The House 3



The House

3. Remorse.

That Friday, that first week of vacation Carola arrived from Caracas, her room is on the opposite side of the bathroom, so I had to be much more careful now, since I didn’t get along with her, although we didn’t get along badly either. Although the news that we were living in the house was not to her satisfaction.

Malu and I always got along well, since Maru and I became couple, in spite of how well we got along we were not more affectionate than an affectionate greeting, but I noticed a change in her attitude in those days, when she greeted me she almost jumped on me and told me my favorite brother-in-law, -of course as if there was another one- I told her, the kisses on her cheeks were more frequent and were louder than usual, at all times and in front of everybody, even there was an extra intensity in them.

My father-in-law was sorry that Carola didn’t get along so well with me. That old man was always very close to me from the beginning, many times we would watch soccer or baseball games together and now at home I was the perfect excuse for us to have a few whiskeys before bedtime from time to time and always talking about doing business together, as partners for the benefit of the family.

His business consortium is very large and he was self-supplying with supplier companies he owned in other countries, which sometimes made me think that he had no need for a new business, much less with me, so I didn’t end up taking him seriously.

With Carola in the house the dynamics changed a little, suspicious of my company with her father she was always giving me a bad face, I did not know how affectionate she was with her father, nor with the others. I thought that because of her treatment towards me she could be more indifferent with the others, but I could notice that with her father and with Malu herself she was something more special.

Between Malu and I there was now a thread of complicity, sometimes we would look at each other when I made a specific comment in which she already knew that at night or in the afternoon I would have sex with Maru. And when in some family conversation a sexual indiscretion or a dirty joke or even a joke came up, things that strangely were not lacking in the family, they were very common, especially if there was a double meaning. The only one who got upset about such things was always Maru, when she knew she had been discovered or when the comments were very obvious. Malu would immediately look at me and I at her, always as accomplices of a secret that no one dares to confide, but one is sure that the other knows it.

In the evenings I sometimes stayed in the living room watching movies in one of the loungers with or without the father-in-law, Malu never stayed late, but in those days she started to stay more with me, she sat on a leather sofa next to where I always sit. We besides watching movies talked about her things and my things, we talked very little about sex, or rather not at all. There was always a tension in the air. And the silence, although uncomfortable, was also exciting.

One night I was watching a movie on cable with some light censorship, I had already seen it years ago, but it is one of those movies that you can always watch again without getting bored, bursa eskort in the part where there was sex, I noticed that she began to get restless, I noticed her looking at me out of the corner of my eye every now and then, I began to stretch on the furniture and let an erection form the corresponding tent, as I was in shorts and t-shirt it was difficult to hide. She was looking towards me and I noticed her squeezing her legs and crossing them, I felt brave and leaned towards the furniture where she was and put my arm behind her on the headrest, that made her nervous and I noticed a rapid breathing, I dared to put a hand on her shoulder and she jumped up and ran out of the room, I got scared because I thought I had crossed the line and maybe told someone, but then I calmed down and thought it would not be possible because I didn’t really do anything wrong, I just put my hand on her shoulder.

After that incident I avoided doing any kind of action that could be misinterpreted by Malu. Come on, that in itself had all the bad intentions you want to give it. I didn’t want anything to be more intentional than the obvious. Since I couldn’t deny it. Otherwise I wanted any touching or rubbing to be seen as an accident or a fluke, which is what I would argue for.

But a pang of conscience came over me later, the morning after the day of the event on the couch. I woke up early with my morning erection. And she flashed through my mind, it was so intense what I felt in my sex, that I had to bring my hand to it and masturbate violently like a desperate degenerate. If I made about 15 movements it was a lot. I immediately became aware of what I was doing, how instinctively I was acting, like a predator in front of a defenseless prey, it was irrational to act that way and I got scared just thinking about the catastrophe that would happen at home. I released my sex and went to take a cold shower to calm my basic instincts.

I spent about two days tormenting myself, a part of me doing everything possible to avoid looking at her in any other way than as the little girl of the house, my wife’s little sister, the most precious and forbidden virginal treasure of the family, and a minor.

Such torment made me at some point think of going to a psychologist, because I spent the whole day looking for something to think about when she came to my memory. It was impressive the amount of topics to think about. From marine dentistry to space carpentry.

Those days of crazy thoughts were passing. While since “that” day on the couch I avoided Malu or just being around her. She seemed to do the same. Until accidentally one day when we had finished dinner and coffee with the father-in-law I went up to the bedroom with the intention of going downstairs immediately to watch a game, so I left the attic door open. And I think I saw Malu moving around in her room when I went into mine.

Since I wasn’t going to have sex with Maru, she had every intention of having sex with me. When I got upstairs she was naked waiting for me, in a pose that left

no doubt what she wanted at that instant. Remembering that I had left the door open I was about to turn back to close it, but I didn’t, thinking I would do something quick and that was it. I simply pounced on my bursa merkez escort wife. She didn’t restrain herself from moaning at any moment that day for the entire duration of the act, to the point that I thought that in addition to Malu, the rest of the family would also come upstairs because of the scandal.

