The Gift Exchange


The company Christmas party had ended promptly at 8:00pm. Fearful of any legal liability, the company forced everyone out of the hotel’s banquet hall. “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” was the company line. Although a Saturday, Frank had attended without his wife. Instead, he attended the dinner sitting with Linda and her husband George, plus two other couples from another department. Frank sat with them not so much because he had to sit with somebody, but because he had the hots for Linda. He didn’t give Linda any of his usual, sexually charged compliments. Not with her husband right there. But Frank certainly thought of a few for use when they returned to work on Monday. Instead, he just simply enjoyed the away-from-work time with Linda. The party was formal, and Frank thought Linda was especially beautiful in her floor length gown. The cleavage the dress showed was certainly more than anything Linda wore to work. When the party broke, George suggested they head for the hotel’s lounge for a few more drinks. Frank readily agreed.

They sat at a small table, George and Linda on one side, Frank on the other. They chatted about this and that, taking turns buying drinks. When Linda left to use the restroom, George caught Frank’s eyes following her swaying ass.

George leaned closer to Frank, “You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?”

Frank was surprised at George’s bluntness. After a moment to regain his composure, he replied, “Well, who wouldn’t? She is a beautiful woman.” Frank hoped the generalization would be good enough defense. He didn’t want to get into a fight with George. There were a few groups of people from work here.

But he did want to fuck Linda. In her late fifties, Linda was still a sexy size 8. In conversations past, she credited her figure to her metabolism and not to any exercise. Maybe she dyed her hair to hide the gray, but it was a dark blonde and hung down to the middle of her back. Her tits weren’t the biggest, but well proportioned to the size of her sexy, well rounded ass. Frank just liked her, that was all. And at Frank’s 44, she wasn’t all that much older than he was.

George on the other hand, was completely gray. He stood a good six inches above Frank’s 5’6″, and his belly sagged over his belt by about as much. And although Frank hadn’t said anything forward all night, George knew he often flirted with his wife at work. Linda would often brag to George about the good looking, younger man that made passes at her. Linda could always charge up George’s sagging sex drive by teasing him that she could always screw Frank. Frank didn’t know any of this.

Frank and George made small talk about how pretty Linda was and how she kept herself in good shape. But, they made no further mention of sex or flirting. Soon, Linda came back from the restroom and conversation changed directions. Frank bought a round. Thirty minutes later, George left to get a round of drinks.

“Hey, Frank,” Linda said to him in a loud whisper. She leaned across the table as if to share a secret.

“Yea?” Frank asked, leaning toward her as well.

“Remember the time you teased me about stealing a kiss?” Linda asked. She looked to her left toward the bar, making sure George wasn’t watching. Then she turned to Frank, kissed him on the lips, and leaned back. She smiled at the stunned Frank like she had just got the better of him. “I decided to beat you to it,” Linda said with a giggle. Linda loved the attention Frank gave her. And the alcohol made her a lot bolder than she was at work. The kiss wasn’t much, but it was enough to make Frank hard. He smiled with appreciation of her kiss and winked at her.

“Thanks,” he replied, “But didn’t you kiss the wrong head?”

“You wish!” Linda laughed with defiance. Frank and Linda quieted down as George brought back the drinks. The three of them continued talking, often about what Frank’s kids and George and Linda’s grandkids wanted for Christmas. As the drinks got low, George sent Linda for refills.

“So,” George started to ask Frank, “Just how bad do you want to fuck my wife?”

Frank wasn’t sure how to reply. He knew that an offer of money wouldn’t matter. They had more money than Frank did. He looked at Linda, standing at the bar waiting for the barmaid’s attention. Finally, perhaps because of the drinks, he told Linda’s ass in the distance, “I would suck your dick just to be able to screw her.” George gave a snort and a half smile as if to mock Frank for being a faggot. Or maybe for being so desperate to have a go at his wife.

Linda came back with the drinks and set them down. As she sat down, George stood up. “Be back in a few, need to drain the vein,” He announced.

“So what have you two been talking about?” Linda asked Frank.

“Just talking about what a beautiful, sexy woman you are,” Frank replied.

“Yea, right,” Linda sneered. Frank gave her a few more compliments, trying to illicit a blush from the older woman. Linda enjoyed them, finally telling Frank, “If my husband wasn’t here, I don’t know what I’d Anadolu Yakası Escort do.” In due course, George arrived from the restroom.

