The HALLOWEEN to REMEMBERWhen I was still on my thirties with two k**s under ten I got a security job where I only worked an six hour day starting at 8 am and paying ten hours pay a short distance from my north London home Mondaynto Fridays with weekends free. One Halloween when it Wasn,t celebrated as much in England as it is now the school our k**s went to that hired Sarah as part time teaching assistant decided to have a killer Halloween party for the k**s in the early evening and the parents could also dress up to help out. Sarah decided we would go as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra so hired costumes from a shop near by. The night of the party was a school night so we couldn,t have the party go longer than 8:30 pm so started it at 7. What a transformation as Sarah had donned a black wig to cover her blonde tresses, her costume low cut to show off her magnificent 40D cup titties with the large coral aureoles at the tips, though she wore a slip under the sheer costume to be conservative güvenilir bahis with young k**s present. My outfit consisted of a toga with a pair of boxer shorts beneath, fake leather armour, sandals and an olive wreath, Sarah also in Egyptian style sandals. As the weather was mild it would have been a great night for trick or treating, but no one did then, that only started fairly re entry thanks to,our American friends. Our c***dren son Rick and daughter Christina went as Superman and Super Girl respectively, costumes also hired from the same shop. They were treated to some cartoons on the schools film projector while the parents actin as chaperones seemed to also enjoy the Looney Tunes. I certainly did, but I,m a big k** at heart! After the cartoons it was games time and time to give sweets as prizes for the best or most starkest costumes. The best was Quasimodo and the scariest Count Dracula who was actually a girl in a great costume. After the party it was back home and türkçe bahis prepare the k**s for bed and another school day. Once that was done Sarah and I relaxed with a drink after I checked that both youngsters were indeed in dream land. “Shall I Now Be Cleopatra?” Sarah asked. “If you,re not too tired why not?” I shrugged. She left to go to the bedroom then returned with the black wig back on, but I could see she,d removed the slip and was revealing much more of her lovely body now. “What do you think my Emperor Julius?” she made a curtsy. “Wow Cleo. You look amazing!” “ Can Cleo give you one of my special treats?” She asked coyly. “But Of Course my Dear Queen!” I answered in character. “By all means.” “You Know there are stories that Cloepatra used to have as many as thirty slaves at a time brought to her in her quarters so that she could suck them off and taste all their cum as you know no two cocks ever taste the same!” she told me as she removed my boxers to free my stiff güvenilir bahis siteleri prick in all its, circumcised glory before kneeling and giving me a Cleo special blow job and swallowing every drop. “I can see where Cleo liked to blow all those slaves as I Love to taste cum and yours my love is delicious! she licked her lips. “And now my Dear Cleo it,s about time Uncle Julius have your delicious pussy a good licking!” “Yes Please.” She sighed. “Prepare me for that serpent of flesh that rests beteeen your strong thighs my lover.!” She now lay back on the settee letting her gown creep,up Round her ample thighs till her cunt was seeming to wink it’s invitation to me. I took my time with my long tongue, fingers and lips to bring her multiple orgasms before she begged me to fuck her. She was so slippery with her juices after fucking her for about five minutes my cock slipped into her shit hole. “Hey Joe you,re in the Wrong Hole!” She groaned. “Are you sure Dear Cleo? Feels like the Right Hole to me!” “Oh leave it in my Bum then. Just Fuck me Harder!” she groaned. She got her wish and her butt filled with heavy cum. It Was a Halloween to Remember and sad to think because of Sarah’s poor health it won,t happen again!

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