The Forfeit Ch. 4

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The Forfeit, Ch. 4, The Ring

John stood in the bar, watching the woman he loved as she walked away. He felt she might change her mind and turn back, but she was resolute. He returned to the table, and sipped his wine, but the joy had gone from the evening. He wondered what he had done, why she had run from him. John watched all the lovers dancing for a few moments, then sadly stood and left the bar, returning to his lonely room.

Judith stepped into her suite, walking directly to the balcony, opening the door and stepping outside. She stood above the twinkling city lights, mourning the loss of John. She now knew he was everything she wanted, she needed. Even as her thoughts turned to the love she felt for him, she remembered his face as he purchased the emerald ring for his special woman. If he shared tonight with Judith, tomorrow his mind and heart would be back with his true love. Sighing deeply, Judith walked into the bedroom, and began getting ready for bed. Mournfully, she removed her finery, carefully hanging the dress in the closet. She opened her dresser drawer and removed a gossamer gown, slipping it over her head and feeling it float into place, brushing her toes. She climbed into bed, putting on her large eyeglasses and opening her novel, trying to lose herself in someone else, someplace else.

The book couldn’t keep her attention. Her heart hurt and her mind was a jumble of thoughts. She closed her eyes, and, being so very tired, fell asleep.

John slowly returned to his room, changing into pajama pants, getting ready for bed. Standing on the balcony, shirtless and barefoot, he gazed unseeingly at the city, wondering just what had happened. The day had been so wonderful. They had talked and laughed and shopped all day. Even eating food from vendors had been fun, trying new dishes and feeding each other. Everything was perfect. Judith had even helped him pick out the ring…..damn, the ring! That was when everything changed. Of course, she thought he had a “special” someone, she thought he had purchased a ring for that special woman. And being Judith, she would never interfere with that sacred relationship! John almost laughed with relief. Judith was being noble. Wonderful, lovely, sweet Judith was staying away from him, even when she didn’t want to!

John quickly walked across his suite and out the door. Without even noticing his wardrobe, he moved hurriedly to Judith’s room and knocked loudly. It startled Judith awake and she jumped from the bed. It took her a moment to realize where she was and what was happening. “Who is it?” she called.

John quickly replied and asked her to please open the door. Still half-asleep, Judith opened the door, amazed to see the very proper John in a state of undress. He strode into her suite, closing the door firmly behind him. Looking at Judith, he was nearly immobilized with desire. His beautiful Judith, standing before him in a sheer blue gown, full and long, but only highlighting the desirability of her body. Her hair was a tumble of curls and her cheeks were flushed with sleep. He took off her glasses and set them on the chest, then reached for her hand and walked across the room to the huge overstuffed chair by the bed. He sat down and pulled Judith onto his lap.

Every woman dreams of this, the grand romantic Escort Kızılay gesture. Sitting on her lover’s lap, being swept into his arms and carried, being swung in the air and treated as a weightless feather. Judith had dreamed of it also. But being tall had precluded it from happening. She always pictured herself on a man’s lap, but saw herself looking all gangly and awkward. She tried to sit on Simon’s lap once, but he made a comment about the crease in his pants and she was deeply hurt. Now, because John was so much taller and bigger than Judith, she was able to snuggle down against him and feel warmth and protection. His arms circled her, holding her close, his chin rested on her hair. She could feel his heart pounding under her cheek, smell his delicious scent. She relaxed against him, quite certain she was home, that she would never want to be anywhere else. Her eyes drifted close, her breathing matched his and she was nearly asleep in the safety of his arms.

He knew the minute that she remembered the ring. She went from being softly wrapped around him to being rigid and pulling away. She looked up at him, her lips beginning to form words of protest. But John couldn’t wait any longer. He leaned forward and kissed her delectable lips, pulling them gently into his mouth, sucking softly on her full, lower lip. He tasted faintly of the wine and mouthwash and his own intrinsic flavor. Her mouth opened beneath his, her tongue tentatively sought entrance. He allowed her time to explore, to feel the texture of him, the warmth. His hands opened on her back, holding her close to him, her awakened nipples brushing on his bare chest. Her head twisted, trying to find the best position to enjoy his moving lips and tongue. She made tiny moans deep in her throat. Her hands slipped into his hair, combing it with her fingers, touching him as a starving woman, needing human contact, needing his contact. They feasted on each other forever. Kissing in new ways, teaching and learning, falling into the joy of being together, of finally being together as they both wanted.

John could not believe the pleasure he received from just holding her, just kissing her. He was locked into this place and time, never thinking ahead, not wanting more. Just this. The delicate touch of Judith’s mouth on his, the completeness he had only dreamed about.

While he was content to be here, like this, for the rest of their lives, Judith wanted more. She had nearly let him walk away, had walked away herself! Now, if tonight was the only night she would have with John, she wanted it all. She pulled back, looked into his loving eyes, held his face in her hands, and spoke slowly. “I know you have someone at home. I also know how important the bonds of trust are in a relationship. I was willing to let you go, to be without you rather than disrupt your life. But I can’t. I want just tonight, just this night with you and I will never ask for more. Would that be possible?”

John was so overcome with love that he couldn’t speak. Holding her close, he stood and carried Judith to the huge bed. He lowered her carefully, lying beside her and keeping her near him. The delicate fabric of her gown tickled his bare chest. Her nipples rubbed against him. The flowery scent he would always associate with her filled Kızılay Escort his nostrils. Lying against her, he could feel her breath on his flesh, nearly hear her heart pounding against him. She continued to watch him, waiting for his decision, intense need throbbing through her body.

