The Haunting of Palmer Mansion Chapters 5 to 10


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Chapter 5

“Danny, you in here?” Brittney poked her head into the library.

“I’m here.” Daniel looked up from his book. He sat in an old upholstered chair. One leg dangled and swung listlessly over the chair’s floral-print arm. “Just reading.”

“Man, it’s impossible to find anyone in this house.” Brittney walked into the room and sat down facing her brother. She smiled at him and brushed her long, brown hair behind her shoulders. Her modest, floral print dress almost matched the chair she perched on. “What are you reading?”

“The Manchurian Candidate.” Daniel stuck his finger in the book to keep his place. “It’s a crazy book.” Daniel’s face twisted into a wry smile. “At one point, the Russians have this guy, Shaw, under hypnosis and make him … ah … make love to his mother.”

“Really? Gross.” Brittney wrinkled her nose. “And spoilers, Danny. What if I wanted to read it?”

“Sorry.” Daniel looked away from his sister to the spines of books along the wall to his right. “Is it really that bad, Britt? Doing it with his mother, I mean.”

“Duh-doy. Yeah it is.” Brittney offered a slight curve of a smile, stood, walked to the shelf, and pulled down their bible. “I’m pretty sure it’s in Leviticus. But I don’t remember off hand.” She walked back to her chair and sat, thumbing through the pages. She stopped and read. “Here it is. The nakedness of thy father, and the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.” She looked up and gave Daniel a triumphant smile. “That seems clear. Good old Shaw should not boff his mom. That was messed up for the Russians to do that to him.”

“Yeah, but it only says nakedness. They could do it with their clothes on. Also, Abraham’s brother married his niece. Moses’s mom married a nephew, I think. And there’s lots of cousins getting it on with cousins all throughout the Old Testament.” Daniel hated to lose an argument to his sister. But especially this one. He had a vested interest in this. Guilt hung constantly in the background over what he and Julie had done. Daniel would do anything for Eloise, but it would be better if the stuff she had him do with his mom was at least morally ambiguous. And now that Daniel and his mother had started their intimacies together, Daniel was growing to like it. He didn’t want to like something that was wrong.

“Ignore that other stuff, Leviticus is clear.” Brittney looked down at the bible in her hands. “It goes on to say that can’t get naked with your father, sister, brother, stepmother …” She scanned the page. “Doesn’t say anything about cousins.” Brittney looked back at her brother with her deep blue eyes. “So, I guess cousins are fair game.” She put the book down next to her chair with a thump.

“I guess.” Daniel didn’t like it, but what did the bible know anyway? It was written by a bunch of grumpy men thousands of years ago.

“Anyhoo, if you don’t mind putting your spy thriller down for a few minutes, there’s some roses I’d like to go pick in the backyard. Want to come?” Brittney stood, smoothed out her long dress, beckoned to her brother, and strode out of the library.

“Sure.” Daniel dog-eared the page he was on and stood. He left the book on the chair and followed his sister.


Julie waited in the den just behind the half-closed door. She felt like a fool hiding in her own house, but here she was. She listened to her children across the hall in the library but couldn’t quite make out their words. They were arguing about something in a good-natured way. The twins were always so agreeable. It was her first-born, Brad, who had really tried his parents’ patience. Finally, she heard them leave the library and walk down the hall. Once Brittney and Daniel disappeared out the front door of the house, Julie tiptoed out of the den.

“Maybe I shouldn’t do this,” Julie whispered to herself. She looked down the hall toward the main stairs. George was up in the west tower and he’d asked for her help. And here Julie was, sneaking around like a teenager with her first crush. She took a deep breath and walked into the library. She’d help her husband later. She just needed to see that giant fake penis one more time. She’d just get it out of her system.

Five minutes later, she sat on the toilet lid in the bathroom next to the den. Her dress was bunched around her waist and her panties lay on the tile floor. “Just for a minute,” Julie mumbled. She took the head of that jet-black phallus and rubbed it against her moist vaginal lips. She grasped the thing with both hands and marveled at its girth.

“Uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh.” Julie trembled as she pushed it into her. “Oh, gosh. It’s too big.” She got about half the head in and stared down at her poor stretched vagina. She hoped things would tighten back up quickly after she was done. She didn’t want George noticing anything different during their intimate time. She pushed and a little more of the veiny thing moved into her.

“That’s quite the herculean task you’ve undertaken.” Eloise stood by the bathroom door, watching Julie with cool green eyes.

“What?” Julie shrieked and dropped the dildo to the floor, where it made a solid whack.

“Oh, don’t stop on my account, dearie.” Eloise smiled and took two steps toward Julie. She bent down slowly, cradling her large belly with one hand, and got to her knees. Her long, bustled dress flowed out around her on the floor. She picked up the dildo in her left hand. “This magnificent steed is quite wet, my mischievous lady.”

“I’m dreaming … I’m dreaming …” Julie’s brown eyes went wide and her breath shallow.

“Well, then dream away, Mrs. Anderson.” Eloise leaned forward and pushed Julie’s dress back up her legs from where it had fallen in her fright. “Nothing but the most pleasant dreams for you.” Eloise lowered her gaze to that trim bush between Julie’s legs and the protruding lips just beneath. “You kept your legs open for me, that was very good.” She brought up the dildo and rubbed the head against Julie’s nethers. “Such a strange thing this is. I had one fashioned of wood, but this is a better material. What do you call it?”

“Silicone,” Julie squeaked.

“Well, it certainly does the job.” Eloise pushed the phallus’s head into the vagina before her. “My, you are tight. That George of yours must be Lilliputian.”

“What? No … he’s got a … big one,” Julie lied. Her pulse beat like a heavy drum in her ears. She watched the dildo push its way in again, this time the whole head made its way inside her. “Aaaahhhhhhh. It’s too … much. I don’t want to … squirt from down there … again.”

“Oh, you had the downstairs flood?” Eloise felt the resistance in the poor woman’s vagina and stopped her pushing, letting the round head of the thing sit in its new snug home. “Some women spend a lifetime without knowing that pleasure. You’re a lucky one.” She looked up into Julie’s eyes and gave the woman her most reassuring smile. “Attend, Mrs. Anderson. Daniel is larger than this.” She wiggled the dildo a little for emphasis. “Imagine the ecstasy when you stretch to accommodate him.”

“That would be … cheating.” Julie shook her head. “I’d never do that to … ooohhhhhh … George. Or to … Daniel. He’s my … son.”

“You say that like it’s a point against the endeavor.” Eloise pulled the counterfeit cock from the woman and looked at its glistening head. “But his relation to you is a point for. Many points, actually. There is nothing like letting your son know you completely. And knowing him … every inch of him. Until then –”

Julie stood and pushed Eloise to the side. Julie’s brown ponytail swished as she moved past the pregnant woman toward the bathroom door. “I am dreaming, I am dreaming. None of this is real.” Julie looked back at the woman now sitting on her butt by the vanity. Her dress looked very uncomfortable in such a position.

“Careful, Julie, I am with child.” Eloise watched the frightened wife carefully. “Such rough treatment is most unagreeable to me.”

“You’re not real.” Julie opened the door, jumped out into the hall, and raced toward the stairs.

George walked toward her with a look of concern on his gentle face. “There you are, Jules. I really could use your help …” He stopped when he saw her face. “Are you okay?” His wife had a frantic look in her eyes, and her dress was rumpled.

“Fine … I’m fine.” Julie thought things over. If George was here, then what had just happened in the bathroom wasn’t a dream. For the first time in her adulthood, Julie considered the existence of ghosts plausible. Heck, it was a likelihood now. “I was just … having trouble with the bathroom sink.” Julie smoothed out her dress.

“Oh, really? Let me have a look.” George gave his wife a tender kiss on the cheek and stepped past her toward the open bathroom door.

“No,” Julie shrieked. That specter was in there. And even if she was all hallucination, the dildo was in there. George would be crushed if he found Julie using it behind his back. “Let’s go work in the tower. Don’t …” She trailed off and hung her head as George entered the bathroom.

“Jeez, Julie,” George called out. “You shouldn’t leave your things lying around. What if the children wanted to use this bathroom?”

“I …” Julie walked toward him. He was taking it better than she thought he would. She arrived at the open door and looked in to find her husband holding her forgotten panties in his right hand. He offered them to her and Julie reached out and took them. “Sorry, George. The sink must have distracted me.”

“Right, the sink.” George turned the hot tap and then the cold. Water ran into the basin as it should. “Everything seems in order. What was wrong with it?”

Julie didn’t answer him, she looked around the floor for the abandoned dildo, but she couldn’t see it.

“Did you lose something else?” George watched her with bemusement. “Drop your bra, too?”

“No.” Julie shook her head. “I’ve got everything.” The dildo wasn’t there. Maybe the ghost had taken it with her to pleasure herself. The thought sent a chill down her spine. “I was just thinking, George. Maybe we should bring in someone to rid our house of … unwanted spirits.”

“That’s crazy, Jules. Did you see a ghost?” George laughed and placed his hand on his wife’s slim shoulder. As funny as this was, she did have a worried look about her.

“Yes …” Julie could see he was laughing at her. “I mean no. I don’t know.”

“Don’t be silly. There are no such things as ghosts.” George ushered her out of the bathroom. “Let’s stick together and the house won’t seem quite so spooky. Right?”

“Right.” Julie didn’t know what to think.


Weeds brushed against the twins’ legs as Brittney and Daniel turned the southeast corner of the house. The old, uneven cobble path did its best to turn their ankles, so the twins tread with some caution.

“What do you think the garden looked like in its heyday?” Brittney looked over her shoulder at Daniel as he followed her.

“The Palmers probably had servants tend the garden. I bet it was full of flowers and very neatly trimmed.” The fresh air around them invigorated Daniel. A stiff breeze blew into their faces from the north. “Thanks for getting me out here, Britt. I haven’t really explored the exterior yet.”

“Me neither.” Brittney walked around the northeast corner. “Oh, they’re beautiful.” The rose bush seemed even more prolific viewed from ground level. The flowers were a deep crimson, with large petals nestled together. “Scissors, please.”

“Sure.” Daniel stopped next to her, fished the scissors he’d brought out of his pocket, and handed them to her. He watched her hop through the weeds over to the rose bush. Her body was so relaxed under her billowing dress and her face carefree as she circled the plant looking for perfect flowers.

“This bush is marvelous, don’t you think, Danny?” Brittney reached up with her scissors and snipped a stem, careful not to grab the thorns.

“Yeah, it’s nice.” Daniel smiled. He felt so removed from all the strange happenings that had gone on inside the mansion next to them. It was both a gnawing worry and a relief. He desperately needed to see Eloise again soon. But he also knew that the licentious path he and Julie traveled would lead to irrevocable events. Daniel didn’t want to do anything that would harm his relationship with his loving mother. But even without Eloise’s prodding, he felt drawn to further things with Julie. It was all so confusing.

“Who’s that?” Brittney gazed toward the northwest corner of the house.

“What?” Daniel slipped out of his reverie and followed her gaze. A tall, square man with a top hat strode toward them with purpose. The hem of his long, velvet jacket just brushed the tops of the weeds below him. His black mustache drooped around the corners of his mouth, and his black eyes seemed to look right through them. Good God, Daniel thought, his eyes were so very black.

“What mischief have you brought upon my garden, you scoundrels?” The man balled his hands into fists by his sides. He was about thirty feet away from the twins.

“Who is that?” Brittney squinted at the man, but squinting didn’t make his presence any more logical.

“Let’s go.” Daniel could see Brittney wasn’t about to run, so he stepped over to her and grabbed her free hand in his. Daniel recognized the voice from the night Eloise led him down the secret stairs. This was Frederick Palmer in the flesh. Or whatever ghosts are made of. “Now, Britt.” As Frederick closed within twenty-five feet, Daniel pulled hard on his sister’s hand and they were off and running.

“What’s going on, Danny?” Brittney dropped the scissors in the weeds and clutched the roses she’d picked in her right hand. She ran with Daniel back the way they’d come.

“Crazy dude in our garden.” They rounded the northeast corner at a sprint. “What’s it look like?” Weeds flew by their knees. Neither of the twins looked back.

“Get back here you thieves.” Frederick’s voice hung in the garden air, reverberating around them. “I’ll hunt you down, miscreants.”

Daniel hazarded a look over his shoulder. Frederick stood at the corner of the mansion they’d just passed. The man’s hands hung stiffly by his sides and his eyes welled hate. Relief filled Daniel, as it seemed Frederick had given up the chase. Just then, Daniel’s foot went sideways on a cobblestone and his ankle rolled over. He tumbled into the weeds with a short yelp.

“Come on, Danny. Get up.” Brittney bent down and helped him back to his feet. She put his arm around her shoulders and they limp-jogged around the southeast corner of the house. She didn’t dare look back.

The twins burst in the front door and slammed it behind them. They leaned their backs against the door and looked at each other with wide eyes.

“That was crazy.” Brittney let out a nervous laugh.

Daniel, panting, watched his sister as her laughter picked up until it was an uproarious cackle. He couldn’t help himself, he laughed, too.

Their parents, having just left the main floor bathroom, found the twins scuffed, scraped, bleeding, and sharing what seemed like either a hilarious or insane moment.

“What happened to you?” Julie rushed up to Daniel. The right knee of his pants was torn and blood stained the fabric. He wasn’t putting any weight on his right ankle. She looked to her daughter, where blood dripped from her right fist as she clutched the thorny rose stems tightly.

“Some … guy … chased us.” Brittney’s laughter slowed. “With a … top hat.”

“Oh my, Gosh.” Julie bent down and moved Daniel’s arm from his sister’s shoulders to hers. “Just now?”

The twin’s laughter died completely.

“In the garden.” Brittney nodded.

“It’s okay, Mom.” Daniel looked up into his mom’s soft brown eyes. “He wasn’t very fast.” His blond hair fell down over his forehead and into his eyes.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Julie said to Daniel. “George, can you see if the man is still outside?”

“On it.” George ran to the study and came back out with a wood baseball bat. He opened the door and jogged outside.

“Brittney, pumpkin, you better toss out those flowers and clean your hand off.” Julie helped her limping son toward the bathroom.

A minute later, George reentered the house and slammed the massive front door behind him. “No one there.” He breathed hard from the run around the house. “You two sure you saw somebody?”

“Clear as day,” Brittney said. “You must have scared him off, Dad.”

“Hhhmmmm.” George looked at his wife and Daniel as they disappeared toward the bathroom. “Where you going, Jules?”

“I’m taking care of Danny, George.” Julie got Daniel into the bathroom, sat him on the toilet lid, and closed the door.

“Okay, I guess.” George looked over to his daughter as she marched off toward the kitchen. “Where are you going?”

“To put these in water.” Brittney held up the roses. Their ruby hue matched the blood that trickled down her arm. “And to clean my hand off. Turns out, thorns are sharp.”

“Every rose has its thorns, Britt.” George locked the front door and followed her into the kitchen. “I’ll keep you company.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Brittney walked into the kitchen and headed for the sink.


“Why are you holding your panties, Mom?” Daniel looked at Julie’s left hand where her underwear was balled in her fist.

“Oh, ah … that’s not important.” Julie set the panties down on the floor by the door and silently cursed the dearth of pockets in women’s fashion. “More importantly, who chased you, Danny?” Julie bent at the waist, pulled her son’s pants down to his shins, and got a good look at the abrasion on his knee. “That’s a nasty scrape, let me get the peroxide.” Julie straightened and opened the medicine cabinet behind the mirror.

“I don’t want to talk about that man.” Daniel’s gaze traveled up his mom’s curvy body, hidden as it was, under her dress. Conflicting emotions surged through him. With the medicine cabinet open and Julie rummaging through it, only Daniel could see the bathroom mirror now. In the mirror, Eloise stood inside, smiling down at Daniel as if the mirror was a window with her freckled forehead pressed upon the glass.

“I can understand you were very frightened.” Julie put the peroxide bottle on the sink and rummaged some more. “But you’ll have to tell me and your father so we can figure out what happened. We might have to call the police.”

Eloise made a motion with her hand like she was holding something large in front of her mouth. She moved her hand backward and forward and bulged her check out with her tongue again and again. It was clear she wanted Daniel to talk his mom into a blowjob.

“No.” Daniel shook his head.

“What’s that, pumpkin?” Julie searched through the bandages, looking for the ones for knees and elbows.

“Nothing, Mom.” Daniel continued to shake his head at Eloise. Even if he wanted another blowjob from his mom, it was the wrong time. Not with his father and sister just down the hall. Not with his ankle throbbing. “I just think we shouldn’t bother the police about it.” Daniel thought about his mom’s mouth wrapped around his dick. Maybe he did want more attention from Julie. But it would have to wait. Later, he mouthed at Eloise.

Now, Eloise mouthed back. Or, she shook her head and her face darkened.

“Well, you and your sister can tell us all about the man once we get you cleaned up.” Julie pulled out the correct bandages and closed the medicine cabinet. The mirror went from a window to the spirit world to a plain reflective surface again. “There now, let’s get you patched up.” Julie got to her knees in front of Daniel. He still sat where she’d left him on the toilet seat. She reached out and removed his left shoe. When she wiggled his right one, her son whimpered. “Sorry, sweetie. It has to come off. We’ll get some ice on that ankle. I’m sure it’s just a sprain.” She worried that it might be something worse. She thought about x-rays, multiple trips to specialists, and medication. They really couldn’t afford all that.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

“Here goes.” Julie pulled the shoe gently off her eighteen-year-old son and set it beside her. “That’s a brave boy.” She then gingerly pulled off his pants and socks and placed them on top of the shoes. “Now let’s have a look at that knee, mister.” Julie turned the open peroxide bottle over on a cotton ball, placed the bottle back on the sink, and leaned forward. “This will sting a bit.”

“Ouch.” It didn’t feel great but looking down his mother’s dress at her cleavage took some of the sting out of it.

“There, now.” Julie finished cleaning the wound, opened the bandage, and placed it snuggly over the abrasion. “One down, one to …” Julie lost her train of thought as she looked up to discover that Daniel was hard. How could he have an erection at a time like this? Teenagers were curious animals. “Um, what’s going on with that?” She pointed at the boxers that couldn’t contain all his thirteen inches. She could see the outline of the upper part of his glorious penis under the bottom of his shirt.

“Sorry, Mom. When you were fixing my knee, I could kinda see your cleavage.” Daniel couldn’t make eye contact. He looked off toward the mirror and saw Eloise looking out from the inside again. The apparition smiled and nodded at Daniel.

“You … uh … like my body that much?” Julie frowned.

“It’s really nice.” Daniel nodded and stole a quick glance at Julie, his blue eyes meeting her brown ones. He looked away again.

“Well, I guess that’s a nice compliment.” Julie blushed. Her poor son looked so nervous. She wanted to put him at ease. “I suppose with the internet you’ve seen more boobs than all your ancestors combined. So, if you still like mine …” Julie shrugged and smiled. Her brain went fuzzy for a second and then she had complete clarity. Julie knew what she had to do. “I don’t think we can deal with your ankle until we deal with that. I know how much you need relief sometimes.” Julie pointed to his penis again. “What do you think?”

“You want to touch it?” Daniel could hear his pulse in his ears.

“I don’t know about want, pumpkin.” Julie reached up to Daniel’s waist and hooked his micro-boxers with trembling fingers. “But I need to do something. We can’t have you swelling in two places. It’s my responsibility to take care of you.” She pulled down the boxers and gently removed them. Julie’s breath caught in her throat as the purple-headed monster swung out in the open. In all respects but one, Daniel was a meek, delicate flower. But that one aberration was a beast. “Now I’m just going to use my hands and a towel. That’s not cheating.”

“No, it’s not cheating,” Daniel echoed. His eyes lingered on the mirror where Eloise silently clapped her hands in anticipation. He then looked down at his gorgeous mother as her fingers wrapped around his thickness. In that moment, Daniel didn’t care what Leviticus or his conscience told him. He wanted his mother. He wanted to possess her completely.

“My Gosh, Danny. Your thing is so manly.” Julie bit her bottom lip as her hands stroked up and down. “It’s even bigger than …” She was going to say her new dildo, but she didn’t want Daniel knowing about that.

“Dad?” Daniel let the pleasure move through him. He wanted to bask in that feeling forever. “Were you going to say that I’m bigger than Dad?”

“No.” Julie looked up at her son with his messy blond hair and that little half-smile on his face. “Well, yes, actually,” she lied. “But let’s not talk about your father.” Her gaze fell down to that huge pole in front of her. Her eyes distant as she gazed at the savage beauty of it.

“Okay.” Daniel watched her work his dick in silence for several minutes. “You know, we already agreed that using your mouth to help me isn’t cheating on Dad.”

“Yeah.” Julie nodded. “How’s your ankle doing?”

“My ankle?” Daniel had forgotten about the throbbing pain in his ankle. “My ankle would feel better if you used your mouth.”

“Right.” Julie moved her left hand down to Daniel’s left ball and cupped its weighty substance. She looked at the little purple veins that crisscrossed the rough flesh of his testicles. Julie had never seen balls like Daniel’s, but they looked right to her. This was how a man was supposed to be. “Not cheating,” Julie murmured. She lowered her mouth to the wide, purple head and gave it a quick lick. “You taste salty, Daniel.” Julie then opened wide and sucked on his penis. She bobbed her head with little short strokes, a new method for blowjobs that was fast becoming familiar to her.

“You’re the best … mom … ever.” Daniel’s eyes trailed from his mom’s bouncing brown ponytail up to Eloise watching from the mirror.

The beautiful redhead’s breath seemed to fog up the inside of the mirror and she wiped it away with her pale hand so she could continue to watch this mother fall as so many others in this house had fallen before her.

Ten minutes passed as Julie pumped Daniel’s penis with her mouth. She pulled off him and looked up. “Is this helping?”

“It’s good, Mom. But, could I rub your butt again?” Daniel’s hands gripped the white porcelain of the toilet and he pressed his butt into the lid. This was almost too much. He watched her stand, turn her back to him, and lift up her dress to her waist. This was the first time Daniel had seen her ass without panties on. It was perfectly heart-shaped and almost as white as the porcelain he sat on.

“We’ll have to be careful not to hurt your ankle.” Julie backed up and sat on his lap. Her son’s monster stood up straight and pressed between her cheeks as it rose up to the small of her back. “I’ll be gentle.” She rocked up against him and felt the weight of his thing push back against her. He was incredibly large. “Since I don’t have panties on, we have to be careful. Make sure it doesn’t get close to my you-know-what.”

“Okay, Mom.” Daniel moved his hands from the toilet to her hips. His ankle hurt, but the pain felt so very far away. He watched her ass ripple and shake as she rocked and bounced back against him, rubbing her butt against the length of his dick. He stole a glance at the mirror and Eloise was still there making a circle with the fingers of her right hand and running it through with her left index finger. She wanted him to have sex with his mother and Daniel was far enough gone to want it too. He was pretty sure Julie wouldn’t let him, however.

A quiet knock sounded on the door and mother and son froze mid rub in the bathroom.

“How’s it going in there? Is Danny, alright?” George sounded worried.

“Yes, honey.” Julie tried to keep the flutter out of her voice. “Don’t come in, I know how you feel about blood. We’re … um … cleaning him up.”

“You’ve been in there a long time, Jules.” George leaned against the door, but didn’t try the handle. It was true, he couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

“It was a nasty scrape, and Danny also turned his ankle.” Julie pushed back against Daniel’s swollen penis ever so slightly as she talked to her husband. Goodness, gracious he had a brute of a thing. A surge of guilt swept through her, but then she reminded herself that what they were doing wasn’t really cheating. Daniel stayed perfectly silent behind her.

“Okay, then.” George nodded to himself. Julie would take care of Danny. That was the great thing about marriage, the other spouse could always fill in when life played to one of your weaknesses. She had always been the one to patch up bleeding children. “I’m going to take Brittney down to the police station to file a report. It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. Then we can work on the west tower. Sound good?”

“Yes, Georgie.” Julie rocked her hips again. Even with her poor husband on the other side of the door. What was she doing? “I’ll be ready to help you when you get back.”

“Great, bye.” George walked down the hall.

“Bye.” Julie moved faster on her son’s lap, almost forgetting about taking it easy on his ankle.

“Embrace it, Mrs. Anderson.” Eloise spoke from the mirror, a look of pure delight on her face. “Tend to your scion. Feed the family tree.”

“What?” Julie turned her head toward the mirror. “Do you see the lady in the mirror, Danny?”

“Yeah, Mom.” Daniel dug his fingers into the flesh around his mother’s hips, preventing the dress from falling back over her butt. “That’s Mrs. Palmer.”

“We do need an exorcist.” Julie should have been terrified, but her fear floated so very far away from her. She pressed her hands into her knees and kept rubbing Daniel with her bare butt.

“No, Mom. She’s helping us.”

“Really?” Julie watched the freckled woman in the mirror. Mrs. Palmer did look like a friendly, innocent person. Maybe she was helping. “What do you want, spirit?”

“Complete the bond, Julie.” Eloise’s smile was earnest and true. “Take Daniel whence he came.”

“You can’t mean …” Sweat beaded on Julie’s forehead.

“Just the tip, Mom.” Daniel squeezed Julie’s hips and lifted her about fourteen inches off his lap. He held her there, above him. He could see her pussy clearly with her legs spread and her feet planted on either side of Daniel’s feet. Her lips protruded wonderfully and glistened. Daniel knew he was about to go home. “Just this one time.”

