The Girls Storm Cabo Day 04


I awakened to the feeling of a finger finding its way into my already wet vagina. I must have had some wonderful dreams or had been reliving the previous night, because the moment the finger entered me, I felt that warm feeling begin making its way to my still groggy brain.

On my left, Kellie was still sleeping, but Robin, on the other hand, had found her own way to wake me up. She had moved down from her pillow and now had her hot mouth ready to encapsulate one of my nipples. As she took it between her lips, I let out a small sigh and arched my pelvis a little further into her probing hand, forcing her finger a little deeper. It was soon joined by another and she began slowly pumping them in and out of me, causing me to arch a little higher, allowing her to soon put a third inside. Not only could I feel the moisture seeping from my hole, but I could hear the sounds of my vagina almost sucking on her fingers. Kellie still had not stirred.

Robin’s tongue was still busy swirling my nipple and sucking me deeper into her mouth. I could hear the tiny moans of pleasure as they emanated from both Robin and me. She slowly worked her three fingers inside me, twirling them ever so gently, trying to reach every spot inside my rapidly distending canal.

“Another…” I whispered.

She stopped sucking my tit and looked up at me with a little smile and a wink as she inserted the fourth finger inside. She began stroking them into me slowly, continuing her twisting motion, causing me to lubricate more profusely. The sound of my now drenched sloppy sex would surely wake Kellie. I turned my head again and saw her still soundly in dreamland.

Grinding down against Robin’s fingers, the wet sounds were unbelievable. I arched tight against her hand and she slowly withdrew her digits, bringing them to my mouth, making me, or should I say allowing me to suck my juices from them.

Satisfied they were sucked clean, she slowly trailed them back to my now gaping hole and easily slid them back in. She looked me in the eyes with a question. I just nodded a little and felt her bend her thumb under allowing it to join the rest of her fingers. She slowly began to slide her hand into me.

“Oh God that feels soooo………..good!” I whispered hoarsely.

Kellie stirred and opened her eyes.

“What’s going on?” she asked coyly.

All I could do was grin and point to Robin’s hand now buried in my crotch.

“Need any help?” she asked.

I wasn’t sure who she was asking, but Robin didn’t answer so I thought I might as well.

I answered her with a motion to plant her vagina on my face. She didn’t need a second invitation as she slid up the bed and flipped a leg over my head and knelt with her already moistening womanhood inches from my mouth. She grasped the headboard and lowered herself onto my waiting tongue. The heady aroma of her glistening juices only enflamed my arousal, causing me to push back against Robin’s probing hand now completely buried in my vagina. I was so wet!

Trying to keep my sanity, I focused on Kellie. I shoved my tongue into her pink hole, moving it side to side, drumming it against her walls. I heard a loud moan above me, and, I knew I was doing it right. She began to grind her swollen lips against my lips and chin, juices running all over my face.

“Suck my clit!” she screamed.

My tongue left her hole and found its way up to her swollen bud. Sucking it into my mouth, I swear I could feel it throbbing as I fellated her clit like a small cock. My only regret was that it couldn’t shoot a load when she came. Her thighs began to tighten against the side of my head and I knew she was going to cum.

“Suck my lips! Swallow my pussy! Oh God…………..I’m gonna cum!” she actually shrieked.

Her body began to shake and she forced her lips tight against my mouth and began to orgasm. I felt her contracting over and over against my face and felt Robin quicken her pace. She then pulled me up with the arm attached to the hand buried in me and slid under me, sliding her tongue into my butt. As her tongue found my puckered little hole I lost it.

Uhnnnnnnnnnnnn…………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned with my lips still attached to Kellie’s sex. I could feel my belly tighten up and waves began coursing through my body as the orgasm heightened. Just when I thought I was peaking, Kellie began peeing.

I sucked harder on her, swallowing constantly to keep from drowning. astalavista porno The sudden shot hitting my throat caused me to totally lose control. I couldn’t have released my lips from hers if I had wanted. Over and over I came on Robin’s hand, now stationary in my contracting hole. It ended when Kellie stopped filling my mouth with her golden nectar.

I was spent.

Kellie swung off me, smiled and said “Thanks!”

I looked down at Robin between my legs still licking my little puckered ring and rolled my eyes.

“Enough!” I ordered.

Robin slowly began removing her hand from me. As it finally slid out, I felt almost empty. As Robin offered her goo covered hand to Kellie, I ran my hand down between my legs. As I ran my hand over my mound, the sticky wetness was every where. Down my fingers went between my lips. The only word to describe it was………gaping. Just for laughs I easily slid four fingers inside and scooped out some of that lubrication that continued to flow from me. Removing the fingers, I brought them to my mouth sucking the delicious juice that coated the.

“What a way to start a day!” I proclaimed as I smacked my lips.

The others had finally started to show signs of life and soon the kitchen was full of some very hung-over ladies.

“Juice! I need juice!” Julie proclaimed.

“What kind?” Shauna mused.

“Orange! You slut!” Julie said as she gave her an evil look. “For now, anyway!” she added.