“Linda,” George told her, “I got us a room. I think we’ve had more than enough to drink.” With the round finished, George stood and held Linda’s chair for her. Linda stood and allowed George to help her with her wrap.

“Well, Frank. I guess I’ll see you at work,” Linda said. She gave Frank a quick hug and a quicker kiss on the cheek.

“You’re welcome to join us, Frank,” George told him with raised eyebrows and a grin, as if to say ‘we have a deal’. Linda looked back at George and Frank looked at Linda with a big smile. “Don’t worry,” George told Linda, “I got a room with two double beds. Besides, Frank doesn’t need to be driving either. It’s not like he’s going to try anything.” Linda looked back at Frank, bounced her eyebrows once as if to say, ‘I hope he does’ and the three of them left.

In the elevator, they were quiet as it went up. There was another couple in the elevator. It stopped at a floor before theirs to let the other couple off. When the doors closed again, George turned to Linda. “Linda, did you notice the mirror behind the bar?” Linda nodded. “Did you notice me watching you kiss Frank?” Linda’s eyes got a little bigger as her jaw slumped down. “Besides, you keep bragging about the passes Frank gives you at work. Go ahead and kiss him again, this time in front of me.” Linda was cautious, but Frank turned her toward him, took her in his arms, and kissed her passionately. George continued, “the next time you kiss him, it’ll be a little different.” Confident it was okay, Linda allowed Frank’s tongue to enter her mouth. Her and George had discussed the possibility of swinging before. A threesome could be fun as well. Frank slipped a hand inside her wrap and gave her ass a gentle squeeze. George patted Linda’s other cheek just before the elevator doors opened.

As they walked to the room, George put his arm around Linda. “Just think of this as a Christmas present,” George told Linda. Looking over at Frank, George added, “I’ll be getting a Christmas present as well.”

George unlocked the door and both gentlemen allowed Linda to enter first. George motioned Frank through and then followed. All of them had big grins, enjoying the excitement of what was about to happen. Linda shook off her coat and let Frank catch it.

“Care to unzip me?” Linda asked Frank as he hung up her coat. She turned her back to Frank. Holding her hands on her shoulders, she held the straps to her dress. Frank tossed his suit jacket on a bed and moved to help Linda out of her dress. George moved in front of Linda, wanting to see his wife’s face as Frank unzipped her. “I had picked up a surprise for George, but I guess you’ll both get to enjoy it,” Linda added. Frank slowly unzipped the dress, savoring the flesh that gradually appeared in the open zipper. He noticed the red and green bra strap, the very top of a matching pair of panties. Once the dress was unzipped, he quickly bent down to untie his shoes, his eyes at the same level as, and still on Linda’s backside.

Linda kept her back to Frank as she slipped the dress off her shoulders and slid the dress down. The first thing that Frank noticed was the slit that went up the back of Linda’s crotchless panties. Standing to slip off his shoes, Frank looked back at George. George gave a knowing smile to Frank. He was watching his wife strip for the two of them and was eagerly anticipating watching Frank take his wife. George had stripped quickly. He was sitting on the bed in only his underwear. Frank glanced at George, noting the well tented underwear. He knew that he would be sucking off George. It didn’t turn him on at all. But with Linda there in her panties and bra, he would endure it.

Frank turned his attention back to Linda as she spun around to give Frank the same view that George had. Her red matching bra and panties were decorated with green holly leaves. In front at the waistband was a sprig of artificial mistletoe. Frank didn’t mind that it was artificial, the kiss he would give her there would be real enough. Linda had kept her legs together to hide herself for the moment.

Looking first to George, Linda asked, “Do you like?” She toyed with the mistletoe to be sure he saw it.

“She doesn’t even need to take them off,” Frank commented to George.

“George, open the mini-bar and make us some drinks, Frank, shut up and get naked,” Linda commanded. She was excited about finally paying Frank back for the compliments that made her feel younger, sexy, alive. Linda stepped up to Frank. Reaching up, she loosened his tie, smiling into his eyes the whole time. She was still looking into his eyes as she undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Knowing that he’d be wearing the same clothes in the morning, Frank picked them. But Linda took them from him and hung his pants, shirt and jacket along with George’s clothes.

As Linda worked with the clothes, Frank took his drink from George. Both Bostancı Escort men sipped their drinks as they watched the slender blonde’s movements. Each hoped to catch a good glimpse of what the parted panties might reveal. Finished, Linda paused to look at the men looking at her. Both were wearing just briefs, hardons straining. Linda spread her legs apart, “Okay, now you can see me. But I can’t see you guys. Come on, take the underwear off.”

