furiously, I smiled and said:“We’re not at a bar, we’re at a bistro.”Smiling she said, “let me think about it.”Thinking to myself it wasn’t going to happen, I asked for my check. As I was counting out the cash to pay my check, she turned to me.“I’ll go with you; I’ll drive myself and meet you at the entrance on Pleasant Street at 11. Don’t bring wine, water will do.”It was all I could do to stay composed.“That sounds wonderful!”As I was driving home, I could not believe my luck, and then I told myself, don’t screw this up! When I got home, I started to pack the car with everything that I thought I would need. Relaxing with a glass of whiskey, I could not get her out of my mind, thinking to myself that morning could not come soon enough. Well, morning finally came, stopping to pick up some ice and bottled water, I head to the park. When illegal bahis I arrived at the Pleasant St. entrance, I didn’t see her at first. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her waving. As I walked over to her, I saw she was wearing a pair of red shorts and a white, sleeveless blouse. Her long, slender legs, and her ass were stunning. Her tummy was perfect, not flat the way some men like, there was a nice sexy pooch just below her waist, that I thought was such a turn on. And this blouse really showed of her titties as slightly larger than I first thought.“Good morning, I’m glad you came!”“Did you think I wouldn’t,” she smiled.Offering her my hand, we looked for a place to set up. As we looked around, she pointed to a couple of trees, “let’s set up there, I burn so easily, and the shade will help keep us cool.” It was a great spot with very few other people around. We got set up and I offered her a bottle of water and as the concert got started, I offered her my hand. She took it and that warm desire flooded back. We were far enough away from the music that we could talk comfortably, and talk we did.As the last band was playing, I asked her if she would let me buy her dinner. She agreed and told me to choose the place. We went to a diner and found a quiet corner to sit in where ate a talked for a while. As the day wound down and we were about to go our separate ways I asked her if she would see me again, to my relief, she said yes. We exchanged phone numbers, I gave her a gentle hug, and we went our separate ways. That warm desire started to smolder.Over the next two weeks we saw each other two more times. We had a third date set up for an early dinner and then a movie. When I arrived to pick her up, she seemed to be a bit nervous and when I hugged her, she kissed me on the cheek and trembled just a little.“Is everything okay?”“Can we skip the movie, and would you mind if I spent the night with you?”Staying calm and keeping my voice calm, “I would love for you to spend the night with me, shall we stop in at The White Moose and get a couple of sandwiches to go?”“Yes, that would be great.”Picking up her overnight bag we drive over to get the food and then we go back to my place. It was the first time she was there and as she looked around, she giggled and commented, “you really need an interior decorator.” As I am setting things on the kitchen counter, she walks up close to me, I stopped what I was doing, embraced her, and gave a long kiss slipping my tongue deep into her mouth. Standing there, with her head on my shoulder, I looked into her eyes, grabbing a bottle of wine from the wine rack, I said “let’s open this wine and go upstairs.”Letting her go up first, I kept my eyes glued to her ass. Every step she took her cheeks jiggled freely in her thin cotton pants. By the time we were at the top of the stairs I had a raging hard-on! As I was pouring the wine she asked if she could un-pack her bag and where she could put her things. “Just set them on top of the dresser for now.” Sitting on the side of the bed, with a glass of wine in each hand, I keep watching her ass as she is pulling out things. When she turns to me, I handed her a glass of wine, she steps closer and takes it, putting her titties just inches from my face. Taking a sip of the wine, she sets the glass down and steps closer putting her hands on my shoulders, “love me, any way you want to, but please, no pain.”Letting my arms encircle her back and shoulders, I pull her close to me and put my face between her tits and take a deep breath. Looking up into her eyes I can see her nervousness as well as feel it in our embrace, and I kiss her again long and slow. Releasing her I move back just a little, smile at her, “take off your top and bra and let me see your titties.” She pulls her top over her head, reaches behind her and unsnaps her bra and throws them on the bed as her tits fall out. Reaching up, I let my fingers caress two of the pinkest nipples I’ve ever seen, as she is swaying side to side. Embracing her again I put her left nipple illegal bahis siteleri in my mouth and begin to suck it. Smiling at each other “don’t stop with the top, get rid of those pants too!”Stepping back a little, she puts her hands on her hips (making her tits jiggle even more) “what about you, you just take your top off too!” As I’m pulling my top off and kicking off my shoes, she smiles at me and unbuttons her pants, letting them fall around her ankles. Standing up, I do the same. The bulge in my shorts is obvious, she smiles and reaches over and gives that bulge a gentle squeeze. Turning around she slowly pulls her panties down over her ass. It’s beautiful, the kind you would want to bury your face into. Kicking her panties away made her ass jiggle in a way that took my breath away. Turning around, I saw her fire red bush, as she watched me as I pulled my shorts off over my erect cock, stepping closer she put her hand around it and looked up at me. Bending over I put my left hand behind her neck and my right hand gently pinched her left tit, “I want to go around the world on you tonight, I want to lick you from your asshole to your clit!Let’s start by taking a shower.” Looking up at me she nodded yes as she continued to stroke me. We walk over to the shower and run the water until it’s warm. She steps in and stands under the falling water with her face tilted upwards. I walk up behind her and cup both of her tits in my hands pressing my erection into the small of her back. Reaching down I start to rub her clit and labia, moaning softly she spreads her legs giving me ample room to play with her. “Turn around” I whispered, kissing her deeply as she did, as I spread her cheeks and started to rub her asshole, she started to stroke my penis. Coming up for