The First Time part two: The Bartender


The First Time part two: The BartenderSo I continued to watch Tyler masterfully sucking and licking my cock…my eyes closed every so often to feel his lips and tongue take me closer to the edge. I wasn’t gonna stop him from making me cum…my cock belong to his lips and tongue. Then Tyler looked up to me and said,” let’s see if your banana fun opened you up for my cock…”He got up and stood above my body…his cock stood hard and somewhat dripping. He looked and smiled as he came over to above my head, his balls were swollen as his hand began to stroke his cock. It was a incredible sight as my eyes glanced over his under carriage. Tyler said to me if I was ready for his cock and I said.” Yes…” He took his hand off his cock and then started to squat down on me. He moved his cock over my mouth and continued to do so. Then just as his cock touched my lips my mouth hungerly opened and took it in. Basically Tyler was gonna sit on my face. So immediately my lips wrapped around his cock and began nursing it. Tyler’s mouth opened to let out a moan that was so beautiful to my ears. My mouth loved his cock and as he anadolu yakası escort began to lower and rise with his hips and legs ,the up and down motion drove my mouth too take him deeper. I took him so deep his balls were sitting on my mouth. Tyler said with a moan,” looks like that banana practice paid off!” Then he slid his cock out to let me breath and then he slid it back down in. His cock was amazing! I hoped his cum was gonna be even more so. So after several deep throats of his cock to my mouth Tyler took it out and moved back just a bit and took his cock and ran it along my lips until he pushed it back into my mouth. My eyes closed as Tyler began fucking my mouth…my tongue licked his head of his cock every time it had a chance. I really wanted his cum! It was like he heard my thoughts as he pulled his cock out and moved back and laid down upon me. We kissed passionately…our lips and tongues collided as lovers and then they partied just so Tyler could say,” I know you wanted my cum in your mouth and I wanted yours in mine but right now it’s time for us to explore our bodies, so right anadolu yakası escort now close your eyes and feel my body on yours.” So I obeyed and closed my eyes as Tyler began sliding his body up and down mine. I felt our chests collide, our belly buttons kiss and what really was turning me on was our cocks rubbing together! My mind came to the conclusion that this wasn’t just hot sex but the bartender was in the process of making love to me.After several heated body smashes and collides we kissed again. Tyler slowly licked and kissed his way down my chest and stomach pausing to lick and suck my nipples and belly. He was making me feel good! He went down and started to rub my cock and balls, took both of them in his mouth so he could tell if I was still there and I was. So he had me roll over and again he laid his body on top of mine. Tyler then once again smashed and collided his body with mine. It was again incredible, especially when his hard cock ran up and over my ass. He whispered in my ear just before licking and sucking my lobes and neck, ” You will get that soon…just enjoy the feeling.” anadolu yakası escort My lips moaned as he continued his movement. His cock and my ass would soon meet and I couldn’t wait! Anyway he slowly kissed his way down towards my ass and then ran his tongue over it, he began to rub my cheeks with his hands as he said,” God I love your ass, spread that ass for me!” So I moved my ass a bit and there my ass was….spread and open for him. Tyler’s horniness took over as he buried his face between my cheeks. My mind exploded in moans as his mouth and tongue explored my asshole feverishly and all I could come up with was Oh Fuck! Then Tyler took some lube and coated my asshole and his finger. Then he moved up and whispered in my ear,” here comes my fingers baby and their gonna open you up!” They did just that! Tyler slid slowly his finger in my asshole and then as the lube did its job he slid another one in, before I knew it he began to finger fuck me. My body, my mind felt every movement of his fingers as they probed my inner sanction, slowly at first but then his finger went to town and fucked me hard! At this time both of our bodies and minds were on the same page…my ass wanted his hard cock inside and his cock wanted to fuck my ass. So I waited for his words that by now were coming out in heat and passion…now im gonna fuck your brains out! Sadly that’s in the next part.

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