The Joanne Saga – Joanne


I will give a little backstory on this new saga I am starting. I am Chris Klein and I have been dating my girlfriend Joanne Jacobs for almost two years. We’re both 19 and in college and have been dating since we were both 17 (where we live in New York City.) We are going strong and have a high volume sexual relationship.

Joanne is 5’4″ and weighs about 100-110 pounds. She’s got glasses, brunette hair (that she usually wears in a ponytail or down fully), a cute, infectious smile, and a beautiful face and body. Joanne works out nearly every day and stays in shape. She has 36B boobs, a flat stomach, and tight, small ass.

I, myself, am a gym fanatic and am 6’3″. I have an eight inch cock and an enormous set of balls. I drive my mini van wherever I need to go. I am currently interning at a law firm, and work as a waiter at a restaurant also.

This saga will be about fucking my girlfriend, and many, many other women. If any readers have any ideas, feel free to go to my profile and email me about story topics. I bet you I’ve done most of the dirty things you’re thinking about.



I came out of work frustrated at ever. The internship at the law office was beginning to become too frustrating for me. I go there from nine to five and work my tail off. My problem is, I don’t think I’ve been compensated nearly well enough for the amount of work and hours I’ve put into it this summer. Joanne tells me constantly it’ll all be worth it, but now I am frustrated and stressed more than I ever have been.

I got to my car and pulled out my phone for the first time since my lunch break. I texted Joanne that I am frustrated and may need to relieve some stress when I get to her house. She quickly replied, “Alaina and Jillian are over so probably not tonight honey”.

I flew to her house, turning a 20 minute drive into an eight minute one. I couldn’t get the thought of Joanne’s sexy, slim body out of my mind while I was driving. My cock couldn’t help but to harden as I drove. I arrived and jumped out of my mini van and rang her doorbell. Her beautiful and sweet mother, Deborah, answered.

She says joyfully, “Hello Chris!!”

I responded, “Hi Mrs. Jacobs, where’s Joanne?”, while trying to conceal the tent I pitched in my pants.

She replied, “Her and the neighbors are here. They’re all in the basement just hanging around. Feel free to take any food you want!”

I took an apple, smiled at Joanne’s mother, and quickly devoured it before going downstairs into the Jacobs’ basement. My boner wasn’t nearly as hard, but it was still noticeable in my dress pants.

I walked in to their theater room in their basement to see all three of them sitting on the couch watching a comedian. They all brightened up when they saw me.

Jillian exclaimed, “Hi Chris!!” She got up and gave me a big hug. She is not nearly as tall as me, so my half hard cock pressed into Jill’s stomach. Jillian Frye has been one of Joanne’s neighbors for years and is 18 years old. She has blackish hair and is about 5’5″. Her breasts are very large, unfortunately much, much bigger than Joanne’s, and were visibly popping out of the shirt she was wearing. The rest of Jillian’s body was not that bad, but her breasts really capped off her beautiful body.

Alaina followed Jillian’s lead and came to give me a hug as I arrived. Alaina Betturkey is quite short at only, maybe, five feet tall. Our hug pressed my cock somewhat on her stomach and it ultimately reached her boobs with her being so small. Her breasts are also quite big; they are not as big as Jillian’s, but they are bigger than Joanne’s. She is short and her body is small, even further emphasizing her huge rack and plump ass.

My last hug upon arrival was from my beautiful girlfriend Joanne. I caught her as she jumped into my arms. My cock pressed right against her pussy when she jumped and she could tell what was on my mind. Joanne gave me a sloppy tongue filled kiss and whispered in my ear, “Alright, Alright. I’ll figure something out.” I couldn’t help but smile knowing I was about to pound Joanne.

She quickly ran out of the room, leaving me alone with her two busty friends. Us three talked deeply about school and what the future holds for us.

My cock did not waver, as I stayed nearly fully erect while talking to Jillian and Alaina. As we talked I couldn’t help but glance down at their sizeable tits. Their big breasts and the conversation kept me entertained until Joanne returned.

