The Halloween Party


“Well babe, I’m impressed we made it this long,” Jake said, cradling the phone to his ear with his shoulder.

“I know, we did really well,” Julia replied, “so you go first. Now you can tell me what costume you are wearing tonight.” Jake grinned. They had been planning this night for a month. There was a costume ball at Eastover Resort in Lenox. Live bands playing from 5pm until 2am; buffet tables and open bar from 6pm until 10pm, and discounted prices on a room with each paid admission. They boys were spending the night at her sister’s house, so they had no curfew. They had agreed from the beginning to get costumes in secret and not to tell each other what they were until just before the party. To make sure of no cheating, Jake was getting changed at work and meeting her there. After arriving separately they had to find each other, without talking to each other. Then they were going to sneak off for a hot encounter, then return to the party. After that, they would stay and party or go home, but it was all about their silent encounter. The anticipation had been building all week, as they had agreed to allow their sexual tension to build until their night of fun. They had been touching and squeezing each other all week, but that was it. They were both ready to explode, and were anxious for the night to start. “Ok hun, just don’t be disappointed,” he said, “I went with some simplicity….I’m going as Michael Myers, mask, knife, and one piece jumpsuit.”

“Great,” Julia replied, “I’m gonna be screwing around with a serial killer. Thanks hun.”

“Well, who’s the serial killer gonna be messing around with?” he asked her. He could sense her smiling her sexy smile over the phone.

“He’s gonna be messing around with a pussy….cat,” she teased, “I’ll be wearing a skin tight spandex cat outfit. It has a tail, and many tears all over it, exposing some skin. There are two tears on the fanny that make it so I have to wear a thong, because the tears expose a decent part of my fanny, and if I didn’t wear a thong, you’d see my panties. It has a little mask that goes over my face and has cat ears and whiskers on it. And I’ll be wearing a blonde wig too.” Jake felt his pulse quicken as she described her outfit. They both knew this would be a night to remember.

“So let’s cover the rules one more time shall we,” Julia said, “we are going to meet there at 6pm. Then we will start to look for one another. Once we find each other, no talking, we will go to a secluded spot, and finally have some sex. Then we will return to the party, and enjoy the rest of our evening. Deal?”

“Yes, most definitely a deal,” he answered.

“Oh hun, I gotta get the kids to Tam’s, get home and change, and then make it there for 6,” she said, “I’ll be looking for you. Love you babe.” She hung up. Jake stared at the phone as he set it down. Two more hours of work, then it was time for fun.

The next 2 hours dragged for Jake. When the time came, he changed into his costume, and set out for Eastover.

Julia felt the opposite. She was running like a mad woman for the two hours, getting the kids to her sister’s house, then getting home and getting dressed. Putting on a spandex body suit that has tears all over is no speedy process. She had bought a new black mesh thong just for the evening, and she wore no bra. She pulled her hair up into a tight bun, and slid her wig over it. Her wig was blond, and so long the hair fell to the middle of her back. The hair was straight, unlike her beautiful curly locks. Placing her mask on her face, she looked in the mirror, and surprised herself. She looked like a completely different person; wearing the mask and the wig, she saw no way to tell it was her. As she checked her costume once more, she grinned; she looked damned fine, no to be honest, she looked hot. The suit had a tear that went from where her left breast started, and worked its way down to her ribs, showing a lot of skin. Another tear started just above her belly button and worked its way down to her right hip, stopping just above her panties. The tear on left ass check started at the top of her butt, and worked its way half way up her back, stopping at her ribs on the right side. The tear on her right ass cheek started just a touch away from her butt crack, and worked its way bahis firmaları across her butt cheek, and ended in the middle of her right thigh. The last tear started at her right shoulder, and ran to her right breast, stopping about an inch before her nipple. She twirled herself and felt her tail swinging behind her. She was excited, and horny. She couldn’t wait to go find her man.

Julia arrived promptly at 6. She made her way to the bar, and ordered and Amaretto and coke. Scanning the room, she could see no Michael Myers, but there were some amazing costumes. She walked the perimeter if the dance floor, admiring some of the other costumes, and noticing very few that were as sexy as her own. As she arrived back at the bar, she ordered another drink. Might as well get them while it’s open bar, she thought. As she turned from the bar with her second drink half-way gone, she saw him out of the corner of her eye. Standing over near the band was Michael Myers, wig, knife and jumpsuit. Noting the time she finished her second drink with one gulp, placed the glass on the bar and walked towards him. 6:15. Not as late as I expected him, she thought. Burning with desire, and having a slight buzz, she cut through the dance floor. The feeling of people gently bumping into her as she walked by only added to her lust. He was clearly staring at her now, watching her body as she moved towards him. As she approached him, he moved as if to lift his mask, but she grabbed his arm. “No,” was all she said. She kept his hand in hers, and led him towards the hallway. Bursting with anticipation, Julia scanned the area. She decided to try the locker rooms for the pool. Leading him down the hallway, she pushed open the door into the darkened pool area, where only the safety lights shown. Looking around she realized no one could see into the pool area. Not wanting to wait another moment, she led him out of the doorway to a bench along the wall. Pushing him down to the bench, she fell to her knees, and unzipped his jumpsuit. With the darkness pushing in all around them, she freed his cock, and attacked it with her mouth like a starving woman.

