The Mailman


It was a hot July day, hotter than most July days get in England. My husband had left for work a little earlier than usual but the phone rang just after mid day and before I answered the shrill ring I knew it was him with his usual lunch time call. We spoke a few brief words before I hung up the phone and returned to the washing up that still remained in the sink from breakfast.

I started to sing along with the CD I was playing, rather loudly I must admit, as my hands delved into the soap bubbles in the sink. As it was so hot and I had no plans to go out I had just slipped a very short, lemon, summer dress over the top of my body along with a pair of small lemon knickers. No girl I know wears a bra in this heat and I am no different. The track playing on the CD player was a love ballad and it began to conjure up images of love making until my mind strayed from the song and scenes of erotic passion were flirting through my mind. Un-noticed by me my nipples had become harder and were pressing firmly against the thin material of my dress.

What with the loudness of the music and my mind being somewhere between my fantasy lover’s chest and his cock it was not surprising I failed to hear the knock on the front door. I had left it open to allow the little breeze there was to filter through into my home. The first I knew that the mailman had called with a parcel was the knock on the open kitchen door and the mailman’s cough.

“Excuse me Miss I have a parcel that needs signing for and the front door was open. I knocked but couldn’t make you hear.”

‘Miss’? I thought. A few years had passed since I was one of those. At 29 I had been married for 2 years now. I turned suddenly as I heard the husky voice behind me.

“It was the music” I stammered slightly as I took in the sight of the young man stood at the door of my kitchen clutching a small parcel. I dried my hands and turned the music down a little. I had already taken in the muscles of the mailman’s legs beneath his shorts and smiled to myself as my day dream returned to me.

“Would you like a cold drink?” I asked him softly and rather sexily. I didn’t actually come on to him but the thoughts were there. When he replied that he would like a coke if I had one I put those thoughts into practice and bent over to retrieve a can from the bottom shelf of the refrigerator rather than stoop like a modest girl should. But I was not thinking of modesty and knew the man’s eyes were riveted to my yellow panties that were now showing beneath the short hem of my dress.

I handed him the coke and invited him to sit on a kitchen stool. I had taken a can out for myself and sat opposite him, ensuring my dress had ridden up, and my long legs were crossed in order to show as much thigh as possible. ‘Was I just teasing the mail man or did I hope for something to happen?’ were the thoughts in my mind as I pulled the ring from the can. I looked up and caught my visitor gazing longingly at my naked legs. He noticed me looking at his face and he blushed slightly as he raised his eyes away from some point around my snatch area. I could feel my nipples poking even harder against my dress and decided that today was a good day to have my pussy poked by a stranger. I smiled sexily at him as I said softly: “You like my legs hon?”

‘God what a slut’ I thought. But I knew I was enjoying it.

“Umm well yes miss” he replied. “They are very nice legs.”

I guess he must have decided there and then to take a chance and hope for the best. He followed up the sentence with “ I was just picturing in my mind what was at the top of them under those lemon panties. Sorry if I offended you.”

“Why would I be offended?” I said a little too quickly. I rather enjoy a man admiring my legs and any hot blooded guy would think a little further up and imagine what was under my dress. It was at that point that I decided that I wanted this guy to fuck me there and then, in my kitchen, over the sink. I could have prolonged his agony as I knew he was thinking how much he would like to get into my knickers. I could have let him chat me up slowly. I could have. But I didn’t. Instead I made the first move and lifted my foot to his groin. Once there I slowly began to rub my toes against his semi hard cock. It porno izle wasn’t semi hard for long. It virtually went to full erection the moment my toes touched it beneath those silky shorts. To me the size of a guys prick isn’t what’s important. I believe in the age old saying ‘ It’s what he can do with it that counts.’ But I have to admit to the tingle that shivered through my body as I felt the size of it as it grew suddenly beneath my foot. I could see it standing out firm against his leg as it pointed itself down almost to peer rudely from beneath the hem of his shorts. “Oh God I want that inside me” was the thought that rushed through my mind.

“Oh you will have it inside you babe.” He suddenly stated. I know I blushed as I realised I had spoken my thoughts out loud. But that was the final signal the mail man needed to confirm he was going to get into my knickers. He almost dropped the can of coke onto the table as he slid from his stool and onto his knees in front of me. He grabbed my own knees and pulled them open so wide it forced my dress up around my thighs and my yellow panties were exposed to his gaze. Still holding onto my knees he dropped his head and started to suck at the front of my womanhood through the material of my knickers. The suddenness of it took me by surprise but the forcefulness of his action delighted me. This is how I wanted it. Like a slut. Hard and fast. I moaned as I felt his mouth suck on my panties. I grabbed the edge of the table near to me, with one hand, to steady myself and grabbed the top of the mailman’s head with the other. I forced it forward and into my crutch as hard as I could and began to moan softly as my moistness filtered through the material and onto his mouth. He lifted his hand and pulled the elastic of my panties to one side and I almost screamed with pleasure as I felt his tongue rasping against my wet pussy lips. Suddenly it touched that main spot and my moans increased in intensity as my head went back and I let myself go. “Oh my God” I almost yelled. “Yesss Yess. Lick me, tongue fuck me. Ohh God yesssss.”