“Okay, Danny.” Julie reached under her and grabbed the purple head. “Just the tip and just for a moment.” She lined him up with her opening and lowered herself down on his penis. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. It’s too … big.” The head lodged itself inside her vagina and spread her out. “It’ll never … fit … ooooohhhhhhh.”

“So … tight … Mom.” Daniel had the perfect view as the pink interior of his mom’s pussy gripped him like a vice. He hated to admit it, but Julie was right. He would never fit in such a tight pussy.

“The bond, the pact, the contract made.” Eloise watched from the mirror with mercurial, green eyes. “We paid and received and the Devil took his due. All we need from you is your approbation, sweet Julie. Then you can have it all. You can feel it all. You can fit it all.”

“Aaaaaahhhhh. Okay, okay. I … approve … let me … have this.” There was no pretense in Julie’s mind about helping Daniel with his ankle, or any other excuse. She had been swept up in the moment and wanted him desperately. “I’ll pay … any price …”

“Very good, my lady.” Eloise bowed her head slightly to Julie and disappeared. The mirror was just a mirror again.

“I feel warm.” Julie trembled, still skewered on just the head of Daniel’s penis. A warmth built in her vagina, hips, and breasts. At first it was a pleasurable feeling, but then it was too much. “I need to cool down.” Julie stood up and let her son’s penis plop out of her. She leaned over to the shower and turned on its coldest setting. She then stepped under the water with her dress still on. Not only were her breasts unbearable hot, but they now pushed uncomfortably at her bra. Her mind raced. Julie thought her bra was somehow shrinking. She pulled off her dress and dropped it to the shower floor. She then undid her bra and dropped it too. She looked down to see that her breasts glowed a crimson red, as did her hips. The same red shone from between her legs, too. “What’s happening, Danny? Help meeeeee.”

Dumfounded, Daniel watched his naked mother in the shower. He could see that same sanguine glow that had consumed him the night his dick grew. And he could see his mother’s hips gently expanding with every breath she took, and her boobs enlarging as they shook with her raking breaths. Not knowing what else to do, he stood, limped over to the shower, and climbed in. He still had his shirt on, and it soaked through immediately. The cold did nothing to diminish his raging hardon. He reached around his mom from behind and rubbed her breasts to help.

“Aaahhhhh. I’m on fire.” Julie felt her son trying to help, but his touch did nothing for her.

Daniel, desperate to help, turned her around and planted kisses all over her boobs. They were noticeably bigger than before. The glow faded some.

“Thank you.” Julie sighed. “Thank you, Danny. That’s helping.” His lips felt so cool on her turgid breasts. The red light left her breasts and hips completely, but hadn’t yet faded from between her legs. “It’s still too hot … down there.”

Dutifully, Daniel trailed his kisses down her slightly rounded belly and over the dark triangle of pubic hair between her legs.

“Cool it down. Please, please, please.” Julie opened her legs as she stood under all that cold water to give him better access.

“Yes … Mom …” Daniel said between kisses as he moved his mouth along her lips. Frigid water cascaded over both of them. A few seconds later, the glow left her pussy and he felt his mom’s hand on the back of his head. She pushed his face into her and Daniel stuck out his tongue. It went between her lips and he tasted her tanginess.

“Oh, Danny.” Julie squirmed as the heat completely faded away. “What are we … doing? Uh … oh, Danny, … uh … oh, my gosh. Right … there …” Julie shook uncontrollably as she felt her son’s tongue working inside her. “Ooooooohhhhhhh.” An orgasm swept over her.

Daniel closed his eyes and let his mom go wild. When she’d calmed down, he stood up and nudged her out of the way so he could wash off.

“Wow … Daniel … no one has ever done that … for me … before.” Julie leaned against the shower wall catching her breath. She looked down and saw that indeed her breasts were larger than before. She cupped them and felt their weight. “What happened to me?”

“It’s Mrs. Palmer, I think.” Daniel turned toward his mother and opened his eyes. He accidently poked her hip with dick. Her hips looked wider, she had more of an hourglass figure. It didn’t seem like the apparition had done anything to her butt as far as Daniel could tell. Daniel pulled off his sopping shirt and dropped it out on the bathroom floor. “Mom, can I?” Daniel didn’t wait for an answer, with Julie’s hands still cupping the bottom of her boobs, he turned her toward him, bent a little, and took her right nipple into his mouth.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh. What are you doing to me, Danny?” Julie shivered. The cold water fell all over them. She let go of her left boob and dropped her left hand down to Daniel’s still raging erection. She hadn’t relieved him yet. She could feel him shivering. “It’s freezing in here.” She pushed him away and turned off the water. “Are you cold?”

“Yes.” But Daniel didn’t much care about the temperature.

“Let me take care of you, sweetie.” Julie reached for a towel and pulled it into the shower with them. She dried him off slowly, pausing a few times to plant tender kisses on his skinny chest and his robust penis. She then dried herself. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but we should go upstairs and get one of your father’s condoms.” She stepped out of the shower and offered him her hand. “I’m going to take care you properly.”

“Really?” Daniel took his mom’s hand in his.

“You better hurry, mister, before I change my mind.” They left the bathroom, walking naked hand in hand. Julie held her breasts with her left hand for a show at modesty and to keep them from swaying about. Her wedding ring sparkled on top of her boobs as they moved up the curving stairway, catching the afternoon light falling through the great stained windows above. Once at the top, Daniel’s limp became too much and Julie dropped her hand from her boobs and put his arm over her shoulder. She helped her injured son into the bedroom she shared with her husband and sat him down on her marital bed. “Stay there, I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, Mom.” Daniel’s whole body buzzed. They were going to do it. His dick pulsed with every heartbeat. He watched Julie’s perfect butt shake as she jogged into the bathroom. He thought about how her body had changed and decided the house hadn’t done that much to her. It had simply given her more of what she already had. She came back in from the bathroom holding a little foil packet in one hand and a bath towel in the other. Daniel thought she looked even more tantalizing from the front as her boobs shook and swayed from side to side.

“I hope this fits.” Julie felt dreamy, euphoric, and high. Her mind drifted in a way similar to when she’d taken Ecstasy with her boyfriend in college. She knew her brain wasn’t working quite right, but she didn’t care. She got on her knees in front of Daniel, put the towel next to her, and tore the packet open.

“How are we going to … um … get my dick … in you? You’re too tight.” Daniel didn’t want to break the spell that was over them and immediately wished he hadn’t said anything. He could see her dark pupils dilated to wide circles. She didn’t seem to notice or care that her little pussy couldn’t fit his big dick.

“Don’t worry about that.” They’d cross that bridge when they got to it. Julie ignored the nagging thoughts that scratched at the back of her mind about morality and Christian decency. “Let’s just get this on.” She reached up and tried to unroll the condom over the purple head in front of her. It wouldn’t go. “Oh, no.” Julie frowned and tried again, this time pulling hard at the edges of the condom. But it just wouldn’t stretch wide enough. She rested the rolled condom on the tip of the head and felt Daniel’s pulse through her fingertips.

“I’ll pull out, Mom.” Daniel was ready.

“That’s a sentence no mother expects to hear,” Julie murmured. She dropped the condom to the floor and stood. She pushed Daniel back on the bed and straddled his narrow hips. “You’ll let it out in the towel when it’s time. Okay?” She reached under her and grabbed his beastly thing.

Daniel nodded and looked up at his beautiful mother. His nostrils flared. He could smell her wetness and it was heaven’s scent.

“Now … oooohhhhhh …” Julie lowered herself. “… we’ll see about … getting this inside me.” To her surprise, she felt a great spreading sensation as inch after inch of the penis penetrated her. “Gosh, Danny … uuuuuggggghhhhhhh … you fit.” The most animalistic impulses she’d ever felt welled inside Julie. She bottomed out and sat perfectly still on her son’s hips. “It’s in my belly. How … does it feel … to you?”

“Your pussy feels … uh …” Daniel grunted as he felt his dickhead push up against something. “… amazing.” His mom’s insides were so much warmer than Eloise’s.

“Language … Danny …” Julie place her hands on Daniel’s chest and rocked her hips experimentally. She could feel him pushing around her insides. It was both unsettling, and exquisite. “A woman’s vagina … is not a p-u-s-s-y.” She spelled out the word so she wouldn’t have to say it. Her hips rocked faster. “You’re … so deep … uh … uh … uh …” Soft grunts escaped her lips. She’d never made such sounds before. She leaned back, placed her hands on Daniel’s thighs, and bounced up and down. Julie was so used to her husband’s thing, that she kept thinking she’d dislodge Daniel at the top of her motion, but his penis never left her. Emboldened, she bounced higher and still he stayed. Julie’s eyes rolled in her head. Why had no one told her sex could be like this?

“Wow, wow, wow,” Daniel mumbled to himself as he watched her enormous, teardrop boobs swing in opposite circles to one another.

“Daaannnnyyyyyyy,” Julie shrieked as an orgasm overtook her. Her shoulders convulsed and her body shook.

Daniel couldn’t believe that his reserved mother could bounce and writhe as she did. She bared her clenched teeth and her face twisted with one eye open and one eye closed. She seemed a woman possessed. Maybe she was.

When her orgasm passed, Julie rode Daniel harder. She put the soles of her feet on the bed and held her arms out to the side. Her fingers flexed and made odd gestures as rapture moved through her. “I’m humping … uh … uh … uh … you, Danny. I’m humping you.”

A thought occurred to Daniel. “You’re cheating … on Dad. This is cheating.” He gripped the blanket by his hips. He could feel his balls churning.

“Oh, my gosh. Uh … uh … uh …” Julie’s grunts and squeals filled the room. “You’re right. What would your father think?”

Across town, George sat in the police station waiting room next to his daughter. She was on her phone, ignoring him. The hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood up. Something was happening. Something … wrong. George looked around the room, but didn’t see anything amiss. He slouched down in his chair and tried to ignore the sensation. He took a deep breath. It was nothing, he told himself. Just the aftereffects of the prowler accosting the twins. Everything was fine. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and texted Julie to see how she and Daniel were doing. He waited several minutes for her to respond. When she didn’t reply, he texted again. But he didn’t hear back. After a while, he opened a puzzle on his phone and tried to take his mind off his worries.

Back in the Palmer Mansion, Julie had just worked through another orgasm. She was back to bouncing on her son with astonishingly long strokes. She looked down at his young, handsome face and admired the vitality of youth. She reveled in her eighteen-year-old’s raw, physical stamina and power.

“I’m going to cum, Mom.” Daniel gripped the blanket tighter. “The … towel.”

“Don’t worry … oooohhhhh … about the towel.” Julie slid high enough to dislodge him and then pounced on his penis. She sucked him into her mouth and stroked with both hands. She must be crazy. She was intent on milking him dry.

“Oh … Mom … aaaahhhhhhhhhh.” Daniel’s cock erupted in Julie’s mouth. Pure joy filled his body. He shuddered with each shot down his mother’s throat.

Julie’s eyes fluttered as the hot, salty mess filled her mouth. Her cheeks expanded and then she began swallowing. She gulped and gulped and felt the heat move down to her belly. She never would have believed that she could swallow so much. When he was done, she kept her mouth on him for a long time, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head.

“Mom?” Daniel looked down at her, with her lips stretched around him. “Did you swallow it all?”

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Julie nodded with the penis still in her mouth. Eventually, she let go and looked up at Daniel. Some wayward cum dripped down her dainty chin. “That was crazy, Danny.”

“Yeah.” Daniel nodded. “Can we do it again?”

“Yes.” The reality of what had just happened slowly crept into Julie’s mind. “I mean, no.” She shook her head. “No, no, no.” She climbed off the bed and looked at the bedside alarm clock. “We don’t know when your father and sister could come home.” Mentioning her husband was like a splash of cold water on her face. “Your father … what have we done, Danny?”

“It’s okay, Mom.” Daniel sat up. His dick, still hard, pressed into his stomach. “What do you need me to do?” Seeing her distressed like she was brought on a surge of guilt. He didn’t want to destroy his parents’ marriage. But looking at her breathtaking beauty, he knew this couldn’t be a one-time thing. Daniel couldn’t reconcile the two thoughts as they pulled at him.

“Can you walk?” Julie bent down and picked up the towel she had brought out with her with the intention of using it for her son’s sperm. Goodness. She touched her stomach. Sperm that she’d swallowed. She wrapped the towel around her torso so that she was covered.

“Let me see.” Daniel scooted off the bed and stood. “It hurts, but I think I can walk.”

“This is what you can do for me, pumpkin.” Julie bent down and picked up the unused condom. She made a mental list of all the things she needed to pick up and clean before George got home. Change the blanket on their bed. Clean up the bathroom downstairs. Take another shower. It was all doable. “Get yourself into the shower and make that thing go down.” She pointed at his penis. “Then get dressed and get some ice on your ankle. I’ll do the cleaning. Can you do that?” She bent down and picked up the torn foil packet.

“Yeah, Mom.” Daniel limped to the door, his dick swaying slowly with every halting step. He turned back to look at Julie. “I didn’t mean to …”

“We’ll talk about it later.” Julie tried to give him a smile.

“And what about your … um … boobs and stuff?” Daniel nodded to the cleavage just above the towel. “What are you gonna tell Dad?”

“They really are bigger, aren’t they?” Julie raised her eyebrows and looked down at her body.

Daniel nodded.

“I’ll tell your father it’s hormones or something.” Julie shooed her son with her hands. “Now go, before they get home.”

“Um …” Daniel didn’t move. “Thank you, Mom. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, sweetie. Now, get a move on.” Julie turned and pulled the blanket off the bed. Thankfully nothing had soaked through to the sheets.

Daniel turned, left his parents’ room, and limped down the hall. His mind was pulled in so many directions. He wondered what would become of them in Palmer Mansion.

Chapter 6

“There’s something different about you.” George looked at his wife across the dinner table. “New haircut?”

“No.” Julie shook her head and blushed. Was her husband really so clueless? She’d made a deal with a dead woman. That deal had somehow changed her body. More importantly, she’d done irredeemable things with her eighteen-year-old son. “Nothing’s different.”

“She’s just wearing different clothes, Dad.” Daniel eyed his broccoli and pushed it around his plate with his fork.

“Yeah, Mom. You’re always on the frumpy side of things, but you really went the extra mile tonight.” Brittney pointed at the oversized shirt Julie wore over her dress. “Is that one of Dad’s sweatshirts?”

“Yes.” Julie nodded and took a sip of water. “I think I’d like some wine tonight. Do you want some wine, George?”

“Yes, to wine.” George stroked his beard. “But it’s not the clothes. Something else changed, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“It’s nothing,” Julie said in a hushed voice. She quickly stood and rushed into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“I’ll have some wine, too,” Brittney called after her.

“When you’re twenty-one.” George gave his daughter a stern look. “Not a day before.”

“Here you go, George.” Julie returned to the dining room with two glasses and the bottle. She put a wine glass in front of her husband and looked at the red liquid sloshing back and forth, thinking of that hellish glow that had emanated from her breasts, hips, and between her legs. What sort of bargain had she struck? Julie didn’t know.

“Thank you.” George looked up at his wife as she stood next to him eyeing her wine. “You can sit back down now.”

“What?” Julie’s cheeks flushed a deeper red and she returned to her seat. “Sorry, I was just thinking.” She placed the wine bottle in the middle of the table and took a long sip from her wine.

“Good … broccoli.” Daniel had yet to take a bite. His cheeks also turned rosy as he thought about why his mom might be so nervous. Daniel had invaded her earlier that day. He’d plundered her and stretched her. It was more than strange trying to pretend everything was normal when it wasn’t. Daniel felt a bit woozy. Would her pussy tighten back up or would it be different now?

“What’s up with you two?” Brittney watched her brother closely. “You’re acting weird, Danny.”

“It’s just been a long, strange day, Britt.” George watched his wife finish off her wine and pour herself another glass. “What with the prowler and everything.”

“I want us to bring in an expert on the supernatural, George. I feel like our house is haunted.” Julie looked over at her husband with soft, brown eyes.

“Not this again.” George took a bite of chicken and chewed. “Even if I thought it was a good idea, we don’t have the money. That and ghosts aren’t real.”

Julie was tempted to refute his pig-headedness by telling George about her experiences that day. She could strip right there at the table and show him what the mansion had done to her. But she would never hurt her husband like that. She chose a different tack. “It’s in the bible. Just look at 1 Samuel 28. King Saul brings in the Witch of Endor to communicate with prophet Samuel’s ghost. And it works. The ghost talks to them.” She took another sip of wine. “I’ll find someone who’ll help us for free. I promise.”

“Your own Witch of Endor?” George could feel himself losing this argument.

“Something like that.” Julie nodded and polished off her second glass of wine. She poured herself a third.

“Fine.” George sighed. “But I don’t want this getting in the way of our remodel.”

“Fine.” Julie nodded. She could get a handle on the situation.


That night, Julie secluded herself in the study. She shopped for new bras online, but didn’t really know what size she needed. Drunk and exhausted, she was really just waiting for her husband to go to sleep before she went to bed.

Much later, in the darkness of her bedroom, she removed her clothes down to her panties and slipped under the sheets next to the snoring George. What would she tell him when he finally noticed her more womanly body? Would he even notice?

Julie lay in her bed a long time, her mind returning again and again to that deep penetration by Daniel’s oversized thing. She knew that after those events, she’d never be the same. But she hoped that if they could exorcise the house, she and Daniel might return to some semblance of normal. Without thinking about it, her hands moved down under her panties. She quietly stroked herself to orgasm while her husband snored next to her. She was terrified of getting caught by him, but she couldn’t stop. After about ten minutes, she shuddered through ecstasy and worked to catch her breath.

The masturbation had a calming effect. A little while later, sleep took her and she dreamed of giving herself to dark creatures. It was a fitful night of tossing and turning.


The hallway was a scary place at night. Of course, Daniel was old enough that the dark shouldn’t frighten him. And that was true until Frederick Palmer changed it. Now the great mansion was a looming threat with all its lights extinguished for the day. Unfortunately, Daniel had to pee and the only way to get to the bathroom was to cross that gloomy hall.

Daniel flipped off the blanket and limped across his room. Moonlight bathed the floorboards in a pale glow. He adjusted his micro-boxers, the only thing he wore, and shivered. He looked both ways, but the long hall offered nothing but still shadows. He wanted to dart into the bathroom, but his gimpy ankle wouldn’t let him. He slowly moved across the hall, flipped on the bathroom light, and relieved himself. When he was done, he turned toward the bathroom doorway and froze. He still held his torpid dick in his hands.

“No smile for me, Daniel?” Eloise stood in the hall, looking in at him. She wore a long, white nightgown and cradled her large belly with her left hand. Eloise looked down at the soft penis. “Your leviathan sleeps, I see. I can understand that it would be tired. Such a busy day.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel tucked his dick back in his underwear. He flushed the toilet and washed his hands at the sink. “You startled me. I thought you might be … him.”

“Mr. Palmer?” Eloise arched an eyebrow and looked to her left and right conspiratorially. “He does indeed search, even now. But his anger blinds him, dearie. He is … attenuated at present. Never fear.” She held her arms open in front of her. “Now, let me embrace my little conqueror. We have much to celebrate.”

Without thinking, Daniel finally gave her that smile and limped into her arms. Despite the cool temperature of her skin, he felt so perfectly at home pressed up against the swelling mountains of her breasts and belly. He squeezed her tight and looked up into her mirthful, green eyes. “I did it, Mrs. Palmer. I don’t know if I should have, but I did it.”

“You certainly did.” Eloise kissed him on the forehead and took his hand in hers. She led him back into his bedroom and closed the door behind them. “Never feel shame for what you do with your mother, Danny. It is the most natural thing and will bring you both an ocean of happiness.” She brought him to his bed, moving slowly so as not to push his sprained ankle too much. They sat down on the edge of the mattress. She gazed at a picture on the wall with lots of curving lines and circles. “What does that illustration chart?”

“That poster?” Daniel glanced at the wall. “That shows every mission beyond Earth’s orbit. You see that’s Earth there. That’s Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on.”

“Missions? You’ve lost me, I’m afraid.” A slight frown crept across her freckled face. There was so much to this new world that was beyond her.

“Well … um … maybe I could explain it later?” Daniel regarded the gentle curve of her feminine jawline and her dainty, alluring neck. “We were talking about my mom?”

“Yes, of course.” The sadness disappeared and Eloise’s white teeth reappeared, framed in a bright smile. “You found a task worthy of that mighty bludgeon.” She looked down at his underwear and could see his penis hardening. “And it’s not as weary as I thought. All to the good.”

“So, you’re happy?” Daniel pushed his blond hair back on his head and gave her a look full of eagerness. “Can we …?”

Eloise let out her jaunty, melodic laugh. “Young men have a mind for only one thing. But first, some discourse. While I am pleased that you maneuvered Julie Anderson into bed, I have some disquiet over your manner once she opened her flower to you.”

“What do you mean?” Daniel’s fingers twisted the blanket in his hand. Had he done something wrong? Well, of course he’d done something wrong. He’d had sex with his mother.

“Attend, Daniel.” Eloise reached up and caressed his soft cheek with her fingertips. “You are no longer the meek thing you were. If you mate with acquiescence, you’ll lose your women to the stallion in the neighboring pasture. Understand? You don’t want to play the part of the gelding, like your father.”

“Wait just a second, he –” Daniel fell back on the bed as her frigid hands pushed on his bare chest.

“But fear not, young one.” Eloise lifted her nightgown to her waist and straddled Daniel. “I will teach you all that you must know. Now, seize my bosom.”

“What?” Daniel looked up at her in confusion.

“Demonstrate your longing. Take my breasts in your hands and maul them, dearie.” She smiled sweetly down at him, like she’d asked him to fetch her an ice cream.

“I’m not supposed to. I shouldn’t have even pulled your hair that one time. I mean, I want to, but it’s not right.” Daniel stared at her with wide eyes.

“Don’t make me cross.” Eloise’s face darkened and her smile evaporated. Suddenly looking quite formidable, she swung her right hand and struck Daniel’s left cheek with her open palm. The sound of the slap reverberated around the room. “Do as I ask.”

“Yes, Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel’s cheek burned. He resolved not to disappoint Eloise again. “Like this?” He reached up and massaged her boobs, tugging a pulling. They were so full and supple, and so cold.

“I can see I’ll have to be patient. You are such a tender soul.” Eloise sighed and a little half-smile returned to her lips. The darkness had passed. “You have the tools, dearie. But you have much to learn. We’ll take small steps.” She reached under her and pulled his boxers down to his thighs. “But I don’t mean to only reprimand you on your day of glory. You may have your reward.” She grasped his throbbing cock and slid it into her vagina. The rod was so warm, and it filled her with the most wonderful heat. “Let me guide you a little.” She reached down and took his hands in hers. She placed his small hands on her rocking hips. “You sat there like a lump while your mother did all the work. You may think that your prodigious bludgeon is enough for any woman on its own. But that is not so.”

“I don’t want to … uh … uh … hurt anyone.” Daniel grunted as her frigid pussy clamped on his dick.

“Never fear … oooohhhhhh … I ask only that you hold me with some urgency at this time. Women yearn to be needed.” Eloise sped up her hips. She pulled her nightgown over her head, exposing her pale skin to the moonlight. “All women want to be kneaded.” She tossed the nightgown to the floor. The round mounds of her boobs and belly shook with the effort of her coupling. “Evidence to a woman your desire by releasing your manly nature. Continue your practice on me. Now.”

“Okay.” Daniel sat up so that he could reach around and cup her butt. He pressed hard into her icy flesh and massaged each cheek.

“Yeesssssss.” Eloise cherished the feeling of his thin chest pushing against her pregnant belly. They fit together perfectly. The young gentleman and the mature lady, both at the height of vitality. “You need no permission. Win my heart through my body, as a ruffian would. Take what you want. This is what a woman wants. This is what your mother wants.”

“I … uh … uh … understand.” Daniel’s pleasure built as the pale woman undulated on his lap. He leaned forward, without asking, and pressed his lips to the chill of her breasts. He softly nibbled at the supple nipple between his teeth.

“That’s it, dearie,” Eloise hissed. She cradled his head in her hands, running her fingers through his blond hair. “Take … take … take … all that I offer. And then push me to offer more.”

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Daniel sucked on the nipple and cold, sweet milk flowed into his mouth. He gulped the intoxicating drink down. His hands gripped her firm butt, pressing her onto his dick with each forward churn of her hips.

Eloise rode Daniel like that for a long time. She cooed and grunted as he moved his mouth from one breast to the other, taking her milk from her. Eventually, she felt the spasms in his thighs and hips. He was ready. “Now it’s … oooohhhhh … your turn to give, Danny. Fill me with your infernal seed.”

Daniel barely heard her words, he was so lost in the ecstasy of the moment. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” He unloaded inside the apparition’s pussy, convulsing with each shot of cum. When he was done and coming down from his high, he found that he’d already been tucked into bed. He was so tired. He looked up to see the naked redhead lean over him and give him a kiss on the forehead. “Goodnight,” Daniel said and closed his eyes.

“Goodnight, my prince,” Eloise whispered. “May you conquer many in your dreams.” She straightened up and smiled down at the boy as he drifted into sleep. And she, herself, drifted off, too, disappearing from the room like dust on the wind.


The twins sat in the dining room eating breakfast before school. “How’s the ankle?” Brittney said between bites of bagel.

“I’ll live.” Daniel paused his spoonful of cereal on its way to his mouth. “How’s your hand?”

“I’ll live.” Brittney held up her lightly bandaged hand and offered a thin smile. “I just don’t want to see that man with the top hat ever again.”

“Me too.” Daniel nodded and took the bite of cereal. That was so very true.

