The Magic Ring: Mom thinks I’m Dad



This is my first published story. It moves to sex pretty quickly, I am also working on stories with more suspense. Also, English is not my native language. Please let me know what you think of the pace, style and choice of words.

As indicated in the story, all characters are over eighteen.

The story does involve incest, so if that’s not for you, please look for something else instead 😉



This is a story that describes what really happened to me, about a week ago. I can imagine that it might be hard to believe. I myself, for one thing, cannot properly explain how and why these events occurred to me in this way… I can still not really understand the full consequences of what I and my mother have done. It is like I am climbing a mountain in anticipation of the abyss on its other side, only visible once I’ve reached its top… And so far, I am still climbing, feeling higher and higher..

Two weeks ago, dad left on another business trip to the other side of the country, as he needs to do about once a year for a big convention. He does not like going, and we do not like to see him go. Dad is the kind of guy that always talks loudest at the dinner table, who is generous with anecdotes and jokes to amuse my mother, me and my little sister. When he is away, the house is more quiet. Mom seems a bit down and lost. My twin sister sneaks out more often to meet her friends, coming home very late now she knows the main authority has left the building, because mom is not quite as strict as dad.

The chain of events that brought me where I am now started with a coincidence some days after dad went away. I had to leave to the gym, I had gotten a subscription for my eighteenth birthday a year ago, and I wanted to shower before I went. My sister was in the bathroom doing her make-up which usually takes ages to finish. As my parents have their own shower, I kindly asked mom if I could make use of it, which was, of course, no point at all. So, I got my sports clothes, took off my pajamas and went into the small bathroom adjacent to my parents’ bedroom.

Coming to my parents’ bedroom always felt like encroaching on a forbidden territory, as this was the one place where the absolutely private affairs of mom and dad took place. This is where they quarreled about the stuff they did not want us to hear. And, of course, this is where they made love. As a child, this was the one place where we were not allowed to play. It was the only room where we still knocked before we entered.

I was observing all kinds of prohibited details as I passed through the bedroom to go the shower. A pack of tissues subtly placed besides the bed, some of mom’s socks and panties that she must have taken off last night were still on the floor, the unmade bed where mom had slept… I quickly moved on, as to prove to myself that I did not want to linger on these details.

After showering, I noticed that draped over the laundry bin was a very sexy lingerie set of mom. Of course, first I pretended not to see it but as I got of the shower to dry myself off, I could not resist picking it up to see what kind of stuff mom wore at night. I tried to ignore it first. But then I became curious. What would she wear to turn on dad?

I knew it was a perverted thing to do, but I could not resist to see a side of my parents that was hidden from me and my sister. The lingerie consisted of a see-through lace nightgown, that would give dad a full view of mom’s curves and breasts if she wore this. While I felt blood rush through my body, I just nodded and forced a smile, as I tried to just be happy that they apparently still made an effort to please one another.

For, in a weird way, it was almost cute, the picture of mom and dad trying to be sexy for one another. Dad was a funny and friendly guy, but he was also completely physically awkward. He had never done sports, unlike me, and thus had become quite a stiff guy who could not even touch his own toes. What could he possibly do to excite mom? Mom, on the other hand, now I thought of it, was still in quite a good shape. She had put on some weight over the years but she had not gotten fat. Her large breasts and wide hips were extremely feminine, and though I did not think in this way (as she was my mom), she must have been considered attractive by older men.

Holding the soft fabric of her nightgown made me feel warm inside in a weird way. I noticed that my dick started throbbing slightly. Fuck. I was well under way to get an erection because of mom’s lingerie. Quickly I stuffed the nightgown back into the laundry bin. Perhaps it was good that my parents’ bedroom was so full of secrets to me.

Then something extremely weird happened. I wished I could tell you what forces came over me, but I have not been able to figure this out. Anyway, immediately after I had put the lingerie away, I heard a voice inside of my head. This had never happened before and it sent shivers down my spine. It was as if a soft and tender voice was whispering right up to my ears: ‘Look in the top drawer of the cabinet.’

