The Lonely Salesman

The Lonely SalesmanI started working part time at Andover men’s shoes when I was in high school. When I graduated, I moved up to full time and after several years was promoted to store manager. Andover shoes is a small retail chain operation catering to upscale business men. I’ve sold my share of wing tips over the years. The staff consists of a manager, his assistant and a couple part timers for the busy seasons. When you work at Andover, you get used to being alone and lonely. Andover shoes has a small sales floor with very comfortable seats and a bigger stock room behind a false wall. It’s a traditional shoe store in that regard. Over the years I’ve made many friends in the mall. The ladies would stop by when I was working alone in the store and ask if they could bring me a coffee or something else to drink. When you work in a big mall people come and go on a regular basis. Some you remember some you forget as soon as they leave. Connie and I met a few weeks ago. She works at Elegant Touch, a fashionable ladies clothing store toward the other end of the mall, accepting a transfer from another store to become the assistant manager at this location. We were introduced by Marsha who is the store manager. I was instantly attracted to Connie by her warm smile and friendly attitude. Connie is a year or two older than me and has long auburn hair, which is always impeccable, and dark sensual eyes. Her full pouting lips match her figure perfectly. Her breasts are a full 36-D and she has the classic Victorian hourglass figure. I’m 5’10” and I’d guess Connie is about 5’6″ but always wears three-inch heels so she’s almost the same height as me. Having worked for Elegant Touch for nearly two years Connie has acquired a rather sizable wardrobe of really good looking clothing. Since the day we met I’ve taken every opportunity to compliment her on how sexy she looks and flirt with her as often as I can. Since we met Connie stops by regularly offering to bring me a coffee and then sits with me for a while to chat during her breaks. I took that as a sign she was attracted and interested in me also. This morning I had opened the store at 9:30 AM and was scheduled to work until 5:30 PM alone. About 10:30 in the morning I was standing in the lobby looking for someone to grab me a cup of coffee when I notice Connie strolling down the mall. She smiled broadly at me when she saw me standing out front. “Want a cup Philly?” she asked as she approached. She calls me Philly. My given name is Phillip, but I was born and raised in Philadelphia so hence the nickname Philly. My instant reply was, “You’re a life saver Connie, I was hoping someone would stop by and offer to bring me a cup,” Handing her a five I said, “I’m buying if you want a tea.” “Thanks, Philly, I’ll be back in a few,” She replied as she took the bill and headed off in the direction of the coffee kiosk.I watched Connie walk away from me; she instinctively knows how to walk in heels and reminds me of a runway model when she walks only better since her hips are fuller than any model I’ve ever seen. She looked just as good from behind as she did from the front. I’m sure she’s heard all the cliché comments about fries with that shake many times. She was wearing a pair of slinky dark brown slacks and a cream colored silk blouse. The lack of panty lines told me she was wearing a thong or just panty hose. Her pumps matched the color of her slacks. Her long wavy auburn locks flowed midway down her back and I imagined how nice it would be to run my fingers through her long flowing tresses. A few minutes passed and I was distracted by a customer who was obviously window shopping when Connie rounded the corner of the store and strolled in. She was carrying a drink tray holding two cups. I smiled and said, “Great you got a tea also, we can chat a little.” Connie replied, “Yep Philly, things are under control at ET” Connie refers to her store as ET, “so I can chat with you for a little while.” After adding some sweet n low to her tea and squeezing out the tea bag Connie took a seat in one of the customer chairs and crossed her legs. She smiled at me as I sat on the arm of another chair a couple of seats from where she was seated. Our conversation started out about how slow the mall had been. We agreed that the approaching holiday season would remedy that problem soon enough. I wanted to try and direct our conversation to something a little more personal so I tried flirting with Connie. “You’re looking exceptionally elegant today Connie,” I said. “I love the silk blouse!” She smiled and said, “I’m glad you notice things like that Philly. Did you watch me walking toward the coffee kiosk like you usually do?” I must have blushed realizing she knew I enjoyed watching her ass when she was walking away. I said, “Why yes Connie I did watch, how did you know?”She replied, “I noticed a couple days ago that you always stand out front when I go for coffee Philly. Hope you like what you see?” Connie smiled widely as she asked the question she already knew the answer to. “Connie I like what I see whether you’re coming or going,” I replied. Connie took a sip of her tea and turning a little toward me she asked, “Philly I have a question for you? We’ve known each other for about two months, right? How is it you haven’t asked me for a date?” I thought for a moment, kind of grinned at her and replied, “You know Connie, I really don’t know; I think your very attractive and we certainly enjoy being around one another. I really can’t say.” Connie interrupted me, “You think I’m attractive Philly; that makes me wonder even more why you haven’t asked me to go out on a date.” I continued saying, “I suppose it’s because we both work here in the mall, and we’ve developed a nice friendship. I guess I thought you’d want to keep it platonic between you and me.” Connie turned even more to face me and with by expression on her face said, “Well guess again Philly!” The serious expression instantly turned to a broad smile. And silly me, I noticed a sparkle in her eye for the very first time that I’m sure was there before. Her smile and that sparkle in her eye seemed to be asking me to guess again so I did saying, “Well Connie how about you and I have a drink after we get off tonight?” Connie instantly smiled again and said, “My my Philly I thought you’d never ask! I’d love to have a drink with you tonight.” I wanted to keep the conversation on this personal side so I continued saying, “You know Connie my social life has been somewhat dull lately it’ll be nice to go out with someone as sexy and vibrant as you for a change.” “So I’m sexy and vibrant am I?” she replied, “My goodness Philly I had no idea you could use such interesting adjectives.” Connie stood up and walked over to where I was sitting and leaning close to my ear said, “I’m going to be wondering all afternoon what other interesting things you might have up your sleeve Philly.” I grinned a devilish grin and said, “You’ll just have to wait and see.” She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes at me as she said, “Sounds like we may be having some fun later, but for now I better get back to ET.” “I’ll check in on you later to see if you need anything, ok?” I thanked her in advance and watched as she turned to leave. Connie made sure I was paying attention as she flipped her hair around and over one shoulder and strolled toward the front of my store. Her hips moved gently from side to side and she walked with a purpose. I knew what that purpose was to and welcomed the idea it brought to mind. As she rounded the corner of Andover’s display window she looked over her shoulder and waved goodbye with that same smile and sparkling eyes I had seen earlier. I thought to myself, this could be the start of a very exciting romance. Connie obviously was also attracted to me and enjoyed having me look at her. I wondered if she enjoyed the same thing in the bedroom. I couldn’t wait to find out. I spend the rest of the morning studying the plans corporate had sent me for our holiday display windows and making sure my stock was full on the featured shoe styles. But my mind wasn’t in it because it kept flashing back to my coffee break with Connie and where I imagined that whole conversation might just lead. Around 1:30 in the afternoon I was in the stock room sneaking a quick smoke when the entry alert buzzer sounded letting me know someone had entered the store. I dropped my cigarette in the toilet and flushed the evidence, grabbed a breath mint and made my way to the doorway from the stock room to the sales floor. When I turned the corner my eyes almost popped out of their sockets and I had to side step my jaw, which had hit the floor between my feet. Connie was standing in the middle of the store. She smiled and said, “What do you think of this dress Philly?” She had changed into a burgundy wrap around dress that tied at the waist. The material clung to her breasts very seductively and formed a perfect V into her luscious cleavage. She took several steps toward me and as she did the dress opened at the knees in front giving me a quick glimpse of her legs. The dress was very sexy and Connie looked fabulous in it. I searched for the right word to use to describe what I thought of the dress but before I could respond Connie again said, “Philly do you like the dress?”I could only muster one word, “Incredible!” She smiled happily that I approved. I was already imagining what she’d look like if I pulled the belt that tied the dress in front. Connie said, “We got a shipment in today and I just had to try this little number when I did I wanted to see if it’s something you’d enjoy also.” I assured Connie that I was enjoying it immensely saying, “Enjoy is putting it mildly.” She grinned and did a pirouette, which made the hem kind of fly away from her legs. Connie has great legs and I was going to enjoy looking at them more all the time. She walked the rest of the way to where I was frozen to the floor gave me a quick hug and said, “Well I think I’ll buy it then if you like it that much.” Did she actually say she would buy it because I liked the way she looked in it? I wasn’t sure because my mind was still trying to react to the quick hug. That was the first time we’d actually touched in that way and my senses were reeling not only at the feel of her body against mine, but the smell of her perfume wafting into my nostrils. Before I could say a word Connie said, “Well Philly I better get back,” She asked, “What time do you get off this afternoon?”I responded, “I’m outta here at 5:30.” Connie said, “Great I get off at six why don’t you stop by ET when you get off and we’ll figure out where we want to go for that drink then.” “Great,” I replied, “I’ll see you then.” She turned and slowly walked toward the front of the store and I watched her movements intently trying my best to allow the image to burn into my memory. I tried my best to stay focused on the task at hand the rest of the afternoon, but my mind kept wandering to the images of Connie I’d committed to memory earlier. I wondered just where she expected our date for drinks after work would wind up, and I fantasized where I hoped they would. She is an intriguing woman and very sexy indeed; as the afternoon wore on I was able