The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 03


Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3, Testing…

By DDDDave

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Sitting on my favorite bench I watched as college cuties paraded by. Short skirts, tight shorts, cut off tee shirts, skin tight knit tube tops. All the girls were wearing sexy clothes to class. And none of them seemed to be sporting anything smaller than a D-cup. And that particular girl was under five feet tall and those beauties jutted from her chest as if rocket propelled!

I love watching women parading proudly in public, showing off all that they have to offer. I’d never seen so much quivering, jiggling, bobbing, jostling and generalized movement under blouses, sweaters and crop tops than I had in the past weeks. And there was more than exhibitionism going on. We were experiencing a return to the days of free love that I had heard so much about.

I’d had my share of hot women in the past couple of months. Alice and Jillian had been only the beginning. I had had randy, enthusiastic sex with over half a dozen women. It seemed that there was a steady stream of willing eager, well built women looking to share their bodies with me. And those bodies, with out fail, were stacked! It was amazing! And the women on campus were still changing. Inches were being added here and subtracted there. It all added up to having the average bra sale in town rise from a B cup to a D cup! And Double D’s were catching up fast!

And I was also changing. The nerd was history. I was now a fit, mid-twenties stud. I had a six pack. A constantly rampant dick that stretched over 9 inches when hard. And that stretched every cunt it penetrated since it was over 3 and 1/2 inches thick. I’d never had a complaint from the women I’d fucked. They all seemed to love it!

I was enjoying life!

Sitting on that bench, I felt something odd, like a subtle dimming of the light. There was no outward change. The sun continued to shine brightly. It was as if a filter had come between me and the rest of the world.

“Hows it going, sport?” It was The Presence, back again.

“Really, really well, thanks,” I replied.

“So glad to hear it”, there was a tinge of something in It’s voice.

“What brings you around,” I asked.

“Well, its a little embarrassing, sport”.

“Don’t shilly-shally, get to the point,” no way to address a God but I hoped he would get to the point and leave me alone. Things were going so well. I was afraid it might get screwed up. Messing with Gods can get you in trouble!

“Well, I made a little bet with another of my peers. You know, for fun.” He really did sound apologetic.

“I guess that I’m somehow involved in this little bet?” I hazarded.

“Well, yes, sport, you are. So you are going to be tested in the next couple of days. Now don’t worry,” he hastened to add, “nothing bad is going to happen to you, it’s just a little game. And I’ll be backing you up, helping out, so to speak. You have nothing to worry about. Just play along and don’t freak out. Everything, you that is, will be fine!”

I wondered what was really happening. But I knew that there was nothing I could do about it now.

I was about to ask further when the filter lifted and I was once again along with my thoughts and my girl-watching.

Two days later I got a notice from the administration. One of the more generous alumni was thinking about endowing a chair in ancient and comparative religions. He wanted to interview me as a potential recipient.

On the appointed day Mrs. Anderson, that mountain of a woman, barely acknowledged me while directing me to meet our benefactor at the Chancellors’.

So Wilbur “Will” Brubaker and his wife met me in the Chancellor’s office for the interview. He was about what I expected. Over weight, pompous and older. His wife was not expected.

Apparently many, many, years younger than her husband, Mrs. Barbra Brubaker was obviously a trophy wife. And what a trophy! Over six feet tall even without the stiletto heels she was wearing, she towered over her husband. Even with the co-eds getting hotter and hotter thanks to The Presence, this was a spectacular specimen! It took all my concentration to remember that her husband was even in the room!

Her riot of blonde hair cascaded midway down her back. It contrasted with the skin tight, black knit dress she wore. Her minuscule waist was emphasized by a white belt, four inches wide. The hem ended almost equidistant between her hips and her knees. The fabric clung desperately to her unbelievable curves. A zipper strained to hold the halves of the top together over a pair of enormous bowls of flesh that powered outward obscenely. Her hips flared dramatically below that tiny waist. Her lips were plush pleasure pillows, her expertly applied make up emphasized sultry brown eyes behind long sweeping eye lashes.

They sat on the sofa while I occupied an arm chair across the coffee İstanbul Escort table from them. Mrs. Brubaker made a production of crossing her mile long legs while smiling benignly at me. I made a point of not glancing at her legs. I was sure that there was more thigh being exposed than would be good for my libido to admire.

