The General and the Paralegal


“I realized a little too late that I must have unconsciously dressed a teensy bit too sexy for work .. and my therapist’s appointment. When I saw him, he asked if I’d been sleeping better, because I look great. I will not deny that his reaction was delicious, but it’s not like he isn’t enjoying it, too. Do you think it’s a coincidence that he’s usually picking up his mail when I get there … and walks up the stairs behind me?

Skinny jeans, shirt buttoned all the way up the back, thin studded belt and open toe wedge sandals. It was a new shirt and I really didn’t realize it was *that* sexy paired with those pants and I was rushing out of the house in the morning.

It wasn’t until I got to work and saw myself in the full length mirror in the bathroom that I was like “this is a bit much, I wonder what I was doing here?”

At least I have *some* self-awareness, if not a little late.

But now it was not my therapist staring at me, it was “the General”, a former military officer turned businessman who is one of the Partner’s best clients. And a client staring at my curvy body is definitely different from having my therapist gawking at my ass as I walk up stairs. Especially when the client is the General.”

It was a little after noon on a Wednesday. The General’s steely eyes noticed the Paralegal was dressed a little more sexily than normal when he stopped by her desk. He had hoped to have a brief chat with the Partner who handled his legal affairs, only to discover that the Partner was out of the office. The receptionist suggested the Paralegal might be of assistance, as she researched and drafted much of the work that was done.

But the General’s mind was not on work as he noticed the tighter-than-usual top that highlighted the Paralegal’s large breasts. The tight, silky top, combined with a thin bra and air conditioned temperatures afforded the General a view of the prominent nipples that were on display.

“Oh, God, I blushed as I realized my nipples were erect and poking out. There was no hiding the state of affairs given how light my new shirt was. And the General was looking straight at them. Not that I blamed him. I have truly luscious breasts and men always pay attention to them. Depending upon the man, it can seem a little bit creepy, but when it is a man like the General, I quite enjoy the attention.

You see, I like an older man who is confident and has a firm personality. It turns me on to think about having sex with a man like that; a man who knows when and how to take control of a woman. The General seems like just that type of man. I can picture his strong arms holding a woman as he fucks her intensely, both of them dripping in sweat as he makes her work as hard he does. I love when a man has his way with me; smacks my ass, calls me filthy names, doesn’t treat me like some breakable china doll.”

The General noticed her blushing and thought to himself that he needed to be more professional and not make the Paralegal feel uncomfortable. He did not want to be “that” type of guy who made a workplace awkward for women. His concerns were short-lived, however, when she smiled at him and unconsciously licked her lips, moistening the bright red gloss. Clearly she enjoyed the show she was providing. Then she turned slightly and his eyes went to the fantastic ass she had stuffed inside a pair of black skinny jeans. Upstairs and down, she had the type of body the General had never been able to resist, and had never wanted to resist.

Feeling a need to say something, not just stare, the General decided he should tell her what originally brought him to the office. Some questions he had about the Military Lending Act and how it applied to the reservists who worked for him. He was surprised when the Paralegal began to talk in what seemed to be an extemporaneous manner about the Act and its implications.

“He asked me about the Military Lending Act, a topic with which I was fairly familiar. I wasn’t sure of his exact interests, so I started to give him an overview of the Act, thinking it would be a good way to discover what he needed.

I couldn’t help myself, though. The thought of him staring at my titties and ass had gotten me aroused. The bulge in his pants had me thinking about what sorts of assets he might be working with. A man with güvenilir bahis a large cock is always nice to find, and if I was any judge of men, the General was working with some nice equipment.

When I talked about the need for disclosure both orally and in writing, I couldn’t stop myself from emphasizing the word “oral” and dropping my eyes to his pleated trousers as I did so. I wondered what it would be like to wrap my lips around his dick while he held my hand and made me take him deep in my mouth.

When I told him that a creditor could not rollover a loan unless it offered more favorable terms than the original loan, I made a little joke about how rolling over could sometimes be extremely favorable. And I shook my ass for emphasis as I talked. The thought of the General rolling me over and smacking me on the ass sent shivers down my spine.

On the part of the Act that says a creditor cannot require the military person to submit to arbitration, I threw in “and they can’t make you submit to anything else, unless you are the sort of person who likes to be submissive”.

As I discussed the fact that closed- and open-ended loans had been brought within the scope of the regulations, I emphasized the world “open” both with my voice and by spreading my legs slightly and twisting a finger in my hair. I felt like I was practically inviting the General to take me on the spot. And I liked the feeling.”