The doorbell chimed, playing the first eight notes from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

“I’ll get it.” Julie stepped out of the kitchen and walked through the dining room. She wore a skirt and an oversized t-shirt.

“You look … different, Mom,” Brittney rokettube called after her.

“Don’t be rude, pumpkin.” Julie smiled at her daughter. Her plan today was to pretend nothing was wrong. Fake it until you make it.

Daniel could just barely hear Julie talking to someone as she answered the door. A few minutes later, she returned to the dining room with two people behind her. “Daniel and Brittney, meet our guests.” Julie smiled at her children. “This is Mr. Maxamed Samatar and Mrs. Khadra Samatar.” Julie stepped to the side so her children could say hello. Maxamed was a tallish man with dark skin, short black hair, and a crisp blue suit and tie. He did not smile at the twins. Khadra was a short, slim woman, wearing a dress that covered all but her hands, and a headscarf that covered her hair and neck. Her complexion matched her husband’s, but she offered a wide smile with lots of white teeth.

“Hello, children.” Khadra nodded to each twin in turn.

“Hello.” Brittney returned the smile and looked at the equipment each guest held. They had all sorts of electronic devices in their hands and hung over their shoulders.

“Hi.” Daniel hadn’t ever met a woman with a hijab before, but he had seen them around. He thought Khadra was quite striking with her pretty, heart-shaped face. He wondered what her hair looked like. But, he guessed, that was the point of the hijab. “Are you helping with the remodel?”

“We are here to –” Khadra started to say something, but was cut off by her husband.

“We are experts with the paranormal.” Maxamed’s countenance looked grim. “We are here to investigate and rid your home of any demons that may linger. I get the feeling that we may be needed. I feel the presence of Dhegdheer. Do you not, Khadra?”

“Let’s not scare the children.” Kahdra’s smile widened further as she tried to reassure the two youngsters.

“We’re not children. We’re eighteen.” Brittney raised an eyebrow and looked at Julie. “What’s this about, Mom?”

“Nothing, pumpkin.” Julie stepped over to her daughter and patted her on the shoulder.

“Ghosts?” Daniel’s face turned pale. He suddenly worried for Eloise. “You’re here to rid the house of ghosts?”

While Daniel talked to the Samatars, Brittney stood and leaned close to Julie. “Ghosts, Mom? This is weird. I don’t think they’re even Christian,” Brittney whispered.

“They were free,” Julie whispered to her daughter as Daniel peppered the Samatars with questions. “I don’t mind who they worship. I just want them to check the house. It’s just a precaution.” Julie leaned away from Brittney and addressed the room. “The twins were just leaving for school. Would you like to put down your things?”

“We’ll set them down below the main stairs and get started. This could take all morning.” Maxamed eyed Julie like he did not like what he saw. “Where is your husband?”

“He’s up in the west tower.” Julie walked past her guests to the dining room doorway. “I’ll lead you to him. You can drop your stuff on the way.” She turned back to the twins. “Off to school with you two.” She then left with the Samatars right behind her.

“I don’t like it.” Daniel furrowed his brows and stared at the empty doorway.

“It’s weird, but whatever.” Brittney picked up her backpack from where it leaned by the wall. “Does Mom look like she’s putting on weight to you?”

“Maybe a little.” Daniel slowly stood and moved toward his own backpack. He didn’t want to leave the house and let those people harm Eloise. But what could he do?

“She looks good, don’t get me wrong.” Brittney didn’t notice the far off look in her brother’s eyes. “I’m just worried that the move may have been harder on her than normal. Gaining weight is a sign of …” Brittney talked and talked as they made their way to the front door.

Beyond his sister’s voice, Daniel heard a whisper pass down the long hall. It was Eloise’s sweet voice.

“Never fear, dearie,” Eloise said. “I’ve faced worse. I’ll be here when you return.”

Daniel smiled and looked at his sister. She was still talking about weight. She didn’t seem to hear Eloise. He took a deep breath. This was good. Everything would be fine. The twins left the house to go catch their bus.


When Maxamed and Khadra started their investigation, Maxamed switched to speaking Somali. He knew his wife preferred English, but he always thought the mother tongue would give them the upper hand on American evil spirits. “They have lots of white people books,” Maxamed said in Somali. He surveyed the library, holding his electromagnetic field detector in front of him.

“What are white people books?” Khadra also spoke Somali. She was a good wife and tried to do what was asked of her.

“I’m picking up something on the meter. A heavy EMF.” Maxamed stepped closer to the books and stopped with his detector touching a book titled First Love. “This, Khadra, is a white person book.”

“Is it?” Khadra moved close to her husband and read the spine. “It’s Russian, not American.”

“Russians are white people.” Maxamed turned off his detector and looked carefully at the spine of each book in the area.

“That is the problem with you, husband.” Khadra shivered despite the warm temperature in the room. “It is always us and them with you. I am American. You are American. It is simply we, now.”

“Watch your tongue, woman.” Maxamed pulled out First Love and looked in the gap where it had been.

“Sorry.” Khadra lowered her eyes.

“There is something here behind the books.” Maxamed took more books from the shelf and stared. “Allah, have mercy.”

“What is it?” Khadra peered into the opening her husband had made and gasped. “What malevolent spirit taunts us so?”

“Grab me a bag and tongs.” Maxamed watched his slender wife dig into her bag. “Do you think it is the lady’s? She was dressed like a harlot.”

“No. She’s the innocent sort.” Khadra rose with the bag and tongs and handed them to her husband. “Look at the size. What woman could fit that inside her?”

“If you take my tool inside you, surely you could take this.” Maxamed chuckled to himself. “Do not answer that. This thing is that of a giant.”

Khadra giggled but did not answer. She watched her husband bag it up and stuff it in his tote. “What other tricks does this spirit have in store?”

“We shall see.” Maxamed put the books back on the shelf. “We shall see.”


The paranormal investigators sat across the dining table from George and Julie. They had spent the morning going through the house. Somewhere far off in the house a clock struck noon.

Khadra cocked her head and listened. That was odd, she didn’t remember seeing a large chiming clock as they searched the house.

“Can we offer you lunch?” Julie smiled at the couple.

“No thank you, Mrs. Anderson.” Maxamed barely curved his lips in reply. “Ridding the world of evil spirits is payment enough. Of course, some people choose to donate to our cause. That would be greatly appreciated.”

George shot Julie a harsh look.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Samatar.” Julie patted George’s hand on the table. “We’re a little short on funds right now.”

“Well, maybe when you spend some time in your lovely house without the company of spirits, you will find some funds. Yes?” Maxamed nodded to himself. “Our instruments picked up many anomalous results. The library was of particular interest to us. We found objects that had lingering traces of an entity.” Maxamed placed Julie’s copy of First Love, on the table. “Do you know this book?”

“Yes.” Julie nodded and thought about Eloise’s interest in the novel. “That’s my book.”

“Strange.” Khadra opened the book and peered at the first page. “Perhaps –”

“Perhaps it is of little interest.” Maxamed cut off his wife. “We also found this tool in the library. I must warn you, this is … um … uncomfortable for us.” He reached into his tote. “But that is what the spirits desire. To make us uneasy.” He pulled the massive, black dildo, out of his tote. It was still in a clear plastic bag. He placed it on the table.

George’s eyes widened, but he said nothing.

“Um … um …” Julie stammered. How did it get back in the library? “I’ve … we’ve never seen that before.”

Khadra eyed Julie closely. Was this her phallus after all? Khadra could not imagine this innocent woman taking such a thing inside her. She adjusted her headscarf and tried to think purer thoughts.

“Just as I thought.” Maxamed nodded with gravity. “These evil spirits love tricks. We will dispose of this for you.”

“Thank you.” George glared at his wife.

“We have made symbols of protection with salt on the floor of the library, the main living room, and the boy’s room upstairs,” Maxamed said. “Also, the fireplaces. Wherever our sensors picked up activity. Please do not disturb the symbols.”

“Is that really necessary?” George sighed. He couldn’t believe his wife got him to agree to this.

“Most necessary.” Maxamed’s dark lips pressed together. He did not like being questioned. “The last thing to discuss is the locked room by the main stairs. We must gain access.”

“We don’t have a key.” George shrugged. “I’ll get to it eventually. The best we can tell from the original house plan is that it was some sort of drawing room. Smaller than the other living rooms.”

“I do not think that is right.” Maxamed shook his head slowly. “That I do not like. I will place a very strong protection symbol outside that door. In a week’s time, we will return to freshen our symbols. If the door is unlocked by then, that would be very well for all.”

“Sure.” George would get to it when he got to it.

“We will now finish up with your home.” Khadra offered her pretty smile and stood.

“In a week, we’ll return. We encourage you to consider a donation at that time so that we may continue our invaluable work.” Maxamed gathered his things and stood next to his wife.

“We’ll think about it.” Julie stood too.

“Thank you.” Maxamed nodded and the couple exited the dining room.

“What a scam,” George whispered.

“They’ve calmed my nerves, dear.” Julie patted George’s shoulder. “Maybe we will give them a small donation when they come back.”

“And how did that huge black thing end up in the library, Jules? I thought you threw it away.” George stood, suddenly very nervous that his wife had been using that monster behind his back.

“It wasn’t me.” Julie looked into his eyes with complete sincerity. “I don’t know how that thing got in the library.”

“Okay, fine.” Funny thing was, George believed his wife. She hadn’t put it there. Maybe the house was haunted. Or maybe she was sleepwalking. Whatever was happening, George wished his list of projects wasn’t quite so long. He didn’t want his family to spend any more time in the Palmer Mansion than they had to.


Daniel burst in the front door after school. His sister still trudged up the front walk behind him. “Mom?” He walked into the entry room and looked around. Something caught his eye to the left. Something white on the floor outside the locked door. He walked over to it and looked down. Drawn on the floor in white power was a crude bird with an arrow in its claw.

“What’s that?” Brittney walked up next to her brother and looked down.

“That will rid us of our little ghost, problem. Supposedly.” George descended the stairs and looked down at his kids. “There’s a few of those symbols around the house. Don’t disturb them or face the wrath of your mother.”

“This is weird, Dad.” Brittney looked over at her father.

“I agree. I’ll have a little talk with the pastor about it on Sunday.” George got to the bottom of the stairs. “Until then, don’t mess with the salt pictures. They won’t harm anything.”

“Sure, Dad.” Brittney said.

“Sure.” Daniel kept his eyes on the symbol. Until he saw Eloise again, he’d worry. She had told him everything would be fine, but this sort of symbolism seemed … well, Daniel wasn’t sure, but it was certainly more than he’d expected.

Daniel let his sister wander off to do homework, and his dad went back to work on the house. He wandered around and found more symbols in the library, and in front of the fireplaces in his room and the main living room. He also found his mom jogging on the treadmill in the basement. He froze when he saw her wide hips and side-boob bouncing with each stride. Even in an oversized t-shirt and baggy shorts, she was a splendid sight.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Oh, hello, pumpkin.” Julie looked over her shoulder at him and caught him staring at her butt. She didn’t remember Brad checking her out that way when he was a teenager. Then again, she hadn’t ever done naughty things with Brad. She blushed and turned her head forward again. “Did Dad tell you about the symbols?”

“Yeah, Mom.”

“We should be free and clear of the Palmers now. Everything will go back to normal.” Julie frowned at that and hit the button to stop the treadmill. If things were going to go back to normal, why was her body still so darn curvy? She’d resisted buying new clothes in the day since she’d made that bargain, but at the very least she’d need some new bras soon. Her poor boobs ached and were spilling out of the sports bra under her shirt. Maybe she’d need some new pants, too. She couldn’t even fit into any of her jeans now.

“I hope not.” Daniel realized he still had his backpack on. He slipped out of it and dropped it by the stairs.

“What do you mean?” The treadmill came to a full stop and beeped. Julie had to do a double take at her seven-minute-thirty-eight-second per mile average. She hadn’t run like that since she was a girl in high school track. “The Samatars seemed very professional. I think we can put all this behind us.” She grabbed her hand towel and wiped off her sweaty face.

“Mrs. Palmer is helping us, Mom.” Daniel closed the distance between them. He could smell her sweat from several feet away. It smelled like raw energy. He loved it. “And speaking of help, I need some assistance with my …”

“Not a chance, Danny.” Julie kept her back to him, towel still up to her face. “I do feel a sense of clear headedness since the Samatars did their thing. I think what we did was very wrong. Maybe we should sit down and talk about –” Julie sucked in her breath as she felt hands sliding down her hips. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking some advice, Mom.” Daniel reached around Julie and dug his fingers into the front of her pelvis. He pulled her back against the hard dick in his pants.

“My, gosh,” Julie whispered. “It’s really hard, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Mom.” Daniel moved his hips and rubbed against the back of her shorts. His hands wandered northward and cupped her breasts through her shirt and sports bra. This level of assertiveness didn’t feel natural, but he didn’t want to be the gelding like Eloise had said. “You can just use your boobs again. We don’t need to have sex.”

“I can’t …” Julie shut her eyes. All her focus went to that goliath pressed up against her backside. “I can’t think straight. I thought we could move on … from this … but …” Her son’s hands were so forceful as they kneaded her breasts. She could clearly feel how deeply he desired her. His own mother. Heaven help them. She turned around in his arms and she looked down at his gentle blue eyes. “Not here, sweetie. Anyone could walk down those stairs any minute.”

“I love you, Mom.” Daniel leaned up and gently nibbled at her soft, full lower lip. His tongue entered her mouth and soon they were making out.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Julie wanted to tell him how much she loved him, too. But she didn’t want to break their kiss. Her hands moved around his shoulders as he groped and rubbed her back. They kissed for a good long while. Eventually, she pulled back. “Not in here, I said.” She took his hand and led him toward the door to the utility half of the basement, where the washer and dryer and other mechanicals were. She noticed he still walked with a slight limp, but he seemed much better. He’d healed very fast, it seemed. She opened the door, turned on the light, and they walked into the unfinished room. She closed the door behind them.

“Thanks, Mom. I really appreciate the help.” Daniel pulled down his underwear and pants and left them on the concrete floor. He walked over to the washing machine and pulled himself up so he was sitting on top. He took off his shirt and dropped it. His dick stood out proudly, the dark-purple head swaying side to side slightly with his elevated pulse. “Here?”

“Yes.” Julie wanted to make eye contact with her son, but her gaze was drawn to that monster between his legs. She pulled off her shirt and then she pulled off her sports bra. A chill ran through her as her sweaty boobs were exposed to the cool basement air. She walked to her son. “There’s something magical about you, Danny. I never thought …” She stopped in front of the washing machine and took hold of his penis. “I just never thought.” Her hands stroked him up and down.

“You’re so beautiful.” Daniel’s eyes moved from Julie’s full boobs, with their large, pink nipples and small areola, up to the mesmerized expression on her pretty face.

Soon, Julie was bent at the waist, enveloping her son’s thing with her breasts. She performed the act like she’d done with him before, a hand held to the outside of each boob, pressing them up and down. She spit down on that purple head for lubrication. She took a peek up at Daniel’s face. Judging from his expression, she guessed that she’d become pretty good at this new sex act. “What a good boy,” she breathed. She didn’t have a towel with her to soak his seed up. Well, she supposed she’d have to swallow it all up. Nothing to be done about that. She stroked him like that for more than ten minutes.

“It’s not … uh … uh … coming out, Mom.” Daniel’s face was red and he grunted as he worked hard to hold back his orgasm. “Can I put it … inside you again?”

“No sex, Danny.” Julie shook her head and watched the monstrous organ sliding between her breasts. “I am not going to cheat on your father again. Can you imagine what he’d do if he found out?”

“Yeah, he’d go crazy.” Daniel didn’t mention that he thought his dad would probably go crazy if he caught his wife giving their son a titjob, too. Daniel considered the lies everyone tells themselves. “Can I just put the tip in? Please?”

“I said no, mister.” Julie looked up into his sweet face. She could see sweat dripping down his forehead. “No whining. You should be happy I’m doing this for you.”

“I am.” Daniel put his hands on his mom’s shoulders. He could feel her little muscles working as she worked her boobs up and down with her arms. “Sorry.” He tried to focus on enjoying the titjob. It was, after all, miraculous in and of itself.

At that moment, Eloise descended the basement stairs on bare feet. Her bustled dress trailed behind her. She wore her red hair up, with a fashionable little hat pinned just off center. She entered the basement and looked to her left.

One of those ghastly symbols glowed a pallid green at her from the floor by the fireplace. This one showed a crude frog holding a trident. Eloise stepped over to the thing and tried to annihilate the frog by spreading the salt with her foot. But she found she could not touch the thing. She crossed her arms and frowned. The frog symbol stared back up at her. Why did it glow in such a sickly way? Eloise turned away from the symbol and silently crossed the basement. She would eventually put the Samatars in their place. But first, she needed to help Daniel.

The door to the unfinished half of the basement silently opened and Eloise stepped through. She could hear the slick wetness of Julie’s breasts as she tried to bring her son to completion. Eloise caught Daniel’s eye as she shut the door behind her, but Julie was too busy staring at his steed to notice the entry of a third wheel. Eloise smiled at Daniel and held her finger up to her pink lips for silence. She then stalked across the floor until she was right behind Julie.

“Are you close?” Julie’s arms were tiring.

“Almost.” Daniel watched Eloise as she sank to her knees behind his mother, cradling her swollen belly.

“Oh.” Julie gave a start and stopped stroking Daniel with her breasts. “Something cold on my back. Ohhhh.” Julie shivered and felt her shorts and panties drop to the floor. “How?” Julie tried to turn around, but Daniel’s grip on her shoulders tightened and he held her facing him.

“It’s Mrs. Palmer,” Daniel whispered.

“Oh, no. She was supposed to be … ooooohhhhhhh.” In one motion, those freezing hands spread Julie’s legs and pulled her butt up so she was bent further at the waist. Then a shock of pleasure spread through her as something amazing happened to her vagina. “What is she dooooinnnnnggggg?” But Julie knew. She could feel those hands of ice, one on each butt cheek. And she knew the frigid thing squirming along her vaginal lips was another woman’s tongue. For the second time in her life, and the second time in two days, someone was giving her oral sex.

“Wow, Mom, she’s eating you out.” Daniel could just see Eloise’s hat and her perfect hair bob behind his mother’s ass.

“Language … Daniel … uh … uh … don’t …” Julie’s mind trailed off. Her hands dropped her boobs and grabbed her son’s penis. Her mouth descended and she took the head into her mouth. As pleasure surged through her from that icy tongue, she bounced her head with short strokes.

After a few minutes, Eloise backed off Julie’s nethers and stood. “She’s ready, now. Hop down from there.”

“Okay.” Daniel pulled his dick out of his mom’s mouth and slid off the washing machine. He stood next to his panting mother as she put her hands on the edge of the machine and tried to focus her mind.

“You have the tool of an animal, Danny.” Eloise spread Julie’s legs a little more and lowered her hips so that Daniel could line up from behind. “Take her like an animal.” Eloise smacked Julie’s backside and enjoyed the sound that reverberated around the Spartan room.

“Just the tip?” Daniel got behind his mother and looked down at her wide hips and gorgeous pale ass.

“Enough with that nonsense, lad.” Eloise then slapped Daniel’s little ass. The sound was not the same. “Take her like you mean it.”

“Here I go, Mom.” Daniel lined up his dick with her pink pussy lips. Clear precum mixed with Julie’s own secretions.

“I don’t think we … uuuuugggghhhhhh.” Julie’s muscles spasmed as inch after inch slid into her. She gripped the edge of the washing machine as tightly as she could. Her son’s monster was a key and she was the accepting lock. They were made to be like this. “Be … gentle.”

“Do not be gentle.” Eloise leaned against the dryer and watched the couple. Such pure beauty to see this God-fearing mother falling and falling.

“Okay.” Daniel grabbed Julie’s hips and held tightly. Once he was all the way in, he pulled most of the way out and slammed back in. He watched the ripples spread on Julie’s ass and listened to her grunt. He slammed her again and again. At first there was no rhythm, but then he fell into a predictable meter with each violent thrust. Daniel willed his orgasm away, he wanted to plow his mom like this forever. He could see the sides of her breasts swinging below her and the little muscles on her back tensing and relaxing with each thrust she absorbed.

“I’m … I’m … You’re going to make me … oooooooohhhhhhhh.” Julie didn’t have much of a singing voice, but she sounded practically operatic as she orgasmed, head flailing side to side.

“Her hair, dearie. Take her hair.” Eloise clapped and cheered them on.

“You … feel … so … good … Mom.” Daniel let go of her hip with his right hand and took a pile of Julie’s brown hair in his fist. He pulled her back so that she looked up at the ceiling and arched her back.

“Oh … oh … nobody … nobody … has …” Julie was losing her mind. Daniel had complete control over her. She came again and again as he took her like he owned her. In the back of her mind, she knew this wasn’t the sweet boy she raised. That the house, that Eloise, had influenced him and seduced him. But at the moment, she couldn’t bring herself to care about anything but allowing him to use her as he needed.

“I’m getting … close.” Daniel’s grip tightened on her hair. He looked down to see how grotesquely stretched her pussy was around his dick.

“Not … inside.” Julie trembled through another orgasm. She could feel her vagina gushing. Oh no, she was squirting again. The second time in her life. Before she could feel any shame, the orgasm carried her mind away.

“Wow.” Daniel looked down as the concrete floor, his legs, and his dick were suddenly covered in liquid. Even with the extra lubrication, she was still so tight. He looked over at Eloise with a question written on his face.

“It’s just the downstairs flood. It means she likes it. Now, listen to your mother, Danny.” Eloise nodded firmly. “Not inside.”

“Yes.” Of course. How could Daniel ever consider cumming in his own mother? Things were changing so fast.

Eloise leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Wait for permission on that one. One day she’ll beg for it. We don’t want any regression, do we?”

Daniel couldn’t believe Julie would ever beg for his cum. But then again, he had her bent over the washing machine, so anything was possible. He pulled out of his mother and Eloise grabbed his dick with her cold hands. Daniel looked down at her pale fingers, at the ring with those binary diamonds, as Eloise jacked him to completion. “It’s … aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.” Daniel let go of his mom’s hair and screamed as he unloaded on Julie’s butt and back. Thick ropes of cum covered her.

“Danny, Danny, Danny,” Julie murmured. She hung her head and felt the hot splashes all the way up onto her shoulder blades. There was so much of it. When he was done, Julie straightened and turned around. The apparition was gone. She hugged her son, cradling his head to the upper part of her left breast. His still hard penis slipped snuggly between her thighs.

“That was … incredible.” Daniel saw spots dancing before his eyes.

“It really was.” Julie squeezed his thin frame tightly. “I lived my whole life never knowing it could be like this. I brought you into the world. And you brought me this.” She pressed her thighs together around his penis. “What are we going to do?”

“Round two?” Daniel looked up hopefully into her soft, brown eyes.

“Not a chance.” Julie pushed him away. She could feel his semen dripping down her back. “Your father and sister are home.” Her eyes regained some of their focus. “I mean, goodness. They’re home right now while we’re like this. And I almost forgot, Brad and Penelope are coming for dinner tonight.” She looked around the floor for her clothes and noticed the wet spot she’d made on the concrete by the washing machine.

“Brad?” Daniel frowned. He hadn’t realized his brother was coming. That chased some of the high out of his brain. He hated his brother, but he loved his mom. He could see the worry in her eyes. “What do you need from me?”

“Help me clean and get dressed.” Julie walked over to the hamper and bent to look in. “I’ll get something to wipe us off first. We’ll both need a shower. Afterward, you can help me with dinner. Okay?”

“Sure, Mom.” Daniel gazed at her round butt as she bent over the hamper. The way her boobs hung down in front of her was so inviting. But he was a good son. He wouldn’t take her again however tempting it was. He’d help her clean and prepare. “Whatever you need.”

Chapter 7

“So, you two are spending the night?” Julie looked over the dining table at Brad and Penelope.

“Yeah … we’ll go to church with you tomorrow … so …” Brad talked while chewing some steak.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, sweetie.” Julie took a sip of wine. “It’s not polite.”

“Sorry.” Brad took a minute to swallow the food in his mouth and then looked at his eighteen-year-old, little brother. “So, has freakazoid here been to the doctor about his mutated dangler?”

“Goodness.” Julie placed her wineglass on the table with a hard thud. The red liquid sloshed inside it. She gave her eldest an icy look.

“Shut up, Brad.” Brittney also gave her big brother a fierce stare. “You’re such a bully.”

Brad’s wife, Penelope, gazed over at Daniel with a quizzical look on her face. Her brother-in-law was scrawny in all the places Brad filled out. Daniel had none of the muscles, or the height, that Brad had. But the teenager was also quite large where Brad was not. How odd. Life was full of strange juxtapositions. Daniel caught her staring, and Penelope blushed and turned her eyes to her plate. She brushed her blonde hair behind her shoulder and raised her fork, taking a dainty bite of Brussels sprout.

“I’m afraid Brittney’s right.” George wanted to intervene before the siblings went at each other’s throats. “You should apologize to everyone at this table.”

“Sorry.” Brad smiled. He didn’t look very sorry. “So, doctor or not?”

“We can’t afford the doctor right now, and he’s doing fine.” Julie thought about how Daniel had taken her in the basement just hours ago. Her youngest son was certainly healthy. If anything, his parts worked too well.

“So, has it shrunk back down to normal size?” Brad leaned toward Daniel. “Or do you still got Frankenstein’s package down there?”

Julie took a deep breath. George and Brittney glared at Brad. Penelope looked down at her plate.

“Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.” Daniel met Brad’s gaze. “I never thought I’d see you jealous, Brad.”

“Jealous of a freak?” Brad let out a harsh, false laugh.

“That’s enough, Brad.” George really wanted to change the subject. How had his family devolved into insulting each other’s bodies? “Let’s talk about something else.”

“I’m not a freak.” Daniel was sick and tired of his brother’s shit. “There’s lots of guys with these issues. Mom even helped me find some new underwear that fit.”

“You need help with your underwear?” Brad sneered. “What did she measure it for you, too?”

“No,” Daniel whispered.

“It’s no big deal.” Julie looked at her husband. “I’ve always bought underwear for the children.”

“Yeah.” George had known about the new underwear, but didn’t like the suggestion that Julie had measured Daniel. George wished he didn’t care. All bodies were God’s work, after all. But try as he might, he wasn’t comfortable with Daniel’s size. It felt … dangerous somehow. “Of course she helped Daniel with an uncomfortable situation. The teenage years are awkward. I remember. I’m sure you remember, Brad. You’re all lucky you have a mother willing to help you with anything.”

This last statement caught Julie mid-sip, and she coughed up her wine, spraying it on the table cloth.

George patted her back. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just got something down … the wrong pipe.” Julie’s face was very red. “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Of course, dear.” Nothing would make George happier. The less he thought about that situation the better. “You’ve upset your mother, Brad. We’ll hear no more about this.”

“Sure, Dad.” Brad nodded and eyed his little brother. “Sorry.” He smiled his wolfish smile.


The labyrinth was a cold, dark place with slate-gray walls. Julie raced down one corridor after the next, stopping at dead ends and taking random turns. Her naked form shook with each stride. Her unsupported boobs ached as they bounced, forcing her to run with her arms pressed firmly on her bosom. Cold sweat dripped down her neck and spine.

Something followed her. With each false turn and dead end, she felt the thing draw closer. The chase felt like an unwinding ball of thread. She rapidly approached the vanishing center.

A hand shook her shoulder. “Julie. Wake up Julie,” a voice whispered in her ear.

“Danny?” Julie’s eyes shot open. She was in bed with her husband snoring next to her. Soft starlight filtered in from their bedroom window casting deep shadows throughout the room. Julie sucked in her breath. A redheaded woman stood over her, with her cold hand resting on Julie’s naked shoulder.

“No. Not Danny. It’s me.” Eloise gave the wife a reassuring smile. “You were having night terrors and I couldn’t bear to watch you suffer through it.”

“I thought the Samatars sent you away,” Julie whispered. She pulled her blanket up to her chin.

“They tried their best, dearie. Don’t fault them for their failures.” Eloise removed her hand from Julie’s shoulder and stood up straight. “Come with me, it’s quite urgent.” She turned and walked out of the bedroom.

“Wait. Wait.” Julie whispered after the apparition. But Eloise disappeared down the hall. “Darn it.” Julie slipped out of bed and threw on one of her husband’s oversized flannel shirts. It hung open, exposing the valley between her newly enlarged breasts, but she didn’t feel like she had time to button it. Julie raced out of the room and saw Eloise walking by the stairway railing to her right. Julie followed, holding her breasts as she had in her dream to keep them from bouncing about. Goosebumps covered her bare legs. The only thing she wore on her lower half was her panties. “Mrs. Palmer?” Julie called after the woman. “What happened to me? How do I fix it? You need to put things back to normal.”

“That is what I’ve come to show you.” Eloise looked over her shoulder. The long, dark Victorian dress disappeared into shadow as it trailed behind her. “Bond what was broken. Mend the stitches and return to form.”

“What?” Julie hustled after Eloise. “You’re going to fix this? Fix these?” She emphasized the word these by squeezing her heavy boobs. Julie had almost caught up to the pregnant woman. She passed by her son’s closed bedroom door. She reached out to grab Eloise, but the woman vanished. Julie heard the toilet flush in the bathroom to her left. Julie stood in the hall dumbfounded.

The bathroom door opened with a flood of light and there stood Daniel humming the theme from Star Trek. He didn’t notice his mom in the hall as he wiped his hands on a towel and flipped off the light, dropping them into darkness again. He stepped into the hall without really looking where he was going and bonked into his half-naked mother. “Mom?” Their bodies pressed up against one another. Blood rushed to his dick.

“Danny … I was just …” Julie stumbled when her son bumped into her. She held his shoulders for support. Eloise’s promise to return them to normalcy fell to the back of Julie’s mind as she now had Daniel’s warm, lithe body next to her. She turned to face him and looked down into his earnest blue eyes. She could barely see him in the gloomy hall. “I thought I saw –” But Daniel cut her off by planting a soft kiss on her lips. Within seconds, she was making out with her son. A moment ago, she had been on the verge of getting that apparition to reverse this, but now she couldn’t pull her tongue out of Daniel’s mouth. Her arms encircled his shoulders and she felt his hands slide onto her butt. There was so much desire in the way he grabbed her and pulled her hips toward him. Even though he’d already spurted all over her back earlier that day, he was so hard. Julie lost herself in their kiss.


The memory of a tall man in a top hat menaced Penelope as she woke from a deep sleep. Her eyes opened with a start. She put her hand on her husband’s strong chest and felt him sleeping soundly. Her heartbeat slowed. Then, without a thought, she was out of bed and up on her feet. She tugged at the hem of the oversized t-shirt she slept in and wandered toward the bedroom door.

There was something. Something out in the hall. Penelope had to look and see. She struggled with the doorknob, vision still blurred from sleep. She got the door open and stepped into the hall. George and Julie’s bedroom door stood open, which was odd. Then she heard something down at the other end of the hall. Penelope rubbed her eyes, but couldn’t quite make out what she was seeing in the gloom. Two people seemed to stand in the shadows very close together. What were they doing?

This house had creeped Penelope out from the start. But as her vision cleared, creepy turned to something more daunting. A pit formed in her stomach. That couldn’t be her mother-in-law down at the other end of the hall? Penelope squinted at the figures and decided it was. There stood Julie pressed up against a shorter man. They embraced. Oh, my God. As her eyes took in more of the spectacle, she realized she was seeing Daniel and Julie kissing like a couple of lovebirds.

“Stop, that’s … that’s … just stop,” Penelope tried to shout at them, but her words came out a garbled, scratchy whisper. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this kind of shock. Julie Anderson was a righteous Christian woman. How could she?

The lovers at the end of the hall seemed to float further away. Penelope took an unsteady step. She needed to put an end to this. But everything turned darker. She realized she was going to faint.

Out of the darkness, a naked, pregnant woman strode toward Penelope. The woman’s red hair flowed down around her shoulders and she cradled her pale, bulging belly. “The bond, the pact, the contract made,” the woman said. “We paid and received and the Devil took his due. All we need from you is your approbation, good Penelope.”

“What? No,” Penelope croaked. The whole world slipped. She took one more step and toppled over onto the cold hardwood. In the bedrooms on either side of her, George and Brad slept soundly. Sprawled in the hall, Penelope found a cold, dreamless sleep, too.


Neither Daniel nor Julie noticed Penelope at the other end of the hall. They were too caught up with each other. Even as the young woman fell to the floor, they didn’t hear or see her.

“Mmmmmpphhh.” Julie broke the kiss with her son. “We have to stop.” She looked down to see the flannel shirt had fallen open and her breasts were now exposed.

“A little more, Mom. Please?” Daniel bent a little, leaned forward, and took her warm nipple into his mouth. He rolled it around with his tongue.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhh.” Julie cradled his head with her left hand, pushing him up against her boob. “Okay, sweetie. Just a little more.”

Daniel pulled off her shirt and moved his hands to her hips. He maneuvered her backwards down the hall and then into his bedroom. All the while, sucking her breast. He closed his door with his foot and pushed her back to his bed. When they arrived, Julie fell backwards onto the sheets.

“We can’t keep doing this, Daniel.” Julie leaned up on her elbows and watched Daniel pull off his tight boxers. Seeing that long, fat penis with all its bulging veins and its discolored head made Julie wonder how she wasn’t frightened of the thing. She should have been frightened. But instead, all she felt was awe and longing.

“I know we can’t keep doing this, Mom.” Daniel felt in control as he looked down at her curving body. Her tits hung out to the sides perfectly. Her hips arched out with extraordinary grace from her waist. He could just see the top of her brown bush as she pressed her legs together. “But we should enjoy this thing we have for at least a little while longer. The bible says there is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good. Right?” Daniel spread her legs and dropped to his knees on the floor next to his bed. He pulled her panties aside and gazed with reverence at the protruding pussy lips.

“What does Ecclesiastes have to do with … oh … oh … oooohhhhhhhh.” Julie threw her head back on the mattress as her son’s tongue explored her vagina. “Oh, gosh, Danny. You’re … eating and drinking meeeeeeee.” An orgasm rapidly approached. How had she lived her whole life without asking anyone to go down on her? How would she live the rest of her life once her family went back to normal? Would George do this for her? “You’re going to … make me … explode.” Julie’s whole body trembled and she gripped the sheets tightly with fists on either side of her hips. If his tongue felt this good inside her and on her lips, what would it be like if and when he found her clit? Julie couldn’t fathom it. “Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh.” Her eyes lost focus and she came on Daniel’s tongue, her hips bucking on the mattress.

Hearing his mom squeal out her orgasm, Daniel lifted his head and wiped off his mouth. He roughly maneuvered the quivering Julie into the middle of the bed, got between her legs, and lined up his cock. Some part of his mind called out to him to quit this while he still could. But those thoughts were drowned out by the pulsing, howling animal id that urged him on. Watching her slick entrance, he slipped the head of his dick inside her and smiled at how it so easily distorted her pussy.

“Danny, are we …?” Julie came down from her orgasm to find herself pinned by Daniel’s monster. He was going to mate her again, and there was nothing she could do about it. The penis sunk into her, and she found that there was nothing she wanted to do about it. He filled her up so perfectly. As his balls came to rest on her butt, she felt the tip of his thing nudging at her very soul. “If we keep doing … it … we’ll never be able … to stop.” Julie grunted and felt that magical tool slide in and out of her. “How does this keep … happening?”

“I don’t know, Mom.” Daniel looked down into her soft, brown eyes with pure adoration as he pumped her pussy. “But I love you.” He knew in that moment that whatever Eloise gave him, or any other women that came into his life in the years ahead, nothing could replicate the pure rapture of bonding with his mother.

“I love you … so much … Danny. I would do … anything … mmmmppphhhh.” Her words were lost as his handsome face descended and he kissed her again. Their bellies slapped together, his trim and flat, hers more supple and curved. George had never kissed her with such passion or longing. Oh, no, poor George. The thought of her husband was almost enough to break the spell. But then Daniel rolled his tongue around hers and shoved her organs around with his tool, and she lost herself in rapture again.

Daniel broke their kiss and lifted himself up so he could look down on Julie again. He placed his hands behind her knees and held her legs open. He could see Julie’s belly bulging with each stroke. It was mesmerizing. “Look, Mom. Look what I’m doing to you.”

“What?” Julie looked up at him and saw where he was looking. She lifted her head and looked past her wobbling breasts down to her tummy. “Oh, gosh … Oh, gosh. How can that … be?” She could see his thing protruding underneath her flesh as he bottomed out each time. The sight of her deforming belly sent her over the edge. She lost herself in another orgasm.

More than twenty minutes, and several orgasms later, Julie sensed that Daniel was close. “Not … uh … uh … inside.” Julie opened her eyes and looked up as Daniel still held her legs, sweat dripping off his nose and landing on her chest. She scarcely recognized his cute, sweet face as it twisted with purpose and desire. “Not … inside … please.”

“Okay.” Daniel pulled out of her and fapped his dick for all he was worth. He looked down at Julie, her hair damp with sweat, her mouth hanging open with something akin to reverence, her breasts heaving with each breath. “You’re … so … perfect … aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” Cum blasted out of him and sailed through the air. It splashed down on her boobs, stomach, face, and hair.

Julie closed her eyes and accepted his seed all over her. There was so much of it. She felt spurt after spurt land and she listened as Daniel’s groans died down. Eventually, he finished and she wiped the sperm out of her eyes. “You are some sort of miracle, Daniel Gregory Anderson.” She opened her eyes and was happy to see the look of complete satisfaction on his face.

“I’m so lucky, to have you.” Daniel slumped forward. He didn’t care if she was covered in his cum. He wanted to lay his head on her breast, have her arms surround him, and drift off to sleep.

“No you don’t, mister.” Julie held up a hand and caught his chest, stopping him from lying down. “If we fall asleep in here …” She looked down at herself. “… covered in your stuff …” She sat up and moved to the side of the bed. “… someone is going to catch us.” She stood and held her hand out to him. “We’re lucky this is such a large house and the Andersons are heavy sleepers. It’s shower time, pumpkin. Let’s get cleaned off.”

“Sure, Mom.” Daniel took her hand and let her lead him across the hall into the bathroom.

Of course, Julie shouldn’t have been surprised by what happened next. Once the shower was going, and they were rubbing each other’s bodies with soap, things got out of hand. Julie found herself on her knees lovingly sucking Daniel’s thing. The young man could just keep going and going. After a while, he unloaded in her mouth. She devoured all his salty seed.

They finished cleaning and each went back to their own bed. Julie curled up on her side next to her warm husband, her vagina stretched and her belly full of semen. How had it come to this? How was she going to rein them in? She drifted off to sleep thinking about her crazy day. Her son had taken her twice and she had loved every second of it.


George sat on a horse, the saddle creaking under him as he adjusted his weight. He’d never ridden a horse before, so it was odd to sit on one. Before him a wide dirt road wended off through the prairie. His horse shuffled its feet with anxiety as it waited.

Behind him, the sound of hooves appeared and gradually grew louder. George turned his head to see a man in a top hat riding a midnight black horse up the long road. The man pulled the reins and stopped next to George. The horse and the man were quite large. So much so that George had to look up to see the man’s pallid face. George’s gaze hung on the dark drooping mustache and then moved up to his eyes. George had never seen eyes so devoid of light.

“You’re a fool, Mr. Anderson.” The man’s voice was slow and gruff. He brushed at the lapel of his long, velvet jacket.

“Why?” George wanted to ride away from the man, but he didn’t know how to make his horse move.

“You countenance the buck’s face.” He leaned forward and offered a grim smile.

“What?” George gulped and felt his throat constrict.

“Horns.” The man shook his head and his smile drooped along with his mustache. “They saddle you with horns. They do it right under your nose.”

“Who?” George wasn’t usually a monosyllabic kind of person, but this man brought it out in him.

“Who am I?” The man reached up and briefly tipped his top hat at George. “Mr. Frederick Palmer at your service.” His smile did not return. “Heed me. Or become the gelding.” Frederick’s eyes absorbed more and more light as darkness fell around them.

Soon, shadows spread across the prairie. George kicked his horse but it wouldn’t budge. Frederick leaned toward him with malevolence written all over his stony face. George screamed and the dark moved upon him. There was nothing but black.

“No.” George sat up in bed with real fear in his heart. Cool morning sunlight fell in through his bedroom window. He put out his hand and felt his wife’s reassuring warmth next to him. Just a dream. Well, not a dream really. More of a nightmare. Maybe there was something to Julie’s fears about this house. George decided to be more supportive of his wife.


When Penelope woke, she expected to find herself on the cold hallway floor. But instead, she was snug in the guest bed next to Brad. She peeked out from under the covers and could see their bedroom door firmly shut.

What a strange dream. Like in all dreams, things that made sense in the dead of night now seemed absurd. Julie kissing her own son? That was crazy. And a naked, pregnant lady roaming the halls talking about deals? That was bonkers. Penelope sighed and stretched.

There was one thing she couldn’t quite figure out. Given that she’d dreamed about upsetting, perverted, and morally reprehensible things, why was her pussy so wet? As she fell back asleep, she pondered that fact. No answers came to her.


Sunday afternoon rolled around and the family loitered in the main living room.

“The pastor said the church doesn’t acknowledge ghosts or demons.” George sat on the couch and watched his wife. She was still wearing her church dress with a cardigan over it. George eyed the little peep hole that her bust created between the fastened buttons. Her breasts looked … bigger. “According to him, they don’t exist.”

“Okay.” Julie nodded. “I just think we need to follow up with somebody else at the church. There has to be someone there that can help us.”

“No more Samatars?” Brittney sat cross-legged on the floor.

“No, we’ll have them back, too.” Julie nodded. “I just want to get as much help as our budget will allow.”

“What’s our budget?” Brittney was surprised they had money for this.

“Well …” Julie coughed. “Zero?”

“Maybe we could put a few dollars into this,” George said.

Julie smiled at her husband and mouthed thank you. “Speaking of the Samatars, I’ve been meaning to ask who removed the symbol by the locked door?”

Penelope raised her hand on the end of the couch. “The sugar on the floor? I accidently stepped on that, so I cleaned it up.”

“It was salt.” Julie eyed her daughter-in-law. The woman seemed even more shy around her than usual. “Did you clean any other symbols?”

Penelope shook her head.

“Well, I know it was an accident, but I’d like us all to leave the symbols be. Okay?” Julie sighed. She wondered if that destroyed symbol was why Eloise was free to move about the house last night.

“Great job, Pen.” Brad glared at his wife. “I told you Mom wanted to leave those things where they were.” Brad reclined in a plush chair and moved his eyes back to his phone. “So, you’re serious about these ghosts, Mom? Are you into this too, Dad?”

“Well, I want to make everyone comfortable.” George nodded. “And I have had some odd feelings in this house.”

Penelope felt bad about upsetting Julie and her husband. Her confusion about the conversation just added to her stress. Tears filled her eyes. She stood and rushed out of the room. She still had on her church dress. The hem of it swished behind her as she moved. She stopped in the hallway and waited, hoping her husband would come to check and see if she was okay. When he didn’t come out, tears really began flowing down her cheeks. She put her hands on her face and walked past the front door and eventually turned into the library. She found a comfortable chair and sat down. She felt so fragile since that crazy dream last night.

“Don’t worry, dearie. They’ll forgive you.” A soft woman’s voice carried through the room.

Penelope was suddenly very aware how little attention she’d paid her surroundings as she walked into the library. She removed her hands from her watery, blue eyes and brushed her blonde hair away from her face. Across from her in a chair sat a woman in a long, flowing dress. The woman sat very straight, and watched her with an expectant smile. Penelope took in the woman’s red hair, freckles, and swollen belly. It was the pregnant lady from her dream. Was she dreaming again?

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” The woman’s smile was sympathetic and reassuring. “Mark Twain said that. Anyway, Julie will forgive your little cleaning spree. As for me, I’d like to thank you. You’ve done me a service and I intend to make recompense.” The woman tilted her head and winked a green eye at Penelope.

“Who are you?” Penelope realized she’d been holding her breath. She exhaled.

“I am Mrs. Eloise Palmer.” Eloise’s smile broadened. Her face filled with warmth and generosity. “And you are the second Mrs. Anderson, are you not?”

“Well, yeah.” Penelope’s tears dried. “Sort of. I’ve only been an Anderson for a little while. I married Brad. I’m Penelope.”

“A splendid acquaintance met.” Eloise looked at a book she held open in her lap. “This is First Love by Ivan Turgenev. Do you know it?”

“I … I … don’t read very much.” Penelope started to feel faint again.

“A pity. A lovely woman reintroduced it to me recently.” Eloise brushed her fingertip along the page, looking for a particular line. “I do believe it played a not inconsequential part in her fall.”

“Her fall?” Penelope couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Ah, here it is.” Eloise read aloud, “No! I cannot love people whom I find that I look down on. I need someone who would himself master me, but then, goodness me, I shall never come across anyone like that. I will never fall into anybody’s clutches, never, never.” Eloise looked up from the book. “That is you, is it not? You looked to your good husband to master you, but he cannot. You seek to fall into someone’s clutches, but fear opportunities passed.”

“Brad?” Penelope rubbed at her temples. “No. He … I mean … yes … he takes care of me.”

“You missed the mark when you picked him, but not by much. Where Brad fails another Anderson would succeed.”

“Daniel?” Penelope arched her eyebrows in disbelief. “You’re crazy. He’s like my little brother.”

“I can give you everything you’ve missed by wedding the lesser Anderson, dearie.” Eloise closed the book and leaned in her chair closer to Penelope. “Pleasure you hadn’t dreamed of. Belonging. Protection. You need only make the bond. You see, we paid and received and the Devil took his due. All we need from you is your approbation.”

“I don’t know what that means.” Penelope instinctively crossed her arms over her chest, closing herself off to this woman.

“It means.” Eloise stood, walked over to Penelope, and lightly touched her pink cheek with a frigid finger. “If you say yes to my offer, I will change your life for the better. Do say yes.”


“Very well.” Eloise dropped her hand and walked toward the door. “I thought you might have better sense than that.” She stopped in the doorway and looked back. “I’ve had a thought. Let me give you a little taste of the world on the other side.” Eloise chuckled to herself and disappeared down the hall.


Daniel had watched Penelope leave the living room. He could tell she was crying, but no one else seemed to notice or care. He sat and listened to his family discuss how to rid the house of its haunting, but he stayed silent. The last thing he wanted was a successful exorcism.

After a while, Daniel stood and quietly exited the room. No one seemed to notice his exit either. He walked down the hall, checking rooms. Penelope’s beauty and her pitying kindness toward Daniel made her difficult to talk to. But he did want to check on her. He still wore his suit from church. Daniel took off his jacket and slung it over a baluster at the bottom of the east stairs.

The library was where he finally found Penelope. She was sitting in an armchair and looking at the old faded wallpaper above the bookshelves.

Daniel entered the room. “Penelope?”

“Jeez.” Penelope gave a start and looked over at him. “You surprised me, Daniel.” Her eyes were red from crying and she had a far-off expression as she watched him approach. Black mascara ran down her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” Daniel stopped next to her chair. He put his hands behind his back and clasped them. He could feel how sweaty his palms were.

“I thought Brad was coming for me, but it was you. Brad can be so stupid.” Penelope waved her hand dismissively at Daniel, but accidently brushed the bulge in his pants with her wedding ring. “Oh, sorry.” She pulled her hand back like it had been bitten by a snake.

“It’s okay.” But it wasn’t. Daniel could feel his dick swelling. “It was an accident.”

Like iron to a magnet, Penelope’s eyes locked in on the bulge in Daniel’s pants. “It’s so odd. You’re so different from your brother. In every way.”

“How so?” Daniel’s breath came in short gasps. He looked down at her ample cleavage, exposed from his angle standing above her.

“Just that. That’s all.” Penelope caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She saw Eloise reenter the library and shut the door behind her. “Daniel. I don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s a strange woman in here with us. I think I’m dreaming. I had the strangest dream last night, and now here I am again. I must have fallen asleep in this chair.”

Daniel looked over his shoulder. “That’s just Mrs. Eloise Palmer. She’s friendly, don’t worry.” He made eye contact with Eloise and the redhead nodded encouragement at him. Daniel knew what that meant. He had a chance with Penelope. His anxiety spiked as he thought about his mother’s disapproval and Brad’s probable homicidal reaction. Eloise nodded again and gave him a smile that filled him with confidence. It would be okay. His anxiety melted away.

“Oh, silly me.” Penelope giggled. She watched Eloise find a seat on the other side of the room and then she looked back at Daniel’s pants. “Since this is a dream, can I get another look at it? Ever since we all saw it that one day, I just keep … wondering …”

“This isn’t a dream.” Daniel unclasped his hands and unbuttoned his pants. His trembling fingers made the task difficult, but he managed it and dropped his pants.

“That’s just what a dream would say.” Penelope giggled again. She reached out and flipped his blue tie over his shoulder. Shen then pulled down his underwear. She gasped when she beheld the rigid dick that sprung out. “I … I knew it was big … but … oh my God.” She reached out a finger to touch the purple head. It was spongy, yet firm. She withdrew her finger and looked at the white mark she’d made there quickly disappear. Clear liquid dribbled from his little hole. So much precum. “It looks so … aggressive. I wonder what it looks like in real life.” She leaned back in her chair. “Okay, that’s enough. You can put it away now.”

“Really?” Daniel pressed his lips together in disappointment.

“I promised you a taste,” Eloise said from across the room. “Have your taste, dearie.”

“Um … even in a dream … I don’t think I should.” But she leaned over and licked the head with her tongue. It was salty, warm, and … powerful. Before she knew it, she had the whole head in her mouth, swirling her tongue round and round.

“You grab a bull by the horns, Mrs. Anderson.” Eloise reclined in her seat, the slightest smile touching her pink lips. “You grab young Daniel by the …”

With the head still in her mouth, Penelope reached out and took hold of Daniel’s balls. “Uuuuuuuggggghhhh.” She was surprised by their size and weight. How much cum did he have stored in there? Penelope’s shoulders shuddered as she thought about what it would be like to find out.

“You’re so perfect, Penelope. Why do you always take Brad’s side?” Daniel looked down into her pretty face and watched her blue eyes look up at him. Her eyes went wide and she froze, her little nostrils flaring.

Making eye contact with her brother-in-law was frightful because in that moment she realized this wasn’t a dream at all. She was really sucking on Daniel’s cock. She held his actual balls between her fingers. She spit the cockhead out of her mouth and let go of his testicles. “Oh, Jesus. I didn’t mean to. Brad is my husband, Daniel. Oh, shit. I thought I was dreaming.”

“Don’t stop, Penelope.” Daniel looked down at his dick, glistening in the afternoon light with her saliva. “I’m sorry I mentioned asyalı porno Brad.”