None the less I felt a stirring in my loins. This was not going to be an easy afternoon to get thru.

It got no easier. Mr. Brubaker launched into a long, drawn out explanation of how he had amassed his wealth and how he intended to improve things at The Institute of Technology and Science. He was a very long winded, pompous individual.

As he yammered on and on, Mrs. Brubaker recrossed her legs several times. I could not help but notice that each time she did there was more and more toned, tanned thigh on display. I caught her smiling at me when she noticed I was glancing at those legs. There was a flicker of amusement in her smirk, a devilish look of enjoyment in the way she was drawing my attention. She arched her eyebrow at me while favoring me with a dazzling smile.

Despite my best intentions I found I was giving more focus to the remarkable Mrs. Brubaker and her amazing pulchritude than to Mr. Brubaker with his amazingly dull tale of business success.

She arched her back. She crossed her legs. Ever time she fidgeted she flaunted her amazing figure. She accentuated her bosom, pushing her chest toward me. Arching her back to emphasize how outlandish her figure was. Those tits just seemed determined to gain their freedom from behind the stretched knit fabric!

Still, it took me by surprise when she caught my eye and winked at me!

Pursing her lips at me she pulled down her zipper a few inches to reveal her creamy, lightly tanned upper chest. The beginnings of what I was sure was a spectacular cleavage bulged into sight. She glanced up at me from under her eyelashes with a small grin. Her push-up bra was forcing crescents of bosom into the opening,

Watching for my reaction she hunched her shoulders pressing her biceps against the outer curve of her bosom. The zipper strained to control all that was behind it but was forced down another inch or two by the pressure from her straining mammary mounds. She licked her lips while keeping eye contact with me.

Paying no attention to her husband she grinned at me and pulled down the zipper to expose several more inches of her cleavage. She had gone from fully covered to serious decolletage in moments! And I was watching every second of it. Mr. Brubaker didn’t seem to even notice what was happening right next to him!

I was becoming a little uncomfortable. My dick was hardening, making me squirm, trying to find a position that didn’t cramp my crotch. Mrs. Brubaker saw my reaction to her teasing and it served to increase her efforts!

Smirking she leaned forward a bit, reached up with both hands and cupped her melons. They were much more than a single handful! She remained leaning toward me while she shook and plumped her mounds, forcing more and more flesh from behind her dress. Her zipper slid down even further. A sliver of perfect pink aureola was revealed on each side while larger and larger amounts of breast flesh came out to show off. Her zipper pull was just a bit lower than the mid-point of her breasts marked by the pointed nipples that stood at attention.

Almost a quarter of each massive, solid breast was exposed. They were huge! They were perfect! Jutting forward from her chest each boob seemed to yearn for freedom. Her nipples were obvious, making dents in the fabric as she squeezed, pinched and stroked herself. Her eyes were locked on mine while she flaunted herself for my enjoyment right in front of her husband!

Who continued to seem oblivious to what was happening?

It finally got to the point that I had to do something. Reaching down I adjusted my cock so that it was pointing down my pant leg, not folded in half in my crotch or pushing up under my shirt.

Mrs. Brubaker’s eyes locked on to my thigh. The thick tube of my half erect cock was obvious. And it captured her attention! She licked her lips again while staring at my lap.

Figuring I was in for a penny, I decided to be in for a pound. I slowly ran my hand up from my crotch to the head of my dick. In response it grew another inch or two. Her eyes widened as she watched my expansion.

Mrs. Brubaker quickly smiled at me and then returned her attention to my lap. Her hands continued to massage her partially exposed bosom while I watched.

“What are you doing, young man?” asked Mr. Brubaker. He apparently had become aware of the interplay between his wife and I.

“Oh, do shut up, Will,” she demanded while looking me in the eye. “Young man, do you think you have a big dick?”

“Yes. Yes I do,” I replied. No one would call a nine inch long cock small!

“Hmph,” she snorted. “I doubt it. But go ahead, show me!”

“Barbra, Anadolu Yakası Escort please!” We both glanced at the old man.

“Shut up!” she barked. “You know the rules! Now pipe down!”

