The Girl or the Group? Ch. 03


Stiff Upper Lip

A new game? Jenna and Caroline chuckled at my expression. Erika found it funny, too, though she gave me a comforting squeeze as Jenna continued.

“Right. Peter’s been impressive so far. Though rather focused on a certain someone,” she added, with a knowing glance at Erika. “But he obstinately refuses to admit he gets turned on by women being sexually submissive.”

I tried to correct her. To stop whatever she was planning before it got started. But this was Jenna.

“Quiet, darling, please.” She put a finger over my mouth. “I said you’re refusing to admit it, and that’s that. So we’ll test it, and whoever gets him up decides what we do next.”

The other two seemed enthusiastic. Ah, hell. What was I in for now?

“But submissive stuff only, right,” Jenna went on, “and no physical contact – that might produce a false reading on the instrument. I mean his equipment. So we should all kneel back on the bed where we’re not touching him.”

“Hey, if we can’t touch him,” Caroline said, as they moved, “and we’re being submissive, shouldn’t we have our hands behind our backs?”

“It limits how we can express ourselves,” Erika objected.

“Hmm, but that is sort of the point,” Jenna responded. “And naked girls posed the same way, that’s on theme. Fine. The heels stay on, yes? I agree. Right. Hair brushed back. Wrists crossed behind us. Caroline, knees further apart, sweetie. Good.” She looked at me, her voice low and provocative. “What do you think, Peter? Does Sir see anything that appeals?”

The three of them, naked, kneeling round me on the bed, posed in the same erotically submissive position. Yeah, it appealed. My body started to kind of hum, my eyes devoured them, and I moistened my lips.

“We’ll take that as a yes,” Jenna smiled. “Stiff upper lip, Peter. Don’t make it too easy for us. Right, I’ll start.

“Peter, would you like to lie back there and have me kiss and suck you all over while I have to stay on my knees, with my arms behind me like this? Then make me beg you to fuck me, while I lick your feet?”

“That was a twitch!” Caroline exclaimed. Since they were all watching my dick, I didn’t think they needed any further answer.

“My turn.” It was Erika. “Peter, would you like to have me kneel like this, with my hands behind my back, but with handcuffs on, and make you come with just my mouth while you stand over me, fully clothed? Then make me lick your shoes and beg you to take me.”

I swallowed. Hard.

“A definite reading there,” said Jenna. “Copycat.” Erika stuck her tongue out. “Next.”

“Peter,” Caroline purred, “would you like to take me to a party and dance with me, then tell me to take off my clothes. And I’d have to strip myself right down to my lingerie, just a tiny bra and panties, while everyone else is still dressed. And you’d tell me to keep my hands in my hair while you felt all over my body, and teased me, even my pussy, till I was desperate to come. But you wouldn’t let me. And you’d walk me out, still like that, and we’d get in a taxi back to a hotel and I’d have to go all the way up to the room like that, and then you’d make me crawl inside, and do a really sexy striptease for you till I was completely naked, and then…”

“Bloody hell, Caroline,” Jenna interrupted. “It’s not a box set. I think we’ve got the gist of your fantasy. Which I’ll remember, sweetie. But we’re engaged in a serious enquiry into Peter’s sexual preferences here. That was very unscientific of you. Right, me again.”

Jenna composed herself, adopting her trademark seductive voice and sultry eyes.

“Peter, would you like to put me over your lap and spank me, and make me count the strokes, and then thank you?”

“I would,” Erika said.

“Yeah, me too,” drawled Caroline.

“You two are rubbish at this,” Jenna grumbled. “We’re supposed to be focusing the research effort on Peter. Come on, Erika.”

“Okay, okay,” Erika laughed. “I want to be submissive for Peter. I would just like a break from bossy English girls.” She gazed at me with a tempting smile. “Peter, would you like to blindfold me, tie me spread eagled on this bed, and edge me till I beg to serve you? Then make love to me lots of different ways, but not let me come till you give me permission?”

My dick came half erect. The three girls seemed captivated by it.

“Oh, I want to kiss it,” Caroline whispered.

“It really is a nice one,” murmured Jenna.

Erika just looked at me bright-eyed, moistened her lips, and smiled.

“My turn again,” Caroline smiled. “Peter, would you like to blindfold me, and gag me with a big ball gag, and then tie me over a chair so I’m completely helpless, with my ass in the air, totally vulnerable, and then fuck me while I can only whimper, and drool over my gag?”

“Oh, look,” said Erika. “He liked that. Mmm. Interesting, Peter.” She smiled naughtily, eyes sparkling. “What was the best part? Tying her over the chair? Taking her from behind? atalar escort The gag?”

