The Freshman , The Nymph Ch. 01


I was a new freshman at college and of course I was a little nervous and shy. I lived in a dorm where there were a lot of other students. A few weeks of school had gone by and I met many new people, as well as some old friends. Since High School I had coveted one of them but feared rejection and feeling useless. Her name was Monica, the girl whom I had devoted my existence. We seemed to be good friends. She was in one of my classes so we met often. However I didn’t know if she was simply friendly, or if she too shared my secret desire. It was a Wednesday afternoon and Monica and I had just finished checking each other’s papers. She said that she had a class that night and that she was going out for dinner and afterward, our shared class.

I wasn’t very hungry so I told her to go ahead without me. We usually ate at the same places, along with a few other mutual friends, but tonight I didn’t feel like going. I was up late enough the night before working on the paper that was due today and I was very tired and was probably going to take a nap. Some of my friends came by my room. They weren’t going to dinner either and they suggested that we watch a movie. I had a DVD in my room and because of this people would often come over to watch movies. I told them it was all right. They left and came back several minutes later with a porno. I was an ordinary guy, so I didn’t mind this too much. They dropped the movie into the DVD and pressed play. The first scene was all right.

The camera opened onto a wet, shaven pussy, then drew back and showed a gorgeous girl with big, fake, tits lying on a bed. Big tits weren’t my favorite. You could then see a woman’s head lowering onto the pussy and licking the other’s cunt in a 69. She stuck her tongue in and out of her mouth, just touching the lips of the wet pussy. She used her tongue like that of a humming bird, going deep and then lapping on the outside. She then used her fingers to spread the pink lips to reveal a big, hard clit. She wiggled her tongue around the clit and the other woman let out a great moan. Her acid come started flowing and dripped onto the sheets of the bed. I couldn’t believe how juicy she was. The woman whispered, “Oh, lick me baby… suck my clit you whore… oh, keep licking.” The first woman then yelled out, “Oh God, I’m going to come… Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to come.” The second woman kept sucking her clit and licked up the orgasmic juices flowing from her cunt. I still couldn’t believe how wet that pussy was. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” she screamed.

She screamed it so loudly that it could be heard down the hall, so we turned down the TV, it was hooked up to my stereo, which had really big speakers, and it sounded like the women were in the room. “Oh, no you’re not,” the second woman said. “I’m going to make you suffer.” She stopped licking the pussy lips and clit. She lifted up her head and stared into the other woman’s eyes. “No, don’t stop” the woman on the bed yelled. “Don’t make me suffer. Keep licking me, please. Make me come. I want your tongue on my throbbing cunt.” “What are you going to do about it, Amanda?” “John,” yelled the woman on the bed. “Come over here and fuck Michelle in the ass.” “No, don’t do that. It hurts too much. Johns’ too big.” “Well then get back to licking me.” “No,” Daphne said as she continued to stare into the other woman’s eyes.

But before she knew it, John was in her bahis firmaları ass. She broke her stare and started sucking on the woman’s’ tongue instead of her pussy. But John moved forward and rammed his big, hard cock in her tight ass. He kept pushing and she kept sucking. He then pulled his cock out of Daphne’s ass, and put it into Amanda’s pussy. By this time Amanda was ready for some cock and kept kissing Daphne while fondling her breasts. John moved his cock in and out of Amanda’s cunt with the speed of a jackrabbit, then pulled out and shot his come all over her tits. Daphne moved away from Amanda’s lips and moved toward her tits so that she could lick up every drop. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I heard a knock at the door and there was nobody else in the room. The TV was still on. Some girl was sucking some guy’s cock.

I turned the TV off and opened the door. “Hi Monica,” I said.

“Hi Mike,” she answered.

“Don’t you have class soon?” I asked.

“Yea”. She came into the room, and we sat down.

“How was dinner?” I asked. It was a kind of stupid question, but it was something that would keep the conversation going.

