The Hottest Show on Earth Pt. 02


Amy had been enjoying her new powers, but they still didn’t help her with guys. One guy in particular, Mark, was the man she lusted for. She had mentally stripped him naked and experienced the sensation of baring his erection in front of a theater full of women and then mentally masturbated him while she too had experienced the physical sensation of male ejaculation through him, but she still wanted more.

The problem was that she reversed time and allowed Mark to have no memory those events ever happened, so she was never able to relive the moment with him.

Amy had used her powers for other purposes, like the day she was caught not using her turn signal. The minute the police officer hit his lights, she made them fall of his cruiser, then caused his engine to completely fail as she nonchalantly drove off. Or that time in the grocery store when she decided to make everyone in her way suddenly feel the desire to move to the left of the aisle as she came through.

Amy was smart enough to be cautious though, she knew that if anyone realized she had this power she could be in big trouble.

And that was her dilemma. Amy desperately wanted to tell everyone, or at least her closest friends. Instead she kept it to herself and simply practiced making things happen in the security of her own apartment.

One day while in the park surrounded by people and feeling totally isolated and alone Amy watched as two really fit guys played some form of “aggressive” Frisbee. They were both good-looking and the kind of guys that she was instantly attracted to. They weren’t “Mark Hot”, nobody was “Mark Hot”, but they were super handsome. Now, of course, Mark was no super model by any means, he was simply very cute. But what made him so sexy was the way he talked to Amy, they way he looked at her, and the way he made her laugh, and more than anything the way he made her feel.

Plus, he had an amazing smile and really sexy eyes.

The guys continued playing Frisbee and Amy decided they should remove their shirts, so she focused. In a flash one guy decided to remove his shirt revealing the greatest abs she had ever seen. This guy looked like his body was chiseled out of stone! Soon enough, the other guy took his shirt off. He wasn’t bad either.

Amy couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they were laughing and joking around about something. Then she focused on the first guy’s crotch.

She began willing his penis to get hard. The guy’s face was priceless; he was smiling in a weird way as he casually started to tug at his crotch and look around. Then finally he yelled that he needed a minute and quickly grabbed his cell phone and sat down Indian-style right in the middle of the field while pretending to text. Amy laughed at this. Then she looked at the other guy. She forced him to get hard right away so that his cotton shorts almost immediately shot out. This guy lost all interest in why his friend suddenly stopped playing and he grabbed his T-shirt and held it in front of his crotch as he quickly made his way to the bathrooms. Then the first guy stood up—apparently as she stopped concentrating on him he was able to get himself under control. So as he stood up Amy forced his shorts to the ground as if they were stuck on something and she got a nice 3 second view of his tight white ass! He quickly bent over and grabbed his shorts shocked and looking around to see if anyone noticed. She gave him a thumbs-up, but she didn’t think he saw her. Then he started to head for the bathrooms too. She made him become erect again and he walked faster and faster to the restrooms as he hardened.

Then she thought, ‘Hmm. I wonder what those boys are going to do in there in their current conditions’.

That caused a feeling to wash through her and she began to wonder what it might be like to see two guys going at it with each other. She was wondering what she could do to make this happen. She considered making the walls of the restrooms disappear and thought how it would look to see these two perfect male specimens with their dicks in their hands—or even better, with their dicks in each other’s hands! Then she suddenly felt tremendous guilt.

‘Is this right?’ she wondered. ‘Should I be doing this? These are after all innocent people that I’m manipulating.’

Amy was torn—she had an amazing gift, but unfortunately she also had a conscience. She didn’t feel right about making people do things against their will. Then again, she couldn’t really get people to do things any other way. She felt that if she was hotter she could, or if she was less of a conscience soul she could; instead she was moderately attractive with a moral compass.

‘FUCK!’ she thought.

And she went home feeling very uneasy that she would xnxx even have considered making the walls disappear. She would have exposed her powers and that could be dangerous. She was so caught up in the moment of seeing the two men naked and hard that she almost did something that nobody should be able to do. Of course, she could just reverse time again, but should she?