“I think we’d all favor a gag for Caroline,” Jenna muttered, earning herself a glare from both the others.

“Hush, Jen,” Erika insisted. “I would like to hear Peter’s answer, please.”

Damn it.

“You girls are driving me crazy here,” I said, unsteadily. “Ah, I don’t know. I guess the chair. But look, you’re all gorgeous. It’s no surprise I’m getting turned on.”

“Smokescreen, Peter,” Jenna grinned. “I mean, Sir. Hmm, me again. Right. Peter, would you like to blindfold me, bend me over a table, take a crop to my bottom till it’s covered in red stripes, and screw me from behind. Then hogtie me on the table, fuck my mouth, but come on my face. Then gag me, and make me leave your cum there all day while I have to walk around heeling you, naked, with my hands tied behind my back, and kneeling whenever you stop. And then… Oh look, you would!”

“What the fuck!” Caroline looked askance at Jenna. “How many goes? Shenanigans!”

“Well, it was less than your bloody dance saga,” Jenna laughed. “And Peter’s clearly erect now, so I win. Yay me!”

Caroline looked to Erika in mute appeal, but the brunette just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Which was interesting to watch since she was still holding position. They all were.

“Well, as the winner,” Jenna said smugly, “I ought to have sex with him right now. But it will have to wait. We must clear up this dominance thing first. So my choice is that we find some belts and things and tie little Miss Netherlands here to the bed. Then the three of us can be very naughty with her – see how many orgasms she can take before she faints, that sort of thing. We’ll see exactly how she responds to being submissive. And, Peter, we’ll see just how much you like being in charge. Dominating a girl. Making her do what you want. Using her for your pleasure. Exploiting her and taking everything from her. Mmm. Now I’m getting hot.”

I admit I was excited myself at the possibilities. But it triggered a thought. Jenna was obviously about to carry on steamrollering everyone. Maybe it was time to assert myself.

“Just one moment, Miss Madden.”

“Yes, Sir?” Jenna responded, surprised, but going along with it.

“As you three are being submissive, you wouldn’t break position without my permission, right?”

“Oh. No, of course not, Sir,” Jenna purred.

“But you think I’d like to have a girl tied to the bed, to do whatever I want with. And her having no choice, just having to submit to whatever I choose?”

“Definitely, Sir.”

“Okay.” I smiled and exchanged glances with Erika. Her lips were parted and her eyes hot. She obviously had no objection to Jenna’s idea, but I was pretty sure she knew what I was thinking. She smiled back. “Then, Jenna, you stay where you are. Erika, Caroline – please could you find some things to tie her up with?”

“Ooh, that’s a rotten trick to…” Jenna started saying, with a laugh, but I silenced her, for once, by kneeling up and kissing her. Before pulling my mouth off.

“Oh,” I added. “And something to use as a gag.”

While the other two slipped off, I plundered Jenna’s mouth again. She returned my kiss enthusiastically, keeping her body still, holding position. I took advantage of this by running my hands all over her, ending up at her delicious breasts which I cupped and fondled, before rubbing her erect nipples. She pushed herself forwards into my hands.

Still kissing her, I bulldozed forward, pushing her back onto the bed and lying on top of her. Then I stretched her arms and legs out, spread-eagled, before returning to the kiss. She kept her limbs where I’d placed them. When I pulled my mouth back we were both a little breathless.

“You said you liked to be submissive to a man.”

“Yes, I did, didn’t I?” She smiled up at me. “Sir.”

Erika and Caroline reappeared with a collection of bathrobe belts and scarves. More than enough to tie Jenna spread eagled to the bed, with a pillow under her ass to lift her body beautifully. I noticed that all the women seemed familiar with this bondage stuff: the knots were secure, but not too tight around Jenna’s wrists and ankles. The English girl was well restrained, stretched out, and helpless.

As a last touch, Caroline stuffed a pair of panties – her own, I assumed – into Jenna’s mouth, and secured them with a tied scarf.

“Um. Safe word?” I asked.

“She doesn’t get one,” Caroline answered, with a wicked grin.

“It’s fine, Peter.” Erika touched my arm. “She can click her fingers. But I bet she won’t.” She looked up at me, smiling quizzically. “And I get the impression you know quite a lot about bondage, Mr Holte?”

“Right back at you, Miss Jansen.”