Son of a bitch, Jake thought. His car had died about a quarter mile from the resort. After one last failed attempt to get it to start, he decided to walk. No freaking way I’ll be there at 6 now, he thought, but if I get a move on I shouldn’t be more than 10 or 15 minutes late, of course it has to be all up hill from here. Jake trudged on as fast as he could. As he entered the parking lot he looked for their Jeep. Passing it, he smiled as he walked through the front doors. Quickly looking around for where to go he saw costumed partiers everywhere. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw another Mike Myers heading into the pool area. He walked into the dining hall, and scanned the partiers. There were devils and angels. There were vampires, and cowgirls. There had to be no less than 6 French maids, and at least as many women wearing skimpy lingerie. He walked towards the bar, and he saw her. She was leaning backwards against the bar a drink in one hand, one leg cocked back, the other stretched out, her blonde wig pulled back into a short pony tail. She was right, Jake thought as he approached her, those tears are very revealing. As he stood in front of her, he reached down and took her free hand. She looked up at him and uttered a Meow. Slowly she stood up, placing her glass on the bar. He had a surprise for her that she didn’t know about. As he led her across the room to the stairs, he pulled from his pocket a room key. Dangling it in his free hand where she could see it, he heard her meow again. At the top of the stairs they took a right, and went down the hall to room #8. He opened the door and pulled her in. Jake had to have her now, he couldn’t wait another moment. As he locked the door her turned, and saw her silkily crawling across the bed. She came to rest on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at him. Wiggling her ass at him she meowed again. He could stand no more. Rushing to the bed he unzipped his jumpsuit and took out his throbbing dick. Climbing up behind her, he gently slid the tear on her ass off to the side. Looking down he smiled and thought, So she decided to not wear any panties. Holding her suit to one side, kaçak iddaa he placed his dick at her wetness. She was dripping with excitement. Letting go of her suit, he gripped her hips, and pushed himself all the way in.

Julia bobbed her head and jerked him until he was good and wet. She couldn’t wait any longer; she needed to have him in her. Standing, she turned around and put her back to him. Sliding her cat-suit and thong to the side, she gripped his cock, and put it at her sex. Slowly she slid down on him, feeling him fill her completely. She sat for a moment, enjoying the feeling of having him deep within her. Slowly she moved up and down, her hands on her thighs as she rode him. She felt his hands sliding over her body, one settling on her right breast, the other sliding down to rub her clit. She heard him groan as she moved faster on him. Panting and moaning she rode him, faster and faster. Dripping more of her juices onto him as he played with her clit. She could feel her orgasm building, rushing up from within her, and then she came. Groaning and grunting, as she tried to stay silent. As her orgasm ended, she stopped moving, but felt him continue to pump into her. She could tell he was close. She reached down and fondled his balls, feeling them grow tighter with his approaching orgasm. But he couldn’t cum in her, she would be dripping all over, and there was no way she could dance like that. Then it started again, her toes tingling, her body growing more sensitive. She threw her head back, onto his shoulder and let him fuck her. Pumping her faster and faster, rubbing her clit in slow hard circles, she cried out, “I’m cumming” as quietly as she could. Sensing he was moments away, she had to decide. Removing herself from his hard cock, she again knelt in front of him, and began jerking him. Within 3 strokes he was cumming, shooting it into the air over her shoulder, and groaning as he gained release. Catching their breath, they remained in silence. “I need to go clean up,” Julia said as she stood up, “meet me at the bar.” With that she walked away, with the lust in her satisfied, for now.

Jake squeezed her hips and started to move. She is so wet, he thought as he slid his cock back into her. The band was so loud they could hear it upstairs, but he could still hear her whimpering as he fucked her. Pumping her faster and faster he groaned. He reached under her to find her clit, and found she was already rubbing it. She is so horny tonight, he thought as he fucked her faster and faster. Suddenly she gripped the sheets and squealed as she came, rotating her hips around and around as he fucked her. He could feel his own orgasm building as she continued to fuck him back. Sliding his hands down to her ass, he gripped it firmly and fucked her for all he was worth, pounding her over and over. She came again, hard, thrashing about on the bed, her blonde pony tail swinging all over. Then he felt her hand cupping his balls. She slid forward, and spun around. It happened so fast he didn’t catch on at first. She had lifter her mask enough to slide his cock into her mouth. Rubbing his balls with one hand, she jerked him with the other, as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. Moaning loudly he came, shooting spurt after spurt down her throat, and she didn’t let one drop leave her mouth. As she lay back, she kept her mask on, and purred, as she rolled gently from side to side. Jake stood up, and said, “I’m gonna go get us some drinks. Meet me at the bar in a few minutes.” As he turned to walk away, she meowed once more for him.

