The Kinch – Chapter 1


Chapter 1

The kinch walked into the giant mansion of her new master. It was a giant stone house almost like a castle. The inside was adorned with fine art and tapestries, the rugs were the finest asian rugs with elegant thread. In the background she heard classical music playing and the faint sound of ice falling into glass. To her left she saw a giant library, two stories all covered in books. As she continued forward she entered a room with stone walls and wooden braces finely placed. Lamps on the wall lightly lit the room and to her right, her new master.

The Kinch, as she called herself, was covered from neck to toe in tatoos, many of which were floral, but some more grotesque. She was a large but very shapely and attractive woman. Her legs were beautiful, thick amazon thighs all the way up to her large and smooth round ass. Her waist and torso were thin but very strong. Her defining feature were her tits. They were absolutely huge yet totally natural, clearly the largest natural tits her master had ever seen. They were 44 GGG, and they didnt sag or hang, they supported them selves very nicely. She had nipples the size of pepperoni with no piercings.

“hello my dear”, her master said.

“hi” smiled and replied the Kinch.

He slid a drink to her and asked her to take a seat which she gladly did. It was an expensive scotch, and she drank it quickly.

“well my dear, thirsty are we, do you understand why you are here?” inquired her master.

She knew exactly what she was doing there, to be his unquestioning slave. She had spent her years exploring the depths of her sexuallity. She had many partners, eventually moving onto gangbangs and anal gangbangs. She enjoyed the company of swingers clubs, and eventually enjoyed sex from nastier and uglier dirty people. She commonly would ride the subway at 4am in the morning in hopes of being raped, and commonly walked through bad parts of town with the same hope. All of which would eventually give her what she wanted. Her greatest experience was under the homeless bridge where she walked naked winking at all the dirt vagrents. They had their way with her until morning, nothing was forbidden as she was gang fucked. They DP’ed her, and pee’ed on her, she was fisted and thrown around like a ragdoll by a small village of dirty men, it was here that she learned her true desire when some of them started hitting and whipping her, she desired pain.

“to be your slave” she gladly replied.

“very good, this wont be and instant process, I have to work you up to what you desire” He explained.

“we will start with small tasks, the kind xnxx of things you did in your past, in the room behind me is a large group of people, and when you go in there you will do whatever they want, they will fuck you brutally.” he told her

She was dressed in a low cut leather vest with nothing underneath, and very short cut short that didnt fully cover her ass. She smiled at the idea of a group of totally random men having their way with her, already she was getting moist and horny

“when you are ready simply pass through the red door and your first trial will begin” he told her as he sat and stared at her.

She pondered her situation as she poured herself another drink. She had done some vile disgusting things that no one else would ever consider. She knew what had to be done, she knew this was just the beginning of something that could very well destroy her and her body. Her knew master was known for holding nothing back, and some of his previous slaves were grotesquely disfugured as a result of his acts, but she wanted it.

The Kinch rose from her seat and walked through the red door, and began the rest of her life.

The room she entered into was a large lounge with many sofa’s. It was painted red with a brown hardwood floor, and in the center was a small cot in which she figured was for her to lay on. In the room was well over 30 men of all breeds. They had already gathered into groups, and the first one she noticed was made up of about 10 very large naked black men, clearly the largest cocks in the room, it was one stereotype that was correct. The smallest of the black men had the most gigantic cock she had ever see, and that was while flacid. Next to them was a smaller group of what looked like a biker gang, and the rest seemed like more average men.

She walked slowly into the center of the room. The whole place went silent, and one of the bikers walked up to her. He slid his hand onto her waist as she turned and smiled at him. He slowly slid his hand down her shorts and began rubbing her already moist pussy as other strolled up to her. It was only moments before she had the entire group of men groping her sensual body.

“damn this bitches tits are fucking gargantuan!” one of the black men said as he slid his hands down her vest and began to massage her tits.

He ripped off her vest while the bikers ripped down her shorts. She was standing stark naked being molesting by a group of total strangers. She was so turned on.

The group of timid men stood behind everyone waiting their turned, she thought they might be waiting for a while. They merely watched as everyone else bakire porno was grabbing and probing her every orifice. Some of them began to whack off at the sight of a woman so willing to let anyone do anything to her that they wanted.