I lost track of the time as this handsome guy knelt before me giving my pussy the most wonderful licking it had received for as long as I can remember. I was moaning so loudly that I could easily be heard over the sound of the music on the stereo but I didn’t care. I was being taken to heaven as the post man’s tongue slid stiffly in and out of my wetness before relaxing long enough to lick up and down my slit before diving back inside my depths. Suddenly the licking stopped and I felt his hands as they gripped the elastic of my knickers and, with one quick movement, roughly but expertly yanked them down around my ankles and off. A second later his head was back between my thighs and the tongue fuck was continuing. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his head and pulled tight. His face pressed hard against my wet lips as his tongue continued to ream in and out of my womanhood. I felt the stubble from his chin as his mouth mashed against me and began to suck at the juices that were pouring from me. My head was thrown back as I moaned with the pure pleasure this guy was giving me. His tongue suddenly stopped it’s plundering and I felt his teeth as they bit very gently at the tiny bud peaking out at the top of my slit and I felt the orgasm begin to rise and tremble through my entire body, now dripping with perspiration causing my dress to cling tightly to my breasts as my nipples almost poked through the thin material. A sudden lick, another nip at my bud, another lick, back to my bud and then more licks. My body trembled at the moment just prior to releasing those sought after juices. And then it happened. The mail man’s finger suddenly slid under me and rammed into my tight arse. I screamed, not with the pain, but with the sudden gush of my juices as they poured out over the tongue that was fucking me so expertly. The trembling of my body only served to heighten this guys resolve to take me to heaven and back as the finger in my arse began to fuck in and out and his tongue again stiffened and drove into my slit to catch the juices as they poured from me. The average 8 second orgasm paled into the distance as my body shook and trembled as I spurted my juices over his tongue porno and down into his waiting mouth. On and on he licked and sucked until he finally felt the trembling in my body lessen and he slid his tongue and face from the confines of my soaking pussy.

My mind was in a blur as I relaxed into the stool and the finger was removed from the depths of my anus. Even though I had just had the orgasm of my life I felt the need to feel his cock in my mouth and I prepared to slide off the stool and go down on my knees to him. But the handsome guy before me had a slightly different idea. Oh the outcome would be the same; but instead of me getting to my knees and gently licking the shaft of his cock before wrapping my moist lips around the head he suddenly stood up, yanked his shorts from his sweating body, grabbed my head of red hair and forced my face down onto his thick shaft and rammed it deep and hard into the back of my throat. I gagged. His huge prick filled my mouth to capacity and, with my head suddenly pulled back, entered down into my throat. I could hardly breathe with that thick cock ramming into me like that; but being taken so forcefully only heightened my need for me to suck him and I soon relaxed my throat muscles and took him down with ease. Although I was no longer in control, as he was virtually raping my mouth, the excitement was building inside me again and I grabbed his hips and, with head bobbing back and forth, I mouth fucked him for all I was worth. The stud on my tongue rasped against the shaft of his almighty cock and it was now his turn to moan loudly with the pleasure of the blow job he was now receiving. On and on I mouth fucked that lovely thick cock. Faster and faster it drove deep into me. I tasted the pre cum as it seeped from the tiny hole in the head and I waited eagerly for the sudden burst of hot cum to flood into my mouth. Never being a girl to spit I prepared myself for the onslaught of hot liquid to plummet down my throat and into my stomach. It never came. Not then anyway. Suddenly the cock was pulled from my wet mouth just as his hands went under my armpits and I was lifted bodily off the stool and literally thrown across the kitchen table on my back, with my legs draped over the edge.. Before I realised it he had grabbed the thin shoulder straps of my dress and yanked the top down to expose my 38c tits with their hard, dark nipples. His body forced itself between my legs and as his cock touched the outside of my pussy lips as his head dropped and his mouth encircled my left tit, biting firmly but gently on the nipple. Not for the first time that afternoon I screamed. Again, not with pain, but with pleasure. Oh yes it hurt alright; but it was one of those lovely hurts that sends shivers down your body and make you want to cry out for more.