She came skipping down into the theater room and said, “Hey Chris my mom needs you and I for something, it could take a couple minutes. Maybe more.”

“Sure Joanne! I’ll be right back guys.” I said as they all smiled and nodded.

We both went upstairs and saw her mother eating soup on the couch.

“Mom, Chris and I are gonna go to my room see what I should wear tomorrow for dinner. We’ll be back down in a little while.” Joanne said. I realized how sneakily Joanne was getting us to her room and almost laughed at how cute she was.

Her mom said, “Okay! Take your time up there! Your dad will be home soon too!”

“Perfect, thanks mom!” Joanne responded.

After that conversation, we scurried up to her room. I couldn’t help to watch her tight ass move while she went up the stairs. We made it to her room and quietly shut her door.

As soon as the door shut I blurted out, “Joanne I’m so fucking horny right now.” I grabbed her by her tight ass and kissed her hard. She wasted no time and grabbed my big bulge.

I continued to squeeze her asscheeks as she used her tiny hands to massage my big dick over my pants. To make everything easier I picked up Joanne and we moved our horniness to her bed.

We continued to make out heavily, and Joanne moved on top of me. She sat right atop my bulge and began to ride her pussy, covered by her clothes, on me as we furiously made out.

We were both horny and continued to dry hump each other. After a couple minutes Joanne began to moan; I continued to rub her on me and let her use me as her orgasm tool. Soon after that, she stopped kissing me and clutched me hard. She muttered shakily into my ear, “I just came in my pants.”

I laughed and responded, “Get ready to cum again you sexy little girl.”

Joanne complied and took her shirt off for me. I immediately groped her boobs and popped her bra off. Her nipples were long and thick, and at the moment were harder than I’ve ever seen them. I couldn’t help but suck on them both, hardening them further. Joanne let out a series of noises, and was moaning and talking dirty to me practically every time I touched Betturkey Giriş her body. I couldn’t imagine what she was going to do when I get my full dick up in her. She ran her hand through my hair as I sucked on her nipples, which made them even longer and harder than before. “Suck them baby,” she kept saying as I switched from titty to titty. Despite not having the biggest rack, Joanne was getting incredible pleasure from my nipple play, and I continued until I couldn’t suck any longer.

Our foreplay was going so well, and both of us could cum any second. Joanne pulled me off her nipples and helped me remove my shirt. I got my shirt fully off and removed her tight yoga pants.

Joanne, now just in her skimpy black thong, bent over (in doggystyle) on the bed for me. I used both of my hands to spread her ass, and then went tongue first into her pussy. She squirmed and squealed as I tongue fucked her, and eventually came in my mouth. I hadn’t even started to fuck her yet, and she had already came more than once. Joanne seemed to be getting more and more vocal with her orgasms as we got closer to fucking.

Without telling her, I moved my tongue up and started to rim her tight asshole for a little bit. I had never done this before to her ass, so her eyes lit up when she felt me in her ass. She moved her hand back onto my head and forced me even further between her cheeks. I ate her ass until she barely muttered, “Take your cock out.”

I pulled my tongue from her asshole and removed my pants, leaving me totally naked now. Joanne fully removed her thong, leaving her naked as well.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and helped Joanne get to her knees. She took my rock hard cock in her hands, and licked my shaft from the tip to the base. I almost came right there as I saw how slutty she was handling my dick. She finished her pre-blowjob ritual and stuck me into her mouth. Joanne bobbed up and down on my cock, and I couldn’t help but to lean back on the bed and close my eyes. She continued to bob and suck, and added to my pleasure by cupping my enormous balls.

Joanne kept blowing me at a steady pace for a couple minutes, but without warning began to suck even faster. I leaned back up and watched as my beautiful girlfriend throated my dick. I put my hand on the back of her head and helped her go even faster up and down. I had total control of Joanne and I was thoroughly enjoying it. I let her throat me for a couple more minutes, but I had to remove my cock from her mouth.

