The Hive Island – Prologue


Adam could not sleep in the room given to him despite it being reasonably comfortable. Sounds of all nature poured into the room. He listened carefully and tried to understand the nature of the sound or its source. He could not. He twisted and turned as the memories of the past few weeks came flashing back to him.

He was on board the merchant vessel Ariel in his first voyage as the cabin boy. He had just turned twenty one this year when the shocking loss of his mother to a terrible car accident made him completely alone in the world. With a reference from a friend’s helpful father, he was able to land a job as a cabin boy. He needed to start making money and support himself.

But it seemed misfortune had once again found him as the Ariel was caught up in a Tsunami like storm in the Pacific and the ship must have had hit a submerged rock. The Ariel suffered major hull damage. Adam with some others were trying to board a lifeboat on the deck as a towering wave which seemed to be at least hundred feet high engulfed the ship. That is the last thing he could remember.

He had woken up in a small tent which was part of a number of tents inside a compound which seemingly was a skeletal hospital. He apparently has been found and rescued by some mysterious inhabitants of this unknown island. Inspite of being in the island for more than a week he has been unable to exactly pinpoint the island he was in with his limited navigational skills. The island was undoubtedly tropical and had a sunny warm weather.

But Adam has greater issues at hand. He is no expert in anthropology. But he has till now met only five elderly tribal men who are speaking amongst themselves in some unknown tribal tongue. He had tried to speak with them, but none of them showed any interest. Also he had not seen any younger people or even a woman till now. Also, the elderly men whom he had seen till now all bear uncanny resemblance to each other. They were all medium skinned and tanned. All wore a very short loincloth which barely covered their male organs. Adam thought that the five of them could be brothers.


The mysteries kept on building up. Adam had figured that the elderly men were part of an unknown tribal populace secluded from the rest of the human civilisation. But his impression changed as one of the men handed him an open letter, in clear handwritten English which read as:-“Welcome, dear guest to my humble abode. Please accept my apologies, for not being able to meet you earlier. I hope my boys have taken good care of you. Allow me to invite you halkalı escort to my humble manor. You shall be spending the night there as my personal guest and please do me the honour of joining me for breakfast. The bearer of this letter shall escort you after your dinner. I am looking forward to meet you. Yours truly, La Maada”.

Adam accepted the invitation. He was not sure though, whether he really had any choice in the matter. Anyhow, he had followed his guide to the massive wooden manor where he was escorted to a small room where he found himself left alone with only a bed and no other furnishings.


But the issue at hand first needs to be sorted. Adam was getting increasingly curious about the sound and its source. He could not sleep. He with some hesitation opened the wooden door and looked outside his room. The hall was empty and the sounds seemed to increase. He thought he could hear ecstatic cries and moans of men. Also there was some moaning in a distinctly female voice. He followed the source and went up the wooden stairs as the sound increased.

He was almost certain that those sounds were sexual cries when suddenly he reached the end of the stairs which overlooked a large hanging terrace beautifully adorned with different flowers. There were a few covered lanterns which were holding small torches inside. The overall ambience under the open night sky with the cool sea breeze and the floating perfume of the sands in the air, it was almost mystic and magical, but somewhere hidden there was an intense eroticism that was almost palpable. He quietly positioned himself in a dark covered corner, to discreetly view the events unfolding there.


Adam looked on as his eyes adjusted to the semi illuminated terrace. There was a huge throne like bed in the middle of the terrace. He counted about ten nude men leaning and sitting around the throne. All of their faces were buried into a shadowy gigantic naked female form on the throne. It was evident that these men were giving simultaneous oral stimulation to the giantess lying on the throne. Of the men clearly two were kissing her from both sides of her neck and her face which he inspite of trying could not properly see. Four of them were concentrating their sucking and licking onto her breasts two on each. But the heads of two men could not cover the gargantuan udders which also seemed to be unrealistically firm and jutting out perpendicularly, defying gravity. Two men were massaging and kissing her plump belly, haramidere escort heavy round hips and juicy thighs from either side of her. Lastly, the remaining two of the men massaged and pulled her legs wide apart, with their mouths sucking and licking her toes.

