The Long Weekend Ch. 32


Monday Morning with Jr., Annie + Danny

Annie and Jr. see chapter 30c

Annie is restless, and lying on her side she wakes to feel her son pressing into her back and his arm draped over her body with his hand cupping her breast. For a brief moment, she presses toward him and, reinforcing the bond between them, snuggles in under his protective covering. She closes her eyes and remembers moving together during the night. Quietly touching each others legs, hips, backs and their chests they had sought the most intimate contact. She revels in the memory of her receiving his cock. He didn’t fuck her. He penetrated her and held her tight in the most precious display of love.

Annie rolled over quietly and slid away from her lover, her son. She rose up and stole a long look at her son stretched out deep in sleep. Jr., sprawled across the bed they had shared last night, reaches out to find his soul mate gone before dropping his hand to the mattress. She laid the cover over him before she slipped on a light cotton top over her naked skin and padding barefoot downstairs to the kitchen. She put on a pot of coffee while she munched on a piece of fruit before walking up to the window and watching the sun come up over the trees.

Danny in the meantime has just gotten into his pick truck for the drive over. Like Annie he had a restless night but for different reasons…he was infatuated with his mother’s new friend. The three thongs of Mrs. Sullivan hanging over his rear view mirror had imbued the cabs interior with the scent of her sex. He filled his lungs with the wondrous odor as he buckled up for the early morning drive over.

Annie thought about last night how she had her son had spooned together most of the night for the first time together without restrictions was complete freedom to love each other. She thought how wrong it was, but how right it was the same time. It was truly miraculous the way they fitted together as if they were made for each other. She hugged the coffee cup to her chest and felt the warmth through the light fabric. She heard a knocking on the back door, and turned to face the glass window. She saw Danny looking in, waving his hand, to get her attention

“Oh my, he’s early.” Annie said softly to her self as she stood somewhat frozen looking at the door. Getting over her surprise, she walks slowly to the door, before reaching out to unlock it and open it.

“Danny, your early, and we are not ready, what time is it?” Annie asked surprised, startled but not altogether disappointed.

“I’m sorry. I’ve actually been watching you for the last fifteen minutes and it’s only 8:00. I wanted to make a good impression. I know Mr. Lumley, emphasized to be here on time, and I didn’t think there would be any problems coming early.” Danny asked to explain in the manner of an apology, withholding the real reason for his early arrival.

“It’s okay. I was just startled that’s all. Do you want a cup of coffee?” Mrs. Sullivan asked the new arrival as she nodded her head toward the kitchen. “They just made some it’s fresh. You had breakfast?”

“I’ll have a coffee, but I’m good for breakfast. My mom got up and made me something for the road. She says to say hello and tell you she remembers you are going out to visit somebody at lunch today so she will bring some lunch over for all of us.” Danny said accepting her offer and moving toward the kitchen to get a cup down from the cupboard.

“Boy this is a great house isn’t it?” he said enthusiastically.

“This really is and the lake is beautiful is so quiet and private, is fabulous.” And he agreed as she reached for the glass coffee pot and poured full cup for Danny. She noticed Danny was looking at her and realized that the short robe she had on was thin and while hiding her body clung to the contours of her body as she walked. As she raised her arm for the coffee the front sagged open and allowed him to see the start of her breasts. She remembered she was naked underneath, but that he had seen her before, and she was decently covered. He continued to look at her, and without saying a word, his energy impressed upon her the urges he was feeling. He wanted to have sex with her last night and didn’t get the chance. He still wanted her, he had remembered how beautiful she was lying on the seat of Jr.’s truck and he was determined to see if she would accept him.

“Jake stayed over last night with somebody else and I don’t know if he’ll have had breakfast so I’m going to make some extra oatmeal in addition to what I will make for Junior escort sitesi and I. Sure I can’t tempt you to have something to eat.” Annie asked as she moved to face the kitchen counter to assemble the pots and ingredients necessary. Danny, like her shadow, moved with her keeping the close distance between them that had been there when she poured coffee. She felt his presence then she felt his breath on her neck. Her body began to tremble with the first signs of female excitement.

“I think there is something I would like to eat.” Danny whispered in her ear as he reached out to touch her shoulder.

“May I?” he asked politely as he slid his hand under the collar of her robe and waited.

“I don’t know. Jr. is upstairs. I don’t want to upset him.” Mrs. Sullivan cautioned as she steeled herself to his soft little caresses in the hollow of her neck.

“I don’t think he’d mind. He didn’t last night.” Danny persisted with a small nuzzle of her ear lobe with his nose.

“But that was your mother going down on me, not you. It’s different.” Annie said as she felt his hands lift up the rear of her robe and grip the cheeks of her ass as if to weigh them. Danny’s fingers began to trace little circles in her dimples before beginning to slide around her hips to her front. As that jolts of electricity coursed through her skin she felt herself moving her feet apart. Danny took this involuntary movement as an unwitting signal.

“I like breakfast at the table. Why don’t we move over there?” Danny suggested as he let his fingers drift under the robe and delicately touch her stomach, while at the same time he slid his foot inside of hers and pushed it further apart. The gap in her thighs increased and allowed him to slide his hand down between her legs and adroitly cover her smooth bald vulva.

