The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 11


Martin was led from the bed to begin his morning routine. He stepped into the pink 4″ heels and then quietly he stepped up onto the treadmill. Martin walked at a vigorous pace that was set by Leanne. His mind was racing and confused after the previous night. He dwelled on ways to escape as he walked on the treadmill. Martin’s thoughts soon came back to reality as his desire to pee was overwhelming now.

After his walk he was escorted to the bathroom where he once again sat while Leanne stood and watched him pee. He was bathed by the same two attendants after having his face covered in a thick coat of cold creme again to hide his face. The degradation and humiliation of it all seemed less today, or was it just he knew what was going to happen next in the routine. Martin went through his morning routine without saying a word. As he was strapped into the chair for his final preparations Leanne said, “This is a very exciting day for you Mrs. Vargos. You get to meet the Baron’s parents.”

Martin didn’t say a word as Leanne set his hair in rollers. She put the dryer over his hair rollers and turned the setting to high. All his mind could do was reflect on the previous evening and the way he had been used and degraded. The awful taste that still lingered in his mouth from the previous nights events. His jaw ached from being pried open way too wide for such a long time. The idea he had drank another man’s cum disgusted Martin. He lowered his eyes as he found he couldn’t accept the fact he had spent much of the night with the Baron’s penis in his mouth.

“That hair should be dry by now,” Leanne said as she reentered the room. She was carrying the Bliss Mask mounted on a foam head. She sat it down next to the styling chair and checked Martin’s rollers. Leanne flipped the dryer off and removed the hood. She immediately started removing the rollers from his hair. It was teased into a huge mass and then parted as before for the straps of the mask to disappear into.

Martin was surprised when Leanne placed a piece of 2″ wide tape over his mouth. He jerked back as she pulled another piece of tape.

“UMMPPFFF!” he snorted looking confused.

“Stay calm Mrs. Vargos and let me do this,” Leanne said as she tore off the tape and tried to put it across his mouth again. Martin refused to cooperate, and Leanne pulled away.

“Now Mrs. Vargos, let me tape your mouth shut,” she said as if it was nothing unusual. Martin resisted again as she tried to put the second strip on. She walked behind the chair and slipped the red bag over Martin’s head cenching it just below his nose covering the rest of his head. She then called in one of the security to assist in getting his mouth taped. The woman who had inserted the dildo in Martin earlier entered the room.

“UMMPPFFF!!” Martin protested as she held Martin’s head firmly back against the head rest of the chair while Leanne placed piece after piece of tape over his mouth. The tape went just under the chin to his nose and across each cheek, just short of his ears..

“That’s right ma’am. Let’s get that mouth taped shut,” she smiled as she worked. After seven strips had been applied Martin’s head was released and he snapped his head away from her grip.

“There you go. That’s much better Mrs. Vargos.” He could see nothing but heard the footsteps of the security woman leaving the room. The the bag straps were loosened and lifted from his head.

“See, that didn’t hurt at all, did it,” she smiled.

“Sorry about having to tape your mouth shut, but special instructions were left for today’s meeting. Seems the Baron’s mother is not interested in anything you have to say and she has plenty she want’s you to hear,” she said as she took the Bliss Mask from the foam head. Martin shook his head, his eyes wide, in a desperate effort to let his objections be known. He turned away from the mask as she brought it near his face.

“Uh..ummmm..Uh..ummmm” Martin squealed shaking his head back and forth to indicate no.

“Just take it easy Mrs. Vargos! You know you have to wear your Bliss Mask in public. We can do this the easy way or the hard way,” she said standing back looking at his naked form in the chair.

Martin stared at her xhamster porno with rage in his eyes but his head didn’t move as she put her hand behind his head and cupped his chin into the Bliss Mask. As the mask was raised and set to his face Martin let out one last burst.

“UMMPPFFF!!” He jerked at the straps holding him in the chair and Leanne held the mask in place with both hands. He hated wearing the Bliss Mask. It was so degrading that his face had to be hidden, and of all the things what the Bliss Mask inferred to the public. She strapped it tightly around his head and then went to work working the network of other straps that held the mask in place. Leanne pulled the straps very tight causing Martin to groan out through his gagged mouth. It took a while to do all the straps and then she used bobbi pins to pin those straps onto his head. There were many more bobbi pins used than before since Martin had a made an unsuccessful effort to remove the mask last time.

“There you go, Mrs. Vargos. Your Bliss Mask is on,” Leanne said as she held his chin up to look it over. There was no evidence of the tape that gagged his mouth behind the mask.

“You look very pretty,” she said as Martin twisted his head away from her violently.

Leanne was sensing a more violent trend in Martin, even after his confession to her that he was desiring a sex change. She found it hard to believe that he wanted a sex change, but she didn’t question his motives. She had called for help in dressing him this morning just to make sure things went smoothly.