to get my plans for our store’s display change straightened out in my mind. The company dictated what shoes would be displayed where in the windows, but left it up individually to the store’s staff to fill in between with holiday decorations of their own choosing. My plans for that included having some trains running through the window and perhaps even some shoes displayed on flat cars in the train. That change over was scheduled to happen the following week so I had time to consider my options before I went to work on getting my store ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season. As five o’clock approached I began to think more and more of Connie and that sexy burgundy dress she had modeled earlier in the afternoon. I wondered if she had changed back into the slacks and silk blouse she wore that morning when we shared our coffee break, I hoped she kept the dress on. A little after five my assistant manager showed up for work. It was his short day. He would work till closing at 9:30 PM and then open the next day, I was off till three the next afternoon. He and I went over the details of what I wanted him to accomplish the next morning and Iornatelymade a sale or two just before I was to get off. At five thirty I was ready to get out of there; Wednesdays are a long day and I was ready to relax and enjoy an evening off and hopefully with the company of one very sexy lady. I grabbed my black leather coat from the stock room and asked my assistant Ken if he needed anything before I headed out. He said, “Naw, I’m good Phil. Have a good evening and I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” I didn’t mention to him that I had a date with Connie. I left saying, “Have a good one.” And waved as I turned the corner to walk down the mall to Elegant Touch.Not wanting to appear over anxious I took my time walking the length of the mall stopping to chat briefly with some of the other store managers I ran into on my way. I figured that if I got to Connie’s store by 5:50 PM she’d be just about ready to leave and I wouldn’t have to endure making idle chit chat with her staff of part timers who were coming in at six. As I turned the corner into Elegant Touch I could see Connie standing with her back to the front of the shop behind a display rack that obscured my view of what she was wearing. Walking slowly through the maze of clothing racks I approached a part time employee named Judy. She smiled broadly at me and said, “Hi Philly,” yes they all call me Philly at ET, “How’s your day been?” I grinned and said, “Well Judy, it was slower than molasses but I expect it’ll pick up in a little while.” Connie heard my voice and turned toward me. She said, “Well Philly, I thought for a minute you had forgotten me.” “Forget you, Connie,” I replied, “how could I forget you?” She stepped from behind the display and my eyes popped again. Connie was still wearing the burgundy dress she had modeled for me that afternoon. I smiled and said, “I see you decided to buy the dress.” Judy chimed in, “Yeah she always gets first crack at the really nice stuff. Now none of us will be able to buy it.” I grinned at Judy and replied, “The perks of management Judy.” She giggled and said, “For sure, but none of us would look near as hot as Connie does in that little number.” “I couldn’t agree more with you Judy,” Was my response as I turned my attention to Connie, her sparkling eyes and incredible figure. “You about ready to get out of this hall.” using the mall employee slang term to describe the long mall. Connie said, “I sure am, it’s been a long day. Let me grab my coat and purse and we’ll take off.” A minute later I was walking down the mall to the center exit where Connie and I had parked our cars early this morning. We talked about business and even stopped to say hi to a few other store employees who had to endure a long night in the empty mall. As we approached the exit I asked her, “So Connie where would you like to go?” Connie suggested, “How about the Lancer Pub at the Holiday Inn. I’m a little hungry and they have a free buffet during happy hour.” Since I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast some food sounded good to me too and I agreed that would be great. When we walked through the doors it felt cool and was quite breezy. I took her jacket and helped her slip it on. “Where did you parked?” I asked. “I’m over there somewhere,” She replied pointing in the opposite direction from where I was parked. Connie suggested we take one car and I offered to drive. As we stepped off the curb I offered Connie my arm and she slipped hers into the bend of my elbow and snuggled into my side to ward off the cool breeze. “It’s chilly tonight.” she said as we walked through the lot. I escorted her to the passenger door, pushed the unlock button on my key and opened the door. “What a gentleman you are,” she said as I stepped aside to let her slip into the leather bucket seat. As she did the split in the front of her dress opened revealing her thigh and to my amazement the top of a thigh high stocking. Connie was becoming more and more vibrant by the minute. I didn’t react to what was showing and simply closed the car door once she lifted her right foot inside. I slid into the driver’s seat and glanced over at Connie. She was smiling as she crossed her legs and let the material of her dress fall to either side of her thigh. She made no effort to cover her exposed leg and I took that as a sign that she was inviting me to look, which I happily did. As I started the car and reached for the shift lever between the seats her hand slid over onto mine. I didn’t move the shifter, but instead looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Connie are you flirting with me?” She giggled and said, “So you do notice those things.” I responded, “Connie it’s hard not to notice such a sexy looking thigh.” Connie giggled again and turned slightly toward me causing her dress to slip open just a little more. I slid my hand out from under hers and turned on the radio and flipped the seat heaters on. Her hand was still resting on the shift lever, actually, her hand was massaging the top of the lever. I placed my hand over hers and pushed in the clutch as we shifted into reverse together. As I backed out of the parking space Connie slid her hand over to the top of her leg smoothing out the material of her dress that still covered the top of her thigh. She looked so sexy sitting there and I fought to keep my concentration on driving. As I glided the car out of the parking lot and onto Route 12 toward the Holiday Inn Connie began feeling her seat warming. She said, “Oh Philly these seats feel so nice, I love the warmth I’m feeling.” I finally had a reason to be thankful that I’d opted for the seat warmers when I ordered my car. It was a short drive of maybe 10 minutes or so to Lancer’s Pub at the Holiday Inn and Connie used every minute to flirt with me as often as she could. While we were stopped at a red light she again slid her hand over on top of the shift lever and slowly stroked it as if it were an erect cock. Sliding her hand down the metal shaft to the leather boot that covered the base and then back up again to run her hand over the knob at the top. She smiled at me and said, “I love the feel of your big shifter.” I figured I’d follow her lead and said, “Well Connie if you keep that up it’s going to need servicing very soon.” I wondered if she had noticed the other big shifter between my legs that had begun to grow yet. As we pulled into the lot at the Holiday Inn Connie said, “We’re going to have such a good time tonight; I’m really enjoying your company so far.” I pulled into a space at the far end of the lot thinking maybe later we’d want the privacy of not being in the middle of the lot. Jumping out of the car I hurried around so I could open her door. I wanted to get another good look at her legs as she got out of my car and I wasn’t disappointed. As I took her hand she slid one leg out and let her dress open even further in the front. The creamy skin above her stocking was exposed and she again made no effort to cover her leg to my view. As Connie stood up she leaned close to me and said, “My butt is so warm I love those heated seats.” I jumped at the chance to get a verbal flirt in on this sexy lady and said, “Connie your butt is beyond warm, it’s down right hot.” She giggled and gave me a quick hug saying, “So Philly, let me see you think I’m vibrant, exciting and I have a hot ass too?” “Very hot,” was my reply. Offering her my arm we strolled toward the entrance to Lancer’s Pub. I was beginning to really enjoy touching Connie and it seemed she was enjoying our physical contact also. As we stepped inside we were greeted by one of the clubs bouncers. He said, “Evening folks welcome to Lancer’s.” I could see his eyes doing the once over of Connie’s sexy body even though it was covered by her waist length jacket. She smiled at him and asked, “Where’s the ladies room darlin?” He pointed down the side hall showing her the direction to the ladies room. Connie said, “Philly why don’t you see if you can grab a table while I make a quick stop in the ladies room?” “You sure you don’t want me to wait here,” I replied. She answered, “No thank I’ll find you in a couple minutes. But can you take my jacket with you please?” As she slipped the jacket off her nipples showed nicely through the material of her dress. Connie handed me the jacket and I jumped at the chance to flirt with her saying, “You cold, or just happy to be here with me?”Connie’s quick wit supplied her with an instant reply, “A little of both, maybe you could have a chest warmer installed in your car to go with the butt warming seats.” The bouncer heard this and got a confused expression on his face, but he was clearly enjoying the view also. Connie turned and began walking toward the ladies room and I just stood there for a second watching her move. She was walking like she wanted to seduce one or both the men who were enjoying the view. The bouncer leaned over to me and said, “I’ll watch which table you grab dude, and point her in the right direction when she comes back.”I thanked him and turned to find a table. Lancer’s Pub was, the spot for happy hour since the drinks were reasonable and the free buffet was above average for a nightclub trying to get people in early in the evening. Most of the smaller tables in the center of the room were taken so I had to settle for a booth along the sidewall of the room. I slid into the booth and laid our jackets beside me. A cute little waitress appeared almost instantly and asked what I wanted to drink. I said, “I’m waiting for someone can you stop back when she gets here?” She answered “Sure no problem,” and walked off. It didn’t take long before I saw Connie standing in the doorway beside the bouncer. She was smiling at him and appeared to be listening to him intently. I thought, you idiot, he’s making a pass at her and you’re stuck all the way over here. I should have waited by the door for her to return from the ladies room. After a few seconds, Connie again smiled at him and I saw she was saying something to him. He nodded and pointed other’s me. As she followed his finger she saw where I was and her smile broadened as she started walking toward our