Our eyes searched each other, fencing as we recognized we both knew more than the other had expected. It was good-humored teasing, though. Naturally there were things we didn’t ataşehir escort know about each other. Not yet, anyway. And for all I appreciated her natural openness and honesty, I liked that there was mystery and depth as well to Erika Jansen. I liked it very much. We shared a smile of understanding.

But now it was time to concentrate on Jenna. We got to work.

Erika and Caroline were merciless, and I learned a lot about how to arouse a woman. They were slow and deliberate as they built up the heat in Jenna’s body, but gave her no respite. Starting from her feet and hands and neck and moving inwards. Kissing, licking, caressing. Using soft lips, hot tongues and delicate fingers on her most sensitive places. Rubbing their bodies against her.

At first I just watched, either the two tormentors or the eyes of their victim. From time to time I removed the gag so I could kiss Jenna and hear her moans. Then replace it, forcing her again to silence. It was particularly erotic and profound to force Jenna, of all people, to wear a gag. Each time she opened her mouth and acquiesced, I stared deep into her eyes at the moment of gagging, feeling an electric charge at seeing her submit to my dominance.

As Erika and Caroline moved on to her breasts and thighs, Jenna squirmed. It was incredibly arousing to see two gorgeous women subjecting a third to such torturous pleasure. Now I joined in, running my hands firmly over her, sucking her nipples, then licking at her pussy. Erika and I worked together, and it was beautiful to see her skilled lips and fingers bring Jenna to the brink of orgasm, her body tense and pleading, and then keep her there.

At Erika’s urging, I lay on top of Jenna and rubbed my hard dick along her pussy lips, while Erika licked at both of us and made sure Jenna didn’t get off. Caroline was sucking her nipples and caressing her. There were always at least two of us tantalizing and inflaming her body, while sometimes the third stopped to plant soft kisses on her face, or whisper in her ear, or just smile wickedly at her while tempting her with the sight of us. Jenna seemed desperate now, and had lost control of her own body. It leapt to our touch. She whimpered. Her eyes begged.

It wasn’t only our touch, or the sight of us, we used to arouse her. I’d learned how much these women could turn me on with what they said. Erika and Caroline were just as clever at teasing another girl that way.

“You should be the one to make her come, Peter,” Caroline whispered, as she lifted her lips from Jenna’s nipple. “If you’re going to let her, that is. Because we could leave her like this while we go play in the other bedroom. Just pop back every so often to keep her simmering, you know?”

“It’s up to you, Peter,” added Erika, grazing her nails down Jenna’s thighs and skimming her tongue along the lips of her pussy, stopping just short of the clitoris. “We can keep her on the brink of orgasm for as long as you like. Although I think you should let her come at some point.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Caroline murmured, as she kissed Jenna’s throat while circling both hands round the girl’s jutting nipples. “She’s played pretty rough with me before now. And she was the one wanted to prove Peter would enjoy being dominant. At the very least, you should make her beg. Oh, but you can’t beg, can you, Jen? Not with my panties in your mouth. Shame. So maybe no release for you tonight.”

Jenna moaned her protest through the gag.

“No,” I said. “I think we’ve done enough. I guess Jenna wins the argument.”

Kneeling between Jenna’s wide-spread legs, I brought my mouth to her pussy, my tongue circling her clitoris, the fingers of my right hand grazing and feathering from above. Two fingers of my left hand gently entered her, feeling her hot tightness, probing and rubbing, curling up for the G spot, judging from her body’s responses when I was pleasing her most. There. And there. Firmer and faster with my tongue across her love bud, bringing all the pressures together. Easy now. Coaxing her on, rising with her and letting it be in her way, and in her time.

But Jenna was desperate and not looking for gentleness. Okay, then. My touch grew firmer, and one hand slid up her body to fondle a breast and squeeze a nipple. Erika and Caroline were working with me too, sucking her nipples, caressing her torso and legs, licking at her neck.

“You’re tied down, Jen,” Caroline whispered, intensely. “You can’t stop him. He can do what he wants with you. And he will. You have to just lie there. And feel. Feel it all over, even if you don’t think you can bear another moment. You don’t have a choice. He’s making you.”

“And it’s so good, isn’t it?” Erika added. “You want to come so badly, don’t you darling? If he took the gag away, you’d beg. I know. But Peter hasn’t taken the gag away, has he? He’s not allowing you to talk. So you can’t even try to influence him. You just have to feel whatever he wants you avcılar escort to feel. You’re so helpless. So submissive to whatever he wants. You like to dominate us girls, but you can’t do it with him. He is dominating you. He’s tamed you, hasn’t he, Jen? He has mastered you.”

