The Hairdresser Ch. 03


A short description of myself and my mom before I continue my story.

My name is Nisha and I am from Sri Lanka, a beautiful country with even more beautiful beaches and sexy women. I am 18 and most people describe me as a tom boy. This is mainly because my hair is cut short and I don’t have big breasts compared to my mom. She has a gorgeous pair of 34d’s that are all natural. Though I have 30b’s, I have a fantastic figure with wide hips, narrow waist and a tummy most women would kill for. This is because I love sports and work out at least 3 hours a week. My legs are long and nicely muscled and well suited to my 5 foot 9 inch frame. I do get hit on by lesbians more than guys and that sometimes bothers me. My mom Anusha is 39 and most of my physical traits are from her, except the short hair and small boobs. She is a widow, since dad died when I was 14. She never remarried and I never really caught her even looking at a man after dad’s death.

Everything changed after I met the sexy hairdresser Sharon. I returned home fulfilled and tired. I took a long shower thinking about my encounter with Asha and Sharon. I could still feel the strap on entering her ass. I refrained from playing with myself since I felt more than satisfied with the experience with Asha and Sharon. I went to our entertainment room and was watching a movie when my mom came home. She came into the room and I was amazed to notice how sexy she looked. She was wearing a pair of tight pants that showed off her butt and I was intrigued by the way the pants showed off the outline of her crotch.

“Hey, how was your massage?” I looked away from her crotch hurriedly wondering if she had noticed my gaze.

“It was wonderful,” I said, trying not to look at her eyes. I couldn’t help looking at her gorgeous breasts that were pressing against the overcoat she wore. I wondered how her breasts looked underneath and as if she heard my thoughts she stretched and removed her jacket, exposing the tight t-shirt she wore underneath. Her breasts seem larger than life and I was amazed how long it took me to realize how gorgeous my mom really is. Suddenly the pair of breasts I was admiring started coming towards me and before I could react my face was buried in them as I received a hug from my mom.

“What is it sweetie? You look as if you have seen a ghost,” she said, holding me. I stopped myself from reaching out and biting her skin and resorted to try and break my second and third fingers against the chair as a distraction. Finally I decided to hug her back feeling the softness of her breasts against my face.

She released me and sat down next to me on the couch. So tell me what they did to you at the massage she asked innocently. But I had a hard time keeping my face the same color. I pretended to look at the TV screen and answered her in the most normal way possible.

“Well at least give your mom a shoulder rub,” she said turning her back to me. I reached across and started to knead her shoulders.

“Oh gosh, you are good at this!” she exclaimed and she shifted herself so that she was closer to me. I parted my legs to give her room and soon she was really close to me. I was wearing a short wrap around skirt and it rode up to expose my panties. My mom kept leaning back into me so that her shoulders were virtually on my b cups. I got a good look at her cleavage and the sexy bra she was wearing. After a while her head was leaning against my shoulder and I started to rub her arms. My hands brushed the sides of her breasts more than once. Every time they brushed against her bra I shuddered. I found it difficult not to look down her t-shirt. The rhythmical rise and fall of her chest pushed her breasts up and down in the most erotic fashion. I could make out her nipples against the thin material of her t-shirt. I wondered how they would taste in my mouth. These thoughts did nothing to reduce the moisture level of my pussy. I was dying to touch my pussy but I was so scared. Then I realized that my mom had fallen asleep. One of her hands lay on my leg.

I reached over and put my hands on her tummy and hugged her to me. She moaned in her sleep sinking further into me. I was dying to touch her boobs but my hands refused to do my bidding. I smelled her perfume and found it irresistible. So I kissed her cheek once. I kissed her again. I wanted to kiss her lips so much. My pussy was so wet now that I had to touch it. I took one of my hands and pushed it under my mom. My hand reached my pussy and started to rub it over my panties. It was hard to move my hand as my mom was literally on top of me. The feel of her body on mine was so comforting and erotic at the same time. Her body was soft and warm. She seemed so lovely and serene in her sleep.

