The House of Dionysus


**Special shout-out to Megamuffin for beta-reading and for inspiring my first story here on Literotica. Though its subtle and becomes evident much later on this tale is set in the same fictional world he establishes with “Lucky Cable Guy” and “A Week on the Lake.” If you like this, you’ll love those ;)**


You know, it’s insane how quickly and drastically one’s life can change. Last Wednesday I was just another loner college freshmen, hardly ever leaving my room and instead spending my days playing video games, watching stupid Youtube videos, and jerking off at least three times a day. Sometimes five…often five. I’m a horny mutha-fucka, ever since I was a teenager my dick seems like it’s always been ready to go. No matter how many times I cum I’m ready to go again within minutes. But all of that will become more relevant later. Well, its technically relevant now because of the morning wood I’m sprouting while sandwiched between two sleeping and very beautiful women. Very soon I’ll be fucking both of their brains out, but I should probably catch you up.

So as I was saying, last Wednesday I was just an average freshmen starting his second semester at a pretty nice (and expensive) university in Florida, about three hours north of Miami. I still feel bad about the massive loan my dad took out so I could go to this school for at least one year, but with how my first semester went I’m on track for getting a pretty sweet scholarship to cover costs for next year.

My first semester was, well, depressingly uneventful. I’d always been shy throughout high school, preferring to keep to myself and avoid people as much as I could because I was one of those kids who thought everyone else in the world was dumb as hell and not worth my time. I figured things were going to be so different when I got to college and lived on campus, but come to find out those years of avoiding social interaction left me rather lacking in social skills and the confidence necessary to even try and interact with strangers. The only friend I really made was my roommate Nick. We lucked out in having many of the same interests and similar high school experiences so at the very least we had each other every day after we were done with classes. And we had each other while everyone had little parties just quiet enough so as not to attract the RA’s. And we had each other while our neighbors had frighteningly loud and aggressive sex as if to mock our unintentional celibacy.

“So James, I think we need to shake things up this go around,” Nick said to me Wednesday afternoon. “We need to get out and be more active, more social. Don’t get me wrong, I love your company but it would be nice to, ya know…talk to a girl occasionally.”

I chuckled at that and said, “if you’re trying to talk to girls we might be better off hunting for unicorns.”

“See man, we gots to get rid of that pessimism! Maybe getting girls will be like hunting unicorns, but we’re on god-damn unicorn island right now. Can’t be that hard if you just go outside.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard today. But I’m guessing you have an idea for this wild unicorn hunt?”

“Why yes I do. We’re gonna join the anime club!”

“The anime club?”

“Yes the anime club.”

I just stared at my roommate incredulously for a moment before he finally decided to extrapolate.

“For one thing, it makes the most sense for us. We both like anime and we’ve both talked about ‘expanding our otaku horizons.’ And last semester I heard more than a few rumors about the girls in the club. Apparently they are freaky AF!”

“I wish you wouldn’t talk like a meme. And you know people always say stuff like that about nerdy and geeky girls. Pretty sure it’s not true.”

“But how would we know?! What’s the total of our sexual experiences? Beyond with people like Lorraine and Rhonda?” Nick asked, raising his left and right hand respectively. My face warmed at him mentioning our virginity. Honestly I had come to terms with the increasingly apparent fact I wouldn’t be losing it anytime soon.

“Listen, what have we got to lose dude? Besides the obvious?”

I shrugged in response, effectively agreeing to Nick’s silly plan. “Plus, I’ve already signed us up to go tonight anyway,” he said.

“Oh ok,” I sighed heavily, only mildly annoyed at how he assumed I’d go along anyway. I still could have just backed out, but he had a point with “what have we got to lose?”

So later that evening Nick and I found ourselves in one of the video halls in the basement of the film & video building on campus. The door to the club was labeled with a print-out of what I suppose was an anime character though it seemed to have been made with MS Paint. In the room there were about twenty people, some even wearing costumes and most in nerdy t-shirts and such. As Nick and I found our seats I noticed two mildly surprising things: at least half of the people in the club were females, and they all actually seemed very attractive. I realize it’s a kurtköy escort bit prejudiced of me to have assumed most of these nerds were smelly fat dudes with no social skills, and any females were probably indistinguishable from those guys. Even though I already knew I’d never be able to strike up a conversation with any of these beautiful women I’d at least have some eye candy.