I felt the first spasms in her then, little vibrations, and my tongue and fingers mercilessly brought her up and up to her climax. Jenna’s body arched, and she moaned into her gag. Then she cried out, though the sound was muffled. I felt the release of her orgasm on my tongue, a gush of warm liquid, as I continued lapping at her and her orgasm lasted and lasted. When I judged her clitoris was in sensory overload, I used my rigid erection to rub along her pussy. She came again.

I felt Caroline’s fingers slip a condom over me, then my engorged head was at Jenna’s pussy. Her eyes were hot and moist as she gasped for breath beneath me. I teased us both for a moment, just rubbing the head against her lips and clitoris.

Then I pushed slowly in, watching her eyes widen, and feeling her body press against me as she sought to impale herself on my shaft. She was tight and hot, and so, so ready. I buried myself balls deep in her, then started long, slow thrusts. She came again, moaning and trembling, and I rode her through it. I was feeling calm, confident and in control. Massively aroused too – my dick was an iron rod – but I didn’t need to come yet. Whereas Jenna now was a prisoner of her own desperate arousal.

For long minutes I pumped into her, my movements smooth and powerful, varying the angles and depth and speed in response to her moans and the way her athletic body moved beneath me. Jenna was even more responsive than the other girls. Incredibly so. She had a voracious sexual appetite and her orgasms went on and on.

I could see a pattern. After each convulsive orgasm that made her arch her back and spasm, she came down a little with one or two more smaller climaxes. She would gasp for breath for perhaps 20 seconds, still obviously experiencing pleasure while I carried on thrusting, then tense again, have one small orgasm and then another massive one. Then the cycle repeated, I don’t know how many times. I had never encountered such a capacity for orgasms. And I was tiring. My body needed a change of position. And I was starting to worry about how Jenna’s muscles must be coping, tied up as she was.

Panting, I asked the other girls to untie her feet.

Still rigid inside her, I adjusted position so I was kneeling. Pulled her slim legs up onto my shoulders. And carried on pounding into her.

Erika, kneeling to one side, brought her mouth and fingers down to Jenna’s pussy. I watched her lick and stroke at Jenna’s clitoris, sometimes touching my dick too. Incredible. Jenna’s body seemed to vibrate beneath me, in a state of almost permanent climax.

“Caroline,” I gasped. “Can you take her gag out? Is she okay?”

Caroline did as I asked and smiled back at me.

“She’s fine, Peter. More than fine…”

Jenna’s gasps and moans were clear now.

“Uhhh… Uhhh… Uh yes… Oh… Uh… Uhhh!… Uhhhhh Yessss!”

“…Loud, though,” Caroline continued, coolly. “But I can fix that.”

Jenna’s hands were still tied to the bed, and I was holding her hips and pulling her back onto my thrusting dick while her calves rested on my shoulders. Now, Caroline swung a long leg over Jenna’s head, and knelt over her face, her back to me. Then she ground her pussy down onto the other girl.

Seeing this, Erika straddled Jenna’s waist, this time facing me, so she could kiss me and rub her breasts against me while I ploughed into her friend. While still using her cunning fingers on Jenna’s clitoris.

I still hadn’t come. God knows how many orgasms Jenna must have had. I carried on thrusting, but I was getting really fatigued now. My dick was still as hard as ever, but I was under control. Not close yet.

Caroline cried out as Jenna, incredibly, brought her to orgasm. Caroline’s moans went on and on, but eventually she rolled off Jenna’s face. Erika and I exchanged glances, and with a nod she gracefully slid off Jenna. I looked down to see the English girl breathing hard, her cheeks red, and her eyes coming back into focus to meet my gaze. She licked her lips and smiled up at me.

God. Jenna Madden was some sort of sexual super-athlete. You hear about these guys working in porn who have incredible stamina. Like one in a million biology. Jenna must be the female equivalent. My thrusts slowed, then stopped, and I just stared at her.

“Er. Have you come yet, Jenna?” My voice was operating of its own accord. But it got a laugh from the girls. And Jenna’s inner walls squeezed me.

“I think,” she replied, grinning, “under the circumstances, Peter, you can call me Jen. I mean, you’ve tied me to the bed, put my ankles over your shoulders and pounded the shit out of me.” She giggled, a surprisingly innocent sound. “Yes, I have come, thanks for asking. More times than I could count. But you haven’t, darling. I mean, Sir. And I promise, I’m not done yet. Not till I’ve returned the favor.

“But you’ve been working very hard, Sir. If you were to untie me, then you could make me do whatever you want to please you. I’d love you to take me and come inside me. But what would Sir like?”

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