The Guys At IHOP With Kelly

Big Tits

It was November of 1999. Kelly and I had fallen into an odd tradition. Patrick was our close friend from high school. We’d had four-ways with he and Yvonne countless times over a number of years. Unfortunately, they broke up and Yvonne married a dud. However, Patrick has always been Kelly’s number two.Even after we moved a couple of states away, we would get together a few times each year and Patrick and Kelly would fuck. It had kind of worked out that we would get together the weekend before Thanksgiving every year. The holidays were always that stressful time of the year for everyone, but we would take that weekend for just the three of us to relax, have fun, and fuck our brains out.Kelly really looked forward to it. After decades of practice, the three of us knew how to dance. We would leave Kelly invigorated and ready for the holidays and the crappy cold months ahead. Not surprisingly then, when Patrick called and explained the situation that had come up, causing him to cancel his trip, we were supportive, but inside, Kelly was deeply disappointed.On Halloween night a few weeks prior, we ended up at an IHOP where Kelly and our friend Lisa fucked the young black manager who had an impressive schlong. The fact that it was pretty much just a quickie gave me plenty of fodder to tease Kelly with when we fucked over the following weeks.So, it was kind of my fault that I kept his cock in her head. She brought it up during our next fuck session after Patrick backed out. “I might need to go find Calvin since Patrick bailed on me. That big cock of his is just what I need to get me straight.”I was a little caught off guard for just a moment but then said, “You know what? You’re right. You need to find that cock, let it fuck the hell out of you, and leave you panting. I think that black snake is exactly what you need right now.”Kelly knew I wasn’t just teasing her and I think that in turn left her a tad off guard. That was early in the week. Friday after work, she asked if I wanted to go out and then maybe have some pancakes to finish the night. It had been a rough week, and I really wasn’t up to it escort izmit but assured her that she was always able to go do anything that she wanted. We went to bed together.It was sometime after two a.m. that I heard Kelly in the bathroom. I nodded back asleep and woke up a while later and she was still in there. The next time that I came around, I heard the garage door close.When Kelly walked into the IHOP, she was the only customer. In a moment, Calvin appeared and seated her. He clearly didn’t recognize her. Who could blame him? On Halloween night Kelly was totally decked out as Elvira, the Mistress of Darkness, with the black wig, heavy makeup, black dress, the whole look.This night she had her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had slipped on a gray sweatshirt, matching sweat pants, and a pair of Uggs.Calvin returned with her drink, and both he and Kelly seemed eager to engage in conversation. Her smile tends to bring that out of folks. After five minutes or so, Kelly asked, “You don’t remember me, do you?” Calvin was genuinely confused. “My friends and I were in here Halloween night.” Still nothing. “You shot your cum right here,” and with that, she lifted her sweatshirt exposing her huge 36G tits and pointed to the spot between her tits where Calvin left his load.Kelly was surprised to see just how red a man who was that black could turn. Kelly reassured him, “Don’t be embarrassed. Your cock is the reason I came back.” At that moment, Calvin got his swagger back. He sat down next to Kelly in the booth and put his face in her chest and licked and sucked her tits firmly and for a long time, just how she loved it. She damn near came just from him sucking her nipples.Calvin broke off and got up, saying he’d be back in a moment. He went into the back of the restaurant. When he reappeared, he went over and locked the front door. Then he offered Kelly his hand and led her to the other side of the dining room, the ‘closed’ section where the lights had been turned off.Standing in front of her, Calvin kicked off his shoes and then dropped his slacks and boxers. Naked from izmit escort the waist down, all Kelly could see was his magnificent black cock that was rapidly growing to its seven-plus-inch length. She hungrily gulped his cock down her throat. Calvin was very impressed that her nose was on his pubic bone and his cock was in her throat.After several minutes, he started tugging at Kelly’s sweatshirt. Kelly released his cock and then stood up. Calvin peeled her sweatshirt over her head. Kelly kicked off her boots and then dropped her sweat pants. In addition to having forgotten her bra, she’d also forgotten her panties. Calvin looked at her bare pussy like a wolf about to take down a deer. Her cunt was flowing in anticipation.Calvin lifted Kelly by her butt and sat her on a table. She hung onto his neck as he rubbed his cock up and down her slit. Calvin’s cock was uncut and his bright pink head was fully exposed, stunningly hard and shining as though it had been waxed.Kelly was moaning hard as he continued to rub his cock through her slit. Calvin sped up and stayed focused on her clit. Kelly wrapped her legs up and around Calvin’s ass. She was instinctively trying to pull his cock into her cunt. Calvin wasn’t ready. Kelly gasped and then moaned loudly, “Oh fuuuck,” as she came and squirted her cum onto his cock.Before she could hope to recover, Calvin reached around his neck, releasing her hands, laying her back flat onto the table, and he shoved his big prick into her as he laid down her hands. The moment he was in, he had one only speed: Fast as Hell.Kelly’s tits were flying wildly. She grasped the edges of the table to keep Calvin’s cock from pushing her off the table. She came again and then yet again moments later. Eventually, Calvin slowed down. He peeled his shirt off, and some beads of his sweat dripped onto Kelly’s chest.Calvin reached his arms behind Kelly’s knees, he leaned forward and told her to grab his neck. Then he picked her up. As he stood there, he lifted and dropped her way up and down on his long prick. Kelly absolutely loved the experience izmit kendi evi olan escort and had a smile that couldn’t be wiped from her face.Then Calvin started to walk, as she rode his cock. Kelly loved that too. They headed for the lit dining room. That made Kelly even wetter thinking that some passing car could perhaps catch a glimpse of her being fucked in the air by a huge dick. Then he headed toward the kitchen. Kelly wasn’t concerned. It was a superb fucking he was giving her.Kelly heard another voice whoop and yell a bunch of “No shit!” and “Holy fuck!” Calvin stood still and bounced Kelly up and down even more vigorously on his cock. Kelly felt large hands reach around from the back and grab her huge tits. She saw the hands were also black. Then the hands moved down to her ass.Calvin slowed to a stop. Kelly got a glimpse of another handsome young black man. Then she felt a tongue licking her ass all the way down to her butt hole and then it worked its way inside of her. Calvin started to slowly fuck her again. The tongue pulled out and was replaced by a long finger wiggling in her butt. Feeling two men taking care of her like that quickly got Kelly off again.Calvin carried her on his cock back to the dining room and then laid her down on a table in the middle of the dining room. She heard chairs being pulled away. He laid her down and Kelly let her head drop back off the edge of the small table. She saw that the other man was quite young, maybe in his early twenties, maybe in his late teens?He stood with his cock and balls over Kelly’s face. Kelly was surprised that he was hairless. Kelly sucked and rolled his bare sack. Calvin was fucking her slowly all that time. In between laps on his ball sack, Kelly asked the young one his name. “Jamal,” he replied.“I like your cock, Jamal. Nice and hairless. My favorite kind!” Kelly licked to the tip of his cock. Jamal was also uncut but his head seemed stuck behind his foreskin. She moved the tip of his cock with her tongue, dropped her head back and Jamal impaled her throat. Jamal’s cock was just a smidge shorter than Calvin’s.Something that really struck Kelly was how respectful both Jamal and Calvin were being with her. Jamal fucking her throat and Calvin fucking her cunt, on one of Jamal’s out-strokes, Kelly said, “You’re both so fucking long, are you sure you’re not bumping into each other inside there?”

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