Danny withdrew his hand and took her arm to lead her to the table. He pulled the chair away with the back toward the kitchen, giving her room to sit and for him to kneel in front of her. He knelt down as she sat expectantly but demurely in the chair. He bent over in worship and kissed the top of her feet before confidently picking up the delicate left one. He held it to his mouth as he kissed her instep and began to trace his tongue over her toes. He sucked each toe gently before letting his tongue glide between each one then up over her ankle to begin its long sensual route to her sex.

Stopping at the knee, he used both hands to hold it while his fingers caressed the hollow at the back. He licked the muscles just above her knee then lifted it higher to move it on top of the chair’s arm. The gap in her legs opened and gave him his first clear view of her swelling labia. He looked at it as if was the holy grail he cherished and finally found. He lifted her other leg over the other arm, and Annie let herself be splayed wide open in front this teenager she had only just met.

Annie, although still worried about Jr. being upstairs, had given into the sensuous nature of the encounter and now found herself unable to stop the logical consequence. She put her hands on her knees to hold them up and open, inviting him to breakfast. . “Spell your name again for me, but this time, use your tongue.” Annie asked with some urgency in her voice.

Danny did not rush. He wanted to enjoy. He wanted her to enjoy. He wanted to savor not gulp it down, not eat and run. He wanted to take his time. Like his fingers at the club the night before he began nibbling at her inner thighs and tracing the long sinews which ran from her leg to her sex. He kept to the out edges of her vulva that was becoming increasingly engorged. Her nether lips continued their swelling and the additional blood darkened their color as if they were flower petals in a time lapse film. They separated and the first signs of moisture spilled from the soft pink interior to coat the quivering lips.

“Spell your name for me, so I’ll never forget.” Annie coaxed.

“In a minute Mrs. Sullivan, I want to enjoy the magnificent offering in front of me.” Danny complimented as he sat back on his haunches to bask in her glow and the heat. His eyes looked from one shapely ankle, down her dancer’s like calf to her thigh, paused on her beckoning sex before continuing down the other leg to end at her ankle.

“Magnificent. You are truly magnificent.” Danny said in awe before leaning in between her legs. He reached up and opened the robe that was lying on her chest to expose her large heaving breasts also flushed red. He gaziantep escort sitesi tweaked her two nipples before sliding his hands down over body to come to rest on either side of her vulva.

He leaned in and inhaled the familiar aroma of her thongs hat had been burned into his memory. He extended his tongue and carefully spelled his name on her clitoris. D – a firm stroke with a gentle circular caress. A — a firm and up and down strokes with a sideways caress. N – three soft strokes, one up the side, one down the middle and one up the other side. His name was seared into her, a name that Annie would never forget.

He placed his hands on her thighs and admired her confident femininity as he looked at the results of his handiwork. Her labia had continued to swell continuing their awakening. He kept his hands on her thighs as he used his thumbs to stroke up and down on the sides of the reddening vertical slit that was about to burst open. As he stroked he pulled her open to view the inner source of her wetness. He saw rivulets of her juices leaking from her vagina. As he lifted his thumbs higher, he unhooded her clit and saw the glistening pearl awaiting attention. His mother liked her clit sucked like an ice cream cone and he wondered if Annie would.

He took her succulent aching gift between his lips and closed his mouth around it. He inhaled and sucked on it like a one would drink a thick milkshake. He felt her hips thrust against his mouth as he slid his two thumbs into her vagina, pulling her apart. He stretched her open as he continued to abuse her clit with his tongue and his lips.

“Eat me, Danny. Eat me.” Annie cried out with unbridled yearning in her voice.

Danny looked up to see her twisting her nipples with her thumbs and index fingers as she stared at his face imploring him to action.

He dove in tongue first and began to sweep it over her inner lips and draw the juices out of her love canal. He plunged in deeper and deeper as she squirmed against him. He felt her tense and for a moment thought that she had reached an intermediate peak.

Annie’s eyes opened wide in embarrassment and shock as she saw Jr. in just his boxer shorts descending the stairs. Jr.’s return look of astonishment and surprise gave way to a stunned pause in his descent. He watched silently as his mother sat almost naked in a dining room chair, with her legs up in the air and a teenage boy going down on her.

Annie tried to stifle a cry, but a whimper escaped that caused Danny to stop.

‘Stop. No, don’t stop I’m almost there.” Annie cried out trying to avoid Jr.’s stare.

Jr. continued to stare as he saw Danny’s head work up and down over his mother’s crotch. He watched as she could not help herself from tossing her head back and forth as she enjoyed the sensations flowing through her body. He watched her legs close around his head as she locked her ankles together to force him into more intimate contact. She was desperately pulling at her nipples as she sought the ultimate release, she also sought Jr.’s eyes. She stared into his soul as she remembered his member penetrating her last night. She remembered his body spooning with hers and his cock buried deep.

She came exquisitely and deeply as her toes curled under and uttered a silent wail as she collapsed. Danny wanted more but knew the condom in his pocket would have to wait as the noise of her orgasm would surely waken her son.