Without thought I had stood up and was now standing in front of Mrs. Brubaker.

“Sir, I protest!” he sputtered.

“Shut up!” I responded. “Sit there and watch or get out!”

I have no idea where the nerve came from. I was unbuckling and unzipping while speaking to the fat old idiot.

My dick was still not completely erect but it was solid enough that when I slapped Mrs. Brubaker cheek it made a satisfying thud. A smear of pre-cum was left behind as I slid the head of my dick to the other side of her face.

I let go of my cock as I pushed my pants down to my ankles. Her hand rose, almost unbidden, to collect my precum. Rather than wipe it off, she took it to her mouth and licked it off. Her tongue flickered out to make sure she got it all. All the time her eyes were on mine.

I smiled down at her, ignoring her spluttering husband.

I smeared my dick head against her lips. She turned her head away avoiding my dick head but at the same time allowing my long, hardening dick’s shaft to push across her lips. It looked so good, forcing her lips apart, scraping across her teeth. As I pushed my hips toward her my cock seemed to expand, growing longer and thicker every second.

When I pulled back from her, my dick, still not completely hard, hung at least twelve inches in front of me! I don’t know why I didn’t freak out. I was inched longer than I had ever been. Some how, it seemed to make sense.

Grabbing her by the hair I forced her to face me. I pressed my cock against her lips. She tried to keep her lips together but I was able to press against her teeth.

Smiling down into her eyes, I jiggled my dick against her mouth. Slowly her teeth parted. She took the head of my dick and I could feel her tongue as it wiggled and probed the slit seeking precum. My dick head filled her mouth. She could only just get her lips over the edge of my glans. She was looking up at me, her eyes starting to droop closed in pleasure as she savored the heat and texture of the cock head she was working on.

She began to move her head. Slowly, back and forth, soft whimpering sounds coming from her as she slid further and further. Soon enough she was taking almost nine inches at a time. And there was still more! I watched, trying to not freak out as my dick lengthened and thickened as she worked! Longer, thicker, more massive. Even my balls were growing apace as Mrs. Brubaker took more and more rock hard cock into her throat.

Her hands had been playing with her tits as she had worked but now they came up and held my dick steady as she took more and more hard cock.

I pulled away, as my cock popped out of her mouth with a wet slurping sound, she moaned and looked up at me.

“Well? Do I have a big dick?”

“Oh, yeah, you do! I wasn’t sure at first. But this has to be almost sixteen inches long!” she exulted. “I love big, hard dicks. And this is a REALLY big cock!” Her hands were caressing the entire sixteen inch length as it quivered in front of me. “I love a hard challenge! And taking this dick to the root is going to be a challenge!”

Without another word she swanned her neck forward and took my dick head back into her mouth. Slowly, moving back and forth, she took more with each trip. Her eyes were alight with lust as she continued to force more and more of me down her throat. I could feel my dick head forcing its way thru her gullet. It was an amazing sensation! Barbra was mewling in pleasure, moaning and sobbing in time with her movements.

I put my hands on each side of her head and began to thrust forward. More and more slid down her throat. I could see the bulge my dick made in her throat as it moved up and down. She seemed to have no gag reflex at all, she was taking all that I had! My cock fur was pressed tight against her nose as she held herself tightly against me. What a cock sucker!

“I’m going to cum,” I announced.

She pulled back long enough to demand that I cum in her mouth and then she pulled the tip of my dick head between her lips.

She smirked up at me while whacking me off as fast as she could. I groaned deep in my chest as the first of many spurts of cum raced up the length of my cock and sprang out into her mouth. Again and again a pulse of dick juice jetted into her mouth.

She had to swallow finally after her mouth was over flowing with my cum. The next two ejaculations hit her closed lips and seeped down her chin to drip onto her tits, cleavage and dress.

I finally stopped cumming after giving up what seemed like half a cup of jism. Barbra scooped up the overflow from her chin and shoveled it into her mouth. Licking her lips to be sure that she had it all, she grinned up at me.

“That was great, but I hope you have more! After all, I haven’t had this big Kartal Escort boy in my pussy yet!” She was lightly stroking my still stiff cock as she spoke. Leaning forward, she bestowed a light kiss on my dick head.

