The Librarian Ch. 05


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Sydney was the first to wake the next morning. She felt odd, like her body was betraying her. Then all the sudden it happened. She felt extremely sick to her stomach. Jumping out of the bed, she tried her best to rush and not wake the other two as she raced to the bathroom and puked her brains out. She tried to think back to what she ate, but nothing she could think of that she ate was any different from what Seth had and he clearly was not sick. If this were food poisoning, she thought she would have felt it more last night instead of the next morning like this.

Her mind was racing a thousand miles a minute trying to figure out what was wrong, making her dizzy in the process causing her to grab her forehead to help steady herself. Then it hit her like a bolt of lightning. Before they had left to come meet her family, which turned out to be Seth’s family as well since they were half-siblings, she had been researching about pregnancies. Things to avoid, the best way to help with the added weight, anything that would give her an edge during her pregnancy. Not that she minded the extra weight during her pregnancy, she just wanted to make sure as much of it did not linger around after she gave birth. She was more worried about how she looked at herself than what Seth would think of her as she knew that he loved her unconditionally.

What hit her was morning sickness. She wasn’t sure this was it but it was a high probability since her and Seth had been having unprotected sex for a while now and she was off birth control finally. They badly wanted a child of their own to raise and show what a family was like and them being siblings would not stop that dream, that was made clear after the night before last and yesterday’s activities as well. There was only one way to prove her theory of being pregnant, she would need a test.

When she was finished vomiting, she quickly brushed her teeth to get that nasty taste out of her mouth and also since she needed to go out and liked to have clean hygiene, got dressed and headed out. She knew it was early enough so that she could get out and come back without being noticed but just in case, she would get some good coffee and bagels at the coffee shop across the street from the hotel.

She headed down the elevator then out of the hotel. Luckily the front desk clerk had told her of a Walgreens that was on the corner at the end of the block. She made haste to get there as quickly as possible and purchase three different brands of pregnancy tests just to be sure. She made her way back to the hotel and used the bathroom there, making sure to flirt a little with the front desk clerk and even let him know she would bring him a bagel as well since she had to use the ladies room prior.

Each test she used showed positive results. She could barely contain her excitement as she exited the bathroom and had to tell someone. That same front desk clerk got an ear full as she yelled jumping in joy as she hugged him. When she finally calmed down and saw he looked disheveled. She then explained to him that she just found out she was pregnant and he congratulated her.

Sydney just about skipped out the door and across the street to the coffee shop. She ordered six bagels, a hot chocolate and a bottle of Coke for Seth and two cappuccinos. She could barely contain her excitement as she waited for her order to be ready.

Once she had her order, Sydney headed back to the hotel and gave the bagel, complete with cream cheese, to the front desk clerk and thanked him for his help. She then made her way back up to the hotel room. As she entered, she heard light noises coming from the bedroom and assumed that Seth and Katie were up and about now.

Sydney set the stuff down and called out, “Honey, I’m home!”

Seth came out of the bedroom. He had wondered where she had gotten off to. He had checked the bathroom when he got up to pee but she was neither there nor anywhere else in the hotel room. “And where have you been my love?” he said coming out of the bedroom, only wearing basketball shorts. He was caught completely off-guard as she squealed as she launched herself at him.

Seth lost his balance as he caught Sydney. Her legs wrapped around his body as they both fell over the back of the couch and rolled over the couch. Seth was quick to think and wrapped one arm around her as tight as possible to hold her in place as the other one gripped the couch stopping their tumbling.

Katie came racing out of the bedroom as she heard the racket wondering what had happened. “Oh my god! What happened? Are you two okay?”

“Yeah. I think we’re …” Seth began to say but couldn’t help but notice Sydney’s giggling and the 10,000-watt güvenilir bahis smile that was on her face. “Umm. Everything okay Syd?

“Remember when we talked about starting a family?” she asked but was hardly able to contain her excitement.

“Yeah?” he replied wondering where this was going.

