The Holiday


The rain sheeted down on the little red Ford Escort as it trundled on the inside lane of the M1 to Luton Airport. “Are we there yet, Dad?” said an excited eight year old boy.

“The man smiled and said: “Not yet, Charlie. We’ve only been going an hour, another half hour and we’ll be at the airport. But then you have an hour or so to wait and after that a couple of hours flying to Athens. Then you will be at your holiday.”

“I can’t hardly wait,” Charlie said. “Can you wait, Mum.” He added.

“Yes,” she said. “I can wait.”

The rain continued to thunder down as they approached the departure building. The drop off point was undercover; mother and son waited for dad to get their luggage from the boot. “You have everything, passport, money and tickets?” he said to his wife.

“Yes, everything, don’t fuss, Danny, please.”

“Ok, have a great time. You sure you wouldn’t like me to come in and have a cup of tea with you?”

“No. Best if you get off. It’s terrible weather and you have an early start in the morning.”

“True. Ok. Have a really great time come back better, really relaxed and make sure Charlie sees all Athens has to offer.” He bent and kissed her on the lips. Like kissing a lump of wood, he thought. Still, she hadn’t been well these last few weeks. Christ, I hope she comes back more like her old self. He tried to kiss her again but she’d moved away. Instead he kissed his son. “Look after mummy won’t you?” he said and ruffled the red hair.

He watched the pair until they disappeared into the building.

As he crawled into bed he wondered briefly when his work contract would end. It had been due to end two weeks ago but it was dragging on despite all concerned working every hour they could to get it finished. It had been a great six years but now with the end in sight he wanted it over.

It was dark when the aircraft bumped onto the runway of Athens international airport. “Oh, Mum, it’s hot isn’t it?” Charlie said as they trudged to the arrivals building.

“Yes it is but nothing to what it will be in the morning. Don’t forget I was here a few weeks ago so I know.”

They picked up their luggage from the carousel and as they did a man approached. “Charlie, this is George. He’s a friend he has come to take us to the hotel.” Shirley said. Her smile shone bright in her eyes.

George smiled as he gripped Shirley’s arm and took her suitcase. The three of them sat in the back of the taxi. Shirley in the middle; Charlie to her right. George stroked the inside of her burning left leg. Athens centre was only an hour away she could hardly sit still. Luckily Charlie slept most of the time. Shirley woke him as they approached the hotel. She signed in and George carried Charlie to the room. “I’ll give you half an hour,” George said. “God, I have missed you.”

“Sush,” Shirley said.

“I have arranged a room next to this one with a dividing door. We can go in there, Charlie will be fine.”

“I’ve missed you too.” She said as they clung to each other. He unfastened the buttons and her white blouse slipped off without fuss. She had already taken off her bra. He stroked her and he felt her nipples harden. He kissed each in turn. He pressed his hardness against her. His hand slipped between her belly and the belt of her trousers. He gently stroked her mound and a soft moan left her throat. He unfastened his own belt and his trousers dropped to his feet without help from either of them. He led her to the bed. They fell on it together and he pulled her trousers and panties down. She lay on her back by his side her dark red bushy pubic hair was almost the same colour as the hair on her head. He slid a finger along her clitoris, she moaned again and clung to him. He stroked and kissed her belly and licked the sweat between her breasts. Sucking on her rigid nipples, two fingers found their way into her hot wetness as his thumb pressed on her clit. Neither could wait any porno izle longer and her legs were opened almost before he said: “Open your legs my darling.” He entered her and she raised her hips to meet his thrust. He kissed her throat and licked her face and eyes all the while driving deep into her. “Oh god,” she whispered and her body went rigid beneath him. Both of her hands pulled hard on his buttocks as he drove relentless into her. “Don’t leave me,” she said. She knew he had filled the condom as he withdrew from her. “Don’t leave me,” she said again.

“I have no intention of leaving you,” he said as he caressed her hot body and pressed his harder to her.

Over the next four hours their bodies pounded into each other sweat pulsating and mingling together. His hardness, her softness moulded as one. The sex was savage in its intensity. They spoke but neither could say what the other said. His English was poor and her Greek nonexistent. Their love was absolute. The sheets were wet with sweat as they rolled and twisted. It seemed like hours later when he said: “Time I went, Charlie should not know. Not yet. I will telephone later.” His last kiss was soft and swift.

When he had gone she looked in the mirror her lips and breasts were swollen and bruised and she knew the lips between her legs were just as swollen but she felt good and desire was still strong for him. She showered in her own room and crept into bed and prayed Charlie stayed asleep for another two or three hours.