booth. iskenderun escort Her hair bounced as she walked as did her lovely breasts. That split in the front of her dress opened with each forward step exposing her knee and a little of her thigh. When she got close enough to speak to me she said, “Philly, a booth how romantic.” She reached beside me and grabbed both jackets and put them on the seat across from me, and then sat down beside me sliding in till our thighs were almost touching. She slid her hand under my arm and leaned against me saying, “Booths are so nice for snuggling.” I agreed and said, “Glad you like it.” I again smelled the lovely fragrance of her perfume and noticed that she had applied some lip-gloss that almost matched the color of her dress. I smiled and looking into her eyes said, “You look absolutely fabulous.” Her smile acknowledged the compliment as I continued saying, “And you smell incredible!” Her smile broadened as she said, “Do you like my perfume?” “It’s intoxicating,” I replied. Connie leaned closer yet to me and let me inhale her scent before she said, “I love it when a man pays me compliments.” I made a mental note of that and inhaled deeply taking in the sweet scent again before I said, “I might not need any drinks to get intoxicated tonight.” She snuggled a little closer as the waitress returned. “Are you two ready for a drink?” the waitress asked. Connie smiled at her and ordered a white wine spritzer. I decided on a gin and tonic with a twist. She turned and headed off toward the bar without saying a word. I looked over at Connie again and asked, “You hungry?” “A little, but let’s have a drink first and relax.” First dates are always a little uncomfortable but Connie and I had known each long enough that I felt like I could be more forward than usual for a first date. I kept the conversation about her and how elegant she looked in her new dress. She told me, “As soon as I saw it I knew I’d love wearing it.” “The material feels so good against my skin; go ahead touch it and see what I mean,” She said. I instantly had a huge dilemma. The dress had short sleeves so I couldn’t touch it against her forearm, I could put my hand on her shoulder or the top of her back to feel the material but then I’d have to let go of her arm. Instead, I slipped my hand under the table and placed it on her thigh. I slowly moved it back and forth letting the material slid under my palm.”It feels elegant and very sexy,” I said. Connie didn’t try to remove my hand but instead leaned tighter against me and lifted her thigh putting more pressure against my hand. My eyes were glued to hers looking for any sign that she wanted me to stop. Nothing showed, and in fact, her expression gave me a sign that she wanted me to continue. As I massaged her thigh she moaned softly and said, “Hmm; that feels so good, I haven’t had a man touch me like that for so long.” The waitress returned with our drinks and I asked her to run a tab for us.She said, “Sure no problem.” and turned walking away to tend to her other tables. I kept my hand on Connie’s thigh and continued caressing it through the material of her dress. She slipped her hand under the table and let it rest on mine as I slowly slid my hand up and down on top of her thigh giving the flesh an occasional gentle squeeze. Connie’s hand slid off mine and she pulled the fabric of her dress to the side and from under my hand. She pressed her silk covered thigh up against my hand and I continued my gentle caress along the top of her leg. The silk felt incredible under my palm, and as I continued Connie turned her head and whispered in my ear, “Go higher Philly, touch my skin please.” I let my hand venture upwards along the top of her thigh until I reached the lace hem at the top of her stocking. Her hand again slid over the top of mine and she directed it to where she wanted me to touch her. After slowly sliding the length of her thigh several times she stopped me at the top of her stocking. I pivoted my wrist and let my fingertips slide between her thighs. I felt her legs spread some as she again moaned softly in my ear. “Oh god that feels so wonderful, please don’t stop.” I wasn’t about to stop and in fact, I moved my hand higher on her leg until my pinky finger was resting against the material that covered her pussy. I had to know if she shaved so I slipped my finger under the material and slid it up. It was completely shaved and I turned slightly to her and whispered, “I love shaved pussy.” I’m not sure if it was the words I whispered, the feel of my breath against her ear, or my finger sliding along her shaved pelvic mound but she moaned again and her body shuttered as I continued touching her so intimately. I let my finger slide down and over the hard button of her clitoris and she again moaned as my finger spread the lips of her pussy. I could feel the heat and moisture as my finger slipped inside. Connie moaned louder and leaned hard against me as my finger explored the hot flesh just inside her pussy. She whispered, “You’re driving me insane; I wish that was your tongue inside me.” I knew at that moment that before this night was over my tongue would be inside her. I withdrew my finger and slid my hand again down her thigh as I said, “I want you, Connie.” She turned to me and replied, “Oh god, I’ve wanted you since the day we met. I’ve fantasized about making love with you so often, but I wasn’t sure you were interested.” I leaned close to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. Connie moaned as our lips touched and she instinctively parted hers inviting my tongue, which I gladly gave her. I broke our kiss and said, “I’ve been interested since I first laid eyes on you.”My finger was still coated with the juice from inside her and I slowly slipped it between my lips and tasted her for the first time. She watched me intently as I sucked every drop off my finger and smiled when I said, “You taste incredible!” Connie still had her hand under the table and as she slowly placed it on my leg she said, “Philly we’re wasting time let’s finish our drinks and get out of here.” I smiled as I lifted my gin and tonic to my lips and took a huge gulp from the glass. In an instant, it was almost empty and Connie, giggled before she said, “I see you agree Philly.” I shook my head yes and said, “I couldn’t agree more Connie.” She took a sip or two of her wine and said, “Take me home Philly, take me home now.” I put a ten dollar bill on top of my glass and said, “Let’s go.” Connie slid out of the booth and I followed. As I helped her put on her jacket she tossed her long auburn locks to one side and looking at me said, “But what about the buffet?” I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “You’ll be my buffet tonight.” As we approached the bouncer he said, “Leaving already folks?” My response was, “Yep, got someplace I need to be and I don’t want to be late.” We exited Lancer’s Pub and I slipped my arm around Connie’s waist; pulled her against me as we walked toward my car. I opened the car door and held Connie’s hand as she slid into the seat. Rather than closing the door I leaned down and kissed her softly on the mouth. She responded by parting her lips slightly and offering me her tongue, which I gladly accepted. A moan escaped my throat as our tongues touched again. A more passionate kiss than the one we shared inside. The sweet scent of her perfume again filled my nostrils and the taste of her kiss was just as intoxicating. As I slid into the driver’s seat and started the car Connie said, “Philly my place is only a few miles from here.” I reminded her that her car was still at the mall and asked if she wanted to go back there first. Connie replied, “No we can worry about my car later, take me to my place now.” Connie told me her apartment is at the Wynnewood Apartments and asked if I knew where that was. I said, “Sure do.” I turned left out of the parking lot back onto Rt 12 and headed for Wynnewood. Connie leaned toward me and placed her hand on my leg. Her fingernails scratched at my thigh through the material of my slacks and sent a shiver down my spine to my groin. Her hand slipped between my thighs and found my growing erection. Stroking it slowly she said, “Hmmmmm… that feels so good, I love the feel of a hard cock in my hand.” Just as she began using her nails on the shaft of my erection I gunned the engine to make a yellow light. Connie giggled and said, “I hope you’re not in such a hurry when we get to my place.” “Not to worry, I will take my time there,” I replied. Wynnewood is an upscale apartment complex with a tenant clubhouse and a great pool. I was anxious to see how Connie had decorated her place. It only took a couple minutes to drive there and she gave me directions from the entrance to building R. Connie said, “Park in space twenty-three, that’s mine.” I glided the car into the space shut the engine off and opened my door. As I did Connie said, “Philly before we go inside I want to apologize. My place is a mess. If I’d known I was having company tonight I’d have cleaned up.” I smiled at her and replied, “I doubt that I’d have even noticed.” We strolled arm in arm to the entrance foyer of building R. Connie used her key card to unlock the door and we stepped inside. There were a few potted trees and a small sitting area in the lobby and the elevator door was directly across from the entrance. Connie pushed the call button and the doors silently opened. Once inside she pressed the button for the second floor and as the doors closed she turned to me and said, “I’ve dreamed of us making this elevator ride.” I leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth. She moaned and breaking our kiss said, “That was part of my dream.” The elevator came to a slow stop on the second floor and she took my hand in hers as we walked toward her apartment. “Here we are,” she said as we stopped in front of the door marked 23. Her hand trembled a little as she tried to slip the key into the lock. I put my hand on hers and we turned the key together. I held her hand as we stepped inside the dimly lit apartment and closed the door behind us. Connie placed her purse and keys on a small table just inside the door and reached above to flip a switch. A lamp on another small table at the end of the short entry hall came on. Still holding Connie’s hand I pulled her close to me and turned her around so her back was toward the door. She leaned back against the door as I kissed her. Our lips parted and once again our tongues met. The kiss intensified as our tongues tried to explore each other’s mouth. Connie moved her lips to my jaw and kissed me toward my ear. Once there she whispered, “Let’s get comfortable.” I leaned back and slowly slipped her jacket off her shoulders and lay it on a chair beside the small table where Connie had placed her purse. As I slipped my jacket off Connie slid past me and walked toward the living room. I dropped my jacket on top of hers and followed her into the living room. She walked around the end of the couch and end table pausing to turn on the unique hurricane lamp that was centered on the table. The bottom globe of the lamp lit and cast dim light across the living room. As she continued across the living room I could see that her place was immaculate. I couldn’t see a single thing that looked out