The Island: A Sibling Rivalry Tale


Lauren was in her string bikini, the one dad fucking hated.

It was even better than I could have hoped. In her never-ending quest to reduce her tan lines to as near to nothing as was possible, without violating state law, she had even left the straps that went around her neck untied.

Lately, her plump tits always seemed on the verge of spilling out of her top, but now they were defying the laws of physics.

Even her bottom half was indecent, the back of her swimsuit left about an inch of ass crack bare. Again, she argued that it gave her the best tan lines, but I knew it was because she liked having the eyes of every guy at the lake on her.

It was distracting that every time she turned her upper body to dig in her paddle I caught a generous flash of sideboob. I knew it was wrong to notice these things about my sister, especially given that they were starting to turn me on, but she was impossible not to appreciate. It was even more challenging after half a summer at the lake, now that her skin had turned a to a burnished bronze and her curved lines had toned up slightly from all the hiking, paddling and swimming our parents encouraged us to do.

It was made worse by the fact that I currently hated the conceited little brat she had turned into. I hated any power she held over me and her tits were, quite frankly, an unfair advantage in our ongoing feud.

The island was close enough that you could swim to it from the shore, but it was around a bend and a good long stretch of paddling away from the lakeshore. Few people ventured this far away from the cabins, but we had been going there for years. First, as kids, pretending we were pirates, and the later to get away from our parents and whatever activities they had planned for us.

My sister and I fought a lot, often to the point where it got physical. She was a lot smaller than me, but that girl could throw a punch. When we were little I would even wrestle her just to torment her and to reminder who was stronger. I always won, I weighed nearly twice what she did, but more than once I was surprised by the compact power she had stored in that little frame.

“Are you sure they have booze?” She half turned as she spoke, showing me her profile.

“They said they had a bunch of it and wanted to party.”

“Did you have to suggest the island?” I hadn’t, but she did not need to know that. Not yet anyway.

“Can you think of another place we can drink and not risk getting caught by our parents?”

She mulled over this while we paddled in tandem against the slight wind chop on the lake surface.

“Yeah, okay. I just kind of always thought of it as our secret place, you know.”

“Loli, I’m pretty sure other people know about the island. The lake is big, but not that big. Remember, we used to find old campfires there all the time?”

“I guess,” I was surprised by her nostalgia. Lately, we had not been getting on at all. Honestly, she had turned into a real bitch since this holiday began and she had noticed that every guy within a hundred miles could not stop staring at her tits. From being my dorky little sister she suddenly seemed desperate to fit in. It was getting painful and she needed a lesson in humility.

She had been all sweetness and rainbows with me today though, when I had invited her for a secret drinking session with my buddies. She was always desperate to hang out with them, probably because she had a thing for Ryan. She always mooned over him when he hung out with me. It was so embarrassing, I can’t tell you how much it annoyed me.

A short while later we gave a last spurt of effort and paddled the nose of the kayak up onto a beach of scrubby plants and shaly sand. I hauled it a little further up the beach, leaving the tail of it still floating in the water.

“Where are they?” She stretched out a crick in her lower back and I had to turn my head so I did not have to stare at her flat tummy and the way her breasts perked up towards the sky as she arched her back.

The piercing in her navel glinted tantalizingly in the sunlight, like a lure to a fish.

I had to remember my mission.

“I told them to meet us at the mermaid lagoon,” I flushed a little when I saw her grin, adding, “I didn’t tell them it was called that.”

Many of the landmarks of the island had retained the names we had given them in our childhood, despite their now, apparently, laughable naivete.

She walked up the steep shore, with me following close behind her. Apart from the barely existent bikini, she wore only a pair of pink aqua shoes. As she climbed I was unable to stop myself admiring the sway of her hips and the jiggle of her buoyant backside. She had blossomed remarkably this year and it annoyed me considerably that all my friends had begun noticed too. Worst of all, I had begun to find myself agreeing with dad about her choice of slutty outfits.

Away from the water the sun seemed to bake down on us with increased ferocity. Insects whined loudly around us, occasionally forcing escort resimleri one of us to slap at a stinging bit of exposed flesh. I began to regret leaving my shirt back at the cabin. I could see the sweat beading on Lauren’s lower back, making her flawless skin glisten in the bright summer light.