Danny woke with a start, he sat up in bed. It was still dark but dawn wasn’t far away. She’d said wrong time of month for sex the night before. He’d had to be satisfied with her hand job but he sensed her heart wasn’t in it. Aw fuck it, stop thinking so bloody much. He looked at the clock he could just see it was 6.30. He crept out of bed then remembered he was alone. He showered then ate a breakfast of toast and a cup of tea. He was entering his place of work by eight.

“You going to the do tonight?” The receptionist said to him.

“Good morning, Sandra. Do! What do?”

“For Chris. It was his last day yesterday.”

“Where is it?”

“Just up the road. Anyway what do you care where? Shirley is in Greece. You’re a single man for ten days. Make the most of it.”

“Yeah, right.” He said.

“Casual, no suits or ties.” She reminded him.

“Yeah, right. Okay to wear a shirt is it?” He smiled to take the sting out of it.

Somehow he got through the day. He couldn’t shake it off and if you’d asked him he couldn’t have said what he couldn’t shake off. He went home, showered. He didn’t eat because he knew these things always provided a good buffet. Free, as was the booze. He walked to the hotel despite low clouds and a light rain. Better a little wet than driving with alcohol and he knew there would be lots of it.

The party was like every one he’d been too in the last six months. He wouldn’t get a leaving party because he would be one of the last to leave. But he would be getting six months pay if he stayed to the end and somehow no tax to pay. He didn’t know how they had worked that one out and he didn’t ask.

The girl he was holding was probably drunk come to think of it he was probable drunk. He knew it was late but how late he didn’t know or care. She smelt good. He kissed her lips again she tasted good. He kissed the valley between her breasts. Christ but they were large he could feel her swollen hard nipples through her blouse and his shirt. Despite the booze or maybe because of it he was aroused and she pressed closer to him. His hand slipped under her short skirt and he moved her knickers away from her slit and slid two fingers into her. She was so wet he felt as if he could insert all four fingers. She moaned and said: “No, don’t. “

“You’re right,” Danny said and withdrew his hand from between her legs. He wiped his fingers on the inside of her skirt and took her back into porno the hotel. She was crying the tears streaming down her cheeks. The hotel manager said to Danny: “Do you want a room for an hour or so?”

“Get some sleep, I’ll come for you in a couple of hours.” He left as she whimpered into her pillow.

“I meant no don’t stop,” Sandra said to him.

“I’m married.”

“She wouldn’t have known you daft bugger.”

“No but I would.”

“And what do you think she is doing in Greece.”

“Not having sex that’s for sure. She is not well.”

“She went a few weeks ago, right?”

“Yeah, but she said she so enjoyed it so much she wanted to go for longer to see more and for Charlie to see it.”

“Yeah, right. You still believe in Father Christmas and the tooth fairy I suppose.”

“Well you think what you like. Anyway you’ll thank me in the morning.”

“I doubt that very much. You have got to be the most boring bloke I have ever met.”

Shirley and Charlie spent the morning wandering around Athens. Not doing much just mooching around and they returned to the hotel mid-afternoon. Charlie was still tired and she put him into the bed for an hour. George met her in the hotel foyer. “Not much we can do today and I’m working tonight. I have arranged with a friend to take Charlie with her kids for a day out tomorrow.. We can spend the day together just the two of us. We’ll take other days as they come. That ok with you?”

“Seems like a plan to me,” she said and her smile matched the sparkle in her eyes.

Charlie left with the woman and three children about the same age. “Have a nice day, Charlie and be a good boy.”

Charlie nodded and forgot about her.

It’s too hot to walk about,” Shirley said.

“I wasn’t thinking of walking about,” George said.

The room was dark and not overly hot. They stripped and clung to each other. Their sweat mingled. For the next few hours she was appalled and delighted in equal measure at her lust. They slept. She woke. He was asleep, he lay on his back and she smiled at the curled up penis between his legs. For a moment she hesitated then slowly and gently stroked it. It quivered and unfurled and she wondered again at how one moment it was soft the next hard and rigid. A deep moan rose from his belly. He rolled on top of her and she guided his cock between her legs. Her mouth opened to receive his probing tongue. His mouth grasped a ball bearing hard nipple and flicked it with his tongue a hand squeezed the other nipple tightly. He alternated between nipples first sucking then squeezing. He was hurting her but she clung to him as if she was afraid he might disappear. He plunged into her and her body rose to meet his thrusts. He asked her to kneel on the bed and she did. He approached from behind and positioned her for entry. She felt him enter her then heard the slap of his body on her buttocks. He pulled her back to him and she cried out in an agony of triumph as he roared into her and her juices flowed.

