The Game Ch. 03


Josephine Ann van deGroot stood just inside the mouth of the alley behind her apartment house. She had used the frieght elevator to get downstairs, by-passing the lobby, coming out the tradesmans entrance. She hadn’t wanted anyone to see how she was dressed tonight.

Her skirt barely covered the cheeks of her rump, exposing bare skin between its hem and the elastic top stockings. She wore a thong panty but no bra and her painted nipples were obvious through the gauze-like blouse. Her face was heavily made up with bright blue eye shadow, rouged cheeks and bright red lipstick.

Finally, she dashed from the shadows, across the side walk on her unaccustomed three inch heels, to her car which she had earlier parked near the alley. Quickly, she slid in behind the wheel and started the engine.

In only minutes she was parked in the lot at Tony’s Lounge, as close to the side door as possible. Inside, this end of the bar was empty and she quickly took the end stool. The leather padding was cold where her almost bare tush made contact. Except for three men at the other end of the long bar, the room was empty.

“What’ll it be, Lady,” Tony asked, placing a cardboard coaster on the bar in front of her.

“Make it JD on the rocks, with a lime, please” she answered.

She watched as he took the black labelled bottle from the shelf and poured a hefty shot over the ice. He squeezed a wedge of lime into the amber colored liquid and, returning to her place at the bar, placed it on the coaster. “You want to run a tab.” he asked.

Jo nodded ‘yes’ as she picked the glass up to sip the smooth liquor. Tony walked to the group at other end of the bar and was soon involved in their conversation.

She had just lit a cigarette when a voice from behind her asked, “You workin’ Babe?”

Without turning around, Jo answered, putting on her best hooker accent, “Yeah, I’m workin’. What do ya have in mind?”

“It depends on the pay scale.”

Speaking softly she answered. “A han’ job is twennyfive, a blow job is fifty, a romp between my legs is wun-fifty and, anal is two. What’s your pleasure?”

“How about a trip around the world?”

“You must be a high roller, mister. That’ll cost you anywhere from four to five hunnert, depending on how you hold up. And, a room’s extra, we don’t do that in the back seat of a car.”

“Sounds fair to me and I’ve already got a room, a motel room over on Sixth Ave. My car’s in the lot out back.”

“I want half up front,” Jo said as she slid into the passenger seat. “Gimme two fifty now.”

“No problem.” He pulled a wad of bills from his pocket Escort Çankaya and peeled off two hundred and fifty dollars. “There, does that seal the contract?”

“Yeah, consider it sealed,” as she stuffed the bills into her purse. “Now, show me your motel.”

The car moved quietly from trhe parking lot and in about three minutes was parking in front of the end unit at the Sunrise Motel. There were several cars parked in front of other units, about half occupied.

Once inside the room, both quickly stripped to bare skin. Jo noticed he was already sporting a semi-hardon. Her ‘customer’ brought out a bottle of Jack Daniels and proceed to pour some into two glasses. “Damn,” he exclaimed, “no ice. Here, take the bucket and go get some from the machine.”

Jo made to pick up her skirt to redress when he stopped her. “Just go the way you are, Babe, no one’ll see you.”

“Are you kiddin’? There’s cars goin’ by all the time and a couple of rooms have their doors open!”

He laughed. “So, give ’em a thrill.” When she still hesitated, he added, “I’ll throw in another twenty bucks.” He reached for his discarded trousers and extracted two ten dollar bills.

“Okay, I’ll do it”. she grabbed the ice bucket from him and opened the door. “Leave this open so I can get back in.”

Jo walked quickly to the ice machine, just outside the managers office. As she leaned in to fill the bucket, the cold emenating from the machine caused her nipples to stiffen and she resisted the urge to pinch one. Time for that later.

She padded quickly back to the room, hearing a loud whistle from one open doorway as she passed.

“Damn you,” she almost screamed. The door was closed and locked from inside. “Open this fuckin’ door, you bastard.”

In the minute she waited, heads popped out of several open doorways, one laughing loudly, another giving a long wolf whistle. As she heard the lock release, she shoved the door open and pushed inside. “Here’s your damned ice, where’s my money. Laughing at her, he handed the two bills to her and they joined those already in her purse. A minute later he handed her a glass with the ice and some JD.

“You’ve been a good girl, so what can I do for you,” he asked.

Jo took a sip of her drink, thinking for a moment. “You want to make me happy? You can go down on me, lick and suck my cunt and make me cum, that’s what you can do for me.”

Her ‘john’ swallowed his drink in one gulp. “No problem, I’ve always wanted to suck a nice bare pussy. All the others have been too damned hairy and I always end up with hair in my teeth. Get on Çankaya Escort the bed and spread for me.”