Jake walked down the stairs grinning, this night had been better than they had planned, and it had only just started. He got to the bar, and ordered an amaretto and coke for Julia, and a Cuervo and coke, for himself.

As Julia opened the door from the pool, she saw Michael Myers walking into the dining hall. Guess it took him a few minutes to catch his breath, she thought as she walked towards him.

As he took a sip, he looked up and saw her walking towards him. God am I lucky, he thought, she is the sexiest woman alive, and she’s with me. Handing her her drink, he lifted his mask. She took her drink, and lifted her own mask, and kissed him. “Thanks babe,” she said, as their lips parted, “that was pretty intense wasn’t kaçak bahis it.”

“You were amazing,” he answered, as he looked her up and down. Something felt slightly off to him, but he couldn’t place it yet. “So, do we stay and dance, or do we leave this party and have our own private party?” he asked her, as he swallowed his drink. Julia looked at him grinning and said, “I’ve caught my breath, how about you?” Jake nodded and answered, “Yup.” Finishing her third drink of the night, Julia looked at him lustfully and said, “How about we go back where we were and have round 2?” She quickly gave his crotch a squeeze, and was happy to find his cock hard as a rock. “Sounds good to me,” he answered. Julia grabbed his hand and led him across the room. She noticed another Michael Myers standing amongst some partiers. I’m glad he didn’t show up earlier, she thought to herself. As they entered the hallway, she looked around, and hurried him towards the pool room, and was surprised to feel him tugging her backwards.

“Come on babe,” she whispered, “before anyone sees us.”

“But the room is upstairs,” he said, giving her a slightly puzzled look.

“What room?” she asked, returning the look of puzzlement, “The pool is through that door.” And then he realized what was off. “Turn around for a second,” he asked her. As she did, he noticed her wig was no longer in a pony-tail. “When did you undo your pony-tail?” he asked as she turned to face him again.

“I didn’t have a pony-tail, what are you talking about babe?” she replied, wondering if they had both had too much to drink already, “and what room are you talking about?”

“Room 8, upstairs, where were just fucking,” he said, looking at her as though she may have had one too many.

“Babe, I think you need to knock off the drinks for the rest of the night,” she said giggling at him, “We were just in the pool area, sitting on a bench in the dark.” They both gasped at the same time, understanding had come to them both. Quickly they walked back to the dining hall, and looked at the crowd of partiers. There, in the corner, dancing with a witch was Michael Myers. He saw Julia staring, and waved at her. And in front of the band was a woman in a cat-suit identical to Julia’s, with her blonde hair in a pony-tail, dirty dancing with Frankenstein. Noticing Jake, she beckoned him with one finger, turning her attention quickly back to her dance partner when he didn’t answer her call. Holding hands they stepped back, out of the doorway. They looked at each other, shock, and surprise painted their expressions. “But…” “I thought” “I didn’t…” they both tried to speak at the same time. Shaking slightly, Julia said, “You said you have a room, let’s go.” They climbed the stairs in an odd silence. They entered the room, and they sat on the bed. Looking at each other they kissed. Julia said, “Did we just….”

“Yeap, I think so,” Jake answered. Looking into her eyes he smiled, and she smiled back. “Are we supposed to be upset?” she asked him, trailing her hand along his neck.

“I’m not angry with you,” he answered her, gently laying her on the bed, “are you angry with me?” He moved over her, kissing her neck. “No, I’m not angry either. Actually I’m…” she hesitated, not sure she could voice her feelings.

“Go ahead babe, say what you want to say,” he continued to nibble her neck.

“I’m excited about it,” she answered, he breathing growing more rapid, “it was amazing sex, and I thought it was with you, and knowing it was someone else, adds this wild side to it.” She reached up and pulled him down to her, and kissed him. As they broke the kiss, Jake leaned on his arm and looked her in the eyes. “Ya know, I’m only regretful about one part of what happened tonight..,” he said.

“No baby, its ok,” she told interrupted him, “we both enjoyed it, don’t feel bad.”

“I only regret,” he said, sliding his hand down he body, “not seeing you having this amazing sex. You know how much I love seeing you when you make love.” Julia smiled up at him, and leaned up to kiss him again.

“Ya know,” she said, sitting up, “I think our body doubles are still here….”

“Are you suggesting that we invite them up?” Jake asked, as his pulse quickened.

“I’m game if you are,” she replied, squeezing his hard cock again, “and you feel like you are game.” They both stood up and put their masks back on. Walking to the door, Julia turned to Jake and said, “I think now that we’ve had our tricks, we should go get our treats.”

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