A young woman entered the room along with a large man. The man Martin recognized as the man from the limo ride. He stood by the wall as the two women went about unstrapping Martin from the chair. Martin stood up and was lead to the middle of the room to be dressed for his meeting with his new in-laws.

“Martin please step into these panties,” Leanne said as Lisa held them open near his feet. Martin did so and they were pulled up to his waist. Once again the dainty lacy white panties were bikini cut and his balls partially showed on each side as well as his penis barely being covered. Lisa then fastened the white garter belt around his waist and adjusted the garter length. Martin was stoic in his demeanor. He glanced at the man by the wall who stood there watching and showing no emotion at all. He allowed the girls to do what they wanted without any resistance. A D-cup bra was strapped around his chest and inserts were put in to fill it out. A dress was selected from a garment rack. A white, form fitting, sequined dress was held up and then brought over to him.

“Have a seat ma’am and let’s get your stockings on first.” Before putting the stockings on Leanne knelt down at Martin’s feet and began putting gold rings on his toes. After the first ring she looked at his foot and asked Lisa what she thought.

“Oh I think his toes are lovely.” she laughed as she saw there were more rings. Some were rather ornate. She looked up at Martin as she patted his calf, “You’d better get used to these. The Baron just loves pretty toes,” she said of his new toe rings. Martin pulled his foot away and refused to allow Leanne to put another ring on.

“Mrs. Vargos please,” she said as she grabbed his foot and put it back in her lap. As Martin tried to pull back again, Lisa grabbed his foot and tried to hold it steady so Leanne could put the rings on his toes.

“MMPPPFFF,” Martin snorted as he twisted away from them. The man walked over as Martin stood. Martin was put in a headlock and taken back to the styling chair where he was again strapped in. His legs strapped extra tight, then it was reclined, and his feet were raised as his head was lowered.

“NNUUUFFF!” Martin was adamant as the girls once again had control of his toes. Leanne picked a ring and slid it down Martin’s middle toe. It sat low like the first one on his second toe. Both rings had inset diamonds. A small band was added on that same toe, higher up.

“Ooohhh, I like that,” Lisa said as she watched Martin’s toes become more and more ornate.

“UUMMPPFF!” Martin was fighting back as best he could, as Leanne slid another diamond ring onto his forth yaşlı porno toe.

Lisa looked at him as she held his foot for Leanne., “What is it about having rings on his toes that he’s having such a fit over?”

“Well obviously he doesn’t want to wear them,” Leanne said putting the last one on his little toe. Leanne looked up at Martin.

“It’s okay Mrs. Vargos. You would think we were pulling your teeth the way you’re acting,” she said admiring his toes. She looked at Lisa, “Well let’s get the other foot done,” she said as she proceeded to put rings on Martin’s toes on his other foot. Martin fought the two women but it was useless. He couldn’t move enough to effect what they were doing anyway.

Once they were done Martin was sat back up in the chair as the girls looked at his feet. Lisa covered her mouth with her hand. She leaned over and said to Leanne, “Wow, Wait till the mother in-law get’s a load of those toes.” she smiled and patted Martin on the cheek of the mask, “She’s going to think her new son in law is a bit of a Jezzebel,” she laughed looking at the rings he now wore on every toe.

Martin’s legs were freed as the man came over and put his hand on Martin’s shoulder. Though Martin was still otherwise strapped in the chair he tried to move initially. Martin sat still and watched as Lisa pulled the white fishnet stockings up his legs. They were fastened to the garters that were adorned with bows. He turned away as a ridiculous pair of white 6″ spike heel sandals were slipped on his feet. The last thing he wanted right now was to wear 6″ heels. His feet were still sore from the day before. He was the released from the chair in the firm grip of the security man.

The dress was brought over and unzipped for him to step into. The shiny dress was pulled up his torso and was very tight fitting. Leanne looked at the image and decide a waist cincher would be needed. The dress was removed and a cincher wrapped around his waist.

“Just to tighten up that mid section ma’am,” Leanne said as Lisa pulled the laces tight giving a firm sleek look to his waist. They slid the dress back on him.

“Oh yes, that looks so much nicer,” Lisa said as she looked him over with Leanne, smoothing out the dress with her hands.

Martin stood perched in his high heels as the girls assessed his look. The dress was skin tight and short. It didn’t even cover the garter clips that held his stockings. The part that didn’t fit was his hair. It hadn’t been styled yet but was a teased up mass. Leanne had Martin hold out his arms and she rolled white elbow length lace gloves up each arm. The gloves were fingerless and showed off Martin’s elegant red fingernails and cocktail rings. Not to mention the huge wedding ring.

Martin was put in the chair again and the straps were fastened. Leanne worked his hair around the straps teasing and patting leaving the puffed curls in place. A jeweled hair clip was added on the front. His hair was sprayed again and rhinestone earrings were again clipped on his ears and a large rhinestone choker added around his neck.