So many thoughts filled John’s mind. He wanted her, but fully, completely, with all lies gone. He wanted to tell the tale to his grandchildren of how their grandmother had succumbed to his charms while in a romantic Italian city. He smiled, knowing exactly what he needed to do.

Kissing Judith lightly on her cute nose, John stood up. He walked to the door, carefully propping it slightly ajar. He stopped in his own suite long enough to pick up the small, elegantly wrapped package and then returned to Judith. Only a few minutes had passed, but they seemed like a lifetime to her.

As suddenly as he walked away, John was back. Once again, he took Judith’s hand, leading her from the bed to the balcony. The lights of the city met the sparkling stars, making a glowing background. John knelt before Judith, smiling up at her.

“I love you, Judith. You are the woman I dreamed of meeting and spending my life with. I will make you happy and never give you reason to distrust me. Join your life with mine and you will never be disappointed. Please, my darling, marry me!”

She wanted to shout “yes” so the entire city could hear. Her heart lifted and floated in her body, the happiness she felt made her sure that John was the man meant for her. But…the ring. His special someone. She couldn’t do that to a woman who trusted him, was waiting for him.

John watched the play of emotions on her beautiful face. Again, he could tell the moment she thought of the ring. From absolute joy to absolute sadness, her face showed it all.

John spoke softly. “One more thing, my darling. You were right about my special someone. She means everything to me. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”

Judith felt her heart slow, felt the pain of losing him before she ever really had him. She was so bereft, she almost didn’t hear his next words.

“Judith, you are my special someone. You have been for months. I love you deeply and truly. Marry me, my sweet.” He held out the package to her, the delicately wrapped package with her name on it. Her name. With trembling fingers, she untied the ribbon and slipped the paper from the box. Opening it, she found the emerald ring. John stood and took the box from her. He removed the ring, slipping it on her left hand, and kissing her palm.

Now Judith could respond.

Now Judith took John’s hand and led him into the bedroom. They walked to the bed and stood facing each other, letting their fingers trace features, learning. He lifted the gown over her head, amazed at the absolute perfection of her. She untied his pajamas, pushing them to the floor, delighting in his body. They stepped toward each other, feeling their bodies pressed together for the first time. They kissed until neither could stand up any longer. Slowly they lowered to the bed, stretching full length against each other, reveling in the first of a lifetime of being together.

John kissed her face, her chin, her neck. He feasted on her nipples, pulling them into his searching Kızılay Escort Bayan mouth, nursing and satisfying his need for her. Her back arched and she pressed against him, tiny jolts of electricity running directly to her center. He lavished attention on her, moving over her body, not missing anything. He left her deepest pink for last. This was his feast. He nibbled and kissed his way here, to the epicenter of her womanhood. Finally, he hovered there, inhaling her special scent, the sight of her soft red curlies inflaming him. He buried his nose in the luxurious curls, loving the softness and density. He could feel the dampness on his face and knew she was as hungry as he. His tongue slowly began swirling through the satiny mass, finding the slit he knew was there. He found it already swollen and open, her tender pinkness waiting for his touch. Ah, his woman! Now she would be his woman for all time. His tongue flattened and reached, tracing along the slit, lapping at her fountain of moisture. He loved her taste. He slipped his tongue along, finding all the textures and flavors that were Judith. His hands rested on her hips, and he could feel her wriggling against him, could hear her moans and tiny cries. Now he found it. The tiny nubbin that was the center of her pleasure. His mouth opened over her, french kissing her, his tongue diving deeply into her and then sliding back to her clit. Her reaction was startling. Her fingers went into his hair, pulling his closer, burying him in her womanhood. He licked her clit fully, circling it with his tongue, teasing. The savage feelings grew in Judith. She felt her body tightening, preparing. Her legs locked around his face, her breathing stopped. Then the roar filled her head and she cried out, filling the night with his name.

John continued the sucking, softer now, being gentle with her sensitive nub. When he felt her relax, breathe again, he kissed her tenderly. He moved up her body, her almost boneless body. He stretched against her, his engorged cock pressing into her tummy.

Judith felt his throbbing heat. Her hand reached down and wrapped around him, feeling her lover for the first time. She held him, loving his need, his desire. Then she looked into his face and smiled. She guided him into her waiting pussy, feeling him sinking deeply into her. He filled her. He was made for her. His cock rested there for a moment and then began the age-old rhythm of love. In and out, in and out, he thrust his hips and began the dance. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him closer. Her lips met his, and she tasted herself there. Her fingers raced up and down his spine, anything to pull him closer, deeper. She felt another orgasm building within her pinkness, and looked at John with amazement. Then she exploded again, this time around his distended cock. She throbbed and pulled, massaging the length and width of him. It was John’s turn to be surprised. He had never felt so loved, so needed. As her orgasm subsided, she continued massaging him with her muscles, pulling him even deeper into her pinkness.

John tensed above her. He looked into her beautiful green eyes, repeating her name with such love and intensity. Then he exploded, filling her waiting pussy with warm wetness. He collapsed on her, careful to keep her safe.

Her fingers continued to trace his spine. Their breathing became slow and even. Finally, he slipped from her, making her sigh with sadness. They moved side to side, just reveling in the face of love.

“By the way,” whispered Judith, “the answer is yes!”


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