She immediately lowered her head and started to suck the first dick infront of her as everyone was exploring her body. She started slow as fingers starting probing her pussy, licking and sucking that cock like a pro. As soon as she got into a rhythm another man grabbed her head and moved her mouth to his grizzled cock. Must be a biker she thought, it tasted kind of funny, kind of dirty, the Kinch likes that!

One of the black men grabbed her sexy thigh and lifted it into the air and inserted his massive cock into her pussy. Its size caught her by surprise, she had been with many men but this group had the hugest cocks she had ever seen. The one stand out man she named titan. His dick must have been a foot long, and as thick as her wrist.

“oh shit, yeah fuck me like that, stretch my leg up higher!” the Kinch yelled! “fuck me rough!”

The man lifter her leg higher until it felt like it couldnt go any further, then lifted it higher making her lose her balance. She was caught by the swath of men around her and her leg kept stretching until she was moaning from the pain coming from her leg as its muscles were contorted to positions they have never been in before. She remembered what her new unnamed master had told her, she had to let them do whatever they wanted to her, and she was going to let them.

Hands were still all over every inch of her body, she loved being groped. Her pussy was soaking wet as it was pounded by massive cock. A finger slipped into her asshole and she took her mouth of the current cock she was sucking.

“go head fuck my asshole!” she smiled “stuff all my holes!” The tattooed vixen had all the men riled up, and as soon as one finger was in her ass, so was another two from another man.

“oh yeah, stretch my asshole! I know there is more room there!” she yelled!

Her asshole was almost at its max with three fingers but she knew her master was watching and she wanted to prove she was the nastiest slut around for him. Another three rough fingers entered her ass and pulled it open even further, just as she thought she couldnt fit anymore a few more fingers roughly found their way in as her hole was stretched taught.

“fuck my ass now!” she demanded! “i wanna have my ass fucked hard!”

The fingers slowly pulled out her ass as she was placed ontop of one of the black men, the titans thick long cock shoved bedava porno roughly up her stretched pussy. Another stood over and behind her, and shoved his giant cock in her ass!

“oh holy fuck I love double fucking!” she yelled.

Both men were ravaging her furiously, there was no nice slow fucking going on, only full hard fast fucking. She bent her head down and closed her eyes, she was in beautiful pleasure town as the men took turns double penetrating her. Her dream man, the titan had been around a few times and stretched her pussy and ass before he finally nutted into her gaping asshole. She had been gang fucked for almost two hours. Her voice was growing horse from moaning and screaming so much from the ravage fucking she was enduring, and one after another the men came in all her holes, as they finished they walked away and sat.

“Dont fucking stop you pricks! I need more cock!” she yelled displeased. “you guys over there, nows your turn to have your fantasies come true!”

The men who have spent the entire time in the back, watching her get annihilated by cock had other ideas for her. They walked up to her, one man go down under her and put his dick into her ass, another man got ontop and come closer. “Double anal” she thought, she was some what scared and very excited. She had never been double fucked in her asshole before.

Their cocks were also surprisingly big, she was never prepared for the brutal stretch on her asshole, as the man ontop worked hard to force his dick into her asshole.

“Holy fucking shit… fuck fuck!” she yelled as the pain crept in.

She closed her eyes and bit down as her asshole was being destroyed by all the cocks left. One after another they pounded her asshole into oblivion. Some of the men not satisfied with her just sucking their cocks began fucking her face, forcing her to deep throat their dicks as she bucked and gagged from the abuse.

She felt and pain in her left tit as she looked down to see a hand gouging into it, squeezing it deep. This is exactly what the Kinch was after, to have many men fucking ruin her sexual and tattooed body.

Time went on and she was slap and abused as the last of the crowd came inside her. In total she took over twenty cum loads in her ass, with barely a moment to push out the cum, she finally squatted and squeezed out a massive pile of cum, as more cum dripped from her ruined pussy.

“scoop it up and eat it bitch!” on of the men told her, and so she complied, eating the massive puddle of cum on the floor, licking up every drop.

The lights dimmed and her master entered, and everyone else left without a word.

He smiled at her as she smiled back with cum dripping off her from every inch, her stomach full of vile cum. She was happy and proud she made her master happy.

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