The Isaacs Murder Mystery


[This story is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities whether person, place, or thing are entirely coincidental. No part of this story may be reproduced without the authors written consent. Thank you, enjoy]

[C] Copyright 2009 M Saint

“Where were you on the night of February 3rd, at approximately 9:45 pm?” A tall, thin detective echoed from across the table.

“Well, let me see,” A young, sexually alluring woman responded, “I was with a man in my hotel suite.”

“I don’t believe that,” Boomed the detective, trying desperately to find any signs of sweat from the young lady.

“I have alibis, Detective, but you already know that don’t you?” The ladies lips quivering, not from nervousness, but from recalling the night in question.

The detective swallowed. “We have witness testimony stating that you were there during the murder of two Executives who worked for the Isaacs Corporation.”

“Oh really?” Her voice sarcastic, and sensual in tone.

“Miss Adoux…”

“Please, Detective…” She waited for his response.


“Detective Binns. Call me Lexxi, or Lexx as I prefer.” She winked at him, and he stared in her eyes for what seemed like minutes.

“Okay, Lexx, we have you on security cam. Witness testimonies match exactly what was seen on tape.”

“Detective Binns…..”

“Please, call me Nigel,” He stammered.

“Indeed,” She whispered. “Would you like to know what I did on the night of February 3rd?” She asked, smiling.

“Enlighten me.”

“I threw a small party. Some well known guests, including a one Professor Abel, and Tony Rummle whom you know well as the Governor’s closest friend and adviser.”

“Yes, we had tried to speak with them both, but they’re not talking,” Binns commented.

“You should know better to ask men of such stature, dirty questions in the public eye.”


“Yes. Might I have a cigarette?” Lexx asked the Detective.

“Of course,” He replied, and gave her a cigarette, lighting it after she placed the butt to her lips.

“So, Natalie, a very dear friend of mine had called me telling me that she would be late showing. I had already set her up with a man that I have never met. Rhys Vernon. An….interesting character, he was. He entered the hotel room and immediately grabbed the attention of everyone in it. After a few hours of trying to call Natalie, we gave up. There was not even a call back to say that she couldn’t make it.”

“Natalie Hart, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Yes, we have call records stating that you indeed placed over half dozen calls to her cell phone between the hours of 7pm and 9:15pm. Also, we have a copy of the evening reservations list from the hotel, and your name is on it. Signed and dated.”

“Isn’t that proof enough, Detective?”

“Not exactly,” He paused, “You see, the murders of the two Executives happened between 9:30pm and 10pm. While there had been nobody in the lobby between those times, witnesses state that you were seen directly in front of İstanbul Escort the hotel building before taking a cab to the corner of Herman street and Willow Blvd. From there, you walked to Isaacs Square, and entered the building. You had plenty of time to commit these murders.”

Lexx took another hit from her cigarette. The smoke lifted into the air as she exhaled the cloudy smoke into the room.

“So, Rhys had offered to stay at the party. “Wait it out,” He stated. At first, I was unsure, because, I love my friend Natalie dearly. I wouldn’t dream of ever taking her man away. Since she never called, I just took that as she was not interested and I let Rhys stay.”

Lexx re-positioned herself more comfortably, and slid into position so she was slightly exposed to Detective Binns.

Detective Binns caught a glance and saw through his eyes, Lexx wore nothing underneath her skirt. Her shaved slit made his cock hard inside his pants. He moved to the side to hide his erection.

“Why, Nigel, is that for me?” Lexx smiled, and licked her top lip slowly.

“So what happened next?” Nigel hurriedly changed subject.

“So, Rhys talked to me for a few minutes, and he was persistent in his words. At times he gazed into my eyes, and I felt hypnotized; unable to breathe when he talked. His voice was perfection, and his body intense and sexual. I caught myself stuttering quite a few times, and I grew very silent when he took my hand and led me into my room. My heart skipped a few beats. His hand embraced the softness of my cheek, and he said to me, “You’re beauty can only be matched by the smile that comes with it.” Before I knew it, his lips were pressed deep to mine, and our tongues began swirling inside each other’s mouths. I melted in his arms, and before I knew what was happening, I laid next to him in my bed. His tongue moved to my neck, and he licked under my earlobes. His fingers slipped easily up my skirt, and entered my wet pussy. I moaned loud, and I wanted people to hear me. I’m not sure if anyone did. He kissed, and inched his way down to the top of my chest, and reached behind me to unclasp my bra. His tongue did wonders for my body.”

“Have you ever had such an intense orgasm after just a few strokes?” Lexx asked the Detective.

“Ahem,” Nigel coughed, “So, continue.”

Lexx giggled, and continued.

“I felt an orgasm build inside me, and I was so close to release. My soaking wet cunt was hot, and after just a few more strokes in and out, I came. The feeling was more than I could bare, and I squirted juices a few feet into the air. I quivered, and begged him for more. His tongue began licking my now exposed nipples, and I ran my small hands under his shirt to feel the tone of his muscles. Without taking his eyes away from mine, he removed his shirt and threw it aside. By this time, he moved down my stomach, kissing just below my belly button and began to slide off my skirt, kissing further down as he did so. My hands grasped just behind his head, and I pulled him into my pussy, Bayan Escort forcing his tongue to lick me good. He could taste me completely, and I moaned as he delighted in pleasuring my cunt well. sliding back up to the top of my breast, I grabbed the side of his face and brought him near for the most passionate, mouth watering kiss I have ever enjoyed. As our tongues danced, I unbuttoned his pants, and together we slid them down to the floor. Circling his thick, ten-inch cock, I stroked his shaft and each stroke I pulled him close to me. I wanted him in my mouth first, but, my pussy was dripping with anticipation. I wanted him deep inside me. All ten inches,” Lexx cooed.