She really needed to talk to someone!

The next day at work she was once again in the control booth working with her secret crush, Mark. They were lighting technicians running the lighting board on a new theatrical production with an almost all male cast. This was a vast improvement Amy thought, as their last play was almost all women.

She considered a lot of the guys to be super cute and wanted to have sex with almost all of them—especially Jack. Jack was young, muscular in a somewhat scrawny way, piercing blue eyes, nice hair, nice ass, and a great smile. He seemed nice too and possibly a little gay. Amy was starting to think she liked the gay thing more and more lately. She was starting to think about two guys together and how hot that would be. She started feeling more and more like a guy. Amy wondered if “feeling” sex through Mark had somehow left something behind—some type of testosterone or something that was making her feel more and more like a young horny guy!

‘Nah!’ she thought.

Although she did want sex all the time lately, that’s all she seemed to think about anymore and now she was lusting over the idea of two men together.

She had heard all guys talk about two girls at a time and she knew that was a typical guy thing to want, but lately she was thinking the same thing! She watched Jack acting onstage and wondered if she shouldn’t check him out sometime. Then her attention went back to her true desire—Mark. He seemed to be acting a little out of sorts this day.

“So what’s up?” Amy asked.

“Nothing.” Mark said.

“You’re acting weird.”

“How can you tell?” He asked.

“I don’t know something’s off. Just tell me and let’s avoid the dance.”

“I had a dream last night about me . . . and you.”

Amy smiled, “OOH, I like it already! Tell me everything and don’t spare the details.”

“It’s weird because I’ve had this dream A LOT lately. It’s like I can’t stop having this dream.”

“Well what is it? What happens?” She asked.

Mark hesitated then went into it, “Okay we’re here at work. We’re just talking, everything’s normal and all of a sudden I’m totally naked.”

Amy suddenly felt like she was hit in the gut.

“Then I run downstairs and go out onstage naked and I’m jerking off in front of all the girls from Sex and Sexuality. And the weirdest part is I look in the mirror and I have your face!”

Total silence.

Amy can’t think of what to say she feels like a kid who got caught cheating on a test in school.

“Huh.” She muttered.

A million thoughts flooded her mind.

‘Does he know? Is he going to bust me? Is it just his subconscious breaking through? Why does he remember? I erased the entire moment and turned back time! Oh shit!’ She was starting to freak out a little.

“Huh!” She said again.

“Huh? That’s your response?” Mark said.

“Well I don’t know what to say. What do you think it means?” She asked.

“I don’t know, it’s been a dream I’ve had for a bunch of nights in a row. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“How do you feel in the dream?” She asked.

“Horny! I feel like I can feel it, you know one of those kinds of dreams?”

“So you like it?”

“Oh it’s fucking amazing! But it’s also weird like there’s something important about it. Like it means something but I can’t figure out what it is. It has something to do with you, but not in a sexual way, ironically. In the dream I feel like you are in some kind of danger and I’m completely unaware of what it is. Like you’re in peril and I’m too busy jacking off for the ladies!” he said laughing.

‘WOW!’ she thought, ‘How much more intuitive could you be, Mark?’

This just made him even more attractive to her. He was more mentally powerful than she thought—being able to break through her reversal of time and still remember! She was positive none of the girls in the audience was able to remember anything. Not only could he remember, but also he was enough of a real man to feel that she was in danger and he needed/wanted to protect her.

Mark’s already sky-high “Sexiness Index” had just quadrupled!

“So this dream is making you feel uneasy about me?” She asked.

“No. Frankly it makes me feel unbelievably good! Every morning I wake up with my underwear plastered to my leg! It’s doing a lot of damage to my laundry! But as far as you’re brazzers concerned it’s like the dream is telling me there is something important about you I need to be aware of, but I don’t know what it is.”