I güvenilir bahis looked around in agitation to see if somebody was pulling a joke on me. But I couldn’t see anybody… Was I going mental? With hesitation I opened the top drawer of the cabinet in the small bathroom. It was empty but for a golden ring, that probably belonged to dad. It shone seductively. Before I knew what I was doing, I had reached out to it and put it on my index finger. Another shiver went running down my spine as I felt like I was being transformed into some other person. I did no longer feel like the nineteen year old I had been before but as if I had the confidence of a fully grown man.

When I had dressed again, I bumped into mom on the way to the living room. I stepped aside to create room for her to pass me by, but she walked right towards me and got closer than she had been to me in a long time, which startled me. She brushed her long brown hair behind her ears and bent over to kiss me on the right cheek. I felt her body warmth and could smell her sweet perfume. “Hi, hon.” she whispered in my ear. “You look fabulous today… Perhaps tonight we could…?” I felt flabbergasted by this. Well, more than that. Outright frightened. Mom never called me hon, she had never cuddled me ever since I had turned twelve and I had no clue what she was referring today that we could do tonight together.

“Mom?” I asked in shock, upon which she suddenly pulled back her face, which had moved so close to mine that I could still feel her breath on my skin. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, as if she woke from a dream. ‘

“O, David.” she said. “Sorry, I thought for a moment…” She did not finish her sentence, and I had not clue then as of what she thought I was. Her lover? For heaven’s sake, she had scared me big time. I had not been prepared for the proximity of her warm, soft body like this, her tender kiss on my cheek. Blushing, mom walked on to her room and I quietly went into mine.

Somehow I had the feeling that this strange encounter had had to do with this ring that I had found. Who had put it there? What had that voice in my head been? I took it off to see if I could find any strange details on it that could tell me what kind of ring this was. Nothing. When I put it on, however, I again felt like I was becoming someone else. Older. More confident. This thrilled me, it made me feel like I could do so much more than I could do normally. Like I could get away with anything… But when I looked in the mirror, I did not notice any physical changes.

Mom and I were alone at dinner that night, as my sister had again gone to her friends for a slumber party. I had cooked for mom, some pasta dish that I had seen on the internet. She was not down yet, but I suspected that she would really love it. Mom had simple tastes. When she did come down, I again was startled. Mom was dressed in a tight black dress, that left little to the imagination. Her wide hips stood out in it, and I could not take my eyes off her cleavage in which I could see her two large breasts being cupped by a push up bra. She had put on lipstick and mascara, which she hadn’t done for ages. She looked fucking hot, I just had to admit it. But why had she dressed up like this?

It was during dinner that I began to suspect what powers the ring had that I had found in the drawer. Mom reproached me for letting “our daughter” slip away again. At first I wanted to correct her and tell that she had gotten crazy. But then I suspected that this ring was involved in some way: perhaps mom saw me as dad as long as I wore it? My hypothesis kept on being verified. After mom had complained about how my sister, “our daughter”, seemed to become so independent, she winked and whispered: “… but this does give opportunities for us, you know? A little bit more privacy…” I just nodded with a lump in my throat. I felt like I was hearing all kinds of stuff that weren’t meant for my ears and that telling mom that I was her son now would appall her as much as if I had sniffed her panties or something. Nevertheless, I should stop this at some stage.

I did not want to confuse mom by suddenly transforming back into myself, so I kept the ring on during dinner. However, I vowed to take it off immediately once we were done. I rushed through my pasta, while trying to give dad-like answers to her questions, in order to not reveal myself as her son. When mom finally finished her plate, I got up to clear the table. However, she grabbed my arm when I came close to her and pulled me towards her. As I leaned over, her hand maneuvered itself under my shirt and started stroking my skin. She gave me a sensuous kiss in my neck, which gave me goosebumps. And she whispered in my ear: “Thanks, Steven, for cooking.” Steven was my dad’s name… She really did think I was dad… Mom continued: “I’ll take good care of you tonight in return…” I didn’t know how quickly I could get to the kitchen.

