The Little Mink (AKA My ex wife before we married)


The Little Mink (AKA My ex wife before we married)It felt really good laying on the soft blanket in the sunshine on a crisp Fall day! Joy had been admiring herself in her full length mirror in her bed room after squirming her little round buns into the tiny green plaid hot pants. They were so short the hem of the leg holes all but disappeared into the very slight cleft of her pretty buns. She added a white halter top and a pair of sandals and headed to the small pasture in the woods her family owned a quarter mile away. She lay there soaking in the sun and looking down her body from her supine position, the air was perfect for laying there imagining all sorts of naughty things she would be willing to let one of the cute boys at school do to her.This was the first school year that boys had begun to notice her, the first time in her life she had realized that she would even be considered attractive by boys. It wasn’t the boys in her grade at school, but the ones one or two grades higher! She lay there thinking as she laid her hand on her right breast and gently smoothed her hand downward feeling the slightly erect nipple hoping someday soon to completely fill the cups of the halter she was wearing. Gently sliding her hand across the warm skin of her tanned flat belly, she slipped her finger tips into the edge of the waistband of her shorts to feel the elastic of the waistband of her silky white satin panties. Withdrawing slightly she slides her hand over the coarse material of the shorts to the top of her smoothly shaved legs. Unlike a lot of girls her age her mom had not denied her request to start shaving her legs. It seems Joy follows in a long line of very pretty girls on her mom’s side and a lot of attention to vanity begins early in her family. She then slides her fingers down the inside of her thigh as she opens her legs for access so she can slip her fingers to the edge of the leg hole of her shorts feeling the edge of her panties even with the edge of her shorts. A tingle begins an inch or so to the left of her finger tips as she thinks about how her tiny hot pants are barely big enough to cover her panties! Sliding her finger one inch to the left she presses slightly on the inseam of the shorts as it lays slightly depressed into her softness due to how tight the shorts fit her. This increases the sensation of naughtiness she is feeling today.She reaches for the soft pack of cigarettes and removes one and lights it with the match book she has in the cellophane wrapper, taking a smooth drag she thinks about how she has even noticed a change in her dad. He freaks out over a skirt that is four inches above knee, but for some reason he has yet say anything about the little hot pants that she likes to wear around the house or even when she accompanies him into town from the farm. “Your going to set this place on fire with those damn cigarettes young lady!” Her uncle Bud shouts as he walks up to her. “Does your dad know you are smoking now?” “ uncle Bill!” She responds in her sweetest most innocent voice she can muster. “Please don’t tell on me.” She pleads, as she slowly moves, her legs into the figure four position. Uncle Bud slowly takes a seat on the edge of the blanket in a position that gives him a perfect view of something he himself has begun to notice in recent weeks. “Damn” he thinks to himself as he gazes at the edge of her panties on each side of what has to be the sweetest little pussy he can imagine. “I almost have to tell him you know, it’s not right for me to see you doing something so irresponsible and not bring it to his attention.” “Please let be our secret Uncle Bud, I promise I won’t smoke anymore!” She moves to give him a hug as he notices the loose fitting halter allow a view of her smallish but very beautiful pert breast. “Well if you promise I can let it go this time, but I better not catch you again!” “Thank you Uncle Bud!” As she sits astride his now out stretched leg, she leans in and presses bursa escort her breast against his chest and slightly grinds her pussy against his leg. She kisses him on the cheek, then closes her eyes tight and says ohh! In his ear. “What’s wrong Joy?” “Oh Uncle Bud I think I have a bump or a bite on my leg and I can’t find it, but sometimes it hurts me when I move a certain way.” “Will you see if you can find it?” “Sure girl let me take a look.”She stands up and Uncle bud asks which leg? She replies by saying it’s closer to the top. Her Uncle is nose level now with her treasure and he dispenses with asking his question again.Slowly he slides his large rough hands up both legs, luxuriating in the feel of of her skin that feels like it is too soft to be real. Both hands well above the knee, he slides them to the back of her legs and continues up until he feels the softness of her gorgeous ass with his index fingers. A gentle squeeze and he pulls her closer, taking a deep slow sniff as he slides his hands around to let his fingers begin to feel the hem of her shorts right at the crotch. The light aroma of baby powder lets him know that she is very attentive to soft moistness in her silky panties.”I don’t feel the bump yet, am I getting close?” “Slide your finger under a little Uncle Bud, it may be under my shorts.” With that permission granted, Bud