The Foot Massage and The Video


We had a client who wanted a foot massage so I was told to oil myself to get ready. I rubbed the sensuous liquid onto my chest and through my breasts. After I was done, Alex, my Handler, escorted me to the room where my Master was waiting to receive me.“This is my slut,” Master showed me, naked, to the Client, who was sitting on a wooden chair. “She will massage you today,” The Client gave me a disinterested nod.“Show him your massage balls,” Master ordered me. I cupped my hands around my oiled breasts and presented them to the Client.“Tell him what they are,” Master ordered.“They’re pathetic lumps of meat,” I recited.“What are they good for?” Master asked.“Being marinated,” I recited.“Get into position,” Master instructed.I walked behind the Client and got down onto the floor. Then I crawled under his chair and lay down on my back, stopping so that my breasts were positioned under his feet and I was facing him.“You can rub your feet on them,” Master encouraged the Client, who removed his socks and then placed his bare feet onto my oiled breasts. “She’s well oiled. It’s good for your feet,” Master said.The Client Güngören escort dug the base of his feet into my chest. My nipples hardened as he slid them back and forth across the top of my breasts. “Mmmph,” I could feel myself getting aroused.“We’ve got a video for you that will help you to relax, and then the slut here will massage your cock,” Master told the Client as he pressed play on his remote.“You’ve all met my slut before. She’s going to pleasure us this evening,” Master spoke in the video. I couldn’t see it, but then I didn’t need to. I could remember it.I was on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back. Master was with three other men. They were not clients. They were Master’s friends. All of us were naked.“Tell us what you are,” Master ordered.“I’m a pathetic piece of shit,” I recited.“What are you good for?” Master asked.“Being fucked,” I recited.“Do you deserve to be fucked?” Master asked.“No,” I shook my head.“Then why should we fuck you?” Master asked.“Because I have too many holes,” I recited.Master lifted my head with his hand and pulled down my bottom lip, “Tell İnnovia escort bayan us what this is.”“It’s a suck hole,” I said.“What is it good for?” Master asked.“Sucking cock,” I recited.“How many cocks are you going to suck?” Masked asked.“As many as you like, Sir,” I said.“Let’s give her some cock,” Master said as he shoved his own into my face. I sucked onto it as hard as I could, making loud raspberries and moving my head as much as possible so that Master didn’t have to move his cock too much. I tried to fit as much cock as I could but it wouldn’t go all the way down. In the end, Master had to hold my head in place with his hand as he pushed his cock down my throat. I was gagging but I tried to keep sucking. Master’s cock was getting harder. Master moaned on screen as the Client stopped massaging his feet. He lifted them off my breasts and unzipped his pants, before pulling them down and throwing them to the side so that he was naked under his waist. Then he grabbed his penis with his hand and started wanking as Master came into my mouth on the video.I could feel Escort Kağıthane the hot cum trickle down my throat. I was chocking as I gagged on his cock. Master pulled his cock out. “Swallow it completely,” He said.I swallowed what Master had given me and breathed in the smell of cum that was coming up behind my nose from the back of my throat before panting with my mouth open.“Again,” Master ordered and pushed his cock into my mouth again. I stopped sucking as he held my head and his cock still. I waited for him to finish cumming.“Agh. Mmm. Agh…” In the room, the Client was still wanking himself. Master had already left the room. .“Do you want me to massage you?” I asked him.“You can suck me,” he said.I was supposed to massage his penis with my hands but he told me to suck him so I did. It wasn’t fully erect yet but it was warm. I lifted the tip and then started licking it up and down lengthwise.I closed my mouth around the cock of Master’s friend, Jack, but he yanked it out quickly and yelled, “You’re going to rub his cum all over my dick, is that what you want to do, slut?” “No, Sir,” I shook my head.“You fucking dirty whore,” Master agreed and slapped me across the face.“I’m sorry, Sir,” I whimpered.“Go rinse your mouth, slut,” Master ordered.I crawled over on my knees, to the bowl on the floor and bent over it, lapping up the water like a dog. I gargled the water in my mouth and then spit it out onto the floor.

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