“Jesus Christ. Brad. No, no, no.” Penelope stood and looked about the room in a panic. “I was just curious about your … your …” She pointed at the grotesque dick that jutted out from Daniel’s slender hips. “I thought it wasn’t … real.” Penelope looked into the corner of the room. “That lady, Mrs. Palmer… Is she real?”

Eloise smiled and nodded at the young woman.

“Yeah,” Daniel said.

“No, no, no. This is an evil house, Danny.” Penelope raced to the library door. “We need to leave. I need to get Brad.” She opened the door and ran into the hall, her church dress flowing behind her. Once out in the hall, she was suddenly confused. She couldn’t remember where she’d left her husband.

The first door to the left in front of the stairs hung open. Was Brad in there? Penelope wasn’t sure, but she wandered toward the door. As she stepped inside the room, she thought that maybe this was the locked room that no one had been in before. The one whose symbol she’d accidently destroyed. But that couldn’t be right. She was so confused. She stepped further into the room and the door swung closed behind her.

“What?” Penelope squinted in the low light. There was a sofa along one wall with an oil lamp flickering on an end table. In a far corner, stood a ten-foot high bear. It had been taxidermied in a fearsome pose. Against the opposite wall from the sofa, a sideboard was covered in beautifully detailed, multi-colored bottles.

On the sofa, reclined a young, redhaired man in overalls. He tipped his herringbone flat cap to her and winked a green eye. “Welcome, Mrs. Anderson. Mom said I should expect you.”

“Who are you?” But Penelope could tell. With his freckles, angular jaw, and wide-set green eyes. He could only be Mrs. Palmer’s son.

“My name’s Thomas and we’re going to be good friends.” He stood and smiled. “Really good friends.”

Penelope turned to run back the way she’d come, but the door was locked behind her. She pounded on the door and yelled for her husband Brad, but no one in the rest of the house could hear her.

“This is a special room,” Thomas said from behind her. “A private room. My father built it at great expense to keep all that happens here from the rest of the world.” He moved toward the screaming woman. “Father did very bad things in here. But we’re going to do good things.”

“No.” Penelope looked over her shoulder at the approaching boy. He was certainly only a little older than Daniel. She pounded the door with her fists. “Nooooooooo.” But no one came to her rescue.


Back in the library, Eloise walked over to the door and gently closed it. She then turned and shrugged at Daniel. “Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. My daddy always told me, never be afraid to hitch your cart to a new horse.”

“What’s that mean?” Daniel had both hands on his dick. He wasn’t sure what to do with his raging hardon.

“It means I’m tractable, dearie.” She walked over to Daniel and kneeled before him. She gently replaced his hands on his penis with her own icy fingers and stroked him. “When a plan doesn’t work, we have another waiting in the wings.” She licked the oozing precum off the head.


“Me and the house, Danny.” Eloise took another lick and looked up at him with urgent eyes. “Now we don’t have too much time before the others come looking for you. Let’s get you taken care of.” She sucked him into her mouth and took long, gurgling strokes. She pressed both hands onto his butt. Eloise felt quite happy when Daniel reached down and threaded his fingers through her hair. He forced more and more of his penis into her throat until she was taking great long plunges, pressing her nose to his nether hair at the bottom of each grunting lunge forward.

After about five minutes, Daniel let his seed fly into Eloise’s cold mouth. When he finished cumming, Eloise was gone. He took a minute to compose himself, and then pulled up his underwear and pants. He walked toward the library door. He needed to apologize to Penelope and smooth things over with her before she told everything to Brad. He hoped he wasn’t too late. Brad would kill him if he knew what happened.

Little did Daniel know, Penelope was in no condition to confide anything to her husband at that moment. In a secret room, a redheaded teenager was changing her whole perspective on a great number of things.

Chapter 8

The exhaust fan hummed in the small bathroom. Khadra turned off her shower and pulled back the curtain. Steam hung in the air, but the fan pulled enough moisture that the mirror hadn’t fogged. Khadra ignored the reflection of her dark, slim figure. She ran her fingers through her curly black hair and let it fall around her shoulders.

A bath towel hung to her left. She grabbed the soft cotton and wrapped herself. Khadra stepped out of the shower and was about to take another towel for her hair when she froze. There, on the bathroom counter, was that monstrous phallus from the Anderson home. The last she’d seen it, Maxamed had tossed it into their trashcan in the garage.

Was this a joke played on her by her loving husband? Had he retrieved it and placed it here? Khadra stepped over to the counter and slowly reached her hand down to the thing. Was this the work of demons? So far in their work, the Samatars had not had any demons follow them home. She cursed under her breath. They hadn’t placed any ward symbols on the phallus when they’d thrown it away. That was a mistake.

Khadra’s fingers touched the thing and she felt a little spark pass from the silicone into her finger tips. A thought popped into her head. Of course, Maxamed put it there. He wanted her to try this massive thing inside her. Her hand gripped it and lifted it to her nose. It smelled clean. There was no lingering scent. The weight of it surprised her. It offered so much heft. She knew she should prepare dinner, but instead she sat on the toilet lid. If her husband wanted her to try it, she would.

The dildo seemed, by its very presence, to ask her to bare herself. Khadra removed the towel and let it fall on the toilet behind her. The head of the pitch-black monster was so very wide. She spread her legs and looked past her modest breasts down to the triangle of black hair above her slit. Her hands trembled as she brought the thing up to her vagina. Allah help her, she was already so wet. She could clearly see the moisture as she rubbed the head up and down.

Slowly, with trembling hands, she pushed the phallus into her. She had never been so full. Maxamed was a fool for leaving this here for her. The comparison did him no favors.

After a few minutes, she worked the phallus all the way in. She held it there, her vagina stretched to the limit and spasming around the thing. She then pulled it most of the way out and slammed it back in. Khadra did this again and again. Her brown eyes went wide as she watched it disappear inside her. Another noise in the bathroom joined the droning exhaust fan above her. She realized that she was listening to her own grunts. She sounded like a filthy swine as the thing pushed deep inside her again and again.

There was a knock on the door. “That is a very long shower,” Maxamed said loudly through the door. “The children and I are waiting for dinner.”

The dildo slipped out of Khadra’s vagina and fell to the floor. What was she doing? She tried to control her panting and closed her legs. Her vagina longed for the pleasure it had just lost, but her husband’s voice had broken the enchantment the thing held over her. Khadra knew this was demon’s work. “Sorry.” Naked on the toilet she let her breathing slow. “I will be out … in a minute.”

“Very well,” Maxamed said as he left the bathroom door.

Khadra wrapped herself with the towel again, took some tissue paper, and lifted the slick phallus off the tile floor. She would need a ward against this thing, but she did not want her husband to know what had happened. She decided to hide the monster under the sink and come back later with salt. At night, she would bury the thing out back and bind it in place with a ward. That would keep the demons away from her family.

Later that night, while her family slept, Khadra returned to the bathroom. She opened the sink cabinet, and stared inside. The phallus was gone. This was not good. She would need to ward the whole house and make up a plausible excuse to give Maxamed for such an aggressive move. Maybe she would tell him the Palmer House had come to her in her dreams. She could deal with it. She rubbed her legs together and thought about where all the wards would go.


A door opened and Penelope stumbled out into the hall. She took a few lurching steps and then stood, wobbling on shaky legs. “Hello?” Her voice echoed in the large house. No one responded. Behind her, the door closed with a solid thud. Penelope shivered. She was a mess. Mascara ran down her pretty face. Her blonde hair stuck out in all directions. Her dress was torn around the bust. She reached up and felt her breasts. They seemed so heavy and … different.

A memory flashed in her mind. She had been banging on a locked door while someone, or something, stalked her from behind. Had that just happened? Penelope shook her head and walked with unsteady feet toward the stairs. Good God, her belly and vagina felt so cold.

As she climbed the stairs, Penelope tried to remember, but she had only a vague sense of what had happened that day. Had she really performed a disgusting blowjob on her brother-in-law. That had to be a dream. She reached the top of the stairs and stumbled down the second-floor hall.

“Hello? Is there anyone here?” Penelope walked into the guest bathroom and quickly undressed. She felt so dirty. With her clothes on the tile floor, she looked down at herself in disbelief. She’d grown. Or had she always had such ponderous breasts? Everything felt confused and inverted. All her thoughts swam in an ocean of muddled fog. She stepped to the shower, turned on cold water, and stepped in. As she let the water cascade over her, a sudden thought crystalized in her mind. This house was made of and for secrets, and she had been placed in a position of trust. She shivered under the shower and realized she would do anything to avoid betraying this place. Even if it meant lying to her husband. But she couldn’t quite place what secrets needed keeping. Something important, she was sure. She scrubbed her round body and turned off the shower.

As she dried with a large towel, she listened for sounds in the house. But all she heard was the persistent ticking of some great clock in the mansion. All the Andersons seemed to have disappeared. She picked up her torn and disheveled clothes and walked naked back to the guest room she shared with her husband. She dropped the clothes in the corner and found an oversized t-shirt. She pulled it on, the glint of her ring catching her eye. She paused and stared at the gorgeous diamond Brad had given her. Her loyalty to her husband had never before been in question. But now … Penelope shook her head and climbed into bed.

As soon as her head hit the pillow, Penelope drifted off to sleep. In dreams, waiting for her, was an enormous cock twitching and ready to bring ecstasy.


Brad found his wife sleeping in their guest bed. He shook her awake. “What are you doing, Pen?”

Her blue eyes fluttered open. “I was having the most wonderful dream.” Her lips fell in a frown as her vision focused on her husband. “Oh, Brad. I was just taking a nap.”

“I can see that.” Brad furrowed his brows. “We’ve been looking all over for you. We thought you went for a walk and got lost. Daniel said you were crying. Was the little shit lying?”

“No, I …” A far-off look clouded her eyes. “Daniel’s not a little shit. He’s a … a …”


“Stop it, Brad.” Penelope pulled back the covers and stepped out of bed. Her t-shirt went down to about mid-thigh, but she had nothing else on. “What time is it?”

“It’s after nine.” Brad gave her body a strange look. She seemed different to him. “You missed dinner, but Mom saved you some ravioli.”

“Yum.” Penelope picked up a pair of panties and pulled them on. They felt tight on her hips.

“They’re just stupid Trader Joe’s ravioli.”

“I like Trader Joe’s.” Penelope tried to shimmy on some jeans, but they wouldn’t go past her thighs. “My pants shrunk.” She pulled them off and pulled on some yoga pants instead.

“Actually, maybe you should lay off the ravioli. Maybe it’s time for a diet.” Brad eyed his wife. She didn’t look bad, but she was certainly putting on weight. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed before. A cold pit formed in his stomach. Fear gripped his heart. The one thing he couldn’t abide was being married to a fatty.

“Stop it, Brad.” She playfully swatted his shoulder. “Don’t you dare comment on my weight.” She slipped on some socks and walked to the door.

“Since when do you tell me what I can’t comment on.” He followed her out into the hall. The t-shirt covered her butt, but he could tell her ass was wider and rounder than when they’d married.

“Sorry, babe.” Penelope looked back at him and forced a smile. “Everything’s fine. Everything’s normal. Now, I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.”

“Um, okay.” Brad followed her down the stairs. “It’s late, so I guess we’re sleeping here tonight.”

“That’ll be nice.”

“I thought you couldn’t stand this house, Pen.”

“Maybe I’ve changed my mind.” As she thought about it, she realized she had changed. She’d changed quite a bit.


“What’re you reading, Mom?” Daniel walked into the library. A clock somewhere in the house struck twelve, lumbering chimes. Daniel thought it likely the clock belonged to the Palmers and to another time. He was pretty sure his family didn’t own a chiming clock. He wondered if anyone else heard it. He closed the door behind him and moved toward his mother.

“It’s called First Love.” Julie took off her reading glasses and looked up at her son standing near the closed door.

“What’s it about?” Daniel walked awkwardly toward her. He was already hard.

“Well, um …” Julie bit her bottom lip and looked down at the book. “It’s about a teenager that falls in love with an older woman.”

“Oh, cool.” Daniel stopped next to the armchair where his mother curled her body. He looked down at the way her dress dipped and swelled over her many curves. It was glorious. “Does she love him back?”

“Well, no. She doesn’t.” Julie looked up into Daniel’s blue eyes and knew why he’d sought her out for. “Not like me, I suppose.”

“Well, I guess I’m luckier than that dude.” His hands moved to his waist to unbutton his pants. “Where’s Dad?”

“He’s sleeping.” Julie stole a quick glance at the closed door. “But we’ve got a full house tonight.” She wagged a finger at his crotch. “We can’t do that here.”

“Really?” Daniel went ahead and unbuttoned his pants. He lowered the zipper. “Everyone’s asleep. No one’s gonna know.” He dropped his pants around his ankles and lowered his boxers. He watched his dick spring out.

“My, gosh.” Julie stared at his monster, taking in all thirteen inches. She glanced at the door again, and then back to the twitching penis. “I don’t know, Danny.” She took a deep breath. “Well … um … maybe …” Julie bit her bottom lip. “Can you be quick?” She set her book and glasses on the end table and reached for Daniel.

“I think so.” He watched her soft, pretty face lean over to his dick and slide the head past her lips. Little crow’s feet formed by her eyes as she contorted her mouth to suck him in. Her face was so pure, innocent, and loving. His dick was not. Daniel loved seeing the two come together.

“Tell her,” Eloise’s voice whispered in Daniel’s ear.

Daniel looked up and saw the pregnant apparition standing behind Julie, by a bookshelf, gazing down at an open book. It was a dictionary. She looked up at him. He raised his eyebrows quizzically at her and moaned as his mother’s tongue swirled around the head.

“I don’t remember your word for it. Starts with an S.” Eloise’s pink lips curled into a friendly crescent. She rolled her eyes like she was thinking. “Whatever the word, tell her dark things, Danny. Ribald things.”

“Oooohhhhhh, Moooommmmm.” Daniel laced his fingers in Julie’s brown hair. He shook his head at Eloise, realizing that only he could hear her. He didn’t want to talk dirty to his mother.

“Mmmmmmpppppphhhhhhhh.” Julie was in heaven helping her teenager cope with his manhood. She felt so important and connected in that moment.

“Women long for coarse discourse.” Eloise ran her fingers down a page in the dictionary. “We are told to be good and sweet and becoming. But we long to be made a strumpet by a prodigious engine such as you possess. See how she loses herself in the act?”

“Mom?” Daniel looked down at his mother.

Julie gagged a little as her head bobbed with short, slurping strokes. She milked his thick shaft with her right hand and squeezed her left breast with the other. She gave no indication that she could hear Eloise behind her, her eyes shut tight as she worked her son toward climax.

“Tell her …” Eloise’s finger stopped on the dictionary’s page. “Here we are. The word is slut. Tell her she’s a slut.”

Daniel shook his head at Eloise.

“Careful with your recalcitrance, Daniel.” Eloise slid the book silently back on the shelf and stared over at mother and son with a darkening visage. “Tell her now. Do not make me cross.” As her words wound themselves around Daniel’s ears, the apparition faded until only Julie and Daniel were left in the library.

“Uh … Mom …?” Daniel loosened his grip on Julie’s hair. “You … um … look like a slut.”

“Hhhhmmmm?” Julie spit out Daniel’s penis and stopped stroking him. Saliva dangled from her chin. “What did you say?”

“I … um … said you looked like a slut?” Daniel visibly cringed as his mother’s soft brown eyes turned hard.

“Daniel Gregory Anderson.” Julie let go of his penis with her right hand and her other hand fell from her breast. “I’m shocked to hear those words come from your mouth.” She stood up and wiped the spit from her chin with the back of her hand. “What would your father say?”

“Well … um … you sorta were … sucking on my …” Daniel squirmed, suddenly very self-conscious to have his dick exposed to his mother.

“Goodness gracious.” A line formed down the center of Julie’s forehead as she frowned at Daniel. “Are you defending yourself?”

“Well …”

“Apologize this instant.” Julie folded her arms over her ample bust.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” Daniel hung his head and stared down at his dick. Eloise had steered him wrong.

“Say it like you mean it.” Julie cocked her head and waited for Daniel to make eye-contact. She needed to set him straight.

Daniel looked up into Julie’s stern eyes. “I’m really sorry, Mom. I won’t do it again.”

“Thank you, pumpkin.” Julie smoothed out her dress and took a deep breath. “Now maybe we need to cool it with all this stuff we’ve been doing. I’m afraid it’s sending you down the wrong path. I was trying to help, but …” Julie shook her head and blushed as she thought about what she’d just been doing to her son.

“No, Mom.” Daniel felt his stomach drop. He couldn’t lose this thing he now had with his mother. “I’m sorry. I was just trying to … to … be …”

“Pull up your pants.” Julie stepped around him and walked to the door. “And get to bed. It’s late.”

“Please?” Daniel called after her.

“No more funny business.” Julie opened the door. She checked both ways down the hall. No one there. “And that’s final.” She slipped out of the room without looking back.

Daniel sat and slumped in the chair, totally dejected. His penis softened. This was terrible. Tears formed in his eyes. He put his head in his hands and quietly sobbed.


Julie nearly ran into her daughter-in-law in the hallway. “Goodness, Penelope. What are you doing up? It’s after midnight.”

“Oh … sorry.” Penelope tried to focus. “Just getting some … water.”

“Well, okay.” Julie looked the woman up and down but couldn’t see much in the gloom of the hallway. She could tell that Penelope’s legs were bare under her long t-shirt. “Goodnight then.” Julie stepped around her and opened the door to the master bedroom.

“Goodnight, Julie.” Penelope wandered off down the hall toward the stairs.

Julie didn’t have time to think about Penelope. She wanted to make love to her husband. Now that she’d ended it with Daniel, she felt a pressing need to make a connection with George. She needed to make amends. She closed the door behind her and walked over to the bed.

George slept on his side, gently snoring. Julie disrobed, slipped under the covers, and reached around his hip. Her hand wormed its way inside his pajamas and grasped his penis. It surprised her how small it felt. She sighed and stroked the soft little thing. She supposed everything was relative and she’d have to get used to it again.

Eventually, she got her husband hard and woke him. She mounted George and slipped him inside her, but was stunned by the how little she felt in her vagina.

“What’s gotten into you, Jules?” George reached up and massaged his wife’s boobs.

“Just wanted to feel you, George.” Julie rocked her hips, but sex with George wasn’t what it used to be. Had Daniel ruined her with his massive thing? The thought frightened her.

“Your boobs … are they bigger?” This was the first time George had touched her breasts in a while.

“It’s just hormones. Now let me …” Julie adjusted her hips and bounced on him, but was still met with frustration.

“Oh … oh … oooohhhhhhh.” George shook.

“Wait, you don’t have a condom on.” Julie pulled off him and finished him with her hand.

When he’d calmed down, George looked over at Julie in the darkness. “That was great. I still got it, don’t I?” He smiled.

“You sure do,” she lied. Julie got out of bed and walked toward the bathroom. “I need a shower.” But what she really needed was to satisfy herself. She suddenly regretted letting the Samatars take that enormous dildo. Her fingers would have to do.


The tick-tock of the Palmer clock echoed throughout the mansion as Penelope descended the stairs. It seemed to her that her own heartbeat fell in time with it, like the mechanics of the clock were some sort of metronome for her very life.

Penelope trailed her fingertips along the wall to help guide her in the darkness. She couldn’t remember what she had been looking for. As she searched her mind, a sudden memory sprung up. She was in a small room with a large taxidermized bear in the corner. It was frightening.

Something else came to her. In the memory, her dress was up around her waist and she rode a redheaded young man for all she was worth. The feeling that gripped her as the memory played in her mind was that of complete penetration. Filthy, animalistic entry by an enormous cock. Her insides trembled at the thought of it. She stumbled at the bottom of the stairs, and saw a strip of light cast from a room to her right. She staggered toward it.

The lighted room was the library and she stopped in the open door when she arrived. Inside, she could see Daniel sitting in an armchair, his head in his hands. He looked like he was crying. Her heart broke for him. Someone had trampled on a beautiful flower, and Penelope needed to nurse it back to health.

Penelope took a deep breath to clear her mind of those awful memories and stepped into the room. She hadn’t taken three steps when another memory stopped her in her tracks. Thomas. The redheaded man with the monster cock was named Thomas. My God. Thomas was the name of the man that had broken her marriage vows. His cold dick had plundered her insides and deposited icy loads of semen deep inside her. She shivered. Had she climbed on his lap willingly, bouncing on him like she was trying to win the Kentucky Derby? “Daniel?” With another deep breath, Penelope pushed the memory aside. “Are you okay?”

“Pen?” Daniel looked up through blurry eyes. “I was just … um … thinking.”

“You look so sad.” Penelope walked across the room, very conscious of her bare legs. “What can I do to help?” She stopped next to his chair and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Are you good with girl troubles?”

“You had a breakup?” Penelope offered a reassuring smile. It was strange how quickly she’d been able to release those terrible memories. Like a passing dream.

Daniel nodded.

“I’m here for you.” Penelope squeezed his shoulder.

“I always thought you were so pretty.” Daniel put his hand on hers and felt its warmth. “But now, you look even more … beautiful.” Even with her baggy t-shirt, Daniel could see her curves. Her blonde hair looked radiant in the warm lamplight.

“Thank you.” Penelope tensed as another memory surfaced. This new memory was even more shocking than her sudden, enthusiastic infidelity with that boy, Thomas. She had made some sort of deal. She could still see the freckled face leering up at her as she screamed out orgasm after orgasm. Thomas asked if she wanted to feel that way again and she said yes. She would accept and pay for that pleasure. Then she felt so hot and her body turned a luminescent red. The heat that had crept over her had been so intense that she pressed herself into Thomas’s frigid flesh. Praying he’d unload in her again so that his cold seed would offer relief to her poor vagina. Penelope shook her head. “I’m okay.” She breathed in, held it, and then slowly exhaled. The memory faded.

“Um … alright.” Feeling bold for the first time in his life around this amazing woman, Daniel took her hand from his shoulder and brushed her fingers over his lips.

“You really are a handsome young man, aren’t you?” Penelope gazed down at his blue eyes and held her breath again when he gently placed her finger in his mouth. “Oh, Jeez. That’s so …” She now knew that she really had given Daniel a blowjob earlier. It had happened. Nothing in this house was a dream. And, at the same time, all of it was. Had she been wrong to run out on him? “You look a little like Brad, but you’re so different.”

Daniel took the finger out of his mouth and lifted up the hem of her shirt. He found white panties and gently pulled them off her wide hips and past muscular thighs. “Brad’s an asshole. I’m not.” He could see her neatly trimmed blonde bush and protruding pussy lips. They looked perfect.

“No, he means well.” Penelope caressed his cheek with her wet finger. “He just … oh … what are you …? Oooohhhhhhh.” Her eighteen-year-old brother-in-law dropped her panties to the floor, spread her legs a little, and placed his tongue right on her slit. He held her firmly by her butt cheeks. “That’s so … gooooooooddddd.” She wove her fingers into his blond hair and dug her nails into his scalp. Her thighs trembled. The sound of his tongue slurping at her pussy was completely obscene. Through fluttering eyelids, Penelope watched the open door to the library, but she couldn’t bring herself to part with Daniel long enough to close it. “I’m going to cccuuuuummmmmmmmmm.” She gyrated her hips and creamed on his young tongue.

When her hips quieted, Daniel pulled back and looked up at her. “I’m not sad anymore.” His face glistened with her juice. His dick stood hard and ready, recovered from the letdown with Julie.

“Now … I … didn’t mean … that’s not the sort of help … I,” Penelope stammered.

“I just really need to be close to someone right now.” Daniel pulled on her hips and lowered her to her knees on the floor between his legs. “I want to forget about the breakup. Can you help with that?”

Penelope looked up at his monster cock, twitching and oozing precum. Her blue eyes went round and glassy. “You want me to suck it? Again?” Her unsure hands reached up and felt the veiny thickness. The dick was not only out of proportion with his body, it would have been out of proportion attached to any man she’d ever known.

“Yes, please.” Daniel leaned back in the chair and gazed down at the look of amazement on her face.

“Well, I suppose.” Penelope leaned forward and took him into her mouth. Her tongue met his salty precum and she purred. In a day, she’d gone from a faithful wife who’d never considered infidelity, to willingly taking a cold, strange cock in her pussy and sucking off her brother-in-law twice. Reflecting on the past twenty-four hours made her head spin. She stroked his dick with both hands and awkwardly bobbed her head as she tried to adjust her technique to his size.

“Better than I imagined.” Daniel placed his hands on the back of her head.

The words made Penelope suck even harder. He’d been imagining this. Of course, the little guy had been crushing on her. How had she never seen it before? The hands on her head pushed a little and the cock went deeper into her mouth. She gurgled and gagged a little. The pressure continued, and with each successive bob her head dropped farther and farther down. This was impossible. Even with Brad’s much smaller penis, she’d never been able to blow him like this. It felt like the world just kept tilting under her. Her hands moved from the shaft to Daniel’s hips, holding on for dear life.

“Yes.” Daniel pushed and pulled on Penelope’s hair until she took almost the whole thing. “You were … uh … uh … uh … made for this, Pen.”

“Uuuuugghhhhh.” Why wasn’t she gagging anymore? The long dick was down her damn throat. The idea sunk in. Daniel was right, she was made for this. What a thing, to discover you were made for blowing giant cocks.

“Not yet. Not yet.” Daniel pulled Penelope off his dick and looked down as she gasped for air. “I want to do it with you.”

“Do … what?” She looked up at him, pulling the collar of her shirt up and wiping off the dripping saliva around her mouth.

