The Home Fires


My name, for those curious, is Calvin; yep just my first name, that’s all that really matters isn’t it. Oh, I’m twenty and in my second year at university. For the record I’m about five foot ten inches and displace about a hundred and sixty pounds when I’m in the pool. My manhood, let’s just say it’s adequate for the job; after all don’t people claim size doesn’t matter.

When the entire pandemic hit the university shut everything down and sent us all packing. Like about everyone else I headed home, figuring I was in it for the long haul. My dad’s an anesthesiologist; which put him in the high risk group. It also meant once the shit really hit the fan, he wasn’t able to come home. He was working with the sickest ones and taking every precaution; and that included not risking exposing his family.

To make the long story short; we made about two weeks and things went haywire around the house. Me, I’m your average twenty year old; I can camp with the PS4 all damn day; but mom was slowly turning into an absolute bear.

My mom’s name is May; yeah like the month; she was a nurse when she met and married dad. Basically dad makes good money so mom quit work and just became your traditional physician housewife. That meant she spent a lot of time at the fitness center doing yoga and whatever. With the quarantine here in California; mom wasn’t going anywhere.

I figured being housebound was what was driving her crazy; but believe me was I ever wrong. I found out when I got a text from dad about ten one evening to meet him online. I pulled up his facetime on my IPad in my room.

“Hey dad what’s going” I asked.

“Look Cal, there’s something we need to talk about, man to man” Dad sounded tired.

“Uh, sure” I didn’t know what was going on.

Apparently he and mom had just spent some time on facetime, and it apparently had not ended well. He told me mom got mad and basically cut the call off.

“You’re twenty years old” Dad told me “so let’s cut the chase; there’s something I need you to do for me.”

“Sure” and that was when the shit really hit the fan.

“I need you to fuck her” he point blank said.

“Uhhhh excuse me” did he really just ask me to fuck my mother?

That was when the “too much information” hit. Apparently my folks were a bit, shall we say, overcharged. Dad told me he and mom usually had sex at least every other day if not every day. Not bad for a couple in their forties, I thought.

“What’s that got to do with me?” All right so I can be stupid sometimes.

“Considering I’ve been stuck here for over two weeks now” Dad said.

“You mean mom’s randy” I almost laughed as the light bulb came on.

“Horny isn’t the word” Dad smiled. “She could fuck a bedpost right now.”

“Jesus dad” I laughed.

“We tried the cyber thing, sorry we just aren’t into it” he sighed. “She’s damn near worn her dildo out.”

“Holy shit” I murmured. I suddenly had a vision of my mother lying on her bed shoving s dildo between her legs.

Now don’t get me wrong, mom isn’t your raving vogue model; but she’s not bad either. She had shoulder length chestnut hair, and large brown eyes. If I made a guess I’d say she’s probably a 36C. Her ass is a bit bigger than I usually go for, but considering all the yoga and fitness; mom’s in pretty damn good shape. Let’s just say she can raise a woody when she puts on her bikini to suntan on.

I admit, when I was in my teens I wanked out a few to her; hell what boy hasn’t jerked one off to his mom. I thought I had pretty much outgrown that until dad mentioned the dildo thing, and I felt a rush of blood to my crotch.

“You can’t be serious” I tried to tell him.

“Look, her hormones are about to blow; do you want to be on the receiving end of that, you’re the one in the house” he told me.

“But…you’re asking me to…” I stuttered.

“I’m asking you to give her what she needs, because I can’t” I could tell by his expression dad had been thinking about this for a while. “She won’t find someone, because she wants it to be someone she’s attached to. Besides she can’t with all this shit going on.” He sighed again.

“Jesus dad, you want me to shag my mother” I exclaimed.

“I want you to shove your dick into her until she cums” Dad looked at me from the screen. “After she sucks you off like a hoover vacuum” he added.

“Oh God” I moaned.

“You’re hard aren’t you” Dad said.

“Dad…I can’t…” I tried to say.

“Admit it, you’re fucking hard” he pushed back.

“I’m hard all right” I almost shouted.

“Good” dad laughed. “Now do what needs to be done. Since I’m probably stuck here for a couple more weeks, make it a nice seduction” he smiled.

“You’re an asshole” I sighed in resignation.

“You know what Cal” Dad looked at me. “She swallows” he said softly.

“Oh fuck” I groaned.