I tried to keep to myself throughout most of the club while Nick certainly seemed to be doing his best to put himself out there, joining in on the discussion of which anime the club was going to view today. We settled on a pretty typical magical girl show strikingly similar to Sailor Moon. While the club’s proctor inserted the DVD I noticed two girls kept glancing over to us and giggling to each other. One was a pretty pale girl with long brown hair and pretty sizable breasts that stretched the yellow tank top she wore. The other had a slightly darker complexion leading me to assume she was of Mediterranean descent, and was very petite. They both wore tight-fitting tank tops that showed off their cleavage, even though the Mediterranean girl didn’t have much to show off. Before the lights dimmed for the movie I noticed she must not have been wearing a bra because her nipples were poking through the tank so obviously it was almost as if she was wearing nothing at all.

As the anime started playing I did my best to get my mind off the two girls. I felt the beginnings of an erection coming on and knowing me it would be incredibly uncomfortable to get one now. Whenever I got hard it would not go away until I satisfied the beast, and even then it usually took several beatings before it was subdued. Unfortunately this situation was not helped as the anime turned out to be a bit more risque than I had expected. The magical sailor girls’ costumes, both before and after their transformations, were very skimpy and fan service was rampant. It seemed not a full minute went by without a panty shot or close-up of animated cleavage, and there were so many innuendos!

“You alright man?” Nick whispered to me, noticing that I had been fidgeting in my seat.

“Yea just…not what I expected.”

“I know what you mean dude. I could shatter a windshield right now with my dick.”

“Oh can you now?” a cheery female voice suddenly said from behind us. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I turned to see the source of the voice. I had been so entranced in the provocative anime that I didn’t notice that the two girls had gotten up from their seats and come up behind us. The one that had nearly gave me a heart attack was the busty pale one. The other was just behind and next to Nick. So not to obstruct the view of anyone behind us they were both kneeling, which allowed me to look down into the busty girls impressive cleavage. I could see the top of a red bra peaking out, which certainly did not help my growing arousal.

“Um well, uh…you know…yea,” Nick stammered. I fully expected the girls to be disgusted at us, two horny boys who couldn’t handle some animated boobies. I prepared myself for the teasing that was sure to follow.

“Oh I def know what ya mean,” the olive-skinned girl said with a giggle. “I always get so wet watching these. That seat over there is soaked!”

“That’s why you need to wear panties sometimes girl, they can’t keep cleaning up after you,” the other girl teased. Nick and I were both speechless at how brazen these girls were.


The two girls giggled at the attempt to shush us, and the busty one said “how about we get out of here for a sec. You guys seem cool and I think we both need a break from tits and ass. The animated kind anyway.” The way she winked at me after that statement nearly made my dick explode then and there.

“Sure, I think that’s a great idea,” Nick said. I looked up to see him nodding intently at me with a massive grin. I don’t know how, but somehow his plan seemed to be working and he was obviously very pleased with himself.

The four of us quietly exited the video room and once we were outside the girls introduced themselves.

“I’m Holly by the way,” the pale one said, “and this is my roommate Riley.”

“I’m Nick, this mute chump is James. He’s my roommate too.”

“Um, nice to meet you guys,” I finally piped up.

“Nice to meet y’all too,” Riley said, and they both giggled.

Now that we were standing and in the light I got a full view of both girls. Holly was surprisingly tall for a girl, I guess she was just under six feet being an inch shorter than myself and Nick. Her curves didn’t end at her very sizable breasts as she had a wonderful hourglass figure accentuated by the tight tank top that rode up enough to expose her belly button. She wore form-fitting low rider jean shorts that seemed to struggle to contain her hips. I suspected she was wearing them a tad lower than they were actually meant to be as I noticed the top of lacy underwear matching her levent escort bra.