“Hop on.” A flicker of uncertainty passed on Daniel’s face. “I mean, you’re so beautiful, and it would really help with the breakup if I could … you know … put it inside you.”

Penelope laughed. She couldn’t help herself. “You’re serious? I can’t cheat on Brad.” Again, she silently cursed to herself. “And …” She nudged the enormous cock with her finger and lost her train of thought. It swayed a little. He had to be over a foot long. “It won’t fit. Even if I wanted to, you’d tear me in two.” She wrapped her fingers back around the shaft and slowly pumped him, trying to ignore her wedding ring sparkling in the warm light. “Maybe I could finish you with my hands, and then we could forget about the whole thing. Okay?” But even as she said it, she knew she was going to cheat on Brad for a second time. Whatever had happened to her in that locked room with Thomas had opened some sort of door inside her.

“Let’s just put the tip in, then.” Daniel pulled off his shirt and tossed it behind him. “If it doesn’t fit, I promise I won’t ever ask again.”

“What about your brother?” Penelope felt a warm tingling in her belly just holding Daniel’s cock.

“Brad deserves this.”

“That’s not true.” But it dawned on Penelope that it might actually be true.

“Climb on, Pen.” Daniel looked at her with plaintive eyes. “I always thought you were too good for Brad. Too smart. Too sweet. Too beautiful.”

“Really?” Penelope blushed and stood up, still holding on to Daniel’s cock with her left hand. There was just enough room on the chair for her legs on either side of his narrow hips. She mounted him. “I wouldn’t normally do this. But you looked so sad. And … ooohhhhhh …” She placed the cockhead at her entrance and lowered her hips just a fraction of an inch. “Oh … ooohhhhhhh … and this house is … I don’t think I should have messed up that salt symbol thing on the … uh … floor.” She lowered herself a little more, staring at a bookcase blankly. “I … uuuggghhhhhhh … you’re so big. Even bigger than Thomas.”

“Who’s Thomas?” Daniel placed his hands under the hem of her shirt and gripped her soft, warm hips.

“He’s … uh … uh … just …” She dropped her hips a little more and put her hands on Daniel’s slim shoulders. She was almost halfway. “… an old boyfriend.”

“Oh, cool.” Daniel pulled down on her hips and speared her all the way with his dick. He gazed up at her pretty face as it twisted into what looked like a silent snarl. Her eyes rolled upward.

“Jeez, Danny. You’re … oooohhhhhh … in my belly.” Penelope had taken Thomas, so maybe it shouldn’t have surprised her that Daniel fit inside her, too. “I feel like … uh … uh … I’m sitting on a … skyscraper.” She rocked her hips tentatively, afraid of pain that never came. All she could feel was her erstwhile tight pussy in extreme tension as it loosened and wrapped around him. That, and the flood of pleasure that came with it.


Julie didn’t remember waking, or leaving her bedroom. But somehow, she found herself on the main floor near the library. It was still dark out, but she didn’t know the time. Light spilled out of the open library door. Naked, except for her panties, Julie covered her breasts with an arm and stepped closer to the light. She then heard it. Soft slapping, stifled moans, and murmuring. The unmistakable sounds of sex. She’d seen Eloise ride her son in the library before, and that was what she expected to find as she peered around the door frame.

When she saw what was happening in the library, Julie’s free hand went to her mouth in shock. Penelope was clearly riding Daniel’s giant thing with slow, impossibly long strokes. The look on Penelope’s face was one of surprise, lust, and awe. The poor woman’s mouth hung open and her eyes stared upward. Julie couldn’t see her son’s face as Penelope’s boobs, still hidden by her shirt, pressed up against him. Those breasts were bigger than Julie remembered. Goodness, her daughter-in-law had made the deal, too. What a hussy.

The more she thought about it, and the more she watched her family slowly copulate, the more it became clear to Julie that this was her fault. She shouldn’t have cut off Daniel so abruptly. Of course he would fall into another woman’s arms. Julie then thought of Brittney, and prayed the house hadn’t tried to corrupt her. First thing tomorrow, Julie would drive over to the Samatar house and demand a device that would protect her daughter.

There was a hole in Julie’s logic, blinded as she was by the mansion’s influence. As she turned away from the door and put her back to the hallway wall, it never occurred to her that they should all leave the house that instant. As she lowered her hand under her panties and made quick circular motions with her fingers, she didn’t consider packing up the family and running far, far away. Instead, she listened to the mating couple and felt the electricity surge from her clit as she masturbated herself.

The house would protect itself. And to do that it needed more time with the Andersons.


The abandon with which Penelope rode that monster cock would have certainly surprised her husband, had he not been sound asleep upstairs. His wife had always been so meek in their lovemaking, letting Brad do the work. Now she humped his brother like a woman possessed. Which, technically, she was.

“I’m … on the … pill.” Penelope needed him to cum inside her. She had never desired anything so much before that moment.

“What?” Daniel couldn’t see her face as her boobs bounced in his face. He regretting not pulling off her t-shirt earlier, but now he just held on to her hips for dear life.

“Cum in me … uh … uh … uh. Fill … me … Danny.”

“You want me to …?” Daniel’s voice was muffled by cotton and bouncing boob.

“Unload your … balls … inside.” Penelope’s movements became more erratic as she was on the verge of having another orgasm.

“Okay.” Daniel was close. He let the pleasure continue to build. After about twenty more strokes from his sister-in-law’s pussy, he let go. “Pen … Pen … Pen … aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” He tightened his grip on her hips to hold her all the way down on his dick as he erupted in her warm pussy.

“Oh, my Goooooodddddddd.” Penelope threw her head back and tossed her arms around his shoulders. A whole galaxy of stars danced before her eyes. Waves of euphoria washed over her, timed with each hot spurt of cum that hit her womb.

Slowly the couple came down from their high. Their breathing, ragged at first, became more even.

“I’ve never felt anything like that.” Penelope leaned back on his lap so she could look down on his face. Daniel’s dick twitched inside her. Her pussy spasmed in response. “Are you feeling better?”

“Yes.” Daniel nodded and looked up into her lovely face as sweat dripped down her forehead. A wide smile crept across his face.

“We have to keep this between the two of us. Understand?” Penelope playfully touched the tip of his nose with her finger. “You can’t go bragging to your buddies. Brad would totally murder both of us.” When she mentioned her husband, Penelope looked to the open door and her face fell. “We should have been more careful.” She pulled off him and his dick fell out of her with an audible slurp.

“Sorry.” Daniel couldn’t move from the chair as he watched her.

“My, gosh. What did you do to me, Danny?” Penelope lifted her shirt a little and spread her legs. She looked down. Below her triangle of blonde hair, she could see his cum already dripping out. “I have to get cleaned up and back to bed before Brad notices I’m gone.” She bent down, picked up her panties, and balled them up. “Can you clean in here?” She pointed to the hardwood floor where some cum had splashed. Penelope then placed the balled panties between her legs to catch any more drippings. She couldn’t leave a trail of cum to the upstairs bathroom.

“Yeah.” Daniel nodded, still in a bit of a daze. He watched her awkwardly waddle toward the door, trying not to drip. “Thank you, Pen. You’re the best.”

“You’re welcome.” Penelope looked over her shoulder at Daniel. She couldn’t help smiling when she saw the happiness and relief written on his face. Even though cheating on Brad was wrong, she knew she’d done a good thing. “Goodnight.” Penelope waddled out of the library.

“And thank you, Mrs. Palmer,” Daniel whispered. He thought that maybe he could hear joyous, cascading laughter from far away. He stirred from the chair and got moving. He needed to clean up before daylight. No one could know he’d had sex with his beautiful sister-in-law.

Chapter 9

Julie watched her daughter-in-law and son closely at breakfast. She had to hand it to them, they didn’t act like anything out of the ordinary had happened. Sure, Daniel was quiet as he munched his cereal. And, yes, Penelope was a bit taciturn. But if Julie hadn’t seen them rutting like animals with her own eyes, she would never have known.

Brad, George, and Brittney certainly seemed none the wiser. Julie excused herself from the table and went into the kitchen to pour herself another mug of coffee. She listened to George prattle on about bathroom tiles. Brad occasionally offered a remark to let his father know he was listening. Julie tuned them out and watched the steam rise from her cup. It swirled, twisted, and jelled into two clots rhythmically pulsing together.

Oh, Gosh. Julie’s hand went to her mouth. She glanced over her shoulder, but no one in the dining room was watching her. The wisps of steam had coalesced and formed two figures in the air above the kitchen counter. They were clearly representative of a man and a woman, and they humped just as Penelope and Daniel had done the night before. Just as Julie, herself, had done with her son. She watched the mating figures undulate, and butterflies flapped in her stomach.

What was wrong with the Andersons? The women who’d sworn to love and protect their men had tossed their vows out like yesterday’s recycling. Julie watched the steam hump and hump. She realized that if she was going to prevent Daniel from mating Penelope again, she’d have to give a little and help him with his penis again. The thought sent more butterflies to her tummy, and wetness to her panties. Of course, she wouldn’t need to have sex with him again. Oral sex wasn’t cheating, and that should be enough to satisfy a horny teenager.

“Mom?” Brittney carried her empty plate into the kitchen.

“Yes?” Julie frantically waved at the steam, erasing the humping figures.

“Can I have a few bucks?” Brittney placed her plate in the sink. “I have a STEM class this afterschool and I’ll need to buy a snack.”

“Sure, pumpkin.” Julie nodded and fetched her purse. She pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to her daughter. “Good?”

Brittney nodded and her elfin features lit up in a smile. “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.”

“You’re welcome, Britt.” Julie smiled back. She needed to get to the Samatar house this morning. If nothing else, she’d protect that sweet innocence written all over Brittney’s eighteen-year-old face.

Julie shepherded her children out the door. The twins walked down the long driveway to catch the bus. Brad and Penelope got in their pickup truck to drive back to their house. When they’d gone, Julie returned to the dining room to find George finishing his coffee.

“I’m headed back to the east tower.” George smiled up at his wife. “Want to help with some electrical?”

“I … can’t.” Julie frowned.

“What’s up?” George stood and walked over to his wife.

“I …” Julie couldn’t think of a lie. She wasn’t good at duplicity, despite all the secrets she’d been keeping from George recently. “I need to stop by the Samatar’s house.”

“Can’t it wait?” George’s smile faded.

“No, it can’t.” Julie took a deep breath. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Well, don’t give them any money.” George gave his wife a pat on the butt and walked past her. He couldn’t help notice how round her backside had become. “Find me in the tower when you’re back. I could use your help today.”

“Yes, dear.” Julie turned and watched him go. She felt so torn. George needed her to be his true and faithful wife. Daniel needed her to take care of him as only a mother could. Brittney needed her protection. Brad needed her to save his marriage. And even the house needed her to keep its secrets. She took a deep breath and retrieved her purse and car keys. She’d do her best to give everyone what they needed.


The pickup truck pulled away from the short driveway. Penelope waved to Brad as he sped off to work. She let herself into their house. Their space was filled with tasteful furniture, framed art prints, and photos of Brad and Penelope. There was a framed picture from their wedding day and another from their honeymoon hanging in the living room. Everything seemed so small and empty.

Penelope shivered as she thought about how stretched and full her pussy had been just hours ago as eighteen-year-old Daniel dumped a huge load inside her. How surreal a thing. Her thighs trembled. Jeez, she was walking around with Daniel’s cum in her that very moment. Earlier that morning, she’d brushed her teeth with a womb full of teenage jizz. She’d talked calmly with her husband in their truck driving home. She eaten breakfast, with a pussy full of sperm. Penelope rushed toward her bedroom, shedding her clothes along the way.

Naked on her bed, Penelope’s hand found her pussy and she rubbed at her lips and clit. She had about eight hours until Brad returned home. She intended to have many orgasms in that time. All the while thinking about enormous cocks. Thoughts about Daniel’s hot load wove around thoughts about the impossibly cold cum Thomas had deposited in her vagina the day before. The boys in that house had used her for their pleasure, and she’d loved it. She’d loved it so much, she’d made a devil’s bargain with a phantom. Penelope’s large breasts wobbled as she brought herself to the first of many orgasms she intended to give herself that day. She screamed out in the small, empty house. When she came down from the high, her hand went right back to work.


The Samatar house was about as different from Palmer Mansion as a house could get. A blocky bungalow with no detail or charm, situated in a neighborhood full of such houses. Julie rang the doorbell and waited, her hands clasped in front of her. Her fingers, mindlessly, twisted at the blue fabric of her dress. Julie looked down and noticed a line of salt running just in front of the threshold. The salt ran off to the side of the door, where a it formed a symbol that, to Julie, looked very much like a fire-breathing dragon.

Khadra opened the door. “Oh, hello, Mrs. Anderson.” She smiled at the white woman and thought that Julie looked quite worried. “Come in.”

“Hello, Khadra.” Julie stepped over the threshold and suddenly felt very tired, like the house had drained her energy. “I’d like some help.”

“You would?” Khadra nodded her head and adjusted her hijab. “I trust that our wards kept the demons under control?”

“Um …” Julie needed to sit, she felt so exhausted. “May I?” She found a chair in the living room and sat down.

“Excuse my manners.” Khadra nodded. “May I offer you some tea?”

Julie shook her head.

“Well, then.” Khadra sat on the couch across from Julie, her knees pressed together under her loose dress. “What can I do for you? I’m afraid my husband is not at home.”

“That’s okay.” Julie leaned her head back on the headrest and looked to the side. She spotted more salt on the windowsills, with more symbols. She saw a snake symbol, and what looked like a porcupine, maybe. The details weren’t great in art made of salt.

“Mrs. Anderson?”

“Sorry. I’m so sleepy.” Julie’s eyes found Khadra again, and she focused on her host. Julie decided that Khadra was quite a beauty, with her smooth brown skin, and pretty smile. “I’d like to get a charm to protect my family.”

“That is what we did.” Khadra nodded, her smile fading. Her client looked pale. Well, she was always pale, but more so than usual. Pallid, even. “And we’re scheduled to come back on Wednesday to check up on the wards. Everything is in order there?”

“Can you please give me something for my children? To protect them. Maybe for them to wear, or put around their neck, or something?” Julie struggled against her fatigue. She wanted nothing more than to lay her head back and take a little nap right there in that strange living room.

“Did something happen, Mrs. Anderson?” Khadra rose from the couch and moved over to her sideboard, careful to keep the housewife in her field of view. She opened a drawer and pulled out several cheesecloth sachets filled with pennyroyal, pure salt, and silver dust.

“I saw a ghost.” Julie didn’t want to lie anymore, but she couldn’t tell this woman the whole perverted truth. “A pregnant woman from the nineteenth century. She fornicated with her son.”

“A cursed sin.” Khadra walked over to Julie. “The son was also a ghost?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“Most troublesome.” Khadra handed Julie the sachets. “There are four bags here, one for each family member. Have each person keep the bag on them at all times.” Khadra rubbed the poor woman’s shoulder. “I am beginning to see what we are dealing with. Maxamed and I will come prepared on Wednesday. We can banish these demons.”

“Thank you.” Julie put the sachets into her purse and summoned all her effort to stand. “I have to get back to my husband now.” She walked on trembling legs to the front door, opened it, and stepped out into the cool morning. Once outside, she felt enlivened and refreshed. She turned and smiled at Khadra, who now held the door.

“We are not wealthy, Mrs. Anderson.” Khadra couldn’t help but notice Julie’s changed demeanor.

“Of course.” Julie reached into her purse and retrieved thirty-five dollars, all the money she had on her. “We’re a bit short on funds, too. But here, take this.” She handed Khadra the money.

“Thank you.” Khadra took the money and tucked it away in her long, formless dress. “See you in a couple days.”

“Yes, see you.” Julie waved and walked back to her car with a spring in her step.

Khadra watched her go and closed the door. She turned to go about her chores and stopped in her tracks. There on the hallway floor rested that godless, black phallus. She wrestled with her next move for several minutes, staring down at the thing. Eventually, she picked it up with a quick swipe and raced to the bathroom.

Several minutes later, as she moved the great dildo inside her tight vagina, grunting and cursing as it plowed new depths, she wondered if Julie was somehow responsible for the dildo’s reappearance. Khadra plunged the thing into her again and again as she sat on the toilet seat, her dress around her waist. Her whole body buzzed with pleasure and she felt a near-apocalyptic orgasm approaching. She would need to dispose of this silicone nightmare, but first she needed it to give her release.

Khadra climaxed. As her ecstasy passed, she swore she would bury the phallus in the backyard. Her vagina spasmed around the monster. But minutes later, she found herself pumping it again and letting it take her to new heights.

After her third orgasm, the dildo inexplicably disappeared again. One moment, the mass of it weighed down her hands, the next, nothing. She cleaned up and searched the whole house, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, she went back to her daily chores and resolved to conquer the Anderson house on Wednesday. She and her husband would defeat the infestation that had made her do such unbecoming things.


After school, Daniel found his mother in the study looking at the mansion blueprints. “Where’s Dad?” He could see her large sideboob pressed into the edge of the desk as she hunched over to examine the plans.

“Hello, Daniel.” Julie took off her reading glasses and looked up from the desk. She blinked at her son as her thoughts returned to the present. “He’s meeting some friends for a beer.”

“And Brittney’s doing her STEM thing.” Daniel looked around the study conspiratorially. “We have the house to ourselves.”

“We need to talk, Danny.” Julie stood and smoothed out her conservative, blue dress.

Daniel frowned. “I’m sorry I said those things, Mom.” Daniel looked down at the floor to avoid his mother’s cool stare. “Mrs. Palmer wanted me to say bad things, and –”

Julie held up her hand to cut him off. “I accept your apology. And you’re not to listen to Mrs. Palmer anymore, understand?”

“Yes.” Daniel kept his eyes on the floor. His hands went into his pockets.

“But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.” Julie stepped over to Daniel and placed her finger under his chin. She lifted up his face until his blue eyes looked back into her brown ones. “I saw you last night.”

“You … what?” Daniel’s pulse quickened. Penelope had left the door to the library open. Oh, God, he was in so much trouble. Daniel cringed.

“I saw you and Penelope in the chair.” Julie frowned. This was no easier for her to say than for Daniel to hear. “I know you’ve had quite the crisis with your large you-know-what and your trouble finding a suitable outlet for your pent-up stuff.” Julie took a deep breath. “But you can’t go sticking it into any woman that passes by. Understand?”

Daniel nodded very slowly.

“Heavens, Danny. She’s your sister-in-law.” Julie looked into his eyes and saw the pain and discomfort there. But this talk needed to happen. “I know you and Brad don’t always get along, but you can never touch his wife again. Got it?”

“I’m so sorry.” Daniel tried hard not to cry.

“I know, pumpkin. Come here.” She pulled him into a hug and let him rest his head on her shoulder. She patted his back. “I know you’re having trouble controlling your thing. Most teenage boys have these problems, you just have more going on down there than most boys. You’re pretty far out on the bell curve. That’s why I’ll continue to help you until we can figure out an alternate solution. But no more sex, okay? Neither one of us should do that to your father.”

“Okay, Mom.” Daniel’s hands slipped around Julie’s hips and found her round ass. He took two big handfuls and pulled her toward him. “I’m sorry about what I said.” He rubbed his stiffening dick against her belly. “And I’m sorry about Penelope.”

“We all make mistakes, Danny.” Julie reached her hand up and played with his hair. “You’re at an age where you’ll make plenty of mistakes. The important thing is that you learn.” She let him rub his thing on her. The way he gripped her butt sent a shiver up her spine. “Now, I can tell you need some relief.”

“Yes, please.” Daniel let go of her ass as she sunk to her knees. He watched her primly fold the hem of her dress under her and gaze up at him with love and anticipation.

“Promise you’ll make better decisions.”

“I promise.” Daniel nodded.

Julie lightly kissed the bulge in his pants.

“Do you need a towel, Mom?” Daniel did his best to be considerate.

“No thank you, Danny. I’ve gotten pretty good at drinking it up.” She blushed at that, unzipped his pants, and dropped them. The dark tip of his penis stuck out the top of his micro-boxers. She lowered the underwear and inhaled sharply. “I always forget just how big you are. Then I see it and …” She leaned forward and took him into her mouth.

Fifteen minutes later, Julie leaned back and the penis popped from her mouth. She stroked him with both hands as she looked up and caught her breath. “Are you … close?”

Daniel shook his head.

“Gosh … Danny.” Her arms were tired. “Your father would have finished … a long time ago.”

“Let us not become … weary in doing good, for at the proper time … we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Daniel smiled down at his mother as she worked him frantically. She was never more beautiful than when she tried coaxing his cum with a slightly manic look in her eye.

“Now is not the time … to quote the bible … at me.” Julie let go of his penis, stood, and carefully removed her dress. She hung it on the nearby chair, and bent over the desk, her palms on the house plans. “You can rub it on my butt.” She looked over her shoulder at him. This was a dangerous move on her part, clad only in bra and underwear, her butt in the air. Daniel might not be able to resist temptation. But she needed him to let loose. “Go on, sweetie.”

“Sure, Mom.” Daniel stepped behind her and brushed his fingertips down the alabaster curve of her ass. She gave one quick shiver and he thrilled to see her shake. He lowered her panties down her thighs and rested his dick along her butt crack. “You have the best ass, Mom.”

“Language, young man. It’s a butt … or a backside … or … oooohhhhhhh … that feels good.” She pushed back at him as his dick slid along her butt and the tip pushed repeatedly into the small of her back.

Eloise stood in the doorway and watched mother and son. She was not smitten by the bible as the Andersons were. But she did have a favorite passage or two. There was, of course, Ezekiel 23:20. There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. That was a good one. But Daniel’s quote about patience was most apt for Eloise’s calling. The apparition had plowed a steady course over the centuries and would continue onward, ensnaring all those in her orbit sooner or later. Eloise smiled and stepped into the room, her bustled dress rustling ever so slightly.

“You can spray it on me, Danny.” Julie wiggled her butt as her son slid his long rod back and forth. “Just don’t get your stuff on the plans.”

“I … won’t.” The war in Daniel’s brain between obedience and desire was over. He spun her hips and turned her around to face him, her boobs shook in her bra at the sudden movement.

“What are you doing?” Julie stood just before him with a confused look on her face. She saw Eloise standing behind Daniel and her eyes widened further. “She’s behind you.”

“Who?” Daniel froze and looked over his shoulder. He relaxed when he saw who it was. “Mrs. Palmer is friendly, remember.”

“She is not.” Julie turned back to Daniel again and bent down to retrieve one of the sachets from her purse. “Go away devil. I command you to … oh … Danny? … uh … uh … uh …” While she bent over, panties now around her ankles, her son slid his monster into her wet vagina. It was odd how such a large thing could so easily slip inside her. She felt his fingers press into the flesh around her hips and just like that he was banging away at her backside. Her vagina stretched to accommodate him. “You … did … thiisssss …” Julie hissed at Eloise.

“Me?” Eloise arched her eyebrow in surprise. “I wouldn’t deny myself the joy of watching you do this.” Eloise smiled her sweet, innocent smile and folded her arms over her pregnant belly. “Sure, I may have helped things along with wayward Penelope a little. But you?” She slowly shook her head as Daniel increased the power of his thrusts. “For you, I only lit the path.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s … happening … ooooohhhhhhhhh.” Julie shuddered out an orgasm as Daniel’s monster plundered her depths. Only minutes ago, she was so sure she’d never have sex with her son again. And now, as she recovered from her orgasm, she was actively humping back at him. George could not compete with his son. Heck, the mundanity of life couldn’t compete with the thrill and passion she felt speared on that oversized penis. Was it true? Had Julie done this to herself? She doubted it. But either way, she couldn’t bring herself to care. The sachet dropped from Julie’s hand to the floor.

“Can I …?” Daniel gritted his teeth. He was so close. “Can I do it inside?”

“I … don’t … know …” Another orgasm built inside Julie. She turned her head and looked at Eloise who returned her gaze with an expectant smile. Julie closed her eyes. “Yes … Danny … fill me all the way … up.” In a brief flash, she had an image of herself the day they moved into the Palmer Mansion. The woman she was then would never have cheated on her husband. She’d certainly never let her son consummate her adultery. She would have been disgusted at the thought of someone watching her have sex, least of all some sort of devilish apparition. She’d never dreamed of a penis the size of the one currently inside her. And, on top of all that, the woman she had been would not have played pregnancy roulette. That woman had fallen far, far down a well of lust and desire. “Fill … me … with your stuff.”

“Thank you … Mom.” Daniel watched the rippling shockwaves move their way over her ass again and again as he smashed into her. He closed his eyes. “I’m … cummminnnnggggg.” His hips jerked on their own as his dick spouted inside his mom. He could hear Julie shrieking as she came with him. Her high, sweet voice distorted and throaty.

A minute later, without letting him slip out of her, Julie straightened, reached back, and caressed his narrow hips. She let out a sigh as Daniel’s hands slid up her sides and cupped her boobs. Her butt fit so snugly against him, his penis wedged perfectly inside her. “I can’t believe you did that, sweetie.”

“Me neither.” Daniel’s grip on Julie’s heavy tits tightened. He bounced his hips gently against her wide butt.

“Oh my goodness, Danny,” Julie cooed. “Again? You already finished in me.” But she didn’t resist his movements.

“No one’s home, Mom.” Daniel pulled himself out of her, lowered his head a little, and held her ass cheeks apart so he could see the azeri porno cum dripping from her pussy. His white stuff leaked from her splayed lips and ran down the inside of her legs. “Let’s do it again.”