Bam, that was it; our conversation was over. Dad was still on duty; and the call had taken all of about ten minutes. When I set the IPad to the side, I looked down at ataşehir escort bayan the raging erection in my lap. Flipping off the lights, I slid into bed. It took an hour to fall asleep, all the while my mind going over the fact my father was asking me to fuck my mother; and worse, trying to figure out how I was going to do it.

I had to admit, my conversation with Dad had fueled more than my balls, and it did start my imagination. I had some of my hottest dreams that night I had had since I was a horny teenager. I saw mom on her knees, her mouth open to receive my hot load. In one I had even set up the IPad so dad could watch thru facetime; which was about the kinkiest thing I could remember.

The next morning, I still hadn’t come up with anything. I mean what do you do; walk in the room and say ‘hey mom dad wants me to fuck your brains out’; not too damn likely. The funny thing was I didn’t have to do anything; Mom opened the door.

Like every morning, Mom was doing her morning exercises on yoga in the large living room. She had the laptop open on the coffee table and was following an online routine. I had grabbed some toast and was headed back to my room when I saw her; or more importantly, saw part of her.

She had her feet spaced apart and was bent at the waist, with her palms on the floor next to her feet. I stopped dead as her ass stared back at me, I mean Jesus she was wearing a pair of stretch yoga shorts, the kind that go half way down your thighs, and is painted on spandex.

Holy fuck did she have an ass, I just stared at the curve of those cheeks; I mean this time I really LOOKED at her as she moved. Her thighs were trim and pretty muscular for a woman pushing forty-five. Her hips were a bit fuller, but that only accentuated the curve of her ass that much more.

Bent over, her breasts would have hung down, if they weren’t mashed in a super tight black sports bra. That tight cloth was meant to keep her breasts from swaying when she moved; they also had the effect to make two small bullets press straight out the front of the tight cloth.

“Oh hey Cal” Mom looked upside down at me. “Mind helping with my stretches” she asked.

This was something that had happened before, but not after I had all but drooled over her body. Without thinking, I took the opening and moved into the living room.

“Sure” I barely choked out, but she didn’t seem to notice.

When I moved into the room, I realized I wasn’t just hard; I was a steel pipe in my gym shorts. Christ just watching her in her workout clothes had done that, what would seeing her nude do, I wondered.

Mom stretched out on her back and I automatically knelt at her feet and gripped her ankles. She started these sit ups like she was stretched to where she would come up and then bend in half to grip her toes.

Normally I would stay down at her feet, but this morning I relaxed my grip just slightly, and as I did I felt her body shift on the floor.

“Honey you need to hold tighter” Mom told me.

“Here, let me try something” I shifted around to her side.

This time I gripped one hand around a bare calf, and rested the other on the tight spandex at her thigh. Pressing down I let my fingers dig into her flesh as she sat up.

Mom smiled when she sat up, and this time she didn’t shift. Each time she lay back, I readjusted my grip on her thigh, sliding my hand just a bit further up, extending my thumb down along the soft inside. By about her fourth or fifth repetition, my thumb was buried deep in the cleft between her thighs.

Normally mom did these stretched about five times, but this time she kept going. I could see a flush creeping over her face as my hand slid higher. Suddenly I felt my thumb press into the groove of her camel toe in the tight cloth; mom’s eyes widened as she sat up, feeling my thumb dig deeper into the canyon between those lips. Christ, the cloth was soaked against my hand as she stretched for her toes.

Mom held the pose longer, as I pressed my thumb deeper. Just when I grazed the hard button hidden between her lips, mom gave a soft grunt and her body shook. Christ, she just had an orgasm from me touching her.

“I think…that’s enough” mom softly breathed out.

“It’s never enough” God I don’t know what made me say it.

“Calvin…” mom just stared at me.

“Just being honest” I told her, even as I slid my hand free from between her clenched thighs.

“I can see that” mom’s voice was hushed; but her eyes dropped to the obvious bulge in my gym shorts.

“What can I say, I have a hot mom” I rose to my feet, making no attempt to hide my arousal from her staring eyes.

Mom just sat on the living room floor half in shock, as I headed back to the kitchen to finish my breakfast. I gave it the rest of the day and let things go back to normal; if you can consider mom hiding in her room for forty minutes right after the yoga session normal.

I knew what she had done, she had shoved that worn out dildo so far up inside her, she escort kadıköy had creamed. Only this time it was her son’s hard cock she had been thinking of; and I damn well knew it.