She turned back at one point and caught me staring full on at her ass, but her only response was a knowing smirk. It only increased my resolve for what was to come.

Annoyed, I pointedly ignored her as was walked inland. Mermaid lagoon was only a few hundred yards from our landing site, over the shoreline’s escarpment and along a short, overgrown track and then down to a wide basin. It was not so much a lagoon as it was a large puddle.

Lauren stopped on the small rise from which the stagnant water was visible. Without turning she said, “I guess they aren’t here yet, huh?”

“Nope,” I replied as I drew up behind her.

The time had come to claim my revenge.

I took a moment to plan my next movements carefully while she took in the vista around us. I checked all the securing points and ran over my actions in my head.

I knew from experience that she was quick, so my timing had to be good.

Bracing myself, planting one foot a shoulder’s width behind the other, I flicked out my hands. With each one I took hold of the ties on either side of her bikini bottoms and pulled sharply outwards.

The tiny garment seemed to melt off her body.

“Hey!” She squealed as her starkly white ass was revealed, the bottom half of her suit now clutched tightly in my hand. Her shock had been something I had been counting on. While she hesitated between trying to take back the suit and covering her sudden exposure, I grabbed at the string of her top and yanked that too. It came away with surprising ease.

“Chaz, what the fuck?!” Lauren spluttered as she half turned, incredulity inscribed on her face.

I caught a glimpse of her fattened tits, perfect in their orbicular regularity. Her pink nipples seemed dark against the untanned skin the surrounded them. I had little time to enjoy the sight, firstly because she was already moving to cover them up, and secondly because I was also turning, and launching into a run.

“Revenge, bitch!” I yelled back over my shoulder as I sprinted off back the way we had come.

To my surprise, I hadn’t gone far before I heard her thrashing through the low brush behind me. Seeing her running naked would have been worth seeing, but I had to keep moving. She was faster than I remembered.

I leaped down the sandy hill that led to the little cove where our kayak rested in a few huge bounds. I threw Lauren’s swimsuit into the front of the kayak and shoved it out. The oars were still stowed inside the boat, so all I had to do was climb aboard and I my getaway would be complete.

That was when I was hit by tackle any cornerback would have been proud of. A hundred pounds of naked woman-flesh knocked me off the kayak, just as I was putting my full weight on it.

Lauren and I went down in a spray of water.

I was still trying to rise to my feet, spitting out a mouthful of lake water, when she came at me again.

“Asshole!” She screamed, “What the fuck are you doing?”

The water was only up to our waists, so I caught a full view of her swaying bared breasts as she threw a fist at me. I might have blocked it if I were not so distracted. As it was the blow clipped me painfully on the ear.

Knowing how hard she could hit, I did what I always did when we had fought as kids, I moved in close.

A little discomforted by her bare skin, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a hug before lifting her off her feet. She kicked and squirmed against me.

She was slippery with sweat and sunscreen. Her bare tits were flattened against me. I could feel her nipples, hardened by the cold of the water, poking my chest.

I tried to ignore it, but my body was starting to respond. She was strong and had already managed to wriggle her way half free, when I hip-checked her and sent her under the water again. I thought it would give me enough time to get the boat, but once again she surprised me.

I had barely turned when she came out of the water like an alligator, leaped onto my back and got a stranglehold on my neck. I could not shake her off, restricted as I was by the water.

“Why did you do that you that, perv? Did you want to see me naked?” She shouted in my ear through her pants of exertion.

“It’s payback you little bitch. For what you did at the campfire.”

“The campfire?” She clearly intended to sound outraged by whatever reason I gave, but I heard the realization dawning in her voice.

“Melanie was there, you fucked up everything!”

“Melanie Rogers?” Even in the heat of the struggle she sounded surprised.

“Yes, Melanie Rogers. And now her and all her friends and pretty much everyone at the lake has seen my dick because gaziantep escort resimleri you thought it would make you cool if you pantsed your big brother.”

“So you planned to leave me naked out here, marooned on an island? That’s some fucking escalation, Charles” She did not sound pleased. At this reminder, and the feeling of her naked body coiled around mine, I felt my hardness increase. I willed it down, I could not be getting a hard-on for my little sister.