“Does it make you feel afraid of me?”

“No, not at all. It makes me want you.”

With that she almost melted. ‘How could he just casually blurt that out!’ She wondered.

His voice began to shake a little, “In fact, I think I’m going to have to start dating you, just to make sure you’re safe.” He said without making eye contact as his cheeks began to turn rosy, then he looked at her.

They stared into each other’s eyes for the longest time.

“So . . . do you want to, like, go out with me or something?” He asked purposefully being goofy about it.

“Yeah, I guess, or something!” She replied with a huge smile in her goofiest voice.

“Cool!” He said and put his hand out. She placed her hand in his and he shook it, “Congratulations!” He said and they both laughed hysterically.

Then Amy was called down to talk to Jane, the Director of the play.

Unfortunately Jane had her running around in circles the rest of the day, but it didn’t matter she was on cloud nine and nothing could break her mood. She would occasionally look up at the booth and Mark would blow her a kiss, this sent her into even more happiness and she smiled the entire day through work.

After work they went out to Subway for dinner. Okay it’s not a five-star dinner at The Ritz, but these are working people—money is a little tight! As long as they’re together they are happy.

Every time Mark bit into his meatball sub a string of cheese would wrap itself around his chin. This had happened before when they came here as friends, but for the first time, Amy felt cool about pulling it off his chin and dropping it into her mouth like a cute couple would do.

“Mark, what if it wasn’t a dream you’re having? What if it were a memory?” She asked.

“Then I need to go to the hospital right now, because if I don’t remember doing that then there is something terribly wrong with me!” He said.

“Let’s just say, for the sake of Science Fiction, that I had superpowers and I caused all that to actually happen to you and then, out of pure embarrassment, I made you and everyone else forget it happened and I turned back time. What would you say to that?”

“I’d say, let’s do it again! Amy, you have no idea how unbelievably sexy this whole experience is in the dream. It’s the greatest sensation I have ever felt in my life. It is like an orgasm on top of ten other orgasms times a billion!”

Amy took a deep breath, “Yeah.’ She thought for a moment, then added, “It is real, Mark. I do have super powers. I did that to you, and I can do it again.” She said and watched him.

“Cool. Do it to me right here and now!” He said smiling and calling her bluff.

“Watch those trays on the can by the door.” She told him.

He looked over and Amy made them all fall off the can and onto the floor. Mark jumped and looked at her.

“I did that.” She said.

The person behind the counter walked over and started picking the trays up and wondering what caused them to fall.

Mark sat perfectly still caught in mid chew. A meatball fell out of his sub and splashed sauce all over his shirt. Amy looked down and made the meatball fly back off of table and land in between his bread. Mark dropped the whole sandwich on the table and looked at her in disbelief. Then she looked down at the sauce on his shirt and mentally had every little particle of sauce lift off his shirt, collect in mid-air and softly land and soak into his napkin.

Amy looked at him and tears began to flow out of her eyes.

Mark stared at her in total shock. Then he broke his silence and uttered the only rational thing to say, “Holy . . . Fucking . . . Balls!”

Amy took in a deep breath and really started to cry. Mark took her hand and comforted her lovingly.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked as if this were an everyday thing.

“What’s wrong?” She said incredulously.

She could only shake her head, unable to speak. Mark got up, helped her out of her booth, wrapped his arm around her and escorted her out of the restaurant.

They sat in the park all-night and watched the half-moon slide across the starry sky. They talked about everything—every conceivable angle on Amy’s new power. They discussed saving the world, preventing war, saving people’s lives, manipulating the lottery, everything.

Mark made Amy promise that whatever she did to him, she would not erase his mind again—or anyone’s for that matter. She explained she did it out of panic and because the next time she sees him naked she wanted it to be because sikiş izle he wanted her to. Mark kissed her passionately after that and Amy finally felt complete. She was no longer alone, she had Mark—and if Mark was all she had then she had everything there was!

