The Hot Tub


My wife and I both travel quite often for work. We had the misfortune last December to both be gone when our heating gave out. We live in the northeast in an older house, so you can imagine what happened. Burst pipes. My wife returned from her trip to a mess. Thankfully the damage could have been worse. But until the repairs were made, we simply didn’t want to be in the house. My wife’s mother offered for us to stay with her, and we really didn’t have any other option.

My wife does not get along well at all with her mother, mostly because they are so similar. Blunt, without that internal sensor to detect when they’re being offensive, neither seems able to go more than a few hours without saying something to tick off the other. Thankfully, my wife was outward bound on another trip almost immediately after arriving. I, on the other hand, would have to spend a few days with her.

But I didn’t really mind, so long as the two weren’t in the same room. I’d had long enough to get used to my mother-in-law. She was an odd combination of things: she was very religiously upright, but she was also a nurse. Which meant she was an odd combination of prude and crude. She had no problem talking about sex, for instance, in ways which made everyone uncomfortable. She was very practical and clinical, and straight to the point. Over the five years I’d been married to her daughter, she seemed to have mellowed slightly, and maybe learned some tact. Maybe. A little.

In any case, I was staying in her guest bedroom for at least four days. I’d just returned from a particularly long and frustrating day at work. Being gone from the office so often meant that co-workers often “borrowed” things from my office. Like my chair. My very comfortable, ergonomic, expensive office chair. And, of course, no one wanted to admit to taking it. So I was forced to sit at my computer all day in a piece-of-crap, $20, no-padding office chair. Combined with having spent hours in a plane the previous day, my back was killing me.

It must have been obvious, because when I arrived at my mother-in-law’s house, she immediately started giving me advice on how to help my back. She offered me prescription-strength Tylenol, which I refused. She even offered me something a little more powerful (like so many nurses, she’s comfortable handing out prescription medication like it’s candy). But I really just needed to sit down. So I did. But she wouldn’t let up.

“Why not soak in the hot tub?” she offered.

“Well, it’s about freezing outside, for one,” I answered.

She scoffed. “That doesn’t matter. The water is hot. It’ll feel good. I’m sure you’ll feel better after some time in the hot tub. Actually, it sounds güvenilir bahis like a good idea. I might even go out myself.”

“Second,” I continued, “when I packed for this trip, I didn’t think to include a bathing suit.”

“Oh, just go in naked,” she said. I laughed, knowing that she was probably not joking but treating it as such anyway. “What, are you too embarrassed to go out naked? No one can see. It’s all trees. There isn’t another house for a half mile.”

That was true. Angela’s house was up on a hill surrounded by trees in a thinly-developed area. And I had to admit that the hot tub sounded like a good idea.

“You said you want to go, so go ahead. Maybe I’ll go out later,” I answered, and settled down in the chair.

“You’re being silly,” she answered. “We can go out together. And if you’re embarrassed about going out naked, I’ll close my eyes. Or, if it will make you feel better, I’ll go out naked too.”

I laughed again. Angela was in her late 40s, and by no means unattractive. She’d managed to keep in shape as best as someone could who wasn’t actively maintaining themselves. She could still wear a bathing suit without being embarrassed. But there was something just plain odd about being naked with her in a hot tub. I figured I’d end up spending a lot of time in therapy, or something.

But my back was really hurting at this point. And more work tomorrow suggested that I ought to do something about it.

“Ok, ok,” I relented. “We’ll go out. You, just wear a bathing suit, and make sure you close your eyes when I get in, ok?”

She got me a towel and I went to my bedroom and undressed, wrapping the towel around myself. The narrow stone path to the hot tub was cleared from the recent snow, but it was cold outside—around 35-40 degrees. I looked at it with trepidation. Finally I got my nerve up and went out to the hot tub, jumping quickly from stone to stone on my toes. Angela had opened the hot tub cover and had it going, but she was nowhere to be seen. I got up my courage, dropped the towel on the bench nearby, and slid into the hot water.

It felt wonderful. And the cold air on my face and the hot water below was very relaxing. Through the steam, I saw the door slide open and Angela approaching (much the same way I did), with a towel around her.

“It’s freezing!” she squealed.

She climbed the three steps to the edge of the hot tub and discarded her towel.

She was naked. I had that fleeting glimpse of her body: her small, only slightly sagging breasts, with tiny, hard nipples; her curves, attractively smooth, down to her curly bush of brown hair between her legs. By the time those details registered, she was sliding türkçe bahis into the water, as if nothing was amiss.