of place and wondered why she thought she needed to make an apology for her place being a mess earlier. Connie continued to the far side of the living room where she flipped another switch. In a moment a gas fireplace ignited and bathed the space in warm light. In front of the fireplace, there was a white sheepskin rug and several large white pillows. Connie turned to me and as I walked toward her she said, “Welcome to my place Philly I hope you’ll feel comfortable here.” She took a step toward me and opened her arms inviting my hug. As I circled her body with my arms she pressed against me. Our parted lips touched as her tongue darted out toward my mouth. I sucked gently on her tongue for a second and then opened my mouth wider pressing my tongue against hers. Connie moaned deeply into my mouth as I began to explore her body with my hands. Slowly my hands slide down her back; when they reached her waist I pulled her hips against mine and pressed my hardening cock against her. She moaned again as she felt my erection against her pelvic mound. Sliding my hands up her back and under her long flowing auburn hair to her neck I took two handfuls of hair and tilted her head from side to side as our tongues continued their exploration of each other’s oral cavities. Releasing my grasp on her hair I slid my hands between us and moved them up to cup her ample tits. She moaned again as her hand slid down my chest and found my now fully erect cock. Breaking our kiss Connie said, “God I’m so hot, I want you so badly.” I moaned as her hand began stroking my cock through the material of my slacks. Moving my hands down I found the end of the material that tied her dress in front and pulled. The knot opened and her dress fell away from the front of her sensuous body. Her eyes sparkled in the dim firelight and the cream colored skin of her breasts invited my lips. She slid her hands up my chest and untied my necktie and pulled it from around my neck. Ever so slowly she began unbuttoning my shirt. Her fingertips touched the bare skin of my chest and sent a shiver down my spine. As she worked her way down skillfully unbuttoning my shirt I gazed at her body. Her tits strained at the material of her bra and the deep cleavage between her tits heaved as she breathed. The black lace trim of her bra contrast with the creamy colored skin. Her hips flared slightly and she wore a matching thong. Her legs are perfectly shaped and the silk thigh highs she wore fit snuggly around her thighs. Her fingers had reached the last exposed button of my shirt as I complimented her saying, “Connie you are so beautiful, what an incredible body.” She just smiled as she tugged my shirt out from the top of my slacks. The final button came undone and Connie slowly slid her fingernails up my stomach and chest sending another shiver down my spine and into my groin. Her hands flattened at my shoulders and slowly slid my shirt off. I dropped my arms to allow the shirt to slid off and Connie tossed it toward the couch to her left. Placing my hands on her hips I again pulled her tight against my now naked chest and she pressed her tits against me. Her arms circled my neck and I could feel her erect nipples through the material of her bra. She kissed me deeply eliciting another deep sensual moan from my throat. My hands moved to her back under the material of her dress and down to her naked ass squeezing her butt cheeks and pulling her tighter against me. Connie broke our kiss and said, “I’m so hot, you’re hands are driving me insane.” My hands were in constant motion moving quickly from one part of her sexy body to another as I again kissed her. My lips moved from her mouth to her jaw and back to her ear. I whispered, “You turn me on so much, you feel so good, look so incredibly sexy, your perfume drives me insane.” My lips and tongue continued the exploration of her neck and down onto her chest. The soft skin of her tits felt so good against my mouth. I kissed and licked the heaving flesh of her cleavage and drove my tongue deeply between her tits. Sliding my hands up to her shoulders I slipped the material of her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. My hands moved to the clasp of her bra and expertly undid it releasing her full breasts from their confinement. Connie moaned deeply as my hands circled around and slid up under the material of her bra and onto her tits. She dropped her arms and I slowly peeled the bra off her and let it drop to the floor between us. Our eyes met for an instant and I could see a look of lust in hers that I’d never seen before. She wanted me, she wanted my touch, she wanted my scent, my taste, and I wanted all those from her. Connie’s breasts are perfectly formed. Full and sensual with perfectly round areola and matching dark hard nipples. I needed to feel those nipples between my lips and leaned forward lifting one tit and its nipple to my mouth. My tongue flicked at the hardness of her nipple and she moaned deeply as my tongue made contact with it for the first time. Forming an “O” with my lips I sucked gently on Connie’s erect nipple and flicked the tip of my tongue against it. Her hands slid up to my head and pushed my mouth harder against her tit. She moaned deeply and said, “I love that please please don’t stop.” My hands cupped her full tits and lifted them slightly as she guided my head from one nipple to the other allowing me to pleasure her with my mouth tongue and teeth. When I gently bit on her hard nipple she squealed in delight and pushed my mouth against the hardness of her erect nipple. Using the thumb and forefinger I rolled one nipple between them as I suckled on the other. Her breath started coming in short gasps as my mouth moved from one nipple to the other and my fingers roll and pinched the one my mouth wasn’t kissing and sucking. Connie moaned deeply as my lips moved between her luscious tits and kissed deep into her cleavage. She whispered, “You’re driving me crazy, bite them harder.” I used my teeth to sc**** across one nipple making her shudder with delight. I wanted more of her; more of the taste I had licked off my finger at Lancer’s Pub. Very slowly I began kissing downward toward my ultimate goal. As my lips reached the top of the triangle of material covering her pussy she again moaned knowing where my lips were headed. She thrust her hips forward inviting and encouraging me to continue down. My lips kissed along the edge of that triangle as my hands slid up and down along the back of her incredibly shapely legs. Once I had kissed around the edge of her thong a time or two I slid my hands up to her hips and hooked a finger on each side of her thong. As my fingers began sliding the thong from her hips she said, “Yes, I want you to eat me.” Connie’s thong slipped off and slid down her long silk covered legs until it was nothing more than a wisp of black lace around her ankles. As I held it there she lifted one foot and then the other to allow me to slid it over her heels. I looked up at her face as I tossed the thong aside and our eyes met again. She wanted my mouth on her pussy, my tongue licking her clit. I whispered to her, “Sit on my face baby.” Her reply was only one word, “YES” She moved one foot to the side allowing me to lay down on the white sheepskin run directly in front of the fireplace. A step or two forward and she was straddling my shoulders. I ran my hands up her legs as far as I could reach and kept them there as she slowly lowered herself toward my waiting lips and tongue. Her shaven pussy glistened in the dim firelight as she bent at the knees to crouch just above my mouth. I lifted my head from the soft rug and licked along the length of her pussy lips. She gasped then moaned as my tongue touched her; lowering her pussy another inch or two allowed me to slip my tongue between the lips and barely inside. My tongue slid forward and when it reached the hard extended flesh of her clit I licked over and around it. Connie moaned deeply as my tongue circled her clit. Her juices began to flow freely and I happily licked and sucked at her pussy and clit drinking the sweet nectar it was producing. Connie moaned over and over again as my oral pleasures began taking control of her body. She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet sliding her pussy on my mouth as she did. Her body trembled as my tongue entered her and juice flowed over it and into my mouth. My hands slid up her bent legs to the tops of her thighs pulling her down closer to my mouth. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the floor on either side of my head as she moved from her crouched position to all fours. Once her knees sank into the soft fur of the rug she straighten up and slid her hands up her body to cup both tits. Her palms slid over her hard nipples as she whispered, Oh god Philly, yes please eat me, fuck me with your tongue.” I slowly inserted my tongue between the now swollen lips of her soaking wet pussy and began licking and sucking on it harder and deeper than before. She squealed each time I moved my tongue inside and groaned deeply when I slipped out to lick and suck her clit. Connie began rocking her pelvis sliding her pussy against my face. She ground her clit against my mustache as my tongue worked its magic inside her. I was able to watch her caress her tits and nipples. Slowly Connie increased the tempo of her rocking and I knew she was beginning the short climb to what I wanted to be an incredible orgasm. Her pussy began flowing even harder and juice ran out of her and coated my mouth and cheeks. Her breathing started coming in shorter and shorter gasps as her orgasm approached. She moaned deeply as it began and squealed, “Oh my god I’m cumming Phill… the sexual pleasure cutting off her word. She pressed her pussy harder against my face as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her. Yes, Yes, Yes… she screamed as her orgasm peaked. Her pelvis twitched and juices ran from inside her and into my mouth as she rode my face. I drank every drop of her sweet nectar as it flowed into my mouth. She moaned over and over as her orgasm began to subside and finally leaned forward again placing her hands on the rug so she could slide her clit across my extended tongue. As Connie returned to her senses she said, “Philly you’re such an incredible oral lover. I came so hard baby. I can’t wait to feel your cock deep inside me.” Connie lifted one leg and slid down along side me snuggling into my reclined body. My hands now free to move instantly went to her face and I pulled her mouth to mine to kiss her and share the taste of her pussy still coating my lips. She happily kissed and licked her juices from me and drove her tongue deep into my mouth. Her hand slid across my chest and she used her nails to entice my nipples. We kissed deeply for a long time as she massaged my chest and stomach. Her fingers slid down and when they reached the waist of my slacks she whispered, “These have to go, right now.” With one hand she undid my belt and the button holding the waistband together. As she moved to kneel beside me her hand lowered the zipper of my slacks; slid inside and found my rock hard escort iskenderun cock. I kicked off my shoes and lifted my hips as Connie slid my slacks down my thighs. In an