air I grab a washcloth and a bar of soap I step back a little and start to soap her up her titties and crotch. “Give me that bar of soap” and when I did, she soaped up my cock and balls, stroking me until I almost came. Rinsing off and grabbing some towels to dry off with she whispers, “let me show you my charms.”She walks over to the bed swinging her beautiful ass, climbs up on it on all four, spreads her legs, lays her head and shoulders down and arches her back. As I walk up to this doggy style pose, she starts to wiggle her ass back and forth, causing her lips to open and close. I put my nose into her pussy and take a deep breath. Her scent is intoxicating! Sniffing and kissing her incredibly pink asshole, I roll her over and as she rolls on her back, she opens her legs, reaching down she spreads her labia exposing a large, bright-pink clitoris. Slipping a finger into her and placing my thumb on her clit, she gasps as I start to rub her. Kissing her, “cum as many times as you want, I’ll eat you until you push me away.”As I start going down on her she repositions her hips and I push her legs back exposing her asshole. Teasing her I lick around the perimeter before flattening out my tongue and licking, sucking, and kissing that sweet and tasty asshole.“Shit, that feels good.”With one last, long lick I move from her asshole to her pussy opening. Pushing my tongue as deep into it as it will go, licking up I try to find and suck on her pee hole.“You be careful with that!”Moving further up I start to work on her labia, as I’m kissing and licking and sucking, she starts squirming and moaning. I can see her grabbing the bedsheets and then I feel her legs close and grip my head! I stay with her labia a little longer and then I cover her clit with my mouth, put a lot of suction on it while running my tongue continuously over it. Gasping and squirming, her whole-body shudders!She shudders again!And again!“Enough!”“Oh God, ENOUGH!”Keeping her clit in my mouth as I pull away from her, she wiggles and gasps again, as I look down on her swollen labia and bright red clit. I put my nose back into her, getting my whole face wet. I start to crawl up onto her putting my tongue in her belly button. As I am coming up to her tits, my hips and legs start to force canlı bahis siteleri her legs open and back. I kiss her, as her hands go behind my neck and she pulls me down to her lips. Letting her rest for a couple of minutes the kissing continues and intensifies. Still kissing, I reach for my cock and start rubbing it on her clit. As she starts to moan again, I push the tip into her pussy. Pushing deeper I feel the walls of her pussy start to grip and massage it, going deeper the shaft is gripped firmly as she gets tighter and tighter. As I reach the end and come up against her cervix, she gasped, grunted and squealed.As I start to move into a better position, she does the same wiggling her ass, pulling her legs back and wrapping them around the back of my thighs. I start pumping her, slowly at first, then as her pussy loosens a bit, I speed up. With each push into her I hear her grunting and gasping. There was no talking, just to people in heat, grunting, gasping, and fucking. Watching her roll her head side to side, thinking how beautiful she looks with her face flushed red and straining under my pumping, I feel the pressure in me start to build. As I get into her as deep as I can, I feel her legs squeeze my sides and she’s pounding my back and shoulder with her fist. Unable to hold back any longer, I push my cock into her as far as I can and with a loud grunt, my cock, like a high-pressure hose, fills her with my hot, sticky seed.As her body spasmed, she gasped and squeezed even tighter, she let her breath out and relaxes. I start moving in her again as she looks at me and smiles.“That was so good”Still moving in her, my seed, making her even more slippery I wished I had more seed to give her. She let me play for a little while longer, then slapped my ass.“Let me up, I have to pee.”Backing out of her and rolling off of her, my cock standing straight up and glistening with her juices and my cum, she sits up, smiles and bends her head down and starts to suck it clean, as I watch my seed drip out of her pussy onto the bed.“You rest a bit and in a little while I’ll suck you dry!”As I watched her walk to the bathroom, I thought to myself, buddy you are the luckiest man alive.As she came back to bed, I noticed how serene and content she looked. She crawled into bed, got on top of me, and started to rub her tits all over my face, giggling all the time. We kissed and kissed for several minutes. Coming up for air still holding her tight, I said to her,“I hope that this is not a one-night stand. I hope we can continue to see each other for a long time to come.”Smiling back at me, she said “me too.”So, we laid there and talked, getting to know each other better and better, and after about an hour, she rolled over on top of me and started to caress my lips with her nipples.“I want to suck your cock!”“Okay!”“Don’t you hold back, I have a wet mouth and a tongue that wants to know what you taste like, and a tummy that wants to be filled with your cum!”Looking into my eyes, she kisses the tip, as my cock becomes rock hard, she starts licking the shaft. Pulling it back she fondles and then starts kissing my balls. She smiles as she goes down on it, pushing it deep into mouth and throat. Moving her head up and down, getting it wetter and harder, all the time looking into my eyes with her smiling eyes, the urge to cum is getting stronger. Trying to hold back as long as I can, she moves her mouth to position the thick purple tip between the roof of her mouth and her tongue. Sucking, like crazy, I see her cheeks draw in! Sucking! Harder and harder! Sucking with no letup! There’s no way I can hold it any longer. Looking into her beautiful eyes, I explode into her mouth! Sucking even harder, she squeezes the shaft to get every drop. I watched as her throat contracts as she swallows. Taking my cock out of her mouth she says, “thank you.”Giving me a few more licks and sucks, she comes up to my mouth and kisses me deeply. After resting a few minutes, we sit up and finish those two glasses of wine we started earlier this evening.She gives me a snuggle, “I’m ready for bed, what side do you want?”“I’ll take the window side.”We both drift off to sleep together.That was 28 years ago. Today we married off our third daughter. When we get home, I’m gonna whisper to her…wanna fuck?

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