It must have been the blood flowing rapidly to my head that made me do it, but I suddenly I found that my hand was on one of my mom’s breasts. I almost jumped out of the couch when I saw my hand there. I could feel escort portalı her nipple hard under my hand. I couldn’t remember how long it had been there. I almost jumped again when my mom moaned in her sleep. I watched in horror as her hand descended on mine, keeping it firmly in place. My heart was beating like a jack hammer. I started to squeeze her breast and she moaned some more. I managed to get hold of her lovely nipple and started to roll it between my thumb and forefinger. The thin material of her bra cup made things easier. My other hand put some pressure on my pussy. I loved the feel of her hard nipple in my hand. This was getting crazier by the minute and I was regretting the whole thing and the blessed phone came to my rescue. It rang and my mom jumped off the couch. I took my hand off her like lightning.

“Oops, I must have dosed off!,” she said as she answered the phone. I straightened my skirt and pretended to watch the movie. During the phone call, I noticed my mom looking at me. I met her gaze once and turned back to the movie hurriedly. After she finished the call, she went to her room. I followed her a few minutes later. I could hear the water running in the shower and as I moved closer, I could hear moaning sounds coming from inside. It was as if she was masturbating. The moans grew louder. I wanted to do something daring. I knocked on the door.

“Mom! Are you alright?” I asked. The moaning stopped abruptly and I heard the water stop. She opened the door wearing a bath towel. Her face was flushed and she looked at me guiltily.

“What is the matter?” she asked.

“I thought I heard a noise.”

“No, it was me humming,” she replied.

“Well, it sounded as if you were in pain,” I said pushing the door a little looking down at her cleavage.

“No, I am fine,” she replied failing to meet my gaze.

“Can I soap your back or something,” I asked.

She looked at me and after a moment’s hesitation, she nodded. I went in and undressed down to my panties and bra. She looked at me curiously, but said nothing. Her face became redder as it took in the flatness of my stomach and rested on my small perky breasts.

“Do you think I am sexy, Mom?”

“Of course you are. I bet guys go crazy over you!”

“Girls go crazy over me.”



“Like who?”

“Sharon and Asha.”

“Oh my god! Really?”


I walked over to her and turned the shower on. I started to rub her back. She shivered as I rubbed her back, my body inches away from her.

“Mom, I feel attracted to Sharon,” I whispered.

She said nothing. I felt her body stiffen. I moved closer, my hands moving towards her tummy, my body getting drenched by the spray. I was hugging her now, my body resting gently against her. My hands moved up and down her body avoiding her breasts. I waited for her reaction. She had her eyes closed.

“Nisha can you soap me now?”

“Yes mom.”

I took some liquid soap and turned her around to face me. I worked up the foam in my hands an started with her neck moving lower. She kept her eyes closed. I pushed her to the wall and made her rest against it. Her arms fell to her sides enjoying my hands. My hands rubbed soap on her breasts. I purposely lingered on her nipples. They were rock hard. She shuddered but said nothing. I got bolder. I lightly squeezed her nipples between my fingers and moved down lower to her motherly tummy. I ran my hands all over her tummy making it slippery and my heart skipped a beat as I moved lower. Her pussy was shaved and my hands teased her thighs.

“Where else do you want me to soap you mom?” I asked, my voice a croak.

She didn’t respond, but I realized that she had parted her legs a little. My hand inched closer to her shaved pussy. Finally, my hand covered her mound. She had her eyes closed but her mouth was open and I detected small moaning sounds escaping her lips. Her lips were full and sexy and I moved towards them. Before long my mouth was on hers. My hand was sliding along her mound, exploring and parting her lips. I started to suck her lips. She didn’t respond. I kept kissing her. I started to rub my body against her, sliding up and down. She shivered, moaning into my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her open mouth. Still there was no response from her. I moved my mouth away from her.

“Kiss me, Mom,” I ordered her and she reached forward. I kissed her hard and she responded. My tongue played with hers tasting her saliva. My pussy was dripping wet. I kept sliding my body against hers. Her hands reached behind me and unsnapped my bra and slid it up so that my breasts rubbed against hers. My nipples were hard and I kept kissing her. She said something that I could not hear. I leaned closer to hear what she said.

“My ass needs to be soaped Nisha,” she moaned. I bent a little and she spread her legs more to allow my escort gaziantep portalı hands to reach under her pussy. My fingers went past her perineum. She gripped my shoulders hard as my fingers inched towards her anus. I rubbed the rim and finally slipped inside her tight ass. She screamed with pleasure and her hands tightened on my shoulders.