takes his left hand off of her right thigh and places on the top front and inside of her left thigh. His cock is throbbing in his jeans, as he begins to work the fingers of both hands under the hem of her shorts. He feels the softness of her warm skin where the inside of her thigh touches her satin panties, carefully he slides his finger between the two layers of clothing. Wanting to jamb straight into her softness, but having the patience not to rush the process he begins to gently rub the satin panties along the edge of her pussy to feel for this elusive “bobo” that he is sure doesn’t exist.”Maybe you could find it easier if I pull my shorts down Uncle Bud.” “I think you will need to sweetie, my fingers are too fat to do any good like this.” She feels moisture begin to seep into her panties as he says that. His fingers are doing plenty of good for her like this, but without her shorts on it will be wonderful. She lays on her back, “will you pull my pants down Uncle Bud?”Uncle Bud has lost so much blood to his penis that he is in a daze as he gently slides two fingers on his left hand deep inside the waistband of her hot pants, grasping the front with his thumb to hold them while he unbuttons them with his right hand, he then pulls the zipper down slowly enjoying the reveal as the front of her pretty white satin panties come into view. Her dark brown pubic hair is made evident by slightly darker shade of white in that area. The satin seems to be slightly “pillowed” by the soft curly loops. “Why don’t you pull them all the way down so I can get one leg out and you can slide them back up one leg a little, that way if we hear someone coming I can find them easy to pull them back up!” The suggestion she makes has a naughtiness to it that almost makes him release his load right in his shorts! By saying that, this little mink is acknowledging that the “bobo” is a ruse. She might as well have said..”in case some one catches you playing with my pussy!”Bud slowly enjoys the softness and warmth of her pussy as he gently presses his fingers into the crotch of her panties, exploring her slowly and deliberately, he waits to touch her clit through the panties for later. No need to rush things yet. “Do you think it could be under my panties Uncle Bud?” “Well sweetie, everything I can see is perfect, everything feels perfect too. So you may be right about it being under your panties.” He slowly pushes her panties to the side about a half inch exposing slightly darker skin with the softness increasing exponentially. A few strands of dark pubic hair appear, leaving her panties slightly to bursa escort bayan the side he says “I’ll check the other side too.” After moving her panties over the half inch there he sits up slightly and says “I don’t see anything at all” “Will you look really close Uncle Bud?” He leans down and inhales the aroma of her young sweet pussy mixed with the baby powder sent, he lays the back of his right index finger in the length of her satin covered gash and applies some pressure to her clit hood. The move is acknowledged by a swift intake of air from his beautiful 5’4″ 95 lb. brunette niece. “Ummm..Uncle Bill, maybe you should make it better with a kiss since you can’t see anything!” “That’s a great idea sweetie!” He leans down and presses he nose into the cleft under her satin covered clit and makes an exaggerated kissing noise. Then he moves right and left placing wet kisses on the exposed pussy skin on either side of her panties. He then begins to gnaw slightly and lick with his whole mouth covering her panty crotch. “Is that better?” He asks as he lifts his body up. “Umm a little..Uncle you want to pull my panties down?” “I really shouldn’t sweetie, that’s maybe a little too naughty, you know we might get in trouble.” “Please pull them down and I will keep them on one leg…you case..” He gently starts to pull the satin down, a gentle tug that reveals the top of her fluffy dark triangle, she lifts her ass slightly allowing the panties to slide down un encumbered. Buds eyes grow and she can see the excitement in them as her sweet pussy is exposed to his gaze. “Is it as pretty as you thought it would be?” She asks. “My god I can’t believe we are doing this!””I know”, she says, “but nothing feels better than being naughty and sexy does it Uncle Bud?””Your dad will kill me if he finds out that I have been licking your pussy for you.” “He’s not here right now, don’t talk…do!” He plunges in and covers her sweetness with his whole mouth probing her gash and clit with his tongue. A little pressure on her clit by pressing it between his tongue and upper lip gets her headed for her first orgasm. All it takes is a steady rhythm of firm licking as she approaches, to send her over. Gasping for breath as she comes down from that she says “now it’s time for you put the medicine in like my Daddy does when he works on my bobo for me!” “Medici…what the fu…are you telling me that your dad, that hard ass son of bitch that everybody’s scared off…he does this….you play this game with him!?!” “Uncle Bud, I’m not scared of my daddy at all. Sometimes he acts mean to me, but he loves to play doctor with me whenever we get a chance too.””Now give me a shot with your big shot needle Uncle Bud”, as she reaches for the bulge in his shorts which is a little slighter