We all just lazed around and no one wanted to plan our day.

About ten, Molly came over with a long look on her face.

“Trouble in paradise. We’re going to have to cut the trip a day or so short. We have to get back home and take care of some kid problems” she sort of whined. “You can stay though, and we’ll send the plane back to get you.”

Almost in unison, we all said “Nonsense! We will go back with you.”

So that was the bad news. The good news was we didn’t have to leave until the following morning.

“Well I know what I want to do!” Kellie said with a very confident air.

“What’s that?” asked Robin.

“Well, when we were downtown I noticed there was a club that had an amateur night “wet-tee shirt” contest, and I want to go!” she stated bluntly.

“Julie giggled and added “I’m game. Why not?”

It was decided. We were going to all be college girls for a night: drunk, stupid and horney.

“Contest starts at eight, so we’d better get there by seven to drink our courage up” I told them. “We all do it!”

No one seemed hesitant so we planned to leave about six-thirty and walk to town.

Shauna went back to the bedroom and came out with a little gift box.

“From all of us, for your great hospitality and friendship!” she said with a smile, handing it to me.

I quickly opened it finding a beautiful ivory box, intricately carved on the sides. The top was absolutely stunning. Two women locked in a scissors and obviously in the throws of orgasm.

“To remind you of our trip!” Kellie added.

“It’s beautiful, ladies. Thank you so much!” I blushed.

“Just save a little of that for tonight!” Julie giggled.

“I’d planned on it!” I replied. “I’d planned on it!”

We decided to hand around the pool and get some more sun for the afternoon, so we got into our suits and headed poolside.

We spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool and drinking Margaritas. By the time five o’clock rolled around we were all pretty silly.

“Let’s go get cleaned up!” I suggested. “Before we get dirty!”

There were a number of looks as we all left poolside, wobbling back up to the condo. As we opened the door, we all raced for the bathrooms to shower. Robin and I got into one shower, and the others went to the other bathroom to get ready.

I was first in and Robin was quickly behind me, grabbing a breast as she entered. She turned my nipple in her fingers and then dropped her mouth to the other side, swallowing my nipple into her hot mouth. I backed up against the wall and let her have her way with the girls. She switched sides a few times and then lowered herself to the shower floor and stuck her tongue deep into my swollen pussy.

I grabbed the back of her head and forced her tongue deeper inside me, feeling that snaky tongue swabbing my vaginal walls, licking the juices from me that had been building up all afternoon by the pool. It wasn’t long and I was asyalı porno bucking against her face, feeling myself spasm uncontrollably as she lapped and sucked my hole.

I finally pushed her away and she got up with a big smile on her face.

“That should get you ready for tonight!” she said with a giggle.

“That’s all I need! Wet panties and a wet tee shirt!” I replied.

“You want me to return the favor?” I asked.

“I believe I’ll wait!” she said with some authority in her voice. “I believe I’ll wait!”

We quickly finished showering and got out, drying off as we entered the bedroom.

“What are you going to wear?” she asked.

“Well……..I thought I’d wear a little jean mini and the tee I bought in San Francisco. You know the one..”Two drinks from a little girl on girl action””!

“They’ll make us wear the bar’s tee shirts for the contest!” Robin stated.

“I know, but I have to wear something to get there!” I laughed.

“Then I’ll wear mine, too! And a jean mini. They’ll think were twins!”

“I laughed again, “I doubt it!”

“Panties?” she asked.

‘Pink to match!” I said. “You bring yours?”

“Of course!”

We were quickly dressed and out into the living room.

One by one the other three girls entered. Everyone had on a very short skirt, tank top, and not a bra among them.

“Don’t you two look cute?” Shauna giggled. “Matching shirts!”

Simultaneously Robin and I lifted the skirts and showed our panties that had the same logo on them. “Everything!”

“Is everyone wearing something to cover their “hooha”? Julie asked.

Skirts were raised and all were covered.

“They’ll all look good wet!” Shauna laughed.

“Mine are already a little damp!” said Kellie. “And I just put them on!”

It was time to leave so we exited the condo and began our half mile walk to town. Everyone was still a little tipsy but in short order we had finished the walk and had arrived. It was just a little after seven when we entered. The crowd was not huge, but there were not many empty tables.

The young man at the door welcomed us with a big smile. “You ladies here for a drink?”

“The wet tee-shirt contest!” Kellie spouted.

“Right this way. I’ll get the manager over to explain how it works. This is great!” he said still grinning.

He seated us at a table on the side of the bar and shortly came back with the manager.

“My name is Robert. Welcome!” then added “You ladies want to show off a little tonight?”

We all spoke in unison “Absolutely!”

“Well then here’s the deal. You’ve got to all sign this form; basically releasing us from responsibility should pictures of you hit the internet. Can’t control those cell phone cameras. We’ll provide you with a free tee-shirt from the bar. You can do what ever you like to it, because it’s yours. Also, contestants get free drinks until closing. The top prize is 250US and every contestant gets 50 in credit at our gift shop. You can’t lose!”