She let out a long moan of pleasure, and I realized that my penis was stiffening. And though the water was foaming with jets of air, it was clear—and thus my arousal wasn’t exactly hidden from view. I decided to ignore it for now, and just hope it went away.

The tub was clearly meant for just three or four people, but even with the two of us the proximity was a little unnerving. Her calves kept rubbing against mine. It didn’t seem to bother her at all.

“See?” she asked, “It’s that better?”

I admitted that it was. She smiled.

We chatted for a bit about work, which was nice because it took my mind off my not-so-little problem downstairs. Occasionally, though, she sat up, which in a hot tub this size meant that her breasts would pop out of the water. I tried not to look, but I’m a guy. And even though she was my mother-in-law, tits are tits. It’s genetic or something. We can’t not look. So my problem never fully disappeared.

After about ten minutes I stretched, and something in my back pulled, and not in a good way. It wasn’t terribly painful, but I grimaced.

“Come over here,” Angela said, “and I’ll rub your back.”

I hesitated, but she frowned at me as if I was being stupid and waved me over. I carefully turned by back toward her and moved to her side of the tub. I kind of squated there in the tub, but that wasn’t working.

“Just sit on my knees,” she ordered. I did so.

It was very odd, sitting there bare-assed on her knees. Occasionally her legs would open a bit, and I’d feel a jet of air against my ass and balls. Not entirely unpleasant, of course, but at this point I was starting to get horny. Very horny.

She rubbed my back, and it actually felt very nice. Some of the tension there disappeared.

“That feels much better, Angie,” I said.

“Great!” she answered. “Now, my turn!”

I didn’t say anything, not in English, anyway, and suddenly I was up and over on my side of the hot tub, and she was coming toward me, breasts visible and dripping water. She turned and sat on my legs, but a little further back. My cock slid against her cheeks under the water before I managed to get a hold of it, and move it into a less aggressive position.

She said nothing about it. I thought, perhaps, she thought it was my hand, but even then I had the idea that she knew exactly what it was. Either she didn’t mind, or she was simply enjoying making me uncomfortable. Either way, I decided to be more careful. Still, my cock was harder than it had been in a long time. My mind kept slipping back to that brief glimpse güvenilir bahis siteleri of her before she slid into the water.

I rubbed her back for a few minutes, but she wasn’t really that tense. She did seem to enjoy the attention, though. Slowly, however, she seemed to slide further and further back on my legs. I tried to keep her at a distance, but it wasn’t working. Finally, she slid all the way back and my hard cock slid up between her cheeks and against her pussy.

I didn’t say anything, and neither did she. I was ready to pop right there. She stayed there for a moment, without moving. My cock was throbbing between her legs. She couldn’t possibly not feel it. Then, slowly, she began moving forward and back, rubbing my cock against her pussy. My hands moved to her hips and I found myself helping her, pulling her down hard onto me. Her legs spread further open, and then I felt her hand down between her legs, and rubbing my cock. She spread slightly wider, and she pushed up with her hand and I slid into her. She came down hard on me, the water in the hot tub moving in waves around us as we moved.

Her other hand found mine and moved it to her right breast. I cupped it in my hand, with my thumb and forefinger teasing her hard nipple. She grabbed the hand and made me knead her breast harder, pinching and pulling her nipple hard. She moaned, increasing her tempo.

“Pinch it hard,” she gasped, and I did. She moaned louder, the water splashed my face, some of it landing outside the tub. I could feel her muscles tensing, shuddering. I reached up with my other hand and pinched her other nipple hard. I could feel myself getting close to coming. Her hand strayed between her legs and found my balls. She stroked them, tugged on them, cupped them. I was on the edge.

“I’m gonna come,” I said, and as I pinched and pulled on her slick, wet, hard nipples she began to move even faster, gasping.

“I’m coming!” she squealed, fucking me harder and faster. I felt my cock throbbing inside her, and finally, as she came down hard on me, shuddering uncontrollably, I came—flooding her with spasm after spasm of come, so much that I never thought I’d stop.

Finally, she collapsed back onto me, my cock sliding out. A moment later she stood, collected her towel and went inside. I followed a few moments later.

I showered, cleaned up, and dressed, all the while trying to make sense of what had just happened. I wasn’t sure what to do or say. I went to the kitchen.

Angela was there, also showered and dressed. She was preparing dinner.

I was about to say something, but she interrupted.

“Dinner will be ready in about a half hour,” she said. “There’s no reason to talk about what happened. I won’t say anything, and neither should you. I’ll just say ‘thankyou,’ to you, for giving me what I haven’t had in a very long time.”

I nodded, smiled, and went off to set the table.

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