I said to her, “I couldn’t take anymore of your incredible blowjob.”

Joanne said nothing, but pushed me fully back on the bed. She straddled me, positioned my cock straight up, and slowly inserted me into her pussy. Joanne was on birth control, so she didn’t waste time with a condom.

Her mouth formed an O as my entire cock entered her. She took a second to grasp what was happening and then began to ride me. She moved her hand up to her tit and squeezed it while riding me at the same time.

It didn’t take long for her to go full speed while riding me. Her glasses practically fell off her face she was rocking so fast and aggressively on my dick. She began to shake, and let out a loud moan. She collapsed onto me and said, “Fuck I just came.”

I smiled, and she said, “What can I do for you to cum.”

I lifted Betturkey Güncel Giriş her up off my rock hard dick, and got up. I positioned her with her ass straight up, and easily went balls deep into her. Doggystyle was my favorite position and I could dominate Joanne to the fullest extent. I began quickly pushing my cock in and out her. Her face went into her pillow as she started to nearly scream in pleasure, which further made me want to drill her harder.

While still pounding her roughly, I used my hands to spread her buttcheeks apart to expose her tight asshole that just prior to my pounding I was rimming. I continued to pound her, and eventually stuck my thumb into her butthole. Joanne’s head shot up and she glanced back at me as my thumb penetrated her tight ass. She couldn’t look at me for long, and shoved her head back into the pillow and began yelping in pleasure from the double penetration she was receiving.

I continued to pound her and work my magic, but I heard something. I heard the door creak open, but I couldn’t see, as my ass was facing the door. I gave Joanne a good pump and took a second to look back at the door, and, unfortunately, saw nothing but the door open a tiny bit.

I turned back to Joanne and said, “I’m about to cum baby.”

She barely lifted her head from the pillow and said, “Keep giving me that dick daddy.” Even she could realize that was such a slutty thing to say.

I two hand smacked her asscheeks, grabbed her brunette ponytail, and began furiously fucking her. Both of us were letting out simultaneous moans as I pounded her into oblivion.

My huge balls began to tingle signaling I was about to cum. I pumped until I could feel myself about to explode. “Joanne get on your knees,” I said as I pulled out from her pussy. She got to her knees, and I aimed my dick right at her face. I came hard, and shot a nice load onto her face, but mostly on her glasses. I jerked every last drop onto her face and watched my load drip onto her chest.

“Chris I’m going to get cleaned up,” Joanne said.

“Okay no problem honey,” I responded. She got up, still nude, and sneakily went into her bathroom. I quickly put all my clothes back on and ventured into the hall.

I was just going to wait for Joanne to come out of the bathroom, but heard some noise coming from down the hall. A woman was yelling loudly, and it sounded like Joanne’s mother.

I walked down the hall and opened the master bedrooms door just a crack. I peered in slightly and saw Eric’s, her father, ass rapidly going in and out of Joanne’s mother who was screaming, “Right there Eric; ugh don’t stop fucking me!”

I felt a pinch on my butt from Joanne who whispered to me, “what are you doing over here?!” I responded quickly, “Just heard some noise coming from your room and opened the door a little. Turns out your mom and dad are banging pretty hard.”

Joanne giggled and said, “Chris this is a nightly thing I’m used to it. They fuck like high schoolers.”

Joanne pulled me by my shirt and led me back down towards the basement where her friends/neighbors were still waiting for her.

I came back down and saw Jillian and Alaina sitting next to one another and watching a movie. Both of them turned and asked where we have been the last hour or so.

Joanne smiled an responded, “Oh just relieving some stress Chris had.”

Jillian licked her lips while glancing at me and said, “So you fucked the stress out of him?”

I grabbed Joanne, smiled, and said, “I had a big load and she took it right out of me.”

We all laughed and finished watching the movie together.

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