“Well… we already started!” she yelled. “You’re going to be a daddy!”

Seth’s eyes went wide. His dream had come true. “I’m gonna be a dad?” he yelled. He hugged Sydney tight before realizing he may hurt her and his child before releasing her.

Sydney got up once Seth had released her and he jumped up following her dancing around the hotel room. He even hugged Katie jumping with her at how excited he was. Sydney could only smile and squeal in delight herself as he paraded around. Again, Seth came over to Sydney and lifted her up, twirling her around before setting her back down and hugging her.

Katie couldn’t believe how happy Seth was to be a father. She knew that Seth loved Sydney more than anything, even himself, but he was treated so bad by his own family that she would have thought that he wouldn’t want to have children himself. She had never been so wrong in her life.

She had also made her decision as to whether she was going to stay with them or stay with her mother. However, there was something she needed to know first.

“I want to say I’m so happy for the both of you,” Katie said as she walked up and hugged both Sydney and Seth congratulating them. “But before I ask my question, I want to say that I have made my decision and your answer to my question will in no way change my decision.”

As Katie looked like she was fighting her own demons on what was on her mind, Seth and Sydney sat down on the couch while Katie sat in the nearby chair. She was nervous and didn’t know how to broach the subject but decided that honesty was the best, especially since she didn’t want to get caught in a lie and then have them kick her out or worse.

“First I want to say that it is extremely hard for me to ask this of you both,” she started as her hands trembled. She had the worst butterflies in her stomach at the moment and it made her almost sick to her stomach. She quickly closed her eyes and sighed. She then jumped, feeling something on her.

Looking down, she saw Sydney had placed a hand on her leg to try and calm her down. “Sweetie,” Sydney started to say in a calm and loving voice, “You are safe here. There is no reason for you to be so nervous around us. Do remember that we are family and will always be there for you.”

Tears started to fill Katie’s eyes at the love and affection Sydney and Seth were showing her. She nodded to Sydney not able to say anything and looked to Seth. He was smiling at her lovingly showing his support as well. “I-I-I’m sorry but this is hard for me to ask given how bad Seth was treated, along with the fact I was involved with it.” She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes, trying to calm her emotions and nervousness. “I would like to ask if Seth would be willing to give me a child. I have wanted one for sooo long and seeing how happy he is knowing he will become a father, I wanted to know if he would be willing to father mine as well.”

Sydney and Seth looked at each other for a moment. They had been able to tell what the other one was thinking for a while with just a look. They had reasoned that it was some sixth sense or something due to how connected they felt but recently realized it was more due to them being related or could actually have nothing to do with this in the first place.

Sydney smiled knowing what Seth was thinking and looked back to Katie who now had her head hanging, her brunette hair covering her face. She could understand Katie’s nervousness and fear for asking it. “Katie,” Sydney said with that same sweetness to her voice, “I will let Seth give you his answer, but I will say that I fully approve of this.”

Katie’s head shot up, instantly focusing on Sydney. She expected them to flat out say ‘no’, but Sydney had given her approval and with a huge smile at that. She looked over to Seth, who was stone-faced at the moment. She couldn’t figure out what his response was and just hoped that he would agree as well.

“Well I guess I all falls on me then,” Seth said, now with both women looking at him. He sat there for a minute before feeling a slap on his arm, “Ouch!”

“That is what you get for making my sister wait. Now stop fucking with her and give her your decision. I know you made it already,” Sydney said with a funk to her voice. She had figured out when Seth was screwing with someone and when he was honestly thinking it through.

“You know me all too well don’t you,” Seth said as he tried to kiss Sydney.

However, Sydney pulled back wagging her finger at him, “Nah-uh. Answer her first and then you get all the loving you want.”