The Paralegal seemed to be giving the General a very good overview of the Act, but it was impossible to notice the flirtatious manner in which she did so. Whether she was discussing oral disclosure, or rollover loans or submission to arbitration, she made clear she knew the sexual connotations that went with terms of that sort. She spread her legs apart when she mentioned “open-ended” loans.

The General was trying to be a good client, but the seductive nature of the Paralegal was too much even for his well-disciplined manner. His cock hardened in his pants and he made no effort to hide the swelling from the woman in front of him.

Her eyes noticed his physical reaction, and they locked onto the growing member. It seemed to be as big as she was expecting, maybe bigger. She bit her lip more forcefully as her eyes took in the General’s expansion. She glanced up at his face to try and gauge where his mind might be. His expression suggested that he was as ready to take her as she was to be taken.

“As I talked, I couldn’t help but see the change that was taking place in the General’s khakis. His cock grew bigger and bigger as I made my suggestive comments about the Military Lending Act. Neither one of us was really pretending this meeting was about a legal matter any longer. It was just a question of how we were going to proceed.

When he asked if I had any real world experience with this type of matter, I decided to act. I suggested we should move the discussion to a conference room where we could have more privacy than the open cubicle where I sat. He told me to lead the way and I took him to the least used room we had in the office. As we went in, I closed the door and locked it behind us.”

The General’s lust had reached a point that he knew something had to happen. When the Paralegal recommended they move to a private conference room, he practically leaped at the chance to be alone with her. As they entered the conference room, she locked the door behind her and turned to face him.

The room was furnished with a small desk, a couple of chairs and some bookshelves holding various legal tomes. It wasn’t exactly the sort of place the General would normally suggest for a romantic or sexual tryst, but it certainly met the minimum standards for a quick fuck.

He asked the Paralegal where she wanted to begin.

“He asked me how I wanted to begin. While I appreciated his hesitancy given the somewhat surreal nature of our encounter, I wanted to feel him in control. I needed to feel him in control. I put my hand on his pants, feeling his cock and asked “where do you want me to begin?”. “

She placed her hand on the General’s clad cock and made clear that she was surrendering herself to his control. He quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, and let the pants drop his knees. As he stood in front of her in nothing but a türkçe bahis pair of red boxers, he commanded “take it out”.

And she did. She slowly lowered his boxers until every inch of his glorious erection was facing her. It was long. It was thick. It was heavily veined. She was pleasantly surprised when she discovered that the General manscaped, with neatly trimmed hair and a nicely sized set of balls hanging in his man-sack.

She caressed his cock lovingly, stroking every inch of it with the tips of her fingers. A small drop of pre-cum formed at the peak. The Paralegal’s breath was coming hard and fast as she fondled what she thought was a truly magnificent dick. She was biting her lip more forcefully and restraining herself, as she awaited his next command.

“Suck it!”

She almost exploded on the spot. That was exactly what she had been wanting and waiting to do. Sucking cock was one of her favorite things in all the world, especially when it was a cock as big and beautiful as the one she had in her hands now. Her lips went greedily to it and she took as much into her mouth as she dared attempt on the first try. Working on it as passionately as she could, she kept going lower and lower on the swollen dick, focused on getting low enough for her tongue to touch the General’s balls.

The General was enjoying her efforts greatly. The combination of talent and enthusiasm for cock sucking made the Paralegal a truly gifted woman. The feeling was so intense that he just wanted to shove his whole cock down her throat, but held back so he could enjoy the feel of her lips and tongue as she worked adoringly on his member. Whether it was the taboo of the situation or her talented mouth, this was the most enjoyable blow job he had ever experienced.

“He told me to take it out and suck it, and I did. Eagerly. I wanted to give the General the best blow job any man had ever had. His cock twitched in my mouth as I ministered to it, and every twitch made me even more eager to get him off.

Given how voraciously I was sucking, I thought he would explode in me in no time, but instead he reached down, grabbed me under the arms and effortlessly lifted me up and set me on the desk. The strength in his arms was thrilling; I felt as light as feather has he lifted me. He began to undress me on the desk and I wanted to get naked for him. Together, we had my clothes off in record time. And then another surprise. The General knelt down in front of me, spread my pussy lips and started kissing my dripping wet cunt.”

As much as he just wanted to shoot his load down her willing throat, the General knew he needed to make this more than just a quick BJ. He wanted it to be more than just a quick BJ.

He lifted the Paralegal onto the desk and began to undress her. Once she realized what she wanted, she began to help and in time she was standing naked in front of him, her magnificent breasts inviting him to touch them. Her magnificent ass offering itself up to him. She was surrendering herself to him for his pleasure.