“You can swim to shore. We did it a million times as kids. But you’ll have to do that, and the long walk of shame home through the entire camp, buck-naked.”

“Maybe I would have, but you forgot that I ran track in high school. Now give me back my clothes, asshole.”

“Too late,” I laughed, pointing to where our kayak now spun lazily out from the island, picking up speed as a breeze ruffling the water caught it, “Your suit is in the boat.”

I expected her to deflate at this realization, but she surprised me again. I felt her hold around me tighten and heard the vehemence in her voice as she growled, “Well then, if I am going to be humiliated, so are you.”

“What? But you already…” My protest was cut off as she clambered, monkey-like up my back. She dug her toes into the crack of my ass and began to put her full weight down on my boardshorts.

“Hey,” I yelled, “Quit it!”

“Fuck you, you little perv,” She spat back through gritted teeth. She had a tight grip on me now and I could not throw her off.

She jumped up and brought her full weight on my shorts. The velcro securing them, as well as a length of the seam, gave suddenly and they slipped down my hips. My erect cock spilled out and I dropped low in the water to hide it from her. She could not see that this fucked up sibling wrestling match was turning me on.

In the process she lost her balance and I was able to swing her around in front of me.

I shoved her roughly away and scrambled to pull up my boardies. I could feel, however, that she had ripped them badly. I had little time to dwell in this though, because Lauren came back at me almost immediately. The girl would just not give up.

She came in swinging, and shouting, “You are such an asshole!”

“Me?!” I yelled back, as I fended off her attacks, “You are the one who has been acting like a total bitch all holiday. All you’ve been trying to do is impress my friends by making a fool out of me.”

“Well, now you know how I feel. What do you think you did to me for the last ten years of my life? Huh?”

“Fuck you!” I shouted back, but something about that last comment threw me off balance. Was she right? I had a flash of our previous summers here. All the times she had tried to tag along with me and my buddies, how I had ridiculed her, found ways to leave her behind and had teased and taunted her mercilessly for the amusement of my friends.

I didn’t want to think about it. Most of all, I did not want her to see my inflamed dick. What if she told our parents? I had to get out of there.

Taking the fight to her, I stepped forward and shoulder charged her. As I lifted her out of the water she rained blows down on my spine. I gripped her around her chest, accidentally grazing the pliant flesh of her breasts, and then flung her away into the water.

Then I spun and began to retreat rapidly towards the shore, trying, unsuccessfully, to pull up my shorts as I waded. The worst of it was that they were now acting like a sea-anchor, slowing me down even more as they bulged with water.

I had just grabbed at an exposed root sticking out of the sand that I could use to pull myself out the water when she was on my back again, clawing scratches into my skin with her fingernails.

I was starting to think she might be some kind of cyborg sent back from the future. The kid had tenacity.

“Dick muncher! Cock Gobbler! Ass bandit!” She yelled, punctuating each insult with a blow to my back. Each strike she landed stung something fierce, so I instinctively twisted to catch her little flailing fists.

Bad idea.

As I turned I lost my balance in the muddy lake bed and fell on my back, with her still atop me. The water was shallow enough that most of our bodies were out of the water. Her strong legs were gripping me at the hips and she had a hand raised in preparation to land a slap.

A slap that never came.

We both froze. In the same moment we had become very aware that we were both completely naked.

Neither of us dared to move.

Then, slowly, as if by agreement, we lowered our respective gazes in unison.

My little sister was astride my hips and, to my horror I could both see, and now feel, her bare pussy on my rock hard shaft. It was positioned as if it were planting a very tender kiss on the underside of my cock.

I could not help but take a moment to take in her beauty. Her breasts had budded into their full ripeness, emphasized by her sharply defined tan gaziantep escort bayan resimleri lines. Her little belly was flat, with just the barest hint of the puppy fat that had melted away over the previous year, and it ended in a small, but untrimmed patch of pubic hair, sharply contrasted with the milky skin around it.

Her pussy lips were puffy and seemed to be trying to clamp around the cylinder of my shaft.