Riley was notably shorter, just a few inches above five foot. Like Holly her tank top exposed her flat stomach and I saw that her belly button was pierced. Her nipples were still rock hard and even more noticeable now that we were standing next to each other. With the hallway lights shining down on us I could almost even make out her tiny areola through the thin, light fabric. She wore a short blue skirt that I was pretty sure would expose everything if she bent over.

“So which building do you guys live in?” Holly asked.

“We’re in the Artemis dorm,” Nick replied. I was glad he was the more talkative of the two of us.

“Oh that’s not too far from us. We’re in Dionysus,” Holly said.

“Heh, we’ve heard stories about the one,” Nick chuckled. “Apparently you guys party like hell all the time over there.”

“Well, that ain’t exactly untrue,” Riley said, and both girls giggled again.

“So what are you guys up to for the rest of the night?” Nick asked.

“We had no plans.” Even though Holly answered Nick she seemed to keep her eyes on me as she twirled her hair and smiled. I became even more aware of my increasingly hard cock, and the way she kept glancing down I was pretty sure she noticed too.

“Well you guys wanna come back to our room and hang for a bit. I don’t think they like students just hanging out in the halls at night here, might think we’re selling drugs or something.”

Holly and Riley laughed and agreed to come back with us. I couldn’t believe that this was apparently happening. We hardly had done anything beyond fidgeting in our seats and these two girls were ready to come back to our room, a strangers room and do…what, I didn’t know exactly. I actually doubted things were going to go anywhere, I mean girls don’t just go and hook up with guys like us. At least none of the girls I had met previously.

As we made our way back to our room Holly put her arm around mine suddenly, effectively claiming me for herself I suppose. I saw Riley do the same with Nick, but what caught my attention more was just how short her skirt actually was. From behind I could clearly see the bottom of her ass-cheeks as she walked, and it seemed she was not wearing even a thong. I briefly imagined the kind of view I’d get if she did in fact bend over, presenting the entire world her young pussy.

“So, what major are you taking up?” Holly asked, breaking my attention from Riley’s exposed bottom.

“Computer Sciences, focusing on security systems. My dad always say that with the way jobs are going I should focus on getting involved in computers. He never really knew what that entailed I think because I’m pretty sure he thinks computers are magical boxes filled with fairies, but I took his advice and now here I am.”

“Wait, you mean computers don’t have fairies in them?!” Holly joked.

“I’m afraid not. Gremlins maybe, but not fairies.”

“That definitely would explain all the viruses I keep getting. That and the porn probably.”

“Ah you just need a good anti-virus,” I told her. I found myself getting a bit more conformable with how open these girls were. Something about Holly just put me at ease. “I can help you pick out one, if you like.”

“I would really appreciate that! Riley doesn’t know shit about computers, she’s no help.”

“Hey, I know plenty about computers!” Riley said from up ahead. “I know how to turn them off and on again, that always fixes my problems!”

We all continued joking back and forth on the way back to our room and I decided that even in the likely case of nothing happening we at least got to hang out with two pretty cool and funny girls. Once we were back in our room the girls screamed with joy when they saw our movie posters and bookshelf filled to the brim with books and movies and games. Apparently they were just as nerdy as us.

“How do you boys feel about a movie? I haven’t watched a good movie in so long,” Riley said.

“That’s cuz you never make it more than fifteen minutes in before you have a cock in your mouth,” Holly teased.

“You should talk!”

“Hey, I at least wait until the second act.”

Nick gave me a look that more or less seemed to equate to “we getting laid tonight!” I could only shrug in agreement. So far this was all too surreal.

We ended up agreeing to throw in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie and we all sat on Nick’s bed as it was directly across from our television. Holly immediately got very cozy with me, not that there was much room on the small double bed for us to spread out anyway. I wrapped my arm around the girl and saw Nick do the same with Riley.

For about ten minutes it seemed like maybe we were going to actually just watch the movie, but then I felt Holly’s hands rubbing up and down my thigh, inching closer and closer to my dick. Which, if you recall from earlier, stays perpetually mahmutbey escort hard until it gets some attention. It was a miracle it hadn’t broken in half on the walk to the dorm.

“So when do you plan on letting this little monster out?” Holly asked as her hand finally began brushing over the hard bulge in my jeans.