“Well,” Frank explained, “you took everything else off, I thought you would take these off as well.” Linda looked at George, who waved with his drink toward Frank. Linda knelt down in front of Frank and pulled the underwear down. Frank’s hardon sprang out at her, almost hitting her. Frank hoped that she would kiss him, or better, take him in her mouth. Instead, Linda stood up and pressed herself against Frank. Pulling his naked body against her scantily clad body, Linda kissed him again, probing his mouth with her tongue.

“Enough of that, you two,” George told them. “I want to start all of this with a blowjob.”

“I can understand you would want me first,” Linda said to George as she pulled his underwear down. “But you know I’m not any good at blowjobs,” Linda pleaded. Linda never was able to learn the finer points of fellatio.

“Oh, not a problem,” George told her to calm her down some. “Frank is going to suck me off.”

“What?!?” Linda turned to Frank. “I always thought you a pervert, but I didn’t think you were gay!”

George sat on the edge of the bed, his legs spread a little. He gently stroked himself as he waited for Frank.

“I’m not gay,” Frank told Linda. “But George asked me what I would do to be able to have you. So, I offered the blowjob.” Frank knelt between George’s legs. “So what don’t you like about blowjobs?”

“It’s not that I don’t like to do it, it’s just that I’m not any good at it. I give lousy blowjobs. He hardly never cums.” Then Linda added, as if to bolster her position, “but the two times that I was able to make him cum, I did swallow.”

Still looking at Linda, but slowly stroking George’s cock, Frank told her, “Well, this is the first time I’ve ever given a blowjob. And, it will be the last. But I think if I just give him what I like, he’ll enjoy it well enough. Come sit next to me and watch. Besides, you next to me,” Frank continued, turning to George, “will help give me the confidence to do it.”

Linda knelt down next to Frank and put her arm around him. She was amazed and excited at the thought of Frank sucking off her husband, just so that he could have sex with her. Frank looked down on George’s cock, finally leaning down to take it. He hesitated just above it, then wrapped his lips around the head. He was glad that there wasn’t any pre-cum yet. He wasn’t sure how he’d be able to handle that. Otherwise, it didn’t feel much different than sucking his thumb.

Frank went down further, afraid of what it might do at the back of his throat. He came back up and bobbed on it a few times. Taking it out of his mouth, Frank took a deep breath. He glanced sideways at Linda’s tits, reminding himself why he was giving the blowjob. Frank thought about some of the things that his wife did that made her blowjobs so great. Frank looked up at George, smiled and went back down, looking George in the eye. George closed his eyes, leaned his head back, and imagined Brittney going down on him. He enjoyed the blowjob, but didn’t like the idea of watching a dude sucking him off.

Frank went down deep, checking to see how far down he could go. When George’s cock reached the back of Frank’s throat, Frank pulled back a little. He took his hand and wrapped it around the cock. It gave him a stopping point. Frank bobbed on the cock again, this time with full, quick strokes.

When he had a good mouthful of saliva, he slid his hand to the base of George’s cock. Opening his mouth at the corners, he let the saliva trickle down. Then he licked the cock, making sure it was well coated in spit. He licked the sides. Pointing it up, he licked the underside. Pointing it down, he licked the top. Satisfied that it was lubricated enough, Frank started to stroke it. He stuck out his tongue and swirled it around the head. With his lips gently closed around his stuck-out tongue, Frank went down again, letting George’s cock part his lips. He swirled his tongue around the cock in his mouth, moving it up and down the cock, while stroking with his hand. When the saliva started to dry, Frank repeated the whole process.

But this time, when he went back down on it, he twirled his head in circles. He looked left, up, right, down, and around again. Stroking George with just his thumb and fingertips, George started moaning. Frank slid down the cock, still turning his head, the cock still twirling in his mouth. Linda looked up at George and saw the pleasure on his face. She reached for Frank’s cock and held it, gently stroking. The reflexive twitch of Frank’s cock gave him renewed determination to make the other man cum. As soon as he made George Erenköy Escort cum, he would be able to screw Linda. Frank took the cock out of his mouth and flicked his tongue side to side, striking the tip of his tongue against the tip of George’s cock. He pointed the cock away from him and flicked down the underside, then back up. Taking George’s cock back in his mouth, he again twirled it in his mouth. On one of the twirls, Linda managed a kiss on Frank’s cheek.