The buxom woman was naked and spread eagled and her crotch was the only area of her body which benefitted from the illumination of a nearby lantern. Her fleshy plump thighs looked creamy and inviting. Between her long and curvy legs them a thick bush of untrimmed black hair encircled her pussy which was flooding with white slimy liquid and a pool of slimy liquid was deposited at the bottom of her crotch. The trickling sticky liquid was definitely semen. On her left stood four handsome young men in a line and on her right six more. All were naked with their cocks dangling openly. The men’s pubic hairs were all shaved. The only difference between them was that the men on the right were all erect while the men on her left had flaccid cocks.

To his excitement and a sharp tinge of jealousy, Adam realised the reality of the events unfolding. The four men with flaccid male organs have already made their contributions to the giantess’s hungry pussy. With a shameless and nonchalant way the woman beckoned the fifth man and he dutifully positioned himself in front of her. He held his long hard cock and aligned it with the woman’s slimy pussy as the tip of the cock rested at the dark entrance of the woman’s moist love-hole. It seemed that the giantess is not willing to even offer him the respect or comfort of presenting him her cleaned genitalia. The man seemed to accept that he is one of many of the woman’s lovers and that he must be content with committing himself and his manhood to the dominant woman’s well fucked pussy lubricated by her other lovers’ semen. With any further ado the man pushed in and in one smooth stroke he was inside the warm depths of the woman as her creampied pussy offered little resistance to the penetration.

What followed was messy and woman’s pussy was thoroughly ravaged and more semen spewed as he pumped like a madman into her. His cock was like a stirrer, mixing and stirring a very potent cum cocktail inside the woman’s pussy. Adam watched in agony and excitement together and he was feeling incredibly horny himself. Finally he knew the moment has arrived, as the movement of the man became more strained and his grunts increased. Adam watched in wonder and he went cross eyed in lust at the unbelievable raw horniness ikitelli escort that was unfolding before his prying eyes. The woman clearly was much experienced and knew exactly the timing of the young man buried inside her. She grabbed the hard buttocks of the young man and strongly and definitively pulled himself deeper into her and moved her waist slightly. Adam could swear he saw the woman’s crotch muscles move and as the woman’s inviting pussy contracted around his manhood he gave out a loud grunt as he unloaded his seeds into the woman. The woman moaned loudly too in unbridled passion and uttered words of encouragement to increase the length and volume of ejaculation of her lover.

Adam almost lost his senses in pure lust and greed at the extremely erotic sights. The big woman consummated her love with each of her lovers. Once ten of them had intercourse with her, they replaced the other ten in caressing, massaging, licking, kissing and sucking on the huge woman. The other ten men freed of their duty to stimulate the giantess, stood in line waiting patiently for their turns to fuck the woman. She again started from the beginning and the entire cycle was repeated twice. A man ejaculates and then withdraws himself from the giantess’ fertile female organ. The next man immediately replaces him and continues fucking her till he can take no more and ejaculates inside her. He extricates his organ from hers only to allow the next man to take his place inside the warm and moist depths of the voluptuous woman. Adam lost count of the number of orgasms the woman seemed to experience. But he was sure that the giantess completed three full cycles which means each of her lovers had fucked her thrice and ejaculated thrice inside her which means her pussy received sixty ejaculations from twenty cocks.

Adam watched in agony of being deprived of the heavenly pleasures of the giantess’ intimacy which she so bountifully distributed to her lovers who had submitted to her love. After the entire ordeal was over for him and finally the large woman fell asleep along with her exhausted lovers, Adam silently went back to his room silently. It was almost dawn as the woman’s debauched sexual marathon must have continued for four hours or more, that too because no man lasted more than three to four minutes inside her, at a time. Adam slipped into his bed. He had himself masturbated himself to seven orgasms that night but still he could not sleep a wink.

Adam had very little opportunity of feminine companionship growing up in a very conservative neighbourhood. Sex was not even in the picture in the long shot. The vision of sex in such wanton abandon had shaken the very core of his existence and resonated in his imagination. He could think no more. He could hardly wait to meet this woman. He is almost certain that this is LaMaada. Something tells him he has found his destiny by chance in this secluded island paradise.

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