“Okay.” Julie couldn’t think up a better response. She blushed as Daniel inspected her vagina, and then let him manhandle her. Turning her around to face him again, he pushed her right leg a little to the side. She grunted when his penis slipped back into her, making a crude sound as it displaced copious amounts of sperm.

Facing each other now, the mating couple kissed. Both wrapping their arms around the other.

Julie broke the kiss. “I’ve never done it standing like this.” She marveled at her son’s stamina and energy as he thrust his hips against hers.

Eloise clapped and giggled off to the side. “You are now open to all sorts of new delights, Mrs. Anderson. Just you wait …” Eloise burst into a fit of cheerful, sing-song laughter. “… just you wait.”

An hour passed and Julie found herself riding her son like a cowgirl on the floor. “I … I feel like a teenager … myself.” Her bra long since discarded, she held onto her boobs and pressed them against her chest as she bounced on that long pole.

“Suck on your … uh … uh … nipple.” Daniel gripped her hips and helped guide the rhythm of her motion.

“I’ve … never …” Julie added something to her list of firsts. She cupped her left breast and brought it up to her mouth. She sucked in her large pink nipple and rolled her tongue around it. The feeling was incredibly naughty and sublime.

The sight of his mom pleasuring her own boob sent Daniel over the edge. With a series of urgent grunts, he dropped another load inside Julie.

The nipple popped out of her mouth when she felt the hot jets of cum coating her insides. “Ohhhhh, Daaannnnyyyyyy.” She leaned backward and let another orgasm sweep over her. Her arms flailed out to the sides with her fingers making awkward, mindless gestures. “I feel it … I feel it …” Julie’s whole body convulsed and her vagina rhythmically spasmed around Daniel’s penis.

A few minutes later, Julie opened one eye and looked down at her sweet son. He looked worn out and perfectly happy. The smell of their sweat and cum hung thick in the air. She opened the other eye and a lazy smile spread across her face. “Are you … finally … satisfied?” She took a deep breath in and out.

“You take such good care of me.” Daniel sighed.

“My little man.” Julie leaned forward and pressed her breasts against his skinny chest. She planted a kiss on his forehead and rested her cheek against his tousled blond hair. Her vagina involuntarily spasmed around the fat penis still inside her. “My very big little man.”

“Can we have sex again?” Danny flexed his dick and felt his mom’s pussy jerk in response.

“We have to clean up, pumpkin.” But Julie didn’t really feel like moving at the moment.

“I don’t mean now. I mean later.” His dick jumped again and her pussy responded. What a wonderful little game he’d just discovered. “I mean, I want to keep having sex with you in the future. I don’t ever want to stop.”

“I bet.” Julie thought about how to handle this best. She was out of ideas. “You’re a teenager, Danny. You’d put that thing in me every day, all day, if I let you.”

“I mean it, Mom.” Daniel held her shoulders and lifted her a little so he could look into her eyes. “I don’t want to stop.”

“How can I say no to that earnest face?” Julie slowly nodded. “But, if we do this, you need to leave Penelope alone. And we have to be more careful.” Julie looked over her shoulder at the open door. “Promise?”

“I promise.” Daniel offered her a wide, goofy smile and she smiled back.

“Now, let’s get cleaned up.” Julie pulled off him and his penis flopped out of her vagina. She looked down between her hanging breasts at her poor slit. It gapped open and oozed sperm. “Gosh, Danny. We have a lot to clean up.”


A loud thump woke Daniel. He opened his eyes and blinked at the dark bedroom. His window hung open and his curtains gently wafted in the crescent moon’s light. Another crash sounded somewhere in the house and Daniel tensed. He looked over to his bedroom door and could see it was open about six inches. He thought he’d closed it. He always closed it.

“You’ve done it now, Tommy.” Frederick’s voice carried down the hall. “You had to plant your seed, didn’t you?” The mysterious clock started to chime the hour, and then it was silenced with a mighty crash.

Daniel trembled. He closed his eyes.

“Where is the philandering mare? Where is my wife that spreads her legs for any passing steed?” Another series of loud bangs filled the house with discordant ringing as Frederick finished off the clock. “Come out, Ellie.”

A cold hand brushed Daniel’s cheek and he opened his eyes. Eloise looked like an angel, her pale, freckled skin radiant in the moonlight. She wore a nightgown that hung open just enough for some cleavage to peek out. “We must be going, Daniel. He can sense what you did to your mother.”

“What did I do?” Daniel whispered.

“Bred her, of course.” Eloise offered a frightened, half-smile. “Come now.” She took his hand and pulled him from bed.

Daniel followed the ghost, her frigid hand pressed firmly into his. He shivered, naked expect for his tight boxers.

“Remove that hateful ward so that we might escape.” Eloise led him to the fireplace and pointed down to the salt symbol on the floor by the hearth.

“Sure.” Daniel moved his bare foot toward the symbol to sweep it away, but his foot stopped just short of the salt. He tried the other foot, but still found he couldn’t touch the thing. “I can’t.”

“That is not encouraging.” Eloise cocked her head and stared down. The magic thing looked back up at her while it glowed its sickly, vengeful green. “It seems you have too much of the house in you already, dearie.” She gave his hand a firm squeeze. “I didn’t want to do this, but climb out that window. There is a ledge just outside. A perfect perch for a thin lad like you. He won’t find you there.”

Daniel looked at his open bedroom window.

“Go on, now.” Eloise pulled him toward the window, but Daniel didn’t move. “We haven’t much time.”

“I’m afraid of heights.”

“Listen to me, Danny. You have so much ahead of you. But not if my dear husband gets his hands on you.” She let go of his hand and lowered her nightgown, exposing her milky-white, left boob. “Come, now calm yourself.” She firmly grasped Daniel’s head by the back of his hair and brought his lips to her nipple.

He eagerly gulped down the cold, sweet liquid. His fear temporarily pushed aside.

“Ssshhhhhhhh.” Eloise softly stroked his hair. “There, there, child.” She gently pulled him off her breast and looked into his eyes. “Are you ready to climb the ledge now?”

“Sorry, no.” Daniel shook his head.

Eloise sighed in exasperation. “In that case, it’s into the devil’s maw.” She grabbed his hand again tightly and pulled him through the bedroom door and into the dark hall. A clattering crash echoed up the grand stairs from the main floor. Eloise crept toward the stairs. “I will get you to your mother. You’ll be safe there,” she whispered over her shoulder.

Loud stomping now filled the mansion, growing louder with each percussion. “And now the treachery is found.” Frederick’s deep voice reverberated as he climbed the stairs. “Not so much a boy as a viper in our midst. Stand aside, Ellie.”

“We are found.” Eloise froze near the top of the western stairway. She turned to Daniel and grabbed his shoulders. The faintest hint of panic filled her green eyes. “Run to the west tower and lock the door behind you. Place this at the foot of the door.” Eloise’s face contorted with great effort as she produced one of the Samatar sachets and dropped it in Daniel’s hand.

“What are you going to do?” The sachet felt so heavy in Daniel’s hand, like it was filled with lead. A great fatigue spread through him. The sound of footfalls neared. Daniel could now see a tall, broad shadow climbing the east stairway with resolute purpose.

“I will delay poor Frederick.” Eloise gave Daniel a sad smile and turned toward her husband. “Run,” she whispered.

Daniel turned and fled down the hall. Behind him he could hear harsh words.

“If it was always murder in your heart, you might have simply run me through with a steel.” Frederick’s voice lowered. “We’d all be better off. Out of the way.”

“If you want him, the path lies through me.” Eloise sounded resigned.

“Very well,” Frederick’s voice was now almost a snake’s hiss.

Daniel hopped up the stairs to the tower, opened his sister’s door, and closed it behind him. When he dropped the sachet like instructed, he felt his energy return to him. He could no longer hear what they were saying, but soon the muffled sounds of violence filtered through the door.

“Danny?” Brittney sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Britt?” Daniel walked toward the bed on trembling legs. “Do you hear that?”

“No.” Brittney cocked her blonde hair to the side and listened. “No, I don’t hear anything.”

“Really?” Daniel could still hear the scuffle from the second floor. He took a deep breath. It was reassuring that his sister couldn’t hear it. It made Frederick seem much farther away. “Look, I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Like when we were kids?” Brittney smiled groggily and lifted her blanket. She was wearing warm pajamas under the covers. “Sure, Danny.” She patted the sheet next to her. She watched her skinny brother climb into bed with her. She turned away from him and lay down on her side.

“Thanks.” Daniel snuggled up to her back and put his arm over her side, careful not to touch her breasts. This was more than comforting. The sounds from below died away. They lay, spooning in the quiet for a while.

“Danny?” Brittney’s voice was a sleepy whisper.


“You’re poking me with your thing.” The way she said it was very matter of fact. They were twins, and there wasn’t any reason for pretense between them.

“Sorry.” Daniel turned to his other side. He felt bad that he was hard in his sister’s bed, but as the terror faded away, and her warmth and smell surrounded him, he couldn’t help himself.

“It’s okay. It was just a little uncomfortable.” She flipped over to spoon him and draped her arm over his side. “The nightmare will be gone in the morning. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Daniel already felt the nightmare receding in his sister’s embrace.

Soon, they were both softly snoring.


The faint glow of morning infused the circular tower room as Brittney woke. She stretched and crawled out of bed. Autumn had settled in outside and the room gave her a chill. She was happy for her pajamas. She walked to the door on her way to bathroom. Before opening the door, she bent down and picked up the little cheesecloth bag on the floor. It had the same herb smell as the one her mother had given her. Brittney shrugged, Julie must have given one to Daniel too and he dropped it while running from his nightmare. Their mother was really taking the haunting thing seriously.

Brittney opened the door and tossed the little sachet on a nearby shelf. She padded down the stairs in her bare feet. The soft ticking of a clock followed her down the hall. Everything was clean, quiet, and muted in the dawn. Just as it should be.


The pickup truck pulled out of their short driveway. Penelope stood out on her front step, waving to her husband as he sped off to work. She turned and entered her house, closing the front door behind her. Normally, this was the point in the morning when she’d get some coffee and read the news. Instead, she bolted for the bedroom.

Within a minute, she was naked on her bed, with her hand working her pussy furiously. Images of young cocks danced before her eyes. She thought of Thomas and his cruel good looks. Her memories of her time in the locked room were shrouded in fog. But she did recall the moment he’d jammed his penis in her reluctant pussy. It had only taken about thirty seconds of his pistoning for her to realize what she’d missed out on when she’d married Brad. She’d wound up eagerly taking Thomas in positions she’d never before dreamed of. It was so good that she’d begged him for more.

Thomas was a revelation. But Daniel’s bigger cock was the image that played a refrain in her mind as she worked herself to a morning orgasm. Such a contrast to Brad and Thomas, Daniel was sweet and clearly afflicted with a puppy-dog crush on his brother’s wife. And his cock hit all the right places so very deep inside her. Penelope squealed out an orgasm as she thought of riding him. She needed to do it again.

Naked and sweaty, Penelope leaned over and grabbed her phone from her bedside table. She dialed Daniel’s number. It was still early so he probably hadn’t left for school yet. As the phone rang, her heart thumped in her chest. It went to voicemail. “Um … Danny … hello, it’s Pen. I … um … we … we have to talk. Call me back.” She hung up and dropped the phone on the bed next to her. Her hand snaked back down past her blonde bush. Her fingers slipped inside her and she worked herself toward another orgasm.

Chapter 10

The bus was most of the way to school when Daniel noticed the missed call and voicemail. He listened to Penelope’s message. When the bus let the students off at high school, Daniel hung back and then bolted through some trees and caught one of the side streets that ran behind the school. His brother’s place was only about a ten-minute walk. He could skip first period. Maybe even second if he had to. He texted Penelope to let her know he’d be there soon. Penelope texted Daniel back that she couldn’t wait to see him, with a heart emoji.

Brad’s house was on a quiet cul-de-sac, lined with small, boxy homes. Daniel huffed and puffed as he walked up the front drive. He rang the doorbell and waited only about five seconds before the door swung open. Penelope stood in a tight tank top and yoga pants. Her curves bulged under her clothes. Daniel tried to keep his eyes up on her pretty, blue eyes.

“Hello, Daniel. You skipping school?” Penelope stuck her head out and looked around the neighborhood. Satisfied that no one watched them, she waved Daniel inside and closed the door behind them.

“Um … yeah.” Daniel looked around the small house. He could see most of the first floor from his spot by the door. Brad’s place seemed so tiny compared to what Daniel was used to at Palmer Mansion.

“That’s so very unlike you, Danny.” Penelope’s face brightened in a shy smile. “Brad and I always used to skip to go … well, you know … hang out.” She reached up with her left hand and twisted a strand of her blonde hair. Her wedding ring twinkled at Daniel. “When I called, I didn’t think you’d come right over. Not that I’m not happy. I mean … it’s fine. I mean … want some coffee?” Penelope frowned and shook her head. “No, you don’t drink coffee. Of course. Um …” She’d never in her life been nervous around Daniel before. Having her shy, eighteen-year-old brother-in-law over felt like hosting some Hollywood celebrity.

“Maybe some water?” Daniel awkwardly stuffed his hands in his pants pockets. He followed her into the kitchen, allowing his eyes to take in her wide, rolling butt under the stretched spandex. Daniel was used to feeling timid around Penelope. He’d had a crush on her forever, and she’d always gazed right past him. He realized that this was the first time he’d looked forward to visiting his brother’s house. It was such a familiar place, but so different in that moment. “You look really great, Pen.”

“You think so?” She looked over her shoulder at him from the sink with one eyebrow arched hopefully. “Thanks.” She filled a glass up at the faucet and turned toward Daniel.

“Before you say anything, I guess I have to tell you that I can’t … um … do any more stuff with you. Like we did in the library.” Daniel took the glass from her and took a step back. He held it but didn’t drink.

“Really?” Penelope’s face fell. She looked like a kid that’d just seen her ice cream cone drop to the floor. She dropped her eyes to the tile near her bare feet. “Did you get back together with your girlfriend?”

“What?” Daniel cocked his head in confusion.

“You know. The last time we … did stuff. I was helping you get over your breakup.” A sad smile passed over her face. “I’ve been through a few breakups myself. I know that you often get right back together. You know Brad and I broke up for a while when we were dating.”

“Yeah.” Daniel nodded. “I got back together with my girlfriend.” It felt odd referring to his mom as his girlfriend, even if it was obliquely. But the more he rolled the idea over in his mind, the more he liked it.

“Well good.” Penelope tried to be mature about this as she ignored the longing between her legs. “I mean … that’s good … I’m happy for you. And I love Brad. What we did was … wrong.” She looked back up into Daniel’s young, handsome face.

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure the bible says not to do that for a bunch of different reasons.” Daniel didn’t want to tell her they’d been spotted by his mom. He didn’t want to explain that his mom was going to have more sex with him as long as he didn’t screw it up again.

“Okay. Well then … I guess we know where we stand.” Penelope nodded slowly and stepped toward Daniel to show him out, frown lines furrowing her face. “You better get back to school.” She reached out and patted his blond hair, the most platonic gesture she could think of.

Daniel thought about Eloise and how she’d faced down Frederick for him. He hadn’t seen her since. He didn’t even know if she was okay. He remembered the fear in Eloise’s eyes as he’d run away. The apparition hadn’t risked herself so Daniel could lead a boring goody-two-shoes life. Daniel was doing what his mom wanted but letting Eloise down. You couldn’t please everyone all the time.

“Come on, you better get on your –” Penelope’s eyes bulged as Daniel pressed his lips to hers. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she moaned. She felt his hands press into the small of her back and pull her up against him. Her large curves pressed against the slender teenager. She felt a bit oafish with their mismatched sizes, but that thought quickly floated away. Her arms moved around his shoulders.

They made out in the kitchen for a while.

Daniel broke the kiss and unbuttoned his pants. “I’m sorry, Pen, but I’ve always loved you.” He dropped his pants and lowered his micro-boxers. “I know I shouldn’t do this, but I can’t help it. Brad’s such an idiot, I can’t believe he married someone as perfect as you.”

“Oh, God, Danny.” Penelope’s eyes stared at the long, thick cock that cantilevered out from Daniel’s narrow frame. “I … can’t help it either.” She pulled him into another embrace and bent her neck down to plant small lingering kisses. His dick burrowed itself between her thighs. She could feel the heat of it through her yoga pants. She nibbled on his ear and thrilled when a little moan escaped his lips. “Just do me a favor and don’t say mean things about Brad anymore.” She swirled her tongue in his ear and listened to him whimper. “We probably shouldn’t mention him at all. Not while we’re … alone together.”

“Okay.” Daniel nodded and his hands took a tight grip on her ass. His hips started moving, rubbing his dick between her legs.

“And …” She looked down on him and gave him a quick kiss on the nose. “This isn’t love. You have a crush. And I …” She kissed him quickly on the lips. “When this is all over, I’m going back to your brother. I’ll always be with your brother. Understand?”

“I guess.” Daniel tried not to let his disappointment show.

“Don’t be sad.” Penelope sunk down to her knees. “Let’s turn that frown upside down.” She opened her mouth wide and swallowed his cockhead. This boy had such unbridled power between his legs. It was a thrill to please it. To please him. She bounced her head back and forth and reached for his balls. They were full and ready. She couldn’t believe she’d taken all that cum inside her the first time they had sex. Daniel had left so much in her that she’d leaked well into the morning. Was she really ready to let him dump another load in her pussy? Goodness, she’d probably be leaking when Brad got home from work.

“That feels … really good … Pen.” Daniel watched his brother’s beautiful wife bury more and more of his dick down her throat. She was a natural. Soon it was almost all the way in. Her eyes watered as she looked up at him. She might say it wasn’t love. But if it wasn’t, there was something very near to love in her eyes as she looked up at him and slurped on his dick.

It took ten minutes of impossibly long strokes with her mouth before Daniel’s balls began rhythmically pulsing under Penelope’s fingers. “Mmmmmpppphhhhh.” She wanted to cheer him on. To tell him to let it all out. But her speech was somewhat compromised.

“I want to …” Daniel took a fistful of her blonde hair and pulled her off his dick. He looked down on her pouty lips as she gasped for air. “… cover you.”

“Really?” Penelope let Brad cum on her sometimes. But she suspected this would be very different. She continued to caress his churning balls while Daniel stroked his cock inches from her face. “Do it,” she whispered and closed her eyes.

“Oh … Pen … aaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” Daniel exploded and watched as shot after shot of cum landed on Penelope’s perfect face.

“Ewwww … Danny … there’s so much.” The hot liquid splashed over her. When she opened her mouth to talk, she could taste the salty stuff. It had a dark, pungent flavor. So different from any other man she’d been with. She stuck out her tongue and tried to catch as much as she could in her mouth. She surprised herself by swallowing it. When he finished, she released his balls and wiped the cum from her eyes.

“You look … amazing, Pen.” Daniel looked down at her as she squinted her eyes open. He’d wanted to cover her and he certainly had.

“I’m sure I look disgusting.” She wiped her hands on her yoga pants and stood up. “I thought we were going to have sex again, but this is probably better.” She turned and walked to the sink. “I better get cleaned up.”

“You’re so beautiful.” Daniel took in her hourglass figure from behind. He kicked away his pants and underwear and stepped up behind her.

“What are you –?” Penelope grasped the counter as Daniel pulled down her pants and panties to her thighs. “I know teenagers can go and go, but –” She bit her lip as the bulbous head pushed up against her slit. She expected him to struggle finding her hole, but he knew what he was doing. He had a girlfriend, Penelope reminded herself. “Oooooohhhhhhhhh.” She marveled that she could accommodate his size and worried that Brad might notice if his brother wrecked her pussy. She braced herself against the counter and absorbed his thrusts from behind.

“Your … butt … is … perfect.” Daniel punctuated each word with a thrust deep inside her. He watched her backside wobble and shake. He tightened his grip on her hips and slammed harder.

“Thank … you … Danny.” Penelope blinked her eyes as cum dripped down past her eyebrows. She could see out the window above the sink. One of the neighborhood wives walked her dog down the street. Penelope prayed the dog-walker wouldn’t look into the Anderson house and see Penelope, covered in cum, getting ravaged by a teenager. The dog-walker moved on down the street without noticing. “We can’t do this … uh … uh … here.”

“Where?” Daniel didn’t stop his wild pace. The sound of slapping skin on skin filled his ears.

“Anywhere … but … oooohhhhhh … no windows.” The thought of getting caught by the neighbors sent surges of panic and added adrenaline. The world had suddenly gone very crazy.

“Okay.” Daniel pulled out and led her by the hand to the hallway. He found her quite pliable and put her on her hands and knees. She still had her tank top on and her yoga pants a third of the way down her legs. “I never want to stop.” He dropped to his knees and slid back into her pussy. His hips quickly accelerated back to full speed.

“Me … either,” Penelope squealed. Her first orgasm swept over her and she gritted her teeth. She looked down at the hardwood floor and watched Daniel’s cum drip off her and splatter below. What a mess. And she wanted it messier still.

A little while later, Daniel grunted out his second orgasm, coating her insides.

Penelope shrieked when she felt the hot stuff fill her up. As her orgasm passed, Daniel pulled out of her and fell on his back just inside the carpeted living room. She crawled next to him, rolled onto her back, and looked over to see his cock finally deflating. Even soft, it was still so jarringly large resting on his trim belly. “Well, now that you’re back with your girlfriend, we’re both in trouble.” She draped her arm over her eyes, she didn’t want Daniel to look at her sweaty, cum-covered mess of a face.

“What do you mean?” Despite Penelope’s words, Daniel couldn’t stop smiling. Mating his sister-in-law was pure rapture.

“You cheated on your girlfriend, and I cheated on my husband. I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” She smiled behind her arm at the ridiculousness of what they’d done. Penelope could feel the cum leak out of her used pussy onto the carpet, but she didn’t care. She’d get a steam cleaner or something before Brad got home. That was still many hours away.

“I should probably get back to school.” Daniel sat up and looked around the room for his clothes. His eyes rested on the leather recliner and he gawked at it. His brother sat in that very seat all the time, drinking his beer and watching his football. Just a few feet away.

“That sounds more like the Danny I know.” Penelope sat up and grabbed her rumpled tank top. She wiped her face with it, but knew she was still a complete mess. Her large boobs pressed against her thighs as she watched Daniel stand and get dressed. “School is so important,” she said in a lightly mocking voice. “I’m Danny the nerd and I’d rather do math than spend time with a woman.”

“You sound like Brad.” Daniel pulled his shirt over his head and looked down at her with a frown. He sat down on the edge of the recliner and pulled on his socks.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Penelope pulled her knees further up to her chest, warding off the uncomfortable moment. “I was just teasing. I didn’t mean to –”

“It’s fine.” Daniel dropped his eyes. “Don’t worry about it. I gotta go.” He walked to the front door, put on his shoes and left his brother’s house. With any luck, he’d get to school in time for lunch.

“Bye, Danny,” Penelope called to the slamming door. She stood and slowly moved toward the stairs. She was very sore. The young man had ridden her hard. “Way to kill the mood, Pen,” she said to herself. Daniel was always such a sensitive boy. She’d have to be more careful in the future.


After the twins returned home from school, Julie left George to the plumbing and went to help Daniel in his bathroom upstairs.

“Oh … Mom … it’s coming out.” Daniel gazed into her warm, brown eyes as she swallowed his cum. Julie hadn’t yet figured out how to take him deep in her throat like Penelope had, but the way her lips stretched around his dickhead was a total delight for Daniel.

“Mmmmpppppphhh.” Julie greedily gulped down Daniel’s salty mess.

After Daniel finished, Julie sent him to go do homework, cleaned his stuff off her chin, and rejoined her husband in the west main floor bathroom. Was this going to be an afterschool routine? Julie suspected that it might be.

“How was their day?” George didn’t look up at his lovely wife as he stared at the leaky shutoff valve under the sink. He figured his wife had left him to check in on the twins.

“Oh, you know how high school is.” Julie cleared her throat with a delicate cough. “Some days can be frustrating.”

“You’re talking about Danny?” George shook his head. He’d have to switch the main water shutoff again if he couldn’t get this thing to stop dripping. “Hand me that wrench, please.” He held his hand behind him.

Julie handed George the wrench and leaned her wide hip against the wall. “Yes, I was talking about Danny.”

George grimaced as he tightened the valve. “I worry about that boy sometimes. I used to think he needed sports or a girlfriend, but now that we’ve all seen what he’s got down there … Well, he can’t exactly run up and down a soccer field with that thing bouncing back and forth.”

Julie pictured her little man running naked down a soccer field with his monstrous package swaying from side to side. She smiled at the thought. “No,” Julie agreed.

“And what girl would want to be with something that large?” George shook his head and released the pressure on the wrench. The leak stopped. He’d done it. “I worry about him with girls, Jules.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. I’m sure some girls would be interested.” Julie blushed. She could still taste her son’s salty effluence on her tongue. “Psalm 52:8. I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the lovingkindness of God forever and ever.”

“Point made, Jules. I trust His plan.” George turned to look up at his wife. She looked so radiant and beautiful. Truly full of life. He smiled. “You always seem to –” A whining hiss came from the valve and then a spray of water. “Shit. Shit, shit, shit.” George stood, pushed past Julie and raced down the hall toward the main shutoff in the basement.

Julie sighed and went to get some towels. They were going through a lot of towels lately.


That afternoon was when Daniel finally started to panic about Eloise. He searched the entire house and found nothing out of the ordinary. He listened for that telltale ticking clock, but it was gone. He’d hoped Eloise would return when he’d had sex with Penelope that morning, but she hadn’t. Then, his mom blew him after school, and he thought Eloise would definitely show up to encourage or congratulate him. But nothing.