There was an ache in my chest when I truly realized for the first time, in that moment, how beautiful she was. It was made worse in knowing she was the one woman I could absolutely never have.

Lauren had turned into a statue, apparently, because she had not moved for the long moment I had hungrily ran my eyes over her. Her mouth hung agape as her eyes remained fixed on my dick.

Finally, after what seemed like an age, she spoke in a small voice, “You’re hard?”

“Loli…” I began, having no idea how I could explain it.

“You’re fucking hard for me?” She said it louder, with a little laugh of surprise before adding, “You are!” She beamed, “You have a hard-on for your little sister, you fucking perv!”

“It’s nothing,” I argued, my face burning red, “It’s just a physical reaction, okay. You can get off now. It’s nothing…”

My words were cut off as she suddenly dropped forward onto my chest. I let out a surprised “Oof,” as her body thudded into mine. Only this time, instead of an attack, she pressed herself against me and kissed me full on the lips.

For obvious reasons, this stunned me more than any hit she had landed. I was too stunned to fight the intrusion of her tongue into my mouth.

Realizing a moment later what was happening I pushed at her shoulders, trying to raise her off me, but she resisted.

“Eww, Loli. You’re my fucking sister. Stop it, okay.”

She was grinning stupidly at me now and replied, “You can say what you want, but your body is telling a different story.” For emphasis she lifted her butt and slipped a hand between our bodies. Her cool hand was suddenly wrapped around my shaft.

She lifted it, rubbing it against her sunscreen oiled stomach in the process.

“You like me, Charlie-boy,” She whispered.

Slowly her hand slid up my length and then pinched the tip of my cock just the rough side of gentle.

I nearly exploded in her palm.

Both our mouths were open, we were breathing the same air. We were so close that when she moved our teeth clicked together. We each just had to lift our tongues a fraction and we would be kissing again.

I dared not move an inch.

There was a wickedness I had never seen before dancing in her lapis lazuli eyes.

It was so incredibly wrong but, this time, when she slipped her tongue into my mouth I kissed her back.

It was a long, sensuous kiss. The skin prickling heat of the sun contrasted delectably with the cool, silky water, making it easier to let her fall into me.

She moved her hand so that our bodies could adhere together once more. Her hands sank into my hair and held me tight, tilting my head so that she could kiss me even more deeply.

I, for my part, slowly let my hands descend from where I had been holding them out in a defensive gesture. Tentatively I let them rest on her skin. It was hot to the touch and perfectly smooth.

When she broke the kiss next she breathed out, “God, I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time, Chaz.”

“I… I…” I stammered.

“What the actual fuck?!” Was what I wanted to shout, “My little sister had been fantasizing about me? But then why was she such a total bitch to me all the time?”

I could not deny that I had noticed my sister. She had, in a very short time, turned from a gawky teenager into a ripening woman of surpassing loveliness. But she was my sister! The rules are that you have to pretend like you do not notice her cleavage, or her pokey nipples, or what the lycra of yoga tights does to her ass.

You are supposed to banish the thoughts of that time she left the bathroom door ajar and you glimpsed her peeing with her panties around her ankles.

Especially when you are jerking off in the shower.

You are supposed to, but that is not realistically possible.

I could feel her tits sandwiched between us.

I could feel the soft fuzz of her pubic hair tickling my stomach.

Shit, I could feel the heat of her little pussy against my cock.

My sister and I were naked and we were making out like lovers.

I tried to move, turning my head so that those damn pouty lips of hers would not draw me in again, “This is wrong, Loli, we shouldn’t.”

“Who says?”

“I don’t know. People. The law. God.”

She turned her head from side to side, forcing my breath in the sweet coconut scent of her hair.

“I don’t see any of them here, Chaz. This is our island, remember?”

“Loli, seriously. This is fucked u…” Again my voice trailed off as she gave a small rock of her hips, using her pussy to stroke my shaft.

“You like that, Chaz?” She asked.

My only answer was a groan.

As she used the greased smoothness of our bodies to slide over me in a languid, sun-warmed glide she said, “I can’t tell you how often I dreamed about this, Charlie. Dirty, wicked dreams.”

“Seriously?” I finally managed to gasp out, “I thought you hated me? You certainly acted that way.”

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