Leanne turned the chair to face Lisa.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked Lisa. Lisa giggled as she said, “Oh my. She will definantly make an impression. She’s gorgeous Leanne. You’ve done a wonderful job on her.” she said staring at Martin.

The straps were removed and Leanne helped Martin up. The man held Martin’s arms. “Mrs. Vargos, you are ready to meet your new in-laws now. The Baron is waiting outside the door to escort you there,” she said as she once again put the chain around his waist and put the manacles on his wrist. The man took Martin’s arm and lead him to the door.

The mask just stared.

“Ummmm,” Martin moaned softly when the girls did a few last minute adjustments. Pulling down the skirt of the form fitting sequined dress. Martin’s lace stocking tops showed entirely as did the garters and only a small bit of the strap. Martin closed his eyes behind the mask and made a fist. “How can you send me out looking like this,” his mind raged.

“I’ll see you later this evening Mrs. Vargos. Have a nice visit.”

Martin jerked his arm away from the man only to have aldatma porno him grip it tighter and push him more forcibly out the door. Martin stumbled as the man began walking faster than Martin was ready for. Martin had to run to keep up now in his high heels.

“He seemed fairly calm to me,” Lisa said looking now to Leanne. She knew she was asked to assist because Martin might be difficult. “Except for the toe rings, he did okay. That was probably because he’s still adjusting to his husbands desires in his appearance,” she said. Even the security had been added in case of a scuffle.

“Yes, I know what your saying, but I’ve done this before and after that second night with the their husband the feeling helplessness becomes a feeling of hopelessness. That is when these man-brides can start to get violent,” she said looking at Lisa thoughtfully.

“Well that’s just to bad. He needs to move on and accept his position. He has everything a person could want. He’s rich, and he has social standing. His attitude will diminish quickly enough when he realizes it is easier to work with us than against us,” Lisa said wondering what the problem is.

“You said everything a Person could want, not what every Man could want,” Leanne smiled. “I can sympathize with where he’s coming from. He likes women Lisa. He’s heterosexual and doesn’t want to have sex with men,” she paused for a moment. “I can see his reluctance to being forced to have sex with another man. You should have seen his face this morning. He had dried cum all over it. I’m sure he spent most of the night with a dick in his mouth..” Leanne looked thoughtfully at Lisa, “His mother says he prefers dressing as a woman though, and he has stated to me he has a desire to have a sex change.”

“Well there you go.” Lisa pointed out. “If he truly wants to be a woman, then he probably has sexual desires for men buried deep down inside. Right? he just hasn’t realized it yet,” she said as she smiled, “He is a married man now, and his husband does have every right to have sex with him. He’ll adjust with time, I’m sure,” she pointed out.

“Yes, I know the Baron has rights. It’s an arranged marriage. A non-consenual marriage in a way, at least as far as he’s concerned. Yes, it is legal and his husband has very right to have sex with him, whenever he wants, but that doesn’t mean Marcia will ever accept being his sex partner.”

“Acceptance comes with time.” Lisa looked at her. “Leanne……..Are you feeling sorry for this young bride?” she asked.

“Sorry? No.” Leanne lowered her eyes in thought, “I’m realistic about it though,” she said walking to the chair with the straps hanging and sitting down and crossing her legs. She put her arms on the arm rest and looked at the straps.

“Can you imagine what it would be like being forcibly strapped into this chair, so you are unable to interfere with other people while they make you look like the opposite sex?” she picked up one of the straps and looked at it. “To know you’re being dolled up and prepared for the sexual gratification of someone else of the same sex, and you have no say in the matter,” she said as she dropped the strap and looked to Lisa.

“No. I can’t imagine that. And I don’t have to Leanne. If I were in his shoes then yes, I’d probably would not be happy with the arrangement. But, my parent’s didn’t choose that for me. His did choose it for him. I picked my husband. I’m happily married to a man and that’s the way my life is. Mrs. Vargos is also married to a man and that’s the way his life is. I don’t feel sorry for him Leanne. I’m sorry, I just don’t.” she said as she was ready to leave.

“Oh you’re right, he will be the bride the Baron wants to see. I can give him the visuals, and eventually he will cease most of his resistance to being dressed as a woman I’m sure, but I can’t cause him to want to be on his knees in front the Baron begging to suck his cock. That is never going to happen,” she said softly.

Lisa left the room as Leanne got out of the chair. As Leanne was leaving, she turned and looked at the styling chair again. She thought of the men whose lives had been suddenly and dramaticaly changed in that chair. Of the four she knew, three were still married and one was single. The single was a widow. They all still lived dressed as women, and though they didn’t fight it like they use to, none of them had ever accepted the feminine transition that was forced on them or the womanly role they were required to fulfill in and out of the bedroom.

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