“Well um…whenever you would like it to come out, I guess,” I stammered. I’m so smooth, I know.

Holly answered with a giggle and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, finally releasing my raging erection a bit. I was still constrained by boxer briefs but she quickly fished it out of the front opening. I groaned as she began stroking it. From the corner of my eye I noticed that Riley had more or less done the same with Nick, except her head was already bobbing up and down in his lap. Nick gave me a thumbs up with one hand while the other stroked the back of Riley’s head.

It suddenly struck me that I was about to have sex for the first time. Not only that but I was about to have sex for the first time right next to my best friend who was also having sex with another girl. At the time this seemed utterly insane. Oh how things have changed since this comparatively innocent first time.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted when Holly’s mouth began to engulf my dick. I was overwhelmed by the warming sensations of her breath mixed the soft wetness of her lips and tongue. I let an almost girlish squeak escape my lips as the pleasure shot up my spine, sending shocks through every part of my body. As I came down from this sudden high I began to appreciate that pleasure better as Holly sucked nosily on my erection. I felt compelled to grab a handful of her dark brown hair as she bobbed her head up and down.

“Oooooh yess,” I heard from my side. I looked over to see Riley, still clothed in her tank top and short skirt, sinking down onto Nick’s hard cock. She had her skirt hiked around her waist so I could perfectly see the round curves of her ass as Nick’s cock disappeared into her body.

“You fill me up gooood,” Riley moaned once she was completely in my roommate’s lap. She let out a guttural moan as she began grinding on him.

I was so entranced by that show I barely noticed Holly removing her mouth from my cock. I looked back to her just as she was lifting her tank top over her head. She threw that behind her and made quick work of her bra, tossing it aside and revealing two milky-white globes topped with the hard, pale nipples. She then pulled down her jeans and panties and before she pounced on me I caught a glimpse of a dark triangle of hair between her legs. She bounced on top of me and mashed her mouth into mine, forcing it open and jutting her tongue inside. I gave in and returned the sloppy kiss, instinctively raising both hands to her wondrously soft tits. They were everything I dreamed off, but a hundred times better. So warm and soft yet very firm.

While I kneaded her breasts Holly rose herself up and positioned herself over my raging erection. I felt her grab my cock with one hand, holding it straight up as she lowered herself onto it. When the head of my dick suddenly pushed through I had to throw my head back and gasp. The pleasure was…indescribable. As she continued to sink down it felt as if my cock was slowly being engulfed by a warm coat made of fleshy velvet. I know that description probably makes little to no sense, but you try describing the first time your cock was in a pussy. Let alone a pussy like Holly’s. Though I had no frame of reference beyond my hand and Vaseline I knew there was something special about this pussy.

For a brief moment that felt like an eternity my entire world was the hot embrace of this cunt around my member. Gradually my awareness expanded and I could feel the heat created by the friction of our bodies mashing into each other and the wetness from her gushing pussy and the growing sweat between our legs. I grabbed on her hips, digging my fingers into her soft flesh as she rode herself up and down the length of my cock. From my peripheral I noticed Riley was mimicking Holly’s movements, and the combined force of the two girls bouncing on our cocks put an audible strain on the bed. The only thing louder than the pained creaking of the bed-springs was the lusty moans of Holly and Riley.

“You’re cock is making me cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!” Riley yelled. She let out a long growl as her body quaked with her orgasms. Nick suddenly groaned and I figured he was emptying his balls in Riley.

I was not far behind as Holly held me tightly, her boobs pressed against my chest as she used only her hips to continue bouncing on my cock.

“I’m ’bout to cum!” I tried to warn her breathlessly.

“Yes, do it! Cum in my pussy! Fuck you feel good!”

That command was all I needed. I felt my orgasm rising from my balls through my cock until finally it burst forth up into Holly’s gushing pussy. I felt each spurt jet out of my cock and into her warm cunt, bouncing off the back of her cervix and mixing with her juices as they flowed down into my lap. I could only lean back, overcome with pleasure as Holly climbed off of me.

As my senses returned I saw that Holly was now on the floor in a sixty-nine with Riley as they sucked our cum from their pussies. I looked over to see Nick in a similar state to myself.

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