“That ain’t …” Seth started to say but saw the look in Sydney’s eyes telling him she was going türkçe bahis to win this battle. He sighed and then looked to Katie. She still had tears in her eyes, but her eyes were wide as she was waiting on the edge of her seat for his answer. There was no denying her beauty or that he was attracted to her but more if he was willing to forgive her transgressions and allow her into his bed and into his heart as something more than a distant sister. But Sydney was right as he had already made his mind.

“Katie, before I give you my answer I do want to say that I am glad that my decision won’t change your own decision to come with us or to say with Jessica, but I do hope you made the right decision for you as above all else, we want you to be happy and to be taken care of. Whether that is with us or with Jessica or somewhere else, we will support your decision. That being said, I would be honored to share my bed with you and father your child as other than my love next to me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, both inside and out.”

With his answer out in the open, Katie’s tears fell from her face, like a river of love. She jumped up and tackled Seth. Smothering him in kisses as she said over and over again, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” She then leaned over to Sydney who was giggling and kissed her sensually. “And of course, thank you as well for sharing your man with me.”

“Well why wouldn’t I share our brother with my sister,” Sydney replied. She hadn’t realized it until now but the incest angle of their relationship had turned her on even more knowing that her man was her half-brother. Include the fact that she had a threesome with her half-sister and she was already soaking wet just thinking about it.

“It makes it that much better knowing we are all siblings doesn’t it?” Katie said with a knowing smirk.

“I don’t know about the both of you, but it wouldn’t matter if you two were or weren’t my sisters, I would still care for you just the same,” Seth responded, though Sydney had her doubts about it.

“Well… I need to shower before we go. And I will do everything I can to make you both happy and to pull my own weight,” Katie said before Seth pulled her into a tongue-filled passionate kiss. Sydney could only moan her approval watching a full brother and sister making out in front of her.

Once they broke the kiss, Katie blushed knowing this was the man who would finally make her a mother like she had wanted for so long. Had he not left all those years ago, she would have had his children sooner than this, but then again, that would have only been because Donny wouldn’t have been able to impregnate her and they would still be under their mother’s control.

“I-I umm better go then. Otherwise we may not leave the hotel,” Katie finally said as she got up and walked towards the bedroom. She had only been wearing a t-shirt that was tight enough to show off her perky breasts and her rock hard nipples. She hadn’t had a chance to put on any underwear and as she got to the bedroom door, she looked back to Seth and saw he was staring right at her naked ass as it peaked out from under her shirt. She felt her juices starting to flow knowing that this loving man, who brought her to multiple orgasms last night, was going to impregnate her and help raise their child together.

Once Katie was out of the room and Seth’s head snapped back to Sydney, he saw that she was giggling again. “What?”

“You’re bad mister,” she said slapping his exposed chest playfully.

“I did say how freaking hot she is before. How can you expect me not to stare at her ass or the way her nipples were fighting against her shirt, begging to be released and sucked on?”

“You just make sure that you don’t start ignoring me or,” she paused grabbing erect cock through his shorts, “I will show you that Lorena Bobbitt’s husband had it easy.”

“Seriously? You know you never have to threaten me. I would never willingly or knowingly do anything to jeopardize what we have. I love you way too much to do that.”

“Aww!” she responded taking a hold of his face and kissing his lips sensually, enjoying the taste and feeling of his lips on hers. “You are the sweetest most caring man and I love you more than anything else.”

They held each other for another minute with Sydney’s head resting on Seth’s chest as she had a hand across his abdomen or so before Seth spoke up, “Are you sure you are okay with this?”

She looked up at him lovingly, “Of course my love. Like I said, I couldn’t keep you from your other sister if I’m willing to have you myself.”

“I guess, but don’t expect me to share you with Donny at any point,” Seth responded.

“Eww!” she replied with a disgusted look on her face, “I’m sorry since he is our sibling and he may have had a nice body at one time, but he is not attractive in the least bit to me. Plus, I know every guys fantasy is to be with more than one woman and after last güvenilir bahis siteleri night, I truly enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would as well. It is nice to have another woman in the bed who knows what women like.”