instant, they were tossed aside and she returned her hand to massage my erection through the material of my jockey shorts. Moving between my legs she hooked a finger on each side of the elastic waist- band and pulled it slowly down. My cock sprung up at attention as she hooked the waistband under my balls. Her hand moved to the shaft and she slowly stroked upward to the head. She grasped it like she had the shifter in my car earlier and said, “I like this shifter so much better, Philly.” I smiled and moaned as she stroked down the length of my erection and ran her fingernails over my scrotum. Slipping her hands around to my back she finished sliding my jockeys off my hips and down toward my knees. She moved down toward my ankles as my jockey shorts finished their short trip to my ankles and they were tossed across the room to join my slacks somewhere. Kneeling between my legs she looked up at my face and said, “Relax and enjoy the show.” Her fingernails ran the length of my legs first bringing goose bumps to the surface of the skin along my thighs. As she leaned forward to reach the top of my thighs she shook her head and let her hair fall around and down toward my rock hard cock. The feeling of her hair brushing against my cock made me shudder and my erection twitched as the pleasure of that feeling hit me. Leaning further down she began swaying side to side letting her hair slid across my erection and balls and onto my thighs. I was going crazy and she knew it. I moaned deeply as she brought one hand up and grabbed a handful of hair and brought it to my cock. Connie slowly began stroking me with her hair and I gasped as she moved her hand up and down on my erection. Her lustful eyes kept constant contact with mine as she continued this hair covered hand job. She whispered, “Do you like the feel of my hair around your cock?” already knowing the answer. I could only respond, “Oh baby it feels like…” searching for the perfect way to describe the feeling I paused and then it came to me, “It feels like angel hair Connie.” Connie giggled and said, “Well, this angel’s hair is nothing compared to her devilish little mouth.” With that, she released her grip on my cock and flipped her hair to one side lowering her mouth toward my bulging erection. Her hair cascaded along one of my thighs as her mouth moved downward toward the base of my cock.Once she had reached the base she lightly blew on my balls through pursed lips. Her hot breath trailed up the shaft until she was blowing on the swollen head of my cock. Her eyes met mine as she grinned, parted her lips and extended her tongue. The tip touched my cock for the first time and it instinctively twitched away from her mouth. Connie brought one hand up and grasped my hard on and pulled it back toward her waiting tongue. She slowly licked around the head and down the underside of the shaft moistening it with her saliva. Her tongue made its way back up the length of my cock and a string of saliva pulled from the tip of my cock up to the tip of her tongue. As she moved her mouth up away from the head and the saliva string broke she whispered, “Are you ready for this?” I instantly responded, “Oh god YES!” Her eyes took on that lustful look again as she parted her lips and slowly lowered her mouth around the deep purple colored head of my cock. Connie closed her lips around the head and she sucked it softly while stroking up and down on it with her mouth and tongue. She kept constant eye contact with me and ever so slowly took more of the shaft inside giving her oral cavity time to adjust to its size. As she approached the bottom of its length I felt it bumping against the back of her mouth and into her throat. She relaxed her throat muscles and pressed the head deep into her throat. She swallowed causing her muscles to tighten around it. Holding my cock deep in her throat for a moment she allowed her muscles to relax again and withdrew it from her mouth making an Awwwww sound as it popped from her mouth. Connie smiled at me and said. “I love the feel of your cock in my throat.” I said, “I love the feel too.” Having discovered that she could handle its size Connie began taking its full length into her mouth each time allowing her throat to accept the swollen head. She alternated deep throat strokes with tongue licking strokes along the shaft; pursed her lips and slid them along the bottom tickling my urethra and then would again open her mouth wide to plunge it to the depths of her throat. She is an incredible cock sucker and playfully gave me the best blowjob of my life. Connie had total control of every muscle in her oral cavity and throat and knew how to use them to give me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. As Connie continued pleasing me with her expert oral talents I slid my hands down toward her mouth. I used one to grab a handful of her long auburn locks and with the other, I grasped my erection. As I guided her mouth over my cock and scrotum Connie took one ball between her lips and sucked it. She made sensual sounds while she pleased me orally and at one point she withdrew me from her mouth and slid her tongue over her lower lip allowing me to slap my cock against her tongue. As much as I would have loved to let her bring me to an explosive orgasm I wanted more to experience the feeling of driving my cock deep into her steamy wet pussy. Pulling her mouth from my cock I looked into her eyes and said, “I wanna fuck you!” Her reply was, “Oh yes, fuck me, baby, fuck me silly.” She slowly moved up my body and stopped to slip my saliva coated cock between her tits and stroke it there a few times. Connie could tell from my expression that while I loved the feel of being engulfed by her soft tits I wanted it inside her pussy even more. As she moved up my body every nerve ending felt her touch. I was intoxicated with her and had to have her now. Her mouth came to mine and we kissed passionately, our tongues performing a dance of lust between our lips. As we kissed I rolled her over onto her back. She slid her hands up and pulled her hair out from under her and let it fall seductively framing her face. She looked into my eyes and whispered, “Take me; I want you inside me now.” I moved between her thighs as Connie spread her legs and lifted her hips to meet my first thrust. My cock was poised just outside her swollen dripping wet pussy. I pressed it against her lips and she moaned deeply, passionately as it made contact. She again said, Now Philly inside me NOW!” I pressed forward and it slipped between the warmth of her pussy’s lips. She was boiling hot, soaking wet and aching for the full length of my rock hard erection. I couldn’t control myself and with one slow thrust buried myself deep inside her. We moaned in unison as the feeling of being so intimately joined finally happened. Her pussy fit perfectly around my cock filling her but not stretching her. Connie arched her back and thrust her hips up to meet my next thrust into her. As I began slowly fucking her she squealed with pleasure and whispered, “Yes, god yes fuck me fuck me, slow baby.” I withdrew very, slowly until the head of my cock was resting just inside her. Then thrust back to the steamy depths of her. Her hips moved in perfect timing to my thrust opening her pussy to accept my length and the squeezing it with her internal muscles. Each time I pulled back Connie would moan and beg me to fill her again. We were fucking in slow motion and loving every second of it. I lowered my head and our open mouths met again. Our tongues searching out one another to dance a slow passionate oral dance while we fucked, she tasted so good. Passionate sensual groans escaped our throats as we made love for the first time. I lowered my body onto hers and the soft cushion of her tits. She bit at my ear before she whispered, “God this is so fucking incredible; you feel so good inside me, I feel every inch of you inside me.” As Connie whispered that in my ear I thrust into her again a little faster and a little harder. She let out a slow “ohhhhhhhhh” as my cock buried its self deep in her searing cunt. My thrusts became quicker and harder with every stroke. I could feel her pussy becoming more swollen as it grasped at my erection each time it plunged into her. Connie started moving her head from side to side as she began the slow climb toward the pinnacle of passion. She moaned deeply in my ear and said, Yes baby, fuck me make me cum.” Her encouragement only made me fuck her faster and harder as I reached a point where I was slamming into her like a wild a****l. She cried out, “YESSSSSS I’m cumming” as her orgasm began. Connie reached up and dug her fingernails into the flesh of my back. Her pussy flooded with juices bathing my erection with her hot cum. Our fucking took on a splashing sound as I continued slamming my cock into her. She clawed at my back as she rode the waves of pleasure my cock was giving her. I wanted to cum with her and my fucking took on an urgency as I began to feel the sperm boil inside my balls. Connie felt my cock swell to orgasmic size and she begged me, “Cum with me, shoot your hot fucking cum deep inside me.” I slammed my cock into her like a well-oiled piston as my own orgasm approached. “Oh fuck baby I’m cumming,” I exclaimed as I felt my juices rushing toward the tip of my cock. Connie tightened her muscles around it as the first stream of sticky cum shot from me and hit against her cervix. A deep throaty moan escaped her as she felt the heat of my sperm shoot into her. Her own orgasm was heightened by the flood of cum I produced for her. With one final mighty thrust, I reached the very depth of Connie’s pussy and I froze as my cock spewed stream after stream of hot sticky cum. Our juices mixed and bathed us with their volume. I had never cum harder in my life and moaned with pleasure as the final drops were expelled inside her. After what felt like an eternity of sexual bliss our mutual orgasm began to finally subside and we both felt the glow of total satisfaction from our lovemaking. Connie reached up and pulled me down onto her body. Our mouths met again and we kissed deeply, passionately. Our tongues matching move for move. Our sweaty bodies mashed together. Her hands ran up and down my back. She cooed softly in my ear as she began to relax. As my cock slid out of her flooded sex tunnel she moaned and said, “Philly that was the best fuck I’ve ever felt; please fuck me again.” I kissed her deeply on the mouth and whispered in her ear, “I’ll make love with you all night.” She smiled and said, Let’s clean up and you can take me to bed.” I slid off her to one side and my free hand instantly went to her tits. Caressing and pinching them softly and leaning down to kiss her nipples. She ran her fingernails through my hair and over my shoulder as I playfully teased her tits. Kissing me softly she asked, “You hungry?” I actually was a little hungry not having eaten anything since early that morning. I said, “I could eat a little something.” She smiled and said, “Tell ya what, I have some fresh fruit in the kitchen. Why don’t you go make us a fruit plate while I freshen up a little. I’ll meet you in the bed room in a few minutes.” “Ok, but can I please use your bathroom first?” I asked.”Sure,” Connie replied as she began