“Oh, it was fine. You know, not home cooking, but all right. I didn’t eat too much. Hey, what movie were you playing.” I was wondering how she knew I was watching a movie, but then I looked and noticed that the tape light on the VCR was on. “Oh nothing much,” I didn’t want her to know that I was watching a porno. “A couple of guys were in here watching a movie while I was sleeping.” “Oh,” she replied. There was a pause in our conversation for a few seconds, and then the earth stated to shake slightly.

“Earthquake,” I yelled out in a light voice. But then it stopped seconds later.

“Wow,” Monica said, “I haven’t felt an earthquake for a while.” Just as she finished her sentence, an aftershock hit. But this time the jolt was stronger. “Here we go again,” I said. I quickly looked for something to get under. The earthquake was still going and I looked across the room at my desk. “Come on, let’s get under the desk.” I grabbed Monica’s hand and we quickly moved under the desk. We sat facing each, with our knees up to our chest, and our hands covering our heads, the standard earthquake crouch that we are supposed to have learned instinctively in grammar school. Then, a few seconds later, the lights went out. The shades on the window were closed and it made it very dark.

“I wonder if this means that class is canceled,” Monica said. “Well, if the lights don’t turn back on soon, I’m not going to bother.”

By this time, the earth had stopped shaking; however, we both stayed under the desk. I then felt something touching my cock. I looked down to see that it was Monica’s toes. I wasn’t sure if she had extended her foot by accident or not, but I looked up at her face and saw that she had a pleasantly seductive expression. Not being sure what I should do, I reached out and grabbed her knee, rubbing it slightly. She then extended her hand toward mine and directed it toward her chest. I fondled her breasts through her shirt. Since it was still hot outside, people wore only minimal clothing. I could feel that Monica was not wearing a bra, so I slid my hand up under her shirt to get a good feel of her breasts. They were perfect, pointy, pert little knobs.

I used my finger to rub her nipple and it kaçak iddaa got very hard. She then resumed massaging my cock with her foot then said; “Can I see it?”

“Sure, go ahead,” I mouthed almost silently. By this time, we had slowly slid ourselves out from under the desk and out into the open. She unzipped my shorts and pulled down my underwear. My cock just sprung out and she said, “Well, looks like that wasn’t a stapler in your pocket.” She then started stroking up and down, and I started rubbing her nipples. I put my hands behind my head and just let her do what she wanted. She then moved herself in front of me and stared at my cock. “I like it,” she said as she continued to stroke up and down my shaft. “Do you want me to suck it?”

“If you’d like to,” I said very anxiously. She put her mouth over my shaft and began sucking. It felt so good. She took her tongue and circled my head in her mouth. I started to come in her mouth, but she must have felt my head my head swelling because she said, “No you don’t. Not now, I don’t want you to come yet.” She then crawled toward my face and started biting my lips. Then she stuck her tongue deep in my mouth. I loved it. I always get a sick thrill when I taste my own come. She then rolled over on her back with me on top of her and grabbed my ass. She fondled it very nicely. She then moved to the side of my body of and grabbed my hand. “Now do what I know you’ve always wanted to,” she said. Well, I couldn’t very well refuse a request like that so I put my hand under her skirt.

She spread her legs wide and let my hand in. To my surprise, she seemed to know what I was thinking because she opened her eyes wide and gave a seductive twitch of the eyebrows. Her pussy was neatly shaved, with only a small patch of hair on and above her mound, and very wet. My finger slid into her easily. Her lubricating juices were flowing very heavily. I could feel them dripping out of her cunt, down toward her ass, and onto the floor. She was wet. I stuck my finger deep into her vagina and then back out, rubbing her labia. Then back in, and out. I stroked my thumb around her clit and she started squirming. “Oh Mike, that feels so good. Oh, don’t stop, you’re so good.” She began to moan, started kissing me and sucking my tongue. I kissed her nipples, softly biting them, lifting them up and letting them fall again toward her soft breasts.