But what he noticed most of all was the hairless, swollen pussy. The lips parted with passion and heat. Glistening with the juice that was running from her and down her thighs. It looked so sweet and so tasty that he plunged his face between her legs and began to lick at that beautiful pussy.

She jumped as his tongue hit her swollen clit. She wiggled and writhed as his tongue made trip after trip up and down her opening, his tongue penetrating her like a tiny penis and then swiping across the sensitive bud. As she got more and more excited, he focused his attention on that bud. Licking, swirling, flicking. Each time causing her to jump and squirm. As she neared climax, he sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and vigorously began to massage it. Almost instantly, she grabbed his head and started shaking violently as a first orgasm overtook her.

While she was still thrashing wildly, he picked her up, turned her over, bent her across the desk and shoved his cock into her.

“I was shocked at how good the General was at eating pussy. A man like that doesn’t have to eat pussy to get any woman he wants. His cock, his good looks and his strength seem like enough to keep his bed filled with willing women. But I wasn’t going to complain about this unexpected güvenilir bahis siteleri turn of events.

He licked me and tongued me and had me ready to burst. With amazing timing, he took my clit in his mouth and began to suck it. The pressure and feel of his tongue were too much for me and the next thing I knew, I was cumming in his face. Normally I make a lot of noise when I cum, but I couldn’t scream in the conference room. I don’t know if that made it even more intense, but I began to jump and writhe and jiggle as the orgasm washed over me. I was still shaking when he grabbed me, turned me ass-side up and entered me from behind. There was nothing gentle about the way he took me; just an animalistic, forceful, primal move as the thrust that dick into me.”

The General began to fuck her from behind, her moist cunt swallowing his cock and sucking it in as deep as he could go. He played with her luscious tits with one hand as he fucked her, toying with her nipples, squeezing, pinching. His other hand was busy smacking her ass each time he entered in.

In. Smack. Out. Pinch her titties. Over and over.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

“Yes, General.”

“Do you want it hard, like a slut?”

“Yes, General, fuck me hard like a slut!”

And he did. He took her over and over and over. All the time talking to her, making her tell him how horny she was. How much she liked being fucked. How she liked it hot, nasty and dirty.

The combination of the fucking, the dirty talk and all the rough smacking was too much for the Paralegal and she felt a second orgasm starting. She wanted the General to cum with her, so she worked her pussy as tight as could on his dick, trying to coax the cum out of it. As her orgasm washed over her, the General pulled his cock from her and began to shoot giant streams of cock juice all over her bare back and ass. Bent over, she felt his cum hitting her exposed cunt, and then the sensation as all the thick goo on her back began to slide down her ass crack.

“I loved the way he fucked me. It was as hard as I had ever been fucked. He made me tell him what I slut I was, and that just got me hotter. Every time I told him I was his dirty whore, he would shove that giant dick into me even harder. The feel of his hand smacking my ass in rhythm to our fucking made the sensations more intense. His other hand on my titties made me want to feel his cock there.

The whole scene was so bizarre that I couldn’t last long. I started cumming again and trying to coax him to cum inside me. But when he pulled his cock out and shot a giant load all over me, I almost fainted! The feel of a man cumming on me is remarkable. It’s as if he is marking me and claiming me as his prize.

I hadn’t thought about how I was going to deal with the situation … at work, in a conference room, with cum all over me … as I was too busy enjoying the sweet sexual release I was having with the General.”

Their sexual liaison over, the General realized he had a “situation” to deal with. A cum covered paralegal is not a normal state of affairs in most law offices. He looked around and there really was nothing to use to clean up. The Paralegal grabbed his white t-shirt and used it to wipe his cum off her. Or at least as much of his cum as she could manage.

She said, “I’ll keep this as a souvenir. Here, you can have my panties in exchange. Fair?”

“Fair enough.”

The two of them got dressed, left the conference room and headed in different directions. It was not clear to the General if this was a one-time thing or something he might be able to enjoy again. He was hoping the latter.

“Standing there, covered in as much cum as I could ever remember, I knew I had to clean myself up somehow. I couldn’t go to the bathroom like this, and there was nothing in the conference room to use. So I grabbed the General’s cotton undershirt and began to clean myself. It had the scent of his cologne and the mix of my cum and his cologne started me getting wet again. But we had taken as many chances as we could.

Holding his shirt, I said, “I’ll keep this as a souvenir. Here, you can have my panties in exchange. Fair?” He agreed to the deal and we left the conference room and parted ways.

This was one of the most exciting erotic adventures I have ever had. I don’t know if the General wants to do it again, but I imagine I can entice him into another good fucking. It may not be in the conference room, though. A nice hotel room where we can get really freaky might be the thing.”

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