“Where do I sign?” asked Kellie.

Robert handed us the forms and we all read them and signed the bottom.

“What about the naked rule?” Kellie asked in a coy little voice.

“”Robert smiled a little and said “We don’t encourage it, but sometimes you know how crazy people get. Just don’t take off all your clothes. We’ll get in trouble!”

“I get it!” Kellie giggled.

Everyone started out with frozen Mango Margarita’s and by the time it was nearing eight, we had all drank a snoot full. The bar had gotten pretty crowded and I knew we were in trouble.

The manager came to our table to get us and took us in the back to get ready. It was then I knew we were in real trouble. Not another contestant in sight.

“No other brave souls?” I asked.

He just shook his head and said with a grin “You ladies are it.!”

We all just looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

He gave us our shirts and told us to change.

Before he had left the back, we had stripped off our shirts and put the bar’s on.

“Very clever, but thin!” Shauna remarked.

“I think that’s the point! No pun intended!” I replied.

Robert came back and saw we were ready.

“Any questions?” he grinned.

“Go over the rules again!” Kellie quizzed.

He just shook his finger at her and said “You can’t get naked!”

“Ready?” he asked. “Follow me!”

We duş porno followed him out on the small stage and the crowd went nuts; mostly young guys, but a few girls and also a few older men. It looked like they were all having a good time.

“Want to see some wet tee-shirts?” he screamed.

The bar erupted with a loud cheer.

Too late to back out now.

The DJ started playing some old Santana and we just started dancing for everyone. Out came the seltzer bottles and the manager handed one to a guy up front, motioning him on stage.

“Pick your girl!” Robert told him.

Since Robin had the biggest set, he went right for her and soaked her good. The crowd was going crazy now, as Robin’s areola and stiff nipples were clearly visible through the drenched shirt. She squeezed her titties together and shook them a little for the crowd.

A very drunk girl was next to get a chance to soak someone. She looked us over and then turned and stuck the seltzer bottle up my shirt and pulled the trigger. The cold water shot up the tee and drenched my chest, causing my already stiff nipples to strain even harder. I stuck my hands up inside the shirt and cupped my breasts, squeezing my nipples. Then, on a whim, I pulled up the tee, completely exposing my hard titties.

At that point, I remembered cell cameras. They were going off all over, but mainly right down front. Everyone was hollering for more.

Another guy came up and hosed Shauna down. She pulled up her tee and tied it under her breasts, just barely covering them. Her nipples poked through the shirt like it wasn’t there.

We were having a ball.

Julie was the next to get it. She pulled her wet shirt tight, nearly ripping the material with her bullet hard nipples. She gave them a little pinch and there was another round of applause from the crowd.

All of this was definitely making me wet, and I don’t mean from the water.

One more to go. Kellie was still dry up top and another girl got to soak her. In the tee shirt, you couldn’t tell what Kellie’s tits looked like so when she got her shirt wet and it clung tightly against her chest, those magnificent areola of hers were swollen golf ball size and her nipples poled skyward from her small breasts.

“Show us your tits!” someone yelled from the crowd.

We all looked at each other and almost simultaneously pulled out shirts up, giving the crowd what they wanted.

Robert came back on stage now and continued to hose us down as we danced around stage. I could see the flush of arousal on all the ladies as we got more suggestive on our dancing. Cameras continued to flash and I knew before morning we’d probably be on U-tube or some posting site. We were too drunk to care.

Kellie finally broke into her slut unleashed mode and knelt down on the floor in front of several guys. When she knelt down, I knew her little mini was somewhere up around her waist and she was giving them a good panty shot.

I was right as I glanced over she was opening and closing her legs in front of them, each time spreading a little wider and showing her little panties, which I was pretty certain were just as wet as her tee. The guys were going nuts over it.

Soon Robert came back out on stage and quieted the crowd a bit.

“What do you think?” Robert asked the crowd.

They all cheered and held up beers and glasses.

“These ladies are all here together. First timers! All winners?”

A loud cheer erupted from the crowd.

We just stood there, still showing our stuff a little, my panties were absolutely soaked from the excitement of our little show. It was a total gas. Robert finally escorted us off stage and we went in the back room with him.

“You can change if you like, but if you keep the shirts on, you drink free the rest of the night. And your prize is a brand new hundred dollar bill each and you can choose three things each from our souvenir shop. How’s that?”

“Perfect!” Kellie squealed.

We hung around the bar for nearly an hour, drinking free and receiving many compliments and quite a few offers.

Two guys hit pretty hard on Kellie, but she just told them this was a girl’s night out and that men were not allowed. Little did they know?

Around ten we went through the gift shop and picked out little goodies to remind us of our adventure. I thought it was funny that everyone picked up a thong with the bar’s name on it. The stories they will tell! We thanked Robert for the opportunity and began the trek home. It seemed a lot further than going to the bar.

When we finally arrived, we all got in the hot tub and then headed to bed, dog tired and really ready to go home early.

Next time we’re going to meet in Vegas.

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