I had deliberately gone out and mowed the lawn without my shirt, letting mom watch as I stood in the kitchen getting a cold drink between runs. Every time I stood there, mom never said a word; her eyes glued to my sweat covered chest; the twin bullets of her nipples more than evident as they pressed against that sports bra.

By that afternoon, mom was once again secluded in her room. This time, after giving her a head start; I slipped quietly up the stairs and stood outside her room.

“Oh yeah…fuck me baby” I heard her pant through the door.

I heard a soft sloshing as she drove that rubber toy deep into her soaked pussy. I had to see, I had to take the risk. I slowly turned the knob, and then eased the door open just a crack. One advantage to having a physician father, you don’t have a cheap house; so not a single squeak or sound was heard as I peeked through the crack.

I didn’t have a total view, but it was enough. Mom was stretched out on the bed, her knees bent, as she used both hands to drive that toy in. I couldn’t see between her spread thighs from the side, but I watched her breasts, now free, sway to her body. They were full, and stood pretty damn firm on her chest. They were capped by dark brown areoles, and a pair of puffy hard nipples. Mom’s face had a glisten of sweat as she worked herself to a heated frenzy; her eyes clenched shut as she saw some vision in her mind.

“Oh God Calvin…fuck your momma” there was no mistaking the words this time with the door partly open.

I was tempted to slide my now throbbing hard cock out and stroke off with her, but honestly I didn’t have the time. It was only a few minutes into watching her, she hit her peak.

“Oh God…baby…momma’s going to…going to…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” mom moaned.

Her legs shot our straight, and her hands pressed that fake dick in deep, I watched her entire body quiver with her release; and as she eased down; I softly closed the door and retreated to my bedroom.

Mom and Dad always tried to do a facetime in the evening; so I wasn’t surprised when my phone chimed from a text later that night.

“Not sure what you did, she’s a horny mess; keep it up” dad had sent, along with a smiley face.

It felt totally weird to have you father cheering on your efforts to bed your mother; but then with all this pandemic shit, nothing was normal anymore. As I slipped into bed that night, I thought about jerking off, but decided to wait. Youthful pride made me want to hold it, so the next time I came; it would be with mom.

The next morning was almost a repeat of the day before. I got my breakfast, and then found myself kneeling at mom’s side while she went through her stretches. This time, when my hand slid high enough, I made no pretense; I dug my thumb into that cleft, pressing harder on the bud of her clit.

“Nnnghhh” mom gave a soft moan as her body shuddered once again for me.

When she looked up at my face, there was shock in her dark brown eyes; and yet neither of us said a word. Probably because not talking about it meant we could deny it had actually happened. But, the dark wet spot in the crotch of her tan stretch shorts was mute evidence that it was real.

Today I watched mom more closely, and sure enough; right after lunch she changed into her bikini and headed for the back patio to work on her tan. This had become part of her new stay at home ritual; and this time I meant to take advantage of it.

I let her bake for about fifteen or twenty minutes, then slipping on a pair of speedo’s, headed out to the pool. I didn’t say a word as I slipped into the water, and calmly swam a couple of laps; letting mom watch me the whole time.

Mom’s face, hidden behind large fashion sunglasses, was turned towards me as I slowly climbed up and out on the ladder. I made sure I was facing her, my semi hard cock on full display in the tight suit.

Without speaking, I walked over to where mom was stretched out on her belly on the lounger. I eased myself down next to her and picked up the tanning lotion bottle. I figured it was better to just stay silent; once again using the ‘if you don’t talk about it, it never happened’ attitude.

Squirting a glob of lotion on my hand, I let it warm first; and slowly spread it across her shoulders. My fingers began kneading her soft flesh as I worked it into her skin.

“Mmmmm” mom gave a soft moan as my hands worked lower on her back.

With more lotion, I worked on her lower back, my hands slipping between the waist band of her bikini bottoms and the strap of her top. Without a word, I reached up and deftly popped the small hook that held her top in place. Mom gave a small surprised gasp when the strap came free. Her back now fully open to me, I began to knead and work the muscles using the tanning lotion.

“Nnnggggggg” Mom gave a satisfied bostancı escort groan as I worked on the tight muscles of her lower back.