Could Eloise be hurt? Did she need his help? Starting in the basement, Daniel searched every inch of the house. Except, of course, for the locked room and the hidden stairway. He couldn’t get into either of those places. He finished his search in the empty west tower room. Nothing.

“Mrs. Palmer?” Daniel walked up to one of the slightly curved windows and watched the reds and purples of the setting sun over the prairie. “Eloise?” There was no reply.


At dinner, George and Britt talked politics while Julie sipped her red wine and Daniel glumly pushed around broccoli on his plate. He felt a tap on his ankle and looked up. His mom had just kicked him lightly with her bare foot to get his attention.

“You okay, Danny?” Julie raised an eyebrow. “Is everything …?” She subtly nodded toward his crotch under the table. George and Britt continued their conversation, oblivious to the other half of the family. “Is everything good with you? Physically, I mean?” She could feel her cheeks grow hot, but it was a mother’s duty to look after the welfare of her son.

“No, I’m okay with that right now.” Daniel quickly glanced at his bloviating father and then back to his mom with that shy smile on her face. “I’m just …” He sighed. “Never mind. Can I be excused? I have a bunch of homework.”

“Sure thing, pumpkin.” Julie frowned and watched Daniel take his plate into the kitchen.

“Bye, Mom.” Daniel walked back through the kitchen and out to the hall. His dad and sister continued their conversation, ignoring him.

“Bye, sweetie.” Julie’s eyes followed his skinny butt as it disappeared out the door. Teenagers were so moody. One moment, he’s smiling down at her as she gulped his semen. The next, he’s barely making eye contact and disappearing to his room. She shook her head. Things were complicated. She’d give him some space and then check in with him tomorrow. That set Julie’s mind in motion. Tomorrow the Samatars were coming over for their one-week follow-up. What did she need to do to prepare? Julie started a mental list.


On the bus ride to school the next day, Daniel listened to another voicemail Penelope had left him. It was clear from the timing, that she was waiting for Brad to go to work before risking the call.

“Hello, Danny. I’m … sorry about how yesterday ended.” Her voice was thin and reedy on the recording. “I didn’t mean to … the last thing I’d do … well, I’m just really sorry. Okay? I haven’t always been there for you. But … I’d really like to see you. If you feel like cutting school again, I’m at home. Okay, bye.”

Daniel sighed. He wasn’t that angry at her for teasing him. But he wasn’t feeling great about it either. The real feeling eating at him was his worry for Eloise. He felt sick with dread that something terrible had happened to her. He texted Penelope back. Busy with school today. I’ll check in later. He added an emoji of a dog skateboarding for good measure.


“There is a darkening in this house. Do you feel it?” Maxamed eyed his wife as they set up their communication circle in the empty west tower. She wore her normal hijab and flowing dress, but something about her outfit irked Maxamed. Maybe it was the immodesty of her wrists. He could see an awful lot of brown skin just below the sleeves. He frowned and continued to pour his salt lines on the old hardwood.

“I feel it.” Khadra nodded with solemnity at her husband. “We dealt the demons a blow last week. This week I think we will wipe them from this Earth.”

“Yes, indeed.” Maxamed finished his lines and sat cross legged in the circle, careful not to stretch his suit trousers. He tossed his black tie over his shoulder. He thought of the inhabitants of this house. The children away at school. The husband and wife blissfully minding their own business fixing the bathroom downstairs. And all the others that dwelled in this space. He looked at the flat black dreamstone they’d placed at the center of the circle and thought he could see a faint vision. It was a solar system of spirits. A fertile feminine planet, with so many moons. A large, frigid outer planet, quite masculine and on an erratic elliptical path. And other small celestial bodies, quickly gliding around a large dark, pulsing star. Maxamed often got his visions in this way, a translation of what is and was. He tried to use the demons from his vision to locate the demons in this house. “Sit with me, woman.”

“Yes.” Khadra moved inside the salt circle and sat cross-legged opposite the dreamstone from her husband. She watched the matte, black stone, ready for whatever vision Allah would bestow. The next thing she knew, her husband and the room were gone and she stood in the library doorway downstairs. Khadra had never had a vision this strong before. She sucked in her breath and blinked. Trying to bring herself back to the room with her husband, but she could not.

The walls were hung with strange portraits she’d not seen before. The lighting flickered and she looked at a sconce on the wall. She recognized the whale oil lamp from her books on history. A loud slapping sound startled Khadra and she slunk further into the shadows of the doorway. She peeked down the hall to see a large man shaking a redheaded woman by the shoulders.

“You’re nothing but a bitch in heat.” The man let go of her shoulders and backhanded her across her pretty, freckled face.

The woman fell to her knees. “It wasn’t me, Frederick. It was the house.” She looked up at him, wilting on the floor. Tears ran down her white cheeks and caught the lamplight. “This house wants something from us.”

“Where’s the boy?” Frederick loomed over her, with dark, black eyes and a drooping black mustache.

“Please, he’s only nineteen.” The woman’s hands went to her belly and Khadra noticed for the first time that under her long, flowing dress, she carried a pregnant belly.

Frederick reached down and slapped her again. She cried out and fell sideways, now lying prone on the floor.

“You’re a smart woman, Mrs. Samatar.” A voice just over Khadra’s shoulder nearly gave her a heart attack.

“Who’s there?” Khadra turned to look back into the dark library. Standing just a few feet behind her in the shadows of the unlit room was the same woman that was lying out in the front hall. Except, this version of the woman was not pregnant. She looked deathly pale, and she had cuts and bruises wherever her long-dress left her skin exposed.

“I am Mrs. Eloise Palmer.” Eloise gave the dark-skinned woman a little curtsy. “And as I said, you are smart. What do you witness out in my hall?”

Khadra looked back out the doorway and saw the man grab a fist full of the other Eloise’s collar and hoist her up in the air.

“The boy?” Frederick hissed.

“Never,” the hallway Eloise said.

Khadra turned back to the library Eloise with wide eyes. “The birth of demons,” she whispered.

“Poetic.” Eloise’s smile would have been pretty but for the oozing blood and missing teeth. “And not far off. Frederick is a monster of the first order. I tried to stop him, but I could not. I only delayed him. And now I am weakened, Mrs. Samatar. Most feeble.” Eloise let out a raspy cough. It sounded like she had fluid in her lungs.

“I will not help you, demon.” Khadra knew of demonic tricks. She looked back into the hall where Frederick choked hallway Eloise with both hands, her feet dangling above the floor. Hallway Eloise sputtered two words. “The … baby …”

“What do I care for another’s vile babe?” Frederick lowered his right hand and unbuckled his belt. “You behave the trollop. I’ll treat you as a trollop.” He lowered his trousers.

“Sickening.” Khadra turned away from the scene in the hall and stepped into the room, closer to the library Eloise. “You planted that hellish phallus in my home.”

“Your husband brought it into your home.” Eloise shook her head slowly. She reached her hands to her belly, but there was no pregnancy there to protect. “And I don’t control such things.”

“I will not help you.” Khadra closed her eyes and willed herself back to her husband.

“I ask not for myself. I ask for the boy.” Eloise sighed in exasperation. “I am stuck here and cannot help him.”

“I will not help your demon child.” Khadra’s words bit into Eloise.

“Not that boy.” Eloise’s voice began to fade. “The Anderson boy. Daniel. Go to him and see that he is safe. Do whatever you must to comfort him.”

“What?” But it was too late. First a surge of heat flashed quickly through her slim body, then a wave of nausea swept over Khadra and she was back in the tower room with her husband. She pitched sideways and lost consciousness.

“Khadra?” Maxamed rose quickly. His wife had fainted. A wind blew through the circular room and spread the salt all about the floor. Maxamed could feel a great evil receding. Whatever his wife had done, it had worked. “Khadra?” He felt her pulse and it was strong, thank Allah. He lifted her up and carried her downstairs.

Behind him the matte stone shook and cracked. Pulsing red fissures spread along the black mineral in meandering paths. The glowing red embedded in the rock looked almost like living veins.


“Where am I?” Khadra opened her eyes to find herself in a strange bedroom, lying on top of the covers on an unknown bed. She smiled when her eyes focused and found the concerned face of her husband. George and Julie Anderson also looked on by the foot of the bed.

“You’re in our guest bedroom.” Julie’s half-smile was weak and worry etched itself in lines on her face.

“What …” Khadra tried to sit up but her head fell back on the pillow, pushing her hijab down on her forehead. She reached up to adjust it with trembling hands. “… happened?”

“I am not sure.” Maxamed watched his wife very closely. “You seem to have expended a great energy to rid this house of the demons that plagued it. I’ve never seen such a thing before. You even broke our dreamstone. I’ve tested the house thoroughly with every instrument we possess. This house is now clean.” A faint, proud smile passed across his dark lips. “Can you walk? It is time to fetch the children from your mother’s.”

“I don’t think so.” Khadra tried to lift herself again, but she found that a deep fatigue had settled in her bones. “Perhaps you pick up the children and I’ll rest here for a little while?”

“Yes.” Julie nodded and looked for confirmation at her frowning husband. “We would be happy to have you stay. Wouldn’t we George?”

George grumbled. He was ready to be done with this circus. But he nodded his assent.

“I’ll bring you some soup and you can rest until you regain your strength.” Julie nodded again, happy to have something to offer these helpful people. “You can even stay the night, if it suits you.”

“We could not impose.” Maxamed eyed the woman and her hospitality with suspicion. “But if you would care to make a donation, that would be very much appreciated. We performed a difficult task here.” He actually had no idea how his wife had done what she’d done, but it did indeed seem difficult.

“We’re a little short on funds.” Julie shrugged and gave Maxamed an apologetic smile.

George sighed. “I’ll tell you what we can do. If you need any repairs on your house, I’ll come by and do some work. Free of charge.”

“That is most kind.” Maxamed nodded his accord. “We do have such needs.”

A faint snore came from the bed. Maxamed, George, and Julie all looked back at Khadra. She’d drifted off to sleep.

“I will fetch my children now.” Maxamed looked around the guest bedroom, and then pressed his lips together. “I will call in two hours’ time. If my wife still sleeps, I will take you up on your hospitality. There are no more demons in this house. She may rest at ease.”

“Of course.” Julie nodded. “We’ll take good care of her.”

“Thank you.” Maxamed turned for the door. He had to collect his equipment, drive over to his mother-in-law’s house, take his children home, feed them, bathe them, and put them to bed. It was not father’s work, but he could make do for one night. His wife deserved a good rest after what she’d accomplished.


Daniel marched up Palmer Mansion’s front walk. He passed weeds and decomposing pavers. His twin, Brittney, walked quickly ahead of him. She wanted to call her boyfriend or something. Behind him the sounds of the school bus driving away faded. Daniel suddenly felt queasy as the ground shifted under him. He blinked his eyes and was no longer in the same place. He stopped and tightened his grip on his backpack straps, looking around in the gloom.

A chill ran down Daniel’s spine. How had it gotten dark so quickly? He looked around to see that his initial take was wrong. Actually, he was in the same place. He stood on the front walk, but it was nighttime. The mansion belched out orange, glowing lights from its windows. Around him, instead of weeds, he could see flowers bobbing in the breeze.

“Out of the way, boy.” A harsh man’s voice split the silence behind Daniel. “The Lady’s had an accident.” The man shoved Daniel to the side.

“Who?” Daniel tripped and fell into the flowers. Now seated on his butt, Daniel watched the procession of several men hurrying up the walk. Down on the driveway, a horse whinnied, and Daniel noticed a black carriage waiting.

“Come with me, Daniel.” A soft woman’s voice carried on the evening air.

Eloise appeared before him, but she looked different. She wasn’t pregnant, and she was cut, bruised, and bleeding. Daniel’s palms went clammy at the sight of her. She walked up to him in her bustled dress and offered a bloodied, white hand to help him up.

“Mrs. Palmer? What happened to you?” Daniel took her hand and was surprised to feel warmth as she squeezed his fingers and pulled him up.

“Nothing I wouldn’t do again. A mother’s duty, above all else, is to protect her loved ones from harm.” Eloise brushed Daniel off. “There now. Let us walk. You do not want to see what those men bring forth in a few minutes.” She took his hand again and pulled him down a path that led around the house.

“Where are we?” Daniel looked up at the Victorian detailing on the house above him. So intricate and brightly painted. It looked nothing like the faded façade he was used to.

“We’re in the past, dearie.” She led him toward a small, neatly trimmed rose bush. “I am not well, and this is the only place I may appear to you now.”

“What do you need me to do?” Daniel stopped with Eloise at the rose bush and watched her delicately touch a red rose with her bloodied left hand. She wore no wedding ring.

“These roses were always my favorites.” She leaned forward and inhaled deeply. “Magical, don’t you think?”

“Mrs. Palmer.” Daniel gave a cursory sniff. They did smell good. “I need you back with me in the present. How can I help you?”

“You’re such a good boy, aren’t you?” She turned and regarded him with bloodshot eyes. “There is a woman sleeping in your guest bedroom. When she wakes, introduce her to your bludgeon. There would be much power for the house in her sacrifice.” Eloise shook her head, the orange glow from the house’s windows shining in her green eyes. “Frederick once again has rendered me low, but I have risen before. Do this for me and I will rise again.”

“What, exactly, do you want me to do?” Daniel was afraid she’d just asked him to seduce a strange woman in their house.

“Entice her down the prurient path.” Eloise became almost transparent. She leaned in and took another long smell of her favorite flower. “Do this for me or this may be our parting.” She then faded into nothingness.

“Mrs. Palmer? Eloise?” Daniel spun around looking for any sign of her and found himself back in broad daylight. The rose bush was again overgrown and the house, as he looked at it, a shadow of its former glory. He took a deep breath to calm himself and smelled the beguiling scent of the roses. He wondered who he’d find in the guest bedroom.


“Danny, come here a second. We have to talk.” Julie caught Daniel as he came home from school.

“Sure, Mom.” Daniel had butterflies in his stomach thinking about what Eloise had asked him to do.

Julie led Daniel into the library and closed the door behind them. She then told him about all the events of the afternoon. It was hard to give him the news that Eloise Palmer would no longer visit him. “I know you liked Eloise, so I’m sorry I have to tell you all this. But it’s really for the best. Mrs. Palmer wasn’t a good influence.”

“Nah, Mom. She’s not gone for good.” Daniel nodded his head earnestly.

“You’re not hearing me, pumpkin. Mr. Samatar did tests with all his instruments. The house is now free.”

“Okay, Mom.” Daniel didn’t want to argue.

“So, you’re fine with saying goodbye to Eloise?”


“Well, then. Do you need some help with your thing?” Julie blushed a little and looked down at the bulge in her son’s pants.

“Not right now, Mom. Thanks.” Daniel opened the door and looked back at Julie. “I’ve got a lot of homework, maybe later. Bye.”

“Really? I thought …” But Julie was talking to an empty doorway as Daniel fled. She shook her head. Teenagers were such mercurial beasts. Just yesterday, she’d thought Daniel would be constantly pestering her for sex. Now he seemed disinterested. Maybe he’d found another girl. Or maybe freeing the house of its spirits had returned the Andersons to normal. Julie reached up and hefted her large breasts. That didn’t seem right. She dropped her breasts and headed out of the library. She’d need to check in on Khadra soon.


It was well past midnight when Daniel exited his bedroom. He’d waited for everyone to go to bed, and then given it a little extra time. Khadra was still asleep in the guest bedroom. She’d only waken once that afternoon, to sip at some soup Julie brought her.

The house slept along with its inhabitants. Silence filled the second-floor hall. Daniel crept past the unfurnished open living room on his left and the grand stairs to his right. He snuck past his parents’ room and opened the door to the guest bedroom where Penelope and Brad had slept just a few nights ago. The thought of Penelope tugged at Daniel. He’d see her again soon, he assured himself. He slipped into the bedroom and closed and locked the door behind him. He flipped on the light.

There on the bed was Mrs. Khadra Samatar. She slept curled on her side on top of the covers, still wearing her hijab and full-cover dress. Daniel stepped up to the bed. How was this going to work? He stood there and prayed that Eloise would appear and help him, but of course she couldn’t. He was doing this for her.

“Mrs. Samatar.” Daniel touched her shoulder and shook her gently. He really hoped she wouldn’t scream when she woke up. “Wake up, please.”

“Maxamed?” Khadra blinked her eyes and stretched. She felt much better after all that sleep. Almost like charging up a battery. It took her a second to remember where she was. When she saw Daniel, she recoiled and moved to the other side of the bed. “What do you want, Daniel?” Her face softened. A sudden feeling of protectiveness for this young man flooded through her.

“Oh, good. You remember my name.” Daniel smiled. “I … well … this is awkward.” He looked into her almond shaped eyes. She was a beautiful woman.

“Where is your mother and father?” Khadra realized her feet were bare and showing. She tucked them up under her dress.

“They’re asleep. It’s late.” The butterflies in Daniel’s stomach flapped harder as he tried to think how this might go. “So, you got rid of the ghosts, right?”

“Yes.” Khadra nodded, remembering. “Yes, the demons are gone.”

“But I still have a problem.”

“What is it?” Khadra knew that she needed to take care of Daniel Anderson. That was the only clear thought in her mind.

“Well.” Daniel unbuttoned his pants. “The ghosts changed me down there and it hasn’t gone back to normal.” Technically true. “Can you help?” He did need her help with it. He wasn’t really lying.

“Do not –” Khadra gasped and lost all focus when the boy’s massive thing flopped out. It was even more shocking when she realized that was his size while soft. Had the demons really done this to him? “Let me see it better.”

The teenager shimmied closer to the bed, his enormous member hanging with two overripe balls dangling behind it.

“It is clearly unnatural.” Khadra moved across the bed to get a closer look. Without thinking, her hands darted out and took hold of it. It was so warm and solid. She squeezed it softly and admired its pliancy. “I’m not sure what I can do for you.”

A phrase popped into Daniel’s mind. “You need to draw the poison out, Mrs. Samatar.”

“Yes.” Khadra watched her dark fingers move on the pale flesh. She stroked the penis slowly. “Draw the poison out.” The thing swelled in her hands. She watched in amazement as it got bigger, and bigger. Until it was even larger than that godless, black phallus she’d used on herself. “It’s incredible.”

“Could you take off your head scarf?” Daniel was loathe to have her remove her hands from his dick, but he wanted to see what she had hidden under that scarf.

“I remove the hijab only for my husband.” But even as she said those words, her right hand left the penis in front of her and pulled off her hijab. She shook out her wavy, black hair. She brought her hands back together on Daniel’s thing and pumped harder. “Draw out the poison,” she murmured.

“Wow. You’re beautiful.” Daniel stared down at her soft, feminine face as she worked him. He had no doubt that despite what the Samatars said, the house still had influence and power. And that Khadra was under its spell. “It’s a little dry. Can you put it in your mouth?”

“That is a thing I would only do for Maxamed. I would never –” But she was surprised to discover that what cut off her words was her lips locking around the head of that giant penis. She bobbed her head on it. Allah help her. She wanted desperately to protect this boy and please him any way she could. “Mmmmmppppphhhhhhh.” She groaned around the penis.

“Sssshhhhhh.” Daniel wove his fingers gently into her wavy hair. “My mom and dad are sleeping across the hall.”

That thought sent a surge of panic through Khadra’s little body, but she didn’t stop. She kept pumping him with her hands and her mouth.

Many minutes later, it occurred to Khadra that this was the longest she’d ever spent pleasing a man. She hoped he would finish soon. But, at the same time, she thrilled to hear the soft grunts and moans her ministrations elicited.

“Mrs. Samatar … I’m going to … cum …” Daniel tried to be as quiet as possible as he unloaded in the small, dark woman’s mouth.

Hot, salty sperm filled Khadra’s mouth, bulging out her cheeks. And then she swallowed it down. And again and again. It was the tastiest, most fulfilling meal she’d ever had. In the past, she had thought Maxamed offered copious loads, but now that she’d experienced a flood, she realized her husband spurted only a trickle.

“Enough … enough …” After cumming, Daniel was a bit sensitive and Khadra kept sucking and sucking. Gently pulling on her hair, he removed himself from her mouth. “Thank you, Mrs. Samatar.”

“Call me … Khadra.” Her small breasts rose and fell under her dress as she tried to catch her breath. “Is the poison out?” She never took her eyes off the monstrous beast as she sat back on the bed, her weight resting on her butt.

“I’m sorry, no.” Daniel shook his head and gently pushed her onto her back. He could tell Eloise needed more. And, as he lifted Khadra’s dress to her waist and spread her legs, he needed more, too.

“Wait, wait, oooohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Khadra felt him pull her panties to the side and press that massive head against her opening. It slipped right in. Why was she so wet for someone other than her husband? She found herself willingly hunching her hips up against the teenager and placing her hands on his skinny butt. She pressed him into her and stifled a moan. “Slow, slow, slooowwwwwwww. I’ve never had anything this big.”

“Okay.” Daniel let his dick slip inch by inch into her tight pussy. She was so much smaller than Julie and Penelope. He realized he was taller than her and he might even outweigh her. She felt so different wiggling under him.

Soon, he bottomed out and then got into a good pace sawing in and out of her pussy with long, easy strokes. He looked down at her contorted face, with his cum on her chin, and quickened the pace a little. He had just enough experience now to know she was about to cum.

“Daniel … Daniel … oooohhhhhh. What is happening to meeeeeeeeee?” Khadra opened her legs further and her hips convulsed as he hit some deep spot inside her she hadn’t known about until that very moment. Who knew pleasing a man could be so wonderful for the woman?

“Ssshhhhhh.” Daniel put a hand over her mouth to quiet her as she moaned through her orgasm.

“I thought … I was … caring for you … but you treat me … like a queen.” Khadra’s words were muffled by Daniel’s fingers. She surrendered the last bit of resistance and let the humping teenager do with her as he willed.

“Sure … just keep it down … okay?” Daniel removed his hand from her mouth and put both hands under her and grabbed her tight ass for leverage.

“Ow, ow, ow.” Khadra pushed at his shoulders. “Too deep.”

“Sorry.” Daniel stopped his hips. “How’s this?” He started his motion up again, going very slow.

Khadra nodded up at him.

“And this?” He moved a little faster.

“It is good.”

“And … this?” Daniel now slammed into her with long, powerful strokes.

“I can … uh … uh … take it.” Khadra nodded up at her blue-eyed paramour. “You’re making me … have … another one.” She shuddered out another orgasm.

Khadra didn’t know how much time passed, but it was three or four of her mind-shattering orgasms later when she felt Daniel begin to tremble on top of her.

“Gonna cum … again.” Sweat dripped down Daniel’s face. His hips smashed into her hips over and over again. The mattress dipped under them with each thrust. The bed squeaked, making too much noise. But Daniel couldn’t stop himself.

“Not –” But Khadra never got to say inside me. She felt the eruption in her vagina and it carried her off on her most intense orgasm yet. When she arrived back in the here and now, they lay motionless in bed, Daniel breathing heavily on top of her.

“You’re amazing … Khadra.” Daniel smiled down at her.

Khadra stared in wonder up into his blue eyes. “You are … a force of nature.” Much to her disbelief, Daniel’s hips started moving again, his penis sliding inside her once more. “I did not … banish all the demons … did I?” Khadra looked up at him with wide eyes. She raised her feet high in the air to give him better access to her vagina.

“I hope not.” Daniel’s dick made unsettling sounds as Khadra’s pussy squelched with their cum.

“You can’t release inside again.” Khadra leaned her head back and tried not to moan. “I could get pregnant.”

“Sure thing.” Daniel humped away at the Somali wife.

Silently, from the other side of the room, Eloise watched the mating pair. Her white smile was full of motherly warmth. Her freckled face was whole and unbroken, but she wasn’t quite back to her old self. Not yet. She rubbed her tummy out of habit and found the flatness there discomfiting. She did her best to hide the sounds of sex from the rest of the house, tucking this room away for the time being. She watched the dark wife fall to her handsome boy and silently cheered him on when he dumped a second load inside her some time later.

The world was back on its axis. And with any luck, Eloise would be back to full strength soon. She faded away as Daniel rolled off Khadra.

“I cannot believe that happened. Give me your shirt.” Khadra’s vagina was still pulsing with pleasure.

“Okay.” Daniel took off his shirt and handed it to her.

“Thank you.” Khadra balled it up and placed it between her legs. His stuff was already leaking out of her. “You better return to your bedroom.”

“Yeah, good idea.” He hopped off the bed and pulled on his pants. “When can I see you again?”

“You cannot.” Khadra looked up at him from her position lying on the bed, holding the shirt between her legs. Her dress still bunched around her waist. Her black hair formed a halo around her head on the blanket. “I need to get cleaned. And then I will leave this house and never return.”

“Really?” Daniel looked around the room. He saw no sign that Eloise had returned. Had this been a failure?

“However I may feel toward you, this house cannot tempt me away from my husband. From my life. I will walk home in the dark this night and never return. I will –” The bed shook as Daniel jumped back on the bed next to her. She looked at him in surprise.

“I’m sorry, you just look so pretty.” He kissed her, gently nibbling on her bottom lip.

She tried to push him away, but soon she was eagerly sucking on his tongue. Not long after that, she was riding him with vacant eyes and slack jaw. It was almost dawn when they finally finished mating.

Daniel left her to return to his room, and Khadra did her best to clean up the mess. She was too tired to leave for home when she was done, so just as the sun came up, she set her head down on the pillow and drifted off to sleep.

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