Jr. was in shock with the action, but did not want to embarrass his mother. He silently retreated upstairs and waited. His cock had begun to grow and his hormones were raging after the beautiful night he had spent in bed with his mom. He wanted her again and the scene he had just witnessed added flammable fuel to the fire he was feeling.

“How’s breakfast coming?” Jr. called out loudly from upstairs.

Danny and Annie, looked up startled and quickly disengaged themselves from each other.

“I am just putting it on. Danny’s here and having a snack to tide him over until the oatmeal is ready. Come on down when you’re ready.” Annie shouted back as she stood up and straightened the thin robe around her.

Giving Danny a peck a on the cheek, “Thank you. That was marvelous. You are a talented lover.” Annie complimented him.

“Any time Mrs. Sullivan.”

“Danny, would you stir the oatmeal on the stove while I go upstairs a second?” Annie stated more than asked.

“No problemo. Mrs. S.” Danny said more feeling more than a little gaziantep escort bayan sitesi chuff.

Annie held her robe together as she walked up the stairs to find Jr. sitting on the unmade bed.

“I’m sorry about…..” Annie stuttered before being cut off by Jr.

“It’s okay mom. I understand. Really I do. You looked so beautiful as you orgasmed just then.” Jr. soothed her conscience as he held his arms out for her.

“Thank you for last night mom. It was the most special time of my life.”

“Jr. I don’t know what to say. Last night was so special for me. You touched my soul.” Annie said with almost a sob in her voice. “I wanted you so, but I was exhausted. But I am more than ready for my son now.” Annie continued as she sat next to her son on the bed and lay back, letting her robe fall open.

Jr. looked over to see his mother offering herself to him in a manner he had never seen before, a proactive and confident lover. He caressed her bare stomach as he looked longingly at her prone form before standing up. He stood between her legs and slid down his boxer’s to reveal his hard masculine prick at full mast. He wanted her to see his response to her request.

“I’ll get a condom.” Jr. stated.

“No, don’t do that. I thought about it a lot last night and this morning. I want to be as intimate as possible with you. I want to feel your skin inside of me. I want to feel the head of your cock slide down my cunt. I want to feel every square inch of you. I want to feel you spray your cum in me.

Annie sat up on her elbows and looked down her naked body to see her son with his hard-on between standing expectantly her trembling thighs. She lifted her feet to under her bum, causing her knees to splay apart to the maximum. She pushed with her elbows and her feet to move herself to the middle of the bed. She left her knees wide apart and the long taunt sinews from her thighs stood out proudly, creating an alluring ‘V” into to her quivering sex.

It was obvious to Jr. that the night of intimacy and Danny the fluffer had done the trick as he her ask,

“I need you Jr. I want you son. Please put your cock in me.”

‘Oh mom, I want you too. I have always wanted you.” Jr. gushed out, knowing that within seconds he would going home to where he came from. He knelt on the bed with his red rampant erect knob signaling his lust. He looked down at his mother in a way he had never done before. He never knew her to be so in control but at the same time lost in eroticism. He bent over her and balanced himself with one hand on the bed beside her shoulder. With his other hand, he bent his prick forward and nervously butted its satiny head against her inflamed juicy lips.

He almost came with the first intimate contact, but pressed forward until the whole head cock was gripped by her vagina. He almost came again but he focused on his breath in an attempt to control his emotions.

He heard his mother sigh and looked up to see a serene smile on her face as she accepted him into her. He felt her hips and pelvis nudge upwards to urge him into her. The two lovers maintained eye contact as he fought to hold back.

“Now Jr., Now’s the time. FUCK YOUR MOTHER.” Annie commanded as he responded with a deep thrust that brought their sex together in a moment of exquisite intimacy.

‘AAARRRRGGGGHHH” he cried out as attempt to control his ejaculation was unsuccessful. He felt his heavy creamy cum course from his balls, down the length of his cock before emptying into his mother’s womb. He felt her hands on his ass pull his crotch into her as she held him tight capturing all of his sperm. She felt the spasms of his body and he came again and again continuing to shoot his youthful load into her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Jr. whimpered as he fell in a heap on his mother.

“It’s okay Jr. It was beautiful, it was what we both wanted.” Annie reassured her trembling son.

“Mrs. Sullivan, I looks like Jake is back and there is somebody with him.” came the loud cry from Danny downstairs.

“Oh my, I had forgotten about him. We better get up and get down stairs. Can you go first and I’ll be along in a moment after I clean up.

Although he was still hard and ready to keep going, Jake rolled off his mother and stood up. He looked down to see her lying like a beautiful Botticelli Venus on the bed. He saw the looking up at him with a maternal look that he would remember for ever. His eyes traced down her glowing body to stop when he reached her smooth bald abused vulva, it’s full red lips lay open and let a trickle of her juices and his cum begin to leak out.

“You are so beautiful mom. I love you so much. Today, will you wear that yellow bikini you brought with you?”

“I love you son. Last night, your dad also suggested I wear the yellow bikini today, so I guess I will. Now get going.” Jake’s mother admonished.

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