When I slid my hands up, I suddenly realized the straps at her sides were gone; glancing over I saw her bikini top on the patio stones beside the chair. While I had worked her lower back, mom had lifted just enough to slip the skimpy garment free.

You couldn’t have made a more open invitation as far as I was concerned as I liberally applied more lotion. This time, I slid my hands high to her shoulders, and when I drew them back down I splayed my fingers out, letting the tips brush along the twin bulges of flesh along her sides.

“Ohh” mom gave a small gasp as my fingers pressed in.

I could feel her tremble as my hands worked up and down. It was time for the next move, I figured. Applying more lotion, I adjusted my seating and began to work on her feet and calves. Slowly; working back and forth; I inched my way higher. From her feet to her claves, and then her lower legs; until finally my hands kneaded the soft flesh of her thighs.

I could hear her breathing deepen as I massaged up and down her thighs, one hand pressed against each leg, my thumbs sliding deep between her legs. Did she know what I was doing; if you consider slowly opening thighs an answer; then it was a damn good yes.

Finally, after I don’t know how many rounds; it happened. My fingers slid under the elastic of her bottoms, my fingers digging into the soft flesh of her ass. At the same time both thumbs came to rest in her hidden cleft, trapping her now swollen lips between them.

Mom’s ass began to rock in time to the slow twirling of my thumbs, as I massaged those pouty lips. I could feel her juices leaking out around the narrow strip of cloth, soaking my hands. Before she could react, I slipped one hand fully under her bikini bottom, gripping the flesh of one cheek; while sliding my other thumb under the strip of cloth covering her heated sex.

“Oh God” mom grunted, as my thumb slipped between her folds and probed into the first depths of her wet pussy.

“Calvin” mom panted as my thumb slid across her pulsing clit.

I adjusted my hand down lower, and leaned down to whisper in her ear, just as my thumb plunged deep inside her.

“Cum mom” I whispered.

“Oh fuck” mom grunted, as her ass rose to meet my invading thumb.

“Baby…we can’t…I can’t…oh shit…” that was as far as she got.

Mom’s entire body gave a heave; and hot fluids gushed out to soak my thumb and hand. She was cumming, and I had made it happen. It was funny, I didn’t feel guilt or shame; I felt love and pride; that I could give my mother the kind of release she needed.

“Let it out” I murmured to her.

“Calvinnnnnn” mom softly breathed out; as her body slumped back onto the lounger.

Without a word, I rose from the seat, wiping my hand on my swim trunks. I smiled down at her.

“I love you mom” I said softly, and then headed back into the house.

I couldn’t help it; I mean I was so fucking hard my dick hurt; and my balls were aching with a boiling load. I headed up to my room, stripped off my swim suit; and stretched out on my bed.

I was well on my way to a mind bending orgasm; hearing the wet squishing of my thumb buried inside mom; when there she was. Still in her swimsuit as she stood in my doorway, wide eyed and staring at me.

I turned and looked at her, her nipples still pressing out hard through her now returned top. The groove from her still swollen lips was creating a perfect camel toe. That was the final straw; I blew.

“Mom” I gasped. She stood rooted to the spot as one, then two, and finally three thick ropes of cum shot into the air.

“Fuck” I grunted, as the last of my sticky cum puddled into a warm pool on my belly.

“That was for you” I said quietly.

Without a word, mom turned and walked away. I didn’t know if what I had done was right or wrong; but I figured I would hear about it later. The funny thing, I never did. Mom never said a word about what had happened; apparently once again she was taking the ‘don’t talk about it’ route.

For the next day and a half nothing happened, I mean nothing. Mom didn’t do her morning yoga routine; and she skipped lying out at the pool. I knew she was trying to avoid putting herself into a compromising position; but it wasn’t working. I heard her with dad on facetime a couple of times; and each time I could see the mounting frustration in her; apparently it was as successful as before. Which meant all it was doing was feeding the fire I had started with her.

I knew a lot of it probably had to do with guilt for dad; and I wasn’t exactly sure how to tell her this was all her husband’s idea. Once again it wasn’t me that provided the opening, it was mom. She had been going stir crazy without much to do, and not much of a television watcher, she had been doing busy work around the house.

It was later in the evening when I heard the thump and crash from down the hall. Exiting my room, I followed the noise and found mom sitting on the bathroom floor, a crumpled shower curtain gathered around her. She had apparently ordered it on Amazon and was standing on the edge of the tub hanging the rings, when she lost her footing.

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