Pending to look towards the staircase to see if Malu was peeking out, I was a little disappointed not to see her there, but finally I was convinced that it was for the best.

Until one day the other part of me, “The lower one” was stronger than the upper one! I had I think two days without thinking about her, neither for better nor for worse. It was Saturday and very late, around two o’clock in the morning, after having had a hot sex session with my wife, I couldn’t fall asleep right away, then while I was tossing and turning in bed. I got hungry. I tried to ignore the hunger but couldn’t, so in my boxers and barefoot I went downstairs to see what I could eat. I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that the kitchen light was on as it is almost always on every night.

My jaw was about to drop when I walked through the kitchen door and saw the most beautiful anus I had seen so far, smooth pink and tiny and with buttocks wide open and further down a puffy vulva half open, deep pink in the middle and with sparse light hair and the owner of it was looking for something downstairs in the fridge.Malu with her straight legs slightly spread, barefoot and body entirely flexed, she had an old t-shirt of mine I had given her some time ago and was wearing it as a sleeping robe and no panties, at that moment the baggy opening showed me her breasts in some shadow.

The rush of adrenaline my heart received was such that a tachycardic rhythm kicked in, to the point where I felt the pressure of blood flow in my penis and the erection went in an instant from -10 to 120% full and painful. I slowly approached and positioned myself behind her. Half a step away while still admiring those two perfect buttocks and the pink bullseye. And bringing a clenched hand to my mouth I sounded my throat calling her attention.

She stood up with impressive speed, taking one of her free hands to cover her exposed parts by pulling down the flannel conscious of her nakedness and turning on herself in a 180° turn to face me. With her other hand in her mouth finishing shoving a large piece of cake into her mouth, Her look was one of stupefaction as she looked at my face, I guess the last person she expected to see was me, she immediately turned red and looked down… mistake.

Meeting the familiar erection of my boxer, a gagging and violent coughing ensued and turning her face quickly caused all the cake in her mouth to shoot out through her fingers, leaving a trail of cake crumbs all over the kitchen floor.

A noise in the distance of slippers coming down the stairs in the living room made us jump and we looked at each other guiltily, she trying to contain the impertinent cough still dropping pieces of cake on the floor, and me trying to cover the brutal erection in my boxer shorts, then we ran off on tiptoe to the utility room. She was going to run to the left where the washer, dryer, auxiliary refrigerator and utility room were. But I grabbed her bursa sınırsız escort arm and pulled her forcefully toward the open garage door and we ran to hide in the gloom of darkness behind one of the in-laws’ SUVs.

With my heart in my throat we got behind one of the trucks and placing my hands on her shoulders I stuck to her without taking into account my erection. I swear that in that moment of shock I had no intention of carving her or poking her with my sex. However, my penis was placed between her buttocks without realizing it.

My mother-in-law came into the kitchen. When she saw the mess of food, she started to fight on her own, blaming Marito. She went into the utility room looking for a broom and a shovel. She went to the kitchen to clean up and continued fighting between her teeth, returning after a while to put things in their place, did what she had to do and left.

Still with our hearts racing, we began to calm down when we saw what we had been saved from if we had gone in the other direction. Well rather, the one I had saved myself from. Since she had a large flannel that she wore as a robe and nothing to blame, but I was in boxer shorts, half naked and with my dick completely standing up, I had everything to lose.

While Malu still with her hands in her mouth was holding back a slight cough from some poorly swallowed cake crumbs in her throat.

As we left the kitchen, the mother-in-law turned off the lights, leaving the garage completely dark from the little light that came through the kitchen door. In silence we stood still waiting for a prudential time, when I realized that my erection was getting more and more painful and my sister-in-law was still coughing.

I wanted to move but I preferred to stay as I was and I noticed that the cough was feigned. That made my erection grow 10% more. I had never felt it so powerful before and I started to thrust forward slightly just as she coughed. Between her fake cough, my gentle lunges and my monstrous secretion of pre seminal fluid that had already soaked also the fabric of the t-shirt on the part of the buttocks, had made my penis sink between those two pumps and was almost perfectly coupled over her entrance, it was just a matter of making the fabric that separated us disappear, one push and all the depths.

Looking nowhere in the dark, we had a rhythm going, her coughing and me thrusting when suddenly a brutal ejaculation became imminent and squeezing her shoulders I slowly tilted her torso forward and down, while she was still coughing and I began to thrust harder and faster regardless of her coughing rhythm.

The discharge inside the boxer was beastly it was very hot and she felt it, as she stopped coughing, while I was still notching her ass to the erratic rhythm of the ejaculation. Suddenly we stood still and I noticed a certain restlessness in her body. She was obviously very aroused and needed to finish so I tried to bring one of my hands to her sex.

Just like the other time, when I brought my right hand down on one of her hips, she jumped and let go of me and ran away….

Shit, I screwed up! -I thought, I should have stayed where I was. Surely she would have taken the next step, but I had to get out of the jam.

Now she would surely go to someone with the story. If not, I had to avoid this kind of situations that could bring us both… no, that could bring problems to me. A little worried, not to say scared, I went to sleep, but not without taking a bath first.

To be Continue…

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