Subject: The gondola ride Disclaimer: The following short story is a work of fiction which features sexual activity between a teenage boy and a grown man. If you do not want to read such a story, or it is illegal for you to do so because of your age or where you live, then I recommend you go read something else instead. If you can, please support Nifty with a financial donation – whatever you can afford – so that this archive of stories can remain free and available. Just go to fty/ Young Brian was in the back seat of the car as the family headed out to the ski resort for a day of fun. His nylon snow suit was like oil as he slid an inch or two in each direction while seated. That made his young boy cock begin to stiffen. He looked to the front seat to make sure the adults weren’t looking, then squeezed himself through the nylon. Shivers of anticipation and pleasure pulsed through his body. These feelings had been becoming more frequent recently, and he knew that his boy cock was meant to provide him with pleasure. His mental reverie was interrupted as they turned into the resort. Soon they would be out in the snow! Brian gathered all of his things and stepped out of the car, glad that the puffy nylon hid the bulge in his crotch. After all of the fees were paid, everyone was on line for the long aerial tramway ride to the top of the mountain. As they were ushered into available cars, Brian’s parents ended up being the last in their car, and Brian was left, no one behind him in line. His parents waved to him and said “enjoy the ride,” as it looked as if he would be alone in his own car on the way to the summit. Brian stepped into the gondola, excited at the prospect of being alone so his still-hard boy cock could rub against the nylon of his snowsuit without drawing any attention. He stood at the front of the cab as he looked out the windows at the mountain, pushing his swollen boy cock against the edge of the car. He wondered if he might get “that feeling” on the ride! Just seconds before the door closed, another kırklareli escort passenger jumped into the car. Brian turned to look and saw a handsome man, probably mid-30s, with a beard and a big smile! “Almost didn’t make it,” the man said breathlessly. Brian almost immediately noticed that the man had on the same brand name snowsuit as he did! The man noticed, too. “Looks like we are twins this morning. This brand of nylon suit is the best for skiing!” He smiled as he acknowledged that he was paying attention to how Brian looked. Just about that time, the cab lurched as it began the long journey to the top. “Is this your first time here?” the man asked. Brian answered in his squeaky voice, “the first time this year, but not the first time to this resort.” “Yeah, I love it here,” the man said. “Great snowpack and a roaring fire in the lodge when you get done!” Both smiled as the ascent began. The man sat down with his back to the forward window. Brian moved to the back of the cab and also sat, facing the man, who continued to look at Brian and smile. The first five minutes or so of the ride were uneventful. Then the tramway came to a halt. An announcement came over the cabin loudspeaker. “There’s nothing to worry about, passengers. We’ve got to make a minor adjustment to the pulley at the top of the mountain. Should have you on your way again in ten or fifteen minutes.” Since the view was incredible and the cab was heated, Brian wasn’t concerned. (It would give him a few more minutes to scope out his fellow passenger!) Brian stood up and moved to the front of the cab and looked out the window into the cab in which his parents were passengers. He couldn’t see them clearly, as they were on the opposite side of the cab, and there was some distance between them. “Looking for someone?” the man asked. “My parents are in the next cab,” Brian said. “I was just checking to see if I could see them, but there is too much distance.” “Yeah, everyone is okay, it seems,” said the man. “This actually kırşehir escort happens quite often on this tram. Nothing to worry about.” As Brian stood and looked out, he noticed the snow starting to swirl around them. “Fresh powder!” exclaimed the man. As he turned to take in the view, the man’s nylon suit made that crisp noise the fabric makes. “How do you like your snowsuit?” the man asked, looking at Brian. “It’s good,” Brian said. “Only my third time wearing it for skiing.” “Does yours have the double zipper, or is the boys version single zipper?” the man asked. “I’m not sure,” said Brian. The man reached over and pulled the front of Brian’s jacket zipper down. “Yours is a double, too, but you don’t have it zipped up yet,” said the man. “I guess I don’t know how,” said Brian. “Let me help you,” said the man. He continued to pull down on the jacket zipper until it was all the way undone. Then he pulled the sides of the jacket apart to reveal a hidden seam in which the second zipper was found. As he did so, his hands brushed against Brian’s sides, and the tickling feeling caused Brian to giggle. “Ticklish, huh?” said the man with a smile. “Yeah,” said Brian, also with a boyish grin. The man purposefully tickled Brian a little more, causing him to gasp in a mixture of response and attraction. “Let me find that second zipper,” the man said, as his hands dug into the hidden seam. As he did so, his hands brushed up against Brian’s still-throbbing boy cock, which seemed to stay perpetually hard. The man stopped for a second and looked directly into Brian’s face. “Was that what I think it was?” he asked with a grin. “I can’t help myself,” said Brian. “It’s like that all the time.” The man’s grin got even wider. “Yes, I remember when it was like that for me as well.” His hand actually squeezed Brian’s boy cock through the nylon. Brian thrust his hips into the man’s groping as a gasp left his lips. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” said the man. “Yeah,” Brian answered as he continued to thrust into the man’s kızılay escort touch. “Look out the window,” the man said “Can anyone see us?” Brian looked. The swirling snow encapsulated them in their own world. “I don’t think so,” said Brian. “Let me show you how your other zipper works,” said the man. He tugged at the zipper on Brian’s snow pants, quickly sliding it down, and then reaching it to feel Brian’s turgid tool through his tighty-whiteys. “Ooooooo, that feels good,” the man said. Brian moaned and continued to thrust his hips. The man reached up and pulled the front of Brian’s underwear down, releasing his boy cock right in the man’s face. Again, Brian moaned and thrust. “That looks so tasty,” the man said, just before he swallowed Brian’s boy cock all the way into his mouth. Brian’s moans were even louder as he continued to thrust into the man’s mouth. The man came off Brian’s boy cock for a short sentence: “give it to me.” Brian’s thrusting became a frantic in-and-out of the man’s mouth, his pleasure mounting increasingly. The man’s tongue worked the underside of Brian’s boy cock, heightening the pleasure even more than Brian thought possible. “I’m getting that feeling,” Brian gasped, looked down at the man’s mouth on his cock. “Mmmmmmmmm,” the man hummed, adding another layer of pleasure to the feeling. “Ohhhhhhhhhh….” Brian moaned, as that feeling erupted into a full orgasm. The man felt Brian’s boy cock spasm in his mouth, getting even harder than it had been before. He continued his sucking while Brian bucked and moaned, not wanting the pleasure to end. Finally, though, it did. Though his cock was still as hard as it had been before this unexpected opportunity, the man put it back inside his snow pants and covered it with his tighty-whiteys, squeezing it again gently. Then he zipped up the snow pants and patted the still-throbbing bulge again from the outside. “That was nice. Thank you,” he said. Brian sighed another moan before his wobbly legs forced him to sit right next to the man, their nylon snow suits rubbing up against each other. “Wow…” said Brian. “Yes, I know,” said the man. Just about that time, the cab lurched, and the journey to the summit began again. “This was a ride to remember,” the man said with a grin. Brian smiled back at him in agreement.

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