Detective Binns could hardly stand it, and nearly walked out for a few moments.

“Are you leaving me, Nigel?” Lexx asked, knowing that her testimony had gotten into his mind, and made him hunger for her now wet slit.

“No. Of course not,” He whispered. “Please continue.”

Lexx began to slowly stroke her pink pussy as she continued.

“His breath at ease as he spoke softly to me. “How bad do you want me, Baby?” Rhys asked, staring into my eyes. I could feel the heat from his naked body radiating. I never answered; his ten inch long cock entered my waiting hole, and I screamed aloud in pleasure, calling his name. It hurt just a little, but I was far from focus on that. My thoughts were completely on how well he thrust his cock in my tight wet pussy.”

Lexx stroked her pussy up and down as she continued.

“I was breathless, having never been fucked so good. His eyes stared into mine. His heart beat fast as mine did. Each thrust he gave me, I equaled in response. The inside of my slippery hole pulled onto his dick as he pushed inward, and pulled outward. I screamed, “Fuck me harder, Rhys!” his hips slapped the inside of my thighs. He leaned in and kissed me. I could taste my juices still caked on his lips and tongue. His right hand slipped under the back of my head, raising it up to allow me a sweeter kiss. I came with the most intense orgasm yet, and soon after he released deep inside me. The pressure hit the walls inside hard, and it drove me wild. The only thing that exited his lips were, “Oh my God.” I flipped myself over and slid down his stomach, taking his cock into my mouth and sucking him off hard. I could taste his salty sweet cum as it tickled my taste buds. His hand pulled my hair, bringing me closer to his shaft, and allowing me to feel the tip touch my tonsils.”

“Of course, we had to rest a few,” Lexx paused and noted.

Detective Binns became silent, sweating slightly, and doing his best to remain professional.

“Do you need a hand with something, Detective?” Lexx gave a mock stern look, then smiled, licking her lip again.

Nigel’s erection was beyond obvious. He slid into a chair, and calmly responded, “Continue.”

“It felt like love. His hand held mine and we lay there feeling the power of sex we both had just shared. Rest did not last long, and he turned over, licking down my stomach Eskort before plunging deep into my pussy with his tongue. He licked, and ate my pussy like you could not believe. I moaned, and struggled to gain composure. The feel was overwhelming. I was wet still when he started, and before long, more juices added to the flavor. He bit, and sucked on my clit. His tongue ring nestled in my cunt, and it felt so fucking good. I begged for more of his thick cock inside my wet pussy. His hunger grew, and he obliged. In no time, he was pounding against me. My ass jiggled rough as he beat against me fucking my sopping wet slippery pussy harder and faster. I could almost feel him inside my stomach, and enjoyed every thrust he gave to my fuck hole. I begged, and pleaded for him to cum for me. “Cum in my pussy, Baby!” I screamed to him. With a sharp thrust, stabbing me deep he screamed loud and came deep inside my pussy. I squirmed and pulled his ass close to me so he could fill me up with his sticky fluids. Dressing slow, taking little time to admire the sexuality of our naked bodies, he whispered to me, “Until next time.” I thought to myself that there definitely will be a next time.”

“Are you okay, Detective?”

“Fine,” He managed.

Lexx slowly rose from her seat, and walked around the table towards Detective Binns. He eased his way up; erection in full view.

“You want to fuck me, Detective?” Lexx whispered, knowing that he wanted her very bad. Before he could say a word, Lexx moved close, rubbing her right hand over the bulge in his pants. Her lips only an inch from his. “You want my pussy, Detective?” Lexx whispered again.

“I, uh,” Nigel stuttered.

The door opened and Lexx backed away giggling.

“Detective,” a short man called to Nigel, “I have to speak with you,” He finished.

Nigel and the other Detective exited the room, and talked to each other in the hallway.

“We got nothing on her, Nigel. Every bit of information checks out. We have credit card records and her signature on room service receipts, as well as over a dozen people stating that she was indeed at the hotel all night.”

“No, that can’t be,” Nigel responded.

“Nigel, we even have a video that shows Miss Adoux and company having sex on the night and time in question.”

“How did that happen?”

“Unknown for sure,” The other Detective answered. “Looks like someone at the party recorded the whole session. It was sent with no name, address, or any other personal information.”

“Fuck!” Nigel screamed, swinging a heavy fist into the wall.

“Miss Adoux’s lover is here to pick her up. I’m sorry Nigel.”

The two men opened the door, and called to Lexx. “Alexis Adoux, you are free to go home.”

Lexx rose from her seat, and exited the room, stopping to whisper softly into Nigel’s ear just loud enough for him to hear. “Until next time, lover.” Her head turned to the exiting direction and she jumped into the arms of Rhys as he greeted her. The couple turned, and left the building.

“Nigel, upon looking into Miss Adoux’s files, I noticed that she has a twin sister. It’s possible that she could be our killer. Would you like to pursue her as a suspect?

“Yes, but I think I need a few minutes, uh, to think,” Nigel answered.


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