They agreed that they should probably keep this low profile for now. Then Mark barraged her with questions:

“So have you done anything other than me, the cop, and the two boner guys in the park?”

“Like what? What would you do if you were me?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know. I would definitely freeze time and go into the women’s showers. That’s standard guy fantasy stuff.”

“But that’s my dilemma, I shouldn’t take advantage of people like that. I mean it borders on some kind of rape, doesn’t it?” She asked.

“I guess, but is it? I mean like I said this is everyone’s fantasy, is it wrong to use it for what it’s intended?” Mark wondered.

“It’s intended for 8th grade level sexual pranks?” Amy asked.

“Well, kind of. I mean if you alter history, stop war; whatever, now you’re playing God and I’ve seen enough movies to know that doesn’t turn out well. Using this power for pleasure is the safest thing to do, I think!”

Mark can make the most ridiculous argument seem to make perfect sense sometimes.

“Doesn’t it make you feel like I violated you?” Amy asked him.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember. Maybe it’s okay as long as the person you do it to gets something out of it!” Then he thought for a moment seemingly in his own little world. Amy watched him thinking, she watched as a devilish grin crossed his face.

“Do it to me again!” He said.

“What?” She asked.

“Do something to me. Anything you want. Let me see how it feels.” He said and he was really getting excited.

“Well, what should I do?” She asked feeling a little excited herself.

“ANYTHING! Do anything to me! I trust you. Surprise me!” He said and Amy concentrated.

She closed her eyes and focused on his penis. She imagined all the tiny molecules that make up his wonderful shaft slamming together in energetic friction.

Mark’s eyes closed in erotic glee, as he grew hard. He was sitting on the grass in an open field at night, his legs shot out in front of him and he leaned back pushing his hands into the ground and arching up at the sky. Amy could also feel his arousal; she once again masturbated him through his pants and felt the throbbing pleasure of his hard dick as she caused sensations of pleasure to flow through his penis and testicles, while also causing an explosion of pleasure through her own loins.

Mark threw his head back and moaned. Somehow the physical response of being manipulated without touch was more erotic than he expected. It turns out external friction isn’t the only way to do this!

He held it back until he couldn’t hold on anymore and then he unloaded into his pants, letting out a loud groan of satisfaction as he did so. Amy too released with an orgasmic eruption of her own and the two of them tried to catch their breath.

Amy opened her eyes feeling herself again and she looked at Mark. There was a noticeable wet spot in his jeans.

“Holy shit that was hot!” He breathed.

Mark was soaked with sweat, his face was totally flushed and his hair was a mess. Amy thought he looked even cuter like this and she looked forward to seeing him like this a lot.

“Oh my Good Gracious! Thank you!” He said, “I’m going to have to start buying underwear in bulk!”

“Or just stop wearing it altogether!” She said and Mark felt a weird sensation as if his underwear suddenly disappeared.

He pulled the front of his jeans out and saw only his dick. He looked at Amy in amazement she was holding his underwear and her own panties while smiling.

She set the garments down in the grass and looked at the wad of cum dripping down the fabric of Mark’s boxers.

“Why, Mark, look what you’ve done you bad boy!” She teased.

Mark seemed more interested in her panties lying in the grass and drying themselves before his very eyes.

Amy carefully touched her index finger in the cum on his boxers and slowly pulled it back. A little gooey string stuck to her finger and she bit her lip looking back at him and smiling.

The wad lifted off his underwear and floated in front of her, she seemed to examine it very closely then forced it to fly away and splat onto a nearby tree. Then his underwear disappeared from the grass as he felt it wrap around his loins again.

Amy made her own panties fly up and hang off a tree branch for someone to find in the morning!

‘Why not!’ she thought.

“You are a Goddess!” Mark said and he tackled her passionately while sinking his tongue into her mouth and kissing her with uncontrollable lust.

“We are going to have so much fun with this!” He told her as they made out and fondled the hell out of each other after having experienced the safest sex of all!

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