Not since the early days of her first and second marriage had she felt like this certainly before Charlie was born but she doubted it had been as filled with passion as this. George was a skilled and careful lover and her senses were heighted in a way she couldn’t measure. His body was scalding to her touch. The colours were brighter, smells more pungent, taste, everything was more more more. The room was full of the smell of sex. The voice inside her head was screaming with the sheer unadulterated joy of it all. They spoke of love she in English he in Greek and somehow it didn’t matter. He translated on paper from Greek to English she pressed her breasts onto his bare back as he wrote and she repeated the words to him in Greek. Her voice was husky as if there were lumps in her voice box.

It was near to the time when Charlie would be back. She forced herself from his side and showered. Charlie arrived full of his day. He rokettube chattered away but her head was full of clutter and she nodded and spoke to Charlie as if she knew what she was talking about. She hoped he wouldn’t notice and he didn’t seem too.

“Would you like to go to a Greek wedding,” George said.

“Yes, when?”

“Today, it’s a few miles away, right out in the country.”

Charlie sat in the front with the driver. Shirley and George in the back, close. George slipped a hand under the waist of her skirt. He stroked her belly then through her pubic hair then touched her clitoris she couldn’t stop the moan and Charlie looked around and said: “You alright, mum?”

“Yes,” she said.

“You sound squeaky.”

She cleared her throat, “I’m alright, Charlie.”

The wedding was in full swing when they arrived and Charlie was soon introduced to other boys and girls of his age. George led Shirley up stairs and into a room. He locked the door pressed her against it and kissed her hard. He lifted her dress and pulled her panties down. She held her dress up and opened her legs as he studied nakedness. “God, I do love to look at you,” he said.

She knew he hadn’t had time to put on a condom but she’d lost all control and met his thrusts with her own. He rammed hard and fast into her. When he exploded she felt their juices flow together. Someone shouted his name. “Okay,” he shouted back and added something in Greek. He kissed her and said: “Come.”

She hastily pulled up her panties. And hoped their lovemaking would not be too obvious when they arrived in the main room.

Danny was approached by his boss. “Your wife called at the Athens office this morning and borrowed a hundred pounds. You can pay it back?”

Danny was surprised but said: “Yes of course, no problem.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing; seems to me you do have a problem.”

“No problem.”

“You surely don’t believe that crap about not seeing enough of Athens on the long weekend?”

“No problem.”

“You’re a daft bastard. I bet you right now she is getting her kit off and the Greek is thinking its Christmas, New Year and his birthday all wrapped in one. And Charlie will soon have a new dad.

“Oh thanks a lot. But I don’t think so.”

The days and nights drifted away as they watched, listened and constantly touched. At every opportunity they undressed and searched their bodies for pleasure. Before they knew it their time was up. They were in the adjoining room the night before departure. “Say goodbye now,” she said. “Don’t come to the airport I couldn’t stand it. Give me your love one last time.” The sweat cooled on their bodies as they lay exhausted from their intense efforts. “I will see you again. That’s a promise.”

She rose from the bed he grabbed and pulled her down kissed each breast. “Don’t leave it too long,” he said and touched her one last time between her legs.

She gave a great sigh, rose and left him.

Danny woke, the telephone was ringing. “Hello,” he said.

“It’s me, can you pick us up?”

“Where are you?”

“She told him.”

“Christ, how did you get there?”

“Someone gave us a lift. Can you pick us up or not?”

“Yeah, yeah, ok it will take me half, three quarter of an hour.” The clock said one thirty am. He put the phone down. Dressed and drove to the designated spot. Nobody spoke as he transferred her luggage to his car. Nobody spoke as he drove home. She rolled into bed and was softly snoring by the time he had put Charlie to bed. He kissed her lips and for a very brief moment she responded then the block of wood returned. He shrugged and lay beside her.

It was noon Danny had returned home from work. Shirley was filling the washing machine with ten days of dirty clothes. “Leave the damned clothes,” he said pulled her close and kissed her. “I do love you, you know.”

“Oh dear,” she said.

It startled him and there was something in her eyes he couldn’t work out. Without thought he said: “Is there someone else?”

She looked at him silently for a long moment then murmured: “Yes.”

His world exploded into a million pieces.

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