The Hot Tub


It’s a lovely, warm summers evening and the three of us are in the hot tub enjoying cocktails, laughing and joking with each other. We’ve been drinking most of the day so by this point we are all quite tipsy and the conversation starts to take on a flirty tone, talking about turn-ons, past adventures and future fantasies.

My friend and her wife exchange a glance and a knowing smile before turning their gaze to me, my friend smiles sweetly at me and moves a little closer, brushing her leg against mine as her wife moves to the other side of me. A small part of me is shocked and curious as to what is happening, but I’ve had too much to drink to really care or stop it.

Suddenly my friend puts her hand on my cheek and turns my face to hers and kisses my lips, softly at first but then more passionately as she feels I’m not resisting her. Her wife strokes my hair away from my neck and plants a gentle kiss just above my collarbone making a delicious istanbul travesti shiver or excitement run down my spine. She plays with the halter neck of my bikini top, gently pulling it undone and waiting for me to object…I don’t. My friend slips her tongue into my mouth as her wife unties the back of my top and pulls it away, exposing my breasts.

I let out a small moan of pleasure as her wife’s hand snakes around my back and cups my left breast, running her fingers over my nipple, feeling it stiffen under her touch. My friends hand moves from my cheek down my chest and under the water to my legs, she puts a hand between my thighs and I part them a little, knowing where she wants to go and feeling my pussy starting to respond to the attention the rest of my body is receiving.

Her wife turns my face to her and takes over kissing me while still playing with my nipple and my friends hand moves to my hot pussy. I gasp as istanbul travestileri her fingers press against my clit through the material of my bikini bottoms. She presses a little firmer and I move my hips to press myself against her, encouraging her to play with me. She moves my bikini aside and slides a finger expertly into my tight, hot slit and I moan and gasp as her finger probes my pussy. She smiles wickedly and pulls away from me, she takes my hand and makes me get out of the water. Her wife pulls my bikini bottoms down and runs her hands over my ass, squeezing my cheeks playfully and giving each a light tap with an open hand.

They sit me down on the edge of the tub and spread my legs to expose my hairy pussy, they both run a hand up each thigh and take turns teasing a finger over my wet hole and my clit. My friend slides her finger back into my pussy and I moan as she instantly finds my g-spot and starts to massage travesti istanbul it while her wife toys with my clit. She puts a second finger into me as she moves her face between my legs, she flicks my clit with her tongue and a jolt of pleasure shoots through me making me shiver and gasp. Her wife takes my nipple in her mouth and begins to lick and suck it as my friend licks and sucks my clit.

It isn’t long before I feel the familiar tension of an orgasm starting to build in me, I moan and sigh, moving my hips and grinding my pussy against my friend’s hand and mouth. She takes my cue and increases her rhythm, curling her fingers up against my g-spot a little harder, licking my clit a little faster and soon I let out a squeal as I cum hard on her fingers and tongue! She slows as the waves ripple through me and then she gently laps at my wet hole, relishing the taste of my sweet cum. Her wife catches her under the chin and pulls her to her for a passionate kiss and they share my juices between them.

I can’t quite believe what has just happened, my friend and her wife have just seduced me and made me cum harder than I ever have. I stare at them and I know that this is just the start of something from my wildest fantasies….

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