“Go right in sweetie,” she urged. I pushed my finger up to its hilt. She started to move against my finger.

Since my face was in line with her large breasts, I started to kiss them. Her nipples were big and dark. I sucked them into my mouth as my finger fucked her ass. She pulled my face to her breasts urging me to suck them. I moved to her other breast sucking the thick nipple into my mouth. She turned the shower on washing the soap off and pushed my face down, her gesture unmistakable.

My tongue traveled along her tummy moving towards her hairless pussy. I knelt by her. I moved closer to her pussy and she met me halfway. I started sucking it like a madwoman, exploring every part of her lips. Her pussy fluid tasted awesome and I kept pushing my tongue against it. She groaned as she met my thrusting tongue. My finger kept moving in and out of her anus. I reached up to pinch one of her nipples as I licked her pussy. She kept moaning my name as she moved faster and faster against me and finally she shuddered as she came hard. She stayed like that for sometime and pulled me up and hugged me to her. She kissed me on the lips.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

“You are most welcome,” I whispered.

She then turned around to that I was leaning against the wall and then she took a sponge and started to rub it all over my body. I stopped her for a while and pulled back to me. I wanted to kiss her. I sucked on her lips, tasting her. I hugged her hard, not letting her move. Her knee separated my legs pushing her wet thigh against my mound. I started to rub my mound against her thigh as she did the same with her mound. It was even nicer than being licked because our bodies were rubbing against each other and that contributed to the overall sensation. Since we were both feeling cold, I asked her if we could go back into the bedroom. We were so desperate to go back to what we were doing that we tripped over each other to dry ourselves. The three minutes we spent drying seemed like eternity. Finally, my mom carried me to the bedroom. I was amazed at how strong she was. She put me down gently on the bed. She went over to her cupboard after asking me to close my eyes. When I opened my eyes, she was dressed in the most amazing bra. It a cherry red sheer bra that showed off her nipples. The cups held her lovely breasts accentuating her cleavage. There was an unnatural bulge in her panties and I was wondering what caused it. She smiled as she saw my gaze.

“It’s a surprise!” she said, smiling at me.

She walked over to me and climbed onto the bed. I turned towards her and we started to kiss again. The bulge in her panties rubbed against my tummy and every attempt to touch it was met with a firm slap on the hand. She held the back of my head tightly to her face as she kissed me. I started to explore her massive breasts encased lovingly in the sexy bra. Her nipples were rock hard and I kept pinching them. She asked me to squeeze it harder and I did so. This drove her wild.

“Oh baby, pinch my nipples hard!!” she begged.

“Oh mommy, your breasts are so sexy,” I moaned into her mouth.

She moved to my neck, sucking and biting the sensitive skin there. I shuddered as I felt her saliva dripping down my body. She moved to my ear sucking the earlobe and she then did something that to me seemed strange. She lifted my arm and started to suck my armpit. I forgot all about the strangeness of the act as my armpit seemed to directly connected to my pussy. It sent an electric shock all over my body when her lips sucked on the skin under my arms. She then moved to the sides of my breasts sucking the supple skin there. It must have been the attention she was giving me and the tenderness she showed that drove me crazy. I gripped her hands roughly and pushed her back onto the bed holding her wrists tightly in my palms. I tried to overpower her. I gripped her legs with my thighs not letting her move and kissed her gently.

Her eyes were excited at the way I took control. I sucked each lip into my mouth. Her lips were thick and soft and I kept sucking them. I released one of my arms and held her wrists using one hand above her head. I then put one hand under her chin holding her firmly so that the head was slightly held back pushing her lips to the highest point. I kissed them roughly. She moaned and struggled under me but it was half hearted.

“Use my bras and tied me up,” she whimpered.

I got two bras from her cupboard and tied her hands by the wrists to the bed posts. She was too short for me to tie her legs up so I let them be. I bent over to her and started to kiss her again. I could see that she was enjoying the attention.

“Do you want to suck my breasts, mommy?” I asked roughly.

She nodded helplessly.

“I can’t hear you!”