to sit up and pointed toward the hall. “It’s the first door on the left.” I helped her up off the soft sheepskin rug and followed her toward the hall. Still wearing her heels and silk stockings I happily watched as she walked down the hall. Her ass looked even more sensational naked than covered by slacks or a dress which I had studied intently so many times as I watched her walk in the mall. Connie walked past the first door on the left and to the door at the end of the hall. As she flipped her long auburn hair over one shoulder she looked over her other shoulder and smiled saying, “See you in a few.” I opened the door to the bathroom and quickly washed my hands and splashed some water on my face. Grabbing a large fluffy bath towel I dried my face and hands and then wrapped the towel around my waist. As I walked back into the hall I noticed the door to her bedroom was closed and I couldn’t hear any sounds coming from the room. I walked to her kitchen and found a large bowl of fresh fruit on the table. Opening the cabinets until I found the one with plates I took a large dinner plate off the shelf and began selecting fruit I thought we could use as finger food. I grabbed a small bunch of g****s, half a dozen strawberries, a handful of blueberries and two bananas. I found a knife and sliced an apple into wedges and placed a white cloth napkin over the whole plate. Opening the refrigerator I found an uncorked bottle of white wine. I had spotted Connie’s wine glasses while I was looking for a plate so I grabbed two and tried to figure how I would carry all this to her bedroom. Somehow I managed to balance it all in one hand and I slowly walked toward her room. Reaching the door I knocked softly, then pushed it open. As I stepped into her room and closed the door I felt like I had just walked into a Better Homes and Gardens picture. The room was aglow with soft candlelight. Connie had placed several large jar candles expertly around the room so that every corner was lighted. Along one wall was a large bureau with an ornately framed mirror attached to the back. At each end were two large potted plants. In the corner to my right was a large white overstuffed chair with a matching ottoman. D****d over the back of the chair was what looked like a handmade quilt. Directly across the room from the door was the centerpiece. A large four post canopy bed with a very fluffy comforter and too many pillows to count The white canopy had lace fringes that extended half way down the posts at the corners. On each side stood matching night table with a jar candle centered on each. The bed looked so inviting. At the bottom of the bed was a beautiful Lane hope chest. It was a beautiful bedroom and I imagined Connie sent hours decorating it not to mention a ton of money. I placed the plate of fruit on one of the night tables, folded the cloth napkin and set the wine bottle on it so as not to mar the finish of Connie’s furniture. As I turned from the table I ran my hand over the comforter and was amazed at how soft it felt. Only one thing was missing from this beautiful setting of a bedroom. Connie was nowhere in sight. It was then that I noticed light shining under a door in the far corner beside the dresser. So it was a two bath apartment. Connie was in the master bath still freshening up. “Connie?” I said just to let her know I was in the room. She responded, “I’ll just be a minute Philly, make yourself comfortable.” I figured I’d try that overstuffed chair so I walked over and sat down. It was very comfortable and I could imagine falling asleep with my feet resting on the ottoman. No sooner had I settled back into the chair when I heard the light switch flip and the light at the bottom of the bathroom door went out. The door slowly opened and Connie stepped into the room. She looked incredible. Her hair had been brushed out and was even longer and straighter than I’d ever seen it. She was wearing a black baby doll nightie and had removed her stockings and slipped into a pair of heeled open back sandals with fluffy fur across the front over her toes. The neckline of her nightie plunged deep between her tits and revealed almost all of her cleavage. Even in the soft candlelight, I could see her erect nipples straining against the fabric. Two spaghetti straps held the garment on her shoulders. Connie did a pirouette to show me the back. The straps ran down her back and attached just below the bottom of her hair. As she turned again to face me I said, “You look so beautiful, come over here,” Patting my lap. She walked across the room with the stride and expression of pure seduction. Her eyes sparkled in the soft candlelight and her lips shimmered with a fresh coat of lip-gloss. As she came within reach I lifted my arm from the chair and took her hand.She happily turned and slid into my lap lifting her legs and crossing them over the overstuffed arm of the comfortable chair. My arm went around her back as she settled into my lap. Leaning forward I kissed her lightly on the mouth, a gentle kiss without using my tongue. My free hand slid up and down her long shapely legs barely making contact with her flesh. Her skin was as smooth and silky as the stockings she had worn earlier. As our kiss intensified Connie parted her lips and extended the tip of her tongue. As I softly sucked her tongue a sensual moan escaped her throat. My hand moved from her soft smooth thigh up to her tits and I rolled one nipple between my thumb and index finger causing her to gasp and break our kiss. “God I love the way you play with my nipples, Philly,” Connie whispered. Sliding my hand across her cleavage I dipped my fingers between her ample breasts and under the material that covered them. My fingers again found a rock hard nipple and I rolled this one a little harder then the first. Connie threw her head back and moaned as my fingers teased her nipple. Leaning a little forward I took the other nipple between my lips and suckled it through the fabric of her nightie. Her hand slid behind my head and pressed my mouth tighter against her erect nipple. I sucked it, licked it, and bit gently on it through the sheer material. I released my finger hold on the other nipple and slid my hand back across her chest to pull the fabric covering her tit aside. My lips let the material slip through them and as her nipple became exposed I clamped down on it with my mouth and sucked it very hard. Connie moaned with delight as my tongue worked its magic on her hard nipple. I released it from my lip lock only long enough to look into her eyes and say, “I love the feel of your nipples between my lips. I could suckle them for hours.” Connie replied, “We have hours and hours, don’t stop I love how it feels. Be as rough as you want with them.” I wanted to give both tits the same attention and I said, “Baby turn and face me so I can reach the other one.” Connie slid from my lap and stood to face me. She slowly pulled the material of her nightie aside and slid her hands up and across her tits, saying, “You like my tits Philly?” “Like them, I love them,” I replied. Reaching for her hips I pulled her toward me. She slid one knee on either side of my thighs and slid onto my lap again. As she settled in her fingers pinched both nipples very hard and she tilted her head back shaking her long auburn hair. My mouth went to one nipple as her fingers slid from the hard tip across my face and behind my head. Forming an “O” with my lips I sucked gently on this erect beauty. Her hand pulled my head tighter against it and as she did I opened my lips wide and took the entire nipple in my mouth. My teeth clamped down on it and I bit harder than before. Connie moaned in pleasure and looking down at my face said, “That’s it, baby, harder bite it harder!” I increased the pressure of my teeth and she squealed in pleasure again throwing her head back as she did. My hands were all over her tits cupping them, lifting them and squeezing them. I wondered to myself how much pressure from my teeth it would take before Connie’s pleasure changed to pain and she begged me to stop. I’d find out soon enough. I bit hard on one nipple as I pinched the other harder between two fingers. Connie moaned and said, “That’s it baby hurt them.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Connie wanted me to treat her tits even rougher. It wouldn’t be much longer before my teeth broke her skin and I’d draw blood. Instead, I switched my mouth to the other nipple and brought my fingers up to the one that in my mind I’d just about bitten off. As I bit down hard on the second nipple Connie slid her hands up to the back of the chair and pressed her chest firmly against my mouth. She again squealed in pleasure as my teeth, lips, and tongue worked over her nipple. With it firmly between my teeth, I flicked my tongue at it from behind. Connie moaned very deeply before she said, “Don’t stop, I love that feeling.” I continued my biting flicking technique not so much because it pleased her so, but because I didn’t have to bite so hard to drive her crazy. Connie moaned over and over again as my teeth and tongue worked their magic on her nipples. She said, “Don’t stop, you’re driving me crazy.” I didn’t have to wait long to discover why Connie loved having her nipples worked over so completely.She squealed again and said, “Oh yes Philly, that’s it your gonna make me cum baby.” Cum? I’d heard of some women who could actually be brought to orgasm by having their nipples stimulated, but I’d always thought of those stories as some urban legend or some guy spouting off about his sexual prowess.The thought of taking her to orgasm by stimulating her nipples encouraged me to continue my oral assault on her tits. Connie crushed her breasts against my face as she began making almost inaudible sounds from deep in her throat. “Hmmmm.. Awwwww. Ohhhh.. Ahhhhh” Connie mumbled as she placed her lips against the top of my head. My teeth lips tongue and fingers worked feverishly on her as she raced toward this incredible orgasm. Then it hit her. She screamed, “Oh my fucking god, I’m cumming Yesssssssssssss” her voice trailing the “S” sound of the last word. Her arms wrapped around my head and she started moving her tits from side to side as she rode the pleasures of this orgasm. She’d cum fast and hard and the ride down from the peak of sexual pleasure was almost as fast. Without ever touching her pussy or clitoris she’d actually experienced an incredible orgasm. I released my oral grip on her nipples and let my hands slide down to her waist. The muscles inside my mouth ached from the build up of lactic acid. It hurt to smile but I found a way. Connie looked into my eyes as she collapsed against me kissing quickly all over my face. Her nipples were harder than rock, her breasts seemed to have swollen and their firm mounds pressed against my chest. She slid them side to side against the hair on my chest. Finally, she caught her breath and whispered in my ear, “Jesus Philly that was absolutely incredible. You’re only the second man iskenderun escort bayan who has ever taken the time to make me cum like that, and this time I knew what to expect” “Connie,” I said, “I’m a believer in long periods of sexual foreplay. I love taking you to that kind of arousal.” I asked her, “Do you know