Fuck. This was so wrong. I should take that awful ring off. When I tried to remove it, however, it suddenly seemed so tight. I tried once, I tried twice. It was stuck! türkçe bahis Even after three times I could not get off. Shit. I ran into the living room, deciding that I should tell mom everything. When I got to the table, she looked up. “Mom!” I said. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not dad, okay? I am your son, David!” She just smiled with an empty gaze as if she did not register these words. “Mom, could you reply? Do you know it’s me?” Nothing happened. She did not compute, somehow the ring seemed to block me revealing myself to mom. I tried for a quarter of an hour, but mom did not react. When I stopped trying, she snapped back to life and went about her business. She kept calling me Steven and hon, she kept thinking I was my dad…

It was awful, but in the midst of my anxiety I got a boner from all this. The thought that mom was so close to me, that she wanted to have sex with me… It was too real, way too real. I was still a virgin and I had dreamed many times of pussy… And now it was being offered to me by the one woman who should never do that! However, I could not resist looking at mom’s curves. What would it be like to hold her breasts? To touch her everywhere? To hear her moan? Dad must have had these experiences a hundred times… I now realized what a lucky guy he was…

However, I kept my decency and was successful in avoiding that mom would touch me. Perhaps tomorrow I could take the ring off again, and everything would be normal. When we went to bed, the moment came where I had the greatest difficulty in not crossing the line. I tried to sneak to my own bedroom, but mom laughed loud behind me. “Where are you going, Steven?” she asked. I shrugged and awkwardly returned to the hall way.

“Perhaps we should sleep in separate places tonight.” I tried. Mom now looked surprised, with a little hurt in her eyes.

“Steven, why? What’s up, hon?”

I could not think of anything to say. “Perhaps… I’ll sleep deeper like that?'”Mom looked sad and shocked. She had not expected this from her husband, from me… Damn. I didn’t want to hurt her like this. “Sorry, just kidding. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Mom just frowned but as I moved into my parents’ bedroom she seemed to be reassured already.

There I was again in the holiest of holy places. And I was about to sleep in my parents’ bed, on my father’s side… And I would have to struggle to keep mom off me and not commit the sin of incest. What if my sister would come home early? What would she think? I should definitely sneak away once mom fell asleep. Mom and I stood next to each other brushing our teeth in the small bathroom next to their bedroom. It was strange to go through these rituals with her, these daily routines that she had developed with dad.

Her boobs bounced a bit because of the movement her arms made. They looked so big and soft and nice… No… Shouldn’t think this way, I should be stronger! Then, when mom had spit out the tooth paste, she carelessly took off her shirt. This was too much for me. I could see her soft stomach, the whiteness of her skin, the little hairs on her arms, and of course her two breasts held in a beautiful lace push up bra. With her lipstick still on she looked so… fuckable… What was I thinking? She was my mom, I should not take advantage of this situation… I did not want to become a perennial pervert….

Before mom would unclasp her bra, I quickly went to their bed and lay under the blankets. They smelled so nice… A tiny hint of mom’s sweat, the very subtle smell of… sex… This was where my parents… A lump got in my throat as I waited for mom to join me in bed. Hopefully she would forget about her promise made earlier to ‘take care of me’, and just fall asleep, and then all of this would be over soon…. But when mom came into the bedroom again after a minute or so, I realized she had far from forgotten. She wore a red nightgown over her curvy body, which only reached slightly past her hips so that her long legs were exposed which looked deliciously feminine. The gown had cleavage which gave me a great view on the curve of her breasts, which hung braless under the fabric. Mom had kept her make up on and stared intensely in my direction. “May I join you there, hon?” she asked in a hoarse voice and then giggled girlishly.

As mom approached the bed, I felt my heart pound in my chest. Somehow this had to stop! But I also felt a rush of blood to my cock as mom opened the blankets and lay down next to me. I felt the mattress bulge a bit as she lay down to my left side, then I felt her body warmth as she moved closer to me. Mom rolled towards me and placed her bare left leg over mine, as she put her face on my chest. I could smell her hair, her shampoo and perfume, while I also felt how her two big tits were squeezed between her body and my upper stomach. I swore I could feel her nipples through the gown, as apparently mom was already quite excited. Her hand started trailing over my chest and along my sides. As I didn’t wear a shirt, her fingertips felt electric and almost made me shiver with lust. This was what dad felt… güvenilir bahis siteleri I was now feeling how my mom appeared as a sexual being… I realized I should go away now soon, as my dick started throbbing like crazy and I felt precum ooze out of my pisshole. I was getting so horny.

In a little voice mom whispered: “I shaved myself for you…” I could not suppress a whimper out of horniness.