“I want to suck your breasts,” she moaned.

I held my breast so close to her mouth but away from her long tongue. I kept avoiding her tongue, getting frustrated by my antics.

“Open your mouth!” I commanded and she complied.

“Close your eyes!” I ordered her and she closed them, her mouth open in anticipation.

I forced my breast as much as I could into her mouth and she started sucking it like a newborn baby. I pulled her head tightly to my chest as she moaned and struggled trying to get as much of my breast into her mouth. I used my free hand to pinch her nipple hard and she moaned louder. My pussy was so wet and it was dripping onto her tummy. I slid my pussy against her round tummy as I struggled to keep my breast in my mom’s mouth. I did the same with the other and she sucked it eagerly.

“Do you want my pussy, mommy?” I asked.

She nodded, trying to recover her breath from the constant sucking. Before she could recover completely, I sat on her face, my ass pressing hard against her nose almost blocking her breathing. She sucked and licked my pussy hungrily. I reached over and started to slap her breasts gently as I felt her tongue force its way into my vagina. Then I slid a little exposing my tight ass to her tongue. She moaned as her tongue explored the opening to my ass. She licked the rim and pushed her tongue gently against the tight hole. Finally her tongue pushed against the pulsating opening and I felt exquisite pleasure as she entered my anus with her tongue. Realizing that I was quite close to my orgasm, I lifted off her mouth and started kissing her again, tasting my pussy and ass on her mouth.

“What was the surprise that you have for me mom?” I asked her as I continued to kiss her.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” she countered. I moved down to her panties and started to lick the front of it. There was something soft under the material that resembled a cock. I bit it with my teeth and felt its length. She seemed to be wearing a strap on and the cock ended right where her pussy was. I pulled down the panties to find a black rubber cock fixed to her crotch. It was a double edged cock that ended inside her pussy which meant that she would also feel a certain amount of pleasure when she fucked me with it.

I started licking it like a real cock and sat on it. It was not a big dildo and was fairly easy to push into my tight pussy. I had to stop a few times to ease it in. Then after a couple of tries I was able to move up and down. It was a little uncomfortable at first and once my pussy got used to its size, it was easier. I lay on top of mom and was amazed so feel her start to fuck me expertly. After a few strokes I was screaming at her to fuck me harder. It took a few strokes for me to cum very hard but she didn’t stop until I begged her to stop. I lay on her for a while feeling her wet kisses. I almost passed out for a minute or two until I regained my senses.

“Oh mom!!” I asked said.

“How did you learn to fuck like that?” I asked wonderingly.

“Well, we have to thank Sharon for it,” she murmured. Suddenly everything clicked.

“You planned my seduction, didn’t you?” I asked her.

She smiled mischievously, nodding.

“I am so sorry, babe. I wanted to fuck you so much that I used to talk to Sharon about it,” she said.

“Seducing you was her idea because we wanted to find out whether you were attracted to girls,” she laughed.

“That’s ok mom, I will forgive you if you will let me fuck you now,” I said smiling mischievously.

I took off her strap on and pushed one end into my pussy and wore the contraption. I let her suck it for me first and then I moved to her pussy as she parted her legs invitingly. I decided to tease her a little by rubbing the tip of the strap on against her slit without pushing it in. Then I lifted her hips rubbing the head of the cock against her ass. She writhed under me trying to get the strap on into her. I rubbed the wet head up and down her slit, making her moan some more. Then I entered her suddenly making her shudder. I bent and started to kiss her without moving inside her. She kissed me passionately and urged me to move by pulling me inside her with her hands against my butt. I started move slowly feeling her body shudder at every stroke.

“Oh, Nisha, fuck me hard!!”

“Do you like me fucking you mommy?”

“Oh gosh, yes!!! Fuck me harder!!” she demanded.

I moved faster biting her neck in the process. I felt like a guy at that point. The other end of the cock was making me hot as I felt the reversed reaction of every stroke in my pussy. I moved faster and felt my mom respond. She bit her lip as she pulled me harder to her. I started to move even faster and finally her whole body shuddered as she had a wonderful orgasm. Her nails dug into my ass as she lost control and for a moment her face had a serene expression I have not seen before.

We hugged each other for a long time.

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