After a few minutes, when she was ready to orgasm, I brought my head down to her cunt so that I could pleasure her with my tongue. She was coming again so I gave her a good tongue lashing for several minutes. She was incredibly wet. Her pussy was clenching around my tongue. Her sweet come flowed into my mouth. I couldn’t believe that she had let me lick her. She tasted lightly acidic, and she smelled like vanilla. I stuck my tongue deep into her while spreading her with my fingers. I teased her pink lips then moved to her hard clit, and nibbled it with ultimate delicacy. I tugged it with my lips and she let out a great moan. I alternated from sticking my tongue in her pussy to sucking her clit.

“Oh, I’m going to come,” she moaned. I kept my tongue inside her and I could feel her pussy contracting around my tongue and she dripped her vanilla come all over my tongue and down my chin onto the wooden floor. I pulled my mouth away from her pussy and deeply kissed her, letting her taste her own vanilla essence.

“I kaçak bahis want you in me,” she said.

“Yes, my love,” I said. “But I don’t have any condoms.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t need any.” I then proceeded to direct my ready cock toward the object of my desire and slowly entered her heavenly sheath. She was very wet, so I slid in easily. I started shallow, savoring her with my sensitive head, then plunging deep into her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer. I felt a pop and she screamed my name. I had done what I thought impossible, I had entered her cervix. This wasn’t loose. Her pussy surrounded my cock very tightly. I made small thrusts, enough to stimulate us, but short enough to be sure that my cock wouldn’t leave her womb.

“Oh, I’m going to come again,” she whispered.

“So am I, Monica” I said. I finally spurted my come deep inside her with incredible force. She screamed and convulsed around my .I pulled out and rested. We both lay on the floor. After a while, Monica began stroking my leg and my cock started hardening again.

“How would you like to watch me masturbate?” she asked.

“Very much, love” I replied. She lay back on the floor and brought her hand toward her cunt. She put a finger inside and gently swirled it, her other hand massaging her breasts. Her finger began to go in and out and see she was visibly aroused. I was becoming very excited by this self-pleasuring vixen and my limp member was hardening more. She noticed this, so she let go her perfect breast and started to rub my cock, then said “I only got a taste earlier, I want to eat your come. I obliged and lay back for her ease. She took me into her mouth and sucked. My, she sucked expertly. Having hardened my cock once again, Monica proposed something that nearly brought me to orgasm; she wanted to do “the thing with the cup.”

A sexual practice so deliciously perverted, so sickly erotic, that no man could resist it’s offering. At any rate, it was time to return to my sweet little perverts’ suggestion.

“How did you know my favorite thing?” I asked of this seemingly innocent nymphet.

“Your bookcase, silly. Not that many people have 101 Nights of Great Sex bookmarked.”

“You’re quite the knowledgeable sex goddess aren’t you?”

“Yes, Michael, now let me get on with pleasuring you. She reached into her purse, fished for a small teacup and produced it with much dramatic flair. She set it on the coffee table and returned to stroking my shaft and licking and sucking head. With her free hand, she stroked my perineum, stimulating my prostate and causing me to shriek with delight. I could feel my balls begin to swell as they emptied their life-giving load into my penis.

As I came, Monica placed the cup at the tip of my head and I spurted my hot semen into the cup, filling it almost to the brim. Then, our eyes locked in ecstasy, she brought the cup to her lips and sipped, sending a shiver through my body. Oh, never before had a woman given me such pleasure as had this angelic nymphet. She dipped her fingers into the cup and spread my semen over her face and breasts. She then put her tongue into the cup, licked it clean and lunged at me, forcing her tongue into my mouth and letting me taste my own come.

Spent, we retired to my room to shower our come off and then lay awake in my bed, looking deeply into each other’s eyes until we flighted off to sleep. My precious nymph and I are still together, but never have we been so in love as that first night.

Coming next week to an orgasm near you The Freshman and the Nymph 2: Slippery when Wet.

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