why it’s called foreplay?” She grinned and said, “No why babe.”I responded saying, “Cause if done properly it should take for ever.” She giggled and said, “We’re going to have a lot of good times. I love hours of foreplay.” I kissed her softly on the mouth and asked, “You ready for some fruit?” Her reply was, “I sure am, cumming like that always makes me hungry. I’d love some fruit as an appetizer then I want you as the main course”I giggled at the thought of her having my cock as her main course. Connie leaned back and pulled the fabric of her nightie over her tits and slid off my lap. She stood up and offered me both her hands as I got up from the big comfy chair. She turned and walked over to the night stand to see what goodies I had brought from her kitchen. Popping a g**** in her mouth she said, “Hmmmmm tastes very sweet.” Connie was standing beside the very romantic looking bed, and I was pleasantly surprised when she turned down the fluffy white comforter to reveal very pale blue satin sheets and two matching pillows. I ran my hand over the sheets and said, “Oh wow, satin sheets, one of my three favorite fabrics.” Connie asked, “And the other two are?” “Silk and lace of course!” was my response. Connie giggled and said, “You’re such a romantic. I’d have expected a shoe salesman to have leather among his favorite fabrics.” I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Leather has its place, but not in this bedroom.” “You’d be surprised at what may have a place in this bedroom Philly,” Connie said. Connie sat down on the edge of her bed. She slipped off her shoes and scooted back across the bed. Leaning down on one elbow she smiled and patted the mattress inviting me to join her. I slid the plate of fruit across and between us as I joined her on her satin alter of pleasure. Leaning on my elbow I lifted a strawberry to her lips. Connie parted her lips accepting the fruit and extended her tongue to lick at the tip. She took a small bite from the juicy berry and after chewing it once or twice licked her lips seductively. She said, “Hmmm, those are so sweet and juicy.” Taking the berry from me she slowly rubbed it on my lips giving it a squeeze to extract some of the sweet strawberry flavor on my lips. Connie quickly leaned over and kissed me, licking at the fruit juice she and just deposited on my lips. I moaned as her tongue and lips cleaned my mouth and our kiss became more intense. Connie said, “I love sharing tastes with my lovers.” As she took the remainder of the berry between her lips and chewed it. She kissed me again opening her mouth to share the strawberry with me. She was seducing me all over again and I said, “Do you know how sexy you are?” “Tell me, Philly, how sexy am I?” She, replied, “Tell me how much you want to fuck me again!” I told Connie, “You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.” “My cock gets hard when I think about fuckin your sweet hot pussy.” Connie cooed sexily before she said, “I love when a man talks dirty to me!”I smiled and took another strawberry. This time I took a bite off the end. I squeezed the berry to bring the juices to the tip. I brushed the fabric of Connie’s nightie away from one breast and touched the tip of the berry to her hard nipple. Connie gasped and said, “Ouch that stings a little.” I hadn’t realized the citric acid in the berry would sting when it touched her somewhat raw nipple. I said, “Oh god Connie, I’m sorry.” As I leaned forward to lick the fruity acid from her nipple. She groaned and said, “That feels so much better. You can lick my nipples all night if you want.” Smiling at her I said, “I intend to lick your nipples and a whole lot more.” I grabbed a few g****s and popped them in my mouth. “Would you like some wine, Connie?” I asked after swallowing the g****s. “I’d love some,” Connie replied. As I reached for the glasses and the open bottle of wine Connie touched my arm. She said, “Just hand me the bottle, I don’t need a glass.” Handing her the wine bottle she took a healthy swig and passed it to me. I did the same and returned it to the side table. The entire time we were talking and snacking on the fruit plate Connie kept sliding her legs around on the satin sheets. She’d occasionally slid her hand across the bed to touch me or just run her fingers over the material we were laying on. Every move was seductive; I watched every movement and wondered if I was taking too long to get back to our foreplay and lovemaking.I picked up a banana and peeled it taking a large bite as she watched me. Connie giggled and said, “Philly who ever taught you how to eat a banana?” “I think I learned that on my own,” I replied wondering where she was going with this. She smiled at me and said, “Let me show you the proper way to eat a banana.” Picking up the other one she peeled it slowly, placing the peel back on the plate. I finished my fruit and set the plate back over on the nightstand and rolled back over propped my head on my hand and said, “Ok, teach me.” Connie lay back placing her head on one soft pale blue satin pillow and using her free hand spread her hair around to frame her gorgeous face. She lifted the banana to her mouth with her right hand and extending her tongue licked along its length. Parting her lips she let the fruit slip between them. Her shimmering lips formed a perfect circle around it and she took her hand from it. The banana extended up from her mouth and curved down toward her feet. I watched intently as she loosened her lips grip on it and it started to slide inside her mouth. I said, “Wow what an incredible sight.” Ever so slowly the banana slid deeper into her mouth. Once she had taken half of it inside she tilted her head back a little, opened her mouth wider, and to my amazement, it started sliding deeper inside, her. Now a normal banana is about nine or ten inches long and she had at least 5 of those already in her mouth. I couldn’t see how she’d take the last five inches. “God Connie,” I said, “This is so hot.” I could see her throat muscles relax and she extended her lips and actually pulled the banana deeper inside her with them. Another inch or two disappeared into her mouth and I knew the tip was in her throat by now. The sound of her throaty moan was muffled by the elongated fruit. I encouraged her on saying, “Yes take it; you only have three inches left.” Her throat visibly bulged as the banana sunk deeper into her. I could see her swallow trying her best to take the entire length deep in her throat. Another inch slid inside. Connie was two inches from her goal. She hadn’t shown the slightest urge to gag as she swallowed this big yellow dildo. Her nostrils flared as she tried to get as much air into her lungs as possible around the fruit blocking her airways. She moved her lips forward and pulled the last inch inside her. I fully expected her to gag and maybe even throw up. But Connie held the banana there for several seconds. A tear welled up in the corner of her eye and ran down across her temple to her ear. She had actually taken the entire length of this firm banana deep in her throat. I said, “My god Connie you did it! You took the whole thing. She tried to smile but that wasn’t possible. Her hand came up to grab the butt end of the banana sticking out of her mouth and she slowly began withdrawing it from her throat. Inch by inch the fruit reappeared from her throat. As the last inch slid from her the sound, “Ahhhhh. Escaped her throat. A deep breath sucked into her lungs as she recovered from her self-induced fruity oral deep throating. Connie licked the end of the banana as she held it just above her mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she opened her mouth wide again. Was she was going to do it again I asked myself. Sure enough, she put that big fruity dildo in her mouth again. It slid in easily about three inches. She smiled as her teeth bit into the fruit and she grabbed the rest. Munching on the part she had bitten off she turned her head toward me and smiled widely. I said, “Fucking incredible, what a turn on.” She giggled and said, “Wanna try it, Philly?” “No way I’d be throwing up all over the place!” I responded.I asked her, “Why would you ever want to train yourself to do that?” “Isn’t obvious Philly?” she said. “That’s how I learned to deep throat cock so well.” “Speaking of deep throating cock.” “How about trying this banana on for size?” I said as I pulled the towel from my hips and my rock hard erection sprang forth. Connie smiled and said, “My throat is totally relaxed.” She got up on her knees and slowly peeled her nightie up and over her head. Her body looked incredible as she knelt there beside me. Placing her hand on my shoulder she pushed me back down so my head was resting on the other soft pillow. I looked up into her eyes and she stared into mine. I wanted that mouth and throat surrounding my hard on. I said, “Now Connie, suck my big banana now!” Her hands slid up her body and cupped her tits. She shook her head making her hair fly everywhere around her head as she mounted me 69. I wanted my cock in her mouth and her pussy on mine. Connie slowly slid on her knees back toward my face and I felt my rock hard erection slip between her tits. She pressed them together with her arms and titty fucked me for a second or two. As her pussy slid toward my face I could see that she was already dripping wet and I couldn’t wait another second to taste her sweet juices. I reached up and grabbed her hips pulling her the remaining few inches back toward my waiting mouth. Connie groaned loudly as my mouth clamped onto her pussy. She almost screamed, “Oh fuck, yes eat my hot pussy.” My mouth and tongue tore into her. It was then that I felt her hot breath on the head of my cock. And instant later the head was deep in her throat. Lubricated with the moisture of the banana she was able to take all of me in an instant. I groaned a deep throaty groan as her throat muscles tightened around the head and shaft. “God Connie it’s so fucking deep in your throat!” I said. I pressed my tongue deep into her pussy as my fingers spread the lips wide apart. The sounds we made were barely audible muffled by the sex organs we’d stuffed into our mouths. But those sounds were those of two lovers in the throes of an incredible oral experience. Connie didn’t withdraw my cock from her mouth, she’d just lift a little and then plunge it deep in her throat again. I slid my tongue forward and assaulted her clit. Licking sucking and biting on it. She moaned deeply as my tongue lashed out against its hard extended flesh. Connie lifted her throat off my cock letting it slip from her mouth only long enough to squeal and say, “Oh god Philly!” The words hardly escaped her mouth before she again drove my swollen cock to the depths of her throat once again. I slid two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and continued my tongue lashing of her clit. She groaned again and again as I pleasured her orally. Her juices flowed freely down from my fingers across my hand and to my wrist. I happily lick them from my hand. I wanted my cock in that soaking wet, steaming hot pussy. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and I said, “Fuck me with this sweet pussy.” Connie didn’t need to be told twice. She wanted me inside her also. Her throat released its death grip on my cock and it slid from her mouth with a popping sound. She straighten up and quickly turned around to face me. Her eyes were deep sensual pits of passion. Her mouth was covered with saliva and glistened in the dim light of the candles around the bed. Her breasts heaved lustfully with each short gasp of air she sucked into her lungs. She looked down at me and said, “God we make incredible love together!” I could only respond by saying, “You’re so beautiful Connie.” Connie lifted her pelvis off me and reached between her thighs to grasp my cock. She steered it to the entrance of her pussy and as the swollen head touched her cunt lips she groaned deeply. There was no slow penetration. No taking a little cock then withdrawing. No Connie impaled herself on my cock with one quick fell swoop. The head pressed against her cervix and she moaned deeply as my manhood filled her. I squealed in pleasure before I said, “Oh fuck Connie, it’s so hot, so wet so fuckin tight.” Connie lowered her face toward me as she said, “Philly shut up and kiss me!” Our mouths came together with the same passionate intensity that our sex organs had joined a few seconds earlier. Wide open tongues lashing at one another. Our kiss wasn’t one of gentle passion. It was one of a****listic lust. Wanting to lash out and pull the other’s tongue back inside your own. My hands explored her naked flesh searching out the most sensual spot to be touched. I slid them all over her back. Down over her ass and down the outside of her thighs searching that one spot to drive her insane. Connie’s hips started moving, not up and down, but back and forth. She never lifted her pussy off my cock a single inch she just started a slow sensual grind on it. Rubbing her clit against my pelvic bone as she slid forward. My hands traveled back up across her naked flesh and into her thick long sexy hair. Once I had reached the back of her neck I gathered up to huge handfuls of her auburn locks and lifted her mouth from mine. I whispered, “God Connie you are so incredibly sexy; so absolutely passionate.” She tried to press her mouth to mine again but I held her head away letting her search deep in my eyes for the lust I was feeling for her at that moment. Connie sensed that or found the lust in my eyes as she said, “Oh my god Philly, love me baby make sweet love to me!” I slowly lowered her mouth to mine and kissed her tenderly. Her hips slowed and she started moving up and down on my cock. My hands released her head and she instantly moved her mouth to my ear. Connie whispered, “Thank you, Phil, Thank you for slowing me down and taking the time to make love with me.”Our lovemaking changed in an instant. We transformed ourselves from two a****ls wanted to mate to two incredible sensual passionate lovers wanting to please their partner. I whispered in her ear, “You’re incredible Connie!” We were still fucking, we still both wanted to cum harder than we’d ever cum before. But we were now taking our time and enjoying it so much more. Connie’s hips moved slowly up and down. Her pussy sliding along the shaft of my rock hard cock. My own hips started lifting off the satin bedding to meet her downward thrusts. Our bodies melted into one another. Sweat pouring from our every gland. Connie straighten up and rested her hands on my chest as she moved her sweet soaking wet pussy up and down on my cock. I slid my hands to hers and she lifted them to her tits. Slowly I massaged her beautiful breasts. Not pinching not hurting them, just massaging them sensually. She moaned a deep throaty moan as my hands traveled over her tits. She spoke in a whisper saying, “Oh my god Philly you’re such an incredible lover, such an incredible man.” I smiled at her and said, “You’re the incredible one here!” I ran my hands up her arms, barely touching her flesh until I reached her shoulders. Grasping them I slowly pulled her down on me again. Her tits pressed against my sweaty chest and she moaned deeply as our mouths came together in a deep passionate kiss of two lovers. My tongue parted her lips and I ran it around hers. She slid her hands up to cup my face and guide my mouth to the parts of her head she wanted me to kiss. My lips touched her everywhere; kissing her lips, her nose, her eyes. Kissing her forehead, her eyebrows, her temples. Kissing her cheeks, her jaw, her ears. Kissing her neck and finally, she guided my lips back to hers. She moaned and said, “I love how you kiss me, Philly. You’re so tender, so gentle. I’m not used to such a gentle lover.” While all this tender gentle love making was going on our hips began to increase their tempo. Connie was dripping wet and the flow of her juices ran out of her and down across my balls. We fit together so perfectly, my cock fills her but doesn’t stretch her, and she is able to squeeze it with her internal muscles. Not only do our sex organs fit so perfectly but our bodies fit just as perfect. Her succulent breasts match perfectly to my chest. She is able to rub her nipples on mine and through the hair on my chest. We line up so perfectly. Everything perfectly fits from our eyes to the tip of our toes. A perfect match sexually, physically and as I am discovering now mentally also. As she rode my cock I could feel her pussy swell. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the waves of sexual bliss crashed over us, and I wanted us to cum at the exact same moment in time. I drew my knees up and began thrusting up into her at a more feverish pace. She responded by beginning to bounce up and down on my cock. My hands slid along her thighs to her hips. I pushed her down harder on me as we started to climb toward the pinnacle of passion. Her breathing started to come in short passionate gasps. Our eyes were glued together. We knew it was approaching, we could see the height of our lovemaking and quickened our pace even more as we approached. The anticipation of our mutual orgasm drove us on as we began pounding into one another harder and faster with each passing second. Connie was the first to touch the peak of pleasure. She said, “Oh god, oh god, oh god, Philly I’m, I’m… The sound of my voice cut her off as I moaned, Yes cum with me I’m about to cummmm.” feeling the sperm boiling up along the shaft of my cock. We groaned together as my cum shot from me and flooded her pussy. She cried, “Fuck! Yes, Philly, I’m cumming toooooooo.” Her pussy flooded with juices bathing us in our mutual cum. My cock spewed forth more sperm than I ever thought possible and our combined juices flowed from her like a title wave of passion. Our bodies and souls became one as we rode that title wave together. Together as it should be with two lovers so intent on please their mate. Our bodies twitched and spasms of passion engulfed us. Connie moaned over and over again as her own orgasm continued for an eternity. We both started to feel the tingling in our loins slowly subside. It was replaced with a glow of passion felt by two lovers who had just experienced the most incredible sex of their lives. Regaining control of her mind Connie whispered in my ear, My god that was incredible.” My cock still soaking inside her began to lose some of its hardness but I kept it buried deep in her pussy loving the feel of her warmth. Running my fingers along her temples and into her long hair I pulled it back from her face and moved my lips close to hers. Before I kissed her I said, “You’re so beautiful Connie. I want to remember the look in your eyes forever.” Our lips touched then parted as our tongues tenderly intertwined with one another. Connie snuggled down on top of me trying to keep every inch of our trembling flesh in contact. She lifted her pelvis enough to allow my softening cock to slip from inside her. She stretched out her shapely legs and d****d one over top of my thigh and between. I could feel the warm fluids oozing from her and running over my thigh. It felt incredible having her pussy drain on me. “I’m leaking everywhere. I should clean up but I don’t want to move a muscle,” She said. I kissed her again and said, “Stay right here, I want to hold you while our juices drain from inside you. I grabbed the towel I had wrapped around me earlier and lifting my leg slightly slid it under to keep our juices from making the satin bedding to wet. Connie just snuggled in closer to me and lay her head down on my shoulder. She smelled incredible, the scent of her perfume mixing with the musty smell of our sex juices. I held her in my arms allowing us both time to relax and bask in the after glow of our lovemaking. Connie ran one finger through the hair on my chest. My left arm was around her shoulders holding her close to me while my right hand massaged her shoulder and ran along her jaw and onto her neck, or along her temple into her hair. Connie whispered in my ear, “You make me feel so good, so safe; thank you for being the lover I have dreamed about.” “I’ll be dreaming of only you always from this moment on,” I replied. She cooed softly at the thought of my dreams only being of her and snuggled closer to me. As we lay there on her bed together I realized something and shared my realization with Connie saying, “You know Connie I’ve searched for the woman of my dreams for a very long time. I believe today I’ve found her.” She smiled and responded, “I hope so love, I know I’ve found the man of my dreams.” Connie and I snuggled and talked for hours that wonderful Wednesday night. We talked about our past, about our hopes for the future. I would have liked to talk about where she felt our relationship would go from here. I knew we would always be friends, and I truly wanted us to be lovers. But I felt it best not to bring that up just yet because I didn’t want her to feel any pressure. At one point Connie slid her hand up to my jaw and turned my head toward her so she could look deep into my eyes. She said, “Philly I want to tell you something.” “I’m listening,” I responded. “Being with you tonight is so wonderful, I feel so safe and warm with you. I truly believe you are the very first man that I’ve ever been with who I didn’t feel was just using my body for his own pleasure.” Connie paused and ran her finger along my jaw as she continued, “Philly please stay the night, I want to wake up in your arms tomorrow morning. I want to share my first cup of coffee with you.” Connie smiled at me almost like she was wishing she didn’t have to ask. Without a moment’s hesitation, I answered her, “I wasn’t planning on leaving tonight.” I haven’t felt more welcome in a very long time. I’ll be here for as long as you like.” I added, “I don’t have to be at the store till three in the afternoon so we can sleep in as late as you want.” She kissed me softly on the lips and said, “We can sleep till noon then, I don’t start till one.” This night was all that we both had hoped and dreamed of. As I pulled the fluffy comforter up over us Connie snuggled into my side. She fit so well next to me. Her warmth radiated into my body and touched my heart. As we drifted off to sleep that night I realized that my feelings of loneliness had disappeared. They were replaced with a feeling of warmth and passion for my lovely Connie. To be continued…..

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