“Oh.” I managed to say clumsily. I had never been so close to a naked woman before, and I had no clue what to do. Mom giggled, which sounded really cheeky. She was much more of a little girl now, as if she looked to me for her protection and comfort.

Her hand, which had slowly maneuvered down my stomach until it reached the upper part of my pajama pants now reached for my hand. It felt warm and nice when she took it in hers and started to guide towards her legs. Shit. Was she going to make me feel her down there? I tried to pull back, but mom did not let go. She just shushed me and gave me a kiss in my neck, which sent another rush of blood to my cock. I now felt how she started to push her gown up a bit, so that her upperlegs must be completely exposed. As we were lying under the blankets I could not see her, but I imagined that mom’s pussy would now be fully visible. She placed my hand on the lower part of her soft stomach, and then moved her hand to my wrist. Mom started pushing my hand down. I felt the fabric of the gown brush past my hand as I moved it lower and lower.

Mom was so incredibly soft down there. I moaned, despite my efforts to control myself. “Touch me, honey.” Mom whispered. And I couldn’t resist any longer. I now moved my hand down until I felt the upper part of mom’s pussy, where her two lips parted. It radiated heat, hot horny fuck heat. My fingertip felt the amazing smoothness of mom’s pussy and I slowly made it explore her silken soft vagina.

My fucking God. This actually was mom’s pussy I was touching. The realization that I was touching her vagina, where only dad had touched her all these years, made me almost go crazy. This was my mommy, this was the hole that birthed me, and now mom was curling up to me like she was my woman. Slowly I let my fingers move down. I felt a little swollen knob, which I knew must be her clitoris. As I had never felt pussy before, all this was new to me. I was not prepared for the ecstatic rush of adrenaline and pure horniness that overtook me. I started panting heavily as my finger moved even lower and I reached the opening of mom’s vagina. She was so soaking wet here, that my fingertip became all sticky and warm.

It was amazing to touch such a smooth and warm pussy like this. It was much softer than I had guessed. Her wetness was a little bit sticky, which quickly coated my finger. I could feel how mom’s labia were swollen. This was what mom felt like when she was excited… As I gently stroked her vagina, everything in my body tensed and fantasies of putting my cock in mom clouded my mind.

My wrist rested on the mound of her pussy, which was all smooth from her shaving, as my fingers started pushing inside my mom’s vagina. Between her labia, I easily found her opening and slipped my index finger inside of her. There was no resistance at all. The wall of her cunt felt a little bit spongy, and I got so hot by having my finger fully engulfed by my mom’s body like this. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Mom’s pussy was amazing. I took my finger out and started stroking the entire length of her vagina with three fingers, paying attention to her pussy lips and touching her clit when I moved up. This was amazing. I was playing with mommy’s cunt! I was getting her all wet! I trembled and moaned softly. This was the best.

When mom suddenly moaned, it startled me. It was as if had fully forgotten that this might have an effect on her too, I was so absorbed in exploring what her womanhood felt like. ‘”ou are being so gentle and nice, baby.” mom whimpered. “You are driving me crazy!'” She spread her legs a little bit so that I got more easily touch her down there. As I moved my finger inside and outside of my mother, it gave a wet sopping noise. Mom’s juices started flowing, making my whole hand wet and sticky now. O, I would just love to taste that pussy, I thought. Mom moaned rhythmically when I sped up my movements. I felt her cunt clinching around my fingers in side of her, it started convulsing. I was actually going to make her come!

“Unnnng, I am gonna make you feel so good.” Mom whimpered while I kept moving my fingers faster and faster in and out of her. I could smell her sex as her pussy juices flooded her vagina and started leaking onto the bed. It produced the most intense smell I had ever experienced. Salty. Bitter. Musky. It almost made cum spray out of my dick. I knew that what I was doing was so wrong, but I was way past stopping now. And mom did not seem to mind… Her hands moved along my torso, into my hair, she looked up and started licking my chin like some wild animal. This was almost too much. Mom was always so composed, now she lay here humping my fingers and kissing my neck up to my face. Mom’s tongue felt so amazing, as she started licking my face I felt the slightly rough surface of her tongue on my cheeks. Her breath condensed and trails of her drool started to drip down along my neck and onto the pillow.

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