Frank started sucking George harder, faster, and deeper. George’s hips started bucking, trying to drive his cock deeper into Frank’s mouth. Holding his breath through the orgasm, his face started to turn red. His hips no longer bucking in any rhythm, his legs twitched and jerked uncontrollably, kicking both Linda and Frank. Letting his breath out with a loud moan, George held his legs out from the bed, one leg between Linda and Frank. Then his legs went limp.

Frank knew George was close when he started to buck his hips. When his legs started jerking is when the first blast of cum hit the back of Frank’s throat. Frank almost gagged on it. He kept his mouth near the head, slowing sucking on it, beating the tip of it with his tongue. When George’s legs went limp, Frank had a mouthful of his cum. Frank went down deep. Holding his lips tight around the cock, he slowly came up. At the tip, George quickly pulled his hips back, his cock sensitive to the touch.

George’s cock no longer in his mouth, Frank turned and looked at Linda. Her look was one of amazement. Linda stood, bracing herself with Frank’s shoulder. Frank stood as well. They embraced, kissed. With mouths open to each other’s tongues, they swapped George’s cum back and forth until the volume of cum and saliva forced them both to swallow.

“I don’t care what you do with her,” an exhausted George told Frank. He slid up the bed and pulled the cover from the other side of the bed over him. “The only strength I have left after THAT blowjob is just enough to watch you two.”

In an effort to show George the prize that Frank had just won, he turned Linda around so that she faced George. Frank unclasped her bra and slid it down her arms. Burying his face in her hair at the nape of her neck, he reached around her to her breasts. Fondling them for the benefit of George, he gently pinched her nipples, rolling them with his thumbs and forefingers. Then he caressed her belly, working his way down. Holding her hips, he rubbed his hardon with her ass, working it so his cock was nuzzled between her ass cheeks.

“Ooh,” Linda cooed, “I’ve got a cock in my ass.”

“You’re not going to let him fuck your ass, are you?” George asked Linda. It was something that Linda never allowed him to do.

“No, it’s just between my cheeks. Don’t worry.”

Frank wasn’t concerned with whether he screwed her ass or not. He was just happy to be able to screw her at all after five years of fantasizing. With his hands just below Linda’s belly button, she spread her legs. Leaning her head back, she tried to kiss Frank as Frank rubbed her mound. When his finger slipped in, Linda gave a soft moan and turned around. Frank moved his hands to her ass, squeezing it hard and pulling it toward him. The fake mistletoe was rough on his hard on, but ground it against her anyway.

Linda and Frank broke the kiss and looked at each other. Linda gave Frank a look and a smile that said, “let’s fuck” and turned to the other bed. Together they pulled down the bedspread, and then climbed in. In an embrace, kissing, Frank caressed Linda more. Breaking the embrace, Frank held himself on one elbow fondling a tit, admiring the mature beauty in bed with him.

Looking down, he saw Linda’s 34B tits. The dark areolas and firm nipples made up for any size. That he was looking down at breasts he had wanted to hold for so long simply gave Frank a good feeling. He leaned over and kissed a nipple.

Moving up, Frank laid on his side. He positioned himself so that he could play with Linda and watch George watching him. Linda pulled Frank to her lips and kissed him hard and passionately. For years he had made her feel special, beautiful, and sexy. But only with her husband’s blessing would she show Frank her appreciation. Now, she was going to as fully as she could.

Frank kissed back as passionately as he was kissed. Stroking her body, he played with her petite tits. Then he followed the curve of her waist to her hips and back up again. He was admiring her body with his hand. Caressing her thigh, Linda lifted her knee. Frank ran his hand down to her knee, then back up the inside of her thigh. He rubbed right over her crotch, just teasing it. Down the inside of her near thigh, up the outside, and up to her tit again.

With the knee that was closest to Frank, Linda nudged him twice. She wanted his hand on her pussy. Wrapping her fingers lightly around his cock, Linda stroked him. Taking the hint, Frank worked his hand back down her body. Finding her pussy wet, he played with her lips, slipped a finger in. Going back and forth between her hole and her clit, he lubricated her clit for when he gave it proper attention. Linda moaned softly when Frank finally started rubbing her clit. He twisted it gently with his thumb and forefinger and it didn’t take long for Linda to slowly rock her hips.

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