than it was before the shock he had just experienced. Still stunned from what he just realized he let his thoughts return to what lay before him and his dick was fully recovered by the time she managed to get it out into the cool fall air.She lays back again on the soft blanket, she draws her feet up so that her knees are in the air, then opens her legs slightly, then closing them, then open again slightly. “Hurry up doctor I’m a little shy to be laying in front of a strange man like this even if you are my doctor.” “Ok sweetie, this won’t hurt a bit I promise…now open your legs so I can put the medicine in.” “Oh..go slow doctor, your shot needle is bigger than I thought..I’m afraid it will hurt me”, as she lays herself open to her Uncle Bud. “I promise I won’t hurt you sweetie” as he leans in and begins to paint her glistening gash with the head of his cock that is swollen so tight the skin is actually shining. The wondrous ache he feels in the head of his dick is transformed into a splendid slick feeling of pleasure as her slickness coats it. A little push and he begins to experience the heat of her snug little pussy, the sensation of his cock literally escort bursa having to force her hot softness open as it is lubricated with the warm creamy goo her sweet pussy produces.Pressing in then pulling back slightly to press in another glorious inch, and repeat. Before he is halfway in, he is immersed in such deep pleasure it becomes all about him, realizing that he has to go slow and easy or it will all end before it gets started good. Thinking..knowing..this can’t end’s too good. He decides to fuck her at this depth until the urge to cum has reduced a little and he can hold his ejaculation off for a little while. “That’s good Uncle don’t have to get all at one it like that for a while…doing it feels so good!” “it’s fills me up so tight, I can’t believe how much thicker your are than…” “I want to keep it inside you all afternoon..but it feels so good.. I can’t go too long without cuming!” “Don’t worry about that Uncle Bud, just fuck me as long as you can, and when you are ready to…just push it all the way in and fuck me hard and I will cum with you..I promise!”Bud reaches a steady rhythm, while making it about himself in his mind. Taking small excursions a little deeper as he goes, to re experience the sensation of his dick forcing her open. After a couple of minutes he reaches bottom and he slows his pace because he is on that edge of ecstasy that the wrong move will mean he is past returning from and the explosion will occur and all of this pleasure will be over. “Puuuushhhh..Uncle Bud…!” He gives it up and follows her command pushing deep until their pubic bones are massaging each other. He grinds his against her clit listening to her moan as his cock head experiences the pleasure of the pressure from stretching her pussy an inch and a half deeper than before. “Ohh..just like that..keep fucking me JUST LIKE THAAAAATTT!!!” “Unngghh..” He moans as the inner core of his penis lurches forward in the first of several ejaculions. It produced little cum, but promised much more as it retracts to reload and lurch forward with a full load of his thick white semen. The action going on in his scrotum is such a perfect pleasure he closes his eyes and enjoys the uncontrollable spasms of his continuing ejaculations as his balls retract and relax, retract and relax over and over again until he can’t know how many ropes of cum he has deposited in his gorgeous young niece. “Ummm…ohh…” He moans as he feels the spasms begin to reduce in force but not pleasure. The last of his semen is but dribbling out of his declining penis as he allows it to slip from that perfect place she keeps covered in pretty panties. “Are you ok Uncle Bud?” “Hum..what..oh yeah..I’m ok ah it’s just that I ah you kind of took me someplace I have never been before” She giggles and she pulls her shorts high enough up her leg to get a wadded up tissue from them. She gets up and goes over behind a big pine tree to squat and allow her uncle to slowly drip from her onto the straw. Returning with her panties on carrying her shorts she lays back down on the blanket with her uncle. As he pulls his underwear and shorts up and lays down himself he sighs and says “I can’t believe we just did that….I can’t believe how good it felt..!”You didn’t expect me to feel good?” “No..that’s not what I’s just that it’s never felt that good before!” “Are we going to make it feel that good again in a few minutes?” “O God no..I’m going to need to recover for a while before…” “Tomorrow then?” “If I can get away..will you be here at the same time?” Looking down in a shy manner..”Sure I love to go for walks in the woods this time of year!”He gazes at her laying before him in her shiny white panties, her legs slightly open. The dark patch of her pubic hair slightly visible under the silky panties. She moves her hands to cover part of her panties, “Uncle Bud, mother says I shouldn’t let boys see my panties..your embarrassing me!” “Your mom is right, seeing a beautiful girl like you in your panties will make boys want to talk you into doing something naughty.” “So you won’t tell her I accidentally let you see my pretty panties?” “Don’t worry, it will be our special secret!”

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