When she was in position he knelt on the floor next to the bed to bury his face in her nest. His lips were ice cold from the drink he had just finished and it was both a shock and wonderful feeling as they touched her cunt. Her hips surged upwards. His tongue was still very cold as he traced along her cunt lips and she discovered why as he forced the remains of an ice cube into her tunnel. Jo had never experienced anything like this before, her cunt was involuntarily convulsing on the piece of ice.

“Like that, Babe” he asked.

“Uh huh,” she replied. “Feels kind kinky.”

His lips, now somewhat warmer, made an ‘O’ around her clit and his tongue began to tease the little pink bud as it crept from within its fleshy hood.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way,” Jo began sobbing, her hips pushing hard against his pleasuring mouth. She felt his hands moving up from her hips, past her waist, to grasp her tits. Her nipples were pinched between thumbs and forefingers, pulling and twisting. She clamped her hands over his, encouraging him to continue.

She couldn’t help herself as she felt the beginning of her orgasm, fucking his face to gain the relief she now needed. “Oh yes,” she sobbed, “Oh yes, oh god yes, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, OH JEEZUS!”

She was there! Her body stiffened and she grabbed his head in both hands, holding him to her hairless cunt as wave after wave of pure pleasure washed through her.

Her moments of ecstasy ended and she released her hold on him. after a few seconds he stood up and looked down at her, his fat, erect cock standing straight out from below his belly.

“What say we start at the South Pole, Babe, then work Our way North. You got a cute little ass-hole.”

Jo grinned. “Okay, hand me my purse. I gotta grease you up first.”

With purse in hand she extracted a small tube of lubricant. Squeezing some of the goop on her fingers, she reached out for his cock and coated it liberally. Then, on hands and knees, she reached around behind herself and added some of the lubricant to her puckered back door.

“Just ease it in until I get adjusted to it,” she directed.

When she felt his cock pressing against her ass, she began pushing back until the head of his cock just seemed to pop inside her. “Hold it a sec,” she almost whimpered, her rectum stretched almost painfully around the intruder. As her sphincter began to relax, she resumed pushing backwards until his cock was buried to his balls.

“Okay. Nice and slow. Çankaya Escort Bayan Fuck my ass,” she murmured.

Doing as he was told, her’John’ slowly pulled back until only his cock helmut remained still inside, then, just as slowly, he pushed all the way back inside. “Jeezus, Babe, your ass feels so damned good and tight on my prick.”

After a few more slow strokes, Jo whispered, “Okay fuck me hard now, hard and fast. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass.”

He needed no further urging. Gripping her hips tightly, he began thrusting as fast as he could. “Jeezus, girl, this is the best ass fuckin’ I’ve ever had. Yeah, I’m gonna cum in your ass and it won’t take long.”

He was working really hard now and Jo soon felt drops of his prespiration falling on her back. “Come on, guy,” she urged, “give it to me.” She had reached under herself with one hand to rub her clit, almost as frantic as he, to cum. “Come on, give me a nice cum enema. Damn! I’m gonna make myself cum in a minute.”

His only reply was a grunted “Uuhhh,” as more of his prespiration dripped on her, his fucking becoming harder and faster, until, “Here it comes, bitch, here it comes.”

Jo felt the first burst of hot cum deep in her ass, then he quickly pulled out and a second burst sprayed a rope of pearls on her back, from her waist to her shoulders. Just as quickly, he buried his cock in her cunt as another spurt of cum drenched her insides. That, along with the frantic rubbing of her clit, Jo came again, muffling her cry of ecstasy by burying her face in the bed spread.

Her ‘john’ continued pumping her cunt full of cum until his balls were completely drained. Only then did he pull his still tumescent prick from her cunt and to fall to one side of his ‘hooker’.

She quickly spun around on her hands and knees and engulphed his cock in her mouth, cleaning it of the mixture of their juices, while trying to suck more from him.

“Jeezus, bitch, there isn’t any more. You got it all.”

Jo released him and sat back on her haunches. She grinned at him. “Well then, if you can’t cum anymore, I guess I lived up to my end of the contract. How about takin’ me back to the bar?”

“Yeah, sure. Give me a few minutes and then we’ll bug out of here.”

Some twenty minutes later they strode into Tony’s Lounge and took seats at the bar. Tony came over to them, drinks already in hand. Setting the glasses down, he leaned over and asked softly, “Did you two have a good time this evening?”

Harry nodded weakly. “I think Jo had a good time, I know I did.”

Turning to Jo, Tony said,”You know Josephine, if anyone else ever came in here dressed like you are tonight,I’d throw her ass right out.”

“I know, Tony. Tell me, do you think we’re nuts with all these crazy goings on?”

“Heck no, Josephine. I think you two have the right idea for spicin’ up your love life.”

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