“Good point and good that you don’t want anything to do with Donny. He was one of the main ones that caused my pain.”

“So are you going to tell me what your decision is about us supporting our Mother?” Sydney asked. She was still indifferent about whether they should or shouldn’t help her and they still needed to know what Katie’s answer was as well.

“Nope. You will have to wait and find out.” Sydney pouted but Seth didn’t relent. Instead, he jumped up from the couch, “I say we all need a shower. Would you like to surprise our sister in the shower and have some more fun before we go?”

“Hells yes!” Sydney replied all too eager to release her own juices all over whichever sibling happened to be on her pussy. She hadn’t admitted it to anyone other than Seth but she was a full on nymphomaniac. She loved sex and could have it all day long until she was sore and only the soreness would stop her until she was capable again, though she and Seth had kept it in check as she didn’t want to make it so he would get bored with her easily.

Seth was the first to walk into the bathroom, completely nude, and watched the silhouette of his sister through the steam of the shower as she massaged the soap into her body cleaning every crevice of her body. If he wasn’t already hard, his cock would have hardened immediately at the sight before him.

Walking over to the shower door, he opened it and started to step in. It was large enough to have a small group of people in it comfortably, but it only needed space for three at the moment. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Sydney standing by the door winking at him when she saw him look. He blew her a quick kiss before closing the door and as he was hidden behind the steam and frosted glass of the shower.

Seth admired her from close up as the water cascaded down her body. She had a couple minor stretch marks on her hips and her ass cheeks but to him, it made her all the more beautiful. It added that added beauty to her that makeup and surgery could never do. He watched a couple droplets as they ran from her shoulder, down her silky smooth back, running over the perfect roundness of her tight ass and down her legs. However, his eyes stopped at her ass as he could see her starfish poking out as she moved her legs back and forth. Then his eyes traced even further down noticing the puffiness of her lips just waiting for a tongue or a cock to part them and bring her the ultimate pleasure.

Shooting caution to the wind, he stepped up behind her and put one arm around her cupping her right breast while the other one traced along the left side of her waist to her tummy and then down south running his fingers through her slit, feeling her still wet pussy.

Katie jumped in surprise and yelped at the sudden feeling on her body as she felt someone behind her. She glanced over her right shoulder, feeling the breathing of the unknown person behind her and was greeted by a lustful look in Seth’s eyes as his lips met hers in a slow but loving kiss while she moaned loudly into his mouth. “This was a nice surprise. Are you always this… upfront and forceful?”

“Only when I see something I want,” he replied looking her up and down admiring the view tremendously, “And I want you right now,” he growled into her ear eliciting moans from her as she rubbed against his cock. Seth pulled his hand from her pussy and her breast simultaneously. His right hand took hold of his cock as his left pushed onto her back.

Katie arched her back and parted her legs giving her brother better access to what they both wanted. She could barely contain her excitement having her brother inside of her again, though it had been less than 24 hours since he had been inside of her. She wondered how often they would be able to have sex, whether together or in a threesome with Sydney. Either way, it didn’t matter to her as long as she was able to feel that closeness to her brother and sister; that is what she wanted.

Seth slowly pushed himself inside her wetness. He had thought that she felt incredibly tight but really only had a few women to compare her to and Sydney was just as tight. Either way, it felt amazing to be back inside his older sister. The same sister he grew up having the hots for and having many stroke fantasies about.

He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head back and spoke directly into her ear, “So I take it you are coming back with us then?” Katie could only moan but didn’t dare answer. She was trying to keep it a surprise, but her excitement from before after he agreed to impregnate her seems to have given her answer away. “You don’t have to answer, the grip your cunt just gave my cock tells me all. Well… that and the joy you had from finding out you will eventually bear my children.”

Katie’s heart fluttered as she moaned even louder. She heard him say children and not child. That meant that he would give her multiple if she was lucky enough and she wouldn’t do anything to chance it.

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