She quickly stood up and ripped off her dress. She tossed it toward her husband. It draped over him like a shroud while he sputtered and fussed. Neither I nor Barbra paid him any attention.

She forced me to sit and stood proudly while I looked her up and down. What an amazing figure she had! Even with all the amazing development the students, staff and faculty had undergone in the past months this amazing woman would have gotten all the attention in a room.

She was tall, slender at the waist and hips with an amazing pair of breasts. They were deep, wide and hugely big in a sneaky way. I mean the proportions were such that on first glance you would notice that she was really built. But upon careful inspection she was REALLY huge! They didn’t sag. They stood almost straight outward. Wider than her shoulders the nipples were rampantly erect and sat peeking upward more than a foot in front of her chest. She had no underwear!

Barbra had no need of a push up bra! Her breasts seemed to be trying to leap free from her chest.

“Now, honey, lets see if you can fuck with this giant dick!” Her concern over whether my dick was big enough seemed to have passed. Now she was licking her lips in anticipation as she stood over my knees and lined up her pussy to take my dick.

Her dripping pussy lips were almost touching my dick head even though she was standing upright. This was one gigantic cock she was about to sit on! With a moan of lust she sank down. Nothing happened. With a grunt of effort she forced herself onto the tip of my dick.

She bit her lip as she forced herself down. The cock shaft didn’t bend a bit as she put more and more of her weight behind her struggles.

Slowly, ever so slowly she began to drop down. Each inch she took elicited groans and moans of pleasure and pain. Her pussy lips were stretched so far I feared that they might split. But over the next few minutes she managed to take most of my steel stiff shaft. She pulled back, dropped down again and again.

Her amazing breasts were battering my face as she struggled to fuck herself on my erection. I reached up and ran my hands over her boobs, enjoying the texture, the heft and amazing size while she tried to take more and more. I wasn’t doing any of the work and, while it felt amazing, I didn’t feel any urge to cum yet. I figured I was getting some help from The Presence. I needed help to be able to satisfy this amazing creature!

When she was with in a few inches of the bottom I began to thrust upwards. Shrieks of pleasure poured from her as she convulsed into a massive spasm of completion. She collapsed against me as she lost control of her muscles briefly. My face was buried between her hooters as she panted and moaned.

When she recovered I was on top of her and giving her foot long strokes with my vastly thick, sixteen inch long shaft. Her tits were bouncing and shaking with the pounding I was giving her.

Seeing that she was recovered, I started to speed up. Shifting my weight from side to side I varied my strokes, coming at her from different angles. I soon had Barbra taking most of my sixteen inch dick with each stroke. The results were predictable. She crashed into an earth-shaking orgasm as i pounded the back of her womb with each stroke.

Her arms and legs snapped out to clutch me to her as her abdomen clenched in convulsions of ecstasy.

Ignoring her cries of completion, I continued to slam my hips against her. Driving my huge dick into her spasming pussy time and again.

After several more orgasms, Barbra was no longer clutching herself to me. She was lying under neath me, eyes half shut while I kept on pounding and pounding. I’ve no idea where the energy came from. I was drenched in sweat, it dripped off me onto her body only to be smeared as we rocked back and forth.

“Oh, Gods, you are the best fuck,” she yelled as I manipulated her clit and caused her to orgasm yet again. I don’t think she was really aware of what she was saying or doing. She was just sobbing and crying and groaning and moaning in a delirium of ecstasy.

Pulling back my dick snapped out of her dripping wet pussy with a liquid sound. The emptiness of her pussy roused her to look up.

“Are you done?” she wondered.

“Not hardly! I think I’ll get deeper if I turn you over,” I announced as I grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her front. Her breasts crushed into the cushions and one of her arms flailed out, causing her husband to flinch out of the way. I hadn’t realized he was still there.

As I moved into position I felt an electric pulse course thru my dick. Rising up from my balls, slowly at first and then with increasing speed a tingling feeling swept from my root to my dick head. I felt my dick lurch in my grasp. As I watched in awe it grew longer. And thicker! By the time i was in place to ram my dick into her upturned, gaping, pussy I had grown another two inches in length and at least another inch in width! I was gigantic!

And, judging from the heartfelt groan, Barbra could tell.

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