I felt his hand go between my legs and grab the base of his cock just prior to guiding it into my soaking wet pussy. His mouth was still around my tit and his teeth were still chewing on the erect nipple as I felt that huge cock drive into me. But as he entered into me his hand remained between my pussy and his body and, although it prevented the whole length of his cock going into me, the amount that was in there was enough to drive any girl wild. It was at that moment, just after the third thrust into me, that I felt his thumb on my clit. It was then I went wild. I screamed at him to fuck me. Although that’s exactly what he was doing, and how, I needed to scream obscenities at him. First, to mask the pain that was shooting through my nipple from his biting, but more to release the feelings that were overwhelming me. On and on he fucked into me. On and on he rubbed my clit with his thumb. On and on his teeth bit firmly into my nipple as he sucked my tit deeper into his waiting mouth. “Fuck me” I screamed again. “Oh My God yess yess Fuck Me, Fuck Meeeee”.

And fuck me he did. Over and over again his huge prick left my wet pussy only to ram back into me and send even more tingles through my body. My clit was soaking up the pleasuring his thumb was giving it and my nipple was screaming in pleasure and pain. I wrapped my long legs around his waist and pulled him hard into me as he fucked me. My eyes were watering and my screams were increasing in velocity as rokettube I took him into me. I knew I would cum again and the feelings were just about to erupt through my body when he suddenly pulled his cock from my slit, grabbed my shoulders, lifted me from the table, turned me around and then slammed me back down hard onto my stomach. I expected his cock to ram back into my pussy but when I felt it touch the entrance to my small arse I screamed at him. “NO. NO. I’ve never been arse fucked before. Your huge cock will split me open.” I felt his stomach on my back as he leaned down onto me, still holding the head of his cock against my anus, and whispered softly into my ear. “ It may hurt for a second babe, but you will enjoy it once it is in, I promise.” I hesitated, but just for a second, as I was still on the verge of my second orgasm and I wanted it to continue. I knew his cock was moist from fucking my juicy pussy and I relented. “OK. Do it” I muttered.

Although he had been rough with me before, and I had liked every minute of it, this time he was gentle as he took hold of my arse cheeks with both hands and opened my hole gently. I felt the tip of his cock slide slowly into me and it began to hurt the further in he got. I thought I would never be able to take the whole length until he whispered. “It’s in. All the way babe.” He had told me to relax the muscles in my arse but now my whole body relaxed and I marvelled at the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my tight hole. I felt his hand go under my hips and back to my pussy and again I felt the thrill of his thumb as he rubbed it against my wet clit. His other hand went under me and back to my tit and he began to pinch first gently, then harder, at my still aching nipple. With my face pressed down against the wooden table top, my legs draped over the side and my hands gripping the further edges I took my first arse fucking. And I loved it. The more he fucked into me and rubbed my clit the more I wanted it to continue. Again my body rose to the heavenly heights just prior to an orgasm, again I began to scream at him to fuck me. Only this time I was yelling for him to fuck my arse. In and out he drove deep and hard, his thumb bringing such thrills to my tiny clit as his cock reamed the depths of my tight arse. My tits were pressed hard against the table as he had now let go of my nipple and was steadying himself by holding my hip. His throbbing cock filled my arse to the brim as I entered into my second orgasm. He felt it begin and suddenly pulled his cock from me, climbed onto his knees astride me on the table, grabbed my hand and pushed it onto my pussy and yelled at me to fuck myself. My fingers rubbed against my clit and the orgasm began as I gazed up at the man kneeling over me. He had grabbed his cock in his right hand and was wanking it hard and fast. My orgasm erupted just as he did. The trembles sprang through my body as his hot cum spurted out from the tiny hole at the end of his red headed cock and splattered over my face and eyes and hair. Whilst I was still cumming I opened my mouth wide and thrilled at the taste of his hot cum as it entered my throat and slid slowly down into my stomach. He lowered himself so as to slide his still erupting cock into my mouth and as my orgasm slowly subsided I sucked the remaining fluid from his thick shaft and again swallowed it all until he was finished.

My hair and face were covered in creamy globules of semen and my legs were soaking from the fluid that was seeping from my pussy. I was a mess. But I felt good. Oh I felt so good.

I quickly climbed from the table and headed for the bathroom to wipe the now cool cum from my face and hair and when I returned to the kitchen the mailman, who had just fucked the life out of me, was sat back on the stool, dressed and sipping at the can of now warm coke he held in his hand. He smiled as I entered the room, my naked pussy only just hidden by the hem of my short dress, my knickers still on the floor where they had landed.

“I need a signature for this parcel Miss” He asked politely. I picked up the clip board and scrawled my illegible sign on the dotted line and handed it back to him. He smiled, said a short thank you, and left by the door he had come in by. I picked up my panties and headed for the shower. I smiled to myself as I realised I did not know the mail man’s name, I didn’t care about his name, and when was I ever going to get that washing up done from breakfast?


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